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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 30, 2016 11:00am-11:59am EDT

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right now, people across the country taking time to honor servicemen and women who've died serving the united states. president obama among those making the holiday -- marking the holiday, i should say, at this hour at arlington national cemetery. thanks for joining us. i'm erika gonzalez with what americans are being asked to do at 3:00 today. >> and i'm molette green, we are also keeping our eyes on the road and rails this morning. you can expect it to be a busy travel day. we're going to let you know when you should hit the roads. and i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts. we're also keeping an eye to the sky. we've got some sunshine out there, we've got some rain, what can we expect as we go into the
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coming up. news 4 midday starts now. >> want to show you a live look at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. in just the last couple of minutes president obama arrived and started speaking in part of the wreath laying ceremony there. the president will then move to the cemetery's amp theater where a large crowd is gathered to hear from mr. obama and defense secretary ash carter. the president is urging all americans to observe a national moment of remembrance at 3:00 this afternoon in honor of all fallen service members. ♪ >> this was the ceremony this morning at the world war ii memorial. world war ii veterans were on hand for the memorial day event helping to lay wreaths in memory of the more than 400,000 americans killed in the war.
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part in the ceremony. those ceremonies just a few of the many memorial day events taking place right now. there are also parades planned around the area. news 4's derrick ward is live in rockville where the memorial day parade just got underway. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, we're already about halfway through this memorial day parade here in rockville. you can see the floats and marchers all coming by. it seecenes like this all over e country at this very hour on this very day in which we remember. >> paying homage to my fellow comrades who paid the ultimate price in defense of our nation. so, i mean, you know, this is like you cannot honor war
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veteran any better than this. >> reporter: a veteran of world war ii, ser. >> i'm still here, i'm still kicking. >> reporter: he'll be among those laying a wreath in honor of fallen comrades. also mindful of those who made it back but still suffer the scars of war that he can identify with. >> you know, all these troops they come back and they're all messed up. i was getting messed up, caught me in time and put me in the hospital and said no more duty for you, you're going home. and the war was still going on. thank goodness for that. >> reporter: here in the town square they gathered amid music by the rockville concert band, a prelude to the parade which kicked off blocks away and wound its way through the center of town. on one hand there are the cookouts and gatherings people taking advantage of the three-day weekend. but on the other hand here mindful of what the day represents. >> as a musician i've
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i always try to make my way to an event where that happens. >> reporter: others with families members who did come back from conflict. >> it's always important to me because my dad is a veet nietna veterans. >> reporter: events like this make us mindful how important and expensive it is cost of blood and life lost to never forget those fallen in battle for the free. and back with you live here in rockville, you see the parade is still going by here as turning down maryland avenue by the reviewing stand. again, this is the way rockville remembers and says thank you to those who've made the ultimate sacrifice. and as we said earlier, as reported earlier, the president is asking that we all take a moment of silence this afternoon. we're live in rockville, derrick ward, news 4. the national memorial day parade begins this afternoon. take a look at your screen. there are already lots of road
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national mall right now. the parade itself goes down constitution avenue. and that begins at 2:00. so you probably want to leave sooner rather than later to get a good seat. speaking of which, let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts. do folks need the umbrella when they go to the parade? >> i would go ahead and take it just to be on the safe side because we have some showers out there. now, they are mainly east of i-95, but we also have a weak cold front that's going to come through. so we have two little things we're watching on the storm team 4 radar. right now we're watching that sun coming on out. it's a beautiful monday. it's turned out to be. we're going to take that temperature up to about 81 degrees. we get a little more sunshine could be in the low 80. we also have the humidity. showers around for much of the day. the best chances each right now of i-95 moving up through southern maryland and the eastern shore this is all stemming from what was tropical storm bonnie. now tropical depression just kind of hanging about 30 miles south of charleston, south carolina. but a frontal system, a weak one's going to come down and i
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and our western suburbs that will happen later on this afternoon. timing everything out, rain chances and all coming up in just a few minutes, guys. >> thank you so much, lauryn. developing right now, a deadly shooting on this memorial day. a man was shot and killed in northeast washington on 24th street, d.c. police have not released his name. the shooting happened shortly after 2:00 this morning. also developing, prince william county police are investigating their tenth homicide of the year, johnny was shot to death on galanski boulevard in woodbridge. it happened just before 2:30 this morning. still no word yet on suspects. the shooting of a teen girl outside the anacostia station is raising concerns about personal safety. metro transit police say just after about 7:30 last night the teen walked up to an officer to say she'd been shot in the leg. one person was taken into custody near the station, but metro says it has not made any arrests in the case. passen m
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rattled. >> i can't believe the changes that's going on with our youth today. it's really shocking. what do we do? anybody got any answers? let me know. because i really would like to know what can we do? >> the teen was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and in northwest d.c. some tense moments in a busy part of georgetown. u.s. park police arrested a man after they say he firedhots near k street on sunday night. a patrol officer near the waterfront heard the shots and then saw a man running down t street. they say he dropped the gun. nobody was hurt. right now metro service is limited because of the memorial day holiday. trains will run until midnight, and all fares will be off peak. all trains and buses are operating on a sunday schedule. also, there are no orange line trains today. and shuttle buses are replacing trains at vienna and west falls church. you can expect traffic to build on the roads throu
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more than 38 million americans were expected to travel this memorial day holiday weekend. and many of those people will be returning home today. the chesapeake bay bridge and i-95 in virginia are always hot spots on holidays. keep an eye on the nbc washington app and first 4 traffic on twitter for major backups today. experts say the best times to travel today before 10:00 a.m., so we've missed that window. and after 10:00 p.m. virginia state police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash sunday involving a man who took part in the rolling thunder rally earlier in the day. this happened in arlington county. police say a group of bikers were traveling on 66 when they came upon stopped traffic approaching the tunnel. the victim identified as craig vanbrunt, wasn't able to brake in time and fell off. he was wearing his helmet but later died at the hospital.
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focusing on veterans this memorial day. coming up, the new attack donald trump is leveling against hillary clinton. and coverage of memorial day events around our area continues. looking back live at arlington national cemetery where president obama is just wrapping up the event there at the tomb of the unknowns where he laid a wreath. he'll speak at the
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i'm kristin wright at the live desk. right now we are working on getting more information on a homicide in prince george's county in adel fi. we know at least one person is dead. it happened in the 1700 block of 18th avenue some time this morning. we're working on getting more information for you, but we know so far that at least one person is dead and it is a homicide investigation happening right now. more information when we have it. mollete. thank you so much, kristin. right now a greek soccer club is expecting relief after one of its kidnapped players is found alive. mexican authorities rescued the player last night but won't say much about the operation. the 25-year-old player was snatched by gunmen on saturday night after he left a party near his hometown in northern mexico. he plays for a greece team and part of mexico's
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team. two houston police officers are out of the hospital after a dramaticshootout. a customer at the auto detail shop was killed sunday morning when a man walked in and began shooting. four people are still in the hospital including a person police say is a possible suspect. the three others still in the hospital have told police they were in their cars when they were shot. >> we do not know what started this, but what we do know is they were shooting randomly. not only just at whoever happens to come upon us. >> a s.w.a.t. officer killed the gunman. this is the last thing you'd ever expect when you're in line at the store, a car barrels through the window into the counter of this shop in western new york. tell you right now nobody was seriously hurt. there were five people in that store at one time, and the force of the impact you just saw there practically sent one man flying. the woman who was behind the wheel was
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right now computers are back up and running at new york city's jfk airport. it comes a day after a computer outage caused massive check-in delays. get this, at one point sunday night more than 1,000 passengers were waiting in line to get checked in. british airways released a statement apologizing for any inconvenience the outage caused. now to the race for the white house. the presidential candidates are honoring veterans this memorial day. hillary clinton is marching in the annual chappaqua, new york memorial day parade. while bernie sanders is rallying supporters in california. donald trump is also making a play for the support of veterans. nbc's tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: politics focusing on veterans this memorial day. donald trump promises they'll get better treatment than immigrants. >> thousands of people are dying waiting in line to see a doctor. that is not going to hapn
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in their hometown parade this morning on defense about her e-mail as supporters urge bernie sanders to read the handwriting on the wall. >> if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. >> reporter: but sanders is fighting for california's primary one week from tomorrow. he's standing with farm workers. >> conditions exist today for our farm workers, the people who feed us that should not exist and have got to change. >> reporter: and chiding donald trump for backing out of a possible debate. trump's campaign chair now says they'll wait until clinton or sanders wins. >> when there's a democratic nominee, mr. trump will debate whoever emerges from the system. >> johnson -- >> reporter: he could face more competition this fall. libertarians just nominated former new mexico governor gary johnson. and conservatives are promising, quoting here, an impressive independent with a strong team and a real chance.
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else who could split the republican vote? donald trump responding on twitter saying the people behind it are lightweights trying to field a spoiler. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> the libertarian party convention turned bizarre over the weekend. the candidate for party chairman began remarks by getting people to clap along. the crowd started to cheer, but that all changed to boos when he eventually stripped down to only his underwear. he told the crowd the whole thing was a dare and then he said he was dropping out of the race for chairman. part of the -- there you go, my reaction. >> i know, catches you off guard. part of the petersburg national battlefield is closed off until further notice. that's because it's now a crime scene. the national park service says thieves dug up parts of the battlefield last week. officials say the thieves were probably looking for relics to sell online. >> you wouldn't go into the smithsonin
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the hope diamond is beautiful, i think i'll take that. it's no different when you walk into a national park. >> the battlefield is still open for visitors. only part of it has been declared off limits for the investigation. so along with the memorial day tributes going on around town today, expect to see some protesters as well. demonstrators with the group we the people for sensible gun laws are getting ready to start right now on the north side of the white house. the group hopes to honor victims of gun violence through this demonstration. just shocking video from prince george's county showing people setting off fireworks in front of someone's home. it happened saturday in river dale. the homeowners posted the video on youtube. overall the fireworks did cause some damage to the home. the siding of the home is melted and the door is charred by the smoke. look at that. we spoke to the homeowner who did not want to be identified. >> the kids, they were laughing
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like was it a prank. we didn't know what was going on. >> i live about a block away, and it woke us all up. i've talked to several neighbors. and they all say the same thing. about 2:00 in the morning they just heard this explosion. >> nobody was injured, luckily. the prince george's county fire marshal investigating that incident. that is incredible. >> it's got to be infuriating. >> uh-huh. >> and to happen in the middle of the night, i'm sure people were absolutely terrified of what was going on. it could have been a lot worse. and who's going to pay for the damages? >> who's going to pay for the damages? and it was amazing that they had video of all of this. >> yeah. all right. an incredible stunt dropping out of the helicopter and attempting to hit a target over the great wall of china. >> you're going to try that? >> negative. we'll see who else will do this. all right. and unfortunately the problems not over for the folks in parts of texas. more rain today, and flooding alreaca
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re that seve
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deadly and dangerous flooding. right now large parts of texas are under water, storms are dumping rain on the center of the state, and six people are dead. nbc's janet shamlian tells us more about that and the storms striking the east coast right now. >> reporter: it's a memorial day washout for millions of
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americans. tropical depression bonnie hit the mid-atlantic states sunday, heavy rain and flooding drenching parts of the south carolina coast. a section of interstate 95 south of charleston submerged. authorities finally shut it down after too many drivers tried to go through it. in georgia, flood waters submerged not only streets but homes. and while there was sun in myrtle beach, fear of rip currents had some vacationers afraid to go in the water. >> i'm very concerned about my kids being out there. i get nervous when they get further than their knees. >> reporter: rescuers are still searching for a 21-year-old man who went missing in north carolina late saturday after swimming in rough water. in texas, it was another round of flash flooding. several communities calling mandatory evacuations. >> we knew it was coming, but at the same time, i mean, you don't prepare for something like this to pack up your whole house. >> reporter: among the deaths in texas, national guardsman darren mitchell who posted this haunting
11:23 am
writing all i wanted to do was go home. in houston, river spilling over its banks. more than 2,000 inmates from several prisons moved to higher ground. astronaut tweeting what the overflowing texas rivers look like from the air. and there's more rain in the forecast for southeast texas. janet shamlian, nbc news, myrtle beach, south carolina. >> and we're getting, i guess, remnants of bonnie, right, impacting our area? >> yeah. >> that's why it's so dreary outside. and this forecast has been tricky for you guys. >> oh, my gosh, you sat next to me and i was like what is going on with this forecast because bonnie right now is tropical depression but hanging out between myrtle beach and charleston. so it's going to hang there until we can get something to push it out and that's not going to happen until thursday or friday. so it's just going to kind of be meandering around the south carolina coast. unfortunately we're stuck in this pattern here, nothing like s
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but again, wer going to get rain and clouds. get to the forecast you can see it's a little hazy. i did see a little brightening of the skies just outside the nbc studios as i was walking in, so we're having a little bit of sunshine. you're finding more sunshine if you're along i-81. and, again, that's where some instability is going to increase. so right now we've got two systems we're watching. we've got what is -- what was tropical storm bonnie, again, hanging off the south carolina coast. and we also have a weak frontal system coming through ohio right now. that's why we're going to have storm chances west along i-81 shenandoah valley after 4:00. especially if you guys get some sunshine. rain hanging around all week. now, current temperatures right now in the mid to upper 70s. we're going to top out in the lower 80s. now, here is that rain east of i-95 right now. again, that's all that moisture streaming up from south carolina. so some of this may clip us. if you're going out to the memorial day parade or any memorial day parade, you might want to go ahead and keep that umbrella with you. here's that frontal system that as it gets
11:25 am
going to pop off a few showers and thunderstorms. again, west of our area. so 2:30 you can see a few showers and even some thunderstorms going up the eastern shore and even through d.c. there's that frontal system going through triggering some showers and thunderstorms in that instability that will get with that sunshine. that will be after 4:00 p.m. we're going to keep a chance of showers and thunderstorms during the overnight. so keep that umbrella with you. highs hilting around the low 80s. thank you so much, lauryn. the eleventh annual park festival wraps up today. people have been taking part in all of the festival all weekend long that is at gateway park in rosland. the event is featured on a 20,000-square-foot gym for athletes to maneuver all of that. ka right now people are taking part in the annual beast coast hike at great falls national park.
11:26 am
human arrow lived up to his name once again. kelly cobiella tells us about this incredible feat over the great wall of china. >> reporter: the starting line 6,000 feet up. the finish, a paper bull's eye the size of an apple suspended over the great wall of china. all he had to do to make history, hit the target at 120 miles an hour. >> this is a project about precision. this was a project about doing something that was really, really hard. >> reporter: the 40-year-old has made a name for himself cheating death with jumps from the world's tallest buildings, the sky park in singapore, malaysia's petronas tower, and barely squeezing through the smallest gaps. today's challenge, no cliff but fierce tailwinds. >> the tailwind was like gusting, so it made it really difficult to home .
11:27 am
target and coming in fast, covering 6,000 feet in 46 seconds. >> you got it. you got it. >> reporter: the human arrow mere inches from a direct hit. >> i barely got up and got the target. and i was like -- it was super scary. >> reporter: close enough. and alive to tell the tale. kelly cobiella, nbc news. that's what we do on the weekends, you just don't know. >> i don't know what to say about this guy. all right, moving on, cincinnati zoo officials talking today at 3:00 after a rare gorilla was shot and killed when a 3-year-old boy slipped into the enclosure. after the break, how the decision was made so quickly. yeah, plus beach-goers in florida rush to save a 13-year-old attacked by a shark. what witnesses are saying abt this ouda
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i'm kristin wright at the live desk. today of course we pause to honor our fallen heroes. president obama is at arlington national cemetery right now. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier here just a short time ago. the wreath laying is among the most solemn to mark memorial day. and now we also want to share with you a live picture at the memorial amp theater at
11:31 am
there's the president about to speak right now. a special observance is going on with the president as well as defense secretary ash carter who just finished his comments where he spoke about the sacrifice and commitment our troops make every single day. take a listen. >> they say that security is like oxygen, if you have it, you don't think about it. but if you don't have it, it's all you think about. the patriots remembered today across the country provided that security. >> i'm kristin wright at the live desk. mollet, back to you. thank you so much. fairfax county police are working to find out why a woman died. they say kathy lipp was found last week, first responders discovered her body early thursday morning at a building on seneca farm way in great falls. she was 50 years old. happening today, zoo officials in cincinnati are expected to give more information on the incid
11:32 am
fell into the gorilla enclosure over the weekend. the controversy and the anger growing after the boy came face-to-face with a 400-pound gorilla. >> mommy's right here! >> cell phone video captured the frightening scene at the cincinnati zoo when a 3-year-old boy whose mother was tending to other children fell into the gorilla exhibit and was grabbed by a 400-pound silverback, witnesses were horrified. >> and people were yelling there's a boy in the water, there's a boy in the water. >> reporter: the video shows the 17-year-old primate appear to protect the boy at times. the witnesses also saw the animal drag and throw the child. the director of the zoo said the child wasn't under attack but was in danger. >> all sorts of things could happen in a situation like that. so he certainly was at
11:33 am
>> reporter: more than 10 minutes after the boy fell into the enclosure the zoo's dangerous response team killed the endangered gorilla. >> they made a tough choice and made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life. >> reporter: the boy was taken to a local hospital with what police say were nonlife threatening injuries, a statement released by the family said he's now home and doing fine. zoo officials say they've never had anybody get into the enclosure in the 38 years the exhibit has been open. a 13-year-old boy recovering right now from a shark attack. we know it's not the story you want to hear right at the start of vacation season. the boy was standing in only two feet of water when the shark bit his leg. this happened in florida outside jacksonville. another boy helped rescue him. >> i brought him back. i brought him back to the sand bar and there was two nice people that i handed the boy off to. and i ran and i told
11:34 am
the boy who was bitten has serious but non-life threatening injuries. a trap has been set for a raccoon in mont claire after a man said he was bitten by one on saturday. the man says the attack was unprovoked. according to police the man was bitten and received cuts to his hands. they say it's unusual for a raccoon, even one that is sick, to attack a human. a lawsuit in pennsylvania is raising questions over who can be held liable for an accident. >> nbc's joe fry eer explains w it all has to do with texting and driving. >> reporter: when it comes to technology courts are now driving over new legal ground. at issue, can someone sending a text message be held responsible for an auto wreck even if they're not in the car? the larger question here just like with alcohol is how society wants to deal with behavior that might be okay in one place but becomes dangerous on the
11:35 am
the case centers on a retired fire chief and navy veteran who was killed in 2013, leveriaving behind his wife, mary lou. >> it's lonely. it's just little things. >> reporter: his motorcycle was struck by a car driven by someone who was texting. >> he was a great husband, a great father, a good grandfather, the best. >> reporter: in criminal court the driver who hit him pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and illegally texting while driving. but in civil court, his family is trying to send a message of their own not suing just her but two others claiming they were texting her at the time of the crash. >> this isn't about my dad dying. this is about making his legacy to save lives. >> reporter: it's still early, but for now a pennsylvania judge has ruled the suit can proceed. he points to a new jersey case where the court found the sender of a text
11:36 am
accident is caused by texting, but only if the sender knew that the recipient would view the text while driving and thus be distracted. >> it's a very high bar. the person has to know they are texting with someone who is driving and continue to do it. >> reporter: the pennsylvania judge notes it's quite possible the two men may not have in fact known she was operating a motor vehicle at the time. in court documents one argues there's no proof she was driving while another defendant says even if we should know she was driving, he did not encourage her to read the message. >> very well aware that at the end of the day this case may turn out that maybe the sender of the text didn't necessarily know. >> that was joe fryer reporting. you just won the indy 500 baby! >> it has only happened eight r
11:37 am
a rookie is the winner of the indy 500, that's alexander rossi. he was running low on fuel as he crashed the finish line, so low his crew told him to punch it and coast down the back stretch of the track. pretty impressive. >> just winning on fumes basically. >> exactly right. >> how cool is that? >> how appropriate is that? >> all kinds of endorsements coming his way. all right. imagine using drones to save lives to make deliveries of things like blood. the company trying to make it a reality. and so far so good, the rain is not widespread right now. lauryn's back after the break with when that could change.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment get ready for a close encounter with the red planet. mars will make its nearest approach to earth today in more than a decade. around 5:34 p.m., remember that, take a look up in the sky and you'll be able to see
11:40 am
the naked eye. it will be about 46.8 million miles away, the closest distance since 2005. >> that's incredible. >> that's cool. >> and for science geeks i'm sure this is right up your alley. >> i love it. i was just actually reading about it a moment ago. but, yeah, bright yellow orangish and easily visible in the southeast sky. hopefully we'll get a chance to see it with the cloud cover not sure because, you know, that always ruins everything that we're trying to look at. seems to be on point once we can see something usually in the solar system we tend to have clouds around here. unfortunately that's the way it looks today. and tonight as we are going to continue to see these clouds streaming in from what was tropical storm bonnie. now it's a tropical depression, but it's just hanging out right along the south carolina coast. that's why we have clouds pretty much through friday. it's not going away until friday, once we get a cold front that's going to kind of shoot it out here and right off the coast.
11:41 am
heading out today, sunglasses too because some areas have a little sunshine. the best chances of rain, roll with me right now, pretty much for the first half of the day in the early afternoon east of i-95. and west along i-81 you're going to get your fair share after about 4:00 tonight with a frontal -- a weak frontal system passing through. temperatures right now in the mid to upper 70s. we're going to top out around 80 degrees. we're getting some breaks for sun especially in the shenandoah valley, that's not good increasing the instability chblt thunderstorms possible there this afternoon. most of this rain streaming up from what was tropical storm bonnie coming right up i-95 towards richmond and headed and curving to the north and east. so we could get clipped here in d.c. just be ready with that umbrella. you can see some of that rain may make it into the district. here comes that front after about 4:00, again, with some isolated thunderstorms rolling through. keep a chance as some showers and some storms through the early overnight. hitting highs around 80 today. afternoon storms west. and then tomorrow we're also going to have a chance of storms. cu
11:42 am
kids on the bus stop tomorrow morning temperatures will be right around 70 when you also make your way to work. lower 80s today, 50% chance of rain east all through the day, 30% chance west. 85 for tomorrow. keeping it dry. i think there's going to be isolated chances of storms, less than 20%. and then 30% chance on wednesday and thursday. then we've got friday, saturday and sunday we're going to show you next weekend coming up in just a few minutes. thanks, lauryn. you know, the use of drones is just exploding. we see them being used more and more in the worlds of business, entertainment and of course in the military. and now they're being deployed increasingly in an effort to save lives. nbc has more on a california company doing just that. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: catapulting drones over a california cow field. this is zip line headquarters, a company launching drones to deliver emergency blood transfusions. >> all a health worker or doctor needs to be able to do is send a text messa
11:43 am
someone's in trouble. >> reporter: the founder says in countries across the world hundreds of thousands of people die because they can't get blood transfusions to rural clinics fast enough. >> the system is designed rain or shine to be able to make a delivery independent of whether there are roads, washed out bridges, mountains, jungles. >> reporter: now his fleet is building drones to fly over rwanda in the first national drone delivery service hoping to make up to 150 blood and vaccine deliveries a day to clinics within 30 minutes of an emergency request. now, once it drops, the package can fall within about 20 feet of its intended target. take a look inside here, you've got enough medicine and enough blood to save someone's life. inside the drone hangar. they almost look like happy drones. >> yeah, a lot of people think about drones in a military context. and we're obviously trying to do the opposite. so if you hear one of these
11:44 am
way. >> yeah. it's like hearing an ambulance. >> reporter: other groups are also using drones to help humanity, some to deliver vaccines, others to be used in disasters and rescues. >> want people to think of these vehicles as guardians. >> reporter: new technology preparing for a future where people in need of help can look to the sky. nbc news, halfmoon bay, california. >> absolutely incredible to think where technology has brought us. >> and they're not going away, so let's do some good with them. >> absolutely. >> great point. maryland lacrosse team a big disappointment for one and the chance of glory for another. and the information the pope shared about his future during this meeting with george clooy and hisne w
11:45 am
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11:47 am
a new chapter for the maryland north carolina rivalry. the ncaa men's lacrosse championship is happening today and the terps are taking on the tar heels. that game begins in just a couple of hours at 1:00. neither team has won a championship in 20 years. however, maryland lost the title game last year. well, it's a different story for the terps womens lacrosse team. they won the championship last year, and the year before, but lost it to north carolina yesterday. it was maryland's
11:48 am
loss this season. schools are letting out soon, and that means it's senior week. and so for a lot of parents there's this nervous feeling that goes along with that when you're thinking about teens heading to the beach. ocean city says it's dedicated to making sure your kids are safe. it's offering $5 bus passes good for a whole week to help them get around. seniors can get the passes by attending a play it safe event including paddle boarding, minigolf and of course pizza eating contest in there for them as well. memorial day typically kicks off the start of the summer grilling season, but there is a warning that you need to know about before you clean the grill. nbc's chris clackum explains why. >> reporter: whether you do it before or after a cookout, it turns out a good cleaning of your grill could present a bigger hazard than not cleaning at all. researchers at the university of missouri who supplied some of this video say grillers need to be aware of the
11:49 am
cleaning with a wire brush. >> be aware the possibility that there might be a bristle in your burger. >> reporter: a bristle that falls off the wire brush, plants itself right on the grill and creates a serious hazard for grillers like matt hail, a husband and father of four. >> that's the last thing i want is a metal piece to end up in their food and cause complications later on down the road. >> reporter: complications that doctors say can't be understated. >> one little bristle unrecognized could get lodged into various areas of the body, whether it's in the throat, the tonsil region, in the neck region. >> reporter: or lodged further down like the stomach or intestine. so a worn out wire brush should be thrown away, or better yet, use only a nylon bristle brush to keep clean the grill you'll use all summer. chris clackum, nbc news. all right. so we got grilling there. so what do most americans do to mark the memorial day? travel and
11:50 am
advisor asked more than 2,200 people about their holiday plans. it found that most are using it to jump start their summer. half of the people said they would be going to some sort of cookout. 22% said they would swim or spend time on the water. and another 18% planned to score some shopping deals out there. and the most important part of memorial day, remembering the people who died while serving this country. >> absolutely. here's a look at some of the many tributes. ♪ >> maurice f. jester, l.t. u.s. coast guard. >> want to honor the troops who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our country by giving their lives. >> i was wounded once. i ran over a land mine and got shrapnel in my knee and leg. >> the sacrifice of our fallen warriors is our responsibility and we honor the fallen with our fullest ati
11:51 am
what we do. >> delta company first battalion 1968, 1969, i ended up right in a very nasty war over there. >> you appreciate what they did to allow you to be where you are today. >> it's very sad because there's a lot of people that we're losing and they fought for us to have a safe environment to live in and it's hard. families have lost loved ones and that's the hard part.
11:52 am
♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person.
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msburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits.
11:54 am
three prominent american actors received awards from pope francis, richard gere a, george clooney and salma hayek were honored. the actors were honored for their works as ambassadors for one of the foundation's arts projects. pope francis says he has no intention of quitting the papacy. he was responding to a question during an event at the vatican on sunday. frances has previously said he envisioned a short papacy. pope benedict xvi retired in 2015, he's the first and only to step down in 600 years. >> yeah, i don't think it's going to happen there. well, this is going to be excitin
11:55 am
getting together for a brand new variety show premiering tomorrow night right here on nbc 4. >> it's called maya and marty. i'm sure you've seen a few commercials about it. nbc's mark barger has more on this story. >> beyonce! >> reporter: maya rudolph and martin short had a blast teaming up last year. >> that night is the gift that keeps on giving. >> reporter: the duo had never worked together before, but "snl" creator struck by their instant chemistry. >> put maya and me in charge of that section, and so we were -- yeah, i know, hooked on phonics, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: chemistry like that. >> you are the sweetest canadian. >> oh, someone ate a hot dog. >> reporter: taking on an hour-long variety show was not a big -- >> this is entertainment explosi
11:56 am
one of the kids would call it an entertainment explosion. >> i like that. that might be in the logo. >> oh, i just thought of a jingle. >> reporter: they're promising a fast paced show with sketches, music and guest stars including jimmy fallon and tom hanks. >> something i want to do because it's the roots of what i've always done. >> sounds like somebody's been practicing. >> it's going to feel loose and kind of as if -- and yet as if we're just hanging and doing a part in your living room assuming you paid a lot of money to have us come to your living room. >> reporter: having them on your screen might be almost as much fun. mark barger, nbc news. it's going to be good. >> it will. i love her. she's fabulous at any impersonation she does. spot-on. >> i'm sorry, lauryn, you're good too. >> lauryn, we can spot that laugh a mile away, girl. you just --
11:57 am
lauryn ricketts do not go together. >> told me to calm it down in the newsroom because i got thinking all the way from the live shot over to here. thinking beyonce she's so good at that. if you're good at grilling, you might want to do it earlier this afternoon. there's going to be some showers around. arlington national cemetery in the backgrounds, if you're headed there keep an eye to the sky. the parades going on right now most of them should get underway but keep an umbrella with you. the pool, if you're at the pool this afternoon, along i-81 there will be thunderstorms that come through with this frontal system and could trigger some strong thunderstorms. keep an eye to the sky this afternoon, most of that rain along i-95 and to the east as we continue into the day. and then we'll even see some showers during the overnight as well. but we are warming things up. unfortunately a chance of rain wednesday all the way through the weekend. the frontal system makes its way through at the end of the workweek, guys. thanks, lauryn. that's it news 4 midday. thanks so much for joining us. we are back on the air first at 4:00 this afternoon. >> you can get news andea
11:58 am
washington app. have a great day. we're going to e you in the se morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
11:59 am
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>> announcer: nbc sports, home of the 2016 rio olympics, the nhl premier league, the nascar chase for the sprint car playoffs and primetime's number one show -- sunday night football. only on nbc. absolutely amazing out there. >> unbelievable. >> making history. >> from paris it is the french open presented by longines on nbc. history making rain. a total rainout o


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