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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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new details about the crime and reaction from neighbors. >> reporter: doreen and jim, this body was discovered around 9:00 a.m. this morning, but this is still a very active crime scene. prince george's county police out here now with a state dog sniffing for evidence on the outside of this apartment complex. they're working hard to try and figure out who murdered this woman. >> unfortunately somebody lost their life. >> reporter: detectives worked from morning to afternoon investigating the body discovered in the laundry room of this apartment complex. >> we have forensic investigators on scene, crime scene investigators. >> reporter: it was the body of a woman who was badly beaten. her name has not been released. >> it's unusual. not something that happens every day. >> reporter: people who identified themselves as the possible victim's family members came to the scene. others waited hin
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someone they knew. >> that's the only reason i'm out here. i really just want to see who it is, if i can. >> reporter: the laundry room is located in the basement of the complex and is accessed from an outside doorway. police took pictures of vehicles parked in view of that laundry room and went door to door talking with neighbors, asking if they saw anything or anyone suspicious. >> our detectives were on scene working to establish a suspect and motive at this time. >> reporter: for people who live in this community, there are questions. what happened to this woman, who did it, and why. >> scary because you're just sleeping and you don't hear nothing. it is a dangerous neighborhood, but that in the laundry -- it shouldn't even be open at that time. >> reporter: the people who believe they know the victim told me she did not live in this community, but did have a friend here. again, prince george's county police have not released the name of the victim and again the investigation is very active and still continuing as they search for a suspect.
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tracee wilkins. things have returned to normal at the white house after an incident that led to a lockdown with the president inside. it started just after noon when somebody threw a metal object over the fence near lafayette square. the president had just returned from arlington national cemetery. d.c.'s hazmat team was called in to check it out. it turned out to be a container with some papers inside. the secret service says it did take the person who threw the item over into custody. all this comes as the news4 i-team has obtained internal agency e-mails that shows the secret service and parks service is doing testing for the new fencing for the grounds. they're planning on building a new permanent fence that is five feet taller and features a concrete base. the secret service had originally planned to begin construction late last year, b
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shovels will hit the ground. before that incident today, president obama marked his final memorial day in office by paying tribute to the nation's fallen warriors and asking america to do the same. he began by placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. in his remarks later, the president noted that more than 20 american service members have given their lives in afghanistan since memorial day of last year and he named the three americans who have been killed fighting isis in iraq. one of them was master sergeant joshua wheeler. he was a delta force operator killed during the successful rescue of 70 isis hostages back in october. wheeler enlisted when he was only 19 years old. >> he deployed to iraq and afghanistan 14 times, earned 11 bronze stars, 4 for
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ashley wheeler is with us here today holding their 10-month-old son david. >> he talked to their families about the loved ones they lost in service to our country. in the meantime, thousands gathered on the mall today to pay tribute in other ways. following a national moment of silence, there was a parade down constitution avenue. it was a day that brought together past and present generations. >> i come here every day to the world war ii memorial to honor my father and all the men and wom women. >> reporter: there's no way to ever repay a hero for the ultimate sacrifice. >> today it means courage that so many thousands of men died for our freedom. >> reporter: so many tried to show just how much they care. a simple thank you to those
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put their life on the line to secure our freedom. >> we know the sacrifices that they made, the terrific loss of life of american servicemen. >> reporter: though young kids made these. >> thank you so much for fighting for our freedom. i know it is not cheap. love a friend. >> reporter: love in the form of a note passed along to veterans like 91-year-old stanley. >> i served in the navy and was drafted in 1943. >> reporter: he came back to remember the men he fought with while many from the generations they protected came here on memorial day to honor their sacrifice. >> they're welcome certainly. another day of living a life in the greatest country in the world. >> reporter: this is the first year she and her sisters created thank you cards for veterans. but it is something they're looking forward
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the memorial day parade was delayed for a while because of some heat emergencies. several people waiting to watch the parade along constitution avenue were overcome by the high temperatures. it doesn't appear anyone suffered any serious injuries. some good news. as people make their way back home on this memorial day, right now it is dry in most of the area, but doug is tracking some showers that could roll in later tonight. >> we're talking about that rain right now over towards the eastern shore and southern maryland and more making its way from the west back towards the mountains. you can see the rain that's been happening all day today around leonardtown and cambridge and salisbury. took me five hours to get from ocean city home today in part because of the rain. now back to the west tracking these storms making their way in towards hardy county and west virginia and right
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through the downtown region one little shower going on. right along 50 and northeast and bowie. it is slowly moving that way. but the showers, they're trying to move out. going to have some hard times doing it. temperatures staying on the warm side, but the shower chances remain. we'll talk much more about this coming up in just a minute. virginia state police are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash involving a man who took part in the rolling thunder rally over the weekend. happened yesterday in arlington county after the annual ride. police say a group of bikers was traveling on i-66 when they came upon stopped traffic approaching the rosslyn tunnel. craig van brunt wasn't able to brake in time. he was wearing his helmet. he died at the hospital. a maryland state trooper
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new year's eve has returned to work. his accident highlights a growing problem, a rising number of troopers getting hit on highways. >> reporter: it can be such dangerous duty for police helping drivers stranded on the side of highways like this one, especially when the other drivers around aren't paying full attention. the crumpled cruiser still fits in a yard outside of police barracks in jessop. tristan phillip was helping an elderly couple stranded on the shoulder when a black car rear ended him. how long have you been a trooper? >> three years. >> reporter: phillip has return o ed to the job. he even showe us his cruiser. >> i slammed into the vehicle in front of me. the impact actually occurred right
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>> reporter: phillip says he suspects the driver who hit him was driving faster than 70 miles per hour. >> i remember hearing brakes, the squealing sound of the brakes. at that time i glanced up at my rearview mirror and that was it. i just remember seeing white, whether that was from the air bag, everything was just white. >> reporter: police records show at least seven troopers or their patrol cars have been hit while on the side of the road since january. phillip's new year eve's incident was the last of a series in 2015. the driver was charged with negligent driving. maryland state police have assigned phillip with light duty for now as he continues to recover from back, neck, and knee injuries. >> not quite sure exactly when at this time, but hopefully
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a move over law that requires drivers to move one lane over if they see an incident on the side of the road. not everybody follows that law all the time. scott macfarlane, news4. we are following now some breaking news in montgomery county where a man was found dead outside an apartment building in rockville. the man was found at about 5:30 this evening outside of the sterling apartments on old georgetown road. he has injuries consistent with a fall from a top floor. there are balconies on that apartment building, but investigators say right now it does not appear anyone saw the man either fall or jump. we'll have more details on the nbc washington app as soon as they become available. the cincinnati zoo is defending its actions amid growing outrage over a gorilla's death. tonight officials talk about the video you didn't see and why they think they
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call. new information about what happened in the moments before a shooting inside a d.c. grocery store. well, of course, you know about the tsa lines at the airport, but what about the actual traffic itself? how bad has it gotten at some of our local
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it's video that is hard to watch at times. a 3-year-old boy being dragged around by a 450-pound gorilla. when cincinnati zoo officials saw what was happening, they made the difficult decision to kill the gorilla to save the little boy. there's a growing push for the boy's mother to face charges. >> cell phone video capture it is horror as it unfolds at the cincinnati zoo. a small boy inside an enclosure for a full ten minutes, at times seemingly protected, at others dragged and tossed around like a rag doll by a 450-pound western lowland gorilla before zoo officials made the difficult decision to put the animal down. >> we did not take the shooting of harambe lightly, but that child's life was in danger. >> i'm here to m
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remember that harambe lived his life in captivity and he died through no fault of his own. >> reporter: there's been a backlash on social media since the incident. more than 150,000 have signed an online petition calling for the boy's mother to face charges, but police say that won't happen, calling the situation an unfortunate accident. the family released a written statement saying we are so thankful to the lord that our child is safe. he is home and doing just fine. we extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action of the cincinnati zoo staff. we know that this was a very difficult decision for them and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. the gorilla exhibit remains closed. zoo officials expect it to reopen next week. jay gray, nbc news. >> we've been asking thoyou to weigh in on this controversy. so far most of the people who have answered the pollay no, they did
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mark segraves visited the national zoo today and found a variety of opinions there. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows what happened after the 3-year-old boy made it through the fence and into the goril gorilla's pen falling into the moat. the endangered gorilla named harambe can be seen thrashing the small boy through the water as the boy's mother can only watch and comfort the helpless child. zoo officials shoot and kill the goril gorilla, rescuing the boy. >> i think it was very sad that there wasn't more protection for the gorilla if people accidentally fell in. >> reporter: parents were shocked. >> oh, my god. they did save the baby. >> reporter: are you going to keep a special eye on the baby? >> yes, of course. >> we have learned that a
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off-duty police officer is accused of trying to shoplift crab legs. it happened yesterday morning at the giants store on third and h in northeast. the officer was working security when he noticed the man trying to hide two bags of crab legs. he says he confronted the man who then pulled a gun and pointed it at him. the officer shot the suspect. that man is now in the hospital in critical condition. some troubling new developments about a man murdered in prince william county. he had been arrested four years ago for a shooting. johnny camara of maryland was shot in woodbridge early this morning. friends drove him to the hospital and that's where he died. a bar was closing when the shooting happened. they believed there were witnesses. in 2012, he was charged for firing shots during a fight after a high school
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some heavy weather having an impact on millions of people across the country. plus, some delays for metro riders just days before the system begins a major overhaul. we can do anything we want to do. we can overcome the toughest obstacles. i shouldn't be here today. >> an incredible story of survival. how a veteran is using the lessons he learned from war
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dramatic video from a drone shows the devastation in texas after flooding there over the weekend. this is from the woodlands area just north of houston. rivers overflowing their banks. streets washed out by water. at least six people have died in that state. more rain is expected later this week. and the aftermath of tropical depression bonnie is a challenge as well. heavy rain and flooding drenched part of south carolina. in georgia floodwaters submerged not only streets, but homes too. >> we've seen a bit of rain around here as a matter of fact in the last couple of days. are we done with this? >> it is going to settle as we
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workweek and probably into the weekend too. we're not talking about a lot of rain, but you might want to carry the umbrella just in case. right now downtown no rain out there. actually this guy doing pretty good out there on the boat. a nice night whether you're boating or doing a barbecue. i think you'll be fine. that heat index also at 76. not too humid. it was a little bit more humid a little earlier. 80s to the west. this is where we have seen some sun today. 82 winchester. low 70s to the east. only 70 right now in cambridge. 76 in d.c. not much going on around the metro. we do have one lone shower here. i'll zoom in on this little guy. it was in a portion of northeast. now just over the border. this is right along route 50 here as we make our way down on here, around seat pleasant and the randolph village area. you're seeing some shower activity
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more rain down towards southern calvert county and then right on down across the potomac in towards the northern neck. this shower activity is finally moving off towards the east. back to the west, watching this area of thunderstorm activity. this is actually the cold front that will move on toward the region overnight tonight. heads up toward hardy county and berkley counties in west virginia. everybody gets a chance later tonight. take a look at the wider view here. you can really see what's happening. first off, here's that front. notice what's left of bonnie just sitting there and spinning along the coast. as long as it is close to the coast, it will be able to keep that spin alive. look at what it does with that moisture. it brings it on in towards our region and back towards the north and east. look at how far south this moisture train goes all the way down to the bahamas. all of this moistu
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our region, but as it comes on in, we will see a chance for some shower activity tonight as a result of that cold front and the residual moisture around. overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, maybe some clouds, some fog. maybe a couple of showers down toward the south. d.c. southward tomorrow, frederick, hagerstown, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the south and east will be in on the clouds and a chance for shower activity. heads up tomorrow. tomorrow morning at the bus stop, no problem. 70 degrees. tomorrow afternoon 86 degrees. that heat index close to 90 tomorrow afternoon. i'm not calling for most of us to see a chance of rain. we should stay dry with the exception of the southeastern zones. fredericksburg looking good. 83 in martinsburg. not a bad tuesday. we will call it a
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storms to the south and east. 74 on thursday. see how we're getting unsettled again? 60% chance of rain on friday. that will be in the form of thunderstorms with a high temperature of 86 degrees. you've heard about the long lines at airport security checkpoints, but for some the problem starts before they even get inside the airport. presidential candidates are taking advantage of the holiday. no break from the campaign trail. he took part in two dangerous deployments, but lost his life in an accident off the battlefield. what a soldier's family is
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now at 6:30, it's a mad dash on memorial day. 38 million americans traveled for the long holiday weekend and tonight a lot of people are finally back home or trying to get there. most of the airports have been packed and the roads not much better. >> indeed, the problem for a lot of folks happened as they approached national airport. the traffic just to get around national has become such an issue that officials there are trying to figure out what to do about it. >> solutions require some pretty tough choices. >> repo:
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feel like there is a time where it isn't a hassle to get to reagan national? the reagan national loop now turns into a parking lot at times. >> it is unbelievable. >> i never come here. >> reporter: what can you do? ship more people to metro? that comes with its own issue. widen the roads. you can't do that unless you want to encroach on the airport itself and neighboring crystal city. a new entrance to the airport may have to be considered. t so many flights are taking off and landing and so many people are using the airport that the grounds here can't hold everyone. take a look at the cell phone waiting lot that requires its own wait just to get a parng
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her own tactic when she comes here. >> from 3:30, 4:00 on, you getter give yourself a good hour. >> reporter: you aren't imagining more traffic than ever. just as passengers have crowded the terminal and baggage system, it is also crowding the parking and roadways. the airport authority says they're fully aware of what is happening here at reagan national. they would like to see the traffic shift to dulles national airport. they are looking for traffic alternatives to try to make it easier for all of us. adam tuss, news4. look right now. live cameras as a matter of fact. it is traffic from the bay bridge. people trying to get home. live picture of the bridge which is typically one of the traffic hot spots on the holidays, but that is really not so bad, is it?
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the nbc washington app and first 4 traffic on twitter for any major backups and delays. travel experts say that you might want to stay put if you haven't already left. they say the best time to travel is after 10:00 tonight. the democratic presidential candidates are working on this holiday weekend. they're campaigning on opposite sides of the country. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton and her husband walked the streets of their hometown chappaqua, new york, during a memorial day parade there. clinton will campaign in new jersey and will attend fundraisers during the early part of this week, but she's changed her schedule to return to california earlier than initially planned. she's going to arrive on thursday and stay until the primary there on tuesday. >> bernie sanders camping out in california. he says he has no intention of leaving that state until after the primary next week. sanders took part
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day event in san francisco today. he's hosting a rally in oakland tonight. sanders is hoping for an upset victory in that state with the highest delegate count. but even if he wins california, the victory could be largely symbolic. clinton's lead in the delegate count is nearly insurmountable. donald trump is taking the day off from the campaign after addressing the crowd yesterday at rolling thunder. tomorrow trump is scheduled to hold a news conference to announce how much money he has raised for veterans. that night he said he raised more than $6 million for vets. in the time since then, trump and his campaign have issued vague and conflicting statements about how much money was raised, including where and when. an
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at one judiciary square in the morning. eight others will open up across the district on saturday. they'll be open from 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 every day. the democratic primary will take place on june 14th. you can find the early voting sites on the nbc washington app. they had been planning to celebrate this memorial day just like you, cooking out as a family or maybe watching a movie together. instead a woodbridge family is planning their father's funeral. as david culver shows us now, they want you to take something from their loss. >> reporter: whether it was jumping over fire, climbing through ropes, or yeah snapchating the running man dance, gene
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challenge and loved to make his family life. >> he would be the only one to make me laugh until the tears came rolling down. >> reporter: the colonel's parents and brother along with his wife and four kids desperately missing that loving energy. >> you know, at 51, that's too young. >> reporter: gene's life one of service, time spent in the new york police department and 33 years in the army. on may 22nd, he headed to tennessee for an iron man triathlon. >> it was about the hardest thing i ever heard or had to hear. >> reporter: her husband was pulled unresponsive from the water. cpr couldn't save him. >> i go what does that mean. are you saying he's gone? yeah, he's gone. >> reporter: the family gathered this holiday weekend at the airport to welcome home the colonel not how they planned. those who served w
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shock. >> it still kind of seems unreal at this point. >> he was great. being great was a choice because good enough was never enough. >> reporter: as this memorial day comes to a close, this family, while hurting, is asking something of you and your family. >> enjoy each other and embrace that moment because it can be taken away so quickly. and even if they bother you or annoy you, accept it because you're going to miss it. >> reporter: david culver, news4. a somber gathering at the vietnam veterans memorial today. eight names were added to the wall during the ceremony. a salute to troops featured a lot of photographs of the fallen next to their names. the staff at the memorial hope to gather the photographs of every serviceman whose name appears on the wall. a tribute to the lat
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delays on metro just a few days before the launch of the agency's safetrack program. checking on reston. the sun trying to move through some of these mid level clouds across the region. reston getting up into the low 80s, b the rain trying tout jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing.
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and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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40,000 people who work for verizon are expected to go back to work on wednesday. the employees reached a contract agreement with the company that includes about 1,000 new call center jobs and nearly 11% in raises over four years. the agreement marks an end to a strike that lasted more than a month. there's a new effort in the senate to help parents who have suffered through the loss of a child only to getla
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it happened to the parents of andrew wall. he had just graduated from mount st. mary's university when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he died months later with $75,000 in student loan debt. his parents negotiated with the providers for five years until the debt was forgiven. their relief didn't last long though. soon they got a letter from the irs. >> the letter stated that the $75,000 in andrew's loans that had been forgiven would be declared as income and would actually be taxed. my parents were blindsided. >> delaware senator chris kuhns heard the story. kuhns is now a cosponsor of a bipartisan bill that would remove the tax burden when student loans are cancelled in the event of death or disability. there is a lasting tribute in delaware for beau biden. today's the
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guard named its headquarters after the vice president's son. beau biden died last year after a long battle with brain cancer. he was a member of the army national guard and later served as delaware's attorney general. the vice president said he hopes his son will be an inspiration to future service members. >> our prayer, the biden family prayer, is they'll see beau's name and look to his example of how to live life, a life of purpose, service, and inspiration. >> beau biden served in iraq during a yearlong deployment back in 2008. he earned a legion of merit and a bronze star. traffic is slowing the ride on metro today. more delays are coming. safetrack gets under way on saturday june 4th. there will be 13 straight days of single tracking on the orange, blue, and silver
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by searching safetrack in the nbc washington app. work on the orange line is impacting riders today. buses are moving passengers who use three stations on the orange line because those stations are all closed. we'll tell you why the national parks service is considering turning some people away from this country's most historic sites. how a marine is using his story of survival to inspire others. >> i have had my share of dark days as well, but as
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justin contstantine was a marine reservist when he was shot in iraq in 2006. that bullet rerouted his career path and his life's work. >> you have to turn life's challenges around and fight through them. >> reporter: this is a typical day for justin now speaking in front of hundreds of people, uplifting him with his story of recovery, encouraging them to embrace change. all of it seems a lifetime away from his tour in iraq. in 2006, he was a marine reservist who volunteered to go overseas.
6:45 pm
rang out. >> hit me behind my left ear causing incredible damage. >> reporter: constantine survived thanks in fellow marine who performed emergency surgery in the field. he was sent to recover here in bethesda for rehab. >> i remember waking up in the intensive care unit in bethesda. i heard them saying my name, so i repeated my name. >> reporter: saying his own name, something his then girlfriend now wife wasn't sure she'd hear again. doctors were worried an emergency tracheotomy cut his vocal cords. he is now a motivational speaker.
6:46 pm
do. we can overcome the most difficult obstacles. i shouldn't be here today. i hope they read the book and identify some key takeaways i list out on how to project your vision for the team and protect the people around you and focus on your principles and your integrity. >> reporter: deciding what you really want to do and figuring out how to get there. >> change is good. we can all find a way to succeed. >> reporter: so many people to talk to about his fight. >> i've certainly had my share of dark days as well, but as i said, my attitude changed to where it's okay to ask for help. >> reporter: constantine is now in the process of writing three more books. what many might see as a tragedy for him may have been a blessing. >> there's been so many good things that have happened since
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the national parks service is considering putting a cap on the number of visitors at some of the parks because they say they're expecting record crowds this year. some parks are already charging more per person and vehicle during the peak season. yellowstone has seen a 60% increase in the first few weeks of the 2016 season. they're asking visitors to consider entering the park in the morning or late afternoon to avoid even larger crowds. arches and canyon park in utah are looking at a timed entry system and a daily cap on the vehicles there. >> seems like it is crowded everywhere. >> what a disappointment that will be for some people. >> the roads are crowded too. >> that bay bridge. we just have to widen that thing. took me five hours to get back here. >> widen the bay bridge. >> just put
6:48 pm
let's put another span up. take a look. that is the traffic headed towards the bay bridge from the beaches today. it has just been a mess there. that backup right there five to ten miles long. if you're waiting for your friends or family to get home tonight, it is going to be a long wait. five hours is what it took me earlier this morning to get home. here we're looking at some cloud cover. no rain to talk about. we had seen rain all day on the eastern shore. the temperatures dropping. 74 by 9:00. 72 degrees by around 11:00. dry for the most part tonight. if you're having anybody over, i think you're going to be okay. 80 degrees in rockville right now. 78 reston and 79 towards manassas. nice to the west. to the east, it's been all rain. that rain now finally exiting right around the bay bridge. tht'
6:49 pm
raining in salisbury and ocean city. this is a cold front that's trying to slide down. it's not moving very fast. a, it is helping to move this out, but, b, it is bringing in some rain. heads up around winchester. there's a storm making its way your way. same thing along i-81. we're going to continue to watch as all of this moisture moves on in. all courtesy of that tropical depression. just continues to bring that moisture up across our region. the next couple of days we're going to see the mixture of clouds, some sunshine. temperatures 70 tomorrow and a chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. most of us should stay on the dry side tomorrow. keep that umbrella handy. 82 on wednesday. another chance of showers on thursday and friday. another chance sunday. not a horrible forecast, but a little bit unsettled. just keep that umbrella handy just in case. we have sports coming up. a wild finish and
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heartbreak for the terps. >> here's a look at what's ahead on "nightly news." growing outrage and new questions for cincinnati zoo keepers who killed a gorilla after a toddler got trapped in the animal's exhibit. will the child's parents face charges for the circumstances leading to the silverback's death? plus a fresh face to the 2016 campaign trail. the remarkable journey of a battle the remarkable journey of a battle thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping.
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you should have seen her. she was almost ready to cry about this. >> ms. positive has taken the night off. heartbroken a little bit, stunned, saddened. that just wraps it up. the maryland men's lacrosse team, they have been knocking on that championship door for the last six title
6:54 pm
the losses given they were the top seed. they were facing an unranked opponent. john tilman and the terps thinks this was the year. looked good early in the fourth quarter. maryland up a goal. matt rambo with the ball. a beautiful feed for the goal. unc keeps coming. patrick kelly on the attack. he will shoot and score. north carolina's kelly evened this one at 13. the game would head to overtime. a wild finish in o.t. incredible save. after the play, a cross-check called on the terps. north carolina passed over and it didn't take long. unc becomes the first unranked team to win the
6:55 pm
the 46-year history of the tournament. 14-13 the heartbreaking final score. for more, we're going to head out to the link in philadelphia. jason, admit it. you got misty after this game. >> reporter: between the women losing yesterday and the men losing today, i was a little devastated. just being down here watching the players watch off the field, it was complete silence for the terps. they didn't walk off as national champions. i have to give the head coach john tilman credit for this program. he took it extremely hard as well as his players. >> we're a family. it's tough, you know, seeing your brothers to the right or left of you cry, upset. coach is super upset. >> i'm so proud of them. i wanted those guys to enjoy the moment and obviously see
6:56 pm
smiling. that's the hardest part. you know, as coach, it's not -- it's never about us. it's always about them. this group's awesome. >> one game is not going to define us. i don't know what the streak was, 15, 16, whatever games it was in the row. that is exceptionally hard to do. again, couldn't be any more proud of the guys for this year. > >> reporter: granted it's not the ending they wanted, but they should feel proud. when you look at the job tilman has down playing in four national championship games, you have to think it's only a matter of time before the terps punch through that championship wall. >> thank you. got to hope. even you were like that was tough to watch. the washington nationals are in philly tonight despite the suspicious forecast. doug kammerer
6:57 pm
going to get this one in. nats facing the phillies for the first time since being swept at home in late april by them. the guys starting a nine-game road trip that lasts 11 days. skip ahead. top eight, red sox up 3-2. ortiz still getting it done. big papi crushes this ball to right center. career home run number 517. later in the inning, rookie marco hernandez sends this one over the fence. a three-run shot. career home run number one. only 516 behind ortiz now. red sox beat the birds 7-3. game seven tonight, warriors and thunder. kevin durant in the spotlight trying to get the thunder in the finals for the first time since 2001. they're coming back after that 3-1
6:58 pm
they were down. unprecedented hype tonight. no sleep r us. >> foo
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tonight, zoo outrage. growing backlash over a gorilla shot dead after dragging a child who breached its enclosure. demands tonight to charge that boy's parents. deadly floods. rushing water, mandatory evacuations. many frantically trying to save what they can with even more severe storms on the way. mystery candidate. rumors stoked of a big-name independent about to enter the presidential race provoking an angry warning from donald trump. to the rescue. three women hailed as heroes across the world. how they stopped an alleged crime in progress during a night out. and against all odds. on this memorial day our journey with a veteran given little hope after a devastating injury who proved them all wrong to fulfill a promise


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