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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breathing, with a faint pulse is pulled from a car and laid on the ground near rhode island avenue. >> i took him out of the car. his lips were blue. >> reporter: before medics arrived, d.c. police officers began cpr, trying to revive the man on the verge of death. >> i cou >> he could have died. >> reporter: one officer hooked the victim up to an automatic defib rill eighter. but it determined he did not need a shock. eventually, the man was able to stand and get on the stretcher. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. it was a coordinated effort between police officers and medics to save a life as dozens of people watched. >> it was fairly dramatic on your footage.
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it is something the fire department sees many times, 365 days a year. >> reporter: now fire officials tell me, this underscores the importance of everyone getting cpr training. it's the critical moment that makes all the difference in getting the training so you could potentially save a life. back to you. >> darcy, thank you. new video just into our newsroom of a scuffle that forced secret service to surround bernie sanders. some animal rights protesters attempted to rush the stage at a bernie rally in oakland. agents quickly stopped the protesters and hit one of them several times with a police baton. secret service agents shielded him before it was over. they were trying to put a banner onto the sanders' podium that read "animal liberation now." residents of a prince georges apartment complex are waiting to learn about whose body was
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room this morning. someone made the discovery just after 9:00 a.m. at the building. it was a woman, and she was beaten badly. forensics teams were out early this evening. gathering evidence and intervening, interviewing, rather, tenants. neighbors we spoke to were shaken by the news. >> you just are sleeping and you don't hear nothing. it's a dangerous neighborhood. but that in the laundry, it shouldn't be open at that time. >> police have not released any leads on a suspect or motive. tonight a maryland woman is demanding answers after the death of her dog. the 1-year-old italian mastiff was found on the sued of the road a dozen miles from the pet resort where he was supposed to be boarding. jackie benson reports from clinton. >> reporter: kayla roman believes her dog sasha, also called an italian
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grieving the loss of hear brother, big, droopy eyed hugo, her litter mate from whom she has never been separated. roman says a family emergency forced her to board the three dogs, something she's never done before, on thursday may 19th at axiom pet resort. she checked on them every day, and she got the feeling something was wrong. she went the next morning and said that an employee presented her with only two of her dogs. >> when i came, they gave me two leashes and said we lost the third one. we're going to find it. they found the third one after i was sitting in the play yard, the leash, not even the dog, the leash, and they told me they lost the dog. >> come here, sasha. come here, sasha. >> reporter: this video taken a short time later shows a lethargic sasha on the scene by now roman extremely concerned
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contacted prince georges police. another video shows the limp that prompted her to talk the dog to the vet where she learned to her horror, two days earlier, somebody had spotted a dog fitting hugo's corruptidescript than a dozen miles away. they found the remains of the gentle giant. >> it just destroyed everyone. >> reporter: efforts to reach the owners of axiom pet resort are been unsuccessful. it is under investigation by prince georges county animal control. traffic is finally getting back to normal on route 50 headed over the chesapeake bay bridge. backups up to 16 miles with people headed back from the holiday weekend at the beaches. delays weren't completely cleared until 10:00
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tsa are breathing a big sigh of relief after two week of lines and airport security. things went pretty well this weekend. lines were proving fairleiy wel at reagan international. but the tsa says almost everybody saw wait times of less than 30 minutes. so what can you expect if shal you're headed back to work tomorrow? are the clouds heading out? >> we will see sunshine tomorrow, but this is kind of a tropical type of atmosphere, very warm, very humid. m most of us will stay dry. this is showing a couple areas of showers. this is the area right now that's really seeing the rain down towards madison county, making its way to the south. more showers
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line here. they're going to come right through here. but most of the region is dry for now. i expect most of tomorrow to be dry. 70 degrees for the morning commute. by the afternoon, showers possible, mostly south of washington. heat index close to 90. fairleigh -- fairly unsettled workweek. the best of those, those from whom we asked everything, ask of us today only one thing in return. that we remember them. >> in his final memorial day in office, president obama paid tribute to the nation's fallen warriors while asking all americans to do the same. the president placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery this morning. hours later, thousands gathered to pay their respects at the memorial day parade down
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constitution avenue in d.c. and we met families who shared personal stories of remembrance at the memorial. >> we come here to honor my father and all the men and women who fought and served in world war ii. >> we owe it all to that generation and the generation before them. this holiday is not about us, but about the men and women who paved the way and paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country. >> and one unique honor in delaware. the national guard named its headquarters after vice president joe biden's son beau. he was a member of the army national guard and was deployed to iraq. he died last year after a long battle with brain cancer. shortly after president obama got back from arlington, the white house was put on lockdown, just afternoon, someone threw a metal object over the fence. d.c.'s hazmat team was called to check it out and discovered a container with papers inside. the secret
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no word on any charges. tomorrow we'll find out what changes prince georges county schools could make to protect students against sex abuse. a task force plans to release its findings regarding the caraway case. the man is accused of taking pictures of young children performing sex acts on him and other children at the school. caraway faces more than a dozen federal and state charges for allegedly victimizing up to 19 students. some parents have voiced frustration, because the task force meetings were not open to the public. 40,000 verizon workers returned to work on wednesday. union employees tentatively agreed to a new contract with the company, ending one of the largest strikes in recent history. the agreement adds about 1,000 new call center jobs. workers' pay will also go up 11% over the
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employees vote on the deal after returning to work, verizon called the deal good for employees and good for business. all new at 11:00, tonight, a respected voice joins the debate over killing a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo after a child fell into the enclosure. what jack hannah has to say tonight. plus, heartache nor tfor the fa of a local graduate. first dealing with his sudden death, then a bill from the irs. and the home of thomas jefferson up for auction? not exactly. we'll tell you how so biddersme
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one of the most prom nechbts wildlife experts in the world is coming to the defense of the cincinnati zoo. jack hannah is backing up the zoo's decision to kill harambe, a silver back gorilla. that gorilla dragged a 4-year-old boy to a mote after the boy fell into the enclosure. hannah says the gorilla has unbelievable power and can squish someone like a coconut. >> you know, we love our animals, they're like our family. i can't see how that guy, that did this, my heart goes out to him today they'll live with this the rest of their lives. >> critics say the zoo could have use the a tranquilizer and some are calling for charges against the mother of the child. authorities say that will not happen
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parent losing a child is hard enough, so imagine when the grieve is compiled with a surprise tax bill. we explain why it's happening and what's being done to fix it. >> reporter: a graduate, a son, a brother. >> i still think about him every day. >> reporter: andrew wall had just received his diploma mt. st. marys when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. not longer he died. >> this was a really traumatizing event. >> reporter: andrew's brother eric and the rest of the wall family were saddled with grief, and then a financial gut punch. andrew's $75,000 in student loan debt now belonged to his parents. they negotiated with providers for five years until the debt was forgiven. they thought the burden had b
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lifted. then came a mess and from the irs. >> the letter stated that the $75,000 in andrew's loans that had been forgiven would be declared as income and would be taxed. and my parents were blindsided. >> reporter: but it didn't come as a surprise to eric, working as an aide for delaware senate or chris koonce, they found it was happening to thousands across the country, by law, the irs taxes forgiven student loan debts. now senator koonce has proposed a bill to change that. >> it's important to get something done here to help families. >> reporter: the measure has support on both sides. >> ultimately, the a tax dollars that the irs would be giving up is relatively small. the impact that it would have for family whose have lost a loved one or have a disabled child would be huge. >> reporter: it means even more for eric, because he helped author the bill, a fit beng
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flend. >> really miss the guy, and i'm just glad that something that, you know, that the event that occurred and that his passing in some way can affect a policy in a way that helps other people. >> people are taking only what they need and getting to higher ground tonight as the flood threat continues in parts of east texas. take a loochblgt torrential rains and flooding are already being blamed for six deaths. crews are rescuing people by air and by boat. thousands of prison inmates were bussed to new locations today. even horses had to be helped to dry land. mandatory evacuations remain in those flood waters recede, and more water is coming this week. the last thing folks need. >> that situation in dallas to houston, they've seen a ton of rain. not just rain but severe weather. for us, it's just the shower activity, a little bit of
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into the going to need the umbrella all that much. first off, what's happening outside right now, a nice but mild, warm, little bit on the humid side as far as the night goes, 73 degrees, not going to be a factor tonight, but we will see a heat index tomorrow. the numbers still extremely warm for this time of night. still tracking a couple showers, but most of the area dry. notice a couple showers around baltimore county, cambridgcambr just to the west of culpepper, those will move through and edge through culpepper over the next hour or so. and this line trying to form across the bay may get into st. marys, but for the most part we're going to remain on the dry side. that shows you what's happening here. we'll take a wider view, and i want to show you what's going on. it's in part thanks to bonnie, which came ashore yesterday. down to the south, and spending
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along the coast, what it does is allow all this moisture to come on in through our region. we're going to be right on the dividing line. north and west of d.c. plenty of s sunshine. this stream of moisture goes to the caribbean, the bahamas, and farther down the caribbean making it our way. that's why we're going to feel more on the humid side tomorrow and more tropical. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, no problem. sunshine starting off. maybe some fog and cloud cover. tomorrow we'll see plenty of sunshine and then isolated showers. that's all they will be, isolated. and best chance from d.c. southward. maybe the northern neck, but north and west of d.c. will be a dry day. 70 tomorrow morning at the bus stop. a very warm bus stop. and tomorrow afternoon, warm again. 86. the heat index close to 90 for your day on tuesday, and temperatures all across th
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down towards gaithersburg around 84 degrees. the only chance of a storm south of washington, and on wednesday. and on thursday, a chance closer to the bay. notice we've got temperatures only in the 70s. we've got onshore flow coming in. 80s the next few days, then 70s. a 50% chance of thunderstorms. high temperatures close to 80 degrees on friday any of those storms that come through could be on the strong side, but i'm not expecting anything severe. the weekend, we'll call it half and half, but really, it's about 70/30. 70% of the weekend looks good. 30% maybe some showers on saturday afternoon. highs in the mid-80s. so i think a pretty good weekend shaping up. coming up, daniel murphy powers the nats. carol's he
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tough sports day, but nats making us feel a little better. >> we are emotionally involved in our teams. but game number 52 for the nats, it was a beauty in philly. didn't start off beautifully. then bryce harper left the game after getting hit by a pitch. you've heard of murphy's law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. but the nats proved that everything that can work will work. geo-gonzalez started us off
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and check out daniel murphy, doing what he do. top four, murphy, you can kiss this one good-bye. solo shot to right center, murphy's eighth home of the season. this one ties the game at one. bryce harper at the plate, and the pitch, 88 miles per hour, right onto his knee! >> bet that stung. >> yes, it did. nats are calling it a right neckne knee contusion. and murphy, the bases loaded. the screen run to right. worth being sent, and the throw, and he is safe! he's so excited. a two run single for murphy. .359 is his average. nats win it 4-3. thank you,
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to the terps. an incredible save, but after the play, north carolina didn't wait long. fires, and scores. punch me in the gut. that is your game winner, tar heels are your national championship. heartbreak for the terps. jason pugh has more. >> reporter: the terrapins were this close to calling themselves champions and ending their 41-year championship drought. instead, unc forces the terps to wait another year. >> i'm so proud of them. i wanted them to enjoy the moment. that's the hardest part as a coach. it's not --
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it's always about them. and this group's awesome. absolutely awesome. i'm super proud of them. and i'm sad to see them go. >> the maryland terps only have seven seniors. it's safe to say the players returning will have plenty of motivation for next season. from lincoln financial field, i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. the stanley cup finals. the sharks get the head late period. the sharks taking it back from down2-0 to tie it. chris letang. and 96-88, they lose to the warriors. can we the have some footage of puppies to roll out? we need puppies and babies. >> puppies for our kicker.
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thursday is a special day in our area, especially in the lives of our non-profit organizations. it's called do more-24. a day-long fund-raising drive for charities that the united way puts on. sure, non-profits need money, that's for sure, but you don't have to donate to help. >> it's a unique and important aspect of do more-24. >> you can
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donati donating and volunteering on our app. also nbc 4 is a proud partner. a few million dollars and a move to connecticut could make you thomas jefferson in a way. take a look at this exact replica of his mansion. it's been on the market
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy schumer, richard linklater,


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