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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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debate before the iowa caucuses because of his feud with fox news moderator megyn kelly. he held a fund raiser for veterans on that night. >> reporter: four months later he's providing the first detailed account of how much money was raised and where it t went, but it did not come without a fight. >> reporter: fight is right. remarkable is right. trump fought with reporters and some of them fought back and it wasn't a pretty sight at the trump tower. the republican presumed nominee's message was, don't believe the media. believe me. [ applause ] >> donald trump boasted no one could have made what he did for veterans. >> reporter: in january in iowa, instead of debating, trump held an event for veterans. today he details what more than 20 groups got.
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$350,000. this is my check for $1 million. trump got live coverage, but he's angry. media have been asking why vet's groups were waiting for funds. instead of being, like, thank you very much, mr. trump or trump did a good job, it was a who got it? who got it? who got it? and you made me look very bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. >> trump needs to stop and he's using veterans as props. >> he would not have donated that money if we did not stand up and hold him accountable and if the press did not investigate it see whether he actually lived up to his promises. inside were supportive vets. donald trump is doing this from the heart. >> reporter: in santa cruz, bernie sanders campaigned hard to win the california primary. the state's popular democratic governor jerry brown endorsed hillary clinton who still looks on track to lock her nomination and to take on a
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trump. >> do you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing. >> reporter: but he and the democrats have to unite their fractured parties. >> donald trump today called it healing from what he called rough primaries that for hillary clinton and bernie sanders are not over and are still rough. steve handelsman, news 4. >> thanks, steve. >> here's a closer look now at the delegate map in the democratic race. the nbc news political unit reports that hillary clinton is 72 delegates away from crossing the magic number needed for a majority of delegates to win the democratic nomination. that number is 2383. as we look ahead to the two biggest primaries next tuesday, it is possible for clinton to hit the milestone in new jersey before the polls even close in california. even if clinton were to lose california to sanders by ten points, her lead over him in pledge delegates would be twice the size
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barack obama held over barack obama when they ended. early voting is now under way at 1 judiciary square. eight additional early voting serve thes will open next saturday and the polls will be open seven days a week from 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 p.m. early voting ends on june 11th. you can find a list of all of the sites on our nbc washington app. >> changes are coming to prince georges county schools in the wake of a high-profile sex assault and child pornography case. a task force made over 60 recommendations to help keep students safe. they all come after the arrest of deonte carraway. tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro. >> praising this task force and others questioning how things were handled. >> yeah. a lot of people have problems with the passport being closed to the public and the assumption
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was made because they would be calling for possible victims of the carraway case and talking with teachers and wanting people to speak freely, but today we learned that they did not question anyone associated with the deonte carraway case. >> if that was your child that the allegation is about or concern about, wouldn't you want someone to report it. >> reporter: prince georges county ceo kevin maxwell announced today that he's eager to implement the nearly 60 recommend takes made by a task force looking at how to improve student safety. >> this is personal to me. >> the task force led by prince georges community president was commissioned by dr. maxwell following the arrest of a former school aide turned volunteer deonte carraway. carraway is facing federal charges for sexually assaulting and videotaping more than a dozen students on and off school property. recommendations range from a new curriculum teaching all students sexuala, buiabuse training and there no
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force. >> we were not asked to investigate the carraway situation and we did not. that was not our role. >> according to charging documents, deonte carraway formed a club that allowed him to access victims during and after-school hours. the complaint by students by carraway, it took a relative of one of the victims going to police before carraway was arrested, but the task force did not interview anyone associated with that case. >> we did not interview anyone associated with, the principals and teachers. >> how can you begin to address what happened to the carraway situation without speaking to the kull you are of the school where it was all happening. >> one is the thing you have to understand is what the charge of the task force was, and it was not to investigate the carraway situation. >> reporter: the ceo announced there would be a separate task force to investigate the carraway case and that would be getting under way very soon. i'mac
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back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> school district records obtained by the i-team show a top order of business for the student safety task force was to shield deliberations from the public. a meeting agenda obtained by the public information act began its march 3rd session by discussing yet group was not required to release notes from its meetings. the school district also decided it would not hand over copes of any background checks performed on deonte carraway or release performance reviews of the principal of woods elementary. all of those records were led to the ongoing criminal case against care arcway. new details following a police-involved shooting in the activity ri district for stolen crab legs. it was a replica weapon and an off-duty officer shot antoine at the giant store on eighth street northeast on sunday. that officer was working
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he caught him trying to steal two bags of crab legs. he is in critical condition in the hospital now. he's been charged with assault on a police officer and shoplifting. police are also investigating a robbery at knife point on wisconsin avenue in the tinnily town section of the city. it is the fourth robbery or assault to happen in a one-mile radius in the past month. about a month ago, a student was stabbed walking to wilson high school. two days later a student was attacked outside georgetown day high cool it was abducted than -- hazmat teams were called in after someone threw a met alcanster over the white house fence at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. president obama was home at the time. investigators determined the canister contained papers and was not hazardous. the woman accused
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was taken into custody and is undergoing a mental health evaluation. some controversy tonight over where to house the homeless in one part of fairfax county. >> because of a new development, the shelter is being moved to a temporary site. it's on shackleford terrace in alexandria. that's right behind a senior citizen center and that has some neighbors concerned. our virginia reporter david culver has a report on the heated debate. >> reporter: for nearly 30 years the community shelter has been operating on this spot which is off of columbia pike. it is playing to close this location and to move it from here to another spot. >> that new location nestled between two subdivisions. it's just open space right now. those living around it had hoped it would stay that way. >> what this is going to become is a very unused, overbuilt partner of land. >> d
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to build a temporary homeless shelter here. it's not good for the homeless and not good for the seniors and it backs up to the proposed site. >> there's fear of overcrowding how 2.1 can go to a temporary fibs. they need to find a permanent place for this shelter. >> i would rather only move the shelter once, but so far we haven't been able to find that permanent site. >> reporter: mason district supervisor penny gross says they've got to move quickly it relocate the current shelter. a developer has secured financing to build apartments there. in the meantime, the homeless would be sheltered on this land in modular buildings and after four or five years -- >> where the buildings were -- that would all return to grass to the way it is now. >> we're not really convinced this is temporary. >> reporter: kathy and
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solution. >> if they think six years down the road there will be another parcel of land, they've got to be kidding themselves. >> reporter: david culver, news 4. >> today the d.c. council approved a plan to close the d.c. general homeless shelter and open up smaller family shelters throughout the district and it comes after council members and muriel bowser battled over where the shelters would go. the council's new plan places all of the shelters on land that is owned by the district. we've knocked out where the council wants to locate the shelters in the nbc washington app. >> d.c. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a section of ceiling to collapse at the ellington school of the arts. investigators say a 20 by 40-foot section of ceiling on the third floor came down this afternoon. it happened at ellington campus
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there is no structural damage to the building. >> coming up tonight, there are growing calls for criminal charges after zoo officials killed a gorilla to save a child that was in the gorilla's enclosure. tonight, we'll hear about the public punish to hold that boy's parents accountable. presents were stolen as a 10-year-old boy celebrated his birthday at sky zone. why police say they're confident they'll make an arrest. >> you know when you get stuck behind a car trying to make a left hand turn? why not just eliminate the left hand turns all together? that's an idea being proposed here along busy route 123 in the tiesness on area, but not everyone is sold. i'm adam tuss and i'll tell you what's being said about it coming up. let's take a look at the temperatures right now, nice and mild across our area and everybody into the 80s and lots of sunshinend
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> i'm tisha thompson at the live desk with some breaking news. nbc news has just confirmed that david french, a staff writer for the national review is considering an independent run for president. according to his bio, french is a veteran of the iraq war a
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recipient of the bronze star, a constitutional lawyer and an author. bill crystal has been actively trying to recruit an independent candidate and according to the never trump movement chose french. french is open to a run, but has not lined up a running mate or significant financial support. neither kristol nor french have responded to a comment. >> vance? >> thanks, tisha. >> some of the people in texas have new big concerns tonight, cleaning up from some historic flooding that's already hit their area and then there's the threat of even more rain coming later this week. nbc's jay gray has our report from houston. j from the air, the water seems to stretch forever. from the ground, for many, it's overwhelming. >> it's scary. we've never expected anything like this to happen in our community. >> mandatory evacuations are under way after several days of
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texas. horses looking for jelte or flooded farms, neighborhoods on the verge of being washed away. cars and homes under water, hundreds struggling to find higher ground with many working to save whatever they can. >> i took my dogs before i took anything else. >> the water in dixie lee franklin's home is gone now, but over the weekend it was up over her mantel. >> i'm thankful we're both okay. >> in neighborhoods where street signs looked more like buoys and water rescues and the search for survivors continues. including this area near austin where teams have been working for four straight days now. >> on the night of the flood, we received a 911 call and that caller said they saw a person holding on to a pole. they got swept away in this area. >> reporter: an area like so many across the region fighting to stay above the rising floodwaters. >> forecasters warn there could be more rain in some ohe
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several days. jay gray, nbc news, rosenberg, texas. >> now to the story that has everyone talking. a criminal investigation is under way into the death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. the local prosecutor confirmed today that cincinnati police are investigating saturday's incident in which a 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. the boy is okay now, but a male gorilla picked him up and became agitated. zoo keepers shot ask killed the 400-pound animal. more than 250,000 people have signed an online petition urging police to investigate the boy's parents for alleged negligence. an animal rights group has filed a federal complaint accusing the zoo of having inadequate enclosures. >> so you tell me if a 4-year-old child can get through the physical barrier, is that a safe barrier? >> reporter: file video shows the enclosure here. there is a metal raili
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of bushes and then a 15-foot drop into the moat in which the boy fell. >> the d.c. restaurant scene just got a major boost. the prestigious michelin guide will rank restaurants in the nation's capitol. we are only the fourth american city to be part of that guide. we join san francisco, new york and chicago. people at michelin, that is, say that washington is a natural choice because its diverse international community is reflected in its dining scene. >> muriel bowser office hand for the announcement today and the city is proud to be included. >> commuters along one of the busiest roads in our area are bracing for a possible change. planners say left-turn lanes on part of route 123 in busy tysons should go away to keep the slow .
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issue is dividing the road and drivers. >> reporter: when cars have to make that lefthand turn across the road, they can't keep moving. that's why planners in fairfax countiy are considering this idea to take a look at lefthand turns all together and make route 123 in busy tyson, a so-called super street. change the road to help traffic and you'll get people onboard. >> try it. we have to figure something out. >> try and figure something out. >> change a road that a lot of people are familiar with by doing something as dramatic as taking away left hand turns. >> that will jack us up. i'm not in favor of that. >> you have to make a left sometimes. >> reporter: this idea under serious consideration by fairfax county leaders has drawn concerns from tysons's most notable resident. the maul. they're not sure if this would affect traffic heading into the mall itself. there's other skepticism, as
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not necessarily about pedestrians and maybe it could make it less safe for pedestrians and give them a much longer crossing time further discouraging connection between the two sides of the road. >> reporter: here is a rough sketch of other super streets from the federal highway administration. there are a lot of rules that go into it, but ultimately it's expected to keep traffic flowing. fairfax county planners say with all of the growth happening in tysons, more jobs and housing, 123 can't stay in its current form. the county department of transportation tells news 4, we think this concept is necessary in order for route 123 to funk at a reasonable level. we don't have an option other than this. so for right now, more study, but it appears it's just a matter of time before this road changes. in tyson's, adam tuss, news 4. hidden in the fine print. >> coming up next, why some tenants are being forced to friend their landlord on facebook or lose
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apartment. >> this is chris gordon at bethesda chevy chase high school. what action the ptsa plans to take after their principal is overruled for banning six students from graduation for allegedly showing up to the school prom drunk. also, we'll report how a local family is turning their personal tragedy into something
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. it happened at a birthday party in a place that is popular with families. tonight, new details about the crime as someone comes forward with some of the stolen presents. a local school superintendent has changed course when it comes to teenage drinking. we'll tell you why that move is drawing criticism from some of the parent ahead of graduation day. plus a five-letter word at the center of a legal fight. the reason what has a maryland brewing company taking action outside the courtroom. it's coming up in a short little while, but doug, we want to hear what kind of weather we can expect in the next 48, 72 hours. >> look at that map. >> i can go up to seven days and now up to ten days and the seasonal forecasts goes up to three months and we can go a year. >> how much money would you bet on forecasting two months from now? how much money? >> are you talking a specific day? out of your
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>> let's take a look at what's happening here. >> i got a chance to win ten cents. >> a very nice day. >> we told you temperatures in the 80s and current temperatures on the warm side and that heat index coming in at 85. it's warm and humid. but it's not oppressive and today a typical summerlike day and 82 front royal and 84 in fredericksburg and annapolis coming in at 79 and nice, mild temperatures and the only complaint has been the allergies and they've been on the high side and if you're suffering from allergies and it's not the best time for you. storm team 4 radar, not showing much with the exception of just down south of the district and we're looking around clinton, maryland, and around waldorf. right along 301. we've seen a couple of showers develop down to the south and that's where they've been just south of waldorf and
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bit of a downpour going on. that will continue around 301 and these showers not moving all that much and most of the area completely dry and we'll submit the high-level clouds and what else we're watching, this is still the remnants of bonnie just sitting and spinning, not moving and it will eventually move out and for us, it will not be impacting our weather all that much. we will see a chance of a shower today, too. just like today, most areas are dry. how about 8:00 tomorrow morning. no problem, and here we are, 2:00 and notice a couple of light, scattered showers and i think this is overdone. i don't think you'll need the umbrella tomorrow and same deal around 6:00. storm team 4, bus stop forecast. 72 degrees should see some sunshine against some fog in parts of the region and 85 degrees between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon and 85 up to d.c. and 87 in fredericksburg and
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tomorrow really is going to be a nice day, and as humid as today which really wasn't all that bad. the next couple of days and 80 on thursday and humidity and a chance of activity and a much better chance of rain on friday and that coming in with the chance of a thunderstorm activity and the high around 81 and not expecting much in the way of storms and it would be strock and saturday right now looking very, very nice temperatures in the mid to upper 80s and sunday has some rain and we'll talk much more about the weekend forecast today and who can see the most rain coming up
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now at 6:30, somebody stole the birthday presents given to a 10-year-old kid at a party. >> it's not about the gift. it's just the fact that somebody would steal from a 10-year-old. >> a school controversy banned six seniors banned from graduation and now they'll get to walk the stage with their classmates anyway. a teenager was hurt on a rope swing in a local creek. residents in that area say they're been sounding the alarm for years. >> we all know it's a matter of time before something bad happened and unfortunately yesterday it did. >> honoring a cult classic. >> my god, my kid's going to see this. a new exhibit about an infamous judas priest concert. it was in landover 30 years ago today. a short while
6:31 pm
life stole the birthday presents given to a 10-year-old child in montgomery county. now there is good news for that little boy. >> we first told you about the story at 4:00 today and shortly after our report aired the stolen gifts were returned and as meagan fitzgerald reports, we still don't know who stole the presents. >> they were coming and getting -- >> 10-year-old jalil was anxious for his birthday party at sky zone and even more excited about opening his gifts. >> he joked with one of his friends. oh, this is heavy, and i'll bet there are a lot of lego pieces in there. >> his mother asiatu says when they got to the park they were told there was a specific place for presents. >> a tall shelf right there with the kid's name on it. >> she says the kid his a great time. they finished eating cake and ice cream and were ready to leave. she asked an employee
6:32 pm
told they were gone. >> they pretty much told me there's nothing they can do. >> surveillance camera inside captured the suspect in the act, police say even though gifts were returned late this afternoon, they are still working with sky zone to identify the suspect and make the arrest. >> a spokesman for sky zone issued the following statement issued in part, what happened at our park was extremely unfortunate and we're doing everything in our power to work with the police to find the perpetrator. asiatu says it was an experience she didn't expect her 10-year-old son to have on his birthday. >> and he was very sad nationally, anational initially and he said maybe they need the gifts and maybe we should let them have it. >> she and her son will be her some time tonight to pick you will all of the presents that were dropped off. police tell us that once the suspect is arrested he faces several charges of theft. reporting in montgomery county, meagan
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several hotel guests said they were robbed at gun point. it happened overnight at a motel 6 in springfield. three men used a gun and a hammer to steal from several people. they didn't say exactly how many victims there were or what the suspects took. prince georges county police identified a woman found dead in an apartment laundry room. officers found the loed body o ashley solano in adelphi yesterday. sources tell news 4 she'd been badly beaten. at this point, no arrests, but police do not believe this was a random crime. some high school students are accused of showing up drunk to the prom. their principal had told them if you do that you're not going to be able to march and receive your graduation with the rest of your classmates, but now the school superintendent has decided otherwise. chris gordon is in bethesda with more.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: jim, i am told there are no plans for protests or demonstrations at tomorrow's bcc high school graduation. most families want to put this controversy aside and enjoy the ceremony. >> reporter: bcc is the next high school that will hold its graduation ceremonies at dar constitution hall 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but there is a controversy over six seniors who are going to graduate despite being banned from the ceremony by the school principal dr. donna jones. that's the punishment she handed out for allegedly showing up drunk at the prom. her decision was overruled last week by interim school superintendent larry bowers who met with the students and decided the principal doesn't have the power to punish them by banning them from their graduation. >> i don't think the superintendent should have cut the principal off at the knees. not only the principal who thought long and hard about this, but the ul
6:35 pm
parents around here. >> reporter: there will be a ptsa meeting thursday night to object to the interim superintendent's overruling their principal on the punishment for students showing up drunk to school events. >> we don't know how to proceed next year, worrying, what are we going to say as a deterrent for this behavior. >> reporter: student opinion differs sharply here at bcc. >> i think it's really important for people especially young people to understand consequences. >> i'd like to see them walk the stage with me because they're my friends and they deserve it. >> all six of them, they did really well throughout high school, academics and extracurricular activities so they definitely deserve to walk the stage. >> reporter: interim school superintendent larry bowers has been in their position since february 2015 to give the school board time to find a full-time school superintendent. they had in dr. jack smith and ann bowers will retire july 1st. that's the latest live in
6:36 pm
bethesda. jim, back to you. prince georges county is launching a new effort to get people out of jail and back into school. it's called back on track. that program gives low-level offenders the opportunity to admit guilt for a crime. they will then work with the team from catholic charities and prince georges community college to learn a new career. the state's attorney angela brooks says it will save the county $7,000 in jail housing costs. the parents of two virginia brothers killed on their way to school have awarded the first scholarship in their sons' names. ian and jaylen brown died in a car accident last november. they were on their way to spotsylvania high school when it happened. the teens' parents decided to use money left over from a go fund me account to start a scholarship fund. over the weekend they awarded one of the boy's classmates a grant of $1,000 a year for four years. the
6:37 pm
and beer. we'll tell you how a maryland brewing company is paying it forward for a legal victory. residents in an ashburn subdivision are hopeful teenagers will think twice about using this rope swing after a teenager flew off it yesterday into shallow water. coming up, a look at the difficult rescue. and a look right now down at the capital wheel. we are looking very nice across our area and mid-80s and haze and humidity and we'll talk about the chance for shunderstorm
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their free speech in a five-letter word your mother would slap you upside your head if you used it in front of her. fly d
6:40 pm
amendment advocacy group today. that company is based in maryland and it just won a six-year legal battle over the label for one of its products, that is. the name of it is not appropriate for tv, but the beer is popular. think of a canine of the female gender. liquor regulators in michigan tried to block the sale of it because of that. they said the label was detrimental to the welfare of the public. lawyers for flying dog argued that the company's free speech rights were violated. a u.s. appeals court agreed. flying dog was awarded $40,000 in damages. the company is using that money to create a non-profit organization that advocates for free speech and sponsors a generalism scholarship. where were you on this day in 1986? if you were one of the thousands who attended
6:41 pm
concert at the old capital center in landover, you might be one of the stars of a rock 'n' roll documentary. the university of maryland has opened a new exhibit that tells a 30-year story of heavy metal parking lot. the film chronicles not the concert, but the tailgate parties before the show. news 4's mark segraves caught up with some of the stars of the film. >> crazy, man. real crazy. i've never seen such thing in all my life until i've been working here. >> reporter: here was the parking lot of the now-defunct capital center. once the largest music and sports venue in the d.c. baltimore region. in 1986 two young filmmakers borrowed camera equipment from their day job and headed out to the caps center to videotape the pre-concert party in the parking lot. the result, heavy metal parking lot, now considered a cult classic. >> it cracks me up because i didn't care where i was at that day. i was having a blast. >> reporter: in fact, the
6:42 pm
in the white dress as fans have come to know her thought she was at a metallica concert. >> to be honest, i don't remember. i remember the parking lot more than i do the concert. i don't remember the concert at all. >> reporter: maureen maxwell, the girl in leopard skin does remember the concert and says lots of people mistook her hand gesture caught in the film and that was for my mom telling her i love you in case the picture came out. >> the movie has spawned its own beer. >> it's a great testament to heavy metal fans and a great time capsule and 30 years later this film still makes people's jaws drop. >> you can experience heavy metal parking lot firsthand at the university of maryland exhibit. it runs until next year. we have a link for everything you need to know on the nbc washington app, search heavy metal. >> mark segraves, news 4. >> wow! fans have built entre
6:43 pm
one fan even cataloged every t-shirt in film. did you see the t-shirts? we have links on the nbc washington app. open it up and search heavy metal. >> i'm thinking of that woman, and i'm thinking back in those days there were probably more than a few people who really had no idea where they were at a given time and didn't care, either. coming up, a warning on the water. we'll tell you why neighbors have been raising concerns about safety at a certain spot for many years. forced to be facebook friends. the controversial demand from a
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6:46 pm
a 19-year-old man is being treateded for serious injuries tonight after he fell off a rope swing into shallow waters. the accident happened in a section of goose creek that runs through ashburn's belmont glenn subdivision. bureau chief julie carey has been talking to nearby residences who has been warning of the danger for several years. julie? >> reporter: there are two problems. the teenagers that trespass down to the rope swing face dangers when they drive their cars in and out of the cul-de-sac or party out in the woods. now folks are hoping that this terrible incident might bring some changes. for years this rope suspended over goose creek has been a warm-weather destinon
6:47 pm
these teens hadn't heard of monday's accident when they visited today and explained to me the trick to a successful plunge off the rope. >> the first time you swing you have to let go because if you swing twice then you'll come more the rocky side and you'll fall into the rocky side. >> neighbors cut the rope short after a 19-year-old man did hurt when he let gft rope at the wrong time and slammed into shallow waters. >> it's very sad for him and his family, but i feel it was bound to happen to somebody. >> reporter: for fire and rescue crews it was a challenging scene and they had to use this basket to get the victim up t. >> neighbors closest to the creek watched as emergency vehicles filled their cul-de-sac and the teen was taking to a waiting helicopter. >> amy johnson said she and other neighbor his been
6:48 pm
trespassing to the creek since she moved in two weeks ago. >> the kids were having a great time and it was just a matter of time before something bad happened and unif nfortunately did. >> take a look at the monday before the accident. teens took over the cul-de-sac to sunbathe and it is more inviting to teens now that a grass tail has been landscaped into the path practically leading to the rope swing and the no trespassing signs have been taken down. neighbors plan to keep the pressure on. they'd like to see more patrols and maybe a camera installed. jim, they also want that tree with the rope swing cut down. >> julie carey, thank you, julie. >> here now a story from that department called can they do that? people who live in an apartment complex in utah are very upset over a new lease agreement that requires them to like the complex that they live in on
6:49 pm
facebook. our sister station in salt lake city say they found it taped to their doors last week and the program requires the residents to like the city park apartments on facebook within five days or they will be found in breach of their rental agreement. it also includes a release that allows the property to post pictures of tenants and their visitors on its facebook page. >> a lot of people are looking for a new place to live now. >> i think so. >> how are we looking, doug? >> we have nice weather out there. we have some sunshine and that's the shot that we're looking at right now if you like that. >> i like that, too. how about ought toward reston. there it is, reston. how are you out there right now toward reston town center, a beautiful afternoon and temperatures in the '80s and downtown looking good and you notice the haze in the at pos fear and sunset tonight, 7:27 and 8:27.
6:50 pm
7:27. you can't say it with as much enthusiasm. 8:27 and 8:30 next week as the days continue to get longer and 82 degrees dropping to 83 miles and that is very, vur nice. a little bit on the humid side and temperatures are warm and not too hot. i know rockville is not reporting correctly. that should be 84. 86 leesburg and 84 manassas. we're on the radar, not much and a little shower down to the south and take a look at this. it's been sitting here developing and redeveloping around the waldorf area and just south of waldorf in through the portion of charles county and that's the only chance of a shower, really. hour by hour tomorrow and mostly dry and an isolated shower and 85 degrees by 4:00 and much better chance of rain on friday and some thunderstorms and the best chance of rain on sunday with a cold front and that will give us a chance for thunderstorm activity during the day and not a washout, tho
6:51 pm
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they're glad they were right. it is carol maloney. >> yeah! >> dusty baker might do the best sound bites in all of baseball. >> did you hear it? >> he's cool. >> this is a good team. we'll hear some dusty and makes your belly laugh every time. we're talking about bryce harper which is not so funny because he's limping around the clubhouse and something you cannot unsee. last night after being hit by a fast ball and harper said his knee hurt and obviously, he is still sore and he's sitting out game two of the nates and phillies three-game set. bryce harper, what we know he was hit with a fast ball by jeremy. the site of his right knee, winsing and harper left the game in the bottom of the seventh. harper said his knee feels the same as yesterday and he'll ride the bike and other things from stiffening up. dusty baker
6:55 pm
outfielder is doing everything he can to get back on the field and even if it means stretching the truth just a little. >> he showed up early here and he got early here for treatment and he'll be here early for treatment. i saw him last night and he said yeah, skip, i'll be all right and i was, like, was he limping or pimping? [ laughter ] >> what did he say? >> he said he was -- [ laughter ] >> there you go. thank you, dusty baker for that moment. love him so much. >> meantime, game seven it was between the warriors and thunder and most-watched cable nba broadcast of all time. almost 16 million viewers watched kevin durant get his heart broken once again. he was looking for the second trip to the finals and the mvp wasn't having it. thunder led by as many as 13 and step
6:56 pm
down over durant and yes, he was on fire. not just threes for curry. curry sparked the warriors to an 11-point lead and k.d. and the thunder came back, draining this one and that's k.d. making it a four-point game and durant was 27 points and curry just too much to handle and hitting the dag tler with seconds left. game high 37 points for steph curry and warrior, just the third nba team to ever come back from the 3-1 series deficit in the conference final. so k.d. will have a different season as free agency is coming up. july 1st. >> he's not coming here. you know what? >> he's been talking about it for years. i don't see that. what do you think? >> they've got a good chance if they can accept one more max guy. >> there is a chance. and we've got a good squad. >> he's meeting with family and friends to talk about it. >> where do his family and friends live. >> please! pl
6:57 pm
>> i want to talk to his mom. >> she was here recently. wanda pratt, can you call vance for me. >> can we talk, wanda? bring that boy back home. >> hold on, the march madness bracket busters are in town today. the national champs including two stars from the dnv took a trip from villanova to 1600 pennsylvania. and they welcomed the caps to celebrate their title. josh hart, silver spring native, he is a big part of the nova team and chris jenkins from upper marlboro went to gonzaga high school and something the president remembers and he calls him the big smooth. he knows his nickname, as well. a pretty good day, as well. >> is it not cool when the president knows your nickname. >> what does he call you? >> we won't talk about that. that's between me and him. >>
6:58 pm
>> we need to talk. "nightly news" coming up next. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, follow the money. what happened to those millions of dollars donald trump says he raised for veterans. trump, angry and combative. >> he's a sleaze, in my book. you're a sleaze. >> when confronted about whether he handed it over only after reporters started asking questions. late word tonight, the parents under scrutiny by police after the gorilla tragedy that sparked a nationwide debate. new emergency evacuations as unprecedented floods tear through texas. at least nine dead as rivers overrun their banks with no way to escape. road rage horror, caught on camera. a driver knocks over a motorcycle, then runs it over, speeding off as bystanders rush in to help. and the monster gator trading the


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