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tv   Today  NBC  July 4, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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base in anacostia. >> they are scheduled to be at the macy's fourth of july fireworks. >> we are specially grateful to ing
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cake. >> which didn't arrive in good shape, like me on a lot of mornings. >> we have a question for you. you are going to some fourth of july parties. as a host, maybe you know or don't know these things. do you like it when the host assigns dishes for you to bring? in other words, they say -- >> i say, can i bring something? and they say, yes, you can, bring the veggies.
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>> usually you bring wine or something. >> what if she needs veggies. >> this came up in "the new york times" social cues column to phil. s when they ask, she says just bring yourself and the husband disagrees and says, you should assign a dish. >> say you are known for your lasagna and everybody loves your lasagna. you say, can i bring something? you say, everybody loves your lasagna, would you like to bring that? >> not you, hoda. my mom makes a great baklava, it makes a lot of time. my mom is like, i need to chunk out four hours before the party to make the baklava. >> don't ask. >> philip says, guests should not be expected to bring anything. if they do, insist it should be wine or
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asking them to blanche blockry seems too far. >> if they volunteer, absolutely splchlt dw we a. >> we are going to gross you out z when you go to a party, do ufr take a chip, dip in a bite and take the same chip and double dip. >> a survey says one in four admit to it. >> i do it. >> they do on seinfeld too. take a look. >> what are you doing? >> what? >> did you just double dip that chip? >> excuse me? >> you double dipped the chip. >> double dip? >> you dipped the chip, you took a bite and you dipped again. >> so? >> that's like putting your whole mouth rig i
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>> not quite but you do have probably a few germs on there. you have to live a little. >> would you rather take the whole chip and put globs and globs of stuff on it and eat it. >> or waste a whole chip. >> you do it. >> i definitely double dip. >> one-third of a people admit to drinking out of a glass that may not be there own. >> i don't do that. >> i've done that. because you are not sure and it is there. otherwise, you have to go back to the bar. >> in today's world, you should never drink out of everybody else's. if you have lost track of your own, go get a new one. >> finally, 20% of people have committed a spill and run, which is read. everything else is forgivable. don't spill and run in somebody else's home. >> unless it's a rented place. >> what about a little white wine on a white carpet and
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one can really tell. >> it is still wrong fundamentally. >> all right. >> hoda has done that. hoda is a trifecta, she has done all three. >> have you ever gone to another person's home and done the whoopi in a different room? >> you meanwhile i was a stay-over guest or while i was at a party. >> i think we have our answer. she did more tran the trifecta. what do you call four? >> nobody knows. that survey, by the way, was by the boxed wholesale. >> we are going to play a game called name the movie president. the actors that played presidents in tv shows and films. >> we are going to listen to a presidential actor and name from the sound of their voice. >> some are fiction, some aren't. >> if you want to talk about character. >> that's what's his
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gordon gekko. >> michael douglas. >> your 15 minutes are up. my name is andrew shepard and i am the president. >> next one? >> i'll tell you what unprecedented, kent, a tie is unprecedented. >> julia louie dreyfus. >> becoming president through the back door. >> best show in the world. >> awesome. >> number three. >> things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. >> lincoln. >> that's what's his name. who played abe lincoln. >> daniel day lewis. >> i'm on a roll. not the same kind of roll that hoda was on at the party. >> careful, careful. >> next. >> heroes die but they are. >> he also plays god, morgan freeman. >> you are rolling.
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>> you know what a tendership does, fixes the other ships. >> sheen, what's his name? >> he goes around and fixes the other ships. >> martin sheen. >> i can't hear it. >> hoda got that on the west wing. >> is that it. >> that was 5-1. >> all right, 5-2. >> a lot of people don't know whether someone is flirting with them. >> wha is wrong with you. >> some people think they are just being friendly. we are telling you how you will know for sure if someone is flirting with you. it can take 12 minutes to confirm. 12 minutes. here are some of the tail tell steps. number one, here are the steps. >> you look good. you look really good. >> you look so pretty. >> you look really nice. >> that's first. dishing out compliments. crossing legs is a sign a person is not interested. you fold it up. >> i don't agree with
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sometimes your legs look so good you cross them to make them look that good. >> and you cross them toward the person means that you are into them. >> if you cross away, it means you are not. >> they said there is something called palming that means you are jess turring with wall manies up. you look hot, so hot. >> in 7-9 minutes, this is how things change. the compliments stop. the men start gazing and the women start difficult vul nlging personal secrets. they are gazing and you are talking about your ex. >> i was at gloria steinem's 50th birthday. this guy is standing there just going. you know what i said because it
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excuse me, those are my breasts, my eyes are up here. >> what did he do? >> he kept looking at my breast. >> what did you do? >> i dated him. >> and then -- >> what does that mean? does that mean you have totally flirted it up? >> ten to 12 minutes? >> can't you pretty much tell immediately. >> when you get the palm. >> you look really hot. your so strong. >> men lower their voices while palming. >> down to barry white. we know what they are thinking. >> coming up, a marine and a mottle. we are going to meet american hero chris van etten. >> our air force band ceremonial brass quintet is going to play us out. we so appreciate them. happy fourth of july, everybody! we'll be back after this. ♪ it's the emblem of the land i love ♪ ♪ the home of the free and the brave ♪ #
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do you guys want to know what we are doing? we are learning to play lacrosse with this incredible guy, marine corporal chris van etten. this guy can finish a marathon. >> chris is a double amputee during his tour in afghanistan, chris lost both of his leg toss an ied. >> christm has made a remarkabl recovery physically because of it. jockey has chosen chris an
10:15 am
campaign called show him what's underneath. >> another guy in my squad had stepped on the first ied. i ran over there to help out. we got everything set up. just as we were about to lift, the guy in my squad that's when i stepped on the second one. that's what i signed up to do. i'm glad that i was able to fight for my country and do something that i've been wanting to do since i was a kid. not all of us are lucky with the gift of a full life. as long as i have mine, i'm going to make sure i celebrate it the best i can. you have to keep pushing. you have to keep going against all odds. things are going to get in your way but whatever you do, never stop showing up. >> oh, my god. >> that is beautiful. >> it makes me cry. you are one of three that have been featured in the commercials. there is aem
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>> it is an adoptive father. >> how empowering is this. it is empowering for us watching you. how is it from your perspective? >> well, since i got injured, i have had this want to help people overcome their obstacles and to be able to do this with jockey and kind of send this great message of positivity and strength has been great. >> everything else that's out there in that genre is about sex, isn't it? look at my fantastic body. we are selling this. >> i love the whole concept of show them what's underneath. not only did you lose your legs, you lost a dear friend that day as well? >> yeah. the whole squad lost a brother that night. it was something that a lot of us, me included, had to deal with that, the guilt of losing him. that's the forefront of what i do and what drives me to help
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might as well make the best of it. >> working out for you is a maer of trying to deal with all you are going to for the time. it was a positive place to take all of that motion. >> that was my outlet and when i did to make shy semyself feel b not just physically but emotional. >>l >>ly. >> i look at you as a strong, solid guy. how can you help those coming back that are struggling? >> it is going to be a struggle. i have my bad days where it is hard to face what you have been through. don't fight it on your own. i had a great support system. i had other wnded warrior buddies of mine that would help. being there to help your friend and them being there to support you is really what makes the difference. >> the gentleman that found you is a very dear friend of mine, chris clark. he directed the whole thing for jockey.
10:18 am
this young man before i even met him, tell us about that. >> i loved his positivity. chris is an example of when you are dealt a tragic circumstance and you can sit there and feel miserable and be the victim. chris was the opposite of the victim. >> when i was filming, i didn't do a script. i did questions and wanted to be authentic. one of the questions i will never forget. >> if you knew now what you did, you were going to be a double amputee, what choice would you make in your career path instead of being a soldier? >> he looked at me and said, what do you mean? >> if you knew you were going to lose both legs wharks would you have done instead? >> it is an honor and a privilege to serve my country, i would do it all again. >> you chose the right guy. >> congratulations to you. you are the sweetest thing. chris, thank you for the great campaign. it is really awesome. >> thank you. get
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or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. we're flirting. >> time to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll while we spin the globe. today, it
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grove heights, minnesota, where our fan, karen salimoni watches us on care 11. karen is with us by skype. >> who is that next to you? >> that's my son, matthew. >> hi, matthew. >> karen, before we put you to the test with trivia. karen is a loving mother of three boys. her boys are victor, willy and matthew. her kids know all too well our show is the first thing she watches the second she gets home from work every single day. her husband, victor, recently got a new job where he is working long hours and travelings a lot and is turning 50 this year. karen hopes to surprise him with the trip she wins today. >> time to put your fan to the test with a trivia question. you have 15 seconds and one guess to get the answer right. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> occasionally, hoda and i take sides on certain issues and we ask viewers to tweet in whether they are on hash team
10:24 am
#klg. we have a machine that disspences something special. is it, "a," soda, "b," ice-cream, "c," wine. >> wine. >> you have won a fabulous vacation. you and a guest, we are hoping it is victor, will head right here to new york city. you are going to enjoy four days, three nights at the london, new york city. >> i just stayed there. it is fantastic. >> you are going to get cocktails and dinner for two at the london bar, two tickets to the museum of modern art and round trip airfare i am sure she is coming here to the show. >> come see us. >> karen, are you going to take victor, please tell us yes? >> i am going to take victor. >> come see us on the show, okay? >> happy fourth of july! >> you too. some easy trick toss keep your fourth of july clean and simple. >> the mazing arson with some amazing solution that is will make you want to take the dive into the pool. >> that's debatable. >> we'll talk about it after this.
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we're back on this independence day when many head to the body of water closer to them to cool off and take it a little easy. >> if you are like me and have hair like mine, chances are you will not be dunking into a pool or dunking into a wave because it just ain't worth it. >> or is it if you like to swim, go ahead and jump in the lake. ambush's famous arson from lacari hair salon is here to show you how to take your hair from wet to wonderful z that beach hair does look beautiful if done right. >> everybody is worried what to useefore and what to do after and what hair styles are easy. ideally, you want to go home and rinse your hair out but y
10:31 am
so we have, want to show you. one product you can use before. >> who is that? >> frazina. >> we use beach balm this, product, that really has uv. all these products have uv protectant. so we put that before so it protects it from the sun. >> from the salt water too. >> you know i have caratin. >> i want to show you how it do an easy bun. we wrapped it. it creates a very neat look. >> and p stick a little pin in it. >> yes, that's it. >> look at how good she looks. >> she is adorable. >> she has great look and great hair. >> so you just put that balm in and that's it? >> that's it. make sure it is all uv protection. >> it protects us from the salt. let's move on to
10:32 am
pool obviously, because it is right in front of her, baby pool. tell us what erica can do. >> with erica, you want to make sure we used this product called pop and lock by color wow. i love this product. it prevents the chlorine from getting into your hair. people are concerned about chlorine and what happens when you go into the pool. i will show you the easiest style to make this. a fishtail. you dook thtook this and do it wet. >> these products really do shield your hair from chlorine or salt or stuff like that? >> yes. this particular product also shields from chlorine and sun. we used one this. is a don't blow it. you put this cream on afterwards
10:33 am
polished. >> i like your fishtail. >> let's move on to patricia. >> patricia, she is landlocked but still happy. >> so patricia, bha what we didh patricia, one of the products we used here really protects the hair. >> what's that? >> sun bum. it is a leave-in conditioner. after this, we use this wave spray. it really seals. >> it is called sun bum. >> that's easy to remember. i think the easy hair style to make sure patricia, we used a very messy pony tail. >> messy pony tail. look. this is a hook. patricia actually told me she never could find rubber bands that work on her hair that holds the hair. you hook it and it really keeps it
10:34 am
we wrap the hair around. look at how tight it is. you need the brush. scrunch it up. to make it messy, even messier. >> all these hair styles, you don't have to worry about looking polished. >> so the deal is get the right products to block the sun and all the stuff. >> and the chlorine and the salt. >> and anybody that looked coiffed by a pool or the ocean looks ridiculous. >> thank you, everybody. if you have a kid at home that loves to perform, you will want to hear the story of elvis durand, the host of a number one morning show and one of our dear friends. >> if you have ice, we will tell you how to make it last longer plus some other tips for a seamless barbecue. first, these messages. >> all in the usa. >> all in the. what? (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean.
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our good friend elvis duran is the man behind the microphone who celebrates his 20th anniversary on "elvis duran and the morning show." she got a chance to meet up with him. >> you may know him from his radio show or our studio where he comes twice a month or more and introduces us to a new artist. i got to meet with him in his beautiful penthouse apartment where we talked about his career, life outside of radio and what's ahead in his future? >> all right. we received a text from andrea.
10:40 am
and his talented team deliver the magic to elvis duran and the morning show, the number one radio show in the country boasting more than 10 million listeners weekly. each week, elvis has no problem attracting some of music's biggest names like salena gomez. >> gwen stefani and ed sherwin. his voice could be heard on the air waves years before hosting his own show. >> i want to be on the radio as far back as i could remember. i was sort of a loner little kid that didn't fit into boy scouts. i started my own radio station in my closet. we hooked it up to a little transmitter that i bought in radioshack. >> when you said, i want to do radio, did your parents say, this is one of those fleeting. look at cute elvis. >> no. they were always very supportive. i couldn't sing. i couldn' a
10:41 am
wanted to perform. they knew i was a ham when i had the light on me. so this was the only way. >> what a good way it was. at just 14, elvis went from his closet to a small radio station in mckinney, texas, eventually moving on to san antonio, houston, houston, atlanta, philadelphia and finally landing here in new york. >> back in my days where i was getting kicked out of my apartment every month because i never paid the rent, new york called and said, we want to hire you. >> how about that phone call? >> it was the best. i'll never forget it. coming to new york and looking at the empire state building, i'm thinking, wow, this is great. i never take it for granted. >> something else elvis doesn't take for granted, his health, losing about 100 pounds after bear reat trick sleeve surgery p i did not realize how
10:42 am
you look now. >> i don't recognize me when i see those pictures. >> did dr. oz play a little role in that? >> absolutely. >> why? what did he say? >> he looked at me and said, elvis, it possibly could kill you just as fast as or faster than some cancer. get in there and get it taken care of. i did as fast as possible. >> describe the difference between the husky elvis and the lean elvis, how you felt? >> well, the natural thing is, i don't sweat as much. i can wear clothes now and walk further distances without being out of breath. the internal important things are i knew i could eventually find a way to make myself feel better about myself. so i did it. >> he should feel good about himself. when it comes to the radio, there is almost nothing elvis hasn't done. in 2015, he was inducted into the national radio hall of fame. next year, elvis will receive a star on the legendary hollywood walk of fame. >>
10:43 am
parents were the proudest of you, from the day you were born to as we are sitting right now? >> maybe an odd answer. i think they are most proud of me now and they are both deceased. how many times have you heard of people that really feel like they have done great things and you find out their parents passed away a year before? i really think. i know i feel them looking down on me and going, great job. good for you. >> that's so sweet. >> here is to you, elvis. >> we love our elvis. he will be here probably within a week. >> we love it. all right. easy fourth of july party hats to get you out of some sticky situations right after this. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely
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to secure a job in the therfield of education.ents sleep isn't one of them.
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o your guests are arriving in just a few hours. problem is, you haven't used your cooler since last summer. >>r
10:49 am
year's grease. >> some easy last-minute hack toss get you ready for the day. bruce lupo from the who knew host. >> what do we do with the icky cooler. >> you can smell that. ? what did you put on that? >> that would be vanilla. what you don't want to use i bleach. then, it smells like a vaguely clean frat house. vanilla will get rid of every smell. vanilla is 35% alcohol. >> that's why we love it. we knew we loved it. >> let's have some right now. vanilla and water, spray it on your skin, it keeps away mosquitoes. >> vanilla and water instead of chemicals. >> and you smell nice from it, like betty crocker all day long. >> you know how disgusting these brushes are. a lot of them you can't diswash. what you wan
10:50 am
a little bit with water and salt. this will be like fossillized barbecue sauce. >> just leave it in there and it comes out and sort of flakes off and you are good to go. >> what about your ickygrill. you want to heat it up or spray it with some oil. then, what you don't want to do, you don't want to use any chemicals, because your guests are coming over. you would rather not poison them if you could. this is half an onion. this is an old mexican trick t comes out of meco. you use an onion on a hot grill, anti-bacterial and it also gets rid of bacteria and cleans everything off your grill. >> who knew? >> does everything taste oniony. >> no. because it burns off. >> how about that? >> i see vinegar. >>in
10:51 am
brown of your cooking. >> it is like lemon. >> the hardest working ingredient. if you have ants, you spray a little vinegar and it ruins their sense of smell. they cannot find the food. you can use solo cups. i have college kids. so we call them beer p cups. you put water in there and your picnic table legs in there and aunts don't swim. they will not liclimb up if youo that. >> what about mosquitos attracted to the water? >> you are not going to worry about that. you are going to be covered in vanilla. this is for the ocd people. i am one of them. what you want to dice keep your old catsup bottles. put this in the dishwasher. you are looking askance. look at this. you are going to clean and rotate and just keep two of these. how about that. >> cat would do
10:52 am
>> who wouldn't do that. >> here is another great tip. >> cleaning it in the dishwasher. >> you say ice is in a bowl and it gets all slushy. you put it in a colander and then you put it right in a bowl or an ice bucket. >> since i'm classy, i'm not using my hands. >> this is a minor miracle. if you want to cook corn and you don't want to shuck it, cut off this and not the hair. microwave it for about three minutes and squeeze it out and look at that. everything is gone. >> that's crazy. >> what you want to do is don't do it when it is really hot. p about two minutes a out it comes. >> fantastic. so many great ideas. >> our favorite things are next. >> first, this is today on nbc.
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♪ ♪
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my favorite thing is our marc jacobs covert stick. you are supposed to use your finger or brush and it gives you a little highlight or a glow. it evens out the tone. it costs $42. >> from mark jacobs since it is the fourth of july, one of my favorite historical fix novels is this one by my friend, allison pataki. it is about the true story of benedict arnold's wife, peggy, who was a total slut. why we became a nation? who knew she had such a big part of it. "the traitor's wife." $10, coming up tomorrow, your questions answered. our guys tell all will be here. >> we are going to check in with a couple that married the day they met. oh, yeah. all the
10:57 am
brian balthazar. happy fourth of july! >> thank you everyone who serves our nation so proudly. god bless you all!
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good morning. you're looking at storm team 4 radar and there are raindrops all over the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia. those raindrops are coming straight into the d.c. metro area over the next couple of hours. likely to have a big impact on all of your outdoor plans. i'll show you the timing of when it moves in and when it moves out. >> rain or shine, independence day parades are happening all over the d.c. area. we'll take you live to some of the biggest and the best. plus a 61-year-old woman from virginia hoping to break a reported on the tennis court today. the secret behind her success? >> it's one of the keys to keeping your stamina going. >>


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