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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller friday friday. kathie lee gifford is off, don't worry, her hair is not. her hair is still here because kimberly is co-hosting with me. hey, girl. >> hoda. >> what? tell me. >> this is a dream come true. this is a secret dream of mine for many many years. i'm not kidding you. this is a thrill. i watch y'all every morning. >> you do? >> yes. every morning.
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all in the blender. this is what comes out at the end. >> that is tweet. >> -- that is sweet. >> the song you're listening to is by "little big man." this one was written by -- >> taylor swift. >> no big deal. >> we think she might finally have a hit on her hands. >> i see her tweeting better man >> she's such a doll and sent us this in an e-mail and we said, what if this had gone into the junk folder but it didn't. >> you're in luck because our show is unique today. we're doing something we've never done before on this program. we're having a funky dance party. a tgif dance party.
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bandstand"? >> i love "american bandstand." we will learn moves for new year's, it's new year's eve. you have to learn to dance. we have some pros, some people from the plaza. you will guess who is who. we want you to get off the couch. it it's friday with little big town and you will be shaking it. that will be happening >> all morning. >> kimberly goes out to watch farrell. here we are watching farrell. farrell looks at kimberly, my gosh, hi, in a song, because they had a moment -- we were daning to their music keeping the dancing going. you and farrell have a connect. you and little big town with farrell. this year we made two records, one with farrell.
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somebody called and said, would y'all like a write a song with farrell? yeah. we got together an wrote three songs, we have to do that again, this is one of them. >> what is that? >> "one dance". >> "one dance" for our funky dance party? >> yes. we kept writing and writing and we had eight songs written and recorded and we said, we have to put it out there and do something with it because it's so muchfu is a big star. kimberly walks out and everybody says, my god, little big -- >> see what happens? before we get to you, we want to know all about kimberly. because your hair is so iconic and kathie lee keeps come pairing her hair to your hair and your hair to her hair. >> that is such a compliment. >> kathie lee told everyone how she did it with a crimping
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in the hotel room with a diffuser. >> yeah. but today i forgot my diffuser and that was a little bit of a problem but we figured it out. i paid somebody a lot of money to fix it. >> we're going to play a curly haired quiz. there are a bump of curly haired people and see if we can identify them. maybe th photo number one, who is that, from broadway? >> burna det. >> burna det peters. >> diana ross. >> yes! >> who is next? >>ing me ryan? >> is she right. sarah jessica parker .
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when did she have that? >> who is this person? this is -- >> i like it. >> i like it, too. >> but i don't know who it is. >> susan sarandon? >> nicole kidman. i love her when she does her hair like that. she's precious. >> annie, is it? >> shirley temple. >> shirley temple. >> is it shirley temple? >> a p ago, kimberly. >> it's me. i recognize that dress. >> did you always have curly hair? >> always. >> before we reveal, i know who this is, this is what used to happen at my house when my momma would brush my hair because she didn't know anybody back then, bless her, she learned and when he quit brushing it, that was you. >> when you brush frizzy curly
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thank god for kera kin is what i say every single day of my life. we want to give a big congratulations to savannah guthrie. >> she had her little baby. >> just yesterday. that is little charlie. >> he already looks at her so ad adoringly. look at that sweet face. and her husband. savannah looks amazing. >> she must have had makeup team there. >> the baby is in 9 understands and the baby is so engaged, matt said when he went to visit her and is named after his grandfather. you happen to have a baby yourself, don't you? >> i do and i still call her baby and she says, momma, when are you going to stop calling me baby? >> what is her name? >> daisy. she is in nashville with her
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snowing. >> snowing in nashville? >> it's snowing in nashville. this is daisy with great high spirits. >> it might just be raining. >> it might be raining hard. my husband is like, yes, baby, it is snowing. >> you and your hubby have been together 10 years? >> we just celebrated 10 years. he is my life, rock, foundation, behind the scenes simple precious handyman. >> wow. how did you meet him? someone else. we were great friends on the tour. i unexpectedly lost my husband and he started calling me just like all my friends were calling me, checking on me, making sure i was doing okay but he never stopped calling. he just kept on calling and i kept on taking his calls. >> oh. >> over time we fell in love.
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you," he fixed me. he pulled me out of the darkest deepest hole and he fixed me. i'm so grateful. i have the life i couldn't have dreamed of right now with him and daisy, i couldn't have dreamed it up. >> if you're going through a difficult hard time, know there is light at the end. i think some people give up, don't they? >> yes. don't give up. there's hope and restoration and new love and new life. you never forget what you had before because it is incredibly special but there is healing. >> yre what do you guys do for the holidays for christmas? >> we go see family because we travel so much all year wrong we take the chance to visit family. we go to virginia where my husband is from. >> where is that. >> lynchburg and the beautiful mother-in-law and we go to georgia where my family is an have a big she bang there.
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christmas outfits to wear, we have these christmas clothes. this is courtesy and starts at $30. i think it's precious. >> the suits start at $90. a whole suit? they also sent along some accessories, kim perly. >> oh. oh my stars. and garters! >> can you see your hubby in one of th look at this one. anyway -- >> why does it have -- never mind. >> it's in two styles. i will not say what they are. all the profits from these swim trunks go to chariies that support men's health. >> that's good. >> $45. >> y'all were awesome. >> underwear. >> underwear. >> since we are having a funky
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donna-dorable to kick it off on the streets of new york to find out if dancing is contagious. >> i'm out here dancing on the streets. let's see if any one can show me their moves. who wants to dance with me? anyone? >> okay. is that right? >> actual dancing. i'm shocked! ?? >> go, donna! >> donna-dorable. >> that takes guts because you never know if someone will dance with you. >> no, you have to go out there totally vulnerable.
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we have funky dance party all show long. a d.j. downstairs and conga line and soul train line, and we will show you simple hairstyles with the right amount of sparkle and bling. >> then, we're heading downstairs to our dance party with d.j. scott after this. way ? uh-huh, uh-huh ? i like it ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats...
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ng an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto?. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. oh, oh, oh! don'tou oh, oh, don't you want to be down there? we want to be there with d.j. scott and kimberly. i know how you like to party. how do you normally wear your hair when you go out? >> normally i wear it down. if it's a frizzy day and i haven't had to wash it, i wear a
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>> we will figure out the best way to do your hair for the holidays. we have our celebrity stylist here to show us fabulous new looks. we have a bunch of beautiful models. >> gorgeous. >> you're going out. let's pretend you're donna marie. >> we're talking about wearing your hair up. if you wear it down, maybe try it up. >> what are you doing? >> what i'm doing fist is braid the high pony. i will go all the way down. this is great if you have really long hair. is a great trick to make it thicker. i'm done with this braid and i will pull on the edges, pancaking. >> pancaking, who knew? >> i will take this bun maker and open it up and bring it closed and twist it ult way up and she will get a gorgeous textured updo in seconds. >> i'm doing that on my daisy.
10:16 am
>> let's scoot on down. >> bree says her hair is naturally curly. how do you do that? >> her hair is textured and she has a lot of curls. the idea is take small sections and smooth it down, right? the whole idea is keep it parallel, keep it smooth. the important thing is create a new part. you wear a side part. look how beautiful she with this thinner part. >> changes your whole look. >> i think that would take me three hours. >> hey, lauren. >> this is an exciing celebrity tip. people say to me, i curled my hair, now, it looks a little too ringlety, what do i do? take a flexible hairspray and spray it directly on the brush and go through, see these ringlets here, we will take
10:17 am
distributed to make it smooth and more glamorous for the holidays. >> lauren, will you please go down to our funky dance party party? they're waiting for you? >> this is like angel hair and you say this is hard on the hair. >> we added a bunch of braids going up the sides. this, we actually made, hot glue gun on a clip. we take that hair clip and clip it on the side there and and look how it instantly transforms her face. >> let's go to the funky dance party. go downstairs. and lastly, savannah is in the house. that's amazing. >> this is a stretchy headband and i will show you how cool this trick is.
10:18 am
turn sideways. i will take the hair and tuck it into the headband. in literally seconds she will get a gorgeous gorgeous updo. >> that is beautiful! >> so simple. >> turn to the side and show them how beautiful it is in no time. >> ready for the functionky dance party? >> it is rolling on with d.j. sky. >> we help keep you >> beyonce and j.lo is here and a dance choreographer in the
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?holiday music? jan. jan. whoa. (all chanting) jan.jan.jan.jan... edible arrangements brings everyone together.
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if you take certain medicines. xarelto can cause serious, and in rare cases fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. oh, oh, oh oh. welcome to our tgif party. why?
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choreographers. >> what is your name? >> i have hard time with names. he has toured with mariah carey andsome of her most recent shows. >> and danced with katy perry. she performs her hit, "dark horse." we are honored and thrilled. look at you. we're honored and thrilled to have you here. kasaan are born or are created? >> i was not born that. i did not get that in my birth at all. >> i think as long as you're having fun and dancing like no one's watching it doesn't matter. we want to dance and have a good time. >> we have a semi pro and a couple of people from our plaza here. and non-professionals.
10:23 am
>> i will teach you the significant from "dark horse." you bounce three times to the right. bounce bounce bounce, so you snap on the fourth and go to the left. bounce bounce bounce snap. repeat. bounce bounce bounce. >> i got this! >> bounce bounce bounce. repeat and add more. bounce bounce bounce.
10:24 am
let's do the rock, step to the right and scoop with your left hand. step left, scoop. right, scoop, left. loosen up. like right, act like you're sweeping it out of the way. yes, hoda! that's right the is the millirock. two. yeah. >> like spanky tuesday. >> basically, spanky tuesday, switch it up, one, one, double up. double up. >> let's do this. >> great, let's go. go ahead. >> go, go.
10:25 am
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come on! come on! hugh! already, everybody. welcome back. oh, my gosh. this is our favorite kind of day. it's a funky dance party day, t.g.i.f. keep it going! [ cheers ] we're going to dance over to with -- her luxe for less. >> come on over. >> hosting today, by the way. >> hi. >> i am such a huge fan of little big town. >> i love your segments. i love a good look for less. >> so do we. >> kimberly you know, from little big town. such great songs out. "better man" out now topping charts. lilliana, hey girl. >> can i give this to you?
10:31 am
fashion is next level. in video, red carpets, with love your stuff. >> thank you. >> and i'm giving you tea, today it's all about the victorian trend. >> look at this beautiful -- >> gorgeous. >> wow. >> it's a huge trend right now. a whole romantic inspired look from the victorian era. celebrities love it. seen it on jessica biehl. loves to wear it on red carpet. gigi hadid, and jessica and stars known to wear the victorian trend. >> who? who. >> i think we have a photo somewhere. maybe our co-host -- kimberly. oh, wow, has she ever -- >> there you are. >> look at that. >> was that -- from a music video? >> that's from -- from the cma awards. >> oh. >> and we performed "better man." >> always ask, what defines victorian? a high collar. it's lace. it's mutton sleeves, all that
10:32 am
>> of course. >> first up, ally. how gorgeous? >> hearing about these pants. >> these pants are "the" pants to get. >> i want these pants. >> it's a ruffle hem detail at the pant. >> wow! >> available at under $ooh. weeg the whole line of the outfit simple. classic white blouse. simple black pump, let the drama happen with the pants only. >> exactly. >> and that's amazing. >> i'm going to go online and get that. >> i am, too. >> who's next? >> so next up, we have denisea. a beautiful victorian blouse. so cute and i love that it's a see-through cream. feels very romantic and compare it with something as simple as a jean and then do a little bit of a victorian shoe, from aldos. buff on her. >> a beautifully feminine top.
10:33 am
justaposition. >> and this is available, sheer. the way you make victorian feel very modern. also under $50. paired it with a beautiful skirt. and the shoes from h & m. par >> i have the best moves. >> i bet that! >> and next, wearing a jumpsuit. actually a playsuit from boohoo. you can double up the pieces. >> what do you mean? >> it's a playsuit. a little short. a little short for daytime. we added a little skirt from top shop. i love the effect it has here, gives you coverage on the arms, really nice.
10:34 am
dances shoes. would you like to try them out? okay. to shop all of these looks -- a couple more. >> we have more. >> got more? >> perfect. add a touch of victorian to a shirt you already have, you can buy a little high-neck lace collar, and it's all about mixing pearls and lace with accessory. especially with chokers, and a little barrette, also very victorianesque. >> it will go. >> and very romantic. >> nobody has moves like lilliana vasquez, over there, head to coming up, serving up southern comfort. sweet and savory dishes for your holiday guests. >> oh -- plus! a little hip-hop action from these guys over here. we cannot wait. >> four-time world champion dancer. you do not want to miss it. funk it up! yes. >> uh-huh! go!
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>> formerly, and we brought the party not only downstair, it's a funky dance party in the kitchen's wait. what's happening over here? no! ?? >> yeah. >> all right. you know what? often you have parties, got a little dancing in your living room, got this bep have our country superstar here, my
10:40 am
line of mugs and plates, which i am sorry, they're in my cabinets. >> pink pod. >> they are awesome, and you're cooking with us today. got a cookbook out, too. >> first of all, i'd like too have dancers in my kitchen every time i cook. called bacon cheddar biscuits and will get you dancing. bacon browned up in the pan. we've going to receive, pour this out and reserve some of it to use later. >> makes everything taste good. >> in the bacon grease, just fry some onions. >> yes. come on. >> and fried onions. dry ingredients first. flour, salt, paprika, a little bacon powder. >> whip that all in together. >> please, ma'am.
10:41 am
>> uh-huh. >> and then -- >> okay. >> make a little well. just dig out a little well here and put or bacon in. bacon. >> yum. >> cheese. >> cheese, right. >> it's getting better. >> butter. >> milk and butter. >> all looking good! >> stir it up together. oh, but per milk. got to have buttermilk biscuits. stir it together, gets really thick, but don't work it too much. my mama says, don't fool with your biscuits or they'reot going to are very good. >> there are a lot of transitions to that. >> i'm making a mess here. this is what it turns into. drop them out. usually i make them really big. this is a party and we don't want to get too -- a little box down here. but before we put them in the oven. >> paint them? >> remember that bacon grease? oh, yeah. >> putting extra bacon grease on them? >> i know. i know. hey, it's the holidays! it's okay. >> yes! all right. >> just gives them great flavor and makes them -- >> love.
10:42 am
[ cheers ] >> all right, partygoers, have some biscuits. wait. how are they? tell us how they are. are they good? all right. one for you. all right. here you go, kids. >> who's -- who needs a biscuit. >> these partygoers are hungry. now what are we making? >> sweet pot. sweet and savory. schlapp happy bars. >> because? >> my husband, well, our last name is schlappman. i these bars make him real happy. brown sugar, regular sugar, cream this up. it's not on. pretend like it's on pnd and self-rising flour. a little short trick. self-rising flour. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> supposed to turn this on. just make pretend like -- >> just look behind you.
10:43 am
flour, our vanilla. cream it together. add the eggs one at a time and come with this. this, we're going to add in chocolate chunks. >> chunks. yeah. >> butterscoff chips. my daisy's favorite, and toffee -- >> oh, yum. all right. then moosh it up, cook it up. >> really good together. cook it up. you have schlapp happy bars. hmm. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh. y'all are going to love these! >> yes. >> to get these recipes from kimberly go to work all the calories with the blind steps. >> a routine like anything you have ever seen downstairs. come back and dance with us! but east first! eat first. >> should we put a jellybean on the top? purple? absolutely. ??
10:44 am
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dance group wowing audiences back in the '90s. >> known for fusing hip-hop beats with classical music, as part of the red bull flying tour. >> today picking up the beat and their feet with something a little different. guy, are you ready? take it away! ? come on, come on, come on ? yeah ? yeah ? come on, come on come on, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby ? ooh baby, baby, baby ? ? ooh, baby, baby, baby ? baby, baby ? come on, baby ? ??
10:50 am
>> whew! ? come on, come on, come-come, come on ? ?? ? come on, come on, come-come, come on ? ?? >> whew! ??
10:51 am
what? what? what? what? hey ? whew! ?? [ cheers ] >> oh! >> whew! [ applause ] >> you guys, that was flying -- you guys are amazing. >> lord have mercy. >> what kind of shape are you guys in known. >> everything's fine. everything's fine. you know what? time for a little funky dance party. you guys can dance. i think we can dance. would everyone come on out here for a minute? our mvp. come on, come on. everybody, everybody! ?? >> come on, come on! you got those, i know do you!
10:52 am
that black gold this one for them good girls ? masterpieces ? >> we'll be back. we'll be back in a little built. this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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10:55 am
we are wrapping up the second week of our toy drive. >> so who today? >> the vice president of marketing, emily. what are you donating today? >> happy holidays. >> happy dance party. >> in honor of charlie, brought this adorable black plush lab. high-end toys. >> how much are you donating? >> $28,000 to the toy drive. >> you know what? you rock. thank you from all of us as nbc. it you'd like to donate, come to
10:56 am
kimberly schlapman. do we love kimberly? thank you to our d.j., amazing. and join us. come on. having the rest of our funky dance party. we'll see you on monday. crank it up, d.j.! let's go!
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continues his thank you tour, we're looking at the latest additions to his cabinet causing the latest round of controversy. tracking the coldest air so nar this season. how long it lasts and impacts your weekend, coming up in my forecast. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison.


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