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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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apparent heart attack. >> he recently appeared on the first episode of "this is us" and played cameos on "fuller house" that a lot of people remember as dr. jason seaver. he has three sons including singer robin thicke. in one of his tweets yesterday. he thanked a film festival for an icon award and tweeted, quote, i promise to try and stay iconic. what a flood from social media. he was just on the "today" show talking about his life. >> he's got an enemy, he's been very present. when you talk about the reaction, we are still getting it this morning. the moment we posted about it, everybody is like, what? are you kidding me? >> people are stunned by this. >> way too soon. coming up, we'll talk about how people are remembering him. right now the time is 4:30, and
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condition after a shooting in prince george's county. this happened in the 4500 block of suitland road last night. investigators are asking anyone with information to please come forward with more information about this case. right now contract workers at both reagan national and dulles national airports are preparing to walk off the jobs. they will picket outside terminal c at reagan national starting at 6:30 a.m. the workers are demanding a minimum wage of $6 16 -- $16 an hour. when it comes to the weather, we'll be feeling it. this is the last day of relatively normal weather, chuck. >> mother nature is about to give us a punch around the mouth with cold temperatures arriving about this time tomorrow morning. the winds will be howling and temperatures will be ck
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so 4 things to know about the weather, this is the last enjoyable day for quite some time. the cold wind sets up shop tonight. could even have a couple flurries around this evening. not expecting a big impact from snowflakes tonight, but tomorrow morning, windchills down near zero. and a chance for some freezing rain, sleet or snow around here saturday morning. might even be enough to get the first inch of snow at national airport. we'll have to wait and see, but it's going to be close. highs today not too bad. the hometown of winchester, 45. the windchills will be down by this time tomorrow morning into the single numbers and teens. melissa mollet, you will have to dig out the heavy coat. i already have. i have the heater ready, i'm totally prepared. i know what's coming. i know, i know. northbound 95 after 200, we are cleared from that crash that shut down the lanes overnight. you are okay headed to the airport this morning. this is just cleg
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southbound 270 at montgomery village avenue. the work zone is now gone. 66 and 95, nice and green right now. and prince george's county, no problems in or out of town. eun? 4:32 and president-elect donald trump is scheduled to host a tax summit today at trump tower. it's a gathering of top technology leaders in the u.s. the summit comes after trump's latest stop on his thank you tour in wisconsin where he defended his pick for secretary of state. >> you know, rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with. and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex, because i like what this is all about. >> trump also praised wisconsin native and house speaker paul ryan at the rally. the comments drew some boos from the crowd. in just a few minutes, we'll tell you who trump is expected to pick to take care of u.s. water, wildlife and
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resources. and arlington county approved a measure to protect your car from getting towed. the board voted 5-0 to approve amendments to the trespassing ordinance. the law was fueled by an increase in so-called predatory towing. they are just aiming at tow trucks sitting around just waiting to tow someone. they need to receive authorization from those businesses that own the parking lots. and a $50 million lawsuit from an injured d.c. attorney is being investigated. a beam fell down and hit a man in the head at metro. he said he hasn't been able to go back to work since. metro will not comment on this. we do have a warning for
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school students. the school system was hacked. we know that names, social security numbers and names of 1,000 students were stolen. the infected attended the school between 2005 and 2006. prince george's county will be searching for a new chair nor the liquor control board. yesterday charles caldwell resigned after being arrested for drunk driving after getting in an accident shortly after leaving mgm harbor. the vice chairman will serve in the interim. on average, drunk driving kills one person every 53 minutes. well, this morning the national highway traffic safety administration will announce a plan to cut drunk driving deaths. there is already some progress. last year a study revealed those driving under the influence dropped by 1/3 over the past ten years. this announcement also comes today. after the fair
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police chief was rear-ended by a suspected driver. the chief is back to work, but a florida woman is now facing charges. for two decades a d. d.c. woman has honored her son. shirley gibson lost her son, officer brian, killed back on the job in 1997. this her 20th and final dinner for d.c. police officers at her home. mrs. gibson says she and her husband will continue to support the group. but she said it's just gotten too big for her. >> today she plans to feed 300 officers. we are not sure what is on the menu, but we know she is baking 18 cakes. >> holy cow! >> just a tribute to her son and to honor the service the police ic
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maybe somebody will pick up the torch. >> that's what i was thinking. they are family to her, and she will tell you that. it is nice to watch her go shopping with an entourage with her. anti-death discrimination debate. a push for more protection for the lbgt members. why parents argue proposed changes could hurt their kids. and buyers from home foods, nearly a dozen managers let go from the stores and now we're learning why. plus, break out your warmest coat and grab the space heater, all your accessories, hat, gloves, everything. the arctic blast is headed our way. when you'll feel the lowest temperatures of the season next in the storm team 4 forecast.
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get ready, you have been warning us all week, and we are on the verge of having this crazy weather. >> we are having a breakdown, that is what it is coming down to, chuck. sorry, you're responsible. >> there's still time. there are nonstops to ft. lauderdale available later this afternoon. >> yes! >> you are the first one out. >> let's go, melissa. she's booking it now. >> she's on the jetblue special out of town this morning. i don't bla you. i tell you what, i'll take the aisle seat. and typically i insistn
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would be on the aisle. temperatures to get out, nothing to worry about today. a fair amount of sunshine coming your way. you need the warm jacket and scarf, but start looking for the insulated gloves, the handwarmers, the heavy winter coat. start looking for it because you're going to need it started tomorrow. the daily grade for today, b-plus weather. tomorrow, probably not going to be one of the days to spend a whole lot of time outside. we'll talk temperatures and look at the weekend. the snow threat is coming up in a few minutes. melissa mollet is digging out her minutes. >> i'm on looking for nonstop. okay, right now we're at 270 at father hurley, no problems. earlier road work there on 270 was slowing things a little bit. that's now out of the way this morning. taking a look at 95 in maryland, looking much better northbound and southbound. again, we have reopened there near the icc after the fatal crash from overnight. no problem there any longer on
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66 and 95 in virginia also looking quite good. we'll take a live look at prince george's county coming up. thank you, melissa. a rockville couple killed inside their own home. now we know how long their neighbor will spend behind bars for the brutal crimes. plus, a dramatic day in court for bill cosby. details on the comedian's outburst and how it could impact today's hearing. and 4:41, are you exhausted? >> that's my life. zombie mode, right? where d.c. ranks among the sleepiest spots in the country. don't go back to bed, gus. yg don't go back to bed, gus. yg at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget.
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at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget.
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the top stories at 4:44, a 13-year-old has died after a crash on 95. the maryland state police say a tractor-trailer rear-ended the car he was riding in near the icc in laurel last night. the driver and two people in another car were also hurt. northbound lanes of 95 reopened within the last hour. and also this morning, actor alan thicke has died. reports say he died after having a heart attack while he played hockey with his teenager son. thicke was 69 years old. and i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets, certainly a cabinet with the highest iq that anybody has ever -- i mean, these -- these are seriously great people. >> president-elect donald trump praising the cabinet he's putting together at his thank you rally last night in wisconsin. news4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill, but
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hasn't mentioned out the interior secretary, right? >> reporter: well, ryan zinke is a former navy s.e.a.l. and now he's rounding out this cabinet. but, of course, also this includes rex tillerson, the exxonmobil ceo who raised concerns among some democrats and republicans about his relationship with russia. >> and trump also is still facing questions over his business conflicts after postponing tomorrow's news conference on that issue. where does the deal stand right now? >> reporter: well, at this point, it will be several more weeks before we get the opportunity to ask him what he has said publicly, what he's tweeted about is that his sons will run the business, conspicuously, not mentioning his daughter who may be moving to the d.c. area, but in terms of how he'll extract himself from the business, what, if any,
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it will be a while before we get to ask those questions. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. 4:46 and virginia's voter i.d. law has been upheld by a federal appeals court. this ruling comes after a different panel of judges struck down north carolina's law saying lawmakers made it intentionally harder for minorities to vote. they found virginia's law more flexible in measures over other states and not designed to discriminate. we have breaking news that could be the collapse of another cease-fire in syria. >> erika gonzalez is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. all eyes on aleppo. we are getting reports from media in syria that in the buses meant to evacuate rebels and civilians from aleppo have returned empty. signaling a collapse of a truce deal. the russian defense ministry is pointing fingers at the rebels claiming they broke the cease-fire, but the rebels say the syrian government was shelling the city w t
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safely. of course, a situation that we will be monitoring. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. thank you. it is 4:47, loudoun county schools take on the issue of lbgt discrimination and bullying. the loudoun county school board is proposing to remove all classifications from the non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies. at last night's meeting the room was divided. the supporters say the added protection is necessary to protect lbgtq students and employees. >> these people are equal to you. not everyone understands the breath of human experience and some people feel threatened by what they don't understand. and that is why we need these labels. >> the school board did not vote on the issue last night. they tell news4 they could possibly vote in the second week of january. a custody exchange in fairfax county goes terribly wrong when police say a father tried to light the mother on fire. police say the 26-year-old lamar
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thomas and his child's mother got into an argument yesterday morning. the woman was dropping off their 1-year-old baby on her way to work. during that fight inside the car, police say thomas poured a flammable liquid on the woman and tried to ignite this. this all happened while the baby was in the backseat. the woman was able to get away and call police. no one was hurt. thomas is now charged with malicious wounding. now nbc4 is committed to raising awareness about domestic awareness and also provide solutions here in our area. you can find phone numbers and links to local resources in the nbc washington app. search safe at home. and a rockwell man will serve two life sentences for murdering his neighbors on mother's day last year. yesterday a judge sentenced scott thomas sheske. after the sentencing, the man was
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as many as six men banged on a door at a house on franklin avenue yesterday. then they forced their way in and took what they wanted. a person they were looking for was not inside, though. the police say the robbers claimed they were police officers. they say real officers will be clearly identified if they come to your house. 4:49. and the man accused of investigating a fake news story then firing a gun in a restaurant is facing federal charges. marcy grade is sharing information we are learning about edgar welch. >> reporter: edgar welch was charged with driving to washington to open fire in this restaurant. he was in two courtrooms yesterday, first in d.c. superior court where prosecutors dropped all of the charges he was facing. then they arrested him on a separate charge, which they bought in federal court.
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made his second appearance, this time before a federal judge, charged with transporting a weapon across state lines with the intent to commit a crime. and the fbi revealed there were text messages that welch began sending as early as three days before the attack to his girlfriend and to friends trying to recruit people to help him. he was particularly looking for people with military experience. and in one of the texts, he said he was going to do a raid and they might have to sacrifice a few lives to save many lives. welch still has not entered a plea. he's due back in the federal courtroom on friday morning for the first pre-trial and attention hearing. until then, he remains in d.c. jail. bill cosby will be back in pennsylvania in a courtroom today following a day of heated outbursts. take a look at cosby leaving the courthouse yesterday. at that hearing, cosby's attorneys will argue against the testimony of 13 women who were accusing him of
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molesting them. the attorneys don't want them to be allowed to testify at cosby's trial this summer. at one point yesterday, the judge told the police that they could intervene if cosby and his attorney did not calm down. the district is not apparently home to the most exhausted american in the u.s. i work with three of them right now. the company amerisleep looked at more than 92,000 instagram posts. it searched for the #tired or #goodnight. per 1,000 people living in d.c., more than 31% of instagramers use those hash tags. i'm surprised it's not higher. next in line is hawaii. why are you tired in hawaii? followed by nevada. apparently iowa is a place to be the most rested. the majority of posts with the hash tags in that state had to deal with love. a
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>> it's a long, cold winter in iowa. >> i can fall asleep right here on top of this desk. >> if you give me four minutes, i can sleep anywhere. >> our job is not conducive for rest. >> 90% of the people using the hash tag all come from awesome places. >> i don't know how you do it, your a mom in addition. i just have the dogs. he does not require a lot of daily maintenance. he's high maintenance but not daily maintenance. >> i was waiting for something. >> i can say anything i want at 4:30 in the morning. that's all that is going on at our house right now. 35 degrees at national airport. we'll hover here in the mid-30s for the remainder of the morning. it will be a chilly day today, but we'll be into the low to mid-40s. the real arctic air arrives tonight. get your nbc washington app, download it and up find me on
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twitter and facebook as chuckbell4. i'll do my best to keep you ahead of the cold. here's future weather through the day today. a fair amount of sunshine. clouds will increase during this evening. and as the arctic front itself comes through here about 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, it may ring out a passing of snow flurries. it may be enough to whiten the ground. not looking for accumulations, but as the cold air rings the moisture out, we could get a burst of snow showers this evening. don't be surprised to see it. tomorrow, oh, what a difference it will be tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-20s in the morning. about the upper 20s in the. but by 4:00, temperatures will be dropping down into the teens. that's half the story for tomorrow. the real story is the windchills down in the single numbers for most of the daylight hours tomorrow. subfreezing highs tomorrow and friday. and still watching out for a little rain/sleet/snow mess saturday morning before it changes over to rain. here's melissa molt
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beltway at branch avenue, no problems inner loop or outer loop. everything is rolling okay this morning. 95 quantico to the beltway, we are looking good. when i'm back in a couple minutes, we'll look at 66. thank you, melissa. ticket changes. the newest smithsonian museum mixing up the way it lets guests inside. it could mean more locals have a chance to see the sta african-american museum itself. and whole foods let go of a doze n
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this next story has been buzzing on social media all night. nine managers were fired from local stores in our region for manipulation of a bonus program to benefit themselves. they are all from stores in maryland, virginia and d.c. whole foods is still looking into exactly how much money is involved. and he plans to make sure other employees at the affected stores are compensated properly. this is pretty important because it spans decades. cuisinart is recalling 8 million food processors sold between 1996 and 2015. the food processors are being recalled because 70 people reported metal blades in their food and some have gotten cut. over time the bad
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if you have one of these, stop using it immediately. contact the company for a replacement blade. we're not seeing the blades back in time for the holidays. >> that is serious. a lot of people have those. students at mount vernon community school are taking part in an important program during p.e. >> it's the bicycling program in schools. students are taught appropriate safety in bicycle or cycling skills. this is part of the alexandria schools to help students be healthy. >> it's a great way to expose kids to a type of fitness, that not only do they enjoy during school, but after school with the community in the summer. just a nice long event. >> the advisory committee helps to raise more than 7,000 to
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other resources needed for the program. we have breaking news, a child killed in a crash on 95. news4 is live at the scene where the road just reopened after the closure. plus, bracing for the arctic blast. the coolest temperatures are just hours away. we have the storm team 4 purp forecast. and good morning, everyone. i'm eun yng. >> -- yang. >> i'm in for aaron gilcrest. we also have


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