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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right now police are telling us an accident that killed a 13-year-old in laurel started with a call for a disabled vehicle. a look at what happened next, and the latest. at least three others injured in a chain reaction crash. a dc mother who fed police officers calls an end to the tradition with today's meal. we're live with her this morning as she prepares the food. polar plunge. how cold will it get? i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. we'll look at that and the chance of snow for the
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>> announcer: "news4 midday" starts now. >> i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm eun yang. everybody is getting ready for changes. the cold arrives first. saturday, we could see a mix of ice and snow. road crews are getting ready. ddot has already started anti-icing treatments. more from storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. hi, tom. >> only hours away now. a live view on capitol hill. we're basking in sunshine. enjoy this while you can. big changes are on the way. temperatures already up to 44 at reagan national, low to mid-40s around the chesapeake bay. it's hovering in the low 40s as well in the shenandoah valley. the cold air is still pretty far away from us. it will begin to move in. hour by hour temperatures for the rest of the afternoon, we'll be hovering in the mid- to briefly upper 40s by 3:00. then it starts to drop by, by 6:00 back do
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then by dawn tomorrow, we'll be down into the 20s with windchills near 10 degrees. i've got the timing for snow for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, tom. can't wait to hear that. we now know a teenager was killed in a terrible crash on i-95 in maryland, and a woman is fighting for her life right now. news4 is live at the police barracks with more. justin finch has more. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, maryland state police say the cause of this fatal four-week wreck remains under investigation. taking you now to some video from last night. the crash and the response did shut down the north and southbound lanes of i-95 near route 200 in laurel, maryland. chopper 4 was over that scene. the highway didn't fully reopen until just before the a.m. rush. close to 9:00 p.m. tuesday, state police got calls of a
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roadway. once on scene, troopers found a chain reaction crash that they say appears to have been triggered after a tractor-trailer reended a blue dodge caravan. the 45-year-old van driver and the teenager were inside. the honda driver and female passenger are hospitalized and are expected to recover. from that van, the teen boy was airlifted to children's hospital. the 45-year-old woman driver, tamara moskowitz, is recovering in a hospital in dc. at this particular time we know the honda driver and passenger are being treated and should recover. a volkswagen was also struck, that driver should be okay. they're trying to figure out what the cause of this crash was and how it may have started. so far they say it does not appear to have been caused by driver impairment. back to you. >> thank you, justin. this morning a woman is in custody after stealing a dc housing authority cruiser and
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she did all of this while still handcuffed. it started just after 5:00 p.m. yesterday. the woman was cuffed and place income the cruiser after police say she was trespassing at a housing complex on 11th street northwest. she somehow climbed through a small partition window and took off in the ford explorer. the 26-year-old sideswiped nearly ten cars during the nine-mile pursuit. police were able to stop the cruiser on the 395 ramp to king street. this afternoon, if you drive along richmond highway near ft. belvoir. there will be two lanes of traffic between telegraph road and mt. vernon highway. this is part of the road widening project. by 2017, there will be three lanes going in each direction. arlington county approves a measure to protect cars from getting towed, a lot of people happy to hear that. the board voted for the amendment, fueled by an increase in so-called
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that's when trucks are stationed near a business lot, just waiting to tow someone. now authorization will be required from the businesses that own the lot. an injured dc attorney says he was at the bottom of the escalators at metro center in august of 215 wh015 when a beam him on the head. he blames the accident on metro's negligence. the lawsuit would cover medical expenses and make up for lost income. metro will not comment on ongoing litigation. president-elect donald trump will meet with some of the country's biggest tech leaders at trump tower today, after many of them voiced concerns about trump during the campaign. meanwhile, trump has officially nominated rick perry for energy secretary. news4's tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: touting jobs and lower energy prices in texas, president-elect trump made it official th
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is his nominee for secretary of energy. at a rally last night, trump talked about his choice for secretary of state, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with. and d and some people don't like that. >> reporter: tillerson's close relationship with russia's president vladimir putin is already being scrutinized on capitol hill. >> his coziness with putin is alarming and should have eliminated him, frankly. >> reporter: lawmakers want to know if tillerson's ties to russia are an asset or a liability. >> we'll have to drill down during confirmation hearings to understand his relationship with mr. putin. >> i don't hold it against someone that they have relationships that can in many cases establish a level of trust. >> reporter: here is what tillerson said last year about putin. >> i have a very close relationship with him. i don't agree with everything he's doing.
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preparing to evaluate tillerson and montana congressman ryan zinke, who trump picked to serve as secretary of the interior. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. a new quinnipiac poll has early numbers on decision 2017. specifically, the poll looks at the virginia governor's race. it says former rnc chair ed gill he espie what's an early lead, in presumptive democratic nominee northam edges him by 37%. the federal reserve is likely to raise short term interest rates when their two-day meeting ends later today. it would be the only increase this year and just the second since june of 2006. this is the fed's first policy meeting since donald trump's election. the central bank will release
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2:00 p.m. for two decades, a dc woman has fed crowds of police officers to honor her late son. >> but today she will serve her last christmas dinner. we're live at shirley gibson's house. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. this is the family room in the gibson home here in southeast washington. these are the call numbers from brian gibson's squad car that he was driving the night he was killed 20 years ago. brian gibson had returned from serving in the united states marine corps overseas and joined the dc police department. a man who wanted to hurt dc police walked up from behind and shot him to death in his squad car. his mother shirley gibson, as a way to cope with the loss of her son, decided to start cooking his favorite meal for his comrades at the police station. that was 20 years ago. back here live
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gibson's home, this is what it has turned into. a massive operation. 16 turkeys, volunteers from church groups, neighbors, and shirley gibson's family comes up from south carolina to help. they expect as many as 400 police officers to show up here today. and joining me right now is shirley gibson. ms. gibson, this will be the last time you have -- >> this is our final time, mark. >> reporter: and you consider all these police officers -- >> my sons and daughters. these are my kids. and i really want them to be able to come out today and enjoy all brian's favorite foods. i would love to have that happen, everybody come. >> reporter: mrs. gibson has preparing this meal with the help of a lot of family and friends for 20 years. this will be the last day they'll serve, lining up here shortly. news4 will be here all day and into the evening to bring you live updates and to show you more of brian gibson's life and the legacy he le
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>> yes. >> reporter: that's the very latest back in southeast, back to you in the studio. >> what a beautiful way to remember her son. thank you, mike. >> for 20 years she's done this for hundreds of officers, terrific. the discovery of a new set of footprints is giving researchers an incredibly clear picture of humans that roamed africa more than 3 million years ago. but mom, these guys are hot, they're on a roll, they won. >> remembering one of tv's favorite dads, alan thicke. from co-stars to family and
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now to a developing story. the u.s. is sending troops to poland to help increase security in that region. conditions have been uneasy since russia increased its military operations in that area. the armored brigade combat team is coming from colorado. the troops will arrive in germany on january 6th and will be immediately deployed to poland, the baltic states, and romania. the u.s. says the move is not aimed against anyone. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. a cease-fire in aleppo has
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air raids. plans to evacuate rebels and tens of thousands of civilians have come to a halt. with video of empty buses and reports of shelling, the evacuation was supposed to be begin at dawn, but buses meant to be used for still janice returned to their depots returned empty. a human rights group is monitoring the situation. they report at least half a dozen people have died. a situation that no doubt we will all be monitoring. back over to you. >> thank you, erika. a lot of sadness around the country this morning as we remember alan thicke. the "growing pains" actor died of a heart attack last night. >> he was 69 years ago. nbc's miguel almager joins us for a tribute. >> he sat not three feet away and said, dad, i'm ready for total
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>> jason, you are not ready for total responsibility. >> reporter: best known for his role on the '80s sitcom "growing pains," alan thicke played loveable dad jason seaver, as popular on television as he was in real life. >> there has been a marriage of my real life as a father, a single father as it turns out, and the jason seaver character. >> reporter: on tuesday, 69-year-old thicke, a long time hockey fan, was on the ice with his teenaged son when he suffered a heart attack. >> i said, alan, they want you to sit up. he said, no, i'm good on my back, i'm breathing, i'm fine, i just have a pain in my chest and i'm kind of numb. >> reporter: on twitter, carter thicke writing, "you are a legend, i love you." thicke, born in canada, was a tv host before and after he became
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thicke had recent appearances on the nbc drama "this is us" and the show "fuller house." just hours before his death tweeting, "season 2 fuller house looking good, i even like the ones i'm not in." >> he played an all-american dad. i think that ingratiated him to american audiences. he was beloved. >> reporter: a husband and father of three, thicke's famous son, musician robin thicke on instagram writing, "he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had." a musician in his own right, alan thicke wrote the theme songs to some of the most popular shows in tv history. ♪ different strokes >> reporter: including "different strokes." and "the facts of life." tuesday, his own life ended too soon. but his
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the loveable dad so many will remember. >> that was miguel almaguer reporting. so many of you online are sharing memories of alan thicke. we're seeing the same message again and again, this one from ellen did egeneres, "america lo alan thicke." the people who knew him and working with him sharing these messages on twitter, alissa milano said, "gone too soon, rest in peace." and an actor who worked with him on "fuller house," she knew him since she was a little girl and said she is sad beyond words. it was a day that shook the country. the shooting at sandy hook elementary school happened four years ago today. this morning the people at newtown, connecticut hill 15
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and think about the people who died. most of the victims were young children. schools are in session, they say they're providing age appropriate messages for students. the sheriff's office in stafford county wants to start flying drones. they'll ask the faa for permission. they say unmanned aircraft can help with things such as search and rescue or traffic assessments. bill cosby is back in a pennsylvania courtroom today following a day of heated outbursts. here is a look at him arriving at the courthouse this morning. cosby's attorneys will argue against the testimony of 13 women who are accusing him of drugging and molesting them. the attorneys don't want them to be allowed to testify at cosby's trial this summer. at one point yesterday the judge told the police that they could intervene if cosby and his attorneys did not calm down. researchers have named him
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s-1 and say he stood 5'5" and weighed 100 pounds. some 3.7 million years ago. can you imagine that? the discovery of 13 of his foot presents are published in the journal "e-live" today. researchers have been able to estimate his size from the footprints discovered in tanzania last year. the size means he actually have toward about eight inches above his peers. incredible information there. >> it really is. the district apparently is home to the most exhausted americans in the u.s. here is one of them. >> we're learning about that today. the company amerisleep looked at 92,000 instagram posts that searched for the hashtags "tired" and "good night." for people living in dc, more than 31% of the instagramers used those hashtags. next in line, hawaii, followed by
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apparently iowa is the place to be rested. the majority of the hashtags in that state had to do with love in iowa. >> i've never been to iowa, i think i need to plan a visit to get some rest. coming up, a look at a change for local school bands. and dangerous conditions during one of new york's first storms of the season.
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a 12-year-old new york boy is dead and another injured after they were buried alive in a snow bank. it happened yesterday as the two were playing in the snow in the city of greenwich. police aren't sure if the boys had dug a snow tunnel that collapsed on them or if they were buried in the snow dumped by a city snow removal dump truck. the surviving boy told police he heard a truck or equipment come and the next thing he remembers is that everything became dark. in michigan, the combination of snow and wind is causing a whiteout. whiteout conditions out there right now, you can see that. these pictures are from houghton county yesterday. the temperature this morning is hovering around 10 degrees there. today's forecast there calls for more snow and more cold weather. >> and we are feeling a touch of that wintry blast in our area, especially tomorrow, right, tom? >> you ready for a polar plunge? a little bit on saturday
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here for you right now. and as you head out the door now, enjoy this somewhat balmy whether that we have compared to what's coming here within the next 12 hours. yes, by late tonight we'll notice the temperatures plummeting. right now, a few high clouds drifting over the region. a live view, tenleytown the lower right of your screen, friendship heights in the middle distance, looking over toward montgomery county in the distance. where temperatures now are in the mid-40s, mid-40s around washington and the bay. storm team 4 radar, no snow in the vicinity, all dry, good travel weather today up and down the atlantic seaboard. don't have any weather problems. temperatures hour by hour will be in the mid-40s here through much of the middle part of the afternoon. then by 8:00, dropping back down to the upper 30s. might get a few snow flurries coming through by around 11:00 tonight. don't worry, they're not going to be much at all, just a few snow flurries swirl
11:25 am
or so. by dawn tomorrow, down to the low 20s. windchills 10 to 15 degrees tomorrow morning. here is the feels-like temperature. by 8:00 thursday morning, it will feel like nearly 10 degrees in the metro area and north and west. windchills down into the single digits. by 3:00 thursday afternoon, these are the windwindchills. the feels-like temperatures will be in the single digits to near 10 degrees. by friday morning as well, the winds will be diminishing. still, the feels-like temperature, the windchill, will be just near 10 degrees. afternoon highs will be hovering in the 20s tomorrow as well as on friday. then as we get into saturday, 20s in the morning. it's during the morning hours on saturday that we'll likely get some snow and maybe all that ice, just minor accumulations, maybe an inch or two at the most. the thing is, the roads will be frozen solid. any untreated surface is going to stick. then it changes to afternoon rain and it will all be melting. then some more rain on
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upper 40s to low 50s late saturday night, near 60 sunday morning. then it plummets and gets cold after that as we get into next week. up and down we go, it's a roller coaster ride. >> for sure, tom, thank you. if you missed last night's live finale of "the voice," you may want to cover your ears. there you have it. team blake, sundance head was crowned the voice. america's votes pushed him ahead of billy gilman. the texas native is son of roy head. he says he's looking forward to starting his own career and sharing his music. >> i'm thankful to have the opportunity to make music and possibly to be able to touch people's lives for the better, through the greater good, through song. that's been important to me the whole time. >> his song "darling don't
11:27 am
a lot of you have been clicking on an upcoming story about the inauguration. many bands associated with district schools and universities decided not to take part this time around, that includes a ballou high school marching band which was involved in the last five inaugurations. the band at howard university also chose not to apply to participate. schools around the country are typically all vying for a chance to perform for the new president. you can read exactly what dc school officials told us. click on our link on facebook or open the story in the nbc washington app. an important new development in the fight to end drunk driving on u.s. roads. plus new images of the man accused of killing nine people.
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call or go to appointments available now. >> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." right now contract workers at both reagan and national and dulles international airports are on strike. this is a picture shortly after they walked off the job this morning. workers are demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. the strike began this morning. no word on when it will end. some workers also attended a washington airports authority board meeting this morning to talk about the issue. airport operations are not expected to be impacted, though. and dramatic tmo
11:31 am
hate crime trial of dylann roof. prosecutors are laying out new details about his planned massacre at an historic church in south carolina. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is at the courthouse in charleston with more on what we can expect today. >> reporter: today we're hearing from what's expected to be the prosecution's final witness. one of three survivors that awful night at bible study who says dylann roof only spared her so she could tell the story. today federal prosecutors are expected to rest their case against dylann roof, the 22-year-old accused of a massacre fueled by hate. these newly released videos played in court show roof in target practice. investigators say he was carefully planning his rampage and had even staked out the ame church in charleston multiple times. they allege he stopped at
11:32 am
sites in the months before the shooting. prosecutors laid out his racially inflammatory writing. and a potential hit list of other churches found in his car along with surveillance video of roof entering and exiting the church on the night of the killings. >> i killed them, i guess. >> reporter: and his chuckle during a chilling confession to fbi agents. roof is charged with 33 federal counts including hate crimes. his defense team has not disputed the facts of the case and has offered to plead guilty in exchange for the death penalty being taken off the table. prosecutors have refused. inside the courtroom, roof has sat silently, mostly looking at the table in front of him. as of his arrest he was asked whether he wanted to kill more black people. >> oh, no, i was worn out. >> reporter: right now dylann roof has his own lawyers but has asked the court to
11:33 am
himself during sentencing. the defense is expected to call several witnesses this afternoon and closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, charleston, south carolina. we are getting new details in the unsolved murder of jonbenet ramsey. boulder, colorado police and prosecutors are looking at new dna technology that they hope will help them in the investigation, after an investigation by two news organizations that uncovered flaws in the interpretation of previous dna testing. the 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of the ramsey home the day after christmas in 1996. drive sober or get pulled over. the department of transportation's national highway traffic safety administration's campaign against drunk driving is back. through the new year you'll see nationwide advertisements and police and troopers will be looking to get drunk drivers off
11:34 am
>> it is about choices and consequences that we make and what we can lose and how painful those consequences are. >> this is always an emotional press conference, with people and families sharing firstha accounts of how a drunk driver shattered their lives. last year 259 people died in drunk driving crashes during the holiday season alone, all preventible deaths. back to you. >> thank you, erika. it's a proposal that could change the way all of us drive. a government plan to require cars to talk to each other using wi-fi to avoid collisions we may not see coming with our own eyes. nbc's tom costello explains. [ sirens ] >> reporter: it happens every 15 minutes. someone dies in a traffic
11:35 am
technology could prevent crashes. using wi-fi collections, your car would be in touch with every other car in a 300-yard radius, even cars you can't see, sharing information, warning that cars ahead have hit their brakes, or of an approaching ambulance, of an accident ahead, or slow-moving traffic. you, the driver, would then get visual or audible alert. your all braking might even kick in. >> the car could have a 360-degree field of vision, if you will, electronically, with other cars that are out of our line of sight as drivers. >> reporter: it could transmit warnings about slippery roads. audi is already rolling out technology that tells drivers how soon upcoming traffic liabilities are about to change. the key is to coordinate all the technology so different car makes and models are talking to each other on the same frequency.
11:36 am
while technology has its challenges, it has the greatest potential to save lives. >> reporter: the obama administration wants new cars to come with v to v in a few years. but will the trump administration go along? the auto alliance organization says some day your wi-fi's cat chat with other cars could keep you alive. tom costello, nbc news, washington. coming up, two must-dos. if you have a live christmas tree in your house, new video from a demonstration held a few hours ago.
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>> too much work. >> you've already done yours. >> mine are done. >> did they include any big puffy sweaters? >> coats and scarves and hats. >> going to be needing it. we've got a great information here on the nbc washington app about how to prep your car for the impending polar plunge, because, you know, cold weather can really have a huge impact on your car. it's on right now as well as the nbc washington app. look at our sky here in washington. we're basking in sun. little do many know the birds and the bees, maybe they know, and the ducks, they know, that the cold air is coming. but you can't tell by that view, a live view from our city camera. but get ready tonight, you will need one of those bulky sweaters, warm coat, warm hat, gloves and scarves for tonight and tomorrow morning because an abrupt change is about to come in. we'll drop into t
11:41 am
hour by hour into the evening hours, may get snow showers in the mountains, that purple zone. after that, this is around 10, 11:00 tonight, may get some brief passing snow showers, especially our northern suburbs might get a brief did you teust. then we clearly clear out. then the polar plunge comes in. our windchill temperatures will be near 10 degrees throughout the day on thursday and again on friday. and then after that, maybe a little bit of snow and sleet on saturday morning. then it ends and changes into rain saturday afternoon into sunday, as much warmer air comes in. gets cold after that into the following week. >> all right, tom, thanks so much. a good reminder this morning about keeping your home safe this time of the year. take a look at how quickly this christmas tree goes up in flames. news4's amy cho is at the university of maryland this morning where this
11:42 am
took place. place trees at least three feet away from a heat source and water them daily. we water them twice at our house just in case. >> a good idea, you really have to keep a tub of water underneath. a dream come true for many of us. a pasta house. a new restaurant in dc that carb lovers including me -- >> and me. >> -- really love. and the people behind our instaam
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
today a local effort called a creative dc is taking over nbc's washington instagram feed. you may have seen it. here is morgan west who will tell us what creative dc is. what are you doing with our instagram feed today? >> sure, it's a social media project just under two years old, a community-based effort. >> tell me exactly who you're reaching out to and what you're trying to sell them. >> we have a hashtag feed where you or an artist or museum can share their perspective on what creativity looks like in dc. we have almost half a million uses of really incredible content from that feed. we curate it and put it out on our account. >> anyone, like the kennedy center or someone like that, wants to tell us what they're
11:46 am
they can use the hashtag and put it on our web page? >> exactly. it's super exciting, because institutions like the kennedy center do use it, then we also have people who are making jewelry part-time or people who are exhibiting in local galleries. >> it's not on our web page, it's an our instagram feed. who are we featuring today? >> we're featuring some local businesses, we've got some artists and photographers like rex dot lloyd, and ending the day with beautiful sparkly holiday imagery. >> what are we looking at now? >> black pearl heart, they create these gorgeous marshmallows. >> they look great. tell us about the anthology project. >> yes, thank you so much. anthology is an ongoing portrait series documenting the dc creative community one face at a
11:47 am
releasing a collaboration with mayor bowser's initiative. >> thank you, morgan, for joining us, and we'll tell everybody to check out our instagram feed. eun? the team behind some of dc's top restaurants is opening a new spot in northwest washington. the power couple are introducing a neighborhood restaurant to the dining scene, dedicated to pasta. anything dedicated to pasta is a good thing. when an award winning chef is at the helm, it will be great, thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here. >> nice to see you. we're excited. >> i'm very excited too. >> tell me about it. >> who doesn't love pasta? this is a pasta house, the craft of pasta making by hand. so we use that kind of, quote
11:48 am
this new place in van ness. the community is very excited. it's been a great welcoming experience to be in there. >> wonderful. >> this is the executive chef. >> hi, chef, nice to see you. what are you making? >> it's classical pasta from rome that uses cheese, parmesan, pepper. we added a twist, red walnuts and tarragon. >> what kind of flavor does that bring? >> a little bit herbacious, peppery notes, almost licorice. >> this is a simple dish. >> very simple. there's an actually no butter. we'll get the pasta to emulsify with the cheese and parmesano. >> that's from rome as well? >> yes, basically aged pecorino. >> what's the key to making the right paa
11:49 am
we can't cook as well as you. >> keep it simple. and keep the flavors you like. that's the key. this is what we're trying to do here as well. you see the emulsion of the cheese with the cooking water and the pasta itself. and this is a pass that that we do out of an extruder. this week actually we've a pasta master from italy who is teaching us how to make handmade pasta without machines. >> that's a lot of work, though, right, you roll it out with dough. >> a lot of biceps. you can eat all the pasta you want, as long as you make it. >> this is why you look this good, because you're rolling out dough. >> there you have it, this is the pasta. >> and so usually does it have the walnuts? >> walnuts is a twist that michael and i decided to add to this pasta, we like the crunchy note of the walnuts. we like to use fresh
11:50 am
the cheese. and of course the pepper, the fresh ground pepper. >> there's no butter, you just use -- >> just the pasta water. the pasta water is rich in starch. >> can you use any kind of pasta? >> any kind you like. the walnuts give it a nutty flavor. >> this is delicious, my goodness gracious. >> pasta house for sure. tell us about some of the other dishes. >> the pasta menu will change daily. we'll do pastas from everywhere in italy. that will include tortellini, pappardelle. it's going to be a little bit hard to keep up with us. >> and you're open already. >> as of last night. >> this is delicious, i'm going to finish this. thank you so much for joining us.
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you better save some of that for me. i've already eaten there, it's fabulous. an app that does the bargain shopping for you. coming up, we'll show it to you ahead of your next trip to the grocery store.
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hogan shows how you can cut your grocery budget in half. >> aside from our mortgage, the grocery bill is the next budget buster in our homes. when i heard about this new app called basket that will help me save time and money, i just had to check it out. >> reporter: are you a haphazard shopper, randomly grabbing products off the shelf and being shocked with the total at checkout? >> i always have the best intentions to clip those coupons and get that circular. >> reporter: like elizabeth, we often start with good intentions. but no matter how hard we try, the grocery bill breaks the bank. >> we spend at least $300 a week. >> reporter: local dad and software developer neal pretaria did something about it. he developed an app called basket, the first ever
11:55 am
crowdsourcing of shoppers. >> you put on your grocery list items you want to buy, push the button, and aggregates all the prices at all your local stores. >> reporter: all the sales and coupons included. within seconds, the app reveals what your shopping list will cost at grocery stores near you. we asked this mom to give it a try. first, she types in her grocery list in the app. >> i have all the regular typical stuff, you know, stuffing, we're going to make pumpkin pie, i need chicken broth. >> reporter: once the list is complete -- >> i'll shop the basket. >> reporter: -- within seconds, she can see what the grocery list will cost at stores near her. >> at my nearby giant, things are looking good. >> reporter: a few miles down, the app reveals that same basket costs $60. at another store it's more than $72. >> sometimes i've had significant savings over here on a bigger shopping list, the weekly shopping list, where i'm saving $100. a
11:56 am
>> reporter: if you want even larger discounts, tell the app you're willing to shop at two different stores or drive a few miles out of the way to get even bigger discounts, which is exactly what elizabeth did, to save 65%. >> times 52 weeks a year, that's $5,000. that's a family vacation. this is cayman in a cart. that's a mortgage payment. >> always willing to save money on food. i would be willing to drive farther to save money on groceries. >> as long as i can get everything at one place. i don't want to go to a lot of different stores. >> time is money too. >> it certainly is. our forecast, tom, one more time. >> temperatures are in the mid-40s, feeling good, sunshine, a bit of a chill in the air. we'll stay in the mid-40s in the afternoon, then drop to the upper 30s by 8:00 p.m. by 11:00 p.m., a few flurries, maybe a dusting, back near freezing. by dawn on thurs d
11:57 am
mid-20s. windchills 10 to 15 degrees during the day on thursday. in addition, we will have winds that may be gusting as much as 40 miles per hour during the day. windchills will be in single digits to mid-teens throughout the day on thursday. then as we get into friday, we'll have a lighter wind, but still frigid. teens in the morning, afternoon highs on friday in the upper 20s. we'll have just a few clouds racing through. then we cloud up friday night. late friday night after midnight, some light snow develops and comes into the metro area. we'll be in the 20s in the morning during the day on saturday, we'll be in the 20s in the morning. let me recycle this again to get back to it. and i'll show you, during the afternoon hours, though, that will change over to rain, just minor accumulations of snow and ice on saturday morning, rain on sunday, near 60 sunday morning. back to you. >> that's rigbetter, thank you, tom. thanks for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon, first at 4:00. >> get your news and wea
11:58 am
washington app. have a great day. see you in the morning.
11:59 am
quilted northern works their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face.
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ that smile again ♪ ♪ show me that smoil ♪ we're nowhere near the end ♪ the best is >> kind of hard to hear the theme song this morning. our hearts are aching this morning with the passing of alan thicke. welcome to "access hollywood live." i can't believe it. >> i know. we saw the news yesterday and shock so young, 69 years old. i think most famous as we saw him playing jason seaver, the dad, who always just had the best advice. always had the right things to say. we grew up watching that show, needless to say, the outpouring of love and


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