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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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coverage first at 4 in the storm center. >> doug kammerer and amelia draper are standing by, this is the beginning of a december roller coaster, isn't it? >> that roller coaster is going to be one of the biggest that we've seen. we're talking huge ups, huge downs. tonight we're going way dawn with the cold air. >> there's so much to talk about. before we get into wild temperature swings, it's going it be about the winds increasing overnight tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. downright cold then the winds -- >> that windchill, take a look at it right now, i mean, wind chill right now in d.c., not bad. you know, we're at 44 degrees. but look at hagerstown. down to 31. morgando morgantown down to 23. columbus, ohio, down to 120. that's the cold air that's racing in and it will do just that. it will race in. so we're going to be seeing those winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. cool today. here comes the arctic front moving on through. yeah couple of light snow showers later tonight are possible, in some locations, but that's not the big deal.
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brutally cold thursday and friday. 20 to 30 degrees colder than it is right now. winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. and windchills between 5 and 15 degrees. yes, some areas could be near zero early tomorrow morning. and right on into friday morning as well. we're going to talk much more about just how cold things get, but we're also going to talk about that saturday system because that's the one that we really have to watch out for. big-time changes over the next 48 hours and really over the next 4 days. way down tomorrow, and then way up this weekend, wait until you see what else is coming down. i've got your forecast in just about ten minutes. >> all right, thank you, doug. meanwhile, local road crews are getting ready for the big winter blast. the virginia department of transportation sent this tweet out early this morning saying, "it's officially snow season" and crews have already started anti-icing treatment. >> so are you free papro prepar blast of winter weather? i shared the nbc washington
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on my facebook page. hardware stores are starting to see customers getting last-minute items. prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins is live at lowe's. you're not going to be dressed like that tomorrow. >> reporter: no, no, no, i'm going to have on a hat and the gloves and the rest of it tomorrow. it is definitely cold, but not as cold as we're going to see. i mean, as you just heard from doug, talking about zero degrees outside with the windchill. it's going to be very cold. we've been talking to folks at lowe's who are preparing. mostly what we've been seeing people buy, heaters. we talked to one customer about why he's preparing right now for this cold weather. >> i have a guest coming and they're going to be in a room and i guess because of the cold, i do -- i wanted to make sure that they'll be warm. they're coming up from florida. >> reporter: then it's definitely going to be cold to them tomorrow. >> exactly, they're not going to be able to really tolerate it. >> reporter: yeah, it's going to take a while to adjust to these temperatures and the changes that we're dealing with, especially if you're coming from
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you what the fire folks tell us all the time when it comes to these space heaters. make sure you don't leave them unattended, that you're watching them and don't have them near any materials like curtains, et cetera, because they do cause fires. we're also seeing people preparing for the possibility of snow this wheekd. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, what we saw some folks buying in advance of that. reporting live, tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> all right. thank you, tracee. well now is the thyme to download the nbc washington app and turn on weather alerts so you can get all of the latest updates on the wintery weather. i'm susan hogan at the live desk, this afternoon the federal reserve made a unanimous decision to raise interest rates by a quarter point. it is only the second time the fed's hiked rates in a decade. the last time we saw a hike, last december. the fed's action will mean modestly higher rates on some loans. the fed
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reaching 1.9% this year, slightly above its forecast in september. the fed estimates it will raise rates three more times in 2017. we will, of course, have much more on how today's decision impacts your wallet coming up on news 4 at 6:00. at the live desk, susan hogan, news 4. intense debate heating up against over donald trump's new hotel on pennsylvania avenue. house democrats said if the president-elect doesn't give up his ownership before taking office, he'll be in breach of his lease. the lawmakers claim the general service administration made that assessment but the gsa says it has not taken a position on the lease yet. trump contracted with the gsa to redevelop the old post office building as a luxury hotel but there's a provision in the contract that reads, "no elected official can be part of the lease." inauguration day is just over a month away now, and washington is once again getting ready for its closeup. there was a big briefing today er
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it would control the influx of visitors to the national mall. tom sherwood was there. >> reporter: inaugural day here is going to be crowded. it's going to be hard to get around. so if you're coming to praise the new president, or protest, everyone agrees on this, pack your patience. today, military leaders used a 60 foot by 40 foot map to show how nearly 15,000 military personnel will participate in inaugural day ceremonies and crowd control. about 800,000 people are expected january 20th along with an unknown number of protesters. one thing you can't control, the weather. >> so far, i put the chaplain on this task and he has guaranteed us a beautiful 40 degree clear, very nice day. >> reporter: whatever the weather, the military says it will be ready to help law enforcement have a memorable day for this peaceful transfer of power. in the district, tom sherwood,
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missing from donald trump's inaugural parade, marching bands from d.c. have apparently decided to skip it. barbara harrison is here to tell us more about a story reported exclusively on the nbc washington app. barbara? >> this is a frit interesting story, chris. you know, every four years for the last 20 years, at least one d.c. public school marching band has participated in the big inauguration day parade here in washington, but according to school officials here in washington, none even applied for consideration this year. if you'll remember, belew high school's majestic marching knights performed in president obama's second inaugural parade in 2013. they had also marched in 2005 when george w. bush took office a second time. but the principal says the band decided to take a break this january and did not apply to play. and the principal of dunbar high school's band which has also marched before said that school plans to sit this one out, too. the reason they gave, because they're in the midst of reui
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howard university's band has marched before, too, and this year, they didn't apply, either. their band director said it was due to budget constraints. applications to participate in the parade this year, next year, 2017, january, were due in december 5th. the planning committee is expected to announce soon which bands were selected. you can find the complete story in the nbc washington app, you'll find it right on our home page. chris? >> all right, thank you, barbara. it's the time of year for festive food, decorations and memorable gifts but lurking in all of those could be an allergic reaction. the four ways you could be allergic to the holidays. plus, we've got new reaction coming in from hollywood, just a day after the surprising death of one of tv's favorite dads.
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hanukkah is ten days away, but president obama is hosting his final reception at the white house this afternoon. to mark the jewish holiday, mr. obama will news a menorah that belonged to the family of an israeli president who died in september, but his son and granddaughter will light that e menorah. some hebrew school students added an unusual twist to this season of giving, they built a menorah out of canned goods. >> they assembled it last evening in fairfax county. students have been collecting the donations for weeks now and they accumulated more than a thousand. >>
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event. i think the children really enjoyed taking turns creating this. >> so i think it turned out really well because a lot of, like, people participated in it and i think it was really good. >> all the donation are heading to the lorton community action center which serves people in need in southwest fairfax county. well, some of that freezing air that's been up to the north and west is already starting to move our way. doug's tracking and timing it all from the cold, to the possible chance of snow. if you have the nbc washington app, did you know that you can see weather the moment you open the app? during the break, open up the app settings and put the power of storm team 4 rig on your hth
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> yeah, but me said not three feet away from me, said dad, i swear, i'm ready for total responsibility. >> jason, you are not ready for total responsibility. >> a huge social media reaction this afternoon to the death of actor and talk show personality, alan thicke. the 69-year-old star of the sitcom, "growing pains" was playing hockey with his son when he suffered a heart attack. >> nearly everyone says thicke was an amazing father, in fact, his last words to his son, complimenting a nice shot while they were playing that hockey game. kit hoover with "access hollywo
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reaction, even his co-workers say he was a great guy on and off the set. >> chris, probably felt how i did, no way, not alan thicke, 69 years young. i don't know if you guys had a chance to interview him but i have to tell you the greatest guest of all-time. he brought it every single time. little bit of a rascal in him which i love. always had great stories. said this to everybody on set. the loves of his life, his wife, tonya, his three boys and then hockey. interesting he passed away doing what he loved. he's going to be so this missed. think about his career, too, guys. this is so neat. he loved hollywood, loved working. he was in on the joke on everything from his '80s career on. he was in the pilot for "this is us" first episode of the number one show, he was in it. "unusually thicke" was absolutely hysterical. i miss his smile, his laughter. that voice, guys, no better voice like it. a lot of people are talking now, they see how vivacious he w.
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our scott edmonds was in new york. he spoke with dr. oz who you know specializes in cardiovascular issues. here's that. >> unfortunately half the people of heart attacks never knew it was coming and the reason they have it sometimes they're genetic, sometimes they have bad cholesterol, never knew it. again, it's the wintertime and because of that, automatically you increase your risk of a heart attack. 50% more heart attacks in winter than summer. i'm much busier this time of year than in the summertime. your fingers get cold, the blood vesse vessels shrivel up. same thing happens in your heart. when you haven't warmed up from doing an activity, the combination of cold with sudden activity, the classic story of the person shoveling snow, they get chest pain and that chest pain is a warning sign, but if you don't have chest pain, half the people don't, you never knew you were about to cause a problem for yourself so you keep shoveling away. or in alan's case you
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>> interesting. guys, much more on "access hollywood" tonight including our special time with alan. heaven just got a little brighter. pat, chris, back to you guys. >> saying you're a nice guy is one of the greatest compliments you can get in thhollywood. >> absolutely. >> thank you, kit. >> thanks, guys. screen actors gild nomination awards arous, "manchester by the sea" got the most nominations including casey affleck, outstanding performance by a male actor on a leading role. tv side, "stranger things," "the crown," "game of thrones," "west world" and "the people v. o.j. simpson: american crime story" each got three nods. lily tomlin will be honored with a lifetime achievement awards. in the nbc washington app, search s.a.g.a. winners. they'll be announced january 29th. is it too late to catch a flight to california to get
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>> you got a couple hours, guys, the only part of the country that may get out of this, that and florida. it's coming in. the clouds moved in after seeing sunshine earlier today, the clouds definitely here ahead of our arctic front that is moving on down. temperatures earlier today got up to 47 degrees. now we're down to 46. so not dropping too much. winds out of the north at 5 miles an hour. once those winds pick up, temperatures will fall quickly. they're already starting to fall. 38 hagerstown. 39 winchester. oakland, in western portions of maryland here, garrett county, 23 degrees right now. radar, nothing to see. we're not going to see much tonight. there is a chance for some snow flurries later tonight, a quick snow shower. along with the front. see it clearly defined here. this is actually the jet stream right there making its way down toward our region so everybody behind this line, they are just frigid, to the east we're still on the mild side. that's what we're looking at. i want to show you future weather first. here are the clouds. watch what happens by around 9:00, 10:00. more clouds
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activity around 11:00, but it doesn't stick around. it's gone quickly. we're not going to see any accumulating snow out of this. you might see flakes. by tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., it is just cold. how cold? look at these current numbers. 46 currently d.c. 25 in pittsburgh. 19 in columbus, ohio. 5 in minneapolis. that cold air, which right now is just to our west, is just inching on down across our region and by 8:00 tomorrow morning, it will be around 22. that's the temperature. that's not the windchill. let's throw in that wind which could gust upwards 20 to 30 miles per hour. windchills of 20s and 30s by 7:00 tonight to 8 to 14 by tomorrow morning. 8, the windchill in leesburg, 4 in martinsburg. 14 in d.c. you see where i'm going with this. and tomorrow morning, it gets even colder in the afternoon. down to 12 in d.c., 1 in winchester, 6 gaithersburg. single-digit windchills tomorrow night. friday morning also waking up to re
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the cold is going to be the big factor here as we move on through the next couple of days. i want to show you something else, too. we got a weather alert on thursday, a weather alert on friday. because of the cold air that will be in place. also a weather alert on saturday and saturday we're going to -- our temperature of 48, that's the afternoon temperature. but the morning at 28 degrees. and let's show you a planner here on saturday. now, saturday morning, slick roads, 7:00 a.m., we got rain moving in. possibly snow to ice to rain. 28 degrees at the onset of the day. 35 by 11:00 with just rain and now everybody ee now everybody's starting to see any ice switching over to just water and rain. 44 by 3:00. 55, scattered showers by 12 11:. going from 28 to 55. sunday morning, 63 before we come right back down to 32 degrees. wow, you talk about a roller coaster, that roller coaster definitely working its way on in here. amelia draper and i have been work o
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she's working own her next hit coming up in the next 15 minutes talking more about those windchills and about that weekend forecast. she'll have that for you at about 4:45. >> all righty. well, some of the little things that make for a per forget holiday could make for a lot of sniffling and sneezing. four things that could send you into an allergy frenzy over the holidays. plus how a local dad turned financial frustration into an app. now it could help you save money s the grocery
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keeping your holidays merry and bright, or red, itchy a, whee wheezey? we love our holiday decorations but you could be allergic to them. four ways you could be allergic to holidays. dr. jackie of allergy and asthma care in gaithersburg to help us out. the first one, big one is the star of the show. >> that's right. >> the christmas tree. >> people ask me about this every year, why am i having problems? it's mold that's on the christmas tree. recognize these may have been kept down a couple months ago and kept in someplace humid so what you want to do to get the mold off, some stores have a shaker that violently shakes the mold off, hose down the trunk of the tree, let it dry out in your garage for a little bit then get to the business. >> can you spray it with anything? >> not really just but water to
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>> okay. all right. what about an artificial tree? i guess that was the solution for a lot of people. >> yes, except realize those things have been stored for about 11 months and so you got to actually wipe them down. they're going to be pretty dusty. this year when you put things away, put them in airtight containers so they're not as dusty. >> okay. candles and potpourri. i went out and loaded up because i love the warm scent and the, you know, way it makes your house feel. >> right. those are respiratory irritants, sadly. all those things you're spraying around, smelling, particularly pine is a really bad one. one thing you could do, make your own potpourri out of really natural cinnamon and cloves, cinnamon sticks and cloves and if you want a candle, the beeswax or soy candles are better. be careful also of artificial snow. people spray that around. sometimes it has a scent to it, too, terrible respiratory irritant. really bad air pollution inside your house. >> of course you know we're going it have the fireplaces blazing over the next couple days. >> absolutely. those are horrific for asthmatics. please turn on the
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the eulog on pbs. >> many people go to grandma's house, relatives' homes, or grandma's house, travel for the holidays. they say be ware of the dust mites and dander. >> you go to grandma's house, it's wonderful to be there but she hasn't done a lot of cleaning. bring your dust mite covers with you or bring your own pillow because if the pillow your parents slept on is still there, it's going to be full of dust mites and if there are pets, cats, dogs, grandma's the cat lady, ask her to please clean the room and then close the door because if the pet comes back in, it's all full of dander again. >> all right. finally we have to talk about the food. it's everywhere. the food, the treats. >> wonderful. >> it's all so good. >> it is but if you have a food allergy, that's a problem. so, first of all, you need to be able to talk to the host about what you're allergic to. recognize there's going to be tremendous cross-contamination. people who are baking that may be baking things with nuts
4:27 pm
accidentally give them into other treats that you're thinking don't have nuts in them. buffets are horrendous. the chances of a little bit of crab dip falls into the salsa, suddenly you're eating something you didn't think had the food you were allergic to. all in all, be prepared. come with your epipen wherever you go. if you have these problems with asthma and allergy, start taking your medications now. if you know you're going to somebody's house that has pets, again, start taking your asthma and allergy medications now to really enjoy the season. >> thank you, dr. j. >> you're welcome. >> chris? >> thanks, guys. it was a tragedy that has now turned into a holiday tradition. the emotional farewell to a mother who's been giving back to police for decades. plus, a pretty wild forecast from storm team 4, from the teens all the way up to the 60s, and even a chance of
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y26i0y y17vy
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4 things to know, now at 4:30, as expected, the federal reserve has just increased interest, key rates, by a quarter of a percent. the hike will mostly affect credit cards and adjustable rate mortgages. d.c. marching bands are sitting out the inaugural parade this year. for the last 20 years, at least one d.c. public school marching band has taken part in the parade, but this year, none of them applied. you can read the exclusive story on the website. hollywood and the sports world are rem
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the canadian actor died last night while playing hockey with his son and now some hockey greats like wayne gretzky are honoring him. thicke was 69 years old. get ready for the blast of severe cold. it's been off to the west and north for days. now it's heading our way and you're definitely going to feel it. we'll get an update from storm team 4 in about two minutes. now at 4:30, news in donald trump's presidential transition. today he called the ceos of the nation's biggest high-tech companies to trump tower in new york. >> democrats are pointing to a glaring conflict of interest right here in d.c. at the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue. steve handelsman is tracking it all from capitol hill. what are you hearing, steve? >> reporter: hey, chris, hey, pat. let's start with trump tower. many of the high-tech leaders from silicon valley had questioned donald trump's fitness to be president, but now that he's won, they want his ear and new york today he said they have it. jeff bezos of amazon came to
4:32 pm
page of google, cook of apple, musk of tesla, tech ceos, many of whom backed hillary clinton, welcomed by president-elect trump. >> i'm here to help you folks do well. we're going to be there for you and you'll call my people, you'll call me. it doesn't make any difference. we have no formal chain of command. >> reporter: the ceos worried trump will cut back work visas for the tech-savvy immigrants silicon valley counts on. peter thiel of facebook and others are advising trump. cyber security is one issue and its links to vladimir putin, still rex tillerson could evercome his ties to putin and exxonmobil job and win confirmation. >> it's very ahard to see the co of a big oil conglomerate as secretary of state but we'll see, he may surprise us all. >> reporter: democrats charge trump as a ceo has a conflict in washington, his new hotel where foreign diplomats and businessmen admit they'
4:33 pm
not legal, say democrats. >> every one of those dollars that hits the hotel come january 20th will be in violation of the united states constitution. >> reporter: trump, they say, must cash out of his entire business. but so far the president-elect has delayed disclosing exactly everything he owns and delayed disclosing a plan to avoid conflicts between what's good for the trumps and what's good for the nation. and finally now, a bit of breaking news from just a few minutes ago, donald trump, the president-elect, who did not select mitt romney as his secretary of state nominee, has just selected, and he's the one who makes the pick, to head the national republican party, as chair of the rnc, mitt romney's niece, rona romney mcdaniel. she's currently the chair of the michigan republican party and helped deliver that stunning surprise win of that state to donald trump on election day. chris, back to you. >> interesting developments. thank you, steve. >
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i just shared our nbc washington poll on my facebook page asking are you ready for the cold? pretty evenly split right now between bring it on and not really. but it's part of winter. >> and that's the way that goes. amelia draper is standing by in the weather center so it's going to be an interesting next couple of days. >> yeah, so tomorrow and friday, it's all about the brutal cold. we'll be experiencing. and then a wintery mix to boot on saturday morning. so the changes move in overnight tonight, and, well, they greet us tomorrow morning. and hopefully you are ready because this is going to be the coldest air by far so far this season. 46 degrees right now. we're in the 40s until about 6:00, 7:00 p.m., with cloudy skies and dry for the evening hours so good news as people are coming home from work tonight. winds, though, pick up overnight, and just around midnight, there's a chance for a few flurries or sprinkles to impact the area and that will be the change that brings this kind of cold into the area. take a look at the windchill forecast through friday evening.
4:35 pm
feeling about 5 to 15 degrees. make sure the kids are bundled at the bus stop. as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, it only gets worse. a brutal start friday morning. the cold finally starts to let up on friday, but as that happens, that wintery mix moves in. coming up in my full forecast in about ten minutes, i'll let you know how that mix will impact travel plans on into your weekend forecast. chris. >> oh, boy. thanks, amelia. if you didn't know what was going on, you might wonder why hundreds of police officers have been going in and out of a home in southeast d.c. today. >> well, they are there to see a woman by the name of shirley gibson and to remember her son, brian gibson was killed in the line of duty back in 1997. for the past 20 years, his mother has been serving police officers his favorite meal in his honor. news 4's mark segraves is the a the house now with what makes tonight's meal so, so special. mark? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, as you said for the past 20 years, shirley gibbon's opened up her home
4:36 pm
washington to not just d.c. police officers but police officers from all over d.c., maryland, virginia, hundreds of them filing through here all day for what she says they deserve, a home-cooked meal during the holidays. this is the home of also brian gibson, who as you said, was killed in the line of duty 20 years ago. after a man who simply wanted to kill any police officer he could find opened fire on gibson in his squad car. as a way to cope with that loss, shirley cooked a holiday meal for his colleagues in the 4th district. it was only a handful of them back then, but now hundreds show up for this meal. shirley is helped by her family who come from as far away as south carolina, as well as members of her church group. they all pitch in to provide this holiday meal. but this will be the last year. shirley gibson says it's just been too much for too long and she can no longer keep up the pace here. but there was a surprise for shirley today. the chief of police showed up with this $4,000 gift certificate for shirley a
4:37 pm
service over the past two decad decades. she and her husband are going on a well-deserved cruise. that's the very latest live in southeast, mark segraves, news 4. >> what a great way to show appreciation. thank you, mark. >> yeah. police officers are family, and mark just showed us why. you know, it is the time of year for holiday party or two, but police have an important message before you get behind the wheel and they're using a new tool to drive the point home. plus, who has just been tapped to single national anthem at t
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at
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i'm jim hanley with some breaking news at the live decsk. secret service and d.c. police closed off part of 17th street because of a suspicious car. this is a live look at a traffic camera in that area. police say 17th street here is closed between pennsylvania and constitution avenue while police investigate. this is all happening heart of the rush hour. the car is actually parked near a street close to the old executive office building. now, police tell us traffic is being diverted away from this area, and you should avoid that area right now if you can. from the live desk, i'm jim hanley. >> let's hope that turns out to be nothing. look, if you plan to celebrate with a drink over the holidays, it's time to come up with a plan to get home safely. >> yeah, you want to make sure you do that.
4:41 pm
are unveiling a new holiday drunk driving campaign, this year they have a new tool to drive the point home. in the district today, the national highway traffic safety administration introduced its last call 360 campaign. it's a virtual experience that you can use on your phone or computer. open the nbc washington app to find it. search "drunken driving." it simulates a virtual bar scene where you can order virtual alcoholic drinks and learn the consequences of drinking and driving. >> almost a third of all the traffic-related fatalities on our roads are result of drunk driving. and 100% of those, 100%, could be prevented. >> last year, nearly 260 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes during the holidays. ♪ ♪
4:42 pm
still a wow. that's singer jackie evancho performing on nbc's "america's got talent" show six years ago. now she's 16, and still singing. this morning, jackie stopped by the "today" show to make a big announcement about an upcoming gig. >> i have recently been asked by the president-elect to perform the national anthem for the swearing in ceremony at the inauguration and i am so excited. it's going to be awesome. >> so just a little event. oh, my goodness. what was it like to get that call? >> i don't -- i felt really honored. to be able to sing for the office, it's a great honor for me. >> jackie says she first met mr. trump at his resort in palm beach shortly after she appeared on "america's got talent." she posted the picture on her facebook page. >> incredible voice. he's a local dad with four children but also happens to be a software developer, and he's got a new app
4:43 pm
on your next trip to the grocery store. news 4 consumer reporter susan hogan will show you how it works. and over the next few hours we're in for a dramatic swing in our weather. everything from sun to possibly some snow. temperatures in the teens and then spiking all the way back up to the 60s. what to
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. talk about a busy afternoon for storm team 4. the extreme cold just hours
4:46 pm
away. even a chance we'll see some snow. the bitter cold air that has millions of people in the icebox, will be here soon. the freezing weather already had icy grips on parts of the country like michigan, combination of snow and wind created whiteout conditions in the state's upper peninsula. that didn't stop commuters for surprisingly runners. one guy went for a brisk run in the snow and the cold. undeterred. >> god bless him. i couldn't do it. >> there's always one or two. >> the kind of cold we're talking about is not just cold, it can be dangerous. >> yeah, exactly, so over the next couple of days you really want to make sure the kids are bundled up and kind of get them where they need to be. it's not a day where you want to play outdoors tomorrow or friday. so take a look here. tomorrow, it's all about the cold and the winds. friday, just downright cold. and then on saturday, well, we might be dealing with some ice and we know how horrible that is around here. so here's your windchill forecast. you can see the four lines there so that's thursday morning, thursday afternoon, id
4:47 pm
it is going to be dangerously cold through friday morning. the temperatures start to come up a little bit friday afternoon and the winds won't be as bad, but it's still feeling frigid outside. wait until you see the numbers. and let's start you off with tomorrow morning. around 6:00 a.m., it's 29 degrees but look at what happens through the morning hours. our temperatures actually fall and with the winds, and it is going it be windy tomorrow from start to finish, it will feel like we're anywhere from about 5 to 15 degrees during the morning hours. z doug was looking over the numbers, we haven't had air this cold in december since 2010. bottom line, it's going to be cold the next few days. storm team 4 weather alert right out through saturday morning. tomorrow afternoon, we're in the low to mid 20s. one thing we will have tomorrow, sunshine. the weather still having a high impact on your day. again, at the bus stop, you want the warm coat for the kids. recess, i think it's going to be indoors for a lot of schools tomw.
4:48 pm
cold move in, you're going to wake up and some of our batteries in our car are going to be dead, trying to leave work, might have to call aaa. if you're walking the dog tomorrow, a quick walk. same thing goes for friday. the travel forecast, though, tomorrow and friday, actually looking good. we're going to keep it dry. then we focus on that wintery mix saturday morning and, yes, that does include some freezing rain in the forecast. so here's the numbers. again, 29 tomorrow. for a high. but it feels more like 5 to 15 throughout the day. same thing on friday. 29 again, but feeling more like 5 to 15 degrees throughout the day. on saturday, take a look at what's going to happen. i want to show you your hourly planner. we're still under that weather alert. we start off with the wintery mix, freezing rain, sleet, maybe some snow, 28 degrees. we warm up by 11:00 a.m. and just dealing with rain and wet roads. we continue to warm into the afternoon hours. no surprise there, but by your saturday night, heading to a holiday party, we're just talking about spotty showers and look at
4:49 pm
55. so thankfully only wet roads during the busy holiday season. on sunday, more rain. we start off at 63, guys. by the afternoon, it's in the 40s. doug getting new information in right now. he's going to be walking you through your morning tomorrow, what you can expect as you head out the door and also updating you on that weekend forecast. >> all right. thanks, guys. those falling temperatures that amelia mentioned will send a lot of homeless people scrambling to find a place to stay warm. most shelters like this one in reston are opened every day through march but the hours and services vary by location. there are several shelters and drop-in centers located throughout northern virginia. open the nbc washington app to see a list and services they offer. search "homeless shelter." we want you to weigh in, are you ready for the cold, ice, the snow? earlier this afternoon i shared our nbc washington flash survey on my facebook page. about 40% say bring it on. followed closely behind by not really, but it's part of winter. only aboutqu
4:50 pm
you can't handle it. you can keep on voting on the nbc washington facebook page. about 100 children in d.c. had a chance to shop with a cop at walmart today. it's an annual event that organizers say fosters strong community relationships between police and residents. chi the chief said this is an opportunity to provide children and less fortunate families with a happier holiday season, while forging lifelong relationships. had a good time there. well, is your grocery bill out of control? there's an app for that. >> i need it. a local dad got sick and tired of paying those monster bills and now he's helping thousands of other families. >> consumer reporter susan hogan shows us how you can bust that grocery budget in half. susan? >> well, aside from our mortgage, the grocery bill is the next budget buster in our family. so when i heard about this new app call eed basket that would help me save time and money, i just had to check it out.
4:51 pm
are you a haphazard shopper, randomly grabbing products off the shelf then being shocked with the total at checkout? >> i always have the best intentions to get in the circular, clip the coupons. >> reporter: we all start with good intentions searching for coupons, shopping store brands, but no matter how hard we try, the grocery bill breaks the bank. >> we spend at least $300 a week. >> reporter: local dad and software developer, neil, was blown away by his family's grocery bills, so he did something about it. he developed an app called basket. the first ever crowd sharing community of shoppers tired of shopping blind. >> it's quite simple, you put in your grocery list, items you want to buy, you push a button called shop my basket, and it aggregates all the prices at all your local stores. >> reporter: all the sales, all the coupons included, within seconds the app reveals what your shopping list will cost at grocery
4:52 pm
we asked this mom to give it a try. first, she types in her grocery list in the app. >> i have all the regular typical stuff. we have, you know, stuffing and we're going to make pumpkin pie and i need chicken broth. >> reporter: once her list is complete -- >> so i'm going to shop the basket. >> reporter: within seconds she can see what the grocery list will cost. >> at giant, $49. >> reporter: at another grocery store, the app reveals that same basket costs $60. at another store, it's more than $72. >> sometimes i've had significant savings over here on a bigger shopping list. the weekly shopping list. where i'm saving $is 100. i do drive there. >> reporter: if you want larger discounts, tell the app you're willing to shop at two different stores or dirive a few miles ou of the way to get bigger discounts which is exactly what elizabeth did to save 65%. >> times
4:53 pm
that's a family vacation. that's a payment on a car, part of a mortgage. >> this is the first app of its kind that uses a community of shoppers who get the data from thousands of stores nationwide then share the prices and deals they find on this app, and it's so cool. you just have to -- you were asking, just called basket. >> i'm installing it. >> we're looking it up on our phones. >> i want this. >> yeah, you know, it's free, too, and you really do save. i have tried it. i tried tons of apps. and this one i have to say really does work for me. >> big difference in prices there. >> huge difference. and someone's willing to do all that work for me -- >> have at it. thank you. >> every dollar counts. >> that's right, chris. you got that right. >> thank you. >> sure. community in transformation. at 5:00 this afternoon, transportation reporter adam tuss shows us where a new bridge could soon span the beltway. but will it be enough to
4:54 pm
that's the question. but first, a courtroom choked by tears. the emotional testimony from a woman who survived a brutal attack inside a church. why she says she sometimes feels guilty. >> you're watching news 4 first at 4.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
today we heard some traumatic testimony from a woman who survived that church massacre in charleston.
4:57 pm
prosecutors rested their case against dylann roof. nbc's chris clackum reports. >> reporter: the federal jury hearing the case against confessed charleston church shooter, dylann roof, will soon start deciding his guilt or innocence. the government rested its case wednesday morning, minutes later and as expected, so did the defense. all that followed dramatic testimony from the government's last witness, shooting survivor, poly shepard, she was the one roof deliberately left live which she spoke about earlier this year with our charleston affiliate. >> sometimes i feel guilty, all these people are gone, aisle sti i'm still here, but i know got has me here for a reason. >> reporter: hearing tearful testimony wednesday, she refused to refer to him by name, the 911 call was played that shepherd made moments after the shooting began. a forensic
4:58 pm
testified wednesday that a total of 59 shots hit the 9 victims. dylann roof confessed to fbi investigators to the june 2015 shooting so the defense put up no witnesses. the jury returns thursday morning for closing arguments, and possibly start deliberating as early as thursday afternoon. chris clackum, nbc news. >> yeah, the defense is concentrating almost all of its efforts on the penalty phase, trying to spare roof the death penalty. the news continues right now on news 4 at 5:00. with jim and pat. >> reporter: i'm pat collins, a truck driver in critical condition tonight after he was shot and wounded during a robbery at this construction site. in the middle of nowhere. i'm tom sherwood at the d.c. armory. it takes a big map, 60 feet x 40 feet, to plan inaugural activities. the story coming up.
4:59 pm
and arctic air moving closer by the minute. storm team 4 tracking what's going to be the season's first real bout with wintery weather. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. >> and we begin tonight, folks, with that blast of frigid air that is on the way here. good evening, everybody, i'm jim hanley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. wendy rieger is off tonight. the temperatures you feel when you wake up tomorrow are going to be dramatically different from what you're feeling out there right now. >> we have team coverage for you on how the area is getting set. we begin in the storm center with doug. hey, buddy. >> they're not talking to me. >> we are. >> hi, doug. >> hey, guys, how are you doing out there? getting ready for the cold. that's what we're talking about. you know that. temperatures right now in the 40s. but the windchill is going to be the big factor and take a look right now at what we're dealing with. in our area, not bad. we're seeing 44 degrees and really not much of the way of wind. so the windchill not a factor. look back to the north and
5:00 pm
9 degrees in columbus, ohio. 16 in pittsburgh. yeah, that's the cold air that's moving in across our region. as we move on through the rest of the evening tonight, the cold air and the cool air will be replaced as the arctic front moves through with the extremely cold air. could even be a couple of snow showers through the evening tonight. and tomorrow, 20 to 30 degrees colder. winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. and windchills between 5 and 15 degrees. i hope you're ready for it because it is coming. much more on this and much more on the next system which could bring us some rain, sleet, snow and ice. i've got that for you coming up in just about ten minutes. >> it's just too much to handle. doug kammerer, thank you, doug. team coverage continues with a look at how everybody is starting to get set and prepared for this blast of winter weather. some hardware stores as you can imagine are starting to see some winter-minded customers. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live for us at the lowe's in upper ma


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