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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, team coverage of the extreme cold and steps crews are taking tonight. let's start with doug tracking this polar vortex that's moving in overnight. hi, doug. >> yeah, hey, doreen. the polar vortex making its way down here. what is the polar vortex? well, what maps when you talk about it, let's take a look at the max 1 if we can, guys, show you what's happening here, because that cold air making its way right on down from the arctic and that arctic air going to be putting us down into single-digit windchills as we move on through the day tomorrow. now take a look, up toward the polar regions, once we get there, the polar vortex is simply that. a vortex up by the poles. we're going to continue to see that moving in toward our region. what happens when this weakens a little bit, it actually sends pieces of energy down toward the south into the mid-latitudes and will be happening during the day tomorrow. it's already happening just off to our west here. look at the numbers. 40 degrees in d.c. these are current windchills. 32 hagerstown. 8 in columbus. 9
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extremely cold air making its way in. we were cool today. here comes the cold. and tomorrow, you will feel it. 20 to 30 degrees colder. winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. windchills near 5 to 15 degrees. it's going to feel so much colder tomorrow. i hope you're ready. we're also talking a little bit of snow, some ice. aye gi've got a lot in my forecast. >> thank you, doug, sounds like it will be a real shock to the system. the bitter cold is already impacting millions across the country. as people here get ready to break out the heavy coats and hats. local crews are also getting ready. the virginia department of transportation sent this tweet today saying it's officially snow season as crews begin treating the roads. our bureau chief tracee wilkins continues our coverage in upper marlboro to tell us how people there are preparing. >> reporter: it's already starting to get cold here tonight. i know we're going to really feel it tomorrow. folks we spoke to here saying they're getting ready for it.
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an arctic blast is headed our way, folks are preparing and buying those space heaters. >> i have a guess cot coming, they're going to be in a room, i guess because of the cold, i do -- i wanted to make sure they'll be warm. they're coming up from florida. >> reporter: storm team 4 is predicting temperatures to take a major dive with a windchill that may feel as cold as 15 of in some cases 5 degrees. >> that's why i'm staying in. >> reporter: it's got ernest already thinking about snow and ice melt and snow blowers. >> i'm always a step ahead of time. you know, this mother nature stuff here, so when mother nature comes, you better be ready. >> reporter: yeah. >> i'm getting ready now before mother nature comes. i know it's coming. >> reporter: he's absolutely right, since there's the chance of wet snow and ice early saturday, later turning to rain. >> they might say, hey, we're just going to get a flurry, there might come a foot. never know. >> reporter: you're goio
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>> reporter: meanwhile at the prince george's county department of social services -- >> obviously we're all concerned about what would happen with the homeless population in this kind of weather. >> reporter: the department is making its way to homeless camps and trying to get the most vulnerable off the streets. this after two people died here including one homeless man found in an outdoor camp last winter. >> we have been focused all year on building those relationships and going to where we know they are and we also ask citizens to call and let us know if they have noticed people who are residing outdoors. >> reporter: now the prince george's county department of social services would like the public's help. if you see someone who's sleeping outside in an outdoor camp, give them a call, go on to nbc washington and search "homeless hotline." back to you in the studio. >> tracee wilkins, thank you. during the commercial break ahead, download the nbc washington app to watch our live in
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wintery mix moves in on us. now, high-tech summit at trump tower today while the president-elect was pledging to work with some of the biggest companies in silicon valley. democrats in congress were raising questions about possible conflicts of interest. steve handelsman joins us now with the latest on this. steve? >> reporter: talk about pennsylvania avenue, jim, but first trump tower. many of the leaders of silicon valley, frankly, questioned donald trump's fitness to be president, but like other american business leaders, now they want his help and he says they're going to get it. jeff bezos of amazon came to trump tower, eric schmidt and larry page of google, cook of apple, musk of tesla, cast of oracle, ceos of whom backed hillary clinton welcomed by president-elect trump. >> we're going to be there for you and you'll call my people, you'll call me, it doesn't make any difference, we have no formal chain of command. >> reporter: the ceos
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for tech-savvy immigrants that silicon valley counts on. peter thiel of face boonk abook others are advising trump. cyber security is one issue and its links to vladimir putin, still rex tillerson could overcome his ties to putin and exxonmobil job and win confirmation. >> it's very hard to see the ceo of a big oil conglomerate as secretary of state, but we'll see. he may surprise us all. >> reporter: democrats charge trump as a ceo has a conflict in washington. his new hotel where foreign diplomats and businessmen admit they're going to curry favor with trump. not legal, say democrats. >> every one of those dollars that hits the hotel come january 20th will be in violation of the united states constitution. >> reporter: trump they say must cash out of his entire business. but the president-elect has delayed disclosing everything that he owns and delayed publicly revealing any kind of a
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what might be good for the trumps and on the other hand what might be good for the nation. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. jim? >> thanks, steve. donald trump was supposed to have a news conference tomorrow to outline his plan to prevent conflicts of interest between his business empire and his duties as president. on monday, he abruptly postponed the conference. that same night he tweeted that he would be turning his company over to his adult sons. two lawyers who have advised past presidents on ethics say that that announcement falls short and senate democrats are calling on trump to follow the advice of the office of government ethics. they say that he should divest his holdings and put the proceeds in a blind trust that is not controlled by members of his family. >> the idea that president trump would be dogged from day one by questions about whether he is acting in his own personal interest, his business
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interest, that's no small matter. >> adding to the concern a "newsweek" report that turkey's president erdogan is already using leverage against his political opponent. in about a month hundreds of thousands of people will converge on the national mall for donald trump's inauguration. plans are well under way for ceremony, the parade and the protests. news 4's tom sherwood got a closeup look at the preparations today. >> reporter: inaugural planner for the joint task force national capital region, army national sergeant aaron lovely introducing reporters to a giant 60 x 40 foot map used to stage inaugural practice to guide logistics for 15,000 military personnel. new on the map this year, the new trump hotel at 12th and pennsylvania. yet another site that could see protests. >> clearly at this point, the biggest concern are the number of potential protesters. >> reporter: the military personnel don't do police work
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secret service, d.c. police and other law enforcement. >> if something bad, it's up to the law enforcement agency to make the first move, if you will, and only if needed would they call on the national guard. >> reporter: none of the military on the street will be armed. their job is crowd control and ceremonial events. >> we just try to instill in them the historical significance of this peaceful transfer of power in our democracy and what it represents not just to our country but really to the entire world. >> reporter: nearly a year of planning is about to be tested for all involved. lieutenant colonel freeman of maryland is in charge to make sure everyone is fed and housed. is the food good? >> the food is always good. military food is always good. >> you can work 12, 14, 16 hours if you have to. we've all done it. think we're ready. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4.
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airport workers are on strike. they say they need better pay. some of them are making about $6 an hour working as wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers at national and dulles airports. the contracted employees want $15 an hour. virginia's attorney general and some state politicians support workers at a rally this morning at national airport. we're told those strikes are not affecting travel. a top civil rights leader is taking the world's biggest airline to court. he says americanairlines booted him from a flight because of his race. chris gordon is live at reagan national airport with details of the discrimination lawsuit. chris? >> reporter: well, doreen, reverend william barber is nationally known. in mid-april, he flew into washington, d.c., to deliver a speech intending to return home that night to raleigh, north carolina, but he tells me what happed
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airport when he boarded his americanairlines flight was embarrassing and humiliating. reverend dr. william barber is a minister and civil rights leader. he's the president of the north carolina naacp. he spoke at the democratic national convention the night hillary clinton accepted the presidential nomination. today, reverend barber's lawyers filed this federal lawsuit against americanairlines for discriminating on the basis of race when it removed him from a flight from reagan national airport to raleigh, north carolina, the night of april 15th. >> and there were some persons behind me talking very loud, sounding as if they were intoxicated and i just asked if they could just bring it down some. asked the stewardess would she ask them to bring it down? >> reporter: reverend barber has a disability that makes it hard to walk or turn his head, buys
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his legs while flying. >> the person was belligerent, using ce inine ining code words >> reporter: she witnessed the exchange. >> i was shocked when the police came on. >> reporter: reverend barber said the police attendant called police to escort him from the plane allowing the loud passengers behind him to fly to raleigh. his lawyer says it's racial profiling. >> the fligtht attendant sees a african-american man and says he must be the problem. get him off the plane and we will fly. >> reporter: at our request for comment, americanairlines issued this statement. "american does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and we are committed to providing a positive travel experience for all of our passengers." now, the statement from americanairlines to news 4 concludes, "we are not able to discuss the specifics of this matter as it now involves litigation." that's the latest live tonight from reagan national
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jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. the feds raised the interest rate for the second time in only a decade. we're going to take a closer look at the impact on you, your family and wallet. dramatic video as flames shoot from the windows of a hospital. why did this scene cause panic in new york city and what we're now learning about a cause. it's rare that a construction site gets robbed. it's rare that a truck driver is shot. but that's what happened tday o
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first time in a year, the federal reserve is raising a key interest rate. the central bank increased the rate by one quarter of a point today. the last rate change was back in december of 2015. interest rates have been extremely low since the 2008 financial crisis. and today's action is a sign that the fed expects higher inflation. wall street reacted with its worst day in two months. the dow fell nearly 120 points. the nasdaq was down 27. the s&p 500 lost 18 points. here's susan hogan now with a closer look at the impact of the rate hike. >> well, the bottom line, the fed's action should have little effect on mortgages, your
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on some other loans will likely rise soon. credit cards, most charge variable interest rates tied to the prime rate, so a quarter percentage point rate hike means you'll pay an extra $25 a year for every $1,000 of debt. according to nerd wallet. mortgages, if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, it will certainly be going higher. one option is consider refinancing sooner rather than later. auto loans, if you're purchasing a new car one rate change won't have a huge effect on the rate you get. a quarter percentage point on a $25,000 loan is roughly $3 and that also is according to bank rate. and student loans, the good news here is federal student loan rates are fixed so most borrowers won't be impacted by a rate hike, but a private loan with a variable rate will most likely increase. >> right now, this is so marginal and so incremental that the effect on anybody's life in
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moderate. >> now home equity lines of credit will also be impacted slightly. to learn more about the impacts on your wallet, just head over to our nbc washington app and search "rate hikes." a fire pierced the manhattan skyline today sparking panic. somebody posted this video to twitter showing flames shooting from a building at nyu's langone medical center. streets were shut down as officials investigated. we're told the building's under construction. investigators aren't sure what sparked the fire but they say it started on the seventh floor. no one was hurt. the sandy hook community is pausing to take stock and to honor the victims from the day that barack obama has called the worst day of his presidency. flags in newtown, connecticut, are at half-staff today. it was on this day in 2012 that a gunman killed his mother and then shot his way into san day hook elementary school. he killed 20 first graders and 6
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them. the school was eventually torn down and a new school built on the same site opened in august. now to an armed robbery and a rather unusual location. tonight, a man is in critical condition after a shooting at a construction site. it happened in broad daylight at a site just off danville road in brandywine, maryland. that's where pat collins is right now. pat? >> reporter: jim, i might be wrong, but i bet you could go to virtually any construction site, have everybody empty their pockets and you might not come up with more than 100 bucks. so why would someone do something like this? unlikely robbery victims. the two drivers of these two tractor trailers held up at gunpoint at high noon at this remote construction site in brandywine, maryland. one of the victims shot and wounded. tonight, they say he'sn
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critical condition. the victims worked for rlo contracting, an excavation company out of dayton, maryland. the trucks carry what they call grindings, remnants of trees and stumps removed during the excavation process. today, i talked to representatives from rlo contracting about this violent crime. >> we really don't know what to make of it. we're really stunned. the first time anything like this has ever occurred for us. >> reporter: it's so unusual to rob someone on a construction site. what do you think these gunmen could possibly get? >> they took cell phones and a few dollars. that was it. >> reporter: that was it. >> that was it. >> reporter: this is a rural area and people who live around here say they're not used to this kind of violence. >> that's not good. that ain't good at all.
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so that's odd. >> i'm surprised because this area is, you know, quietly. my kids play in this area and i never hear that. >> reporter: again, this place is rural. it's surrounded by woods. at night, it gets country dark. heather, hit the lights. well, now you get the picture. so how did these robbers get away from the scene? well, police say they ran away on foot. and they're still at large. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting. thank you, pat. transforming tysons. tonight, a closer look at plans for a new bridge across the beltway. and why people in the area say it's so badly needed. been going on for months and only getting worse now. we'll tell you why some people say metro is causing their homes to shake. and it keeps them up at all hours of the night. coming up on news 4, why hundreds of pic
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to get into thisouse today for h
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so maybe you've heard by now it's going to get really cold tonight. doug and amelia are in storm center 4 tracking what will
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for us. hey, guys. >> yeah, hey, doreen. really the amazing thing is it's really not all at bad right now. temperatures today around the average, average high is 47. next 12 hours, completely different. >> single-digit windchills will greet queyou tomorrow morning. you're looking at the numbers. this is the coldest air we've had in december since 2010. >> that means we have very cold arctic air moving in, again, it's moving in overnight. 44 degrees the current number. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. if you walk outside right now, not all that bad. you may not need the heavy coat. by this time tomorrow, yeah, things changing big-time. 44 d.c. 46 gaithersburg. right now warrenton coming in at 35 degrees. nothing on the radar yet. but we could see a couple of snow showers in here by overnight tonight. we'll talk about that in a second. satellite and radar showing the cloud cover making its way in here. but also showing the front moving in. here's the front right here. this is the jet stream actually . to the north of this, that's where the cold air is.
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and temperatures are they cold just to the north. let's show you the future weather here tonight. the clouds definitely in across our region. 9:00, still dealing with clouds. a little system moves through and, yeah, maybe some isolated snow showers in parts of the region. from d.c. up toward baltimore and annapolis. again, we're not expecting much. this is is not going to cause any issues tomorrow morning. but what will cause the issues is going to be those temperatures. take a look at the temperatures right now across the region. 44 d.c. 24 pittsburgh. 2 back toward minneapolis. 12 in chicago. and watch how this cold air, the pink, moves in toward our region by tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning, the temperature will be close to 20 degrees colder than it is right now hat 22 degrees but the wind is going to be a big factor and amelia, winds upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. that's going to set windchills way down. >> yeah, you can find what the windchills will be on facebook and twitter right now and here's the thing, winds are going to pick up overnight tonight. and it's windy tomorrow from start to finish. though the entire day,
6:26 pm
temperatures. make sure the kids are bundled up. take a look. here's your wind forecast. overnight tonight, it becomes breezy. throughout the day tomorrow, it's just downright windy. maybe some isolated power outages but more importantly, it's just feeling brutal outside. and by friday, thankfully the wind's not an issue but friday still a storm team 4 weather alert. just because of how cold it's going to be. take a look at the windchill forecast through friday morning. dangerous if you're not bundled up, if you don't have gloves and you're outside for a while. the winds start to ease friday and the temperatures, well, they're still cold but we're just frigid by friday afternoon. then after that, doug, talking about a wintery mix on saturday morning. >> yeah, saturday is the day we're really watching for because we can deal with the cold. we have to dress for it. we're calling weather alert days on thursday and friday. weather alert day on saturday, too. and that's for the wintry mix early. we're going to be getting to the 40s by the afternoon. but early in the day we start at 28 degrees and with some moisture moving in, we could see at
6:27 pm
may start off as some snow. switch over to some ice which really we think could be the biggest issue. 28 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 35 by 11:00. notice just plain rain here but could have frozen surfaces because of all cold we have. 3:00, temperatures around 44 degrees with shower activity. by 11:00, notice this, 11:00 at night on saturday, 55 degrees and by sunday, we're at 63 with rain and the temperatures fall all day from 63 down to 31. so, yeah, that roller coaster definitely here. starts again on monday. we'll talk much more about that weekend forecast. i'll see you back here in about 15, 20 minutes. >> looking forward to it, thanks, doug zblmp. coming up, really wonderful holiday tradition in honor of a fallen d.c. police officer. plus new reaction from the governor of maryland after a liquor board chairman was arrested on dui charges outside the mgm national harbor. students here in
6:28 pm
county concerned that their schools are becoming less diverse. more segregated even. ahead on news 4, e look at what w
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jeffin fact,ente he's been all over the world.
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was the one he took one day to d.c. just to play the lottery. he feels luckier there. after all, he won nearly $400,000 playing dc-5. and you know what that means. bon voyage, jeffrey. ♪ first at 6:30 tonight, it has sparked thousands of shares online. it's become part of a classroom discussion for some teachers. >> a high school student's op-ped is calling into question the futu
6:31 pm
bureau reporter david culver is outside washington lee high school with reaction to this. david? >> reporter: doreen and vance, that online op-ped written by a washington lee high school student, i spoke with that student here today, he tells me he worries that a recent school board vote could create segregation within arlington county schools, but not everyone i spoke with sees it that way. the discussion began as a way to ease overcrowding. each year, washington lee high school adding students without the space. the board voting to shift boundaries, relocating students, starting with incoming freshmen next year. >> and the next three years we're going through three boundary changes. >> reporter: in an op-ped written for his high school's newspaper, junior, matt, warns the board's vote will lead to segregation, both racial and socioeconomic. >> i think it's really imperative that if we're going to be in charge of the future, that we are exposed to different cultures
6:32 pm
>> reporter: he started an onlineetition on sunday. it's already gained more than 1,300 signatures. >> and teachers are using it to generate conversation which isn't a bad thing. >> reporter: yorktown senior, graham, says in the past week, matt's op-ped has become part of classroom discussions. he, too, shares a concern for lack of diversity in arlington schools but feels the op-ped's statistics are misleading. >> those statistics which sound really big were not in the con next, less than 100 students being moved. >> reporter: the redistricting vote came after evaluating six different criteria. one of which demographics. focusing on free and reduced lunch. >> in looking at that statistic related to the demographic criteria, we did not change the composition of our high schools by more than 1% in the next 4 years. >> reporter: says more changes are in the works to accommodate a rapidly growing school system. as for
6:33 pm
agree on one thing, they both hope diversity is a bigger focus in the next redistricting. matt tells me he plans to speak in front of the school board as a citizen at their meeting tomorrow night. he says he doesn't want them to repeal their vote. he just wants them to put diversity at their forefront of any future discussions on redistricting. doree? >> all right, david culver in arlington county, thank you, david. a car riddled with bullet holes crashed into the iverson mall in temple hills this afternoon. police say a man crashed the car into the front entrance about 3:30 this afternoon. he got out and started telling people he'd been shot. police believe another car was chasing the victim beforehand. they are now looking for that car and the suspects responsible for the shooting. there is new reaction tonight from the governor of maryland on the resignation of the prince george's county liquor board chairman. his name is charles -- yesterday he stepped down. he was arrested for drunk driving last week after getting into an
6:34 pm
mgm casino. today governor larry hogan said he did not have any legal power to remove caldwell but did encourage him to step down. >> we thought it was -- i was concerned about the incident, was inappropriate for the chairman of the liquor board to be driving drunk and didn't think it was appropriate for him to continue to serve in that capacity. >> after the accident, officers say caldwell lost his balance several times during a field sobriety test. he also told police that he had only one drink and he didn't remember the crash. federal transportation officials unveiled a new virtual reality campaign today highlighting the dangers of drunk driving. last call 360 is a virtual experience you can use on your phone or computer. it simulates a bar scene when you can order virtual alcohol drinks and learn the consequences of drinking and driving. last year nearly 260 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes during the holidays.
6:35 pm
increasing. probably the highest area are the vulnerable road users, pedestrians, bicyclists, mo motorcyclists but we've seen these numbers go up as well. >> we have a link to the virtual reality last call cotool in our nbc washington app. a lot of d.c. police officers stopped by for a home-cooked meal in southeast washington today and to remember a fellow officer, brian gibson, who was killed in the line of duty back in 1997. today is the last time that brian's mother is opening her home for that annual event. mark segraves reports that this was a rather bittersweet day. >> reporter: every officer who walks through shirley gibson's front door gets a meal and a big hug. shirley and her husband, harrison, have been hosting the kmag dinner since their son, brian, was gunned down while on
6:36 pm
duty 20 years ago. >> they're my sons and daughters, and there's not a day that i don't pray for them. i say god, please take care of my kids. you know, they're out there, they don't know what they're walking into. >> reporter: it started out as a way for shirley to cope with her loss, but grew into something much bigger. after 20 years, she says with hundreds of officers coming through each year, it's become too much for her to keep up. >> for 20 years, i've spent the months of december trying to make sure that the officers had a chance to come by and get a home-cooked meal. >> reporter: in addition to the hundreds of officers who showed up today, the d.c. police helicopter also showed up to say thank you, hovering directly over her home. for gibson, today is a happy day, having her mother here for the first time since brian died. but she says she'll miss cooking for the hundreds of
6:37 pm
giving out, shirley says it's her way of touching her son, brian, just one more time. >> it meant that i would get a chance to hug them with their vests on and with their service weapon on and feel my brian. >> reporter: while this is the last time shirley gibson will open her home to police officers for a holiday dinner, it may not be the last time that there's a holiday meal in honor of brian gibson. the police union hopes to carry on the tradition. as for shirley, the police chief showed up not too long ago with a $4,000 gift certificate so that she can take a cruise. in southeast, mark segraves, news 4. >> we remember so well that awful day when officer brian gibson was killed. >> sure do. >> and have remembered every single holiday since then. when mrs. gibson has taken it upon herself to feed what she calls her kids. >> isn't it hard to imagine mrs. gibson not doing this anymore?
6:38 pm
that, either. i think i might have heard her say that once before. the officers would be delighted if she'd continue. >> god bless her. hope she enjoys that cruise. >> for sure. hey, santa traded in his sleigh for a harley today. riding around montgomery county. stopping for pictures and delivering gifts. some kids were more excited to see them than others, but it's all for a very good cause. it benefits the children's inn at the national institutes of health. plans of a new bridge across the beltway in tysons, we'll tell you how the project could pay off before the construction is completed. strange, loud sounds reported in one local community. it's been happening for decades. now new technology could solve a mystery over what's causing mysterious booms in maryland. and a little bit on the cool side today but the cold weather, well that comes in overnight tonight. wheal talk about just how cold, how long it sticks around and what to expect next.
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an early look tonight at how the field might be shaping up for the next year's governor's race in virginia. a new quinnipiac university poll suggests that republican strategist ed gillespie leads the pack in the race for the gop nomination. gillespie managed a strong but ultimately unsuccessful challenge to unseat senator mark warner back in 2014. on the democratic side, lieutenant governor ralph northam is the presumed nominee. polls suggest he has a slight edge over gillespie in a head-to-head general election matchup. we've also posted a link to the poll in the nbc washington app. it's a mystery rocking a small town. jolting them out of bed on some nights. some residents of cheverly, maryland, say the booms date back several decades and cause damage to their homes. what's even more
6:42 pm
nobody knows what causes it. mayor mike callahan has been trying to get to the bottom of it since he took office. >> the booms are one of our amazing little mysteries that drive us closer together. there's always the popular theory that they're digging a tunnel under our town as an escape route from washington, d.c., to get to andrew's air wor force base. >> the university of maryland seismology program has been called in and agreed to help the town try to figure out what's causing the noise. now, to the district where people say metro is keeping them up at night and causing their homes to shake. we'll take a closer look at the problem and what's being done about it. i'm adam tuss in tysons corner. most nights the traffic looks like this, but a new plan here could actually help you get aroundhis area a li ttt
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
some people in the petworth neighborhood say their homes are vibrating and they're blaming metro. the green line has run under new hampshire avenue for decades now, but families say they just started feeling the vibrations several months ago. they say the floors shake and sometimes pictures fall off the wall. the local anc commissioner says many people are longtime residents there and they are fed up. >> these seniors live in their house want to enjoy their golden years and they get vibration and things falling and settling and rumbling and trains, whatnot, it concerns them. >> says it's looking into the issue, a spokesperson says the source of that vibration h
6:46 pm
been determined yet nor has been confirmed that metro is responsible for it. it could transform one of the most congested areas in our region. construction begins soon on a new bridge in tysons corner. the bridge will connect the east and west sides of tysons from jones branch drive to dolley madison boulevard all with the goal of helping pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles get across the roadway. transportation reporter adam tuss joins us live. hi, adam. >> reporter: hey, doreen, bridge projects are not easy and especially in this area, it can be particularly challenging. take a look where this bridge project is projected to go. right here on the beltway by jones branch drive near the capital one headquarters. but this new bridge is expected to get a lot of use. 20,000 vehicles a day expected to use this new bridge. but it's not just about cars here. people on bikes and on foo
6:47 pm
well in tysons. >> the one time that i have tried to -- that i did try to, like, get anywhere on foot around here, it was kind of a nightmare. >> reporter: enter this new bridge project that will link the east and west sides of tysons with pedestrian and bike access as well as room for cars. >> it's a little over a half mile long and a big chunk of thatsoever the beltway. >> reporter: and this bridge could be in limited operation before it's even fully finished. >> so that will be a lot of construction. going to begin early next year with the goal of opening one lane in each direction in the fall of 2018. >> reporter: with so much development happening in tysons, both residential and office space, people simply have to have a way to get around. you might not think of a leisurely stroll over the beltway as appetizing but for people who live in this area like bailey, it's critical. >> there are no sidewalks so it's hard to walk, dangerous to walk from here to there or run even. so, i mean, it would be nice to
6:48 pm
ways for pedestrians to get around. >> reporter: this construction expected to cost about $60 million. again, jim and doreen, the construction here expected to start in the next few months. back to you. >> all right. adam tuss in tysons corner. doug is back with more about our weather. no pedestrians or cyclists are going to want to travel around our whole area tomorrow. >> it's going to be brutally cold tomorrow. i mean, it really is. you think back to february 14th, you know, that's valentine's day last year. that's when we had the last polar vortex come in. got one coming in during the day tomorrow. take a look right now, show you how things are shaping up as we look out toward the kennedy center, very cold night coming. right now actually not all that bad. we're sitting at 44 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. temperatures around the rest of the area on our weather underground network, 35 potomac. 42 the mt. vernon area. washington, an cos
6:49 pm
degrees. beverly beach sitting at 40. we have clouds. an arctic cold front. that's going to move through. could see a snow shower or two with that later on this evening but not expected to see much from it. much cooler air behind this system made its way right out of the arctic across canada across the lakes, too. so next couple of days, weather alert days. on your thursday, 29 degrees. windy conditions all day. wind chills in the teens in d.c. single digits in many areas. friday 29 degrees. less wind but saturday is the day to watch. again, saturday the wintery mix, we're going to start off at 28 degrees le s early in the day. look what happens to the temperatures. by 11:00 we're above freezing. could still see icy spots on the roadways. heads up for that especially in the sheltered regions. 44, some shower activity at 3:00. most of the rain, though, is early. by 111:00, we're at 55 degrees. and notice where we are by sunday morning. 63 is going to be the high. but that will be very early. let's take a look at sunday. and show you that hour by hour. 60
6:50 pm
rather damp with that rain coming in during the afternoon. temperatures drop to 45 and then as the front moves through, still seeing some light rain. temperature falling to around 30 degrees. and then, then we're in for a very cold monday. so you see the roller coaster. down then way up and then way down again. temperatures around 32 degrees on monday. 36 on tuesday. next week, we start to bring things back to average. average for this time of year, back into the mid 40s. chance of rain next thursday. 46 on friday. right now, christmas eve, it's on the ten-day, we're coming in at 50 degrees christmas eve. lookingretty good there. not looking good at all over the next couple of days. cold, guys. >> thank you, doug. we have a giuest in our studio, one of doug's friends, matter of fact, he brought in a group from, anyway -- she goes to kip schools. she's 10 years old. she says she's got game. she's here because i asked this crowd does anybody want to take my job?
6:51 pm
yeah, i'll take it. here she is now. this is her debut. watch for her in the future because she got something going on she also got game. she's a good basketball player. a great crossover dribble i'm told. anyway -- >> you're embarrassing her. >> that being said -- i totally embarrassed this poor child. >> you're good at that. >> we got sports coming up. kirk cousins still haunted by last season's loss to the panthers.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> carol's got sports. we've been peppering her with questions and she has always answers. >> you guys have all the answers. >> now we do, too. >> panthers at the redskins. on monday night football. we have a long week to talk about all the primetime issues they've had. but we hope they exercise them against the packers, couple weeks ago. wednesday usually a big prep day and media day for the redskins. with the game being on monday night, they just had a close walkthrough tight practice and kirk cousins' presser. the takeaway is the quarterback remembers in vivid detail all the take aways from the last time they faced them in carolina last year. one of the best in the league this season. top ten in yards in points per game. the best part, they're not turning the ball over right now. one of the top teams in the nfl at keeping the football. a different story the last time they faced the panthers. week 11 blowout loss to carolina, five turnovers in the game, even though
6:55 pm
defense isn't as feared as last year, cousins is relying on how much his offense has grown since then. >> you'd like to think we're a more mature team when it comes to managing, you know, each play had a reason, one was an overthrow to desean for an interception. you'd like to think that ball maybe would be thrown a little more accurately now. he'd like to think so. i'm still going to miss throws. you like to think as you get better, those plays don't happen. one was a corner blitz that hit he in the back and i fumbled. one was a short edge, i was lookingfumbled. you hope as a football team you're a little more mature and protect the ball better and can avoid those turnovers. josh norman being on the other side can help kirk, too. as our josh norman week continues. we now hear from one of his carolina teammates, cam newton, drafted one year before norman. now it's five years later. number 24 with the burgundy and gold. we've seen his intensity on the field get under the skin of his opponents. despite battling all those days of practice in ar
6:56 pm
nothing but love and respect for his former teammate. >> i think he's the person that thrives on attention. and i think you'd have to have that, you know, playing in, you know, when you get into the professional realm of football because you play in front of 70,000, 60,000, 80,000. josh is a person that challenged me daily because of that competitive mentality. that's what you have to have as an athlete of this magnitude. >> josh is going to challenge him in the game. the washington capitals were trying to avoid a mess at the beginning of this month, a disappointing start in the competitive division, the caps were not happy with their position. now five straight wins and a mindset that day are in a playoff race right now. much better. still a long way to go. >> we need to continue to have a, you know, some consistency because you look at that, we're now 11 games over .500 and we're fourth in the division. i mean, that's -- and we're only, you know, not even 30 games
6:57 pm
good teams. >> it's hard to not realize it, but the division we're in, but the same time, it's, we learned last year that it doesn't matter how you get in the playoffs. so we're just trying to build our game. the wins where we possibly can and focus on the process. caps to carolina on friday. tonight the wizards back in action. this team also hoping to find some consistency. after a two-game win streak, they took an ugly loss to the heat. tonight a home matchup against the hornets. the top team in the southeast division. the good news for the wizards, charlotte has lost two straight games. wizards hope to make it three. they tip off at 7:00 on comcast sportsnet. wizards fans hoping to see a dunk like this tonight. we're in the visual medium. we wanted to show you -- steven davis, wright state's in ohio, right, guys, climbing ladder, throwing down a massive slam. doug, i know you've attempted this before in charity games. >>
6:58 pm
>> turned out just like that, too. >> yeah, beautiful. >> this guy finished with 26 points and a win. >> tear the rim down off the -- 76ers. >> thanks, carol. >> anyway, "nightly news can "coming
6:59 pm
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breaking news tonight -- a bombshell from yahoo, a massive breach, hackers making off with private information from over a billion people. we have late details. nbc news exclusive, u.s. intelligence has directly linked vladimir putin to the campaign to disrupt the election. the russian president himself actively directing the use of hacked material. the price you pay -- the fed hikes interest rates, and your credit card bills, mortgage, car loans and student loans are about to get more expensive. invasion of privacy? uber under fire, a former employee accuses the company of allowing unauthorized access to the movements of 40 million customers. line of duty -- a supermarket surprise for an amazing mom.


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