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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, no heat, as we brace for the cold, respects at one local high-rise worried about their safety tonight. protests on capitol hill. reports about russian meddling in our election leading to calls
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vote. and how long have you had the same cell phone number? tonight, why experts say it could make you vulnerable if hackers get your information. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. our weather roller committeeser is beginning. and tonight we are taking the big plunge downward good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim handly. we are in for brutally cold weather. that's why we are in a storm team 4 weather alert. doug kammererer you are also tracking a chance for snowflakes? >> we are watching that on radar as that arctic front moves in across our region. i'm not expecting a lot but don't be surprised to wake up to a dusting in parts of the area. look right now. storm team 4 radar tracking that snow. mostly over towards baltimore, portions of philadelphia and track the line back to the west. i wouldn't be surprised to see this fill in in a little bit. it's
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county, howard county as well. may see some flakes. but not a big deal. what is a big deal. temperatures. 35 in dc. 17, morguontown, 0 in columbus. that's the extremely cold air that's making its way in here. once the arctic front moves in here comes the cold. tomorrow morning, 20 to 30 degrees colder, winds of 20 to 30 miles an hour. wind chills of 5 to 156789 i'm sick just thinking it about it. >> thank you, doug. this cold blast is coming at the worst possible time for residents of one high-rise apartment in our area. they don't have heat. building management says they are working on the problem. in the meantime, news4's shomari stone went there to find out how people are keeping warm. >> reporter: people who live in the apartment building behind me are concerned about the heat and the the polar vortex. >> feeling helpless and a little out of the loop. >> reporter: jeff and his wife ricky are using space heaters to say warm inside their apartment on a
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springs. >> not every room is going to be heat. we are solely relying on this. wherever we put this it gets a little hot. this is a small smn. >> reporter: jeff tells me the trouble started last thursday in his place at the warwick apartment on the 1100 bloch of university boulevard west. he said the heat stopped working in the building that has 400 units and says the property manager passed out the space heaters. >> i'm concerned about hundreds of space heaters being used all over this building with no instructions or precautionary measures that i know of. people could be draping clothing about it. >> reporter: helden and her husband worry about a potential fire. >> there are lots of children in this building, toddlers and babies and i'm concerned. >> reporter: the goldberg family tells us the management company didn't tell them how to use the space heater, we told them about the three feet rule, keep
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from anything flammable such as clothing, curtains, bedding. a management official told us a maintenance crew is working to restore the heat. while they work on it some residents worry. >> probably 1,000 people live in this building. we hope they can be taken care of. >> reporter: tonight we tried to reach the property manager. he was unavailable to comment. we will continue to stay on top of this story. live in silver spring, i'm shomari stone, news4. leaders in our area are gearing up for the cold. they want to make sure they are ready if and when they see some snowflakes in the district. snow team deployed tonight to treat ramps and bridges. v-dot is also treating roads to prevent icy conditions in northern virginia n. month county officials want to make sure our four-legged friends are protected. they will be enforcing animal cruelty laws for leaving pets out not cold. download the nbc washington app and turn on weather a
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all the latest updates on the wintry weather this week. you can also set weather as your home page and watch live interactive radar as winter weather rolls in. we're hearing new evidence that vladimir putin was personally involved in a covert campaign to interfere in the u.s. election. he recently said he is ready to meet with president-elect donald trump at any point. but u.s. intelligence officials now have high confidence that putin directly how and when hacked materials were leaked to the public. hackers stole private e-mails and other materials from democrats. a high level source tells nbc putin had several objectives, including embarrassing hillary clinton and exposing corruption in american politics. now that putin has been
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few weeks, does obama administration respond before he leaves office. the 538 election torts whose votes actually choose your next president will cast their ballots in five days. tonight a virginia congressman is among those calling for a delay. he wants the congress to get an intelligence briefing about russian meddling in our election. there were protesters on capitol hill tonight who want the same thing. >> reporter: as protests go, the group that gathered in front of national archives for a march to the u.s. capitol wasn't the biggest in dc today. >> they labeled the evidence circumstantial. >> reporter: what brought them here is one of the largest most serious allegations ever made about the process by which the president of the united states is elected. nbc news reports the cia has concluded russian interference in the election was designed to help donald trump
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the russian president dismissed the allegation. don buyer, appearing on msnbc said a delay of the electoral college vote may be necessary. >> all i'm asking for is that the election tors have a chance to see an appropriately documented cia review before they make their decision on the 19th. if they can't get it done by the 19th then we postpone the elect tors' election until they have had a reasonable review to make a reasonable decision. >> reporter: tonight's protesters agree. >> to me, if there are times that another country has hacked into our elections it makes me fearful for what's going to happen in the next four years. >> standing for our future. >> reporter: a growing number of election tors have signed an online petition asking for an intelligence brief being the alleged russian interference before they vote. jackie bensen, news4. plans are well underway for
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january. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pour into dc for the ceremonies. about 15,000 military personnel will help with logistic and crowd control. military leaders used a 60 by 40-foot map to stage their inauguration preps and told us right now their biggest concern is protesters. >> if something goes bad, it's up to the law enforcement agency to make the first move, if you will, and only if needed would they call on the national guard. >> many dc-area marching bands opted to sit this inauguration out. a lot of you checked out this story on line f. you missed it, you can find out why some are staying home right now on our nbc with a sh wash app or find the link on our facebook page. new at 11 one of the most far reaching body camera programs in the
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fully implemented. muriel bowser and the interim police chief will be providing a briefing. all officers are to be outfitted and being educated on how to use them properly. dispatchers are reminding officers to turn them on when they are sent out. tonight police are searching for a driver who they say crashed into iverson mall. he was conscious and breathing when investigators arrived. right now, police are trying to figure out where the shooting happened. the mall in temple hills did stay open after the crash. security directed shoppers to a different entrance. look at this surveillance video from loudoun county. it shows two men believed to be involved in a series of thefts of cars in round hill n. one case, two guns were taken from an unlocked car. the vid
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near main street. you can see the man open the door and rummage through an suv. if you know either of these men call police. the economy is doing better, that means will it cost you more to borrow money soon. the fed hiked rates. it modestly affects credit cards, short term loans, new car loans and mortgage rates which for years sat at record lows. if you are in an adjustable rate mortgage experts say now could be the time to refinance and get into a fixed rate, especially because the fed could raise rates three more times in 2017. one billion user accounts. that's what yahoo says hackers got access to in a new data breach. coming up, what it could mean for your online accounts. plus how damaging is it if hackers get ahold of your cell phone number. hackers tell us why those ten digitsan
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a -- verizon has been in talks to acquire yahoo. it's at the second time in three months that yahoo has had to announce a major hack. the first one involved 500 million accounts. >> when we hear those stories about hacking and data breaches we always get the same advice. change your pass word. did you know hackers can use something else to unlock your certainly information? your cell phone number. katie kim explains how those ten digits could be as valuable as your social security number. >> reporter: our cell phones. >> it's very important. >> without it i feel lost. >> i have it on me at all
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numbers are entry numbers into your live, keepers of private information. >> we are going to be getting to a point where it's going to be as precious as your social security number. >> reporter: cell phone numbers are unique personal identifiers. many of us have had the same ding for decades. >> 12 years. >> 15 years, 11 years. >> reporter: we're taught to protect our social security number, guard against identity theft. but many people turn over their cell phone numbers to social media, retail, and other media companies without thinking twice. >> it is a calling card back to you with zero protection. >> reporter: in the wrong hands a bad actor can potentially do more harm with your mobile digits than with your social security number. >> many of the data breaches that have happened where there is a massive amount of data available to the criminals having your name and your number is all it take. >> reporter: we talked to
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expert. >> a hacker can gain full access to your phone, photos, e-mails and contact list. >> reporter: not to mention all the apps, mobile banking, and health care. the threat is veriel real. cyber security recently exposed that malicious hackers secretly collected information off of an eid droid phones and were transmitting that data every 72 hours to china. >> it's valuable to cam artists, to anyone who would want to get a hold of an individual. >> reporter: thousands of household have ditched land lines. further reason experts say to protect your cell phone number by using apps like google voice or sideline that allow you to add a second number. >> security is very much a cat and mouse game w that canners being the mouse. eventually mice are going to learn to get around that
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most important thing to do to secure your information is be aware, protect your cell phone number like your social security number helps keep you safe. >> so many things to worry about. >> not cold. >> now we have to worry about this freezing cold. >> it's racing in here. amazing. you walk outside right now, 41. not bad. walk outside tomorrow it may feel like 1. in some locations we may get to the single digits for wind chills as early as tomorrow morning. at least auto by the noon hour. the wind are going to pick up 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow. look down towards the airport. notice the parking lots there lit up for the holidays. current temperature at 41. windsout of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. the wind chill in the city now at 34. now, take a look at the numbers. not too cold. 35 martinsburg.
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it's not here just yet. just off to the west. i am tracking snow showers. this is actually snow up towards the baltimore area. not really hitting the ground just yet but it's trying. this is with this arctic cold front. you can see it. there is the snow showing up. also snow back towards west virginia. and wouldn't be surprised in this area to see it break out in this area over the next one to two hours. not going to produce much, do produce a coating on the back deck or on your car. behind this that's where the cold air is. really frigid. we are talking about teens. and they are talking about negative tins in chicago. 5 in chicago. 20 in pittsburgh. that's where the cold air is, just off to our west. notice here, by early tomorrow morning our temperature is down to 22. pittsburgh down to 9. again, these are temperature temperatures. not wind chills. let's look at the wind chills. how about that? n
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30s, 20s to the north and west. in the morning, 4 in martinsberg. remember i said of the might feel like 1. how about 2, 9 in manassas. 15 downtown. extremely cold wind. this is the way it is going to all day tomorrow. 3:00 we are even colder with the winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour, maybe 40. friday morning more of the same. extreme cold coming in here for thursday and friday a. saturday a little bit different but we are still calling saturday a weather alert day. why? it's not the temperature in the afternoon. it's the temperature in the morning. 28 degrees. when the precipitation starts we think it's going start off as snow, then move over to ice. could be an hour or two of ice and it could lay down a coating of ice on the roadways. 28 at 7:00 with wet roads. look how we rise. 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s by 11:00 on saturdayig
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with more rain. then we plummet down into the 30s late in the day. another roller coaster of a day for sure. notice monday andu tesday we are back into the arctic with temperatures around 32 degrees on monday. 36 on tuesday. that roller coaster is definitely here. the next time we go up happens to be christmas eve. forecasting 50 as of right now. >> okay. thank you doug. coming up, a historic night for the wizards. hn jo
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huh. >> a monster set. 45 points, ten assists, six rebounds and seven steals. the steals make it special. ity third straight w for the wizards. those steals make him the all-time steals leader. one fan was campaigning early for the all-star. john gave him a show tonight. third quarter, wall with his seventh steal of the game. you see what happens on the break. he is feeding otto portert for the bucket. 763 career steals, which is the wizards record. on the drive in the fourth, little contact, can't get it to go. grabs his own rebound and gets to it finish. he is so fired up, he gets a technical for trash talking. oh, man, under a minute to play, wizards with a four point lead. wall driving, contact, and one.
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rebounds, seven steals. almost all for naught. hornets down a three point shot. kendall walker at the buzzer. oh, man was that close. bradley beal gives him the basketball nod. wizards win 109-10:106. wall proud of his accomplishment. >> the city sticks behind me, organization sticks behind me, taking me to franchise and praising me for my hard work and dedication. i couldn't do it without those guys, i appreciate it. the redskins, three games left including this monday night. skins have everything to play for. panthers hoping to play spoiler. role reversal. curt cousinsdown field passing was a question mark not long ago. since week seven he has been best in the league with the deep ball.
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receivers to thank, desean jackson. in three games, he has caught a 67, a 59, and an 80 yard pass. two of those went for touchdown. cousins admits his taking chances has taken time to develop. >> when you throw the ball down the field i think sometimes you have to let the ball go with trust. arizona was an example. when i let the ball go he hadn't gotten fast the defensive back. that's through years of throwing are him and realizing how that plays out. you represent these plays over and over in training camp and you get a feel for them and that develops that trust and anticipation and reads and when to let the ball go. >> redskins and panthers on monday night. howard lost tonight in college hoops. just wanted to mention that. >> all right. mo
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>> monday i goings
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>> love you, too. >> that's mrs. shirley gibson getting hug after hug from local police officers today. for 20 years she and her husband have been serving a holiday peel meal from their home in southeast washington as a way to remember their son, brian gibson, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. mrs. gibson says she invited his workers over the first year because she couldn't imagine not cooking brian's favorite foods at christmas.
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too much. the police union is hoping to pick up the tradition next year. mrs. gibson says next december she is planning to take a cruise. by the way, police are paying for that cruise. so well deserved. >> and who thinks mrs. gibson is really going to step away from all that. >> don't think so.i
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