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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it's christmas. >> zion, now the pandas, i'm a happy camper. >> we have to tie you down. >> this panda has mauled the panda. >> he's playing. caressing the snow man. wanting to be friends. >> he's doing what? >> bam, ow. >> that's caressing apparently. >> looked more like a mauling. >> no, no, no. >> yes, indeed. it's a bear. i'm on aaron's side with this one. weather headlines for today, cloudy skies this morning. nowhere near as cold as it has been. we'll take that for sure. today and tomorrow staying dry. milder than we've been in the last couple of days. a little chance for showers coming up on your saturday. sunday looking better. we'll talk temperatures coming up in a few more minutes. planniut
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it is a little breezy though. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s between now and 9:00. lunchtime, temperature up near 51 degrees. turning cooler as the winds turn back to the west. that will drive slightly cooler air in for tonight and for tomorrow. today's high, 52, tomorrow 47. again, clouds and sunshine today. sun and clouds will lead to the rain chance. more on all of that coming up. let's go over to melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. >> couple of updates, eastbound 70 and 270 had the crash. that is out of the way. don't have to worry about that one or this one. this is gone as well. eastbound 70 at 56. out of the way. no more worries there. taking a look here, bottom of the beltway, all of these routes out of town and into town. same thing, top of the beltway and everything here. route 1, 29, everything nice and green. if you're headed to work, nice light volume. chopp
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everything there looks light as well. travel times coming up in ten minutes. thank you, 6:02. live look at reagan national airport and at the roads as we get closer to the holiday weekend. a lot of folks ready to jump into the holiday rush. >> you know who we threw in there, news 4's justin finch. live look at how many people are taking part in this great holiday escape. good morning, joint. >> reporter: hey there, eun. many will travel. not so many going to fly this year. in the d.c. area, 143,000 people are set to fly out this holiday season. many are already cuing up here in this tsa line. people here are so busy and so focused on getting out on time they don't have many moments to talk to us. let me tell you, nationwide, 103 million people are set to travel, again, only about 140 or so,000 people are set to travel by air. we have more flyers. turns out
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ticket, not all, but the average is $204. no surprise that most people are off to warmer places than ours, including las vegas, orlando, san diego, and anaheim. now back live here, the popular holiday choice will be new york city despite being on average the same. temperatures we have here, to the travel period in earnest begins on friday and we'll wrap up the first monday in january, january 2nd. also we are tracking all of this for you on facebook live and social media, twitter of course as well. back in to you. >> all right. justin, thank you. 93 million people will get to grandma's house this christmas by car. that's a 1.5% increase over last year. most drivers will pay the second cheapest new year's day gas prices since 2009. back then the national average was 162 a gallon. be sure to download the
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washington app. we'll update everything you need to know to get to and from your holiday destination. it is 6:04. covering montgomery county, a tacoma county partner is dead from an i.e.d. alan brown died on tuesday at walter reed medical center. he was in active service for 12 years and earned several awards while serving in the army. 6:04. a kid is accused of taking a loaded gun to school. deputies say they arrested 17-year-old robert shirley jr. yesterday afternoon at oakdale high school. he is being charged as an adult. deputies say other students alerted the teacher after shirley posted videos on social media with the handgun. they say there is no evidence that he was planning an attack. police say a d.c. contractor may have threatened to shoot up the office of the chief technolo
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court documents accuse edwin melton of calling a co-worker earlier this month to make that threat. he was apparently upset that his contract was not being renewed. police say when they arrested melton they did not find any guns but they did con if i skfit guns but they did con if i skfse phone that may have been used. more families grieving as the death toll rises. 33 people died in the blast, 12 people are still missing. so that number could go even higher today. a fireworks market basically detonated there. there's not much left of it right now. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the explosion and whether any safety standards were violated. >> reporter: the russian ambassador who was shot and killed being laid to rest this morning. front and center among the mourners, vladimir putin, the russian president seated in that crowd as the funeral
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moscow. we have video to show you of that. and all of this comes just days after a turkish police officer assassinated ambassador andre karlov at an art gallery. the gunman shouted about aleppo. russia supports syria's government to reclaim that city. that is the latest. aaron, back to you now. >> molette, thank you. developing right now, the market that was the site of a terror attack in germany is back open. berlin police report it reopened the christmas market with extra security and new protective blocks in place. someone drove a truck into the crowds there earlier this week killing 12 people. you can see a huge display of flowers and candles ther to honor all of the victims. and there is now a massive manhunt all across europe for the suspect in that terror attack. you're looking at anis emory, a 24-year-old man from tunisia. he was under surveillance there for months.
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months ago. but it was because he didn't have a valid passport. there is a reward for more than 100,000. president-elect donald trump is calling the truck attack on berlin an attack on humanity. he made those comments speaking to reporters yesterday at his florida estate. trump also defended his position on creating a muslim registry orban on muslim registration into the u.s. you won't see donald trump's picture on the metro smart trip card. instead they have graphics of the white house and american flag to commemorate the 58th presidential inauguration. metro released a statement saying, quote, they requested permission to use a photo but didn't receive a response to the campaign. the cards are designed before the election. starting today there is some re
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60 buses will go through the center helping to provide relief. that makes it the largest non-metro rail station in our region. if maryland officials have their way, driverless cars could be coming to 95. the maryland department of transportation has asked a federal transportation didn't to use the 95 corridor to test those cars. federal officials are looking for several proving grounds across the country. the first group of testing areas will be announced in early 2017. if maryland is picked, the earliest we could see these driverless cars on 95 will be 2018. aaron, stay far away from that. here's a live look outside this morning, storm team 4 chuck bell says we can't expect a white christmas. we'll look at that and your travel forecast. >> speaking of this, remember this? what the national weather c
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led in your lipstick. concerns over the most popular beauty products. check your cupboards. the recall you want to know
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6:12 our time right now on a not so chilly, not frigid this morning. >> not frigid. still cold. i'm going to call it cold, chuck. >> little cold. the forecast an hour ago aaron thought the picture looked too autumnal. trees without leaves. this time around to make it look a little more wintry for you, aaron. >> oh, come on. that is winter. >> that might be a little too february. >> oh, stop it. he's going to -- you know what, chuck bell is about to come into the studio right now, aaron. you better run. >> here's the good news. santa just saved a couple of bucks on aaron. nothiut
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cheap. if you're planning to get outside, work on some of your holiday pounds, temperatures near 40 degrees in the morning. upper 40s and low 50s by later on this afternoon. no big concerns for working out for today. a little concern for some shopping on saturday. have some rain showers around. nothing all that major. sunday though, christmas day, looking fairly nice. if you're going out to dinner, no worries there either. checking that whole weekend forecast in the five day coming up. here's melissa mollet. maybe you'll get the bonus gift. >> i did get the bonus gift. i already tweeted, facebooked. it's lovely. chopper 4 westbound on 66 at nutley, do have a tractor-trailer incident here on the right side of the screen. doesn't seem to be slowing things too much. in bound traffic, thank you, chopper 4, you can see looking quite warm. braddock road at wakefield. trying to find out more. as far as travel times in virginia, 66 is fine. quantico to the beltway. fine on 95 to
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remember to listen to wtop 105 faum. >> melissa thank you. a vigil is planned in the prince gorges county park. >> cotton was found shot and baddley burned behind a rec center at the brook road park in capitol heights monday morning. cotton's family tells news 4 that they're devastated about the death. >> he lived for today. his motto was live, laugh and love. >> this morning two teens found in the victim's car are behind bars for the crime. no change in north carolina's controversial bathroom law. that law requires transgender people to use the bathroom corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate. lawmakers convened a special session yesterday for the sole purpose of reskinneding that law. talks backed down after they refused to back a republican led measure. the
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blame squarely on republicans. >> what they've done is they've violated this agreement and they've violated the trust of the people of north carolina and it's wrong. >> early on this anti-lgbt law prompted the ncaa to withdraw from holding games in their state. there's another recall for chocolate chips to tell you about. giant food is recalling the 9 ounce bags of sunspire organic chips. it may contain milk. they have the best by date of february 24th, 2017, through september 19th, 2018. giants has received no reports of any illnessness. 15 after the hour. if you're looking for a primary care doctor in d.c., you may have a tough time. a new study reveals the number
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has dropped nearly 15% in recent years. there are 6,000 people for everyone primary care doctor in d.c. in other parts of the country there are fewer than 3,000 people per doctor. there has been an increase in the number of specialty care physicians here in d.c. all right. check out your favorite lipstick. it may be loaded with lead. the u.s. food & drug administration has issued a draft guidance letter urging makeup manufacturers to create products that fall below their recommended amount of lead. the fda said it tested nearly 700 products and found out that more than 9% of them have levels of lead th are at or below the recommended amounts. it says the use of cosmetics that meet the levels would not pose a health risk. getting stuck in the snow? we don't want that. you don't want that. none of us want that. no, chuck. >> so the national weather service is actually d
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you may remember this winter weather nightmare from last year. >> oh, my word. >> this was before that huge blizzard we had. one inch of snow caused slippery conditions, all kinds of gridlock, a whole lot of delays. >> i was stuck in that riding back from soccer practice. >> washington post says the weather service will now issue a special statement 24 hours before any rush hour that could be impacted by snow. it will also reach out to snow crews dispatch centers with that warning so they can get out and treat the roads or at least have the information they need to get out and treat the roads. >> all right. everybody, come take a look at this. come on. yes, we -- some of us. not we, some of us hate the snow and -- >> did he rip his head off? >> you guys better stop right now. here's a story i've been looking forward to sharing with you all morning. take a look at this little guy at the toronto zoo. he's having fun with the snow man. this is
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couldn't get enough of the snow. he was playing with the snow man having some fun. he knocked off his head. just playing. >> oops. >> just -- >> here, frosty, let me scratch your face off. that's what the caption for this should be. >> look at him. so cute. look. froliking. trying to climb the snow man. look at him. >> yeah, but -- >> eaten. no carrot for the nose. >> carrot nose gone. >> the whole thing. nothing left of that snow man at all. >> very playful animal. >> yeah, right. as long as they're not mauling you. cold start in a few spots but not as cold as we have been. we'll appreciate that. save a little money on the heating bill. 30 in mart tipsberg. 32 in fredericksberg. 41 at reagan national. 43 in lorden. 44 in beautiful st. mary's county. as you're planning out the day, do have some c
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these clouds will be moving away with time. chilly this morning, 30s and 40s for now. up into the low 50s for most areas this afternoon. back down to 43 degrees by 7:00 tonight. today will be completely dry. tomorrow we'll start out with sunshine. increasing numbers of clouds on friday afternoon. rain chances will hold off until after midnight friday night into saturday. rain is likely to be here, not heavy rain, but rain showers likely to be in place before you wake up on saturday morning. have our interactive radar fired up on our nbc washington app. that's a great way to keep you ahead of any inclement weather. here's our five-day forecast. it's the prettiest place in the world at christmas time. your nation's capitol. 40s tomorrow. 60% chance of showers on saturday. that should be drying up by late saturday afternoon or early saturday evening. by midnight when santa flies by, should be dry conditions around here and great weather to get outside and play with all of the new toys on chma
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>> melissa mollet, what do you have on your christmas list? >> reporter: it's great. most of it is happiness and -- >> a any alcohol is always welcome, yes. chopper 4 over this in the an nondale. braddock road. car off the roadway into the trees. looks look we're still getting by there on the left lane. that crash just happened. overall 66 and 95 really not bad here right now at all. we are seeing a little bit of slowdown 95 northbound through woodbridge and southbound through quantico. beltway behaving itself. same thing, bottom of the beltway and through prince gorges county. back in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. so raise your hand if you still have some holiday shopping to do. are you done? i'm done. this morning we're working for you to make sure you don't get hacked if you are trying to buy those last-minute gifts online. if you're waiting for some
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bought online could be today.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> welcome back. want to update you on a remarkable, just joy filled incredible little boy. 9 years old. we've gotten to know him over the last year. >> what an inspiration. to know him is to love him. his name is zion. he is the first child in the world to receive a double hand transplant. he continues to make great progress. look at him do pushups. his doctors say the nerves from zion hands are growing and the muscles responsible for fine motor movements are now functioning. zion and his mother are now writing a book about all they've endured. >> me and other people with prosthetics and disabilities have kind of like a relationship because we all have a
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behind it. >> and we all can certainly benefit from his story. >> his mother paty says now that her son has hands, she feels like the richest woman in the world. remember when we first met him he said to be able to hug his mom was such a huge thing to be grateful for, right? >> and just the way he lives his life so fully and with so much gratitude. really inspirational. i love him to death. >> if you want to see the full report, i just put it on my facebook page. look for it there. last-minute online shoppe p beware. >> four things to know to keep your information safe. update your phone. that will put the most up to date security on there. >> you can enable multi-factor authentication, password, fingerprints and pins. the more you have the less likely someone can break in. >> if you're using public wi-fi, don't use your credit card. that is a big risk factor. when anyone
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>> always, always update your passwords regularly. >> all right. a game night classic. it's getting a bit of a makeover. >> talking about monopoly here. hasbro has come out with -- they've come out with a new version that eliminates both the game's signature paper money. >> what? >> and the banker position. >> seriously. >> the new game is called monopoly ultimate banking game. in game cash is replaced with special bank cards. players scan on hand-held banking units. >> stop. >> "banking units" to make purchases. >> do they have vemmo, paypal. >> all of that. >> the whole idea of money helps kids learn. >> now they swip. >> 25 bucks you can buy it online. >> the votes in the popular presidential election are still being tallied and hillary clinton is still in the lead. the major gap between her and the president-elect. move over chip and joan
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the d.c. couple that could be the next star couple of hg tv. but, first, take a live look outside this morning where a lot of you could see temperatures in the 50s today and chuck bell says christmas is shaping up to be pretty nice as well. closer look at the four things to know aboutour y stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers
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because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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"news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gill crest. we are working to get you out the door for what is the last day of the work week for a lot of people around here. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody. a lot of people getting ready to pack the bags, stuff them all in the trunk and start the drive to grandma's house before this day is done. quiet day. live picture over reagan national airport. the planes are flying downriver to lee. later today winds will be back out of the northwest. flying up the river. if you want to look at the city today, have to sit on the right-hand side of the plane if you have an afternoon flight
6:31 am
great for get away weather. still watching out for rain shower chances on saturday. christmas day is looking very nice indeed. for today, a few clouds early this morning. they're on their way out. we'll be left with sunshine and a nice northwest breeze. highs today right around 50 degrees. closer look at the weekend ahead coming up. taking a look again. chopper 4 over this problem in annondale. chapel road, we have one left lane getting by. 1 mile backup on the right side of your screen you can see the said vehicle off the roadway. lorton northbound 1, a crash reported there. wanted to let you know about that one. 95 northbound, slowest spot through woodbridge. southbound through quantico as well. on 270 no major issues. a crash just got off the phone with police. they are not there yet but crabbs branch way. brand-new crash there. we'll let you know coming up in n
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it is 6:32. checking on your top stories. right now there is a massive manhunt across all of europe for this man. he's the prime suspect in that terror attack at a christmas market in berlin. police say he deliberately rammed a tractor-trailer into the crowd. >> more than 100 million people are getting ready to travel for the holiday weekend. four out of ten of them are leaving from the d.c. area. airports and trains will be crowded but the biggest crowds will be on the roads. 93 million people plan to drive for their holiday destinations. in loudoun county a woman could be facing years in jail and thousands of dollars in fine for animal cruelty and neglect. loudoun animal services said katelyn leger turned her soself. they rescued 96 chickens, geese, ducks, dogs. now many of the people are up for adoption.
6:33 am
from montgomery county. 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah hoggle haven't been seen since september of 2014. they created age progression images of what the two children might look like today. their mother, katherine hoggle, was charged in their disappearance. they repeatedly found her not competent to stand trial. she remains held without bond. 6:33 your time right now. and in just under a month donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. now we know some of his plans for his inauguration. the presidential inaugural committee will kick off things on thursday, january 19th. president-elect trump and vice president-elect mike pence will lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery. later that day both will attend a concert on the national mall. then on friday the 20th trump will take the oath of office at the u.s. capitol at noon. that's followed by a parade down
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the evening the inaugural ball. everything will wrap up on saturday with the prayer service at the national cathedral. now we have a special section in our nbc washington app dedicated to the inauguration and to the transfer of power. you can check that out. just search transition. and it is official. hillary clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes in the presidential election. the final vote tally was certified in all 50 states and the district of columbia yesterday. of course, donald trump won the electoral vote. in tweets yesterday trump said he would have campaigned differently if the election were solely based on winning the popular vote. if you're still waiting for a package, today may be the day it arrives. look out for it. today is expected to be the busiest delivery day for the postal service. it anticipates 30 million packages and letters will be dropped off today. if you still have things to mail, you ship priority express through tomorrow. it should be there by christmas. today is also your last day for
6:35 am
service. it all details what you need to know on the last-minute shipping dates on the nbc washington app. search shipping deadline. right now there is also call for people with big hearts. >> there are letters from kids addressed to santa claus that have not been answered yet. news 4's megan mcgraft is live where the letters are in northwest d.c. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some of the letters are long and very detailed, others are short. still others are decorated with little pictures and the like, but they all have one thing in common. they've been put in the mail addressed to santa at the north pole. and here at the brentwood post office they have collected those letters and they are looking for good samaritans to match them up and make christmas wishes come true. and there is still time to help. here are a few of the letters here that we saw last night. and as of last night there were 83 of these wish lists in need of a secret santa.
6:36 am
to the brentwood post office today. that's in northeast washington. and pick up a letter and get those gifts in by tonight. >> so here in d.c. we may address them to santa claus, they'll come here. we'll take them, sort them, go through them and organize them for families to adopt. >> reporter: now time is running out. you have to get matched up with a letter and you have to bring those gifts here today brentwood post office in northeast by 5:00 tonight so they can mail them. the secret santa is also responsible for the postage on those packages but a great program in need of some additional helpers. back to you all. >> megan, thank you. a local couple's success in the d.c. housing market landed them their own reality show. >> they had so much fun renovating their own home they made a careert
6:37 am
home in d.c. now they have their own show on hgtv. it premiers today at noon. >> the couple has only recorded the pilot episode, but if it goes well it will be a weekly show. news 4 tonight starting at 4:00, tune in to hear more about their success. chip and joanna gains, they're now national stars. people go to their store in waco, texas. it's become a tourist destination. 6:37 our time right now. a lot of kids off from school already but we are still helping those of you who still have to send them to the bus stop this morning. storm team meteorologist chuck bell is with that and your forecast. it is so secret some say it has a code name. we are learning some of the features the next iphone may have. and a major blow to the lgbt community in north carolina. what happens next after a
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> good morning, everybody. 6:40 on your thursday morning. wind chills are back down below freezing on the northern parts of the shenandoah valley. not too cold around the washington metro area. it will be chilly and breezy early on with temperatures near 40. up to near 50 by later on this afternoon. need your warm coat this afternoon. try to get away without the gloves and no umbrella. daily grade for today, we're going to give today very good. high up near 52 degrees. ten day forecast coming up. chopper 4 over a brand-new problem in northern virginia. northbound route 1 just after furnace road. this is near the train tracks. take a look here. you can see we do have part of the roadway blocked there this morning. it is really causing some backup. eastbound braddock, the left lane getting by, crabbs road, new crash there. travel times, no problems 66 in
6:42 am
beltway, not so hot. 95 to 270 will take you 18 minutes going 30 miles an hour. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in the car today. melissa, thank you. commuting to work just got a little easier. the new transit center you can use to get to work today. dear santa, how you can save aristmas for severalrea
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus!
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6:45. now on "news 4 today", an outpouring of support for the russian ambassador gunned down on live tv. >> he will be at the center of attention one month for now. and there's no place like home for the holidays. we're working for you to get there. you're watching "news 4 today." right now a live look at reagan national airport and the roads as we inch closer to the holiday weekend. news 4's justin finch is live this morning with a look at how many of you are preparing to travel this holiday season. good morning. how is it looking? >> reporter: eun,
6:46 am
so good out here. we got the lines moving here. if you come to reagan, this is what you're going to see. crowding here and know the lines are moving. here in the d.c. area aaa is forecasting 143,000 people will be taking to the skies this holiday season. if these numbers hold, 103 million people traveling this holiday season, this could be the most on report for the u.s. these are americans traveling 50 miles or more this holiday season. we know roughly 1/3 of all-americans will be doing so. in the d.c. area that breaks down to some 6 million people in total. again, just more than 140,000 people traveling by air this year. the average round trip is $204. man, these people got their tickets early. we talked to one who's going somewhere warm. >> my flight actually boards in like 25
6:47 am
>> i like tsa precheck and i believe in it. >> reporter: now back live, no surprise that many people will be going somewhere warm this year just like she was. so if you're off to travel, be sure to get here early and get in line. back in to you. >> hope she made it. >> justin finch live for us at dca. thank you. 93 million people will get to grandma's house this christmas by car. that is a 1.5% increase from last year. most drivers will pay the second cheapest new year's day gas prices since 2009. back then the national average was $1.62 a gallon. be sure to download the nbc 4 app for your travel needs. we'll update you with everything you need to know to get to and from your holiday destination. frederick county student in the adult detention center accused of taking a gun to school. they arrested 17-year-old robert shirley
6:48 am
he's being charged as an adult. other students alerted a teacher after shirley posted videos on social media with the handgun. they say there's no evidence though that he was planning an attack. right now crews are trying to figure out what caused a fireworks market to go up in flames. this horrific blast outside of mexico city killed 33 people and that number could increase. 12 people are still unaccounted for right now. investigators want to know whether any safety standards were violated at that market. there was a big fire at the same site 11 years ago. molette green is live at the live desk. >> following the funeral of the russian ambassador killed this week. >> reporter: that's right. laid to rest today in moscow. among the mourners, russia's president vladimir putin. during the ceremony they laid flowers at the open casket. now russia is very much part of the team of investigators looking into this assassination of ambassador karlof just days
6:49 am
turkey. russia flew a team of about 18 investigators to the turkish capitol to help look into what was behind the attack. look for updates on this in just minutes on the "today" show. aaron, back to you. molette, thank you. it is 6:49. developing in germany. the market that was the site of the terror attack is back open. berlin police reopened the christmas market with extra security and new protective concrete blocks in place. someone drove a truck into the crowds there earlier this week killing 12 people. there's a huge display of flowers and candles to honor all of the victims. right now there is a europe wideman hunt for the suspect in that terror attack. you're looking at a 24-year-old man from tunisia. he was under surveillance there for months in germany. in fact, he was scheduled to be deported a few months ago. he wasn't because he didn't have a valid passport. there is a reward now of more than $100,000 for information that leads to his
6:50 am
is calling the truck attacks on a berlin christmas market an attack on humanity. he made those comments speaking to reporters yesterday at his florida a estate. trump also defended his position on creating a muslim registry or a ban on muslim immigration into the u.s. you won't see donald trump's picture on metro's inauguration day smart trip card. instead they had graphics of the white house and american flag to commemorate the 58th presidential inauguration. they released a statement saying, quote, they requested permission to use a photo but didn't receive a response from the campaign. the cards are designed before the election. starting today there is finely some relief for montgomery county commuters. opening day for the new tacoma langley crossroads transit center. 60 buses are scheduled to go through the station at rush hour. helping to provide bus service to more than 12,000 people today. cur
6:51 am
of a whole foods market in d.c. has filed a class action lawsuit against the chain. that's according to our news partners at wtop. this comes after claims that nine whole foods store managers cheated the company out of money. they say they fired the managers at stores in maryland, and d.c. a brand-new flavor is taking over krispy kreme donuts. we are talking about nutella. they announced a new donut inspired by nutella. hazelnut spread. when you order it you have to ask for the nutty cocoa recipe. >> are they trying to embarrass us? skbl yes. >> excuse me. it's diched in everyone's favorite chocolate hazelnut spread drizzled in chocolate icing topped with crunchy hazelnut pieces. >> it's the generic nutella i have. >> this is from our producer. >> oh, yeah.
6:52 am
>> she put this on my desk. >> you put nutella on your banana bred. >> yes. >> we can try this. >> missed my pocket. >> aaron, you would have gotten name brand if you were a better employee. >> it's fun spread. >> you were downgraded from the genuine article. >> fun spread. you want me to eat that? >> what are the ingredients? >> my son likes it. >> this is coming out of weather time, is it? i hope not. we aare currently at 41 degrees. eventually there will be a northwest wind and breezy at times. you'll need an insulated wind breaker. temperatures 30s and 40s. we can make it up in the low 50s. highs in your hometown, 49 in leesburg. 55 in fredericksburg. coming up for tomorrow, we'll start out with sunshine and temperatures down near 30. during the
6:53 am
increasing. stay in the 40s tomorrow because of the increasing clouds. we'll also be staying dry. as far as the weather impacts for today and tomorrow, no worries anywhere up and down the east coast. if you're traveling, there will be some slowdowns on saturday along the i-95 corridor. light showers could slow things. could be flight delays in the midwest. biggest travel troubles likely to come up on christmas day itself. no problems locally but heavy snow across the upper midwest and west coast. flights to chicago, minneapolis out to the west coast could be impacted. best way to stay ahead of the weather is the nbc washington app. search for chuckbell4 and you'll find me. there's the rain in the desert southwest. that's part of the moisture and we will eventually bring snow to parts of the upper midwest. always best to pack your patience and call your carrier. here's our ten day forecast. 52 today, 47 tomorrow. dry both days. showers likely for much of the day saturday.
6:54 am
sunday, christmas day, start of hanukkah. sunshine back. milder for monday and tuesday with a chance of showers on tuesday. by then up to 60 degrees. drying out as we head for new year's eve weekend. over to you, melissa. chopper 4 over northern virginia after furnace road. you can see we're jammed there. good idea. chopper 4 showing us take 95 instead. 95 actually looking a heck of a lot better than route 106. i'm showing you that on the map here as well. eastbound braddock still have the left lane the only lane getting by. southbound gw parkway has a two car crash. blocking at least one lane is the last that we saw there. crabbs branch at shady road, still have that accident. overall 270 okay. we'll talk about it in just a second. inner loop and outer loop, nice volume if you're headed out.
6:55 am
to work, to school, somewhere fun. southbound on 270 before shady grove road, that's where we're hearing about it. southbound at powder mill. bottom of the beltway looking pretty darn good today. >> thank you, melissa. there are letters from children addressed to san that that haven't been answered yet. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is joining us live. we know they need to be fulfilled and mailed off today, megan. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. time's running out. these are wish lists that have been nield santa at the north pole. here at the brent wood post office in northeast washington they have been collecting the lists. they're trying to match them up with good samaritans. they need some help here. there are 83 letters that have yet to be answered. they're looking for some more secret santas. if you want to help, time is running out. come to the brent wood post office. the time line is 5:00 p.m. tonight. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. 6:
6:56 am
here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. the russian ambassador killed in turkey was laid to rest today. he was shot inside an art gallery. russian president vladimir putin was at his funeral service. all across europe police are looking for this man. he is the prime suspect in a terror attack in a berlin christmas market where 12 people died. details of the manhunt coming up next on the "today" show. president-elect donald trump's picture will not be on the smart trip card. metro requested permission to use a photo but didn't get a response from the campaign. be sure to open the nbc washington app for a full list of inauguration activities. the who wigreat holiday esc underway. we'll be tracking trouble all day. go to our app or track us on twitter. rumors are swirling that apple will release three new models of the iphone next year. >> and one of them is code named ferrari. can you imagine that?
6:57 am
according to daily mail that contained leaked documents from apple's east asia supply chain. it will have wireless charging and invisible home buttons and a screen can turn. it suggests the new model will be available next fall. >> and will cost as much as a ferra ferrari. >> you know -- >> budget. >> that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic, any breaking news. enjoy your day. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
6:58 am
you might call patricia washington lucky. after all, not only did she play a dc lottery game once and win. she played another game and won that three times. and then she tried a different dc lottery game and won that, too. so, how is patricia doing with her bowling? well, let's just say she does better with the lottery. ♪ sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun?
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breaking news. police in riot gear carrying out raids in germany overnight, officials desperate to find a tunisian man named as a suspect in that truck attack on a christmas market. the 24-year-old known to authorities before the massacre. so how did he elude the police? christmas blizzard. heavy snow and ice set to make a mess of the holiday weekend for millions. this morning the storm's potential impact on your travel plans. health scare. 90-year-old queen elizabeth and her husband, 95-year-old prince philip, battling heavy colds. their holiday plans on hold. we're live at buckingham palace. and burst of flames.


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