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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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been a big deal on any day in our area, but given that it's just a few weeks before the inauguration, today police weren't taking any chances. >> out of an abundance of caution, we cleared the area to make sure there were no bombs that would threaten anybody. >> reporter: it was in these woods along this stone wall not far from fletcher's boathouse, thehiker found a violin case with several handguns inside. she brought the case to the boathouse parking lot and called police. >> and we brought out k-9s and checked for weapons, hazardous materials, anything that you could think of. >> reporter: police then found more guns in the woods where the violin case was. >> other weapons were recovered in multiple ways. i didn't get a chance to see exactly how they were before we began the recovery. but there were buckets and bags and other cases. but no actual gun cases.
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to trace where the guns came from and if they had been used in any crimes. >> there is into indication as to why the weapons were here, when they came to be here. that is all under investigation. >> reporter: so buckets, bags and violin case filled with guns and ammunition found here. police still investigating. they say there was nothing inside any of those dinners that at first glance gives themmen indication of who they belong to or why they were here. while they do praise the woman for seeing something and saying something, they say if you ever find a gun or suspicious package, call them but leave it alone. that is the very latest. we're live lehere. back to you. shots fired near a school in manassas. tonight the gunman is on the loose. david culver has the latest. >> reporter: we're
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there could be more than one gunman on the loose right now. you can see police cars still on scene. a good morportion of the parkin lot is shut off. we had chopper 4 up a little earlier and crime scene investigators were combing through much of the area. what we do know is that some sort of fight broke out between at least three possibly more people. we know one of those people was shot the, another person was injured. they were both air lifted to inova hospital. chopper 4 continued as the air lift was taking the victims to the hospital where they are currentlyi inbeing treated. we caught up with a sergeant who did tell us that there were several schools in the area and advised us as to what if any connection there may be.
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in the wooded area. just beyond that wooded area is a few nearby schools. so we did make notifications to those facilities just to make cautionary measures. as of right now, we haven't been able to determine any connection to the school. just proximity wise. >> reporter: i want to show you this video captured a short time ago, this shows a bicycle and shoes a little closer to the scene that is cordoned off. it is believed that the victims were on bike and walking when the suspects were in a vehicle going past the scene at the time. so police do not the believe that the suspects are in this area and there is no concern for any active shooter situation. so the school in place earlier was lifted. students were able to get home safely, but they are still searching for at least one
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hour, a search expected to continue through the night. as far as any kind of gang connection, police won't confirm that, but i did see some gang unit tdetectives here earlier. so something we will follow fp back to you. thank you, david. more breaking news this timing in the district as police body camera video was just released a few hours ago, it involves a man armed with a knife shot and killed by d.c. police on christmas day. pat collins spoke to the man's mother about the evidence in the case. >> reporter: a warning, some people might find the pictures you're about to see upsetting. body cam video of a deadly police-involved shooting, but where is the suspect's weapon? it's there, but you have to look real close.
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>> put the knife gown. p down. >> reporter: body cam video. domestic violence on walnut street. it was christmas morning. a man inside the house, he has knife. witnesses say he's attacking his girlfriend. this is how it went down. >> put the knife away. put the knife down. get out, get out, get out. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: shot and killed, ja'van gerald hall, he was 29. i talked to his mother today. she says she saw that body cam video last week. she says she didn't see the knife. and doesn't understand why police had to shoot her son. >> he wassi
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the bottom of steps. and so they were nowhere near threatened. >> reporter: it all happened very fast. but if you look at the video closely, you can see the knife in hall's happened as he stands in the doorway of the house. mayor muriel bowser says she understands how someone viewing the video at regular speed might not see the weapon. >> i've seen it many times. i've seen it slowed, frame by frame. but if you're seeing it quickly, you may not see the same thing that you have seen after reviewing it many times. >> reporter: it's not over yet. the u.s. attorney's office is still reviewing the incident. the officer who did the shooting is still on administrative leave. back to you. >> thank, pat. weather now. first snowfall of the new year
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coming our way. won't be a lot, but could have an impact on your commute. >> and it will start probably just after this time tomorrow night. the storm moving our way. and again, this is not a very big storm at all, but it will impact us overnight tomorrow night into friday morning. so maybe a couple school delays. these are the current windchills. we were 57 earlier today. now the current windchill 42 in d.c.,hagerstown. teens back to the west thargs is the cold air that right now is racing on in across our region. we're into a very chilly day tomorrow. snow chance tomorrow night, again, this is what we're talking about for the first real accumulating snowfall in our area even though it won't be much. a frigid weekend and yes still
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bring snow on other parts of our area. we'll talk about the snow moving in and what about the weekend system? i have it all for you. turning now to the battle over obamacare. the affordable care act became law seven years ago, republicans in congress have voted to dismantle it dozens of times since then. and on january 20th, they will have a president who might actually help them. >> today president obama went to capitol hill in an effort to preserve his signature law. steve handelsman joining us with more on all this. >> reporter: it's complicated, not the all of obamacare will be thrown aside. the fight is over what part to keep and what to substitute it with. that's why president obama came to the hill where in a few weeks he will attend donald trump's swearing? . but this time he came to mobilize the anti-trump team. >> happy new year. >> reporter: president obama came to the capitol to rally
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for obamacare to the american people. and the democrats new senate leader did. >> the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again. and lead to chaos. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted, massive increases of obamacare will take place that year and dems are for blato bla the mess. mike pence went to the hill to rally republicans. >> first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: but with what? republicans still don't know fp. >> we want to me sure that the rug is not pulled out frun der the families currently struggling under obamacare. >> reporter: they admit the xwop gop alternative might not kick in for two years. >> a replacement plan you won't know until this summer and that is it too late. >> reporter: obama care is working to get coverage for more americans. just 11% now have no
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but the average premium cost is now 18 thousand dollars, up 26%. president obama stepping up his argument that undoing his health care law will hurt the nation. and will politically wound republicans. yes congress seems sure to vote repeal. the new president donald trump will try to hurry the demise of obamacare with a wave of executive orders fwhbut then co the wbig fight over what will b in and what will not be in trumpcare. more details on donald trump's dispute with the intelligence community over agencies of russian meddling in our presidential election. overnight he sent a tweet saying his briefing on the matter was delayed until friday and he called the delay, quote, very strange. but two in-fell against officials told nbc news the briefing was always scheduled for friday. and thwa
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wikileaks founder julian assange said the hacked material released from the campaign did not come from russians. but national security experts say it is unlikely assange would have known the true source of the material 37. >> a classic intelligence operation. you look to obfuscate. you look the method wills by which you collected i believe tell against. russians are the best in the business. >> reporter: saturday trump says that he knows things that other people don't know. and the information would be revealed tuesday or wednesday of this week. he has not yet disclosed it. bright yellow signs are calling for protests on inauguration day. and local aclu lawyers are keeping watch.
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avenue, official viewing stands are going up for january 20, but not far away at dupont circle, other workers were scraping around protest signs. police say they're ready for big crowds of anytime and the lop chapter of the aclu says protesters should be prepared, too prks. art spencer that seen every inauguration since 1977. >> we're just in the final stages of preparing a leaf let that will be available in large numbers telling people about their first amendment rights. things that people from out of town might not know. how to identify police. >> reporter: police expect thousands of protestors including from the veteran protest group, another group plans to pass out free mayor joints on inauguration morning to
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against mayorijuanamarijuana. a xrch aclu says they need to be prepared. >> and d.c. police have the right attitude in general which is is that their job is to for still at a ti facilitate them. but sometimes people want to get arrested. >> reporter: tom her shsherwood 4. >> and we invite you to enon up the nbc washington app and search presidential transition for complete coverage. the charleston church shoot erma a statement to the jury. the evidence he did not want presented. >> reporter: metro's union workers held a press conference today with a long list of grievances. we'll tell you what they had to say coming up. and in new york, a train derailed. we'll tell you what we ow aboutkn w
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more than 100 people tonight are recovering from injuries after a commuter train derailed in brooklyn. it happened as the long island railroad train was pulling in to a station during the morning rush. officials say a piece of metal pierced the bottom of the car as it pulled up to the bumper block. that caused to
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halt. passengers say they heard a loud bang and were thrown into the aisles. nobody seriously injured. sentencing phase in the trial of dylann roof is under way. roof is representing himself because he says he doesn't want lawyers using mental illness as a defense against the death penalty. more now from chris crack up. . >> reporter: defiantly defending himself, roof glaredeclared tha did not want his former attorneys introducing mental health evidence because as he put it there is nothing wrong with me psychologically. it was the first time roof ever addressed the jury directly, the same jury who convicted him last month of murder and hate crimes for the june 2015 church shooting in charleston that left nine parishioners dead. in his opening, prosecutor nathan
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defendant's horrific acts justified the death penalty. family members were called to talk about the life and loss of loved ones starting with jennifer pinckney, widow of the reverend, who spoke of the loves bag to pastor and father but turned to terror of the night where she and the daughter one upstairs when the shooting began. pinckney testified i heard pop, pop, pop, it hits me then it was gunshots. and immediately worried her husband was a vehicle. prosecutors may call as many as two dozen others over the next two week before letting the jury finally decide whether roof should die for what he did. chris clackum, nbc news. mayor bowser took action to close what she called a gap in a broken criminal system. it involves gps
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she signed new legislation that makes it a crime if they remove offer tamper with the device. vie lat violators will face up to six months in jail. before today, interfering with the monitor was not a crime. >> today we are announcing a new tool to help fight crime and remedy one of the parts of our system that is broken. >> mayor bowser also said she wants to ensure that police are notified immediately when the gps device is disabled. right now that can take days or weeks. many people believe the attack of a woman near chicapitol hill recent murder of a popular yoga instructor may have been prevented if the suspects had been wearing the ankle devices. two metro workers injured on the green line track while
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one man was carrying a metal rod when it hit an electrified rail. the other hurt while trying to help. all of this comes as metro's union slammed agency leaders for not keeping their employees safe. kristin wright is at union headquarters in northwest d.c. >> reporter: metro's management of course was not at the meet to go respond. this was just union members calling the press conference and they had a lot to say. metro safetrack supposed to improve safety across the entire rail system. wmata's top leaders say any are working hard to make things better and prevent dangerous incidents like the east falls church derailment and la fan'en plaza. but workers feel unfairly targeted. >> often when they flag safety
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from being killed, they are threatened, they are infill dated, they are shifted to other work. there has been a culture of intimidating people who try to do the right thing. >> reporter: trap thomas was fired today, he was a track inspector almost 20 years on the rails. thomas says he and other workers are being unfairly targeted by wmata management. >> there is a culture of retaliation. they do it in such a way where it can't be approach exactly as retaliation most times. >> reporter: thomas' union leaders backed him up. thomas says he found mechanical defects last year and got punished for putting in speed restrictions. union president jackie jeter says it's examples of dysfunction at the top. panel of union leadership and safety expes
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riders, a troubling management style using workers as scapegoats for the problem. >> wmata's firing of low level employees is serving mostly to silence all the employees from speaking out about what is really going on with safety at wmata. >> reporter: responding to the press conference, paul wiedefeld says in part, we cannot condone faulgs faulgs if i indication of documents and i stand by the actions we have taken that hold both frontline and management employees accountable. withmata let go of several employees accusing them of falsifying records. the union didn't have an answer and said they were waiting on reports. back to you. >> kristin o, thank you.
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and children left in the cold. challenges left for one county. and tonight a victim talking about the frightening encounter that left
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doug, we got all excited at the first mention of snow around here. what's the word? >> the word is very
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and that is really the case here. is this n this is a not a big storm, but it could still have an impact. it's coming early friday morning and it will be cold enough that i think some of the roadways may be img pankted. so let's show you outside right now, pretty nice night, but temperatures are falling. if you walk out right now, you can feel it. the cold air is moving in. 48, winds out of weather at 15 miles per hour. and windchills are now down into the 20s in some locations. current temperature in hagerstown, 39. windchill there 29. temperatures falling in to the low 40s right now. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour right now d.c., gaithersburg, frederick all reports wind gusts over 30. look at baltimore, 39 mile-per-hour wind gusts. so we have the cold air racing in. as we're looking at a storm system right now, not in our area, but just to the north, is this the cold air.
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the purple is a winter weather advisory. and tomorrow night, you have a winter weather advisory us follow this, all the way through st. louis right through cincinnati, right over towards west virginia, and then it stops. when would we see it? most likely tomorrow. so a little bit too early to issue one for us, but you can follow the track, that is the track of the storm. so i would not be surprised to see a winter weather advisory tomorrow night for our area. once again, not a big deal. but something we're watching. cold air moving in quickly. 26 in pittsburgh, 15 in chicago and only 2 in minneapolis. windchills up that way 30 below in some areas. for us, it's the cold tomorrow, plenty of cloud cover. and then the snow moves in. 2:00, we're still on the dry side. but 7:00, 8:00, it starts to develop around the entire area. and i do think most everybody will see at least some flakes tomorrow night. but watch what happens after
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11:00. the storm system pulls off the coast. we start to see it developing to the north and then it moves out so fast that it won't be a big event. but could still be roads snow covered. half inch or less from i-95 south and east. i don't think we will see any problems down hirere. but north and west, half inch to an inch. maybe more in some locations. but that will be the oom factor that we're watching. on i'll continue to track it. so 37 on your friday, weather alert day thursday night into friday morning. saturday high of only 31. and sunday high of 29 and cold air definitely here through the first weekend of 2017. >> doesn't sound like we need race to the store. thank you, doug.
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still ahead, demands for cash about. and a bus short annualaage it affected special needs children. and we'll show you what one family is demanding after video
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at 6:30, criminals taking a new approach in their efforts to export money from people. we've warned you about the scam, now tonight a victim sharing his story. >> it's really scary. i shut down. a man accused of beating an elderly driver goes on trial. >> next thing i knew, his hands was around my throat. >> a shortage of bus drivers have left some special needs students without a ride to school. and a local fitness center now serving cocktails to its members. a warning about a scam targeting people over the telephone. >> victims are receiving death threats from scammers demanding money. chris gordon spoke to a victim. >> reporter: there is an increase in
6:33 pm
saying their child is kidnapped, demand ransom. >> verify with the school or wherever the child is supposed to be, verify where the child is. >> reporter: in september a woman in this neighborhood got a call, a man's voice accused her of sexual solicitation saying i will report you if you don't sipped me $10,000. that was followed by more phone calls including a video of a man being executed. the woman turned it over to police. >> our detectives are working with other injuries dickjurisdi. >> reporter: loudoun county sheriff is investigating a threat received yesterday afternoon. >> young girl call and yelled mom please help me, someone kid me and they want to kill me. and i said who are you, i cannot -- i don't know who you are.
6:34 pm
on the phone threatening to kill the girl anyway and hug ng up. >> and police came within two, three minutes. >> reporter: she says she is still scared, but is comforted to know that police are aware of these scams and know how to handle them. in northern virginia, chris gordan, news 4. students stranded at school and at the bus stop. both incidents happened in a matter of hours. tracee wilkins started investigating and she learned this was part of a larger problem in the prince george's county school district. her story all new an 6:00. >> he didn't understand why. it's dark and he's still at school. >> reporter: sylvia is looking for answers after her special needs son and his classmates were stranded at central high school yesterday and again at the bus stop this morning. >> children that ride his bus, parents had to bring them to school.
6:35 pm
called, the school system transportation department for answers -- >> it wasn't just your child, there was children in elementary school left at school. what? >> not acceptable. we certainly apologize to the xhil parents. >> reporter: turns out the school system still does not have enough bus drivers. >> we do have a bus driver shortage. we serve about 1,000 routes daily and right now we're short more than 50 drivers. >> reporter: so if someone quit, a sickout or unsxukexpected retirement, there may be a serious delay. >> we're doing whatever we can. trying to go remain in contact with the school officials that they can communicate to parents what is going on. >> reporter: schools say atwater will have delays for now. but many parents are
6:36 pm
>> it's not fair to them or us. and furthermore, not fair for the teachers who are stuck here with them satisfies well. they have families to get home to. >> reporter: they are looking for people to fill the bus positions. if you're interested, you can go to nbc washington and we have a link with all the information you need. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. we're hearing from a teen from north carolina who was body slammed by a school resource officer. the sgipt was caught on video posted to social media. it happened yesterday morning near raleigh. jasmine says she was trying to break up a fights between her sister and another student when the officer grabbed her from behind. >> i didn't even realize it happened. like i was in shock. like he really slammed me and i was like, wow. >> that's not how you handle a child. she's only
6:37 pm
>> the school resource officer is on paid administrative leave. officials say he was wearing a body camera, but the video will not be released uni will it tti investigation is please. and why changes could be coming to your school lunch menu. and we'll tell you where you can run on a treadmill and then unwind with your favorite cocktail. got to be some carbs in there. the tracking the system that will follow us into our region. i'll show you how much you can get in your area coming up.
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y25eny y17vy in maryland, they want to revamp school lunches. next tuesday, state lemg lays tors will introduce a new law that will reduce the sugar in in those lunch meals at school. mand
6:40 pm
be required to create what they call a wellness policy by 2018 to make the lunches healthier. montgomery county public schools formerly it is disapproved simi legislation. if you have made a resolution to exercise more in 2017, you could reward your hard work with a hard drink. at least at one local gym. lifetime fitness this gaithersburg has applied for a license to serve beer and wine at its outdoor pool. other lifetime locations in new york and las vegas already serve at their pool. some gym members including pro athletes don't beithink it's a idea in moderation. >> i do promote drinking responsibly and i think they have done a good job at teaching members how to eat responsibly. >> if lifetime gets i
6:41 pm
beer and wine at the pool starting memorial day. coming up next, new fallout for a congressman's soon wn who captured the nation's attention. >> reporter: a man lying unconscious on the side of beltway during traffic. montgomery county prosecutors say this is a case of road wage. you'll hear from the victim who describes the mont he was mea
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tonight a chilling call to 9 911 for help. a drive eve
6:44 pm
about a fender-bender between two men that turned violent. >> the guy is struggling to breath. >> it happened back in june, both drivers saying they feared for their lives. one of them i saended up unconscious, the other on trial. meg meagan fitzgerald has our report. >> reporter: prosecutors say 28-year-old brandon reynolds cut in front of martin seitte represent right before the connecticut avenue exit. >> he cut my off and slammed on his brakes. and i had to slam on mine and swerve. but i did not -- i tapped his taillight. >> reporter: jurors were shown these pictures of the accident where they could clearly see minor damage to reynolds' infinity, but prosecutors say he was still outraged.
6:45 pm
>> next thing i knew, his hands was around my throat and that's the last thing i remember. i woke on the ground. >> reporter: a good samaritan quickly called 911. >> a man is choking another man while on the road. like choking him and slammed him on the ground. >> reporter: police arrived and rushed seitter to the hospital. a jury saw the aimaimages but reynolds said seitter hit his first and he was depending else. and seitter has a message. >> i do not hate the man, but i hat what he's done to me. >> reporter: megan fitzgerald, news 4. and you back now to obamacare.
6:46 pm
republicans are already taking the first steps to appeal the affordable care act. but it's a long and complicated process. republicans are not on the same page about how to handle the reappeal. the health care law is president obama's signature achievement and he went to capitol hill today to plot a defense strategy with democrats. >> our goal is to try to convince the republicans that it would be economic and hept health care malpractice. i hear from have a vans who have health insurance because of the affordable care act. >> tim kaine says president obama's overall message to the democrats is that they should be proud of what they have accomplished over the past eight years. hillary clintthere is a tee who is in trouble for doing it on capitol hill. because his father is a
6:47 pm
roger marshall. paul ryan swore in marshall yesterday and posed for pictures when his 17-year-old kid decided to dab. speaker ryan and congressman marshall seemeded a bit confused by the move. once the congress manaman got u speed, he tweeted that his mom s son is now grounded. >> my son would be, too. >> seems harmless to me. but disrespect. >> exactly, disrespectful. >> that's right. >> kid is probably a big hero at hits his school now. >> that's right. >> exactly right. so doug, we maybe will have some delays? >> i would not be surprised if we had two hour delays on friday morning. again, this is half inch to an inch at the most.
6:48 pm
i do not think any schools will be canceled bullpen there is always a surprise count that i is like -- let's show you what is happening. temperatures are falling quickly. you will feel the difference. winds at 15 miles per hour right now, and take take look at the windchill temperature windchill at d.c. is 42. hagerstown it's 29. state college it's 15. that cold air is racing in. the radar is all clear until you get back to the west and again this is the system that we're watching. not a strong system. a little clipper like system that will move through st. louis and scincinnati right towards or area. and so half inch or less down to the south. and i'm not anticipating any problems on roadways down to the south. any roads treated should not have any issues. it's to the north
6:49 pm
leesburg, gaithersburg, howard county, i think half will inch to an inch. some locations maybe a little more. and those areas could see some problems early friday morning. so these are the areas that could have delays early friday morning. so just enough of an event that we could see delays. 37 degrees for a lie on friday. saturday a hiv high of 31. and the storm is so close to our area, i am still thinking it will stay tar enoufar enough to south, but something we're watching. 31 on monday, so really cold air. next week we start to moderate a little bit. but we'll track the snow for you. chuck bell and sheena parveen in tomorrow morning. and if you watch our newscast, you know we're working for you highlighting mental health and domesvi
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and fitness expo, you can talk with professionals and get resources if you or someone you know needs help or support. our 24th nbc 4 health and fitness expo at the washington convention center and it's degree. for more information, head to our website or app. and we have sports coming up next. caps coming off their wildest game of season. but it has nothing on what is coming up next. and a look at what is ahead on "nightly news." ahead for us, republicans map their plan to repeal obamacare, but can it be done easily. and why donald trump has taken another shot at the cia and what the fallout could be. plus a look at giving birth after the age of 50. janet jackson making news about a growing trend
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we don't normally start off by talk about an event coming up, but locwhole hockey world w be watching tomorrow night as xwlu columbus blue jackets are tying to get their 17th win in a row.
6:54 pm
caps are riding a streak of their own, modest three game tree streak, but last night one of their most exciting for a 6-35.a and blue jackets is on top and caps have taken notice. streak or no streak. >> they recognize crumb bus obviously the class of the league right now, so they're coming in our building and it will be a good match. >> we don't change on the opponent. we focus on the game plan but in terms of preparation, we try to approach it the same way. >> i'm probably the wrong guy to ask. i just want to win a hockey game against a really good team. i don't watch tv, i don't listen to whatever. >> do you have a smartphone yet? >> i
6:55 pm
it for calling. when i turn on the tv, it's nbc 4. how about that? unsolicited plug. he said i don't watch tv and i'm looking at him with the mik mike-help. >> that will be a promo and testified free. the wizards are in a hole thanks to their latest road trip. but in 48 hours, they dropped to a playoff spot to tie for ninth. road not too kind for them. just 3-12 on the road after last night's loss. and in dallas, we are still shaking our heads at this momentum killer. wizards were pulling within six on this slam, but he gets a technical foul for pulling up on the rim. when
6:56 pm
pulls up his knees and we know how he has been injury prone. and they go on to lose their second straight. but back at home friday against the timberwolves. shaking our heads at that one. busy night in college, georgetown visits providence. george mason hosts umass. and maryland women visit nebraska and the hokies off an upset at duke take a trip to nc state. for the second straight year, redskins great joe jacoby has been named hall of fame finalist. one of the leaders of the hogs, he just missed the cut last year. no reason we can think of he doesn't have a gold jacket yet. three time super bowl champion and member of one of the most dominant offensive lines. if sleelected, he would join ru
6:57 pm
grimm. and 25 years ago today, redskins beat the ffalcons to mn the to championship and later win the super bowl. fans threw thousands of seat cushions. grounds crew probably weren't fans of that giveaway. a random bit of history. but you wrote down jacoby but he said he would be crying tears of joy if gets in. >> 19th time. >> i think you're right. >> and you only get 20. >> it's this year, i know it is. serena williams off the market, engained arou gaigai gaigaged a. aplast night off her mark. in new seay
6:58 pm
error. she struggled with windy conditions. so definitely a little
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, critical condition, a high-stake showdown now under way over obamacare. republicans vowing to repeal and replace. democrats vowing to fight. what does it mean for the 20 million americans whose coverage is hanging in the balance? off the rails. a pair of frightening commuter crashes. nearly 150 injured in all. what happened? pillow talk. a rude akening from the better business bureau. a popular pillow advertised on tv goes from an a-plus rating to an f. first baby at 50. pop superstar janet jackson gives birth shining a light on older moms. tonight, a reality check on getting pregnant


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