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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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snowflakes falling outside your window right now. >> this snowfall will all come down to timing. >> we're working for you to get you ready for whatever comes our way. >> that's right. it's not going to be a big snowfall. let's be honest here, folks. around here, a little bit of snow can cause some big headaches. we are getting you ready with team coverage. >> we're going to start in the storm center. doug and amelia are going to walk us through what's to come. >> this is just a little wave that's moving through. the main wave coming tonight beginning around 7:00. that's the one we're concern d about for a little bit of accumulation. >> this is our first snowfall event of the season. one inch of snow around here can still cause delays in the morning. >> because it's overnight, because it's on the cold side, it will cause some
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morning. it's coming down pretty good around d.c. it's still above freezing downtown. when we zoom out, look at this next wave. here it is right here coming through charleston and cincinnati. that's the way it will come across our northern zones for the most part. we're going to get a little break here between now and 6:00, 7:00. then we really start to see it move in and that's when we really start to see the snow. i don't think you need to call the loved ones and tell them to get home early. rush hour tonight should not be affected by the snow. isolated slick spots and bad weather around 10:00. that's the hour we think it's going to be coming down steadily in some parts of the area. by 10:00
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the sun and melting in the roads. this is going to be a very quick-hitting event. but because it's through the portions of the early morning, that's why we could have some problems. there's another storm. a saturday snow moving closer to our area. i'll see you back here in about ten minutes. things looking okay out right now. but it could be a different story later tonight into tomorrow morning's commute. aaa gave us some winter driving tips. if you have to head out, remember to take it slow and steady. accelerate and decelerate slowly on snow covered roads to avoid sn spinouts. keep an eight to 10-second following distance and don't stop if you can avoid it. if you can, stay home, the best advice of all. team coverage continues now
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-- montgomery county. are you seeing any flakes yet in your area? >> reporter: yeah, as a matter of fact, we are. take a look at i-270. here in rockville both directions moving smoothly. as doug said, maybe not a big impact on our commute this evening. flurries have been coming down lightly since 3:00 this afternoon. crews started hitting the road last night mostly lly spraying chemicals, the mix of salt on the road or the mix of beet juice and brine. as doug said, what we're really concerns about is the rush hour tomorrow morning. here
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d.c.'s department of public works said. >> if we stay under an inch, i think this is something that we treat with rock salt and the brine. again, if the event overperforms, it may turn into a plowing operation. >> reporter: so, again, in all three regions tomorrow morning particularly, if you can, stay home, stay off the roads so the trucks can do the work they need to do. news4 today is starting early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. we'll have the latest forecast. and first 4 traffic will keep you up to date on the commute. we're also following some breaking news in prince george's county where fbi agents conducted a raid and arrested two members of the county's liquor board.
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>> reporter: this is a longstanding investigation that involves corruption and bribery. we're told that all of the folks involved in this include businessmen, also members of the liquor board here in prince george's county and elected officials. this morning largo, our cameras rolled as fbi agents collected boxes of files inside the prince george's county liquor board office, this one after the one of the lek kiquor board commissioners and another were both arrested and charged with bribery and conspiracy. two business owners were also arrested, including the owner of palmer's liquor store in landover. the owner of central avenue liquor store was also taken into custody and his
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well. in the affidavit there appears to be did i belieadditional ele officials for the part they played in a scheme to bribe public officials for votes. we're told that a lot of this has to do with that sunday liquor bill passed in annapolis. and the members of the liquor board bribing elected officials to make sure that bill passed and also passing out more money to ensure that specific businesses were able to operate on sunday and get the licenses to do so. the commissioner being held was released on bond. the director of the liquor board is still being held because, according to the fbi, he tried to sabotage the investigation. we're told there are going to be
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including elected officials. metro train should be running on schedule right now, but has it been another rough day for riders. a system-wide signal problem caused delayed on all six lines this morning. the workers had to go out and switch the lines manually. riders were told to expect delays of up to 20 minutes. passengers tweeted they were stuck a lot longer than that. metro says it looks to be an i.t. issue. >> a metro worker is recovering from serious injuries and hypothermia after falling 35 feet down a utility shaft near the bethat esda metro station overnight. it took firefighters mo than an hour and a half to pull him
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hospital with injuries to his legs and back. one marching band is changing its tune on whether or not to come to d.c. from gadgets for your garage, from fitness trackers that fit on your finger. we are in weather alert mode this afternoon. our team coverage continues with an update in
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under winter weather advisories starting in about two hours. this is is going to be all the areas in purple back into the panhandle of west virginia. this goes into tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. when chuck and sheena will be in updating the forecast. if you're in the advisory you're going to get more snow, about 1-2 inches. watch for slick spots late tonight and early tomorrow morning. around 5:00 p.m., just some flurries out there, but snow moves back into the area around 8:00. more snow, guys, now in the forecast on saturday. who could see that snow coming up when doug updates you in about ten minutes. an historically black college is sending its marching band to perform in the inaugural
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parade. >> tallahassdega decided to tak part because of the lessons the students will learn from the experience. critics have said participation amounts to support for president-elect donald trump and his policies. others have said being a part of the ceremony is an honor. an uncertain future for a local mall that is losing one of its last two anchors. make sure you are prepared for what this storm, this winter has in store for us. download the nbc washington app and get the power of storm tea
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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it's coming. storm team 4 is tracking snow this afternoon. even though it may not be much, this is all going to come down to timing. doug will join us with an update in about three minutes on when we could see more snow this weekend. it's a nearly desolate shopping experience that just happens to sit on prime real estate. landmark mall is losing one of its two remaining anchors. what's to come. >> reporter: when it opened up in the mid '60s, landmark mall, this was the place to be. it sounds cliche
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anyone who grew up here. they'll tell you this was a destination for a lot of shoppers. if you come here today, it's rather desolate. many of the cars you see here, this is just over load space from a local dealership. these aren't even shoppers here to patronize some of the stores. there's only about 20 or so businesses up and operating. most of the store areas are shuttered. a lot of places moved out just because of the redevelopment. there was a lot of complication when it came to corporate ownership in this area. that's what made development or redevelopment in this area a lot slower than usual. there's only two anchor stores, macy's right here and on the other side sears. macy's will be closing. >> redevelopment of this mall is a priority of the city. we've been working with the various ownerships for a decade. right now this week, w
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redevelopment coming sooner rather than later. >> reporter: she goes on to explain what the hope is for landmark. we begin to develop a timeline as to when you can expect to see some changes here. that's the latest in alexandria. david culver, news4. after missing out on the playoffs, the redskins are making chases. the team has parted ways with defensive coordinator joe berar. they also fired other koecoache. it was a snowy commute this morning for drivers in columbus, ohio. right now that same winter storm system is starting to impact our area. folks in central ohio are
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of snow with temperatures in the single digits. n >> it sounds like this first one is really just a taste. doug, is it the one over the weekend that we really need to be taking a harder look at? >> well, that one now is coming into play a little bit more. for the most part, it's going to stay south and east of the d.c. area. but it is trending to the north. radar tracking snow across the area. down to the south around frdericksburg, baltimore, annapolis. it was right over town down about an hour ago. that has now pushed off. this is wave one. you see wave one coming through, kind of dissipating. here's what we're watching for the accumulating snow overnight, maybe a half inch
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most locations. take a look at the numbers, 34 degrees right now, close to that freezing mark. the road temperatures are going to be cooling. we're already below freezing in frederick, gaithersburg, winchester. right now we are tracking something. that's the new advisory that's coming out. i wouldn't be surprised if d.c. was in that. notice, 8:00 where the snow is. by 10:00 it's just about everywhere. everybody gets it by midnight. that's it, by 5:00 a.m. it's all gone. take a look at the snowfall totals tonight. less than an inch i-95 down to the south and east. one to two inches to the north and west.
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frederick, baltimore, northern montgomery county, parts of fairfax. we could have two hour delays tomorrow morning. the next storm we're watching is all the way back towards the denver area right now, but it's moving this way down to the south. we've been talking about it most likely being out to sea. but this is interesting. winter storm warnings now in alabama, all the way to raleigh. atlanta is going to be a mess tomorrow and saturday. definitely call ahead. i think there's going to be a lot of flight delays across the country because of this storm. here's one of the computer models bringing it right over ocean city and norfolk. the latest models are coming into the washington, d.c. area. snow from d.c. down to the south, the heaviest still toward the ocean. here's our first snowfall map for the saturday storm. 1-3 inches i-95 down to the
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of st. mary's county, calvert county, three inches or more now becoming likely. if you live up in frederick, winchester, you're going to get some from this storm but you may not get any from the next storm. 30 degrees on your saturday. look at the cold air. 29 on sunday. windchills in the teens both saturday and sunday. 31 on monday. another chance of rain or snow early on tuesday. switching over to all rain on wednesday. maybe more by next weekend. we have a lot of talk about. i've got to go see what that latest advisory was. i'll be back with you in just a minute. for many families it's a reaction that can be scary and even deadly. now doctors say there's a way to make sure children don't develop allergies to peanuts. plus, our first look at g
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in news for your health, it may sound counter intuitive but this afternoon doctors are saying that infants should be fed peanut butter before they're 6 months old even if they are at high risk of having
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>> the new guidelines and why they changed. >> to make a nice mushy and infant appropriate form of peanut. >> reporter: a tiny bit of this special baby food could put an end to a majority of peanut allergies. new guidelines from the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases say most babies should have foods with peanut in them by 6 months of age. >> there is a window when the immune system isn't going to recognize it as dangerous. >> reporter: high risk means they were either born with severe eczema or have an egg allergy. those children should be seen by an allergy specialist and only given a peanut when a physician is supervising. studies have shown babies given peanuts early on are 80% less likely to develop a peanut allergy. a doctor advised the
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peanut protein after she turned 6 months old. her older brother had been al j j allergic to peanuts. >> i think it's worked. she's 2. >> reporter: the guidelines say parents can introduce peanut products to kids at lower risk for an allergy around 6 months old. the most important part, never give a baby or any child under age 4 whole peanuts. they're big choking hazards. hope you join us saturday and sunday at the washington convention center for medical tests and screenings and wellness information.
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also brian datillo is going to be taking the stage saturday for a q & a. it's best to travel by metro. you can find all kind of information on our website as well as the nbc washington app. >> i'll be there saturday before i come to work. are you going to be there? >> i'll be there too. it's going to be a busy night for storm team 4. >> that's right. that means that road crews all over the area are gearing up. why they hope a special combination of ingredients is going to do the trick. >> i'm headed to the stm or
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four things to know at 4:30. two members of the prince george's county liquor board are facing bribery charges. fbi raided their offices as well as two county liquor stores today. signal issued caused a delay on all six lines. the operations center lost its ability to remotely control switches where all the rail lines converge. president obama is being briefed on a classified brief about russia. el
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undoubtedly interfered but stopped short of saying it was aimed at helping trump win. road crews are getting ready for the snow. that storm is moving in fast. that's why we're here in the storm center with meteorologist amelia draper. that is the big story of the day. this almost sounds like a double blast, this one and now doug said earlier this one on the weekend could be an issue as well. >> yes. weave be we've been keeping a close eye on the weekend. looks like we're going the get more snow on saturday. but let's get through tonight. it's not going to be a lot of snow, but it's our first event of the season and the timing. this is the first wave right now. still bringing snow down along the fredericksburg area and i-95. the second wave is going the move in this evening. it's mainly after the evening rush winds down.
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in parts of west virginia and ohio. again, this moving in between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. tonight. that's when we pick up some accumulation, especially if you're in this winter weather advisory. 1-2 inches in the advisory, an inch or less if you're not in. chances are road crews have already been out in your neighborhood mas making sure streets are prepped for the snow ahead. >> reporter: salt trucks and backhoes moving in sync, a
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the early effort waged with rock salt and -- >> this is the brine machine. >> reporter: that's a salty solution that al donahue keeps watch over. >> we add dry salt, integrate water and build up the concentration to make the salt brine. >> the earlier we can do things within reason, the better. >> reporter: vdot dispatched crews thursday to begin brining. >> it might come a little later, might come a little sooner. but then we have had the drop in temperatures that we've had. so we're looking at tomorrow morning being very, very cold, things freezing over. >> reporter: long before sunup news4 tailed work crews salting. they finished just before the start of rush hour,
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make a smooth commute tonight and tomorrow. crews are asking drivers to give themselves extra time on the roads, not just because of the snowy conditions this evening and also tomorrow morning, but also because the crews might still be out there on the roads and could possibly need that extra room. >> remember, as the snow gets closer, now is the time to download the nbc washington app to your smart phone. you can even set the weather as your home page. just open the app, open the tab in the upper left corner and open at the set your start screen menu. now at 4:30, u.s. intelligence official versus finished the report on alleged russian hacking during the presidential campaign. a key finding, vladimir putin's government tried to help donald trump win. but the president-elect has denied that and attacked the intelligence agencies. today the nation's top spy master had his say. steve handelsman with those details. >>
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election with russian help or because of anything the russians did. there's just no way to determine that. the head of u.s. intelligence testified up here today, even if he wanted to, there was no way for donald trump to stop this report or this hearing. it was a hearing on hacking in defiance of donald trump by republican john mccain. >> are you going to do nothing? >> mccain is outraged about interference in the u.s. election. wait putin's people penetrating democratic party computers and stealing e-mails for jewwikileaks? yes, says james clapper. his confidence level? >> very high. >> russia said the dni did more than hack. >> fake news. does that continue? >> yes. >> a complete report w
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to president obama with secret details of how the cia and fbi say they got the goods on putin. tomorrow trump gets briefed, but he's passed along assange denying that russia leaked the e-mails. trump's implied fbi and cia are fabricating a connection to putin to embarrass him. >> there should be howls. >> trump today tweets the media lies to make it look like i am against intelligence, when in fact i am a big fan. and the trump team is denying a wall street jury ro"wall street that he will downsize the cia. it is just impossible to determine if trump won and clinton lost because of what the
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russians did. amazon has been making headlines for opening stores across the country. now we've learned they're coming to our area, but not in the way you might think. pretty soon it will be
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. it's going to be a snowy late thursday evening. here's a live look at storm team 4 radar. we'll get an update in ju
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few minutes. we've got some breaking news for you. five people are hurt including one student after an accident involving a school bus in waldorf. this happened about an hour ago near briantown road and hunter hill place. a picture that we have from the charles county sheriff's department shows the bus that flipped on its side. we're going to try and get that for you. but the injuries are minor and the student was taken to the hospital. we're working to find out where the school bus was coming from and exactly what happened. two years two his term maryland governor larry hogan remains popular among voters. a new poll shows hogan's approval rating at 74%. his win in a heavily democratic state came as a huge upset a few years ago. in the same
4:41 pm
president-elect donald trump's approval rating among maryland voters was around 30%. a west virginia man pulled off a wedding proposal that his bride will not forget. he got some help from the police department. he and his girlfriend were pulled over in a planned traffic stop. he told officers that he had a gun in his glove box prompting a search of his vehicle. as they began the search, he popped the question. she said yes. >> i knew if i got them on board, she would not see it coming. >> you can say that again. she was shocked but she did say yes. this is the second viral police-themed proposal that we've seen in the last couple of months. also, this next thing is pretty special too. a man who lives near austin, texas, decided to celebrate his birthday by doing something he'd never done before. take a look.
4:42 pm
whoa, is right. he went sky diving. when the time came for the big leap, he did not hesitate. once that parachute opened the birthday boy marvelled at the view. ended with a perfect landing and big cheers from his friends and family. they say they're not surprised al wanted to do something active for his birthday. he apparently participated in weekly rounds of golf and yoga. from fitness to your home, we are getting a first look at what could be the gadgets of tomorrow. >> we're going to show you what's getting all the buzz in las vegas at the consumer lek tropical cyclo -- electronics sh. >> yowou
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we got a storm team 4 weather alert. the snow that doug and amelia have been watching for days almost here. this is video from the past hour or so outside our studios. >> as we track the snow on storm team 4 radar, we ask you to weigh in on our facebook page. are you excited about the snow? so far most people say they are. 22% are saying
4:46 pm
three are accepting it. after all, it is winter, hello. >> who wouldn't be excited, though? it sounds like you were saying you could use a broom instead of a shovel for this one. >> yeah. we're really not talking about a lot. it's our first snow event of the season. you have to be a little bit excited. you get to sleep in. >> that would be nice. >> not me. let's talk about the commuter forecast. as people get home from work today, the normal evening commute really not impacted too much by the weather. it's looking okay. but if you're heading to the cats game or you know somebody driving out a little bit later tonight, we are going to be dealing with roads that have snow on them in some spots, especially if they have not been treated. roads not in great condition at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow morning around 5:00 a.o
4:47 pm
out there. but by the mid-morning hours, the roads are going to be just fine. still tracking our first wave of snow, now lane mainly east of i. another wave moves in between 7-9:00 p.m. here you are with future weather. seeing snow in parts of montgomery, frederick and loudoun countys. we're seeing snow in the metro area as well. by a.m. we're looking mainly dry across the area. as you look to snowfall totals, most of them are going to be north and west of town. 1-2 inches will fall in parts of fairfax, loudoun countys. a lot of it will be melting throughout the day tomorrow, with high temperatures above freezing.
4:48 pm
and sunshine. tomorrow night bundle up, it's going to be a cold one. 29 degrees. more snow in the forecast on saturday. tomorrow, some slick spots out there, especially north of washington. the evening commute tomorrow looking just fine. again, dining out tomorrow night, definitely want the warm jacket. snowfall amounts on saturday, now right along washington and a areas around southern maryland could see 1-3 inches. as you head further south and east, parts of st. mary's county could see three inches or more. something we're going to continue to keep a very close eye on. doug will be updating the forecast tonight on news4 at 11:00 as well. sunday more sunshine. it's cold both weekend da
4:49 pm
coming up in the 5:00 hour, doug is going to be keeping an eye on the radar and updating as we continue to get new information in. with those temperatures headed below freezing and snow moving in, now is a good time to remember your pets. make sure you don't leave them outside in the storm. montgomery animal control will be enforcing their anti-cruelty. dogs cannot be tethered outside. violators will be charged a 500 fine. if you see an animal in danger, call montgomery county animal services. the white house called the torture of a man, quote, an outrage to a lot of americans. the kidnappers were charged with kidnapping and hate crimes. they took the man to
4:50 pm
beat and tortured him over a two day period and posted the video to facebook live. the 18-year-old victim is a former classmate of one of the accused attackers. >> horrible. new rules for contractors who want to do business with the executive branch of virginia's government. they have to agree to a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation or gender identity. the governor signed an executive order today that requires it. the move follows the state lawmaker's proposal that bans people from using bathrooms that are identified for the opposite sex. this dangerous rescue of a hiker from a mountain. the hiker had fallen 100 feet onto a ledge and had been stuck there for more than 12 hours before crews were able to lift him into this helicopter. he didn't appear to have any serious injs,
4:51 pm
amazon's first physical location in our area is on its way. but it's still not going to give you your traditional shopping experience. the internet retail giant plans to open a brick and mortar bookstore in college park right in a new university of maryland housing complex. it's only going to be a location to pick up books that you already ordered online. you won't be able to actually walk in and buy a book off the shelf. amazon has physical bookstores on the west coast in seattle, portland and san diego. technology of the future is being unveiled in week in las vegas. the consumer electronics show is underway. >> i've had a peek at this. >> nerd paradise. i love it. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is here with a peek. >> you know what's crazy? this is the consumer electronic show's 50th anniversary. can you imagine how far no
4:52 pm
radios. >> this week thousands of companies from around the world are unveiling the latest gadgets and gizmos. some are sure to make your smarter and your life easier. fitness trackers that actually fit right on your finger. robots that can give you directions at the airport. there's even technology to unlock your doors. >> now you can actually buy systems in your home that all work together. rather than having to control everything through a different app. tech is getting fitter and smarter of course. tomorrow the federal aviation administration will be at the show to discuss the integration of drones into our air spicace. next year i'm going to go. i should be there. >> that finger
4:53 pm
will help my wife stop losing her fitbit every other week. >> it's amazing to see how far technology has come. we've got an update on the breaking news. five people are hurt including one student after an accident involving a school bus in waldorf. this is not the right voideo. i'm sending out a picture. i'm retweeting scott macfarland who put out a picture of this over turned school bus. >> the charles county sheriff's department has been on the scene. they have seen that the bus is flipped over. the take away is that the injuries are in
4:54 pm
hospital. it was one student of the five that were injured -- or one that is a student of the five that were injured. that crash is still under investigation. we're going to bring you some more updates as we get them. we are not the only ones dealing with winter weather. it's been causing problems all across the country. in some places it's breaking records and being measured by the foot. what about our area? we have team coverage from doug and amelia and some snow of our
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
a big chunk of the country is dealing with or bracing for some major winter weather. >> there's even talk of blizzard-like conditions. not here. deep south. >> reporter: another foot of snow is forecast to fall on top of the two feet already piled up in the higher elevations of california and nevada, i-80 between the two was closed wednesday night. all from a winter storm that also toppled power lines and trees in oregon and continues to move east into the rockies, setting up a dangerous scenario for the homeless in denver and the volunteers helping them. >> my hands are so cold right
4:58 pm
now. i can't even imagine. >> reporter: it's already led to a sthnowy commute for columbus, ohio, thursday morning. and for free spirits around chicago to partake in an icy p dip. the system is set to take aim at the deep south friday and is causing deep concern. up to a foot and a half of snow is expected over one day in places not used to that much over an entire season. so southerners are bracing themselves. >> milk and bread, hamburger meat, chicken breast. i'm ready. i can survive. >> reporter: survive by staying inside which is where saturday's inaugural ceremonies for governor have been moved to get out of what might be a monster winter storm. >> more coverage right now from storm te
4:59 pm
and wendy. news4 at 5:00 starts now. good evening. snow is starting to fall in our area. parts of the area under a winter weather advisory. >> we've got a one-two punch in the works. we'll have you covered with the latest on the timing and a look at how our area is getting ready. >> this is our first snow event of the season, so mark the calendars. >> let's get right to. doug kammerer and amelia draper in charge. this thing is not going to be big, though, we should say. >> no, it's really not. once again, it's about the timing of this happening overnight where temperatures dip below freezing. tomorrow morning possible delays at the morning rush. >> we're thinking because it's our first snowfall of the season. this is tki
5:00 pm
take your broom outside and kind of sweep off the sidewalk and you're good to go. >> this is not a snow shovel snow. we had some snow earlier right downtown. this is the round that we're watching move in now. and this is what's going to be coming in tonight, likely around 7-8:00. commuter forecast tonight, 6 ch6:00 tonight, no problem. by 5:00 a.m. isolated slick spots but not a whole lot out there by 10:00 a.m. here's the winter weather advisory. that until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and a winter storm watch just posted. this is for the saturday storm. st. mary's county, parts of the norther n


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