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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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people in central ohio, bracing for about three inches of snow with temperatures tonight in the single digits. we're not going to get that much, nor are the temperatures going to drop that low, right? >> that's right. but it is going to get quite cold around here. and we have two chances of snow over the next couple of days. we're seeing the snow move back in from the west. we saw a little bit of snow earlier. now seeing it back towards winchest winchester, hagers towtown. here is the first wave kind of moving on out of here. here is the second wave. we see will some accumulating snow from this. still fine out on the roads. i think we're okay for the next few hours. by 11:00 in some areas, the roads could get pretty darn slick. that's the case
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if you don't need to be on the roads, don't do it. tonight's not really one of those nights. these are the areas of biggest concern to the north, winchester, leesburg. down to the south a winter storm watch for the saturday storm. i'll have it all coming up for you in about 15 minutes. team coverage continue nos with a look at how road crews are getting ready for whatever snow falls. >> reporter: 270 behind ne me i rockville. crews have been working around the clock preparing for this. >> we'll be ready tonight. we have staff already coming on board. we will be ready with our crews tonight to prepare to take care of whatever snow co.
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ready tonight to make sure tomorrow morning's rush haur is smooth as possible. >> there will be trucks out out major state roads and highways this afternoon prepping for that. we just ask folks to give those trucks a little bit of room, let them operate. as they spray that pretreating you'll see a gray streak on the highways to let you know the pretreating has taken place. >> reporter: in the district, they've deployed their entire snow team and activated the snow command center. >> we have a full deployment just in case this event over performs. we are prepared with just about 220 trucks. >> reporter: while only an inch or so of snow is in the forecast, it's the low temperatures that could play a big role in being able to keep the roads clear. >> there are limits to the brining as well. that's temperature sensitive. when it starts to drop below 20 degrees we really can't use that because it can
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>> reporter: crews could use a little help from all of us. >> but if there's a lot of traffic on the road and our trucks get stuck in traffic and can't continue to place down the chemicals, we cannot protect the public as well as we'd like to. so we are very concerned. >> reporter: and staying off the roads isn't the only way residents and businesses can help. >> we are asking residents and business owners eight hours after daylight tomorrow if the forecast holds, that their sidewalks need to be cleared. >> reporter: again, d.c. does plan to enforce the sidewalk shoveling mandate this winter. they didn't enforce it last year. one more note from the district, they will have regular trash pickup tomorrow morning on friday. so if you're skrcheduled for friday, your trash will get picked up. news4 today
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tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. two members of the prince george's county county liquor board are now facing federal charges for alleged bribery and conspiracy. they were arrested shortly after fbi agents raided three locations across the county today. two business owners are also facing charges. >> reporter: this was a four-year investigation. it involved wiretaps and wearing wires and undercover fbi agents, as well as the prince george's county police department. all of this centered around allegations of bribery and corruption. >> this conduct is not tolerated. those days are over in prince george's county. >> reporter: this morning largo our cameras rolled as fbi agents collected boxes of files inside the prince george's county liquor board office. this after one
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board commissioners and the director of the elector board who is a former commissioner were both arrested and charged with bribery and conspiracy. two business owners were also arrested today and their stores raided, palmer's liquor store in landover and central aevenue restaurant and liquor store. there appears to be additional officials under investigation for their part in what appears to be a scheme to bribe officials for votes. warrants show summomeone on the house economic matters committee voted yes on allowing sunday liquor sale s in the county. michael vaughn was the only
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delegate to vote that way. fbi spokesmen say the raids and arrests happened today because sun worked to try and sabotage their investigation. >> opportunities for corruption arise when there's a nexus between government officials who have the power to make discretionary decisions and private citizens who stand to gain financially. >> reporter: >> reporter: the county executive for prince george's county county issued statements basically disappointed by what happened here. everyone is expected to be back in court on monday. we should more information on
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a man accused of beating up another driver during a road rage incident on the beltway is going to get a new trial. today a jury announced it was not able to reach a verdict in the trial of brandon reynolds. prosecutors say reynolds attacked another driver after a minor accident in montgomery county last june. witnesses say reynolds choked the victim and threw him to the ground. reynolds says the other driver hit him first and that he was acting in self-defense. a retrial is scheduled for april. now to the report on alleged russian meddling during the presidential campaign here. the nation's stop s ee's top sp concluded the hacking was carries out in part to help donald trump. but the president has yet to accept that conclusion. steve? >> this report does not charge that donald trump won the election because off
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help. no way to determine that, say u.s. officials. and no way for trump to stop this investigation that he disparaged or stop its presentation here on the hill today. it was a hearing on hacking in defiance of donald trump by republican john mccain. mccain is outraged about interference in the u.s. election. >> every american should be alarmed by russian russianattac our nation. >> was it vladimir putin's people penetrating democratic party computers and stealing e-mails for julian assange's wikilea wikileaks? yes, said director of national intelligence james clapper. russia said the dni did more than hack. >> fake news. >> does that continue? >> yes. >> a complete report went today to president obama with secret details of
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say they got the goods on putin. tomorrow trump gets briefed. trump's implied fbi and cia are fabricating a putin connection to embarrass him. >> i think there's a difference between skepticism and disparagement. >> but trump today tweeted, the media lies to make it look like i am against intelligence when in fact i am a big fan. and the trump team is denying a "wall street journal" report that he will downsize the cia and revamp u.s. intelligence. the public report on the russian election hack comes out next week. like today's classified version, it will say basically it's just not possible to determine if trump won and clinton lost because of anything the russians did. i'm steve handelsman, news4. today donald trump testified in a deposition conneed
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the president-elect is suing chef jose andres for $10 million. andres cancelled plans to open a restaurant at trump's hotel. he did that back in 2015. at the time, andres said trump's remarks about immigrants made it impossible for him to move forward with the project. a lawyer for the trump organization says the videotaped deposition lasted about an hour. andres sent a tweet to trump this morning urging him to settle the lawsuit. things are back to normal now but a system-wide signal problem this morning caused big delays on all six metro lines. metro officials said the operations center lost its ability to remotely control switches where the rail lines converge. workers had to switch the lines manually. riders were told to expect delays of up to 20 minutes but many passengers tweeted the delays were much longer. the signal problems were
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by about noon. metro says it appears to be an i.t. issue a metro worker fell 35 feet down a utility shaft near the bethesda metro station last night. it took firefighters about 90 minutes to pull him out of there. the worker is in the hospital now with injuries to his legs and back. a man from new jersey lured to md, then murdered. tonight new details about how he was targeted as police arrest five alleged gang members in connection to his death. maryland casinos cashing in with record revenue. >> reporter: wor in northern virginia, man oh man, there is a lot of it going on. but what is actual benefit that you are seeing right now?
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leaders say one project that's had a huge benefit, those express lanes on 95, which w
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carry more people per day and the regular lanes on 95. overall more changes will be required to keep all of us moving. >> it's going to take people on bus buses, carpools, teleworking. >> reporter: for now, a concentrated effort to make getting from point a to point b easier. there is now a new traffic pattern in place at the sfwer section of capital crescent trail and little falls park way. motorists are forced into one lane in each direction. more signs have been added and the speed limit has been dropped to 25 mes an hour. these changes come after a deadly accident back in october. an 81-year-old was hit and killed while crossing the street on his recumbent bike. mgm at national h
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been open for less than a month and business is booming. maryland casinos brought in a record 1$134 million in revenue last month. >> reporter: mgn national harbor had an extraordinary opening on december 8th. traffic was backed up, people were turned away. but now that december is in the books, did mgm over take the state's casino leader, maryland live? maryland lottery and gaming released figures showing for the three weeks mgm national harbor was open in december, it generated nearly $42 million in revenue. >> i find mgm actually a little easier to maneuver because it's bigger. it may sound funny but they're a little more friendlier as well. >> reporter: maryland
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for the month of december. >> we're pleased to still be the number one grossi ining casino the state of maryland. how we approach things is different as a family and local owned business. it's more personal. >> reporter: he says maryland live is starting 2017 with a program that will match wagers of up to $10 with a goal of giving $1 million to local charities. have you tried mgm national harbor? >> yes, i have. >> reporter: what did you think? >> it's too over crowded. i like the spacious atmosphere here at maryland live. >> reporter: we have not heard back on a statement request to mgm national harbor. it website says it will soon become the region's most advanced high-tech industry leader. a new children's museum could be coming to d.c. according to
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business journal, a temporary exhibit opening at the national portrait gallery this month will gauge and attempt to drum up interest. if it's build it would be located at south dakota avenue and 4th street northeast. more trouble for macy's the the retailer is closing dozens of stores, including one in our area. why it could be potentially good news for the future of the landmark mall in our area. >> reporter: five are behind bars accused of killing a new jersey man and leaving his body in seneca park. some big changes for the burgundy and gold. several guys lking for new oo
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we're talking about weather here. there's snow in the forecast, have you heard? question is, what do you think about it? that's the focus of our flash survey. almost half of you are excited, you say. others say it's expected, it's winter. pardon me. 20% are not happy because of the traffic problems that often come with just a little bit of snow. so
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the first one, right? >> it's okay. let it out, dude. let it out, man. >> it's on you, doug. >> it's winter. that's exactly right. it's winter. that's what's supposed to happen. now, it's on us now. we're dealing with the snow coming through and we're about to see round two begin. we saw a little bit earlier today. >> but it really didn't amount to much. overall we're not talking about a lot. get excited. it's the first snowfall of the season, a little dusting out there. >> maybe just enough to give us some school delays tomorrow. we don't expect any close youre. take a look. it looks like it's snowing everywhere. but notice right around the center here, a little bit of a hole. what is that hole? that's dry air. the closer that gets into the radar, watch this over the last hour or so. that hole filling in. it is snowing just above the
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before it hits. once the snow hits the ground, you'll see this all fill in. we're starting to see the snow right now. we told you it would start right around 7:00. looks like we're right on time here. this is a fairly fast-moving system. temperature-wise, we're in the mid 30s right now. most areas below freezing. in this area, any snow that falls is going to stick on the ground very quickly. as we mentioned arou eed around seeing the snow. just about everybody is seeing something by 10:00. by midnight, everybody sees it, but watch what happens. it quickly gets out of here. it's out of here by 8:00 a.m. seeing some sunshine. less than an inch d.c. south and eastward. to the north, though, 1-2 inches, leesburg, frederick, up ow
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have the best chance of a delay. that's why the national weather service has you in a winter weather advisory. we mentioned another storm. here's storm number one. we've got number two back here towards denver. this is going to take a trip down to the south in through parts of the southeast. it's going to bring parts of raleigh and even part of our area under a winter storm watch. >> the snow tonight going to favor areas north of town on saturday, we're looking for more snow to fall east of 95. southern maryland, fredericksburg, you're likely going to be seeing some snow, just not as much tonight. friday evening we're seeing rain in georgia,
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early saturday morning moving into our area throughout the morning and midday hours, clipping southern maryland and the northern neck and the eastern shore. now the track has it going further north and a little bit to the west. we're talking about snow maybe around d.c., but especially areas to the south and east with the heaviest snow to the ocean. east of 95 you're going to be dealing with snow potentially on saturday. west of 95, really not a lot in the forecast. down in st. mary's county, maybe around 3 inches and a little bit more. that's why st. mary's under that winter storm watch. >> we still have some time to watch that one. tomorrow, not bad. sunshine early. any snow on the roads will quickly melt when the sun comes up. cold, though. more clouds late in the day. speaking of
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degrees. cloudy skies especially from d.c. south and east. by monday morning we could have windchills in the single digits. chance of snow to rain on tuesday. this is the system we're really going to have to watch as well f for tuesday morning. then a couple more rain chances before some more wintery weather next week. he traveled to maryland looking for love, but he ended up dead. tonight five people are facing charges as police reveal how he was targeted. also the potential new rule on capitol hill that could have an impact on the salary of tens of thousands federal workers.of
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disturbing new details and more arrests in the murder of a man from new jersey. we'll tell you how police say the suspects lured the victim to maryland and why he was targeted. reflecting on his time in the white house, president obama opens up as he prepared his farewell address to the nation. >> i look back on the last eight years with enormous pride. also, new
6:31 pm
federal employees. and the future of a local mall is hanging in the balance after macy's announces it's leaving the location. i grew up here and so i remember the mall when it was full of tenants and it was the place to go. first tonight, five people now charged in a man's murder. they found the victim's body in a shallow grave in gaithersburg last fall. tonight we learn how investigators tracked down the suspects who have ties to a gang. >> reporter: according to court documents police were able to track two of the suspects to this brentwood neighborhood. that allowed them to make three additional arrests last night. according to police, two of these suspects are teenaged girl who is admitted to helping their boyfriends with the murder. nearly two months after a body was found in a shallow grave by
6:32 pm
hikers near seneca park, montgomery county police are getting closer to closing the case. the victim is 22-year-old jordy mejia of new jersey. his mother reported him missing in october after she said he was heading to maryland thinking he would see a girl he met on facebook. >> detectives have determined that that facebook account was fictitious and that several of the suspects used that facebook account to communicate with the vick tetim as this female. >> reporter: ms-13 gang member and his teenaged girlfriend admitted to creating the facebook page. officials were able to track him by his cell phone which registered less than a mile away from where the body was found. they followed his social media account, finding this video posted to facebook on new year's day. that post led them to
6:33 pm
brentwood neighborhood where they followed he and his girlfriend and quickly made an arrest. >> it is believed that the suspects are associated with ms-13. >> reporter: police arrested three more suspected gang members wednesday night. court documents say jordy arrived at riviera's house in germantown right near seneca park. that's when he was driven here into the wooded area where his body was found. now three of the five suspects are being held tonight without bond. two are due back in court for their bond hearing tomorrow. police say this is still a very active and ongoing investigation. they say it's possible more arrests could follow. police say a shooting near a manassas high school was gang related. we brought you the story as breaking news yesterday. two teenagers were assaulted, one
6:34 pm
wall jacks wall jackson high school. president obama going back to chicago next week to deliver his farewell address to the nation. the president said today that he looks back on the last eight years with enormous pride. he said although did not accomplish everything he had hoped, he believes the nation is well-positioned for the future. and he'll be watching. >> my intention is not to be in the day to day scrum after the new president is inaugurated. but it is my intention as a citizen to continue to promote the things that i care about and that i've cared about ever since i moved to chicago as a young community organizer. >> that farewell address
6:35 pm
on tuesday night. a virginia congressman wants to make it easier to cut the pay or to fire federal worker. roanoke congressman morgan griffith has asked to revise a rule. >> it's beyond silly. i don't know how to comment on it. >> reporter: is it an attack on civil service? >> it's definitely an attack on civil service. >> there are about 350,000 federal workers in our area, not counting the postal service, secret agencies and the military. a shakeup today in the virginia race for governor. there is suddenly a challenger to lieutenant governor who had expected to stand alone in seeking t
6:36 pm
>> that challenger is former one-term congressman from charlottesville. he's not well known to most in northern virginia. today he released a video saying he's getting in the race to be a fire wall against donald trump. he served a term in congress elected back in 2008. and most recently has been one of president obama's special envoys to africa. his decision to enter the race now creates the prospect of a democratic primary. ed gillespie is the krunt front runner. now, on the democratic side he tells me he got quote a gracious phone call last night to tell
6:37 pm
>> i think our campaign is very strong. we just looked at the numbers this morning. i have 33,000 contributions in the last year to our campaign, over 90% of them have been less than $100. we have run and will continue to run a very strong grassroots effort. >> there's a big challenge ahead for tom. many of the leading democratic leaders in virginia have already endorsed northam. still ahead, a young man with special needs is tortured on facebook live. tonight, new reaction from the victim's family as new charges are filed against the four attackers. also, new leads as investigators appear to be closing in on the terrorist behind a nightclub shooting in turkey. >> and the snow moving in right
6:38 pm
it's almost reaching the ground. i'll update you on what to expect when this moves on through and what to expect for the weekend storm.
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four people are charged are hate crimes in connection to the facebook video the white house is calling an outrage. the african-american suspects from chicago are accused in the attack on a white man with special needs, some of which was broadcast on facebook live. police say they kidnapped the victim for two days. the victim was seen beaten, taunted and forced to drink from a toilet as the suspects shouted profanities against white people and donald tr. the victim's grandmother spoke to our sister station in chicago by phone. >> i just can't believe anybody would do that to someone, especially a special needs
6:41 pm
child. >> police say >> security forces may be closing in on the suspect in that terror attack in a nightclub in turkey. investigators have identified some of the gunman's contacts. they believe they know where he might be hiding. but they say it is also possible that he managed to get out of the country. isis is claiming responsibility for that attack. in that attack, 39 people were killed on new year's day. coming up tonight, holiday shopping sales hit record territory. but the outcome is not good for one major retailer. >> questions about the future of a once-popular mall in viginia.r
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever.
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it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. people spent a lot of money during the holidays. a new report says that holiday sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion. that is nearly 4% more than people spent back in 2015. there also was a new trend this year. during thanksgiving weekend, more than 60% of shoppers bought something online, went to the store to pick it up and then bought something else while they were in the store. and this year, more than three-quarters of shoppers used their mobile device to buy their holiday gifts. despite those promising numbers, it wasn't enough to help macs.
6:45 pm
plans to close 68 stores throughout the country this year and plans to lay off as many as 10,000 workers. >> among the stores closing the macy's at landmark mall in alexandria. >> reporter: for alexandria's former mayor, landmark mall once symbolized a true destination shopping experience, especially for young people. >> i attended the ribbon cutting when the mall first opened in 1965. i was 15 years old. >> reporter: over the year's the parking lot's grown more decembsolat desolate. stephanie landram says it's not as painful a loss as you might think. >> in many ways this close your kind of clears the path and
6:46 pm
complicated site a little bit easier. >> reporter: more ten years landmark's been under redevelopment without much to show for it. >> there's been every complication you could imagine corporately and the change in the market over the past ten years. >> reporter: the mall's most recent owner the howard hughes corporation promises you'll soon get to experience this mixed use residential, commercial lifestyle. >> i think in the end it's going to be a positive outcome. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by alexandria's current mayor allison silverberg. >> this is a top priority for me and for the council and for everyone at city hall. >> reporter: while she's not happy seeing so many lose their job with macy's closurcre
6:47 pm
bring back paychecks. the big question here is when. when will you start to see changes when it comes to landmark mall and its redevelopment? local leaders tell me they expect you'll start to see that beginning over the next year or so. and very soon a timeline with more details should be out with regard to this project. the official ticket for donald trump's inauguration was unveiled today. 250 of these tickets will be distributed to members of congress next week to fif to constituents. if you are attending official inaugural events on capital grounds you will be required to have a ticket but you do not need one to watch the ceremony from the mall. the snow starting to move in
6:48 pm
we saw some snow earlier this afternoon. it's starting to move in and the atmosphere a little too dry at the onset but starting to see snow finally make it to the surface. it's snowing just above the surface right now. it looks like it's snowing everywhere. outside in the studios i just saw a couple of flakes down here and that will continue. this is the wave. here's the cold front back to the west. you can see it shifting like this just a little bit. it's only going to be 5-6 hours of snow maybe. it's going to be fairly light at that. it doesn't take a lot when temperatures are below freezing. and everybody below freezing for the most part to the north and west. by 8:00 tonight there's the snow moving in. by 10:00 just about everybody seeing something. same deal
6:49 pm
it gets out of here. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow it is don done. a two hour delay would be all that is needed. less than an inch d.c. southward. some areas may not see any at all. these are the areas that have the best chance to see some accumulating snowfall. the next storm is going to give raleigh a real wallop. ocean city could see 3-6 impnch and 30 miles an hour wind out there. d.c. the shift has come to the north a little bit. i think we'll see some snow in d.c. on saturday. but i'm not anticipating much in the way of snowfall most of our area. it is cold the next two days. windchills in the single digits early in the morning, teens in
6:50 pm
a high of only 31. tuesday another very interesting situation. it's going to start off as snow and most likely transfer other to -- over to rain. it's winter. i'm excited. >> it is what it is. it's going to be cold this weekend. we over g've got a great suggesr what to do. we are just days away from our health and fitness expo. we'll have health screenings, fitness techniques and all of which you can join in classes for free and lots of information about mental health too as part of our changing minds campaign. the best part? it's all free. we'll be working for you at the washington convention center saturday and sunday, 9:00 to 5:00 both days. all the information is on our nbc washington app.
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coming up in sports, we are live at verizon center and out in ashburn. we'll talk with one of the leaders of the burgundy and gold. so if you have a flat tire,
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big sports day coming up. caps trying to be the answer to a trivia
6:54 pm
we're starting with a guy who's history. >> reporter: that's right, the defensive coordinator for the redskins. this can't be too big of a surprise, right? >> reporter: no, it really wasn't. as the redskins continue to struggle defensively, fans were questioning if joe barry would return as defensive coordinator for the redskins. today their got their answer. barry and three other defensive coaches let go by the redskins. barry has been with the team as defensive coordinator for the last two years. and we do know that this season his group was in the bottom of nfl rankings in many categories including yards per game, getting off the field on third down was a big problem all season long. the redskins defense, a league worst in the that department. we talked to one defensive leader chris baker about the firing just a short time
6:55 pm
>> i wouldn't say i was surprised by it. our defense was lacking in a lot of categories so i knew some type of change was going to happen. that's the kind of league we play in right now. it's all about results. when you have the kind of results we had as a defense, change is definitely expected. for one reason or another we just don't perform the way we're supposed to perform this year. >> reporter: whoever is next will be grjay gruden's third defensive coordinator in just three seasons. >> reporter: there's a trending hashtag on twitter right now. it's stop the streak. not many people in these parts want to see history made on the caps' home ice. with a within,
6:56 pm
bluejackets would have 17 wins in a row, which hasn't been done since the penguins in march of '93. >> obviously on a huge winning streak right here. it's going to be a fun moment for us to end it. >> it's an eastern conference divisional game and we want the two points over them. it's going to feel good to get the win and obviously a little extra motivation because they've had that streak. >> obviously fun to be the team to break it, but our focus is on ourselves and playing our game and playing it to 100%. for them to keep their streak going, they have to go through us. >> reporter: earlier today at the verizon center, the wizards back at practice. tomorrow they welcome the minnesota timberwolves to town.
6:57 pm
needless to say the focus of today's practice starts and ends with defense. >> we watched some film on defense. we got on the court and worked on defense. and we have to play better defense. >> the last two games we gave away too many threes. we got back to getting back to our basics. >> reporter: the wizards are still a few spots out of a playoff berth. but of course april, may, june is a long way off. tonight all eyes on this ice. hashtag ruin everything, guys. and stop the streak. >> we like that. you covered joe barry for a long time. what do you think? >> reporter: i said today i thought they were going to keep him. him and gruden
6:58 pm
they didn't have the personnel around him. they didn't have the salary cap around him to see what he could do. so i was surprised. >> maybe gruden got overruled. >> the next surprise will be to see who
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, shock wave, teenagers charged with hate crimes after video of a young man with special needs beaten, taunted and tortured broadcast live on facebook. tonight chilling new details in the case that gripped the nation. america's top spy defends u.s. intelligence. it was russia,e says. high drama hours from president elect donald trump secret briefing. bracing for impact. massive winter storm. emergency that could paralyze cities in the south. peanut allergy surprise. new way to combat them. tonight nation's doctors say something parents have been told for years is wrong. hollywood dream come true. movie stars jumping at the chance to work with a young film maker inspiring america.


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