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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alertness. i'm just going to take abreak here. you're watching nbc news live coverage. you've been watching that nbc news special report on the shooting with lester holt. for now, we're going to kick off news4 at 4:00 with that breaking news at fort lauderdale airport where the terrifying situation is still playing out right now. >> these are live pictures from the airport. around 1:00 this afternoon a man opened fire in terminal two. >> nbc news has confirmed 13 people have been shot, five of them are dead. >> as people were reentering the airport, another report of shots fired at terminal one. right now authorities say those reports have been unfounded. >> police cleared down the terminal and shut down t
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stepping up security, including our own. pete williams has confirmed the suspect's name. it's esteban santiago. the shooter was a passenger on a canadian flight and checked the gun in his bag. when he arrived in florida, he retrieved the gun from his bag, loaded the gun and opened fire. we want to show you some video we got from inside the terminal at that baggage claim. you can hear the alarms going off. and then that second situation in terminal one. we saw people running out of the terminal and onto the runway. others huddled behind cars with police officers staged right behind them. police all over the place there. you see them in some cases with their weapons drawn. officials told us
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situation appears to be unfounded. there was no second shooting. right now the airport is closed. we will keep you updates on any new developments as we learn more from fort lauderdale. our other big story of the afternoon is right outside our door. it's snow that's coming this weekend. round one came overnight and it mainly hit north and west of washington. now it's time for the areas south and east to get a taste. >> a rare winter storm is bearing down on parts of the south, snow moving in an places like arkansas, alabama, georgia and tennessee. this is video from arkansas. panicked shoppers emptied the shelves. states of emergency have been declared in alabama and georgia and hundreds of flights have already been cancelled. that same storm headed up the coast and could impact parts of our area tomorrow. with that, we arewo
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you this afternoon with team coverage. >> doug and amelia have been tracking the radar. how do you compare what's coming this weekend to that snowfall we saw this morning? >> but take this snow we had yesterday and kind of flip-flop it. yesterday we got it all to the north. d.c. did not see any. and places through the south barely saw any flakes. >> this storm is going to be areas to the south and east that are going to see the accumulation. d.c. really didn't see anything this morning. >> no. >> not going to be the case this time around. >> that storm trending a little farther to the north. right now storm team 4 radar picking up snow. just like yesterday, this is not hitting the ground. it is very dry. you may see a couple of flurries in these areas but it's not hitting the ground just yet. the storm itself just now getting its act together. atlanta seeing some rain and
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down into southern portions of louisiana. it's going to make its way out toward the atlantic ands they formally do, intensify off the coast and make its way up our way. we have some brand new advisories from the weather service. prince george's county, winter weather advisory. stafford county winter weather advisory until 1:00. st. mary's county and the northern neck, this area now under a winter storm warning. just about all of the dell mma also a winter storm warning. we'll have the latest snowfall totals coming up here in just a few minutes. following a meeting with the nation's intelligence leaders, president-elect donald trump acknowls
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are constantly trying to break through this can you want's cyber infrastructure. trump says that while the attacks were against government institutions and organizations like the democratic national committee, there was no tampering with voting machines. trump says he's appointing a team to come up with plan to aggressively combat cyber attacks, with a report expected 90 days after he takes office. he says today's meeting was constructive and he respects the work done by the intelligence community. hundreds of thousands of people will crowd the national mall for donald trump's inauguration. district officials are preparing for this event. >> reporter: it's quite a lot in the two weeks that we have leading up to it. you can look down at the capitol and actually start to see some of the infrastructure being put into place, the
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stand where the oath of office will be officially str lly admi. this is all part of what goes into making a president-elect a president. 5,000 national guard troops will be on hand. now, that number will be brought up to that 5,000 mark by troops coming from 42 other states. there are going to be 2-3,000 police officers coming to d.c. to augment the police force. also see a multi-layered bumper zone. that is the fencing and other things going up to keep people safe. there are an unprecedented number of protesters expected. officials say they think things will go smoothly despite the challenges. >> every four years our government works over time to keep everyone safe during peaceful transition of power that is thell
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democracy. >> i can't discuss the details of the security plan, but i can tell you that we will employ a robust security perimeter to defend against a number of threats. >> reporter: there have been some changes in the permits for people who are going to protest. now we understand that some of those permitted spaces will be opened up and there will be more protesters allowed to protest, either on the days after the natur inaugural or on the parade route. $30 million is what the district expects. only a portion of that has been appropriated but they are fully hope naful that they will get t full amount to reimburse them for these costs. they made the perfect gift for so many of us. but now there's a new scam targeting amazon gift cards. we're staying on top of that breaking news in florida.
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checked bags and kills at least five people at fort lauderdale airport. >> hundreds of people who were inside the airport are now outside on the tarmac. a gunman is in custody. we are, of course, monitoring the situation very closely fr you.o
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michelle obama delivered an emotional final speech at the white house by thanks her supporters and honoring the nation's educators. the first lady bid an early
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school counselor of the year ceremony. this is an event she started two years ago as part of her reach higher initiative that promotes learning. today she told young people to get a good education tor, to ley example with hope and never fear. >> and know that i will be with you rooting for you and working to support you for the rest of my life. and that is true, i know, for every person who is here today and for educators and for advocates all across this nation who get up every day and work their hearts out to lift up our young people. and i am so grateful to all of you for your passion and your dedication and all the hard work on behalf of our next generation. and i can think of no better way to end my time as first lady than celebrating
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you. so i want to close today by simply saying thank you. thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life and i hope i've made you proud. [ cheers and applause ] in addition to education, mrs. obama has also worked on behalf of health and fitness and military families and she often held these events in the east room or the south lawn to showcase those projects. >> no question she made a lot of folks proud. it is a big weekend here at nbc 4. we're taking you inside the health and fitness expo before it opens and telling you what's there that could give your health a boost. >> plus, our weather. some of you are going to see some snow this weekend. doug is back with a track of all this, letting us know who
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back at the live desk, reports of a shooting in fairfax. one person is dead, one person is wounded. this is near the intersection of little river turnpike and prince william drive. chopper 4 is over head. you can see the area we're talking about. this is fairfax and okla drive. a small street near the interzerinte intersection of little river turnpike and prince william drive. a
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a male is taken to the hospital with what are characterized as life threatening injuries. we're counting down to a big weekend here at nbc 4. our 24th annual health and fitness expo kicks off tomorrow morning. here's a live look at some of the last-minute preparations at the washington convention center. there's so much to see and do. some of it could save your life. and best of all, it's free. >> how's it looking so far? >> reporter: hard to believe this is our 24th year. it's gotten bigger and better every year. there are so many great things to do down here at the expo, so many activities. but first and fo
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a place about health and fitness. one of the best things that we do here at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is offer free medical tests and free screenings. it's great to see people coming down here every year. we're so grateful that united medical center is here. joining me david thompson who is the director of communications. you guys are going to be offering lots of screenings and medical tests. >> correct. we're going to be offering hiv testing. we're going to be having high blood pressure testing. we're really happy to be here. we have our mobile health clinic where the hiv test will be completed. we want people to come out so we can help them have a better life and better health. >> reporter: there are lots of people who maybe aren't making doctors points when they should
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and worry about the changes in our healthcare system. this is really a wonderful opportunity for a lot of people. >> this is a huge opportunity. we're going to have a number of physicians here. people in diabetes. physicians and nurses will be here from the hospital. we want people to come. we we'll talk and answers questions. >> reporter: great opportunity if you've been trying to talk your loved one into seeing the doctor and maybe that person hasn't been willing to go. >> many people don't know they should have a primary care. if you don't have a doctor, you need to have a doctor. get a primary care and get on the road to better health. >> reporter: again, so glad that united medical center is here. i would recommend from past experience if you're interested in these free medical tests and screenings, come down early because the line starts early. a whole lot of other free tests available.
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kaiser perm thne perm then -- we here. feens house will be offering substance abuse screening. lots of good stuff. saturday and tund we'sunday we' the doors at 9:00 a.m. coming up, i've got some healthy cooking demonstrations. doug is not the only person who gets to check out the good food when he's out in the field. >> i'm surprised he missed that. anything to do with food, he's there. >> he's got his hands full right now. if you got snow last night, then you're not going to get snow tomorrow. but if you didn't, then you've got a good chance. >> that's exactly right. doreen, you know i'll see you tomorrow. you know i'll be down there for sure. as far as the snow
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those of you who did see it last night, you probably won't see much. these of you who didn't see it last night, this is your storm, especially in southern marand. let's show you right now. the clouds around the area, not just the clouds. it's cold outside. curnt temperature 30 degrees. look at the winds. northwest at 12 miles an hour. the current windchill in d.c. is 20 degrees. many of you are seeing windchills in the teens right now because your temperatures are in the 20s. look at fredericksburg. now, i want to show you the areas under the winter weather advisory. the weather service was perfect here last night. northern montgomery county, northern loudoun county to the south and west. different story here. stafford
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county. right now seeing sol fl ining s down towards this area. now what we're really watching is this storm to start to take shape. you see a lot of moisture down around atlanta. look at the snow, all the way down into southern texas, southern portions of louisiana. this is going to be a monster of a storm, especially in towards atlanta and the carolinas. for us, the storm moves in overnight tonight. so 7:00 tonight, fno problem. it's tomorrow morn right around 7:00. watch what happens here. i told you yesterday trending a little bit farther north
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west. look what happens around 11:00. leesburg eastward seeing snow. nothing back towards hagerstown. it's out of here by 3 or 4:00 everywhere. flurries possible to the north and west. dusting to an inch. 1-3 inches down to the south. southern maryland, 3-5 inches plus. i wouldn't be surprised to see 6-8 in some extreme southern areas. in the city. ♪ t right there one inch to three inches south including prince george's county county, southern portions of fairfax county and then to the north and west we're just talking flurries. be on the lookout tomorrow. we're going to be in here with you storm morning for the latest onis
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gets cold. windchills early sunday morning will be in the single digits. same deal on monday morning. then we see temperatures moderate and actually warm into the 50s. chance of rain next wednesday and thursday. this is a pretty big one south and east of i-95. some of you had to pa $30y
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expect some disruptions over the weekend if you are riding metro. crews are doing maintenance on the rails. they're also doing rail maintenance in other areas. so the blue, orange and silver lines are going to be shut down from . the green line will be singing tracking while crews install some communication cables. after six years on the job, the fire chief in prince george's county calling it quits. last night the chief e-mailed members of the department to let them know. he held a press conference tay at the fire station and said serving the county has been an honor. >> this experience has been exciting, rewarding and
4:27 pm
there is indeed a lake in florida calling my name and my wife's name. i am proud of our accomplishments and fully trust i'll be able to look back years from now and continue to be proud of the progress the men and women of the prince george's county fire/ems department and prince george's county county will continue to make. >> he got his start way back in 1981 when he joined the volunteer fire department. he's lived in the county for 45 years. boy, that lake in florida is looking pretty good right about now. the video that you just have to siee of this truck plowing through a window. we track another round of snow coming our way. >> it's our big story of the afternoon, a breaking situation at fort lauderdale
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we're staying on top of the breaking news now. 13 people have been shot, five of them have died after a man opened fire in baggage claim at the fort lauderdale airport. >> police say the suspect in that shooting is in custody. his name is esteban santiago. sources tell nbc news that he arrived on a flight from canada with the gun in his checked baggage. at s
4:31 pm
and opened fire. >> airports across the country are now stepping up their security, including the ones right here in washington. the fort lauderdale airport is still closed. so far it's not clear if this was a terrorist act. police don't have a motive for the shooting. one of the most contentious aspects of the presidential transition, that investigation into allegations that russia deliberately tried to influence the election. >> president-elect trump was briefed on the investigation today. afterward he acknowledged the possibility that russia was involved in the cyber attacks. >> for the president-elect, that is a big step forward. but we just received a copy of the declassified version of this report. it doesn't talk about any of the juicy details of the sources and methods used to abstain this information. but the u.s. intelligence
4:32 pm
convinced that russia, specifically vladimir putin, was behind a complicated, very concerted effort to try to affect the u.s. presidential campaign. it was apparently aimed at undermining faith in the democratic process, but specifically hurting hillary clinton wlr clinton, whether she won or lost. it says putin and his government took a liking to donald trump. and nbc has learned that russians actually celebrated, congratulated each other after he won. this on a day when at trump tower and here on capitol hill the focus was looking back at the 2016 presidential election. >> members of congress -- >> as vice president biden led congress in formalizing the 2016 electoral vote, a few democrats made one last stand against trump. >> i object on behalf of the millions of americans including
4:33 pm
community. >> debate is prohibited. >> at trump tower, a different drama behind closed doors with the heads of the fbi, nsa, cia and director of national intelligence briefed the next president on evidence russia conspired to tamper with the election. before hearing a word, trump told the "new york times" the investigation into russian hacking is a political witch hunt. after the briefing he issued a statement saying there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election. but his clash with intelligence officials may have long lasting effects. >> we all have to be concerned about this. this is not the kind of bickering that ought to be going on in public. >> the public is getting a highly sanitized declassified version of that report. some details were obtained by nbc news which reports russians congratulated each other after trump's win. >> the american people have a right to know what a foreign power did to disrupt our election. >> on twitter trump
4:34 pm
the leak of classified information, that from the candidate who praised wikileaks during the campaign and days ago seemed to side with its founder julian assange over the intelligence community. the next president and his fellow republicans are taking comfort in the findings that there was no evidence that the actual balloting was hacked. but speaker ryan, who also echoed that point, said it is absolutely unacceptable that a foreign power would try to meddle in our elections. this next video is so incredible you could just put it on a loop and watch it again and again. they take a u haul and ram into a gas station and take off in prince george's county county. >> police are trying to figure out if these cases are all connected. >> reporter: it's a bold crime and it's happening again and again iri
4:35 pm
county. thieves pulling up to gas stations in u haul trucks, ramming into atms, knocking them right out of the ground and stealing them. in mt. rainier just a few weeks ago it took them only six minutes. they knock it right into the ground and then three masked men manage to pick that atm up and put it into the back of the u haul and they're gone. we talked to the owner of the gas station. >> around christmas time or holiday time, people want a quick buck. you know, they would rob you, they would steal from you, they would do anything. >> reporter: there was an employee hiding out inside when this was all going on. tonight on news4 at 5:00, what he was thinking as it was happening. every time we have snow on the way, it helps to see images like these. this video from ots
4:36 pm
puts it all in perspective. a large swath of upstate new york is seeing several feet of snowfall over the past 24 hours. they got 30 inches just north of syracuse. >> golly. >> i think parts of our area will see snow this weekend, but nothing like that. >> when i see snow individual -- video from western new york, i'm so happy to have two inches of snow here in the d.c. metro area. here's a look at storm team 4 radar, showing some flurries falling in parts of southern maryland right now. it's really after midnight tonight when the snow showers start to move in, closer towards 3:00 a.m. if you have plans for your friday night, make sure you have the warm jacket and snow it's going to be mainly dry out there. look at the temperature. only 30 degrees. even with winds out there only a little blustery right now we're
4:37 pm
right now. by 11:00 p.m. we're talking about a temperature around 28 degrees. the driving forecast around 10:00 is looking fine. as we look to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, you're going to want to avoid travel especially in washington and areas to the south and east. by 3:00 p.m. we start to see the roads clear out as the snow pulls away. now if you're in purple and pinping clr -- you're going to see the most snowfall. the government h a sternas
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in txp
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the price to surge to $30. many of the folks paid that. so we caught up with transurban today, wanted to get an idea as to what exactly happened. >> remember the more people that are on the express lanes the tolls are going to increase to manage that traffic on the lane. so of course as that slowed things down as those plow trucks went through, we saw that traffic slow. we saw that toll go up. as soon as those trucked clears, everything went back to normal. >> reporter: you can see some of the salt and sand mixture still on the side of the express lanes there. ahead on news4 at 5:00, i want you to hear from transurban as to what they plan to do to help some of those drivers caught in that surge pricing here during rush hour. this time tomorrow the washington convention center will be packed with people for the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. we'll show you some of
4:42 pm
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you're looking at live pictures of the fort lauderdale international airport where police have still shut down that terminal following the mass shooting earlier this
4:45 pm
five of them have now died. >> we heard from eyewitnesss describing this scene from the cell phone video you're see right now where they described the suspect with a handgun going up to people and shooting them in the face and in the head and then laying out spread eagle as soon as authorities arrived, not fleeing from the scene. we understand he was taken into custody and is speaking with the fbi right now. a motive in this case, we simply do not know. however, pete williams of nbc news has reported this does not appear to be an act of terrorism. preliminary reports suggest the suspect had a history of mental health issues. the other big story we're following is the weather. folks up in baltimore saw their first snow of the season. neighbors in the suburbs got as much as two inches overnight. but almost all of that snow tapered off before the morning rush. here in our area
4:46 pm
the snow that's impacting a big part of the south, now headed our way. >> we've been watching this forecast change day to day. >> the track of the storm system looked like it was going to miss us. then it looked like we were going to get a little. so right now we're thinking most of us about a dusting to two inches, more south and east and less north and west. it's going to be snowy out there tomorrow morning on into at least the early afternoon hours. we will have some late day sunshine but not just snow in the forecast this weekend. bitter cold. it's cold tomorrow and sunday as well. and it's windy as well. it will feel like we're in the sing single digits and teens. here's the latest weather alerts. in purple you're under a
4:47 pm
weather advisory. a more serious winter storm warning over on the eastern shore down into st. mary's county and parts of the northern neck. amounts saturday, notice north and west of town, we're only talking about flurries. but in prince william, southern montgomery, a dusting to about an inch. washington about a dusting to two inches here. as we look to southern maryland, down through fredericksburg, king george and stafford counties, 1-3 inches and 3-5 inches in parts of st. mary's county out around cambridge and the northern neck. there could be some isolated higher amounts. here's the timing. 3:00 a.m. we start to see showers move into the south. by 7:00 a.m. we're tracking showers in washington, annapolis and
4:48 pm
area. but lunchtime showers in the d.c. metro area. by 3:00 p.m. most of us are dry. some late day sunshine. it's bitterly old overnight. not a lot of melting going on on sunday at all. if you're shoveling, plan on shov shoveling. in d.c. i would say at least once, maybe even two times. dinner out tomorrow night, you don't necessarily have to cancel your plans. we'll be dry at that point. all major roads should be fine. sunday a high of 27. and then wednesday and thursday the chance of rain. but more importantly, that warmup, any snow melts. mid to upper 50s by next wednesday and thursday. >> what is that 60 degrees on there?
4:49 pm
firefighters put out an suv fire this morning bethesda on wisconsin avenue and chelsea lane. the suv had been involved in a crash with three other cars before it caught on fire. one person was injured. no word yet on what caused the fire or the crash. the federal trade commission is issuing a stern warning. don't try to buy a card with an amazon gift card. >> it is the latest scam. how does this work? how do you get a gift card for a car? >> isn't this crazy? scammers are getting people to actually buy big ticket items with the amazon gift cards. we're talking about cars, boats, motorcycles and even an rv. but the problem is it's all a scam. here's how it works. posing as sellers on websites like ebay, craigslist, scammers say they need tose
4:50 pm
they tell you to pay with an amazon gift card. you're asked to share the code on the back of that card. you're actually giving that scammer total control of the money on that card. by the time you figure it out, that money is gone. don't do it. amazon gift cards can only be used on there are similar scams using itunes gift cards as well. amazon says you need to log into your amazon account and contact customer service immediately. >> just like a credit card. you don't give out your number. we're getting all warmed up for this weekend's health and fitness expo. this weekend marks the 24th year. >> front and center for all these expo
4:51 pm
gentzler. >> reporter: i was just a teenager when we started this. hey, i promised healthy cooking demonstrations. well, you know what? the food won't be here until tomorrow morni gmorning. see all these chairs in front? you could be in those chairs. we're going to have all kinds of healthy cooking demos every hour on the hour saturday and sunday. we're so glad that our partners from wegmans are back this year. they're going to be part of the healthy cooking demonstrations. what are you guys going to be cooking? >> we are here to help you love your veggies. we know more veggies on the plate really can improve your health. we're here to help everyone feel your best in 2017. our chefs will be showing ways to enjoy great tasting vegeta e
4:52 pm
we're getting creative with cauliflower and going wild with mushrooms. our chefs will be here both saturday and sunday on the cooking stage to really help your feel your best. we have good recipes, tips. our chefs will be in the booth to help make great meals easy and great tasting too. >> reporter: we're looking forward to it. crystal register from wegman's. a whole lot of other cooking experts will be here showing us all kinds of things on saturday. healthy cooking with fruit. healthy cooking for kids. veggie power, how to make your own tortillas using ancient grains. get here at 9:00 in the morning before it gets really crowded. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we're going to be talking about addiction and substance abuse. there are
4:53 pm
opportunities at the expo for people to be screened and talk to an expert about getting help. >> it's a great mix of fun stuff and really serious information as well. >> reporter: you're right. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is open tomorrow from 9:00 to 5:00. sunday 9:00 to 4:00. for the complete schedule of events head to the washington nbc app. we want to see your experiences so share your expo pictures on twitter and instagram with the hashtag nbc4expo. an unprecedented storm for tens of millions of people. how the south is getting ready for a snowstorm that is going to cause huge problem. that same system could bring some snow here this weekend.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
there's a good chance you could see snow tomorrow morning if you didn't see any snow last night. team coverage in just a few minutes. the same system that could bring us snow already has parts of the south under a state of emergency. >> sarah rosario shows us how millions of people are bracing for this potentially historic weather event. >> reporter: while
4:57 pm
northeast are getting buried with heavy snow, the southeast is bracing for a blast of winter weather from a different storm system. >> milk and bread. and they're probably out. >> reporter: as thousands rushed the stores, several inches of snow is expected from virginia down to georgia. >> the north carolina highway patrol has been mobilized and they will send their crews to hot spots, depending on the weather. >> reporter: it's the same system that swept across the midwest. now there are states of emergency in alabama, georgia and north carolina. >> this storm could turn severe very quickly. and so we need you to have a three-day food supply and be prepared to hunker down. >> reporter: the deteriorating conditions causing wrecks like this one in little rock, arkansas. many in transportation are working 12-hour
4:58 pm
trucks across the state that are ready to be deployed. >> reporter: the conditions dangerous for many, but for kids a fantastic snow day with more of this expected throughout the weekend. sarah rosario, nbc news. >> we're tracking that snow and how it can impact our area. right now at 5:00, breaking news from florida where at least five people are dead after a gunman opens fire at the fort lauderdale airport. you're taking a live look at that airport now where all flight operations are stopped. this has been a rapidly developing situation all afternoon. >> tonight the main suspect in that shooting is in kucustody.
4:59 pm
authorities say esteban santiago arrived on a flight from minneapolis, pulled a gun from his checked bag and opened fire. >> new information from sources involved with this investigation tell nbc news the suspected gunman esteban santiago flew from alaska to minneapolis and then to fort lauderdale today. santiago had apparently traveled with a gun in his checked baggage. when he arrived, he retrieved the bag. witnesses said he came out of a bathroom and started to shoot at random. we're waiting to hear from florida's governor, the republican rick t.
5:00 pm
down for the evening. likely to be shut down for quite some time. we're checking with our local airports. the national capital region airport, they're always operating with a high level of security there, being one of the airports in our region. they say there are no indications of any threat in our area. our other big stories this afternoon, we have a major winter storm that's going to come close enough to give us a little bit of snow by tomorrow. not everyone is going to see it. >> check out what's happening to our south. we are right now in weather alert mode here. >> guys, just in national weather service, this is like breaking news right now. national weather service just issued a winter weather advisory that now includes washington, fairfax, prince william countys and other


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