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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and that is because snow is falling. and for many of us, it's the first real taste of winter. storm team 4 tracking how much is coming down and how road crews are trying to get ahead. a fiery crash and two people dead. what we are discovering a about rollover that went up in flames. airport shooting rampage. police officer are uncovered about the suspected gunman who opened fire at a baggage claim. on this saturday morning, we welcome you into news4 today. a lot of news to cover. good morning to you. i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. yes, some big stories including the weather story around here which is going to be with us throughout the morning at least. >> storm team 4 radar behind us. you can see it
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our area right now. today is a storm team 4 weather alert today. let's get it over to meteorologist tom kierein. >> they could get walloped with heavy snow, exceeding 10 inches. locally not nearly as much. some team 4 radar showing it's advancing out of the northeast. just these areas in light gray is a bit of light snow. darker gray, coming down a little bit harder. farther north and west, just a few scattered flurries to moderate snow right now. i've got new hour-by-hour timing and the totals coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll check in with you then. meanwhile, places south of the d.c. region likely going to see the most snow.
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with salt brine overnight. national weather service says a winter weather advisory is in effect until at least 3:00 this afternoon. 2 to 5 i thinnches of snow expe there. it could be mixed with some sleet or freezing rain. we saw some people filling up their tanks to prepare for the storm. >> the snow is coming and my work week starts on monday. i want to be ready. >> charles county public schools have canceled all activities that were scheduled for today. meantime in the district, they've deployed their snow team and activated its cold emergency plan. maryland officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads and in virginia, fairfax county public schools have canceled all activities before 2:00 this afternoon. here's when you're going to want to have the nbc washington app. let's get you to breaking news this morning. a fiery rollovera
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northeast d.c. this killed two people and injured another person. you're looking at that scene right there. d.c. fire and ems say the vehicle caught fire after it crashed on new york avenue some time before 4:00 this morning. emergency crews rushing the injured person to the hospital with critical persons. trying to figure out what caused that crash. >> new developments out of ft. a lauderdale where flights are resuming one day after a lone gunman started shooting inside at baggage claim. five people died. eight others were hurt when the suspect fired into the air in the baggage area. pete williams tells us new details about the suspect who is now in police custody. >> reporter: officials say esteb esteban santiago was undergoing treatment for hearing voices. he walked into an fbi office in anchorage saying the cia was
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isis. authorities were called and he went to treatment voluntarily. his aunt and uncle in new jersey near where officials say santiago was born, say they believe he depeproblems after a deployment overseas. military records show he signed up for the national guard in 2007 while he was living in puerto rico. he was on duty as a combat engineer for ten months in iraq returning five years ago. he was discharged last august. family members say he went to alaska looking for work where he had a son and was receiving psychological counseling there. >> and that was nbc's pete williams reporting. we will continue to follow this developing story here on news4 today to find out when the suspected gunman will head to court. head to and search airport shooting. happening today, family and friends will gather to say good-bye to charlotte zaremba. she is the
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killed by another teen on new year's day. the suspect shot himself and died the next day. charlotte's funeral is happening at glen moore church. the viewing is at 10:00 and the service is at noon. funeral services are being held today for a prince georges county man who was killed last month. rayshan cotton. two teenagers have been arrested and charged with his murder. cotton's services is happening in oxton hill and starts at 10:00 this morning. today we could learn the names of two people involved in a double shooting. this is in fairfax county. one died and another in critical condition in what police are calling a domestic incident. happened just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon. neighbors telling news4 that the couple's 13-year-old daughter called 911. one neighbor says the father's behavior seemed odd at times. >> oh, he didn't wao
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socialize with us. he mainly kept his children and they tried to play with a friend, the other one would tell on them for playing. he was controlling. >> neighbors say the couple also have a young son. police say there is no threat to the public. happening today, a ribbon cutting for new transitional housing soon opening in the district. it is for the lbgtq youth. it will operate under a grant from the d.c. department of human services and officers services for lbgt youth between ages 18 and 24. well, we will be working for you all weekend at the 24th nbc 4 health and fitness expo. >> you get all kinds of wellness and fitness information. it's happening today and tomorrow.
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guests included charlie. charlie the "today" show service dog and also a few players from a few washington sports teams. you can find all kinds of information in the nbc washington app. always a great event to go to. a popular gift and a household danger. we're going to tell you about the christmas toy being blamed for sending this d.c. house up in flames. mash, grab, and lift. the crooks on a crime spre mash, grab, and lift. the crooks on a crime spre afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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i got to show you this here. this is a bizarre stream of crime. crooks smash into a gas station and steal an entire atm. this is video from the
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after leaving this scene, the crooks repeated a crime at another gas station just a few miles away. at least six gas stations in the country have been hit like this over the past two weeks. one of last year's most popular christmas gifts now being blamed for a house fire in the district. authorities tell us that a child was charging his hor board when it caught fire and burned down a duplex last night. three people made it out safely. his hover board was a christmas gift. you may remember more than half a million were recalled because the lithium ion batteries could overheat and explode. after their plane went down over lake erie last week. it comes as cleveland officials say they found the plane's cockpit voice recorder as well as part of the aircraft's tail.
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with two from a cleveland cavaliers game when the plane disappeared. six people were on board at the time. the ntsb investigate whag exactly caused that crash. it's 6:11 now. snow is here and you might need to dust off your car this morning. tom is tracking when the flakes will stop falling and when the temperatures are going to warm up. >> you know what else is here? flu season. a lot of folks getting sick. why this year's strain may become one of
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weather alert day. we have light snow moving into the metro area right now from the south and west. but some heavier snow is much farther south and east of the metro area where you can see as the radar zooms in, it's coming down harder now in prince william and over towards st. mary's where they could get higher amounts later today. a look at the totals and timing in a few minutes. >> tom, we will check in with you then. i know it's gone through my family, perhaps yours as well. flu season well under way. every state is reporting outbreaks and they look worse than last year. flu is most widespread in the northwest and in parts of the northeast and mid-atlantic including us. flu usually hits the very young and very old the hardest depending on the season it kills anywhere between 4,000 and 50,000 people a year in the u.s.
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well, it is official. donald trump is the next president of the united states. congress tallied the electoral college votes yesterday and as you could imagine, democrats did not sit quietly as that tally was read. >> there is no debate in order. if it's signed -- >> well, no signed on by democrats. that meant it could not officially be heard. 304 official votes were tallied for donald trump ahead of 227 votes for hillary clinton. top officials now saying that russia did, in fact, meddle in the presidential election. cia, fbi, and nsa officials say it was intended to help donald trump and hurt hillary clinton. however, trump says the hacking had absolutely no effect on the election's outcome. that was his response after a security briefing with officials yesterday.
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to aggressively combat cyber attacks once he takes office. and those cyber attacks will be a topic of conversation tomorrow on "meet the press." chuck todd going to speak with lindsey graham and john mccain about relations with russia and cyber security. the greatest honor of my life. that is how michelle obama expressed her time as first lady of the united states. now eight years later, she gives an emotional good-bye at her last speech in the white house. nbc's andrea mitchell has a look at the legacy michelle obama built. >> reporter: michelle obama's last speech, one of hope and empowerment for the young people she has championed for eight years. >> know that this country belongs to you. to all of you. from every background and walk of life. >> reporter: her unique voice ve jekting the racial overtones of 2016. >> our country of faith and
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that is not a threat to who we are. it makes us who we are. >> reporter: a once reluctant political wife. >> at the end of the day, my most important title is still mom in chief. >> reporter: raising her girls before our eyes, opening up about the painful moments. >> our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> reporter: and getting personal after that "access hollywood" tape. >> the belief you can do anything you want to a woman, it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is it hurts. >> reporter: now a political order in a class of her own. >> i want our young people to know that they matter. that they belong. don't be afraid. be focused. be determined. be hopeful. be empowered. >> reporter: an emotional farewell with the next chapter still
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been the greatest honor of my life. and i hope i've made you proud. >> reporter: andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. it's 6:18. imagine this. an iceberg the size of delaware. >> wow. >> yeah. it exists. it's getting ready to break away. this is in antarctica. >> this could lead to a collapse of a massive ice shelf on the continent. a crack known as larson sea suddenly crew by 11 miles in december alone. now the iceberg is only attached by a thin thread of ice about 12 miles long. scientists have been keeping an eye on the crack for decades and say part of the break is natural but they're saying there could be a link to climate change nap is fascinating. >> it is. and around here, cold enough feels like an iceberg when you walk outside. but we're not seeing the heavy snowfall that other parts of the area are seeing, right? >> thankfully. just a little bit
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but enough to stick on any untreated surface including your sidewalk, side street. it is going to stick because we will stay below freezing all day long. so it is a weather alert day. we'll have frequent storm team 4 updates on social media throughout the day on nbc4 as well as on right now we look at storm team 4 radar. all of that white is snow. it is snowing now southeast of virginia. the heaviest snows are north of richmond over to norfolk. just a few flurries here in prince georges county. down 95 from right across woodbridge and spotsylvania and fredricksburg. a few other light flurries right now in the panhandle of west virginia. the heaviest snow right now is the bright white zones from richmond to norfolk and north carolina. that is going to continue to track right through there much of the day. here's the new
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all of this is snow through 9:00, 10:00. moderate to heavy snows farther south and east. that continues afternoon time. but by around 2:00 or 3:00, much of the snow starts to track off to the south and east pl but still snowing in northern maryland. until right around sunset. after that it quickly moves out. we do have this winter weather advisory in the purple zone. winter storm warning in the pink zone for southern maryland and all around that region. they could get up to maybe where the winter storm warning is. over 3 inches east of i-95. and the snaufl amounts, metro area just around an inch. southern and eastern suburbs, around three inches. temperatures right now are in the low to mid-20s to teens farther north and west. we'll stay that way all day long. the windchill is going
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a cold day tomorrow with the sunshine back. then a gradual warming trend through the end of the week. may even hit the low 60s by the end of the week. that's the way it looks. >> what is going on? all right. thank you, tom. rallying for their principal. why students and teachers are fighting to
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you might be able to protect some historic treasures hidden in the
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starting on monday they will take public comments on to create a national marine sanctuary in maryland. it would stretch 62 miles along the tidal area. there are more than 100 ship wrecks in that area including vessels used during world war i 37. parents, students, teachers at louden county's dominion high school are stepping up efforts to have their principal reinstated. he was put on leave in december. parents fear he's being held responsible for a controversy involving the school's former band instructor. >> reporter: students chanting in support of their principal john brewer. he's the only principal dominion high has ever known. brewer has developed a reputation and a strong following because of his unique leadership style. fo
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each summer welcoming families new to the school. >> dr. brewer to this school, he's like the heart of our school. >> we want him back. the atmosphere has been completely different without him here. >> we miss him. the kids are crying they miss him so much. >> reporter: but last month brewer was abruptly placed on leave. news4 has learned he was just given a notice of termination. the action came after this article surfaced about a former dominion band instructor. brian damron who'd moved to a florida school. there he was accused of using inappropriate sexual language with children, boasting of having relationships with students back in louden county. the louden county sheriff opened an investigation but no charges have been filed. officials think brewer was targeted by officials because he wrote a letter of recommendation for damron in 2015. and damron was investigated for an incident
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assistant who is under age was drinking. jackie funk is a dominion facebook page stand with brewer. >> we need to as a community that some errors might have been made along the way. we need to fix this process so institutionally these things don't happen again. but under no circumstance do i feel dr. brewer should be held accountable and lose his career based on this situation. >> reporter: loudon school spokesman commented on what's ahead. john brewer said he's unable to comment as he's waiting reinstatement. plan their biggest show of support yet on tuesday night here at the school board meeting. in the meantime, they started a legal defense fund to help him fight to keep his job. i'm julie carray, news4. we are in for a major temperature swing. we've got tom kierein tracking how soon temps will be back up
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60s. well, snow and sleet are making a mess down south. the millions under emergency dealing with whiteout conditions now. stay with .us
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y27mly y16fy
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tracking wintry weather. snow is here and flakes are sticking around. storm team 4 tracking the timing of all this, when t
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down and how local crews are trying to keep the roads clear. two people dead, one critically burned after this fiery rollover crash. ems was called to the scene just before 3:00 this morning. and the cause is still under investigation. ft. lauderdale's airport back open this morning following yesterday's shooting rampage that killed five people, left eight others wounded. police say they're trying to figure out what motivated suspect esteban santiago to open fire. we do know he is now in custody. we welcome you back in on this saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. looking at the radar this morning, there is a whole lot of white on it. >> you noticed the flurries coming in. >> just a little bit. >> nothing too intense. but we've got tom kierein tracking some of the temperatures and what that could mean going forward on the day. >> right now just getting
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flurries northeast and southeast washington. but it is snowing heavier just to our south and southeast of the metro area on this saturday morning. storm team 4 radar showing the bright white areas. getting heavy snow now from right near richmond, williamsburg. the tide water of virginia, down to norfolk where they're going to get high snow totals. some areas here, the light snow right in the southeast, northeast, prince georges county. the heaviest snow south and east of us. i've got new hour-by-hour timing on the snow totals. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks. as tom just showed us there, snow and sleet making for dangerous conditions to the south. alabama up to north carolina as millions brace for the winter storm. sara rosario tells us how conditions are only expected to get worse
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>> reporter: all parts of the northeast are getting heavy snow. the northeast is planning for a different storm system. >> milk and bread. they're probably out. >> reporter: as thousands rush to stores, several inches of snow expected from virginia down to georgia. local leaders warn drivers stay off the roads. >> the north carolina highway patrol has been mobilized and they will send their crews to hot spots depending on the weather. >> reporter: it's the same system that swept across the midwest. >> and this storm could turn severe very quickly. and so we need you to have a three-day food supply and be prepared to hunker down. >> reporter: the detearuating conditions causing wrecks like this one in little rock, arkansas. and video shows this car narrowly missing stopped school buses in tennessee. preparing for the worst, many in transportation are working 12-hour shifts. >> there are about
6:33 am
trucks across the state that are ready to be deployed. >> reporter: the conditions dangerous for many, but for kids, a fantastic snow day. with more of this expected throughout the weekend. sara rosario, nbc news. u.s.-backed militias in syria have captured a citadel for isis. it was taken back by the syrian democratic forces on thursday. the advance against the jihadist fighter is -- this advance, is important because of the location is key. the main partner for the united states in the campaign against isis and syria. this was a very brutal video. it was posted as a facebook live on social media. and now we know a judge in chicago has denied bail to four suspects accused of beating a mentally challenged teen. the judge said the teens are a threat to themselves and society. they're charged with hate crimes, kidnapping, and battery. prosecutors say one of the teens
6:34 am
mom. they say the beating started in a van and continued in a house. the 18-year-old victim is not being identified. a former maryland police cadet will send the next year in jail. that handed down for a deadly crash in prince georges county. reyes drove an unmarked police vehicle at speeds up to 99 miles per hour on the beltway. at one point he apparently swerved to avoid hitting a tow truck and then overcorrected losing control and colliding with another car. a woman named karen holt-williams died when her vehicle was hit -- or hit a concrete barrier head on. this was a bittersweet moment for the fire chief. >> after more than three decades on the job, mark basher is stepping down. he started his career as a volunteer firefighter back in 1981 and worked his
6:35 am
serving as chief for the past six years. he said it's been his honor to serve, but he's ready for the next chapter of his life. >> i've been a resident of prince georges county for 45 years. i do have a lake in florida calling my name. my mother's down there about two hours away. being closer to her is important, but being warm and comfortable is another part of what's going on. had. >> couldn't say that at a better time, right? >> no kidding. >> county executive baker says barksdale will be interim chief and he plans to name him as successor. so he tried to swipe history right off the shelves. the unusual theft that walked right out that door. how many astronauts does it take to replace a battery? this is not a joke. the difficult mission, in fact, that could take years to complete. it's 65. :3
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okay. so police in ft. collins, colorado, they're looking for this let's call it unusual thief. the day after christmas they say this man walked into a rock store, picked up a large fossil, and then stuffed it down the front of his pants. this fossil was part of a marine animal that disappeared along with the dinosaurs. the fossil is worth several thousand dollars. well, it takes a long time to change a battery in space, apparently. two u.s. astronauts ventured outside the international space station yesterday to wire three new batteries to the station's power grid. well, it took more than six hours to complete the mission. they will add even more batteries next week in order to energize the station's aging solar power system. so there's this mix of anxiety and excitement inside a local mission control station. this is out in loudoun
6:39 am
on monday -- they help communications. a spacex rocket will launch the sat like. which marks the first launch since last year's explosion. >> a lot of excitement to see spacex falcon 9 rockets flying again. and in our case, it means a whole new era for our unique and important satellite. >> the new satellites will not have those flares that reflect light that looks a lot like a shooting star. right now, a live look at storm team 4 radar. you see a lot of white on there, right? that is snow. tom is tracking just how much you could expect and whether you'll need to break out your shovel. and we're talking about surge pricing during a small winter storm. the explanation
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. good morning. a weather alert day. frequent storm team 4 updates as snow moves into our region. the heaviest snow far south and east of the metro area. the areas in the bright white. right now you see the areas in gray around the northeast, southeast washington, eastern and southern suburbs. it is snowing but it is
6:43 am
temperatures are below freezing. a new look at hour-by-hour timing and totals in just a few minutes. >> thank you. 6:42 right now. the "today" show is next on nbc4. >> let's check in with them. we've got sheinelle and craig joining us live. >> good morning to you. coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," we'll hear from a survivor of that mass shooting at ft. lauderdale's airport, about how she dove for cover to safe her life. plus the latest on the shooter and whether this could have been a terrorist attack. this morning, major storms on both coasts. one in the southeast bringing that region to a stand still. another out west. and that one could bring some devastating flooding. we're on top of both of those. and with the golden globes just a day away, we'll look ahead to hollywood's best award celebration and also catch up with the cast of a show that could have a very good night. nbc's "this is us." >> you had a good time out there with those guys. >> if you love these folks, you'll love them even more after our piece
6:44 am
those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning here on "today." >> all right. we'll check you guys out in a bit. see you then. you heard craig and sheinelle mention it there, talking about the ft. lauderdale rampage. right now officials say the accused shooter pulled a gun from his checked ba opening fire. >> tom costello is explaining why that is showing a new concern. >> reporter: weapons are a constant threat. in 2015 alone more than 2,600 firearms rain shower confiscated at check points. the tsa allows passengers to check unloaded firearms in a locked hard sided container. even offering a online video how to do it. >> notify that your baggage contains a properly secured firearm. >> reporter: the airlines don't keep track of how many weapons they carry each year, but plenty of hunters, law enforcement, and gun owners check their
6:45 am
check the weapon legally? and does that add a new security challenge at baggage carousels? >> once the individual gets off the plane and retrieves his baggage, if he intends to use that weapon in an airport environment, then the weapon is immediately available to his or her. as was potentially the case in this incident. >> reporter: among the recent shootings at airports, november 2013 a suspect opened fire at l.a.x. killing a tsa officer. the suspect wounded and rairsed by police. march 2015 a suspect with molotov cocktails attacked an officer in new orleans. he was killed by police. and november 2016, a suspect killed a southwest airlines employee in oklahoma city. the tsa chief says securing public areas of the airports has become a new security priority. >> what we learned from things like brussels andi istanbul, nice, public
6:46 am
can be a target. >> reporter: creating the deterrent layers of security before passengers ever approach the tsa check point. and once they get off a plane. >> tom costello reporting there. at local airports here in the d.c. region, officials are warning passengers to be alert. spokesperson for reagan national and dulles international airport telling news4 that they want travelers to notify them of anything suspicious. thurgood marshall airport says travelers there will notice some stepped up security inside the terminals. a pair of sisters were traveling to see their father for the final time and they were booted from their flight. he was sick and they needed to get to him really fast. once they boarded, one of the sisters got a text message saying it would be their dad's last night. she tried to tell her sister in the back of the plane but was told to sit down. and both were eventually kicked off that plane. >> i'm just begging the whole way out of the plane and ve
6:47 am
back, but i was in shock. i was saying could you please let me go see my dad. he's dying. i said, i'm sorry, everybody, but i want to see my dad. he's dying. >> well, their father died the next day. allegiant said they expect crews to respond with empathy and good judgment and they are now investigating this incident. so a $30 toll to go about 15 miles an hour. we learned the plans to work with customers impacted by an express lane slowdown. some drivers may now get their money back. and now we're finding out what caused toll prices to jump. >> reporter: the 495 express lane. fwoilt keep you moving. so what happens when v d.o.t. trucks slow you down? >> this is the first time in the history of the express lanes i saw two tow trucks slowing everything down. >> reporter: he says as traffic built up behind
6:48 am
tolls started climbing and quickly. up to $30 for some commutes. >> remember, the more people on the express lane, the tolls are going to increase to manage that traffic on the lane. >> reporter: would you ever pay that to go on there? >> never. never that much. i never pay that much. >> reporter: drivers we caught up with, surprised by the spike. have you ever taken the express lane? >> take them all the time. >> reporter: louise can't imagine paying that for a one-way toll. >> $30 is a lot. i've never seen it that high. zblrks v.d.o.t. tells me it was for potentially situations around rush hour. >> i appreciate them putting the salt down but you'd been about the affect it would have on people trying to get home. >> reporter: but it's not v.d.o.t. handling the tolls. how are they handling this miss happen? they tweeted the number for you to
6:49 am
challenge for customers. give us a call. 855-495-9777 and we want to work with customers. >> reporter: it could lead to a credit back. >> yeah. we look at every situation, but we want to work with folks in this circumstance. >> that's great. that is. that's amazing. that is. i wouldn't have expected them to do that, but i think that's wonderful. >> so v.d.o.t. tells me they try to pretreat the roads mindful of rush hour. and with more winter weather expected this season, be mindful when hitting the roads. they do want to avoid a repeat of what we saw thursday night. so with winter weather coming down now, obviously not rush hour is the concern at this moment. but in the future, for sure. >> yeah. so right now dealing with a lot of white on your screen. >> yeah. it's south and east of us. >> it's everywhere. >> but metro area, just a few scattered flurries. hardly anything yet. we're going to get more later on. you can track it all
6:50 am
your tv with the nbc washington app. right now it is a weather alert day. we'll have frequent updates throughout the morning and into the afternoon as we have this snow now sweeping across virginia out of north carolina. leading edge of that snow just into the metro area. already had about a half an inch in the shenandoah valley. that's going to continue heading up maybe into frederick county. maybe a dusting there. but the metro area, just a few flurries. these areas in the light and dark gray. in st. mary's and charles county. and around norfolk and the lower part of the eastern shore, they are going to get a lot of snow there. here's the timing. by 9:00, we'll have all this area in the lavender all across northern virginia most areas. and into our nearby suburbs we'll have that snow until about noon time or so. then it starts to track south and east of us by 2:00 or 3:00. it begins to exit the metro area. and then the sky clears after
6:51 am
the snow exits quickly. and we do have this winter weather advisory. the purple zone. winter storm warning. that is in the pink zone for southern maryland of the eastern shore. this is in this afternoon. it's a dusting to a couple of inches in the metro area. but much higher amount east of 95. snow total just some flurries far north and west of us with light accumulation. dusting to an inch north and western suburbs. maybe an inch or two in washington. and then southern maryland, northern neck of the eastern shore. could get up to 6 inches. temperatures now just hovering in the teens. reagan national is in the 20s. we'll stay in the 20s throughout the day. so whatever falls will be sticking. ending by mid-afternoon. cold and blustery tonight. then the windchills down. sunshine back tomorrow with highs just in the upper 20s with morning lows, teens, and a blustery wind tomorrow with
6:52 am
of sunshine. back into the low 40s on tuesday. might get rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. but wednesday afternoon sun back. may hit the low 60s on thursday and friday. right now next weekend looks
6:53 am
6:54 am
y25eny y17vy a local high school basketball player celebrating a big achievement. 17-year-old octavia hawkins scored her
6:55 am
thomas stone high school in waldorf, maryland. 1,000. that's incredible. her coach, parents, friends cheering her last night. she is the second female player to score 1,000 points in her high school career at that high school. congratulations to her. so this might cost you more when it comes to filling up your car this year. d.c. is one of the cities that's expected to see prices climb to $3 a gallon. >> nbc's ty martin shows us why the price is going up. >> reporter: new year, new reality. those year to year falling prices of the past five years? history. on january 1st, opec implemented the oil price hike it promised in november. and drivers like lisa will pay. >> it makes me feel bad because, i mean, economy is crazy. you know? we need to save any bit of money that we can.
6:56 am
buddy says drivers will pay a combined $52 billion more at the pump this year with the nationwide average heading to around $2.50 a gallon. is it going to change your habits day-to-day? >> not so much for me. my wife drives more than i do. but we definitely feel it in our pocketbooks. >> reporter: one expert tells us oil prices aren't good business for the oil producing countries. it's supply and demand. with opec squeezing the supply, simple concept. painful result. >> i have no choice. i have to work. 6:56 is your time now. four things to know on this saturday. d.c. police investigating what caused a car to roll over and catch on fire along new york avenue in northeast this morning. officials say two people died, one person went to the hospital with critical burns. ft. lauderdale's airport back open this morning following
6:57 am
that killed five people, wounded eight others. shooting suspect esteban santiago remains in police custody. police say the former military service member had a history of mental health issues. the southeast is bracing for a severe weather situation this weekend. the 24th annual nbc health and fitness expo kicks off today. come visit us at the washington convention center starting at 9:00. tom tracking some flurries out there. good day to be inside. >> and the snow shouldn stop 't
6:58 am
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good morning. carnage at the airport. authorities release the mug shot of the accused ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport shooter as they search for clues in alaska. the allege the gunman in custody this morning. this after a day of terror. >> we have at least five or six victims so far. >> panicked bystanders running for their lives. >> people are running over children. >> what could have caused this? was it terror? we're live with the latest. coast-to-coast chaos. two massive winter blasts hitting the east and west coasts. 75 million people in their s.


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