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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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garage, your 14 million. >> and it will have to stay there. >> exactly. who can drive that? stay with us. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 a.m. and now at 5:00, a cold start but relief is in sight. we are waking up to temperatures in the 20s. >> storm team 4 is tracking a warm-up and another change coming our way. >> first, we want to share some school closinges and delays with you this morning. take a look at your screen. >> spotslvania county schools are closed because of the weather. page county and fredericksburg schools are on a two-hour delay. >> in maryland, st. mary's county and calvert county schools are opening two hours late today. we should note for you, there's one school in mow manassas city that is closed because of a water problem.
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>> there you go. >> i'm aaron gill credchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. another cold morning for us to start, sheena. >> another cold morning. many areas still feel like the teens, but actual temperatures in the 20s. so that is a little bit of an improvement compared to yesterday and this afternoon. you will notice not as cold, so you might not need the heavy coat all day today like you did yesterday. right now in the district, 24 degrees. by 6:00 a.m., 22 degrees. it will be a cold morning this morning, even by 8:00 a.m., temperatures still below freezing in the 20s. by noon, right around lunchtime, we're around freezing. right now, though, across the area, we have a little bit of wind. it's not bad, but it is making temperatures feel colder. feels like 14 degrees in the district. leesburg feels like 14 degrees as well as culpepper. in annapolis, 17 degrees. cambridge feels like 12 degrees. as we go through the day today, you will notice a slight warm-up
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warm it will get later this week. we have 60s in the forecast. now let's get a look at a new crashing this morning. >> brand new problem 70 west after 44. right lane, getting by that crash. still have this fatal accident in fairfax county, northbound 28 at compton road. response till is out on the scene. left lane is the only thing getting by that crash investigation northbound. southbound is okay. beltway at richie marlboro road, inner loop and outer loop, looking good this morning. rest of the beltway, nice pretty picture. justin finch is on the way to that fatal crash in fairfax. a live report from him coming up. and remember, folks, winter is just getting started. now is the time to have the nbc washington app downloaded to your smartphone, ready to go with updates spt latest forecast from storm team 4. dangerous flooding happening right now out west in california. >> there is a powerful winter storm there and our angie goff
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desk. angie. >> good morning, eun and aaron. it was something we reported yesterday morning around the same time. it was hard again and now they brace for another powerful storm headed their way.. as we take a look at some of the new video flooding coming in, we know emergency crews right now racing against time between the storm. to do this water rescues of those who are still stranded. countless homes destroyed, roads flooded out in the heaviest rain they're saying they've seen in a decade. one country in sonoma county, that was among the hardest hit areas and getting more than a foot of rain this weekend. here is some perspective. for the last five years, california's big headline has been they've been suffering from the severe drought. officials now saying between a wet fall and these recent winter storms, about 18% of the state is now drought free. now back to you. today, president obama heads home to chicago to
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farewell address. as many as 20,000 people are expected to attend. he plans to celebrate what's changed for the better in the past eight years and give his thoughts on where to go from here. the president also expected to defend his signature legislative achievelity, the affordable care act. watch the president's speech right here on nbc 4 starting at 9:00 p.m. president-elect donald trump has named his son-in-law, jared kushner, as senior adviser to the president. kushner, whard to ivanka, was one of trump's counselors during the campaign. kushner will resign from all positions with his companies and divest substantial assets. meanwhile, the confirmation hearings get under way on capitol hill today. aaron has more on what we can expect. >> on perhaps the most controversial picks by the president-elect, the most controversial pick is senator jeff sessions. he's going to f
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today as he tries to become the next attorney general. he faces stiff opposition from democrats for his past stance on civil rights. cory booker and civil rights icon john lewis will testify against sessions. booker's appearance is significant because this would be a rare instance when a sitting senator testifies against a colleague seek ago cabinet position. john kelly will head to the hill tomorrow to begin his confirmation aergs. he's likely to face questions on building a border wall and immigration policy overall. also tomorrow, rex tillerson will appear before lawmakers. president-elect trump is scheduled to hold his first news conference in several months tomorrow. expect questions on his business and russia's cyber attacks during the election. it is 5:05. the fbi says it's ready for inauguration day. it's been working for months to
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friday. cameras are set up across the district to keep the streets safe. officers from multiple law enforcement agencies will be armed to help. some will be armed with tools such as explosive detection devices. they remind people going to the event to be vigilant. some downtown businesses you rely on may be closed for the day.. officers will work to accommodate any businesses that choose to stay open. if you work downtown and have to go in next friday, be sure to bring your i.d. and leave yourself extra time to get around. book parking ahead of time. apps including parking panda make it easier to find the best price and location for where you're going. it will know which garages and lots will be accessible on inauguration day. not only will you know you have a reserved spot,
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much you're going to have to pay before you pull in without dealing with cash or change. 5:06 right now. a memorial is growing for two officers killed on the job in florida and there is an intense manhunt for a suspect right mow. angie goff is at the live desk. >> this guy on the run, police say, is armed and dangerous and they add that they will not stop looking until they find him. orlando area police now searching homes, interviewing people and neighborhoods, doing whatever they can to find markeith lloyd. they say that lloyd, this man, shot master sergeant deborah clayton yesterday morning outside of a walmart. a second officer was killed in a motorcycle crash while responding to that manhunt. lloyd was already wanted for questioning in the death of his pregnant ex firl friend and police believe that he's been able to avoid them because he's had help along the way. they have raised the reward for information leading to his whereabouts to
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and today, family and friends will say good-bye to former virginia senator charles colgan. he was first elected as a state senator in 1975 and retired in the beginning of last year. the 90-year-old passed away last week in hospice care. colgan's funeral is happening this morning in manassas. this week will mark two years since the deadly metro smoke incident and now metro is calling on a court to dismiss all lawsuits against the agency and it's blaming d.c. fire for failed response. in new court documents, metro says firefighters and paramedics ignored critical information.. metro claims d.c. fire sent an inexperienced battalion commander who failed to manage the response. it says, quote, as a result of d.c. fire and emergency services utter disregard for its duties in responding to such emergencies, metrorail passengers experienced injuries that were more severe than they otherwise would have been and
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now, news 4 has reached out to d.c. fire for comment. we have not heard back. if you ride metro, you also know that delays are common on most days. on thursday, metro will report to its board that rail car breakdowns are to blame. the latest numbers shows 60% of all delays are because of this. at least four times a day, people are forced to get off a train because of breakdown issues. the metro is currently retiring its oldest railcars. they are celebrating big time in south carolina this morning. the clemson tigers beat the alabama crimson tide to win the national championship. >> what a thrilling rematch. and you have to see how this ended. >> watson. touchdown! >> right there with one second left, clemson's qb, desean watson led his team down the field to throw that winning touchdown. my goodness. down to the wire. the tigers came back from a 14-point deficit to beat the
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favorite alabama 35-31 in tampa. last year, alabama beat clemson 45-40. this is clemson's first college football title since 1981. look at all that orange confetti flying. it is a chilly start as you prepare to head out to work. sheena is updating what you can expect for your commuter forecast. a wild chase and shots fired at nearly a dozen officers. the dangerous pursuit with a motor as many suspect that played out on a busy l.a. highway. and are your coworkers coughing and sneezing all over e th
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we know winter brings all kinds of problems. the doe couldn't stand up let alone get off the ice. >> did you see the rescuer? they braved the thin ice to help the doe out. it took a while, but they eventually pulled the skittish doe on to the river banks. still can't stand up. >> it could break, that's true. let's turn to sheena parveen in the storm team 4 weather center. >> i love animal rescue stories.
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stranded, but i love animal rescues. the feels like temperature outside with a little bit of wind we have in the teens right now. . feels like 14 degrees in the district. frederick 19. culpepper, 13 degrees as well as leesburg. so it is a cold start to your day. your commute forecast, though, not looking bad. we expect a dry road this morning. dry roads by lunchtime. temperatures around freezing. by 5:00 p.m., we'll be cloudy, around 36 degrees. then we have late rain moving in tonight. coming up, i'll show you the timing of that. we have a problem on the metro this morning. let's get a check on that with melissa mollet. >> good morning. the orange line is single tracking between vee an a na and west falls. we'll keep you updated for any of your road or rail issues. westbound 70 after 144, right lane is getting by the crash there. here this morning, still hve
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left lane is the only thing getting by that investigation here this morning. southbound seems to be unaffected. justin finch on his way to that problem. 95 at maryland powder mill road, no problems northbound or southbound. take a look at this. an attempted murder suspect speeding away tr police. this is the end of the of the chase. it went on for an hour and a half and was trending on twitter this morning. the driver is now in custody. lapd saying he is the suspected in an attempted murder. they say he shot his sister-in-law over the weekend and took off. that victim is now in critical condition. today, we could learn whether the charleston church shooter will be sentenced to death. deliberations in the sentencing phase begin today. the same jury that convicted him of killing nine people will decide his fate. jurors heard emotional testimony from survivors and victims' families yesterday. roof is r
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he did not call any witnesses or speak on his own behalf. today, a second memorial service will be held in ohio for four members of the fleming family after their plane went down over lake erie last month. this comes after officials say they have found more parts from that plane, including the fuse language and multiple seats. the small aircraft dropped off radar about two miles north of lake erie's shore. the fleming family was traveling with two neighbors from a cleveland cavaliers game at the time. the ntsb is still investigating the cause of that crash. we hope to learn why the washington monument lost power again. all the power to the washington monument went out last night. it is the second time in less than a week that there's been a power issue at the monument. last night, the red aviation lights at the to which also went out. electricians say they traced the latest issue to a ground fault and plan to look into it more today. it was the christmas present that cost them everything. shannon williams and her two sons are staying
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7-year-old's hover board caught fire. a blaze broke out in the kids' room and spread throughout their home in southwest d.c. that hover board will be charging for about 35 minutes at the time. she tells news 4 she never dreamed it woots would destroy their home. >> it was like an unreal surreal moment. is this really happening? this hoverboard is about to take down my whole home. >> she purchased that hoverboard from a store for backside 200. we're told the u.s. consumer products safety commission is investigating this incident, adding this case to dozens of other fires blamed on hover boards across the can the country. it's that time of the year when your coworkers are coughing and sniffling and showing signs of coming down with something. you start to wipe down all your tables, use that perell. >> there are some more simple solutions you can use to try to avoid get ago cold, especially while at the
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hand sanitizing stations. bring your own anti-bacterial hand gel. they suggest not reusing any utensils or mugs from the office kitchen. >> is that your desk? >> no. may maybe. snls instead, bring your own utensils, mugs, steps like that to make sure you're not next. >> i've been using napkins on doors and i've been taking a lot of vitamin c and putting a scarf around my face whenever i'm around sick people. >> that's a bit much. >> can you imagine people walking around with masks around their faces. >> etiquette for you, give people their personal space. don't encourage people to stay at work when theory sick. go home. and gently encourage everyone to clean their work spaces regularly. >> is there a delicate way to do that? >> the person that sits next to me is like, what is this? clean that mess up. >> you're not
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there may be a bit of a chill in the air, but that's still not an excuse to stop exercising. >> everybody has his or her own workout routine. the national recreation and park association says 46 bers of americans like to walk or run even in the winter. another 28% work out at home to stay fit. the rest of the people head to the gym or rec center when the temperatures drop. indoors. >> indoors. >> nice and warm.. i like it that way. >> good. >> going back to the big story, remember bill murray in "what about bob" how he was a germaphobe? and cough in your arm. >> the kids do that. the adults don't even follow. >> but then check it to make sure there's nothing nasty. i'm just saying. >> and don't open a door with your arm, either. that could be bad. >> we're all
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the day. but it's cold again this morning. it's not as frigid as yesterday morning, but it is still cold enough to wear your heaviest coat. we'll see some improvements this afternoon. temperatures start to go warm up. right now, though, 24 in the district. most of the rest of the area around 20 degrees. but it feels more like the middle teens because of the wind we have. so it's a cold start to the day. this afternoon, though, will be rebounding nicely. take a look at the temperatures as we climb through lunchtime, around 30 degrees and they keep on rising after that. so right around the upper 30s and even overnight tonight. temperatures will keep on going up so we have a warm up for tomorrow. there is a little bit of snow back off to our west, but many of the computer models to break this up before it gets here so we don't expect that today as we go through tonight, though, we expect some rain. here is future weather, clouds increase, but the evening compute is dry. here comes the rain by 1:00 in the had morning, falling while many of you are sleeping. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we could have showers around for the morning commute. but we get a break in the middle of the day.
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tomorrow night. for today, though, 38 degrees for a high temperature. yesterday, we only hit 29. this is a big improvement. tonight, we have late showers and fog moving in. early tomorrow morning, we'll see the rain moving in. by thursday, 634 degrees, nice .dry. as we go into the weekend, temperatures start dropping and a chance of a wintry mix on saturday. let's get a check on traffic and any delays out there with melissa. >> we have some delays on the orange line. we're single tracking between vienna and west falls because of a problem. westbound 70 at 144, an update to this, crash is now on the left shoulder so you don't have to worry about that one any more. this is a fatal crash in fairfax county. justin finch will be on the scene here in just a couple of minutes. northbound 28 at compton road. the left lane is the only thing getting by that crash investigation. beltway, overall looking pretty good. inner loop and outer loop. see you back here in a few.
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there were two massive eruptions at mexico's colima volcano this weekend. it erupted sunday afternoon followed later by a second explosion into the night sky there. this is one of mexico's most active volcanos and has increased in activity since october. amazon's echo is supposed to make your life easier, right? it's one of those kwiess that listens to your home and can order items just by asking it. >> it's pretty incredible, right? but a mother says beware
5:26 am
6-year-old asked alexa for a new doll house and some cookies. of course, alexa delivered. by the time mom realized what happened, a $150 doll house and four pounds of cookies were already on their way. >> i immediately tried to cancel the order. and amazon wrote me the back and said we can't cancel it, it's already shipped. >> so when that story was shared on a san diego tv station, several viewers called in to say that their alexa perked up and ordered them doll houses because they heard the anchors say alexa order doll houses. >> stop saying that. >> apparently when you say alexa followed by what you want to order, alexa will follow through. >> alexa, cancel all orders. >> alexa, send me a chocolate cake. nbc washington bureau. okay. >> people are going to start sending you a
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the cold temperatures are moving out, but the rain is moving in. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen back with four things you feed to know about the forecast. a major change to a controversy. a website accused of being involved in sex trafficking. what you will no longer find on back and weeks after a new transit center opened, passengers are still not able to find smart trip cards. when they're expected to finally arrive and what you can din the meo an my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. some schools delayed and even closed for the weather. sportsel vein ya county schools are closed today. also in virginia, page county and fredericksburg schools are on a two-hour delay. in maryland, st. mary's county and calvert county schools are running two hours late. for those of you who have to get the kids up for school and get ready, we are helping you get ready. >> we will check in with melissa mollet in just a second. first, to sheena parveen pulling double duty while chuck is off this week. more things to know about the forecast. >> what you need to know, it's going to stay cold for the rest of the morning, so a lot like yesterday morning, just not as frigid. you'll want the heavy coat when you walk outside. take a look at these
5:31 am
afternoon, we're not going to be as cold later on today as we were yesterday. it is 24 degrees in the district, 21 in frederick. culpepper coming in at 21 degrees. i'm tracking lait lane and we have 60 degrees temperatures in the forecast, believe it or not. let's get a check on the roadways with melissa. >> still have to problem on 28. we are getting quite red and orange, meaning we're starting to see slowdowns this morning. so northbound at compton road, crash with response on the scene. left lane gets by this crash investigation. southbound appears the on be unaffected. ju f
5:32 am
us soon and show us the some live pictures. westbound i-70 at 144, that has cleared out of the way. inner loop .outer loop of the beltway, everything looks good there here this morning. again, orange line single tracking between vienna and west falls church, problem at donna loring. we'll have trouble times in ten minutes. taking a look at our top stories now, the breaking news in centerville, one person is dead after an accident. want to show you a live look from the scene now. fairfax county police say about 2:20 this morning, one car crashed on route 28 at braydenton drive. justin finch just arrived and he'll bring us an update, coming up. senator jeff sessions and retire marine general jeff kelly will appear before lawmakers today. tonight, president obama will give his farewell in chicago. funeral services will be held today for former virginia senator charles colgam. the
5:33 am
week in hospice care. virginia tfr terry mcculliff is expected to attend. a huge event happening right now in iran. >> happening at this minute in iran, a sea of mourners we're watching flooding the streets of tehran for the funeral of a former leader. look at this. tens of thousands of people or hundreds of thousands of people, i should say, in grief, crying, chanting as they mourn the death of act bar hashemi rafsanjani. the cup's supreme leader held prayers by the casket and we know president rouhani is also there. rafsanjani served as president from 1989 to 1997. more of your elected officials could end up behind
5:34 am
bars today. federal investigators plan to arrest lawmakers who they say were bribed. david sun was arrested last week. he's now under house arrest. additional arrests are expected to come before the legislative session begins tomorrow president. 5:34 now. a former secret service officer will plead guilty to try to solicit a 14-year-old girl for sex. in 2015, lee moore was a uniformed officer at the white house when he was caught in a sting by delaware state police. delaware prosecutors say moore solicited an under cover agent he believed was an underage girl. court documents say he had online sex chats with young girls. moore will now head to florida where he faces charges of producing child importanting on pea. a controversial website linked to sex trafficking in prince georges county last year has shut down the adult section of its website. this move comes hours after a senate panelel
5:35 am
blistering report on its. today, top officials from the welcome back are set to testify on capitol hill. was linked to sex trafficking in prince georges county last year. it will still be a couple of weeks before you can buy a smart trip card at the tacoma langley transit center. it officially opened on december 22nd. one passenger called us when he said he went to get a card for a bus but was told to go to a convenience store. that passenger had to go a mile away to find a store. >> i thought i would be able to buy a card, add money on it and compute. i couldn't do that. >> maryland transit officials were not there when the transit center opened and they say they should be available soon. in the meantime, you can add value to an existing smart trip card or use
5:36 am
if you're tired of waiting for the bus and wondering when it will arrive, there's good news on the way in fairfax county. our news partners at wtop report pair fax connecter could launch their public bus tracking system as early as march. it will let riders see how many minutes away the next bus is from their stop. riders will be able to access the system online through a smartphone or via tell. it is built on the same platform as metro's bus eta system. mars is best known for its candy, but it's a huge player in the pet health industry with brands including pedigree and wiskas. it is buying a chain of nearly 400 pet hospitals from a company called vca if a deal worth more than $9 billion. the next time you drive near nats park, you may notice a few new apartment buildings, especially one with a large mural being painted on its side. it is the work of an artist
5:37 am
finland. roman sjoman and his assistants have been braving the the cold weather to make sure this is complete for the building's opening next month. >> i try to -- and, yeah, it's like paint ago huge canvas. so yeah, it's a great opportunity. i try to, you know, do my very best. >> sjoman will share more about what it's like to create a masterpiece in below freezing weather on news 4 this afternoon starting at 4:00. now, this mural is actually the largest one he's ever painted and will be one of the largest in d.c. once it's finished. >> i can't wait to see it. >> should be pretty awesome. i was trying to figure out where exactly that building is. i live over there, but i'm not sure. it looks like maybe on south capital. >> just don't lose focus on the road in front of you. we are off to another brutally cold start. sheena parveen says a warm-up is on the way.
5:38 am
a school bus explodes, leaving dozens of the children with just seconds to escape escape. and you've heard the warnings. now we're seeing the proof. the d.c. family who says they lost everythg to a hoverboard. in as ceo of exxonmobile... rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals...
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...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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it took just moments for a tennessee school bus to catch fire. this morning, the drive of that bus is being credited as a hero. while picking up students, he heard a loud possible yesterday morning. that pop was a fire in the wheel well. he quickly got all students off the bus and within minutes, the entire bus was engulfed in flames. that driver's action saves lives. now let's turn our attention to form team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen for a look at this cold day. good morning. >> good morning, yes. you need to dress accordingly this had morning. it is a cold day to start with. but you need a warm coat this morning. you need the warm had, gloves and you need to dress in layers because later on this afternoon, temperatures are going to run about ten degrees warmer than yesterday
5:42 am
not your heavy jacket that you have on this morning. temperatures right now are feeling like the teens through much of the area. we'll look at a warm-up coming up in just a bit. >> good morning. so right now, an update here on this problem in fairfax. you can see a live picture from the scene. this is a fatal accident. again, northbound 28. the left side of the road right now, about a 1 1/2 mile backup. still going to have some delays there if you're headed inbound. 270 south is find. top of the beltway is okay. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car today. in court documents, where metro denies blame and points the finger elsewhere in a deadly smoke ci
5:43 am
introofd your memory, but the feds say you're being fooled. the suit just filed against a suppleme many of you may tantke
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5:46 am
when i reed and saw your report, it was like i was hit in the stomach. >> a news 4 i-team investigation. why some teachers in our area are allowed to keep their licenses after abusing students. why metro wants a court to dismiss all lawsuit necessary a deadly smoke understand. >> it was like, is this really happening? this hoverboard is about to take down my whole home. it was supposed to by the perfect christmas gift. now it's being blamed for burning her home down. and it's something a lot of poem take, but the feds say there is no
5:47 am
your memory. developing this morning, metro is turning the table on who is to blame for the deadly smoke incident. this comes a couple of days before we mark two years since the chaos that left one alex and ree yeah woman dead. >> molette green is live at l' enfant plaza with what we are learning from new court documents. >> we got a look at those documents. metro wants a court to throw out all the lawsuits. many of you may remember the images from that day, inside the smoke filled tunnel and the people outside who needed care he. the transit agency lays out two key reasons why those charge should be dismissed. as a government agency, it says it cannot be sued. metro points the blame squarely at d.c
5:48 am
as a result of d.c. fire and ems services utter disregard for its duties in respond to go such emergencies, metrorail passengers experienced injuries that were more severe than they otherwise would have been and the event ended in tragedy. now, d.c. fire has not responded to this lawsuit. news 4 reached out to the fire department. we have not yet herd back. that latest from l'enfant plaza. virginia law could be changing thanks to a new 4 i-team investigation into abusive teachers. the i-team revealed some of them were able to keep their licenses after being removed from the classroom. the investigation uncovered four cases involving fairfax county teachers who admitted to sexual misconduct between 2004 and 2006. in each case, the school districts waited six years or longer before revoking their
5:49 am
licenses. it promised questions by virginia howell. she's investigate d fining out whether other teachers have slipped through the cracks. >> when i read and saw your report, it was like i was hit in the stomach. we take very seriously keeping the children of virginia safe. and when something like this happened, we have to act. >> more on the other ways in which the state legislature plans to act to help keep students safe, that's ahead in scott mctrapped lntd's report tonight. smoking in national parks could soon become a thing of the aft. they would change the regulation that defines smoke to go include the use of electronic cigarettes. it would allow a superintendent to close an area, building or facility when necessary to maintain public health and safety. takenish
5:50 am
lead to overdiagnosis. researchers studied screened and unscreened women and they say it helped to find many tumors at early stages but did not cut down on the number of women with advanced cases. women under the age of 45 have a choice of whether to have a ma'am grabbing. a warning now about a bill that promises to charpen your memory. you've probably seen the the commercials for previgin. a lawsuit filed yesterday says there is no proof it works any better than a placebo. the federal tragz commission says the marketing deceives customers. >> taking advantage of people's fear of loogz their memory and making a pseudo scientific argument that there are changes in your brain chemistry without any scientific basis for the assertion that these proteins will help replace the proteins you're losing in your brain, that's just fraught. >>
5:51 am
there is evidence. it will be up to a judge to decide whether refunds should be issue. congressman ch had affetz says he will block d.c.'s death with dignity legislation. because he disagrees with the bill he. it was sent to congress on tri for a 0-day review. >> we are just ten days away from the with theal inauguration, but crowds won't disappear after the ceremony is over. tennis of thousandses of people are expected to take part in the women's march on washington. organizers just announced some of the celebrities coming. it is a big day on capitol hill as confirmation hearings for presi
5:52 am
trump's cabinet picks get under way. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill now. all eyes on jeff sessions today. he's likely to face tough opposition from democrats, too. >> and it's interesting that they are taking a look at one of their own here. senator sessions for attorney general. but hes has a long history. the democrats want to take a very close look at today. he was u.s. attorney in alabama, covered and dealt with some civil rights cases on both sides of the aisle. 30 years ago, he was considered for a federal judge ship and rejected by this very commit because of what were considered racially insensitive comments. and they also want to take a look at his record on immigration to see what his thoughts and pa local fees he are there. so it will be an interesting grilling for senator sessions before his colleagues in the senate. he's the first one up today. tracie,
5:53 am
this morning, 24 degrees outside our studios. i guess that's better. >> not for aaron's standard it's not. >> to say 24 is better? >> this had is why i say not as frig frigid. it's like it doesn't hurt as bad, but it still hurts. it's cold outs. similar to yesterday, but not as frigid. we're starting with the teens. 24 degrees in the district .i'm trying to be positive about this because we have a warm-up later on today and especially as we go later into the week. most of the area seeing temperatures around 20 impress, so we will slowly start to see a bit of a warm-up. by 8:00 this morning, 23 degrees if you're waiting at the butt stop. we are going the on be getting above freezing today. yesterday we didn't. here is a look at future w through the morning hours. we're going to stay dry. we'll watch this aea
5:54 am
starting near the shennendoah valley. a lot of computer models are not bringing that snow in, but it is something to watch for the morning hours. then we go into the afternoon for the evening commute we're going to be dry. later tonight, there is a chance thou with the presip sedding our way that had we could see freezing rain for a brief period of time. we will be watching that quickly. it changes over to rain as temperatures warm up. and we can be seeing rain around for the morning commute tomorrow. by later on in the day tomorrow, we're seeing the rain around and look the a these temperatures. by thursday in the 60s. coming up, we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast. so right now, we still have this problem. you can see here northbound on 28 after compton road. it is a fatal crash. justin finch is on the scene and we'll have a live report from him just coming up. about
5:55 am
bottom of the beltway and all of those routes into town and out of town look quite good. beltway, interloom and outer loop is just fine when you look at the full beltway. and bw parkway, live picture from chopper 4, coming up. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. it will cost more to upgrade to a new phone on verizon. the customers raised the fee from $20 to $30 so maniel customers probably haven't even noticed yet. at the time, a leaked memo said it was related to costs with customers switching their phones. it was the christmas gift that cost them everything. >> shannon williams and her two sons
5:56 am
housing after her 7-year-old's hoverboard caught fire. the fire broke out in the kids room and it spread through the southwest washington home. the hoverboard will be charmging for about 35 memberships. >> it was sparking and it was smoking and there were flames coming up from the hover board. >> williams bought the hover board for about $200. we're told the u.s. consumer products commission is investigating this inch now. the pcsc cited the lithium ion battery packs can overheat. another person throws the name into the ring for virginia governor. the democrat now entering the race. could the navy yard handl
5:57 am
another attack? the skating report that says there were laps years later. and what president-elect is expected to talk about in his esrewell addr
5:58 am
a deadly wreck overnight in fairfax county. we are live on the scene with
5:59 am
spotlight. what's expected to happen today at his confirmation hearing. and forget she the sit-ups. how cheffering from the cold might actually help you lose weight. news 4 today starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is below freezing right now and the weather is causing some schools to open late today. in spotsylvania county, schools are closed. in virginia, page county and fredericksburg schools are on a two-hour delay. >> in maryland, st. mary's county and calvert county schools are opening two hours late. this should be the last freezing start for our area for a while, though. that's good news. >> we're going to check in with melissa mollet for the impact on the roads in just a minute. check is out this week. the newest members of storm 4 people is holding down the
6:00 am
>> temperatures are going to keep warm understanding overnight. we'll continue with the warming temperatures overnight tonight. but for this morning, it's still very cold outside. 24 degrees right now in the district. by o'clock a.m., 22 fwres. we're still below freezing by 9:00 a.m. 25 degrees. and right around lunchtime if you are heading out for lunch, 31 degrees. so it's still cold enough for your heavy jacket. later this afternoon, we will be about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. the feels like temperature with the wind outside in the teens coming up. let's get a check outside on the crash with melissa. >> right now, taking a look at one problem here. bw parkway, no issue there. this is chopper 4 showing us everything rolling along nicely. northbound 28 at compton road there in fairfax county, we


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