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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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be hundreds make history in a historic church in the district. what the spirited rally is all about coming up on news 4. >> a war of words between president-elect donald trump and a civil rights icon. a winter weather advisory has been extended. the storm team 4 weather alert day. we are tracking more rain and freezing rain as well. she joins us from the storm team 4 weather center. >> for most of us, it has been t
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the day, but right now it's the freezing rain across the area. temperatures are north of town. 10 minutes ago, the national weather service is issuing a new weather advisory. northern montgomery and howard county and a winter weather advisory. it's also the same thing. freezing rain until 11:00 p.m. you want to be cautious if you are traveling overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning in the areas especially on bridges and overpasses. i think the main roads are okay. they are very close and at or above freezing. you can see the picture on radar in parts of montgomery county down to the beltway. the temperatures are just too warm to support any ice. in parts of montgomery and carroll counties,
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baltimore, we will have freezing rain. elsewhere we are seeing showers and this continues and after that we dry up. what's the rest of the weekend looking like? i will have the details. >> see you then. we will have of the the latest updates. up to the minute updates in your neighborhood. >> to the presidential transition, we are days away from the inauguration of donald trump. people gathered at a church for a rally promoting inclusion. the airport shows their message. >> metropolitan ame church from religious segregation opened their doors for those who oppose what they see for the policies of exclusion and hateful rhetoric. >> we try to do the work around policy and resistance that will make all people here in the
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nation feel welcome. >> they marched through the streets to get here. >> this is your home. >> we are immigrants who are contributing to society through our work and education and we are here to stay and we are not going anywhere. >> they are troubled by what they have been hearing. hateful rhetoric to immigrants and minorities. >> my family and myself were here. >> this rally is trying to lessen that fear. >> i will not allow this to become normal. >> we will move forward when it tries to get allies in congress and the government. >> we are not going back to disunity and des peer. we are going to go forward. >> maybe a little bit better than expected. about an hour in, there were people outside just
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the turn out was encouraging. the organizers of the rally. the enthusiasm for the cause is what they see as tough times ahead. >> we reached out for a comment from the d.c. gop official. they represented the largest population of imgrants and implied pro immigration. the d.c. gop does not disagree with denouncing hateful rhetoric. >> the president-elect is not a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him legitimate? why? >> i think the russians participated in the election. >> donald trump is now firing back at representative lewis and tweeted that he should spent more time on fixing his district which is in horrible shape. he we
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representative was all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. this is a civil rights icon for his decades of work on equality and justice. join us for live coverage of the parade when the president's motorcade heads from pennsylvania avenue to the white house. we will be there with special guests including long time parade announcer charlie brotman. on inauguration day. >> police need help solving a murder. a man was found shot in a car in glen arden after midnight. the homicide detectives are working into the early morning hours trying to establish a motive in this case. in the district, police arrested a sexual abuse suspect
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two of the incidents happened on wednesday and on thursday morning. the attack happened in northwest d.c. near logan circle and u street. they charged with three counts of sexual abuse. >> the election is not until november, but campaigning is well under way. ed gilespie kicked off today and talks about cutting taxes for families and small businesses and said he would stop what he called the blanket restoration of voting rights. >> in virginia, it has always been at the fore front of the american ideal and we can be again. i will get us back on track. we will stop lagging other states and start leading again. >> gilespie's previous chair of the republican national committee. there were several other candidates running for
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governor as county supervisor. this has been from denver. former congressman and lieutenant governor are there for the democratic nomination. >> months after a rocket exploded in a
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successfully launching the unmanned rockets. the rocket blasted off from vandenburg on california's coast. they are taking the 10 satellites into space. today's launch with first mission with the rocket exploding in september. nobody was hurt. >> now to a confusing, but joyful and painful story that is coming out of florida. a young woman is getting to know her parents after leaving with a woman she thought was her mother for the last 18 years. she was just hours old when police say a woman kidnapped her. police arrested gloria williams after they were led to a home where williams and the girl lived. dna confirmed
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her biological father said he never lost hope. >> i already knew. she was waking up too. >> the years ahead to be tough for her. >> why the lawyer for lee malveaux said the life sentence should be thrown out. >> i'm darcy spencer on capitol hill. we now know the reason between the geat pror
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an attorney for lee boyd malveaux who participated in the d.c. sniper shootings is asking a judge to toss out his life sentence. they filed that motion on friday and argued that it is illegal because he was 17 at the time. the u.s. supreme court said such sentences are unconstitutional for juveniles. malveaux was convicted for the 2002 shootings that terrorized the area. 10 people in all were killed. his partner was executed in 2009.
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today people gathered for a civil rights march and rally on the day ahead of the martin luther king rally. we shall not be moved rally. donald trump's inauguration is on their minds and they vowed to continue fighting for equality in the new administration. okay, mystery solved. we now know who is covering up the names on the porta potties on the national mall. why? we were all scratching our head. don's john or dean's john. it was being called the great porta potty cover up on innaugzration 2017. some of the porta pots here had the name don, john. you can see the blue
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why was the name covered up here by the capitol. they didn't know why. they provided these porta pots and had been doing this for a long time. a company official told some of their workers to go ahead and peel off some of this tape. today we got an answer as to why this is happening. a spokesman for the architect of the capitol cotold nbc news the are in the process of covering or removing signage to bring them into compliance of advertising. our staff determined that the don's john's signs cannot and are being covered with tape. we saw tons of portable restrooms along the national mall by the wilson building. the signs were not covered over. apparently this sign advertising rule only
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johns that are here on the capitol ground. on capitol hill, i'm darcy spencer. >> hundreds of people got new things today. the d.c. tattoo expo is taking place. that includes artist competitions, body piercing and of course lots and lots of tattoos. several artists had been featured on tv shows like ink master and tattoo nightmares. >> so far i talked to a lot of awesome artists who have been charismatic and i definitely want that. >> the expo will be open through tomorrow evening. >> this is a cloudy rainy day out there north of town noticing icicles forming in spots. the threat
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it's in northern montgomery around baltimore. for frederick and washington county. it's all for the same thing. as we continue to track rain we have temperatures north of town around that freezing mark. i'm keeping a close eye on road temperatures and thankfully they are at or most of them are above freezing. you want to take it easy if you are traveling tonight or early tomorrow in the locations. especially on bridges and overpasses. after a chilly start tomorrow, it's a really nice day overall. monday we have plenty, but now it's looking dry and for the upcoming workweek, high temperatures in the 50s. that's 10 degrees or moreor this time of year. no 50s right now. we are in the 30s. 35 in washington and 33 in haegerstown. notev
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all air temperatures are above freezing. that's good news. by tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., some locations especially the locations in the winter weather advisory will be below freezing. that includes haegerstown and frederick and just below freezing tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. with plenty of sun, we warm up nicely. by noon, we are in the low 40s. 47 for a high tomorrow. tomorrow evening it's still dry. we are tracking the temperatures right around 40. outdoor exercise, long sleeves will be fine. you can get back out there and if you are driving tomorrow morning, isolated patchy ice out there north of town. for most of us it will be completely fine. if you are heading skiing tomorrow, it will be the best day. for m
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it's looking mainly dry. only a slight chance of an isolated shower around the mountai mountains. tuesday have the umbrella. 54. freezing and an early shower on wednesday and 56. thursday, friday, we are in the mid 50s. next weekend if the forecast holes, not looking too shabby. another quick check, the potential for freezing rain. take it easy if you are traveling tonight and early tomorrow. >> thanks for the reminder. right now, several fairfax county buses are being used for a ride called stop the bus. they are parked outside and they contribute to inside the stores putting them in the bus. they collected hundreds of pounds for food for navy families. >> it has been a rough start to the season. a georgetown men's basketball
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the csn studios, u-conn versus georgetown. they have issues between the two teams. they gave them a bit of nostalgia. a win
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issues at the start of the second half. that's the job set aside. the 12-point lead. they point out the belt and that's how you change momentum. they are going inside and gives georgetown a lead and continues to perform. 21 points and comes back. 72-69. it's easy to look at this 21 points. that's whether this is rebound. they make sure
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willing. and a lot of us are fighting back. and a lot of that is led by him. >> in the 19th ranked, they take on clemson for the second half. they are showing off the team. 77-73. tcu was in conference play. one big shot.
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shot. they hit the rebound and gets it back. three of the game high 30. they can win 69-63. the band plays on. five minutes to play. scored 16 off the bench and ties the game up here. that's the costly mistake. st. louis wince 63-56. iowa native is going home. the third ranked taking on the hawk eyes. working the offensive and maryland cruising ahead, 31-18. it's a closer game in the third
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just one and he had three names. they got game. 24 on the day for him. 98-82. he didn't even have to pay for it. he is prouder for the other night. they found out how much they had $15,000 for the celtics. no suspicion for him. even with the storm risk. he suspected he plays against the philadelphia 76ers. it's a game you can see on csn. falcons and seahawks just starting the and the nfc playoff game. the falcons are ahead 25-10. patriots kickoff and the cowboys played tomorrow afternoon in the final playoff game. tomorrow night with the steelers. erica, back to you. >> we are still talking about football? imagine
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>> that are should be important now. >> i heard it in my house. thank you, sir. good to see you. that about wraps it up. thanks so much for joining us. stay extra cautious on the road if you are traveling tonight, especially overpasses and brims and north of town. >> nightly news is coming up next and see you again for news 4 at 11:00. ed in night, everybody.
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on this saturday night, deadly mix, tens of millions in the path of a dangerous winter storm causing crippling freezing rain and ice. at least three dead. thousands without power. twist of fate. 18 years after she was stolen from the hospital where she was born, a young woman meets her biological parents. the woman who raised her now behind barz. war of words. after a prominent congressman say he is doesn't see donald trump as a legitimate president. >> merchandise mecca. the place where all the holiday returns end up. scrap heap to some. gold mine to others. close encounter with biggest animals on the planet. beyond the


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