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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2017 7:00am-9:54am EST

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good morning. showdown. president trump and mexico's president locked in a fiery spat over who will foot the bill for that border wall. >> the american people will not pay for the wall. >> the mexican president canceling a planned white house meeting. this morning we'll be joined by the former mechanixican leader famously said this. >> i will not pay for that [ bleep ] wall. making history, high pressure set to become the first sitting vice president to attend the pro-life march in washington. tens of thousands expected as the new administration
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reenergied the movement. serena a venus williams set to battle it out for the australian open title. >> i got nothing else to do. >> their first grand slam final clash in eight years with history on the line. and milestone. he's one of the most trusted and respected journalists of our time covering history as it unfolded. we'll celebrate tom brokaw and his first 50 years at nbc news. today friday, january 27th, 2017. >> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1 a. >> natalie wrapping up her week filling in for savannah. no one has been there and done
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we look forward to catching up with him. >> we're so happy to be able to celebrate along with him, 50 amazing years. >> and we let good to that. let us start though with our top story. the growing battle over who is going to pay for that wall between the united states and mexico. the topic is sure to come up during president's first face-to-face meeting with a foreign leader today. that is britain's prime minister. our team has it all covered. and we will talk to a very vocal poep of t oppt former mexican president fox. >> reporter: today's meeting with theresa may will cap what has already been a frenzied first week of activity here at the white house. the president will aim to solidify what he calls a special relationship with britain after triggering a diplomatic clash with mexico. this morning president
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diplomatic barrier with mexico as he took a trip to the gop conference in philadelphia, cameras capturing his ride home. the rest of the day, turbulent, amid a bitter back and forth over who will pay for the wall, mexico insisting it won't. upset and under pressure by mr. trump's executive action ordering the wall,e's president canceling a planned visit to the u.s. trump casting it as a mutual decision. >> unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. >> reporter: later in the day, press secretary sean spicer floating the idea of a 20% tax on next cap imports, a move some say could ultimately force american taxpayers to bear a heavier burden by paying more for goods like cars, fruits and vegetables and alcohol. the white house disputing
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>> i think what it will do is lift up the wages of american workers, as well. >> reporter: but then top administration officials walked back the tax indicating it's one of a buffet of options. but the president himself telling peter alexander we cannot lose our companies to mexico or any other place. and then have them make the product and just send across our boredy free. we'll put a substantial tax on those countries. the president also set to reaffirm the u.s. relationship with british prime minister theresa may, the two will meet today for the first time to discuss a range of topics from trade to national security. but a bit of a protocol faux pas ahead of her arrival, the white house misspelling may's first name, but quickly sending out a correction. overnight the president signaled to fox news he may be closer to blocking refugees from countries including syria, iraq, iran and yemen. >> we'll have extreme vetting for people coming into our country and if we
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a problem, it won't be so easy for people to come in anymore. >> reporter: and calling isis sneaky dirty rats while insisting waterboarding is not torture, a tactic that was banned under president obama. >> stotorture is real torture. waterboarding i'm sure it's not pleasant, but it was just short of torture. >> reporter: the president still defending turnout at his inauguration. first reported by the "washington post" and confirmed by a signor administration official to nbc news, mr. trump called the national park service asking for more photos of the mall from his inauguration. apparently hoping they would back up his claims. not supported by other pictures from that day that he had a larger inaugural crowd than barack obama in 2009. senior administration official tells nbc news that call shows mr. trump's management title to be accessible and constantly in touch. today he will go to the pentagon for the swearing in of james
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mattis. nbc has also learned president trump will hold a with russian president vladimir putin this weekend. relations are chilliest in decades. matt, natalie. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. we're joined by former president fox. good morning. nice to talk to you. >> good morning, matt, good morning natalie, good morning united states. >> you are not only a former president of mexico, but are you a history buff. you are a student of history. i wonder if you could compare where we are right now in u.s./mexico relations to any other difficult times you've seen. >> i think we are at the lowest point since the war between the mexico and united states
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nationalization of the oil companies that were abusing over mexico. he took away the industry, nationalized it. and i think it was a very courageous, very strong thing to do but welcomed by all mexicas.s just todayed president pefa stand in front of this guy trump has brought back very strong mexican spirit and we're ready for the trade war. we're ready of course for not paying that wall. >> because you've adamantly said mexico will not pay for this wall. president trump is insisting that mexico will. though how that will happen may be somewhat complicated. is there any sort of diplomatic resolution at this point, president fox? >> no, not at all because president penais
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position. and neeps playing around with everybody, keeps throwing smoke balls by proposing a 20% tax on mexican imports, it's nonsense. he's playing around with american people. he's playing around with mexico. because if he can tax who will be paying at the end for the wall is the same american people, the american consumer. >> do you think it will spark a wider trade war? >> i don't think he will do it because there is so much to lose for united states starting with 10 million jobs where mexico is accountable for u.s. citizens by what we import every year into mexi mexico. so th first big
7:09 am
states is 10 million u.s. promised to protect. he's doing exactly the opposite. >> you've said that this debate has energized the mexican people, but your current president is in a difficult spot. he has historically low approval ratings, about 12%. the mexican people want him to t stand up to donald trump and protect their reputation, but if he draws a line in the sand, president fox, doesn't he risk severe economic impact to his country? >> president pena is already coming back to much higher popularity levels. i know that when they nationalized the oil industry and took it away from abusive u.s. oil corporations, he became the most popular president in mexico. so this is a big
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president pena. >> president fox, do you think that president pena made the right move by canceling his visit here to the united states? could there have been more discussion had he met face-to-face with president trump? >> it was a very wise you've because at this stage, trump keeps pretending to play around with u.s. citizens as well as with mexico. but now he found out that you don't play around with mexico. as we say, we might not be too big, but we are smart and we're firm. we speak about sovereignty, when we're speaking about honesty, when we're talking about dignity. and this is what president pena is defending. it didn't matter what the amount of money is. it's a matter of
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it's an mexico. and i think president trump is plnd wgh everybody. throwing this smoke balls and it will not work for him. he has now faced his first defeat and he cannot digest a defeat. his ego doesn't let him do that. so he keeps on agressing. >> president fox, really appreciate your time this morning. thank you. in addition to president trump's aggressive moves on immigration, he is also moving ahead with his call to investigate thousand widely debunked claims of rampant voter fraud. peter alexander has more on that. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning senior white house aides tell me that that executive order on voter fraud could come as early as today or tomorrow. but the bottom line is that experts say the issue isn't voter fraud,
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four of those closest to president trump are actually among those registered in two states. one week into his presidency, president trump is still focused on the results of the election that propelled him into office claiming widespread voter fraud for costing him the popular vote. >> we'll protect the integrity of the ballot box and we're going to defend the votes of the american citizen. so important. >> reporter: the president repeatedly blaming millions of illegally cast ballots despite offering no concrete evidence. >> people are registered in two states. new york and new jersey. they vote twice. there are millions of votes in my opinion. >> reporter: in fact voting officials say there is no evidence of such widespread fraud, but they do agree with the president that millions are registered in multiple states. among them, mes of trump's inner circle, steve bannon, steve mnuchin, even the
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nbc news confirming he's registered in both new york and new jersey. first daughter tiffany trump records show registered in new york and pennsylvania despite kellyanne conway denying that here on today. >> i talked last night with tiffany and she said it is flatly false that she is registereded in two states. >> reporter: i asked conway about it again thursday night. >> she told me she had filed all the appropriate paperwork, she had gone through the entire account with me. and as far as she knew, it had been done. >> reporter: it's not against the law to be register in two states and it doesn't mean voters are casting ballots twice, which is illegal. the problem experts say, not that fraud is being committed, but voter rolls can be out of date. a problem many states are already addressing. 20 states and the district of columbia are part of the program that requires them to share voter data every 60 days and keeps voter files
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in 2016, the program identified about 2 million voters who had moved or passed away. but the integrity of the 2016 vote experts say was better than ever before. i'm told that language is still being finalized for the executive order, that it won't necessarily be an investigation, but perhaps more of a revie traditional executive order doesn't necessarily mean that this would be a criminal inquiry. back to you. >> peter, thanks so much. let's bring in steve kornacki and nicolle wallace. >> let's get you to give us the headlines of the week already. >> well, i think one week in, one headline is that chaos rules at this white house. and the other one has to be that this is going to be a tale of split screen america. his detractors will find cause every day to light whatever is left of their hair on fire and his supporters will find little kernels of him keeping his word. >> i think whatever you think of what he's doing, we can say that rarely in american hto
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r a shock to the system. and that's what we're seeing. i think as people in both parties were used to washington working akd politics working a certain way, not being sure how to process this. >> and one other thing, he ran on the wall. we'll build that wall. he also ran on idea, that the media is bad and dishonest. now his chief strategist at the white house steve bannon has given an interview to the "new york times." i want to read you a couple things he said. quote, the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while. another quote, the med her is the opposition party. they don't understand this country. they still don't understand why donald trump is president of the united states. people watch position may say, well, i agree with some of that. the media did get the election wrong. but there is a reason he made these statements at this particular time. what is the political strategy here? >> he's trying to buck up his number one client. and the truth is, the leader of the free world is obsessed with his media coverage.
7:16 am
to turn off the tv aing the country. and i think they're trying to -- the truth is, he gets sad when he watches his coverage. he gets sad and bummed out when -- he city wants the pictures of his crowd. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it's also almost an invitation to the media trying to bait them into fighting instead of reporting. trying to bait them in to some kind of fight that they can turn around and say, hey, being look, they are out to get us which makes it a challenge for the media. almost like a referee at a basketball game. coaches are yelling you, just keep calling the game. >> but it worked for him in the election to discounts the media. >> i talked to voters and they are happy to see him stand up for himself. but they are frustrated when it looks like he's squandering valuable time in the petty fights. >> let me play you a portion of what barack obama had to say to the media the press in his last press briefing.
7:17 am
syncopha syncnt you're supposed to ask critical questions and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here. and you have done that. >> these two feelings ten days apart. >> he was anticipating this moment clearly. he's seeing how donald trump had been handling the media and he had concerns about that. but i do have to say in fairness, obama saying that on the way out of the office versus some of the things he said in office, i know one of his top aides back in 2009 said fox news was the opposition. >> presidents they ev s never l press coverage that they get, but neither is there a point this history where we can call where they sent the press secretary out to lie to the p c
7:18 am
escalations in tensionswi mexat world leaders will read into this. >> watching you guys with president fox, i was thinking about george w. bush's relationship with president fox. it was one of his closest friends in the world. and next he company has the first state dinner of the bush years. wow, what a difference this administration is ushering in. i think it gives a lot of people concerned about how we treat our adversaries. >> we have to make that the last word. thank you very much. tens of thousands are expected on the national mall today to take part in the march for life. the march is held each year to mark the anniversary of the 1973 supreme court decision legalizing abortion. vice president mike pence is scheduled to speak at the event. the first time in history that a sitting president or vice president has ever spoken at the march. president trump adviser kellyanne conway is also on the list of speakers. for the f t
7:19 am
abortion opponents say they have political momentum. this week the president signed a ban of support to foreign groups that provide abortion glo. take a look, oklahoma's center clearly frustrated. he bunchpunches the claire an fracturesis right foerearm. no word on how long he will be out. to college now, what is being called one of the biggest flops of all time. watch the oregon ducks forward dylan brooks after a brief contact, brooks suddenly lunges backward, struck by some invisible force. it didn't work. he was charged with a foul. utah fans not amused. but the ducks went on to win the game. >> is this soccer or basketball? >> that's a
7:20 am
mr. roker and get a first check of your friday and weekend forecast. >> let's show you what we've got. lake-effect snow, big story this weekend. and the reason for this is because it's awfully warm and we haven't seen a lot of ice over the great lakes. so arctic air normally comes swooping down out of canada, across the great lakes, picks up warmer moister air. usually by this time, you start to see the snow build up. but it starts to get cut off because we have more lake freezing over the ice. so that of course cuts off the moisture that is available. normally this time of year we'd have 50% of the great lakes covered by ice, but this year, 1% to maybe 10%. so that allows a lot of moisture. so look at the amounts we'll be seeing this weekend. anywhere from 12 inches in western pennsylvania and new york to up to 3 feet around the tug hill plateau. we'll get you youroc
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forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm chuck bell. sun just now coming up on a friday morning. northwest winds continue to blow, so feels like temperatures are down in the mid-20s to low and mid-30s. you will need that warm winter coat for today. hourly temperatures won't rise much because of that gusty northwest wind. afternoon highs only in the low to mid-40s at best. couldn't rule out a passing flurry
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cold and dry for most of the weekend. light snow possible late. coming up, a sister act at the australian open. the williams sisters set to face each other in the grand slam final for the first time in eight years. we'll hear from them ahead of their historic match. and in honoring an icon and really good friend, we'll celebrate 50 years of tom brokaw here at nbc with the man himself. but first, this is "today" nbc. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:26 is your time. happy friday, everyone. >> police are investigating a deadly fax. one person was killed on clifton road overnight. this was a single car crash. a second person in that car was hurt. police have not released the names of anybody involved. road closures are in place for a the 44th annual march for life. mike pence will speak there. you can find out more about the march on the nbc washington app. now let check in with melissa and your
7:27 am
have the crash with traffic alternating in each direction there this morning. florida avenue at road island, a crash reported there. beltway overall is not so bad. south glebe road ramp to 395 a crash on the left side. inbound 14th street bridge looks better than it did earlier. and now we'll check your forecast next.
7:28 am
good morning, everybody. friday off to a chilly start indeed. afternoon highs today only in the low 40s. quite breezy and cold, as well. windchills in the 20s and 30s. both days over the weekend will be chilly and for the most part dry. highs in the 40s, lows in the 20s to around 30. sunday night into early monday, there may be some light snow coming our way. you can always have the latest
7:29 am
app. >> thanks, another local news update in about 25 minutes. >> no now back to the "today" show.
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♪ back, now, 7:30 on a friday morning, january 27th, back now 7:30. a lot of screaming one direction fans on the plaza this morning because tomorrow will nli is on show. >> he is making his solo debut and he will be performing live in studio 1a a little later on. >> let's take a look at some headlines on this friday morning. the clash over president trump's order to build that mexican border wall is growing. mexico's president says he will not make a scheduled trip to washington next week. mr. trump responded saying the meeting would be fruitless unless mexico treats the u.s. ly
7:31 am
we mexico fox who called this president trump's first defeat. today president trump sits down with british prime minister theresa may. and nbc news has learned he will speak by phone with russian president vladimir putin over the weekend. some scary moments at the largest hotel in tampa a. fire broke out on the roof of the marriott water side last night forcing guests and staff to evacuate. firefighters were able to put it out and eventually gave the all clear. crews had made repairs on the roof earlier in the day. investigators think left overdebris may have sparked the fire. and now to the all-williams final. it will mark the first time a he rein a and venus have met head to head with a grand slam on the line in eight years. craig held
7:32 am
>> i have a younger sibling, so i always pull for the older s k sibling. venus is the one tapping in the record of serena's 23 ready grand slam titles. legendary sisters who have long carried the torch for the u.s. tennis. >> for us both to be in the final is the biggest dream come true for us. are the saturday's australia open marks tear first grand slam final against each other since win bell do wimbledon in 2009. serena trying to win her 23rd grand slam singles title, venus playing for her eighth. >> i know that it won't be easy. >> reporter: both sisters shattering records and defying odds. at 35 and 36, they are the oldest women's finals players ever in a sport where the average age is 25 1/2. >> it's really
7:33 am
30s is the new 10. it's not abo. >> when i'm playing on the court with her, i'm playing like the best competitor in the game. i don't think i'm chump change either. i can compete. >> reporter: for venus, getting to the finals was no easy feat after being diagnosed in 2011 with an autoimmune disorder which causes defeat and joint pain. >> i know what she went through, so it's the one thing that i really genuinely feel like no matter what happens, i can't lose, she can't lose. >> reporter: despite health challenges, venus is still a champion who knows serena's game better than anyone. >> and venus williams defeats serena for the first time since 2009. >> she's my toughest opponent. no one has beaten me as much as venus has. >> reporter: guaranteed to be a historic match-up, one thing is certain. a williams sister will win this ar
7:34 am
so instragram, quote, this is going to be a historic match, i'm so proud and grateful to witness this. that match by the way early, very early tomorrow morning, 3:30 a.m. eastern. we will have all the highlights on weekend "today." >> so monday morning i can call you. >> it would be good if she wins one more. >> i think serena is 6-2. >> all right, craig. thank you very much. looking good-bye the way. >> thank you, matt lauer. a check of the weather now from al. >> we've had all this rain around the country and so look at our drought situation. december 1, 2016, 31% of the u.s. in some sort of drought. and look at today, only 16% of the u.s. including the
7:35 am
b 95% of the state in drought. 40% in exceptional drought. and then bang, with all that rain and all that snow, 51% and none, no exceptional drought in the state of california. and the snow pack, a big difference. look at this, this was january 22nd, 2014. almost no snow. this year at this time, the snow pack, a lot different. we're looking at snow packs of 158% to 223% in the sierra and that is great news because it's literally money in the bank when it comes to the spring and the snow melt. that's what is going on around the country. here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. it is a colder start to the day, so you will want the thicker coat when you walk outside. something very warm because it feels like 34 degrees in the district. actual temperatures 41, but the breeze is making it feel colder and that will be the case as we go through the day. by
7:36 am
then this afternoon, we atethou only in the mid-40s, about 15 degrees or so colder than yesterday. look at your weekend, staying in the mid-40s. colder on monday. get your weekend forecast whenever you need it, the weather channel on cable. coming up, tough love or too much? the surprising thing this legendary basketball coach is doing to get his team back on track. and the man who brought you the biggest stories in the world for the last five decades. we'll celebrate tom brokaw's 50th anniversary at nbc right after this. wish your skin could bounce back like... used to? neutrogena® hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight... water. this refreshing water gel... plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin that bounces back.
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happening righw ♪ we are back at 7:41. what a privilege we have now to mark a major milestone for one of the biggest we're back at 7:41. and what a privilege to mark the anniversary. tom brokaw has reached his 50th anniversary here on nbc. sunday we will air a two hour special featuring tom's prominent conversations on the stories he's covered for half a century. good morning. >> nostalgic to be at this chair because that was part of high career, as well. i have been very fortunate to have covered so many of the events that have shaped our world and i wanted to have candid discussions about those stories and the impact that they're having on the time we're going through right now. try to understand the impact that they will have
7:42 am
go from here. in 50 years as an nbc correspondent, i've reported on some of the most momentous events of our time. live from the berlin wall. that is a television microphone. you know how important symbols are in politics. tom brokaw, nbc news at the great wall. i first went to beijing in 1975 with president ford. by 1989, china was changing and chinese students demanded more freedoms. today we received our first complete videotapes of the carnage. chinese leaders unreiched the army on tiananmen square. together we rode with the people of beijing into the heart of the capital. one chinese rode up and tickled the lens on the camera and we got the first footage out of it. but i could have been shot right then. so my question is
7:43 am
your statements -- it's my professional life's blood. when you look at the map now and you see that blue west coast of america and the blue east coast of america and everything else in between is red, that is tribal warfare. but 6 aof all the stories i've covered over the last 50 years, one continues to divide america. america's crisis in black and white. race division has been a big part of my career. >> do you think that's the significance gel biggesingle bie e to be resolved? >> when president obama was elected, you were giddy.gnificae left to be resolved? >> wn esenoba s eleyo gdy. we thought this would change race relations but in many ways race relations are worse now. it's ot
7:44 am
it's what happened from the ground up. i know i had a lot of lucky breaks, but i always ask if i were black, if my skin were one shade darker, would i have gotten all those chances. it's the biggest issue in my life frankly. it really is. i get emotional. i think mostly because of all the good things that have happened to me and i do say if i had been one shade darker, i wouldn't have gotten any of those jobs at that time. one shade darker, they would say i don't think we can do that. we are a much different world now thank goodness and i think there are a lot of opportunities out there. but at the same time, we still far too much see the world through pigmentation. everybody sees the white person as black and they come to conclusions that are not always appropriate. on the other side, white people
7:45 am
unload on them a lot of the clichés of our time. he we need to find a way that we can converse with each other and try to understand each other. we come from many times different cultures, but we're common americans and we have to find a way. >> do you look forward with hope? >> i do in part because it's more incremental, but there are a lot of gains that are going on. we just had a great african-american correspondent on here. we didn't have those. al roker. when i was doing the "today" show, it was all white bread. that has changed a lot in political america, corporate america and cultural america. but we need to find a way to talk to each other candidly. >> if i could be personal for a second, not only have i admired your reporting and learned from it, you're one of the people around here who is a great friend and mentor to all of us. and you take the time and you talk to us and you pull us
7:46 am
and you try to hold us to standards. and that has been greatly appreciated. >> thank you, matt. i was here during difficult types. so when you all arrived and the ship was not going to sink, i was going to do everything that i could to make sure that you stayed on board. >> well, thank you for that. and congratutis aouan catch the special tom brokaw at nbc news the first 50 years that is sunday night 9:00, 8:00 central of course here on nbc. coming up next, a bride who stunned her groom on their wedding day. so what is the big deal is this wait until cameron shows you how she did it. but first these messages. what makes a world of endless magic? the surprise of real life fairy tales? a safari alive with magic? a battle against the dark side? the discovery of faraway lands? or better yet, experiencing them all...together. walt disney world resort. four theme parks. one world. endless magic. now experience each of the walt disney world resort theme parks
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7:51 am
your local mercedes-beea best or nothing. [ ee 7:51 on this friday morning. tamron is in the orange room. big surprise for a guy on his wedding day. >> i bet you've never seen a proposal like this. here we go. tom gardner was anxiously awaiting the first look at his bride to be. but that highly anticipated moment came with a huge surprise. so here we go. instead of turning away to see his fiance in her wedding dress, he turned around and saw a t-rex walking toward him. yes. that is his bride to be. decked out in her best dinosaur wedding duds for her big reveal. so t-rex or not, that did not stop tom from laughing going in
7:52 am
costume. there it is. the couple's video has been viewed over 2.5 million times on facebook. alyssa writes i'm both laughing hayes tear cal and crying happy tears. how epic is this? the t-rex bride responded writing thank you to all of you. what was just a random plan to make my son to be husband laugh seems to have made lots of people smile. i have tears coming from my eyes. this is amazing. it was look tom passed the first marriage test with flying colors. so did i win the bet? >> here is the thing. these two will be great because if you can keep laughter like that in your relationship, you will get through a lot of tough times. >> and when you get each other. a lot of people wouldn't get that. they get each other equally. >> than thank you, tamron. coming up, your dog's favorite music.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
7:56 is your time. good morning. i'm eun yang. let's check in with a look at the roads. >> sunday we'll see more and more clouds. by late sunday night into monday, there may be a little chance for light snow. we'll keep you posted on that a. sunday's highs again -- >> so you were hearing chuck bell. i think he's doing radio. we'll be right back and try to fix that all for you.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
cherry hill road, still have the crash with traffic alternating. north glebe downed wears there. overall beltway looking pretty good. hi, sheena. >> 32 is what it feels like in the district. fredericksburg feeling 32. leesburg 28. today a high temperature mid-40s. a lot colder than yesterday. mix of sun and clouds. don't be surprised if you see a few flurries later today, too. another local news update in just 25 minutes. but now back to the "tod s
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on today. coming up, border battle. >> the american people will not pay for the wall. >> new fallout this morning, as mexico's president, cancels a trip to the u.s., in the wake of president trump's plan make mexico pay for the wall. but will u.s. taxpayers be stuck with the bill? we're live from washington. plus, jenna finds her inner monk. she's tackle diet and fitness. now, earning inward. >> slow it down. >> as jenna enlists the help of a guru, to help her destress. >> around and down. >> what you
8:01 am
zen, well. ♪ ♪ darling just hold on >> and a new direction. louis tomlinson stops by studio 1a to perform his debut. you don't want to miss. january 27th, 2017. >> shoutout to our kids back in madison, wisconsin. >> congrats, j.t. i'm graduating today. you did it. >> hey, mom and dad in orange county. and hey, friends in atlanta. ♪ >> saying hi to all of our friends and family from west harrison, new york. >> hi, mom and dad, we made it. >> hi.
8:02 am
>> we're back, now. 8:00 on a friday morning. the 27th day of january, 2017. all right. i'm going to tell you right now, we have a huge crowd on the plaza today. >> my gosh. >> i think part of it is here because natalie is wrapping up a nice week on the show. part of it is here for tom brokaw's 50th anniversary. >> more so. >> the majority of them might be here for -- >> louis tomlinson. >> we're going to hear his great, new song coming up. >> i mentioned savannah is on maternity leave. that's why natalie is here. you got a visit time in. >> i didn't know you were gone. i missed you. i got to see the new baby, charley and gorgeous vail. >> i got stuck with baby sitting duty. savannah said, put this purposing thing on. somebody
8:03 am
>> they are so cute. comin coming up, jenna tries her hand at practicing mindfulness with the help of the urban monk. what she learned and what she wants to share with us. >> i need an urban monk. >> but first, an update on your "today's" original project. >> i'm so excited about this. i teamed up with reebok to design running shoes with boys and girls. profits went to build our kids success, a program giving kids an opportunity to do simple exercise before their school day starts. and the shoes sold out in a matter of days because the design is so cool. we raised $15,000 from that initial launch. it will provide equipment to 40 schools in need. and also help more than 1600 kids. and in fact it was so successful, we're going to relaunch the shoes in a few weeks, as well. so
8:04 am
bigger impact. and also means more great shoes for everyone. >> you should make those for adults, too. i like those. >> it's a sunrise/sunset which is the "today" show theme. >> congratulations. here is your news at 8:00. >> and we begin this morning with the latest in politics. i'm hallie jackson in washington. 7 days after president donald trump took the oath of office right here at the capitol, he is ending his first full week as president busier than he began. today at the white house, president trump he's full face-to-face with a foreign leader. british prime minister theresa may. in philadelphia with congressional republicans, may echoed the president's campaign theme. >> president trump's victory achieved in defiance of all the pundits and the polls. >> reporter: the prime minister looking to build a relationship with donald trump. the two
8:05 am
terror and the relationship with russia where they don't necessarily see eye to eye. >> with president putin, my advice is to engage, but beware. >> reporter: one administration source telling nbc news vladimir putin and donald trump are expected to have their first phone call this weekend since the inauguration. it comes as the president's meeting with another foreign leader gets called off. mexican president pena nieto no longer making a planned trip to washington after president trump insisted again mexico will pay for his border wall. but with mexico refusing, how will he do it? the trump administration floating the idea of a 20% tax on mexican imports to funds the wall initially. but that could be passed on to american consumers on imports like cars and produce. meaning taxpayers would likely foot the bill for the wall at first. president trump's aides later saying it's an option butot
8:06 am
the presideomisimsomething. >> when that comes through the border, it will be heavily taxed. that's the way it is. >> reporter: also in that interview, the president revealing he's made his pick for supreme court justice to replace the late antonin scalia. >> i have made my decision pretty much in my mind, yes. it's subject to change at the last moment, but i think this will be a great choice. >> reporter: that decision will be made public next week. an as early as today, the president expected to take executive action to order a voting fraud investigation after insist millions of people voted illegally this year despite election officials say they found no evidence of such widespread fraud. vice president pence also busy today set to speak at the march for life, an annual anti-abortion demonstrations in washington. pence, the first vice president ever to address the event. and we are learning
8:07 am
morning that president trump himself will also call into those marching according to a senior administration if i recall. a official. and a phone call from right after the inauguration, a white house source confirmed that president trump rang up the national park service asking to more photos of the crowd on the national mall apparently hoping to back up his claims of a massive audience. fatl natalie. > jackson, thanks. two injured hikers are recovering after a dramatic rescue in the san bernardino mountains. the group was nearing a 10,000 foot summit when an avalanche swept over them and they tumbled hundreds of feet down the mountainside. a helicopter air lifted the injured climbers to safety. one has broken ribs, the other needed stitches on his leg. fire and rescue officials say the hikers are very lucky to be alive. you know the expression there is a time and place for everything? one student has become an internet star b
8:08 am
anity trump protest in a place meant for quiet study. >> hey, hey, hey! is th this is a library. >> meant for quiet. that seemed to have worked. as you can hear, the people piped down quietly. the confrontationity university of washington library. winning lots of praise for that young man. coming up next, heartwarming video of a dog saving his pal. or is it? up for debate on trending. and sir elton john's big plans for a broadway musical. >> and then just hold on, one direction's louie tomlinson about to perform the hit new single live here inside studio 1a. first these messages. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa?
8:09 am
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body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally. miralax. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. it's going to cause a lot of problems. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double. [ cheers and applause ] 8:13, gd time to do a little trending. first up, we talk about music a lot on this show. and particularly in this segment, we have great music coming up later on. but what kind of music do you think your dogs like best? to find out, researchers and
8:14 am
played several different genres for dogs. so what do you think they would like? would they like reggae, rock, classical, hip hop? what do you think? >> hip hop. >> classical. >> i'm going with classical. chill out sfwlp are . are we giving this too much thought? >> and the winner is reggae. when analysts played that kind of music for dogs, there were actual physiological and behavioral changes in the dog. >> look at charlie. i think they're on to something. >> dogs also by the way had a really good response to solve the soft rock. >> there you go. >> charlie, poor thing.
8:15 am
is th this is the most amazingly sweet gesture. this video shows a dog leaping into the water to fetch the tree branch, but he gets caught in the rabids. and the other dog is watching really worried. so what does he do? of course he grabs on to the stick pulling his buddy too safety right out of the water. i mean he saved the day. it's a daring rushing water rescue. but then look what happens. if we watch the video again, look what happens now. he just wants the stick. >> come on, he's trying to save his pal. >> the golden lab or whatever it is takes the stick and walks away. all right. want to see how yyou feel about this one. is this tough love too tough?
8:16 am
has been guided nearly 40 years by mike krzyzewski. right now he's recovering from back surgery, but he won five ncaa championships. so the coach knows what he's doing. so listen to his latest move. he's telling his team who has been in a slump lastly to motivate his players, coach k has revoked their access to the locker room. they're not allowed in there. he's also banning them from wearing duke's gear on campus. one source telling espn that coach k won't lift the ban until players start living up to the standards of the duke program. >> so where to they change or shower? >> elsewhere. they're not allowed in the hallowed grounds of the duke dressing room. and they can't wear the duke paraphernalia because they aren't playing well enough to represent the standards of duke. and he's done this before. he has a track record. >> he has a great reputation,
8:17 am
play, it's how you life your life? >> and is it a little about the like if my kids get bad grades, i'll let them sign their name but not let them use the name lawy lauer at the of it? >> so better start performing. >> the parents might have something to say. nfl pro bowl this weekend. the league has been testing players in a skills competition. the big attraction this year, the drone drop. players have to catch footballs from a drone more than 100 feet right above them. actually it's a lot harder than it sounds. because that ball is coming at a pretty good clip. and you never exactly get a good idea of where it's coming. but odell beckham jr. known as a pretty good receiver, well, he dives backwards to catch it. that one fell from 115 fe25 fee in the die fan is like 13 stories apit helped odell's tm
8:18 am
>> it's coming down and you don't know where end. >> wind could pick it up, too. the internet has been waiting for the crab brace between taylor swift and zayn malik for their song i don't want to live forever. the track dropping overnight, the first music video from the sound track for 50 shades darker the movie. taylor gave us this exclusive look at the making of the video. >> so we were going to do the video and kind of never be in the same shot. i think now looking back it might have seemed like we might have shot the video like in two different locations. and i'm really happy now that at the last minute grant was like why don't you get in the same room and just we'll put a strobe light on you and see what happens. and it was like being in a weird club. but fun. and it was one of my favorite shots. >> thanks for that behind the scenes look. by the way,
8:19 am
eddie redmayne starred thp video and that movie like harry potter itself was based on a j.j. j.j. rowlinrowling's book. and today they announced that he will narrate the audio book. it is available for pre-order and will be released march 14. you can learn more at and finally, elton john getting set to take on the devil. sir elton has been tapped to write a musical adaptation of the devil weaar ears raprada. it will be based on the 2003 novel and movie which of course starred anne hathaway, meryl streep. elton is already a tony winner. and in
8:20 am
can't wait to sink my musical teeth into this hung of popular culture. i'm not kidding, go on social media, people were clutching pearls, it was amazing the reaction. >> love that. tamron, thank you very much. and that's what is going on around the country. here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. it is a blustery and cold start to your friday morning. windchills are back in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees and that wind will be with us all day long. so you will need an insulated jacket today. not a big budge in temperatures either. the northwest wind will continue to drive ever colder air into the region. highs today only around 44 downtown. maybe a passing flurry or two. tomorrow, more sunshine. highs in the upper 30s to low 40s. clouds back sunday, maybe a little light snow early monday. and that is your latest weather. on live to 100, we're wrapping up our week focused on mindfulness.
8:21 am
about team jenna. otgod ind it a surprise that it's hard for me to stop moving and it's obviously hard to find the time to be mindful. but that didn't stop me from hinting my inner zen. i've been eating better thanks to joy, working out more thanks to joe. and now it was time to turn inward. i turned to the best selling author. what is an urban monk? a person who finds peace and ser sa renity in the midst of the craziness of the modern world. you're the urban monk and i need one. >> i'm here. >> when i think about my issues with mindfulness, there is a few. one, i'm constantly almost addicted to the telephone. i'll say that. and i have pretty early mornings. and i feel like my husband and i are in the routine where the first thing we do is get up and look at our phones. also i have two little kids and kids can be kind of stressful. i l
8:22 am
moments where like yesterday my little baby was just screaming nonstop for no reason. and instead of just realizing like holding her close and making her feel settled, i wanted to implode or explode. in my head, i was just like -- which i know a lot of parents can relate with. >> so what do you do to lengthen your views? do you have any personal hygiene for mental health stuff that you're doing now? >> no, and i need something for sure. after our initial skype session, we met face-to-face. help me. what do you think i can do to get more zen? i'm really hoping to become more grounded in 2017. >> what i'd like these 30 days is build some habits with you in the morning, in the evening, but then start to cross over into your day so that you have mindfulness built in. in 30 days you will learn how to become more aware should you do your homework and stay on it. >> okay, i'll do high homework
8:23 am
>> reporter: be more present. >> she killed twitter and instragram from your phone. >> i sure did. i find myself in a black hole where i'm scrolling through instagram wasting time. practice gratitude. i'm on my way to work. instead of looking at social media, i'm writing down a couple things i'm grateful for, making me deal pretty good. and quality one-on-one time. the urban monk also stresses meditation. >> it's like you've lost yo flou bse i the right thing do, but we don't have the same mental habits. there is a practice that is quick, about 10, 15 minutes. slow it down. there you go. and your night meditation. so basically meditation. four count breathing. it's basically breathing an counting and staying focused on just that. around and down. in the types when life is tough, we often make bad decisions under r
8:24 am
cushion. >> reporter: and during the day, takes time to take it all in. >> so just walking down the street, we can kind of refocus? >> so think about it. how many times are you out in the streets of new york on your phone whether texting or talking or whatever. so right now -- >> phone free. >> and i want you to feel the wind on your face. >> i feel it. >> it's there. >> there is wind. you know what, i didn't know it when there was instragram, but now that there is no instragram, i can feel the wind. the biggest lesson, fining high inner urban monk in this urban jupg ge jungle. sgse admit i did better than others. the morning routine was a little hard for me. but the main things i took away is to take a break from social media and it obviously creates time and space for more important things like
8:25 am
communication. and then obviously a nightly meditation routine. and i feel so much better. and i got my fat measured which is a scary thing, but they said that cortisone levels help women keep the fat around the stomach. so if you lower your stress, you also lose weight. >> very true. >> and tamron meditates. >> i'm going come meditate with you. >> 20 minutes. >> more by the way on jenna's plan on and you can join the urban monk for a taken live chat monday 1:00 p.m. we'll be back after tease messages. right
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. it's 8:26. i'm erika gonzalez. let's get a check of your commute. >> good morning. so a couple of things happening right now on the beltway. outer loop near rockville pike, a work zone being set up. irn loop at braddock, left lane blocked. 95 southbound after triangle, all lanes temporarily blocked because of a crash. should be getting that out of the way soon. and 2012 at cherry hill road, that is finally gone. we will get a check of your forecast coming up nex
8:27 am
8:28 am
time to grab the winter coats. it will be breezy and cold all day. most of the sunshine will be in the first part of the day. clouds will increase later this afternoon. couldn't rule out a passing flurry or two. really just going to be cold today and another chance for maybe
8:29 am
just yet. >> thank you, sir. remember that you can get the latest news and weather in you're nbc washingn p.
8:30 am
♪ all right. we're back, we're back now 8:30 on a friday morning, 27th day of january, 2017. got a big loud crowd this morning. >> how come? >> because we have a special live performance inside studio 1a from one direction louie tomlinson. you know what, why don't we just bring them out here right now. >> what a great idea. >> oh, my goodness. >> they will be performing their hit new song for us in just
8:31 am
couple of minu >> do you live digitally or do you live in the moment? >> oh, my gosh. we also have drew barrymore stopping by to talk about their netflix show. and gwen stefani loose something special for the new season. >> not so sneaky anymore. how about a check of the weather? >> tamron is so excited about louie. you brought my a kit kat bar. very nice. t
8:32 am
give me a break. anyway, let syou hat is happening as far as your weather is concerned. saturday we're looking at lake-effect snow, plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast, mid-atlantic states, as well. sunday, sunday, we are looking at more snow across great lakes into the mid mississippi and ohio river valleys. wet weather moves into the pacific northwest. an rain down through florida. there they go. they're going back inside to get ready for their performance. that's what is going on around the country. here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. can't really hearal over all the screaming girls, but at least our forecast will be a fairly quiet day for you. 40 degrees in the district. feel like 32 though. so it's colder than it was yesterday. it will be breezy, but not as windy. by lunchtime, mid 40s. this afternoon we'll be dropping into the mid to low 40s and a chance of some snow flurries around later today. so don't be surprised if you see that. nothing that you will have to
8:33 am
by monday, that will be the colder day, 39 degrs. cdt ek. don't forget get the weather anytime you need it the weather channel on cable. now let's head back inside to natalie. >> al, thank you so much. drew barrymore an tim oliphant star as a suburban couple in the new netflix series. life couldn't be more normal until she gets a mysterious illness and turns in to a zombie. and now they must find a way to satisfy her meaty new diet while keeping up appearances. take a look. >> i'm telling you, he's on to us. >> we don't know that. >> who talks with that much intensity and innuendo? >> did you know ants can carry up to 50 finals their weight 1234 they are are's not an interesting
8:34 am
>> we should buy other stuff so we don't look suspicious. we need taco shells for taco tuesday this get sts so messy. >> good morning. so when i saw the premise, i thought what is this? is it like walking dead but a horror comi itedy and you becom zombie wife. and you're one of the producer. what did you think? >> i thought it was the perfect time. i was in the mood to eat people and try to be charming all at the same time. it was a fun opportunity for me as an actor. and her undeadness is actually this incredible awakening for her. and a liberation. and she lives in her id which can be dangerous because when you do and think and say whatever you feel whenever you feel it, there are
8:35 am
o it is comical. even though she's sort of undead. >> exactly. anwe as couple alsoealize that maybe in our lives and our marriage and our work have become com place event. >> other than her eating the neighbors,s he been one of the things that has happened to marriage. >> there are benefits i hear you're helping her kill people who are not good in your lives. >> we're trying to pick the right people. and it spices up our marriage. but also i love seeing a couple not fight, i love seeing a couple become stronger partners through this adversity. >> there is some guts and gore, some blood involved. >> for those who like that. >> this is the good news and every week we were asking ourselves how much blood can we put on drew barrymore and
8:36 am
find herred adorable. could you put as afternoon as you want, you're look like at her, she's -- i just love her. >> adorable. but you also lost 20 pounds doing this. >> i did. and it came sort of in the middle of a moment in my life where i had sort of let myself go due to personal circumstances. and i thought i could come -- >> you looked great. >> i can come alive with sheila and it was a really great goal line for me because i think as much as the weight loss, everything is very subtle. it's empowerment, it's confidence, it's all of these things that she's lost in her life. but i feel like i had sort of lost in my life and it was such a blessing to come alive with her. >> and seeing the ad campaign, i was like is this a diet show? and if you lost 20 pound, i'm like there is it a diet book in this. just become a
8:37 am
>> well, in her case eating human flesh. i basically thought if a woman was just eating simple protein every day, she would lose weight. it's like a very macabre atkins. >> it's really the feel good comedy of the year. >> it's funny and optimistic. >> there is a lot of blood and body part, but it's kind of like bewitched at the same time. >> and i hear your teenage daughters position you're pretty cool now because of this role. >> no, only reason they position its think it's cool, i took one picture at the globes with the kids and i sent to my kids. and they texted me back and said congratulations, you finally are famous. >> the kids were the big hit of the night for sure. it's funny and optimistic and a has a wink and sense of human that
8:38 am
this world we all need that. >> i think it's his my mother's favorite thing i've ever been in. >> and we're talking about dark stuff and strange things but in a very normal way. >> well, i'm glad you two are together and stronger as a couple because of this. drew, timothy, thanks so much. santa clarita die the begdiet begins streaming february 3. check it out. coming up next, gwen stefani and celine dion.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back with "the voice" on today. the hit emmy winning show returns next month. >> gwen stefani is coming back as a coach and she is bringi
8:41 am
here is coaching duet. >> there nobody like her. >> reporter: gwen stefani is teaming up with a mentor known for her voice. celine dion. music to gwen's ears. >> to get like the prize right here. everybody will be so mad the other coaches are like i got you! so excited. >> reporter: when we sat down with the duo, it was less of an interview and more of a concert. ♪ that's why singing is so fabulous, that's the story of gwen ♪ >> i've never met anyone like this girl here. >> how well did you know each other before this? >> well, i know gwen very well. i mean, i know her career, i know how beautiful she is all the time. and i'm so jealous is that it
8:42 am
i can't even seene thing -- >> i'm just absorbing this moment. >> if adam levine and blake shelton has a bromance, is this a gal alliance. she even bought something from her line. >> i hear people screaming, hey, we love your outfit. >> i'm guessing you're as big a fan of her? >> i'm blown away by her story. to he said ep up having this unbelievable gift, to be able to speak to the whole world. ♪ when i need love >> is this what it's always like? >> music all day long. like her brain, i don't know what is going on in there, but it's crazy inside there and it's
8:43 am
>> reporter: a golden dream team passing along their wisdom. >> even though i've been in the business for so long, i'm still learning. >> reporter: while singing each other's praises. two music superstars truly giving a voice to "the voice." for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> going to be fun. by the way, you can catch the season plea mere premiere february 27th band we'll have more music just ahead. louie tomlinson performing live in our studio. but first, this is today on nbc. r studio. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> louis tomlinson, louie tomlinson has
8:46 am
debut. and his new song is number one in more than 40 countries. guy, good morning. so excited. we brought some of our crowd inside the studio, as well. >> they actually broke in. >> tell us how the crab braollai about >> i was at holiday in vegas and and he went to one of steve's show an we were blown away. so i messaged him and said it would be great to work together and one thing led to another. >> how do your fans feel about working with louie and then i'll do the same with you? >> they love it. unusual pairing, but it all worked out. we worked on the song from a to z collaborating on every single part. so it was a great process and we're happy with it. >> and the one direction fans have been into this, as l
8:47 am
on.>> i have to ask you, what i going on with one d? because you're go solo. are you coming back together at any point soon? >> yeah there, is it time for that. everyone ask this is questi when the date will be. nobody knows. i think we're all just enjoying a bit of time. >> are you ready to play? >> yeah. >> get to it, guys. >> all right. let's do it. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ ♪ guy, thank you very much. we're back in a moment. this is "today." guys, thank you very much. we're back in a moment. this i"today" on nbc. s
8:51 am
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8:52 on a friday morning. jill martin is here with a big reminder for us. >> i'm so excited about this. this is right for all you inventors out there. you have until february 17th to submit your invention for our third edition of "today's next big thing" contest. the winner will sell his or her product on qvc live today. go to and get
8:53 am
we've had two sellouts so far. we're looking for our third. >> thank you for that. speaking of big announcements, you want to do some birthdays? >> spinning the smucker's jar. we want to wish a happy 100th birthday to helen green. tom is 100 years old. a retired farmer from shelby, montana. he's been involved with the american legion honor guard for over 50 years. happy 100th birthday to maria carrillo of el paso, texas. she likes bowling and playing pool. leon mcanally. a former attorney, wrote a book about his life when he was 99 and he's still adding captors. >> and ann, 108. she's lived in the same home for 105 years.
8:54 am
and a happy 100th birthday to ruth wilson. a coffee-love from plenty wood, montana. rumor has it she makes the best oatmeal raisin cookie. send them this way. if you know somebody that is celebrating a 100th birthday, go to and don't forget to include a photo and oatmeal cookie. willie geist is here. coming up on sunday "today," a fun conversation with leslie mann. she's also one-half of the hollywood power couple with her husband and we'll talk to leslie about her career. she has a new movie out with robert de niro, kind of a dark comedy. and also some of the annoying ticks
8:55 am
and more on tom brokaw's 50 years at nbc. harry smith and a lot more. >> you guys were really close there talking. >> we had a tight little lunch table. leslie mann is so much fun to talk to. hilarious, smart, cool. >> you came to l.a. and you didn't -- >> i was there about four minutes. >> i'll forgive you this time. >> thank you for being here. it was great to have you. >> thanks for having me, guys. i had a blast. >> and we're back with luke perry and more after your local news.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we want to check on your morning commute with melissa mollet. >> we have a couple new problems. mid county highway at montgomery village avenue, have a crash reported there. just got reported. might have one vehicle actually overturned. beltway still
8:57 am
soenl zone in thee line. inner loop at braddock. 95 at triangle has cleared. >> we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. robert: i've always had high blood pressure. but now i was getting these terrible headaches. and i was tired literally all the time. something wasn't right. most people don't find out they have chronic kidney disease until it is very advanced. in fact, my friend ron paul was one of those affected. but a simple test can help save your life. talk to your doctor or contact the gw ron and joy paul kidney center to find out how you can get tested. before you find out that way, find out this way. there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better when things go down. novec, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale power to its customers at cost. any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. the average home's power bill from novec will again go down in 2017
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8:59 am
good friday morning. temperatures are colder and it's breezy out there. feeling around freezing in the district. gaithersburg feels like 29 and also in leesburg. so colder morning. colder afternoon. 44 for the high temperature. don't be surprised if about you see late day flurries. it will feel like winter over the weekend. monday feel like 39, chance of early snow. >> get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. we'll see you in 25 minus. stre. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year.
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," the man with the moves, alfonso rebiro is our celebrity co-host. and luke perry moving into a new role. and freebie friday, so many prizes to give away, you to watch to win. it's all coming up right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> that's okay. >> i'm good with that. so exciting. freebie friday. more excited for our guest co-host, alfonso
9:01 am
>> you're >> let's get to the start. play that music. come on. play that song. >> i know what's coming. >> yes. tom jones owes me so much. like, dude, he gets more money from when i'm on tv. than he does. there it is. >> does he recognize what you've done? >> i don't think he does. i've never gotten a check. >> we need to get you together. >> you need a check. >> you know, just a tip. just a tip. >> yes. >> show me how. >> it's just got to get in here. the arms, the real key is, is getting the over the top. you know what i mean? once you get over the top, it's real easy. i'm actually now gotten tohe
9:02 am
>> what's the cool version. you know, you don't have to get so excited. i'm older now. i'm older now. >> can you do it and let alfonso watch you. you're missing something. >> let me see. >> i'm missing -- >> i'm definitely missing. >> do it on your own. >> uh-oh. yeah. yeah. i can't help that. >> there's nothing you can do. nothing you can do with that. >> would you be willing to bust that move out at a party? >> no. oh, no. that is -- i subscribe to the hitch. >> i understand that. i saw you talking about it this week. you're right here. this is where you live. but i think, though, the carlton at weddings, does really work. nobody's really expecting you to be good. right? it's just like, it's showing how much fun you're having. it's actually a compliment to the
9:03 am
>> maybe in 20 y, gets married, you have 20 years to practice it. >> or not. leila would say, don't ever do that. >> don't do that. >> dad, you're embarrassing me. >> you're embarrassing me. >> speaking of -- someone who seems a little embarrassed, for no reason. >> we just met for the first time. >> yes. >> you have performed all over. tv, stage, movies. >> i've done a lot. broadway and movies and tv, yes. >> everything. >> i saw you in the tap dance. >> did you really? >> 1984. >> that's how old i am. >> that's how old we are. >> you were a baby. he was a grown man. yesterday, you know, around here, these producers that we have, their whole goal in life is to make us do things that we're not comfortable with. mel b. is a friend of mine. on
9:04 am
roxy hart in "chicago." i was supposed to do a profile of mel b. i was part of the cast. this is me, to support my friend. hanging out her dressing room. she has a great ritual of the zen thing. >> to really turn it on on camera or stage. she has a lot of energy on stage. >> i didn't know, some broadway performers show up 30 minutes before show time. >> a half hour. >> that's all that's required. mel shows up three hours before. >> why? >> she really wants to absorb the character. and she's so nervous. >> maybe because it's not her milieu. >> do we have video? we have just a photo. this is what i ended up wearing last night. >> hey, girl. hello. >> america, you're welcome. >> yeah. that's me last night.
9:05 am
>> you went on stage? >> i performed. >> did you bring your saturday war troeb? that's amazing. you carry it around like that? like superman? >> i'm hoping it's not her saturday but her saturday night wardrobe. >> for tamron, every day is a saturday night. >> i'm spoken for. listen. they pull this corset thing out. we will show you the video on tuesday. this week has been tell all your business on "today's take." >> all your business. >> you can see my tattoos for the first time. the costume was so inappropriate. >> it's not inappropriate. it's what's on stage. >> that doesn't count? >> that's wardrobe. wardrobe is different than your actual outfits. >> when they coincide. >> when you bring
9:06 am
>> that is n -'s okay. it's an okay thing. i've warn, you know, the sweater vest is not something -- that personally think it's inappropriate. it's inappropriate for anybody cool to wear. >> this is your style normally. >> would you wear in on america's fun northwest home videos? >> i stole this from the show. i have a deal in my contracts that anytime i do a show, i get to keep the wardrobe. some shows like a fee, i get these suits. we retire suits. and i take them. >> your feel-good friday has to do with america's funniest videos. >> the videos are hysterical. and you feel good watching them. >> the whole family. >> that's why i ended up doing the show. i wanted to do a show that made people laugh and it was fun and it is safe for families to to. i got three kids.
9:07 am
1-year-old. that. >> a 14-year-old daughter, a 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old son. to sit on the couch and watch a fun show that everybody can watch together. >> that's what al says all the time. >> that's perfect. >> when you combine children and animals. a little baby being shown animals. >> one of my favorite ones ever. >> okay. >> this one won last season. >> kangaroo. donkey. >> there you go. >> why is donkey so funny in. >> another card. not so much with the turtle. >> give me the donkey back. give me what i want. >> donkey. >> there we go. >> come
9:08 am
>> there's something special about kids and that natural laugh and fun. you see a baby having fun, there's nothing better. >> and they won $100,000 for that video? >> $100,000 for that. and the grand prize. they want on a disney vacation. what? >> donkey. turtle. >> new episode coming up on february 12th. >> yes. >> we have a couple of clips. >> yeah. this one is great. it's a kid and a grandmother. so inappropriate but so funny. >> let's look. here we go. >> you sew that face. i love you. i love you. oh.
9:09 am
>> whoa. what do i do there? that's a whole other show. wow. >> there's another with a dog's reaction to a squeaky toy? >> this dog connects to a sneaky toy. and he hz a nervous reaction. >> oh. [ laughing ] oh. >> apparently. >> babies, animals. just, yes. >> and there is a penchant for videos where guys get hit in the nethers. >> we have a lot of those. an it's just great because i'm a guy
9:10 am
peoplewhenod mding their own business, it's funny. >> justin timberlake. >> well, justin and i were really good friends. the other day, i'm playing golf and he showed up on the 1st tee. and i'm halfway down the fairway. and he said, i just got dominated for an oscar. so, it was so cool for his song. i wanted on air and say congratulations, my man. i was supposed to be with him today. we have a -- you were supposed to be with justin timberlake and you are with us? >> i'm hanging with y'all. our kids are in a music group. so, each week one of us will, you know, host the music group. >> that must be fun. >> you with justin timberlake and you picked us? >> wow. >> that's love. that's love, y'all. ed sheeran, he said being unpopular in school
9:11 am
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[ cheers and applause ] we are back, now. "today's take." our guest co-host alfonso rebiro. were you popular in school? >> yes. when i was in school, i was on "silver spoons." and so,
9:14 am
already the cool kid bi wa't ac. i just was one of the cool kids. you know, i was cool. hey, today, i'm going to hang out with michael jackson and ricky schroder. are you guys coming? >> i was in the a.v. squad. >> what is a.v.? >> audiovisual. we ran the projectors and the film strip. we thought we were cool because we had our own gang sign. a.v. >> i'm not sure what that means. >> i like that, the "a." >> audiovisual. >> i know how to thread the projector. you had to keep the loop on the 16 millimeter film. >> when i went to film school, i learned it. >> you got out of class because you had to run the projector. >> that's why it's cool to be part of the club, then. >> i was hall monitor. >> not cool. >> the
9:15 am
at school has been a major motivation in his career. he and his friend, taylor swift, think of themselves as underdogs because they were never the popular kids at school. >> i believe that. and you never, i think, lose that because you remember how you were treated in school. so, even when you turn out to be an ed sheeran or taylor swift, there's that kid in you that remembers sixth grade and braces and being on the edge. i think most people fall in on that category. >> over the weekend, as i was watching, when he was on "the graham norton show" saying he went on a date with legos. clearly, that's why he was unpopular. he became a cool adult. girls really like it when you ca
9:16 am
his vulnerability, is when he legos. >> did he get a second date? >> i don't think so. not based on what y'all said. >> i don't think it's a problem now. >> he just pulls out the guitar. it's freebie friday. >> that's right. in honor of the show's -- "today" show's 65th on versery, we're giving away 65 of these. what's great is it not only takes your picture. but it also will print it out. >> in seconds. like back in the day. >> yes. >> al just did one for us. you get your picture -- where is it coming out? coming out of the slot there. >> i think mine was blurry. >> you don't have to shake it. they have a technology. >> that was the best part. >> right. you sit around -- you took the picture but you didn't get a chance to know what it was like. okay. i got it. >> and you're talking about, was all of
9:17 am
vinyl is selling more than we're going out on the plaza. and you've never been part of freebie friday. >> i'm excited. let's show you what's going we are looking a lot of ke-effect snow coming up out around the eastern great lakes. we are going to see some areas that pick up up to 3 feet of snow in the tug hill plateau. this is a little embarrassing. you can see that -- >> but i'm a director. i got that one right. that is a good shot right there. >> that's what is going on around the country. here's what is happening. i'm chuck bell and it is sunny and breezy and cold. windchills in the upper teens and low 30s. so you will need your warm winter coat. be stuck in the low to mid-40s
9:18 am
dry weather tomorrow. cloudy sunday, maybe light snow late sunday into early mon >> all right. that's your latest weather. hands up, who wants free stuff? >> me. >> yes. >> we will give away free stuff. >> me. >> on the plaza, but for you at home, as well. stay tuned if you want to win does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff?
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a wash with 10 times more c (baby laughs) feels good, doesn't it? johnson's. for every little wonder. hey julie, i know today's critic...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine. come on. you know it's the best day of the week. freebie friday. we've been celebrating our 65th anniversary all month long with a lot of big surprises. >> we're giving fans on the plaza polaroid snap count instant digital cameras. i was going that way. >> my first freebie friday. i love
9:22 am
i love being with the it fun to be able to do this. >> by the way, they don't know -- the crowd, don't know we're giving away -- we've not forgotten you at home. al roker is inside. we'll make sure that you at home -- we have a huge crowd today. louis tomlinson was here performing. >> and steve aoki was here. right? beautiful. >> you pick someone. >> who wants one? who wants one? who wants one? i'll give you one. there you go. a polaroid digital camera. >> i love your hat. here you go. >> how do you feel? >> superexcited. >> now, you can be new school and old school. >> thank you so much. >> you got it. >> here's the deal. we are -- hang on. >> more?
9:23 am
>> one second, let me telldoing. we just gave away three. we're giving away 65 polaroid cameras in honor of the 65th anniversary. come on out. >> give them away. you win a polaroid camera. you win a polaroid camera. yes. i'm following you. can i have one? >> go over there. down there. >> give me one. i'm running it down here. come on, y'all. i'm going all the way down. >> right there. >> my goodness. mr. roker, you're taking care of our friends at home. what do you have? >> so very exciting. we haven't forgotten about you at home. thanks to polaroid, we're giving away 25 snap touch instant digital cameras. visit to enter. and we would love it if you like us, a
9:24 am
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9:26 am
do the dance. do the good morning. it's 9:26 on this friday, january 27. i'm erika gonzalez. today accused of being a sexual predator on the streets of d.c., he will appear in court. the 57-year-old michael hilliard was arrest for groping a woman, his second arrest this month for that same crime. d.c. police say over the last two decades, he's been are arrested 70 times for groping. stay with us. after the break, we'll chec your forest.
9:27 am
9:28 am
it's certainly chilly outside. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. windchills are back down to the freezing mark. so you will need to layer up and keep the coat out for quite some time to come. a little light snow early monday an another chance on wednesday with temperatures below average for most of the next 7 to 10 days. now
9:29 am
like winter. thanu,ou cth latest news and weather anytime through or nbc washington ap
9:30 am
he became a household name and a huge hollywood heartthrob, as a brooding teenager, dillon mckay, on the defining show of can '90s. now, he's in riverdale. hen he plays the part of fred andrews. >> let's take a close look. >> where did you sneak off to last night? >> you heard that? >> been hearing you sneak out since you were 8 years old going to jughead's tree house. >> i couldn't sleep. i went for a jog. >> got something on your mind? ll
9:31 am
>> no mgh hunch, by that clip, this is not the riverdale that we grew up on. >> it's the sense that the characters are all the same. archie, jughead, betty, veronica, moose. it is today's "archie." it's pretty dark out there. and this show is reflective of that. >> did you read the old comic books? >> i did. i read them all the time. when i was a kid, comic books was a big part of what was going on. you would by a "flash" or a "green lantern" there would be an "archie" in the middle
9:32 am
what did you think? otmma's archie. that's the first thing i thought. i didn't didn't know what the take was going to be. but the show writer is a savant genius. this is what he was able to get from it. >> you're playing archie's dad, fred andrews. >> that's what you're playing. >> when i see that, i think luke perry. >> the only thing is the tie. and you're both guys. other than that. >> i was ready to scrape it down. that's not what they wanted. >> we don't want that, either. >> we like this, archie. i grew up in riverdale, new york, here in the city. but i always thought it was
9:33 am
in the bronx. t town. >> it's not. we're right next to springfield, where the simpsons live. >> oh. the nuclear power plant. >> you go up over the hill. and it's springfield over there. >> nice. >> tell us about your tie. >> this is a wonderful divot from st. jude's hospital. the kids design the ties. i don't wear a necktie. but i want the kids to know i'm thinking of them. >> any chance, any talk of a "90210" reunion, or reboot? >> well. let's see if i can get the hair standing up. yes. if i get the hair back up. >> you're going to go with it. >> whether or not? >> has there been some chats about it? >> it's always a hair thing. we have talked about it recently. i was very much be i very much would be interested in doing it. i'd like it work with
9:34 am
>> just see where all the characters are. >> aaron spelling wanted to do it 15 years ago. >> and would you like to co-host our show in march? >> you know what, i'm going to be here in march, so let's talk about it. >> all right. look at you, you're a booker, a host, a weatherman. >> maybe i can be talked into a vacation. >> can't wait. >> riverdale don't you say it, thursday night on the cw. and when luke comes back, he'll tell us his fish net story. up next, if you live in the big city, you know about being cramped in a small space. we have tricks to make it feel a lot bigger after this. make livn a tight space feel bigger, after
9:35 am
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9:39 am
if youty,e you know what it's like to be crammed in a small space. right now, we're standing in 300 square feet here in our studio. >> we're about to show you tricks of making your place feel bigger. >> didn't know how to break it to you guys, but i'm moving in. >> this is your new living room. >> found it on airbnb and it was cheap. >> if you don't live in new york, there's people with homes that have a couple small rooms. >> reclaim your space. we're going to talk about color pallets and structure. you're going to notice that it's pretty mono chromatic. if you have pops of color, the eye is darting all over the room. you want to keep it muted as a
9:40 am
>> taras a great line. you can slide those out of reach when you don't need them. it's a great way to do it. use modular furniture. >> in a small space, you need storage space. >> 100%. >> look up, if you have a small space, if the clutter is in the eye line, top of sight, top of mind. all of the books are up high. and ear we're using the space to show personality. >> and you mentioned wall hangings. they suggested putting things higher up. >> creates a negative space that makes us feel like a place is bigger. >> creating the illusion of organization is good. >> you open u
9:41 am
like 17 i the home office. a lot of people are working at me. it doesn't mean that your home office has to feel like a cubicle farm. i have this table. you can repurpose it. you can throw a table cloth on it and turn it into a bar station. >> the magazine wrack a awesome. >> you can files in the magazine rack. and the high shelf. you want to keep the clutter out of sight. >> i love the color idea. >> and i love when we talked about the bedroom. utilizing the underneath the bed, as storage space. the kids hate it because they don't have a hiding spot. but it works to get it out of the way. >> that's where the
9:42 am
the off-season stuff you don't >> i think alphonso wanted to something. >> yeah, his dream was to do one thing with you. >> i just want to come and say one thing. you do the actual weather. >> so as we take a look tomorrow, lake-effect snow around the great lakes. low clouds and fog. santa ana winds in southern california. plenty of sunshine to t south. and then sunday, sunday, we have snow in the mid and upper mississippi and ohio river valleys. low clouds an fogs in the pacific northwest and showers in central and southern florida. >> so here is what is happening around the country. let's see what is happening in your neck of the woods. currently 41 degrees is the temperature. but it actually feels like 33 because it's breezy outside. but not as windy as yesterday. as we go into the afternoon, 44 for a high temperature mixed with sun and
9:43 am
flurries around the area but nothing you ne week, take a look at your weekend forecast, we'll be in the mid-40s. so it will feel more like winter. 39 on monday. >> by the way, thank to you this. ♪ >> yeah, baby. >> coming up, we'll which i can off chinese few year celebrations with a traditional meal. traditional meal. oh, yeah. get that. >> there you go. >> this weekend, after these messages. >> he's doing pretty good. [john] when i want to play a 1930's cop, i want that role now. when i crave a turkey sandwich, i want to eat it now. [woman] john, i got your sandwich. [john] when my neck itches, i want to scratch it now. so when the irs owes me money, guess when i want it? [woman] now. [john] you are good. [vo] instead of waiting for your tax refund, you can get a refund advance of up to $1250 no interest at block.
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like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, thp thatel save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs. on "today food" we're celebrating chinese new year. it is the year of the rooster. celebrations last 15 days. and food is a part of celebrations and traditions.
9:48 am
an happy new year to everyone. >> we're going to start with a great chicken. >> amazing chicken. chinese new year is such a big festivity. and ingredients, huge symbolism. you can get luck and prosperity. and the whole bird signifies unity with your family. a really nice bird. we're going to pour over, ladle hot water. this is going to crisp of the skin. and once we do, once that is hot, we pat it down so it ee's . and you got this. we're going to drizzle over oil. you can use grape seed oil or olive or peanut oil. give that a rub. and sprinkle over
9:49 am
anise. just yummy. >> it smells great. >> and inside, we stuff it with ginger, scallions, and orange peel. it's zesty. it's amazing and fragrant. >> we're going to make the glaze? >> you pop that in the oven. >> you're going to get really rich. into the oven. and then, we're going to cook that for 350 degrees. >> how long? >> for about 60 minutes. >> 60 minutes, okay. >> yes. and you see wonderful, really beautiful. >> is this done? >> it's 20 minutes away from done. you mix it with soy sauce. >> yu put the glaze on. that will give it a nice finish. back in the oven. and you have beautiful chicken there. and you can serve i with the dressing. orange juice, ginger, chilies, spring
9:50 am
the and you mix it up and serve it at the table with the roast. >> that's fantastic. we're just about out of time. what with the fish? >> we have fish for prosperity. dumplings for wealth. and the roast chicken, you can turn it into orange chicken salad the next day. >> what you don't eat, you make a salad. >> crispy wontons, really nice. >> everything you want. >> before you know it, it's next year. to make these recipes, go to coming up next, legendary actor, dick van dyke. firs this ist,
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪ love is all around we lost a beloved actress this week. mary tyler moore, dying in connecticut at the age of
9:53 am
in. one oheloe friends, co-star from "the dick van dyke show" mr. dick van dyke, joining us by phone from his home in malibu. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> hi, al. >> good to hear your voice. >> yes. >> when are you coming back out here? >> as soon as i can. i got to interview dick for our living legends series. >> you have to move to my neighborhood. >> i'm coming. i'm coming. in the meantime, when mary tyler moore started on your show, she was 23 years old. >> that's right. and didn't look that old. >> i know. did you have any inkling of what was to come with this young woman? >> well, nobody did. and i'm sure she didn't. she had no plans to do comedy. she wanted to become a great actre actress, which she became. isn't she a
9:54 am
can she do comedy? she picked it up so fast. had me laughing. she started out as my straight man. i became her straight man. >> i loved reading the story about how you guys at first you didn't know whether she could do comedy. you felt that she was a little young to play your wife. on your show. >> right. >> you gave her that opportunity. and that's not done today. and this allowed the world to be able to watch this amazing woman grow into an amazing comedienne and actress. it's not done before. why did you decide to do that for mary? >> because carl reiner is a genius. >> that's true. >> he said, you know something? she has a ping in her voice that i like. and that was the one reason he chose her. and she was beautiful. of course, what thrilled me is i found out she could sing and dance. and we sang and danced every time we got a
9:55 am
we did dance to write us a musical. ovu know, the theater or or something. we said, we're good. >> of course, you are a terrific song and dance man. she went on to great success with "mary tyler moore." really blazed that trail that you helped her along that way. and that was so terrific. by the way, dick, i want you to look at video. you and alfonso danced together. >> we did. >> really? >> night of 100 stars, i think in 1984, 1985. i got a chance to see dick a few years later. >> that was the backyard. >> that was cool to be able to dance with dick van dyke. what a pleasure. >> thank you so much. our hearts and prayers out to her family. and
9:56 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen,
9:57 am
the wilsons. because they have fios, their ha with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. 9:57 is your time now on this friday, january 27th. good morning. i'm eun yang. in about two hours, tens of thousand of anti-abortion advocates will be on the national mall for the 44th annual march for life event. the rally gets understand way just before noon and the march starts around 1:00. mike pence will be the first sitting vp ever to speak at the event. and senior counselor to president trump kellyanne conway will alsspk. now let's
9:58 am
the area. the wind is making it feel like 34 degrees. in the district feels like 27 in gaithersburg. culpeper feeling like 38. it will stay breezy and colder today. high temperature right around # 4 degrees. don't be surprised if you see some late day 234rurryes around. and for the weekend, feeling more like winter, mid-40s. monday could see very early snow showers, highs in the upper 30s. and it will feel like winter even as we go into next week. back to reality. thank you, sheena. coming up midday, we'll have a live report as crowds gather on the national mall for the march for life.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> look at you now. >> hello, everybody. it's try day friday. january 27th. the stuff i learned abo about h right before we go on the air. if only i could share. it's also -- >> spanky friday. >> we don't do spanky fridays. >> apparently today we do. >> nope. that is "without you" from mickey jam. >> there is a mom with a full-time job and tower kids, and she needed a


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