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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. and right now at 5:00 a.m. we are tracking snow falling across the region right now. >> we have team coverage, reporters and meteorologists and melissa to help you get ready for the day ahead. >> it is 5:00 a.m. >> we did see those snow flakes coming in as we were heading to work and we have some skchool closings and delays. fairfax county schools running two hours late. >> we'll get the rundown for you. >> ewith efairfax county schooln a two hour delay. >> maryland, charles county and st. mary's county schools are on a two hour delay as well. all this running at the bottom
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of your screen right now. >> now we want to check on our forecast because chuck and sheena working hard to get us up to date so we can get ready for our day. >> i heard you guys mentioning a couple minutes ago how excited i was for a chance today. you're a snow lover. right? >> i like snow when i predict it. >> an important qualifier. >> nobody likes surprise snow flakes around here. a little bit of light snow down there at the airport. it's just light snow. adding up to an inch. maybe a few places, one to two inches across stafford county but here in around the city enough to whiten the grass. maybe this afternoon, passing snow flurries and we have one little clipper system after another. so weather impact today really inconvenience is about the most of it. road chemicals will be very oefktive tomorrow.
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tomorrow and another little chance for some light snow late tuesday into wednesday. the whole five-day forecast and a look at the weekend coming up in a few minutes but now let's go over to radar. >> it is falling across part of the area. west of the district you're seeing most of it come to an end but if you are east of the district and to the south you are still seeing some light snow falling so starting to clear out of the d.c. area but prince george's county we're still seeing some of that snow falling here. even near annapolis and charles, st. mary's county, this is where we're seeing some snow falling here. temperatures right around freezing so in some cases it's melting and the roads are just wet but there are some areas where it is still sticking. the cars are coated this morning. temperature wise, right around freng
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degrees. 32 degrees in the district so we'll be watching this closely for you but we do have a new crash this morning. >> inner loop here just after river road. we do have a crash there. it's probably giving a little warning on the sign here. take a look there this morning. that could be causing some slowdowns. two problems on 95. southbound 95 at fairfax county parkway, two car crash in the left lane there. rest of the beltway looking quite good. we'll have an update on all of it coming up. >> our team coverage continues on this weather alert day. >> justin finch is live for us on the roads this morning. how's it looking where you are? >> reporter: good morning. we're on route 1 going north and we've hit a lull. the flakes have stopped falling. clear skies. this was not the
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minutes ago. a wintry mix out here. trafficout here beginning to pick up, however, when it was much deeper the snowfall was, people were hitting that gas pretty hard. don't do that because the roads are slick in some parts. wet black top throughout our ride here. we saw road crews still out there working, salting. some on stand by as we saw in d.c. others hard at work here in the virginia area. you will see those guys out there. still treating these roads and the snow is stacked up on the grass, but not on the roads. the roads so far are treated, but back in to you. some breaking news in northwest d.c. connecticut was closed at n street northwest but i
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back open at this point. so far the only thing we know about the victim is that they were taken to the hospital. someone was stabbed in mcclain and there is a suspect on the run right now. they say they're looking for a short, bald muscular man wearing a gray striped sweatshirt. police say there was a fight and one person was stabbed. two people were taken into custody. the victim is expected to be okay. some breaking news today. mass shooting. >> this hour we are hearing from canada's public safety minister who continues to maintain that no motive has been confirmed at this point, but this morning also hearing from prime minister who is is characterizing this attack as a trirs attack against muslims.
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were worshipping at this mosque when gunmen attacked. now police in the u.s. are stepping up patrols around mosques and places of worship here. two people were arrested but still waiting for an update. now this developing story, so many of you spent the weekend voicing concerns about president trump's sweeping travel ban executive orders and you can see a lot of folks are concerned. the major airports including lax, seattle, houston, orlando and philadelphia and for the second night in a row demonstrators and attorneys packed into the dullles international airport. the crowd was smaller than on saturday but still vocal. they're protesting theem
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>> the fact that we have a ban on people who are fleeing persecution, people who are fleeing murder and killing, people who are seeking rejuj is completely irrational. there are many refugees who have really helped our soldiers and to deny them entrance when they have been our friends is really deplorable. >> airport operations are not affected. >> here is more information on the executive order. it includes a 90 day ban on travel. iraq, syia, iran, sudan, libya, somalia and yemen. the refugee program is suspended for 120 days and anyone from war torn syria is indefinitely blocked from entry. and here are 4 things you need to know. the council on american islamic relations will file a federal lawsuit against this order. i
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constitutionali constitutionality. a federal judge issued a nationwide order. it prevents people who are detained and have proper see vas from being deported. finally a virginia u.s. district judge issued a temporary restraining order that allows green card holders arriving at the airport from being removed from this country. >> trpresident trump is defendi it. to be clear this is not a muslim ban as the media is falsely reporting. this is not about religion. this is about terror and keeping our country safe. the president also striking back against republican criticism on dwite twitter. he said quote, senators should focus their energies on isis, illegal immigration and border securi
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looking to stard world war iii. more now on president trump's 100 days where we could learn his pick for supreme court as early as today. a white house official says the timeframe could be sped up. three federal appeals court judges have emerged as the leading candidates here. the president is already reportedly considering diane sykes for the position. tgs ta senate commit tease vote today while the full senate is expected to hold a procedural vote on rex tillerson's nomination for secretary of state. a final vote on his nomination expected on tuesday. and m cooing up at 5:30 we'll have social media eare action from people on both sides of this issue and a deeper lo
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card holders. >> many of us waking up to a snowy morning. we're closely tracking storm team forecasts.
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5:12 right now. the list ofcl
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growing as the morning goes on. prince george's county schools on a two hour delay. >> a lot of folks waking up to see more snow maybe than they thought they would. >> one more time. another school closing. >> well we had the snow falling su since i would say 3:00 a.m. this morning. now it's starting to make its way through and move out through part of the area. so here's your commute. by 8:00 a.m. i think a lot of what we're seeing falling will be gone. by noon some passing snow showers. cold temperatures in the 30s. here's a look at the radar. leave the district currently that's where the snowfall is currently. if you go south into parts of calvert county we're seeing it's falling in st. mary's county, but that will clear out soon. we do have the winter
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until 7:00 a.m. so in these areas we are seeing maybe a bit of an issue on the roadways. temperature wise we're right around freezing. closer look at the forecast through the afternoon and for the rest of the week coming up. a new crash out there let's check on that. >> brand new problem here southbound connecticut avenue. we have just the left lane getting by, so again, be careful as you're headed out. some slick spots here and there. they did do a good job of treating the roadways. a crash blocking the right lane. two car crash in the left lane there. letway right there, not looking so bad. it doesn't seem to be hanging around any longer. everything else is rolling along pretty well. we'll take a live look at 270 coming up. we're following some breaking news.
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county? >> we just got this in to the lye desk. what we know, police are on the scene right now investigating a fatal crash. one person confirmed killed. this after, if you're familiar with the area they were leaving the wendy's at meadow ridge road. they do have two people in the striking vehicle in custody right now and they are questioning them. they're under the suspicion of dui, that according to police. east and westbound lanes you're going to want to follow at meadow ridge road still closed at this time. >> thank you. a man in california is waking up at home after being detained at lax. >> he was greeted by cheering
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released yesterday. he is a green card holder and was traveling back to the u.s. from iran. he said when he was boarding the plane, he saw people from iran who were holding visas turned away from the flight. he says he understands the concern. >> i can understand why the police and the security are so concerned about the green card holders. they want to be sure that people who are coming here are the right people, and i -- i have a safe feeling about it. >> he said he was held for three or four hours, but was treated very well. >> a show of force across the country as 16 attorneys general are condemning the travel restrictions. it includes those in d.c., maryland and virginia. they are pledging to make sure the federal government obeys the constitution saying that the temporary ban is un-american and unlawful.
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backing the order. the republican is also running for governor and served on the trump campaign team. >> there's no bigotry here, there's no racism. what's going on is we're trying to work out a system where we can make sure that when we do -- when people do immigrate to the united states that we can be assured that they don't have any ill will toward the country, that they're not coming here for terrorist reasons or criminal reasons. >> washington's arch bishop is sharing his message that he sent to local priests in a letter and he hopes the government's national security. >> reporter: concerns are not at the expense of innocent people in need. he went to to say that he hopes people's safety is protected. an elementary school aid is expected to plead guilty to sexually exploiting students. he
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year. he's facing more than a dozen accusations that he sexually assaulted more than a dozen students. today's expected plea is only on those fid rale counts. he's still facing 270 local charges. >> this is one of my favorite times of the year. it is restaurant week. >> here's how this works. you can get a three course dinner for $35, a three course lunch for 22 bucks. >> and for the first time this year restaurants are offering brunch. that's $22 as well and that's a good deal if you look at some of these restaurants. book your reservations now because they will go quickly. hundreds of restaurants are participating. restaurant week runs through this coming sunday. the way i strategize is i pick restaurants that are typically more expensive and i feel like i'm getting a
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try around the city, that you know, what the heck? give it a whirl. >> fredericksburg city schools on a two hour delay. warren county schools on a delay. >> whatever it takes, you know, even if it's just for an inch or two we've got to get it when we can get it around here. star ford county had the biggest report so far and that's why stafford county schools are closed. we should have our app and download it and fire it up on a monday morning because you have the latest up to date school closing and school delay information. so most of them, the threat will be a two-hour delay only because we're not looking for a lot of snow. temperatures are right at or
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so it is cold enough for the snow to stick on untreated surfaces. the big roads won't have any problems at all. it was well treated with road chemicals and these are the roads where it worked effectively. the winter weather advisory has been dropped now for montgomery, fairfax, arlington and the district. the advisory remains in place for prince george's and st. mary's county until 7:00 this morning for as much as potentially about two inches of snow. right now it's 33 degrees here in washington. this little burst of snow out of here early this morning. by later today skies partly cloudy, blustery and cold. it will stay in the 30s today and another chance for a little alberta clipper coming by first thing on wednesday with similar amount possibilities so what we'rese
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friday. we'll have a look at the ten-day which includes details on the weekend and a little chance of rain for super bowl sunday. >> brand new problem here on 66 inbound between 244 there. do have a crash, sounds like it's one car there and it's on the median here. those are the areas you'll see white on the ground. two-car crash in the left lane there. southbound connecticut avenue, has the left lane getting by. that accident right now and 270, 121 noor tear the outlets, no problems. we'll take a live look at 266. we're keeping a close watch. be sure to download the
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beloved actress mary tyler moore has been laid to rest. the service took place yesterday. moore died on wednesday. she was 80 years old. she won seven emmys over the year for her starring role in the mar ru tyler moore show. if you're wishing you could jump back in bed right now, listen to this. researchers say getting more sleep can prevent you from getting sick. they studied blood samples from pairs of identical twins with different sleep patterns. getting more sleep is going to improove just about everythig in your life. too bad for us
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got to try harder. so the next time you head to the doctor's office you may want to be on time. >> that's because if you are not late to your appointment you may get more time with your doctor. it found that the doctors spent more time talking with their patients if they thought their office was running on time. but if they felt behind the appointments were shorter and it all depends on the person before you. >> it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. you may see some snow and slick roads out there this morning. we'll check in with justin finch who is driving for us to get you prepared. a controversial president rlg order and a divided country. the comments from both sides being shared b thousands y
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for what's important tomorrow.
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now at 5:30, snow is falling and school closures and delays are coming in. >> deadly mosque shooting. new concerns of terrorism and who police in canada are now holding responsible for the violence. and we have a
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delays to tell you about. this morning a lot of kids waiting to hear word about their schools. right now stafford county, culpepper county, paige county, all those schooled are closed. >> if you live in fairfax county or prince george's county your kids can sleep two hours late today. charles county and st. mary's county on a two-hour delay. >> check the nbc washington app for all the schools that are impacted. all right. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. it's a busy morning with all the snow headed our way. >> glad you remember my name and yours too. >> there's melissa and chuck and -- >> he knows everybody. >> the gang is all here. >> all right. walk us through this.
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what do we have? >> it's only about ankle deep at most. you won't need the industrial boots. another chance of a clipper coming by on wednesday morning. just trace amounts to maybe an inch or two. staying cold all week and maybe a better chance of a significant snow event coming our way on sunday. for today, weather impacts really just inconvenient. flurries will continue this afternoon and another little opportunity for a clipper coming air our way as we get closer to wednesday. >> we still have some snow falling across the area. it is on its way out of the district though and a lot of the snow is melting on the treated roads especially. there's the snow moving out of the district.
5:32 am
still seeing some of that snow falling especially near annapolis. it's all continuing to slide from west to east. so until 7:00 a.m. for maryland mow the advisory is going to continue until early this morning. coating to maybe an inch there so again, mostly we're seeing it melting on the roadways but in some instances we could be seeing it stick. a chance of a snow shower later on today too. a closer look at the forecast as we take a look. >> i want to mention this on the green lines disabled train there at green belt. wanted to mention that. as far as the roads 66 inbound, promise you a picture here at prince william parkway, that's a crash on the left side of the roadway. looks like the car came
5:33 am
tow on the scene. express lanes crash now gone. two-car crash in the left lane. that one is still hanging around. overall you can see the rest of 66 does not look bad. beltway no major problems right now. nice and green, everything moving inner loop and outer loop, travel times in ten minutes. team kovrng coverage on thi weather alert day. >> good morning. what are you seeing? >> good morning. right now in the springfield area and we have found the wintry mix out here. our windshield wipers having a workout here. take a look outside. you can see the car traffic here is starting to build up out here. that's a good sign, people making their way off to work and school and doing so in these conditions and we've seen a few wrecks out he
5:34 am
conditions earlier. showing the ride from maryland into the d.c. area, the flakes were falling fast and furious and got finer as the morning wore on. we did see the snow stacking up on cars, on the grass and on untreated surfaces like sidewalks and other surfaces too. but we're not seeing that snowfall so much anymore. now we are seeing what looks to be a rainy wintry mix out here. the roads are going to be wet so take it easy as you drive. road crews still out here treating the roads at this hour. back in to you. >> thank you. it's now 5:34 and we're working on this developing story right now. president trump sweeping travel ban executive orders led to large demonstrations across the nation. >> many of those happened at
5:35 am
airports including dulles international airport. >> good morning to you guys. right now we're at the international arrivals terminal and as you can see behind me, no demonstrators here this morning. just the orange cones and the baueriers. we do expect more demonstrations here at dulles. protests seen here over the weekend lasted late into sunday night. the biggest started on saturday. among them in the crowd civil rights lawyers helping to get those detained released and in these demonstrations we had people speaking passionately about their objections to the travel ban. >> we are all immigrants coming here. it was the country that allowed people to come here just because they were fleeing something that feared. a country that would give
5:36 am
opportunity that no other country did. people who are fleeing murder and killing, people who are seeking refuge is completely irrational. >> back live here, the first international flight set to come in in about an hour. no confirmation on what exactly the demonstrators plan for later today. we're hearing about a demonstration planned at 2:30 this afternoon and possibly senator mark warner will be among those present here today. this is the latest from dulles. back to you. and as the new administration takes steps to repeal and replace the affordable care act there is an effort underway to get people health insurance. if you live in the district and need help you can also call
5:37 am
855-532-link. and today a new marijuana law takes effect in maine. that law makes it legal for adults 2 # ra1 and up to have t grams of marijuana. and we are tracking snow on this storm team 4 weather alert day. chuck bell and sheena are closely watching how much snow on your car this morning. >> we will get past the lies. we will hunt monsters. >> hollywood weighs in on president trump's executive order. the strong wos fromrd
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and welcome back on this storm team 4 weather alert day. chuck bell is watching the snow coming down right now and how is this going to impact our day? >> well, the biggest impacts will be right now between now and 7:00 or 8:00 this morning as this burst of snow pulls on out of here. most of the steadier snow now is east of the river into maryland over the bay and on to the eastern shore. no heavy know but one to
5:41 am
inch snowfall reported. getting a lot of great snow pictures in. send me a snow picture and i'll retreat it to show everybody how it looks in your neighborhood. a couple of ripples of snow flurri flurries. temperatures are right around the freezing mark so the major roads, any treated road is not going to have an issue. be on the lookout for light snow and flurries here early this morning. make sure you've got your hat on and maybe that little umbrella for those snow showers. it's a cold day today so we're giving it a c minus. melissa dealing with troubles on the green line. >> green is supposed to mean go. it does not mean go. delays to branch avenue. disabled train there at green belt this morning. elsewhere, 66 --
5:42 am
>> nothing to see here. >> prince william parkway. we had that crash on the left side of the roadway. that has now cleared out of the way. taking a look at travel times, 66 is fine, 270, no issues at the top of the beltway looking good. >> thank you. right now we are tracking road conditions for you throughout our area on this storm team 4 weather alert. here's a live look on the roads. the timing and where you'll have to watch for some slick spots. money can be tight around a lot of homes. all week long we're showing you a few easy ways to make some sh any time and anywhcaer
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right now it is 5:45. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. the latest on delays and school closings at the bottom of your screen. >> and there's a check of storm team 4 radar. most of the snow is on the east side of the potomac. snow flakes are headed to the bay and eventually on the eastern shore. sheena's got the full forecast. >> we do have a problem on the red line here this morning. we do have single tracking between
5:46 am
spring. also have those delays on the green line. we'll talk about that and the roads coming up. what police in quebec are uncovering about a deadly shooting at a mosque and who they're now holding responsible. >> a rash of robberies in montgomery as well. >> just got this word from montgomery county police, they're saying that they are investigating another robbery at a right aid in the 1,400 block of silver spring and they do say they believe this is the related to the same guy they believe has robbed several others across the state of maryland. authorities across the state investigating now 18 heists from different stores. these include robberies in montgomery county, prince george's,
5:47 am
arundel counties. we are staying on top of news right now. democrats rallying against the president's executive order. yesterday, chuck schumer called it shocking and became emotional as he promised to fight until the order is overturned. >> this executive order was mean spirited and un-american. >> schumer stood with support from people from iraq and syria. meanwhile two senate democrats are calling for an investigation into the department of homeland security's implementation of the order. he is expected to talk about the potential actions democrats will take to overturn the executive order. >> now, of all the divisive issues so far, the ban has created a major split, some republic
5:48 am
some supporting it. john mccain tweeted he fears the ban may do more to help terrorist recruitment than increase security. but when you factor out all the misinformation it's clear that a temporary pause on refugee settlement is a rational settlement. the current governor also saying he's a democrat, he said, i urge potus to rescind this executive order and return the united states to its place as a beacon of hope for all. >> and a lot of reaction to president trump's imposed travel ban after he used his sag award acceptance speech to hit on this issue. >> we will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no homes. we will get past the lies. we will hunt monsters and when we're at a loss
5:49 am
violence of certain individuals and institutions we will punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy -- >> and there was some surprises at the sag awards. stranger things won award for best ensemble performance. british drama did sweep the acting category. davis won best supporting actress for her role along with denzel washington for best actor in the film. >> did you see fences yet? >> no, it is on top of my list. there are a bunch of things i have to watch. >> it's really good. so more now on president
5:50 am
>> some of that is centered on whether the executive order applies to green card holders. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill. how does this impact green card holders. >> at the moment they're kind of in limbo. they've all been detained at airports coming in and these are people coming from the seven countries listed in that executive order but the white house has backed off of that saying it does not affect green card holders. the aclu winning an injunction against those detaining people with green cards. >> how is this going to affect the executive order going forward once it gets into the courts? >> the department of homeland security says they are implementing this and they are following the rule of the law but the department of homeland security says they are letting in those folks who have green c
5:51 am
today in virginia. that is going to go after the entire executive order, not just folks with green cards. going after that lawsuit based on discrimination. >> thank you. 5:51 our time right now. we've seen a lot of school districts closed. we've seen several others delayed a couple of hours. we want the snow to be out of here before we start putting people on the roads. >> it has stopped falling through most of the area. the coating on the ground, but if you're in maryland, if you are east of the district in maryland we still have some snow falling from the sky. for the most part i think the morning commute we'll see some wet roads. the roads mainly are just melting with the snow, but some untreated roadways are possibly seeing t
5:52 am
this afternoon though we could see a passing snow shower, but otherwise it's going to stay cold. a passing snow shower around lunchtime. there you see is snow here just to the east of the district. it's moving through bowie and down to the south near parts of calvert county. clearing out of charles county though. if you're in st. mary's county you could see some snow falling. this area of snow just recently started developing on the radar. we'll be watching that closely. the advisory as been trimmed out of the district, mostly in maryland now. but some areas have been reporting a little bit more than an inch. temperatures we're watching closely with the snow still falling in parts of maryland but otherwise we're right around freezing. fairfax sitting at
5:53 am
the snow sticking to tun treated roads. morning side 31 degrees so it's a cold start the morning. look at the afternoon though. as we go through lunchtime and later on in the afternoon, temperatures staying in the 30s. a lot of that snow coming to an ernd around the major interstates surrounding the district. here's future wreather. not much falling across the area. don't be surprised if you see a few passing snow showers. early tomorrow morning we have one more system passing up to our north, but there is a chance it could try to drop in a few very early snow flakes. tomorrow is going to be a dry day and not as cold as today. below normal for this time of the year. passing snow shower through the midday. upper 40s tomorrow by wedne.
5:54 am
as well. we are dry, thursday, friday, saturday, but look at the colder weekend. highs in the upper 30s and we will be watching sunday and we're also watching the roads this morning. >> good morning. right now we'll start with the rails here. this is between tacoma and silver spring, delays both ways right now. we have a disabled train there at green belt this morning 935 south. rest of 95 looking fine right now. southbound connecticut near randolph road, we feel like it's going to wrap up. starbucks is now reacting to trth president trump's immigration ban.
5:55 am
employees worldwide and in the u.s. he says the focus will be to hire immigrants who have served with u.s. troops. nearly a third of all americans will watch the super bowl, perhaps not at home though and that's at least what the national retail federation says. the expectation is based on the number of new tv sales and this year sales are down. the federation says people will spend about $75 each on food, drinks and decorations for the big game. for many, the draw is the commercials. >> we only see it during super bowl and people laugh and enjoy it and share it on social media over and over again. >> and in case you're wondering a 30 second ad costs $5 million. if you cant watch it, go to a friend's house.
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>> good morning. i'm landon dowdy. google has created a crisis fund for the immigration cause that can be matched with $2 million in employee donations. back over to you. >> all right. thank you. so you may be a busy parent who's looking to make some extra money on the side but maybe working a second job is not an option. all week long news 4 today will be showing you ways that you can make some side cash. in many cases all you need is a computer. if you like to write, freelance writing for websites can be done any time and anywhere. and there are companies that will pay you to write for them. and how about being an assistant? >> there's a service called fancy hands where
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will hire you for any sort of tasks like researching a trip for them or comparison price shopping or something like that. >> you might not get rich, but overtime it can add up to thousands of dollars a year and it does add up. to find out how you can snag one of these jobs head to our app. >> and how four moms stumbled into a business just by dressing their kids in what they wanted to wear. >> and what happens next? >> he is accused of taking advantage of several children in prince george's county and today he's expected to plead guilty. >> first, take a live look at all the roads this morning. a lot of you will face some slick pavements. the latest on the commute and the school closures and
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news to the north and a mass shooting at a canadian mosque. that country's prime minister calling it a terror attack. >> another round of protests is expected to erupt after president trump issued a sweeping travel ban. what you need to know how it could impact yo
6:00 am
snow already being felt around here. we'll tell you more. let's start things off with a view a lot of you are going to happen this morning. the wet roads out there. this is a live look from southern maryland where the snow is not sticking to the street, but a lot of you may still want to give yourself a little extra time to get to work. good morning, everybody. it is 6:00 a.m. >> we know what happens when we get a little snow in our area. it will affect a lot of you and how you plan your day ahead. the latest on the snow and melissa and justin finch are keeping a close eye on the roads for you this morning. >> first we want to get you up to speed on the latest school closings and delays. >> thank you. we have a lot to tell you about so stay with me. it's important that we are


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