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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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snow already being felt around here. we'll tell you more. let's start things off with a view a lot of you are going to happen this morning. the wet roads out there. this is a live look from southern maryland where the snow is not sticking to the street, but a lot of you may still want to give yourself a little extra time to get to work. good morning, everybody. it is 6:00 a.m. >> we know what happens when we get a little snow in our area. it will affect a lot of you and how you plan your day ahead. the latest on the snow and melissa and justin finch are keeping a close eye on the roads for you this morning. >> first we want to get you up to speed on the latest school closings and delays. >> thank you. we have a lot to tell you about so stay with me. it's important that we are
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updating this. you can check it by the minute. many school closers to tell you about. we do want to begin with what is closed. stafford, culpepper, page counties they do not have to go to school today. that's everything that is closed. your kids do get to sleep in in fairfax county and prince george's county and prince william's county. we want to look at charles, st. mary's out in maryland, also on a two-hour delay out there. here's the last batch for you. allegheny county and fredericksburg schools, those are all looking at two-hour delays as are hardy schools in west virginia. these are running at the botm
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to have your screen and we are always updating it in our app. >> thank you. and prince william is already closed for students today. >> and what is happening out there weather wise and are we going to see more problems? >> yeah, a little bit. not a whole lot of snow, but certainly the continuation of a little light snow in and around the city and as a result, a whitened ground for many. got this great picture from maria in bethesda. a beautiful coating there. our washington app has a complete up to the minute status report on each and every school district across the area. but just a little light snow out there for now. for the weather head lines, light snow coming to an end. there are two or three inches down to the south of the city down into parts of southern maryland and another little chance of slight snow coming in. >> let's see where the
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the district but we do have snow falling across part of the area. just to the east of the district, we're starting to see one area of snow developing. let's zoom in on the district. mostly to the west near bowie. now starting to move out of st. mary's county. charles county getting rid of that snow that we saw. some snow developing near marshall and right across 66. temperatures right around freezing. most roads are wet but some roads we are seeing that snow sticking. let's check in on the delays. >> taking a look at metro, woe do have this problem here still on the red line this morning. that's something we'll be dealing with this morning. between tacoma and silver spring, delays there both ways. the green line here, this
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something else we've been dealing with so that is a problem for folks as well. delays to branch avenue because of that disabled train there at green belt. taking a look at the beltway, actually looking pretty good and as you can see, a lot of that snow we saw earlier is moving out of the way not impacting the roads and the viewers in our immediate area here this morning but still might have a nice layer of dust on your car this morning. you can wipe that off, no big deal. travel times for you in ten minutes. we have team coverage for you on this -- on the forecast this morning. >> justin finch is live, driving your morning commute. tell us where you are and how is it looking? >> good morning. we're on indian head highway going south right here at marshall hall road. you can see just in front of us here, that precipitation we saw earlier is slacked up. almost a light rain but you can also see the roads here are looking clear.
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cars are clearly moving without much trouble out here. the roads for the most part have been treated everywhere we have been from virginia to maryland and in the district as well. i want to show you some video from earlier. this is video that angie shot on the dulles toll road this morning. salt trucks doing their job to make the roads clear and passable. if you see that in front of you, do what angie is doing, giving those crews time to work and also room to work as well. as we look at indian head highway live out here, this has been what we've seen all morning out here. traffic moving, however several wrecks as well. >> be sure to keep your eye on the nbc washington app. we'll be pushing out what you need to know throughout the day. >> and we continue to follow the breaking news out of canada where six
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others hurt during a mosque shooting. two people in custody. the shots rang out during a sunday night prayer service at a mosque in the city of quebec. angie is following the impact of this and what it's happening around the world. >> stepped up security and much more. >> it is having an impact. canada's prime minister also reacting to what he is now characterizing as a terrorist attack on muslims. on twitter, the prime minister called the attack cowardly and said his thoughts are with the victims and their families. those six people were killed while they prayed. two people were taken into custody as you mentioned, but officials have yet to release a motive. new york city police are stepping up security around mosques and places of worship following that attack in quebec city. today
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being planned as well. >> thank you. it is 6:07 and now to a developing story that dominated the news all weekend. thousands from around the country spent the weekend voicing concerns about president trump's executive order that temporarily restricts entry to the u.s. from muslim countries and bans syrian refugees. airports from new york to los angeles, to houston and orlando and philadelphia all saw demonstrations. you can see all those images from across the country. and here at home demonstrators filled dulles airport. >> iraq, syria, sudan, somalia, yemen and iran. president trump insists that this is not a muslim ban though. for more on this story we're live at dulles international. >> reporter: good morni
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all is quiet here at international arrivals. just those orange cones and the barriers there. much different scene over the weekend where it was quite a lively scene. >> suinging, at tiems chantmes and peaceful protes that lasted into sunday night. among them civil rights lawyers ready to help those detained get through and the demonstrators, many of em brought with them personal stories that they say counter the heart of this travel ban. >> i also work with refugees as well, so there are many who really helped our soldiers and to deny them entrance once t
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deplorable. >> take a look at the arrival board there. the first international flight set to come in about 6:30 this morning. no confirmation yet on what is actually planned today in the way of demonstrations. we're hearing about activity that might happen in the afternoon. as soon as we get confirmation on that we'll bring it to you live on the air and of course inside our washington nbc app. the president's executive order has led to a big legal battle over the last couple of days and more action is expected today. the council on american islamic relations will follow a federal lawsuit. it will challenge its constitutionality. a nationwide stay order came and it prevents people who are detained and have proper visas from being deported and
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of names of those people to the aclu. they plan to go through the list to make sure everyone gets released and a virginia district judge issued a restraining order. here is another live look inside dulles international airport. in just a few minutes the latest on the lawsuit planned by the council on american islamic relations. how much money the aclu has raised and social media reaction on the president's order. >> you might want to give yourself some extra time. an overnight dusting of snow is making for slick roads this morning. a closer look at what to expect during your morning commute. >> and a head's up for anyone flying on delta. what caused the airline to ground flights and the delays. >> and days after the
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he plans to plead guilty. what we're learning about his court appearance later today. >> this immigrant ban is a blemish and it is un-american. >> plus,
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welcome back. it's 6:14 and we are working for you to get you to work safely and on time this morning. >> live look at indian head highway. this is headed northbound. a lot of schools also closed or delayed this morning. you can find all that on the nbc washington app and you want to know what your forecast is going to look like. >> good morning. you know, the snow that fell early this morning is quickly moving out so your commute forecast, mostly wet roads by 8:00 a.m. don't expect much falling across the area by 8:00 a.m. temperatures mostly in the mid-30s. by noon though, a passing snow shower. and by 5:00 p.m. for the evening drive expect things to be dry.
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district. we are watching one area right around warrenton. that area of snow we're watching closely as well as the snow leaving parts of maryland. delays on the metro this morning. >> a couple of problems on metro. the red line we've been talking about the single tracking between tacoma and silver spring. delays there both ways because of that. on the green line, same situation. delays to branch avenue. northbound 95 affair fax county parkway. looks okay inbound. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway here. a little bit slow here. top of the beltway typically slow. going to take you 13 minutes. >> thank you. we want to get right now to angie following ae
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>> we continue to follow this crash that involved a pedestrian who was struck by dupont circle. as you talk a look at this map, you can see how close this accident was to dupont circle. police saying that the pedestrian was hit by the driver of a car. the victim had serious injuries but at this point we don't know how badly they were hurt. we do know they are in the hospital. we have called to find out more information about the driver of the striking vehicle. back to you. it is now 6:16 and we're expecting to learn the names of there three coworkers shot do death inside a bowie restaurant. three people were shot yesterday morning. hours after the shooting police tracked down the suspect at his home in silver spring. they
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twice. he is now in critical condition. this all stemmed from an argument between employees. today a former prince george's elementary school aide is expected to plead guilty to sexually exploiting students. he's facing more than a dozen counts on accusations he sexually assaulted and recorded students. today's expected plea is only on the federal counts. he's still facing 270 local chrge charges. big problems if you're flying delta. the systems are bang up and running but airports could look like this again. look at all those lines and backups. 80 flights have been cancelled today alone. there was a total ground stop lost night. delta computers
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a power outages. delta now says if you had a flight yesterday or today you can get a waiver for rebooking by this friday. it is the beginning of a busy week for president trump's cabinet nominees. the full senate expected to hold a vote for tillerson to be confirmed. we could learn president trump's pick for the supreme court as early as today. the announcement was set for thursday but that could change. three federal appeals court judges have emerged. president trump is also considering diane sykes for the position. >> more than $19 million have been donated to the aclu since saturday. that is according to the hill. it comes on the
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crackdown. it raises three to four million dollars each year. a spike in membership with more than 150,000 new members. well, you can still sign up for health coverage under the affordable care act even though plans are in the works to repeal and replace it. tomorrow is the deadline if you still need insurance. coming up on 20 minutes after the hour right now, sitting right around freezing. across a lot of the area. >> i like the way you guys talk, i just willed it to snow. >> i believe this is what happened. >> and kids, remember who's your buddy? who's trying to help you keep you out of school? these are live pictures from charles county and areas just south have been the big winners today. charles county down to stafford county. some places
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one of my twitter followers, southern maryland weather and news information, this is a picture from route 4. you can see there are tracks visible on some of the paised roads. you can always send it to me on twitter like they did. you can also find me on facebook for the latest as well. so look for chuck bell 4 on facebook. and don't forget to download your app to have all the latest in school delays and closings. west of the potomac here, still under the winter weather advisory. that goes until 7:00 this morning but the bulk of that accumulating snow is headed out on to the eastern shore. temperature wise we're cold or at just below the freezing mark. temperatures will be above freezing in most areas by mid to late afternoon. downtown high
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and again, we could still see a couple of snow showers around the course of the afternoon but our chances for accumulating snow are coming to an end. snow showers around today, another little chance of an alberta clipper early on wednesday morning but we dry it out on thursday and friday. let's go over to melissa who has new troubles in traffic. >> 95 northbound at fairfax county parkway. the right side of the roadway here is blocked as you get on to 95. so a bit slow here northbound through that area right now. seeing some delays there. northbound parkway, broken down vehicle in the left lane. you can see there beltway looks okay. inner loop and outer loop. live look at 270 coming up. >> thank you. we're working for you this morning to make sure that you can make some extra cash if you need it. how youan
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and your family without having to take on a lot of extra work. >> what the stars had to say about president trump's newly imposed travel bans at last night's awards. >> and saying goode
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i am the daughter of an immigrant. my father fled religious persecution in france, and i'm an american patriot. we're in a really tricky time in the world in our country and things have very inexcusable. >> you are a part of the fabric of who we are and we love you and we welcome you. >> strong words from hollywood at last night's screen actor's guild awards. many of you saw people speaking out against donald trump, the president's imposed immigration ban. here were some surprises at the
6:25 am
>> the crown swept the acting category. picking up best acting awards there. meanwhile, davis won best supporting actress for her role in fences along with denzel washington. the cast of stranger things won the award for best ensemble performance. they beat out the game of thrones. >> we will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no homes. we will get past the lies. >> and last night the cast promised that they would carry out their mission with soul, with heart and with joy. >> beloved tv star mary tyler moore is resting at peace. she was laid to rest in ec
6:26 am
moore won seven emmys over the year for her starring role in the mary tyler moore show. she was 80 years old. well, it is the executive actions sparking outrage across the country. president trump could face a lawsuit because of it. >> and who couldn't use a little extra cash? four ways you can make more money without taking a second job. >> and if you are just joining us we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode this morning. the latest on school closures and delays as well a fours
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fast approaching 6:30 and you are looking live at some of the roadways in charles county, maryland after an overnight dusting of snow. >> a lot of places are waking up to snow. so far it doesn't seem to be sticking to the roads that much which is a good thing. good morning to you and we come back to news 4
6:30 am
this half hour on the latest on your weather and traffic but this morning school delays and closures that are going to impact a lot of folks. we want to start in stafford county. culpepper, page counties do not have school today. in fairfax county brins george's county, charles and the school there is are on are two hoff hour delay today. also a two-hour delay for warern and clark county schools in maryland. in west virginia hardy county schools reason oa two hour delay. they'll also be on the nbc washington app we'll update for you all day. >> let's turn to our meteorologist today. we've seen the snow come, starting to really move out of
6:31 am
>> we are talking about it even on friday morning. giving people the head's up for this event on a monday and sure enough, a quick little hit of snow outside has left on average an inch to two inches. a little more than two inches in some spots but the weather alert will continue on for the remainder of the morning hours. another alberta clipper like action likely to bring us a similar amount of snow. it will be cold all week and there may be a better chance for a slightly more significant storm on sunday. super bowl sunday. outside this morning, maria sent me this picture there. just enough to whiten the ground. a little more snow south of the city and out on to the eastern shore now. temperatures are at or just below freezing mark. not a lot of sunshine either. complete check of the ten-day comes up and now let's go t
6:32 am
justin who's tracking the roads in southern maryland. >> reporter: good morning. try something new now. stepped outside the truck to show you the snow. snow meteor here in just a few minutes out here. it's nice and powdery. i do want to show you the conditions earlier that we tracked coming into work this morning. this is dash cam video taken of our editor scott coming in into the d.c. area. we want to show you video as well of what it was like at the station. we saw lots of snow stacking up in our parking lot on parked cars and trees, also coated too as you mentioned an inch to two inches of coating of snow out there as well. back live as you see us here on indian head highway going northbound the roads are clear. that precipitation has moved on and now melissa, back in to you. >> glad to see
6:33 am
out there. let's take a look at other situations around town this morning. so if we can go to 95 here northbound, let's go over here for a ekd is. at fairfax county parkway, that is where we had that earlier problem. it is still really slow through this area. it's going to take you about 40 minutes instead of about 206789 y -- 20. 66 is fine here this morning. broken down vehicle there in the left lane. the beltway looks quite good. inbound just before you hit the beltway, that broken down vehicle in the middle of the roadway this morning. you can see inner loop of the beltway, starting to see some delays there. remember on metro, red line single tracking between tacoma and silver
6:34 am
we'll have travel times for you in ten minutes. thank you. it is 6:34. president trump is facing heavy criticism over his immigration crackdown. his executive order includes a 90-day ban on travel to the u.s. by citizens of seven countries. a federal lawsuit is expected to be filed today. it will challenge the order's constitutionality. >> and you've probably seen the pictures of thousands of people protesting the executive order. hundreds turned out at dulles airport as well. many of them promised to be back at the airport this morning. we'll have a live report coming up. just in this morning we are hearing from one person who was detained at lax. >> new information after he was released. this all while you were sleeping and what's he saying? >> the man is
6:35 am
morning shortly after being released and this is after he says he was detained for three to four hours at los angeles' airport. he has a green card and arrived from iran when he was stopped at lax. he was questioned and then let go. he noticed when he was actually boarding his flight two lax that people from iran with visas were turned away. they were told they were not allowed to fly. >> i can understand why the police and the security are so concerned about the green card holders. they want to be sure the people who are coming here are the right people, and i have a safe feeling about it. >> he talked about understanding why security is tight. he also added he was treated very well. that they asked him questions and also that there
6:36 am
existed. so that is the late egs we'st w getting out of los angeles. we want to note this morning john mccain tweeted he fears the ban may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve security but also this message, when you factor out all the misinformation it's clear that a temporary pause on refugee resettlement is a rational step. he's running for governor of virginia right now. the current governor said quote, i urge potus to rescind this executive order and return the united states to its place as a beacon of hope for all. you may have been one of the many drivers stuck in traffic yesterday. the bridge was shut down for nearly two hours because of an apparent bomb threat and attempted suicide. police say a man jumped intohe
6:37 am
d.c. harbor patrol. the bridge reopened after they nound no threat to drivers. the fire broke out early yesterday morning at the former middle school. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it. part of the building collapsed in the flames but no one was hurt. crews are now working to tear down the building which was already scheduled to be taken down. you may be a busy parent who's looking to make some extra money on the side but maybe working a second job isn't really an option. >> we'll be showing you ways you can make some side cash and in many cases all you need is a computer. here's some ideas to get you started. freelance writing for websites can be done any time and anywhere, or how about rating websites or companies that will pay you to give them
6:38 am
local mom has been sharing their tips with us. >> fancy hands where you're a virtual assistant. so people will hire you for any sort of tasks. >> she says you may not get rich but over time that money can add up to several hundred or even thousands of dollars a year. all those dollars count and to find out how you can get one of those jobs head to the nbc washington app. >> how four moms stumbled into a business just by dressing their kids in what they wanted to wear. >> today's a good day to download our app. you can find all the school closures there or follow us on twitter. we've been tweeting them out as they happen. chuck bell back with a look at what some kids face when they finally make it to the bus stop. nd
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what the travel ban means and when it happens with nbc
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6:42 now on this monday morning and a lot of us woke up to big fat snow flakes falling. >> is the snow out of here now? >> most of the accumulated snow is pulling out of here. left behind an inch and in some places two or three. again, that first accumulating band is now moving out of here. occasional periods of light snow flurries this morning.
6:43 am
now. a cold day today. have your winter coat and your gloves on. your hat, maybe that small umbrella as well. snow showers coming air way today. the daily grade c minus for the kids that do have to go on in to school today. a whole check of that ten-day forecast coming up at 6:51. >> good morning. 95 northbound here, crashes on the right side of the roadway. still have those delays headed northbound. that is an issue for a lot of people. a little bit slow germantown to the spur. nothing happening, just getting those slowdowns, because it's that time of day. 66 inbound is okay. 95 north you can see that problem causing delays. remember . thank you, melissa. we continue to follow some breaking news in canada this morning where several people are dead after a shooting at a mosque. what we're learning about the ec
6:44 am
arrest. and we are breaking down the latest on president trump's travel ban, wo's affhec
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we all share a sense of heart. >> terror if quebec after a gunman opened fire at a mosque during evening
6:47 am
>> protest the president. the demonstrators expected to return to airports across the country today. >> more detainees released. new reaction from a man held for hours. >> snowfall and wet roads to start your monday morning commute. we're out early to show you what you can expect. >> and captain kirk represents the redskins in the pro bowl. >> but first at 6:47, team coverage on this weather alert day. >> justin finch is out live on the roads this morning. he's been tracking the roads. how's it looking? >> on these conditions, changing all morning. take a look. we've got plows here on stand by. many roads are already clear. i want to take you some video that angie got on her way to work this morning. the trucks were treating the
6:48 am
dull dulles toll roads. lots of rain so be careful. back in to you. >> and be sure to keep your eye on the nbc washington app for forecast alerts on this weather alert day. we'll be pushing out what you need to know throughout your day. >> six people killed at a mosque in quebec city. canada's prime minister calling this a terror attack on muslims. this investigation there in quebec city is happening right now. we are also now hearing from quebec. >> angie has the latest. >> we are just hearing from quebec city after that fatal shooting. >> i want to say a few words to our -- we are with you. this is your
6:49 am
we are all connected. >> as he mentioned two arrests were made but a mow ty has not been released. eight people who were injured are in the hospital. now back to you. >> thank you. and we eerp turning to a developing story that dominated the news all weekend. thousands from across the country protested president trump's executive order. houston, orlando, philadelphia, they all saw these sorts of demonstrations and here at home dulles international airport was also a place for demonstrators to voice their opposition to these orders. >> these are the seven banned countries. iraq, syria, yemen and
6:50 am
they are muslim countries. for more on this story we send things to dulles international. >> yeah, i want to show you the scene right now. we are at the international arrivals terminal where it is quiet and it has been throughout the morning. no flights coming in from any of those countries on the list. those folks who were sitting over there waiting on their loved ones, but none of them coming from the countries you just mentioned. not all quiet over the weekend and late into the night though. >> we saw demonstrators coming in with their songs, signs, and of course at times they were chanting. it was very emotional and personal for many of them who showed up who wanted to make sure the trump
6:51 am
saw their strong objection to this travel ban. it's still unclear when and if these protesters plan to show up here at dulles today and it's expected that civil rights attorneys and other organizations will likely be busy filing lawsuits in court today. we're staying on top of the latest developments here on air and of course inside our nbc washington app. back to you now. >> all right. thank you. now, the president's executive order has led to a big legal battle over the last couple of days and more action is expected today. the council on american islamic relations will file a federal lawsuit today against this order. it will challenge the constitutionality. on saturday a federal judge issued a nationwide stay order and that came after a petition was filed by the aclu. it does two things. prevents people who are detained and have proper visas from being deported and provides the
6:52 am
names to the aclu. they plan to go through the list to make sure everyone gets released and finally a virginia district court issued temporary restraining order papers for all permanent legal u.s. residents to be permitted lawyers as is required by federal law. and president trump defended his executive order yesterday. he took to twitter writing our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting. he also struck back to fellow republicans. he called the statements wrong and said quote, senators should focus their energies on isis, illegal immigration and border security instead of always starting to look at starting world war iii. and mark, thanks for joining us. we want to first start with the response from senators mccain and graham. how is the president's
6:53 am
his own party? >> we're already seeing resistance from republicans, but you now have a couple of dozens republicans who have criticized it or at least said this is not the way we would have gone about it. so already when you're getting resistance from your own party it means not everything went all that well. >> we've been showing images of people demonstrating at airports but will it have influence over their next decision? >> we did see during the women's march that those kind of protests did get under the administration's skin a little bit but all of a sudden we're seeing the kind of chaos that donald trump used effectively on the campaign not fit so well when it comes to managing the oval office and the white house. so there wasn't a lot of agency talking to. they didn't clue in
6:54 am
not everyone on capitol hill knew what was going on. this was fast and now we're seeing a lot of the results from that. >> and democrats say they want to plan legislation to overturn this ban but they're the minority as we know in congress. can they get anything done here. >> if there are enough republican who is are unhappy about thrks we've already seen the administration have a reversal of sorts when it comes to green card holders. you another not going to be aefkt affected going forward. but all it takes is a majority in the house and they could get something done. >> all right. thanks as always. >> thank you. >> and coming up after news 4 today -- >> there will be more complete analysis on the travel ban backlash on the "today" show. and we'll have complete political coverage of the
6:55 am
president's first 1 4u00 days i office. chuck bell standing by with a look at what we can expect. >> a little snow out there early this morning. one otwo inches in many locations. there we are. >> i like your glasses, by the way, very nice. >> a little smarter look with that. >> thank you very much. >> a little snow, not a big deal but there are delays and closings. our nbc washington app has all that up and going and it is up to snuff. there is a live picture down into southern maryland where the big winters and snowfall have been and i've got this great picture on my twitter feed here as well. this is what you call cold hearted. it is a heart in the snow. isn't that pretty out there? good looking day this morning here. temperatures at or below freezing now so the snow did stick to the ground. but it's not a whole lot of snow and a lot of the big roads were
6:56 am
chemical before anything started so the roads are in good shape. secondary streets, sometimes your sidewalk is the most treacherous part. that first main area of accumulating snow is on the eastern shore. still a little burst of snow flurries here. quantico and fredericksburg so just know we're not completely done with our snow just yet. temperature now only 33 in washington, with windchills back in the 20s so a winter jacket required today as temperatures will stay in the mid 30s. and more chance of unsettled temperatures. >> we have a few chances as we go through the rest of the day and early tomorrow. a few more flakes flying. afternoon temperatures are going to be cold. then we go into the weekend and we're talking about cold temperatures too, but as for today's concerns, we're tal
6:57 am
this morning not so much except for the snow we're watching here, by noon today a few flakes trying to come through. early tomorrow morning there's a chance we could see a snow flake across the area early. let's get a check on the roadways this morning. good morning, melissa. >> a check on traffic -- >> we'll update you on the roads at 7:25. back hereith more w
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking news. gunmen open breaking news, gunmen open fire inside a kweb beck city mosque. six people killed, eight injured, two suspects being questioned by police right now. ban backlash. growing protests all across the country against president trump's executive order on immigration. the white house defending the ban saying it's about terror not religion. top lawmakers on both sides of the aisle voicing their concerns. >> we don't have religious tests in this country. >> it's mean spirited, unamerican. >> senator schumer joins us live as nbc news learns the pres


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