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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. protests at the steps of the u.s. supreme court. a large crowd gathered to stand against president's travel plan and a major shake-up inside his administration. one agency lear
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>> a community worried about safety after a deadly shooting inside this gas station at rush hour. >> and metro riders speaking out. a fare like. see what you pay already for fare service compared to other major cities. tonight the fight against president trump's executive order reached the steps of the u.s. supreme court. >> that's where immigrants and house and senate democrats gathered to shout it down tonight. while the president fired attorney general for refusing to defend his order in court. >> we have a lot of new ground to kofrl our team coverage begins with dorothy spencer. >> reporter: lawmakers held their press conference right here at the steps of the u.s. supreme court earlier this evening and that touched off a third night of peaceful
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demonstrations. outside the u.s. supreme court, hundreds of protesters demanding justice for immigrants and refugees affected by the president's executive order. >> i am literally alive because of immigrants. >> why is that? >> my parents were world war ii refugees. one from russia, one from the netherlands. this nation welcomed them with open arms. without them i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: they're rallying against the temporary ban on immigration for citizens of seven majority muslim countries and the suspension of the syrian refugee program. the president says he is doing what is reasonable and necessary to keep america safe. >> my father was actually a refugee, although not to america. he was a refugee between pakistan and india so the refugee issue is close to our heart. >> the president's actions set off a firestorm of protests at the nation's airports
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weekend including at dulles. that's where dozens of people from those seven nations including legal u.s. residents with green cards and visas were temporarily detained. >> i am embarrassed for our country. i am ashamed of our country for doing this. >> reporter: some are here because they're concerned in a nation of immigrants, peoplesin. >> i am friends with them. at 8 years old they're saying please don't tell people. i'm scared. >> reporter: those lawmakers are promising to continue to fight president's actions which they say are unconstitutional. we're reporting live from the u.s. supreme court. darcy spencer, news4. and that dissension that darcy showed us is coming to a head inside the govern
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attorney general and named the u.s. attorney from virginia to take her place. the white house put out a statement saying sally yates has betrayed the department of justice. ms. yates is an obama administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on immigration. in her place, the u.s. attorney who prosecuted bob mceaux. he oversees the eastern district whichhand immigration and international terror cases. he has signaled ellen force the immigration order which yates defiantly refused to do saying she doubted it was even lawful. something like the had has not happened since 1973 when president nixon fired his a.g. for refusing to dismiss the watergate prosecutor. president trump is standing by his order saying it will keep america safe. >> at some point
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look at the familiar lies lose someone in an attack or a bombing and say could we have done more to save them? could another event be prevented? >> and he will be as the attorney general until the confirmation. there will be a vote tomorrow morning on jeff sessions' nomination. >> thank you, chris. >> new at 11:00, the boy scouts of america is reaching out to families with transgender children. the organization says kids who were born female but identify as boys will be allowed to enroll in his boys only program effective immediately. before today, only children listed as male on their birth certificates were allowed in. a spokesperson says the decision is built on states and communities changing how they define agendaer and it is also about allowing more children to participate. turning to our weather.
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>> we're going to get a break and the temperatures are going up during the day. we'll be watching it right now. tracking what's happening on the radar. and not much going on in our immediate area. storm team 4, all dry. back to the west, this is the next system. it is another clipper system. this is coming through chicago. you can see that little finger of moisture making its way right down toward our area. this is a warm front. this will have a little bit of a different play on our weather than the one we had this morning. temperaturewise, we are cold. 23 in winchester, 23 at dulles, too. if we were to see snow, it would stick on the roadways. coming up, i'll tell you who has the best chance of seeing some snow. i'll let you know what this storm means. and
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ght now, police surveillance video from a deadly shooting at a gas station. this was at the bp on walters lane. it is new that this is the second murder there in just over a year. a family breaks down in tears after finding out their loved one was shot and killed at the bp station in district heights. >> it makes me feel sad. >> reporter: glancing at the yellow crime scene tape, she is not surprised it happened at 4:45 in the evening. >> in the daytime, the middle of the day, the evening, the afternoon, it is always the same. >> what is it? >> rowdiness, undesirables. >> police tell me a man walked in. he fired at least one round at another man and killed him. police are checking to see if
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shooting. >> they identified the suspect. >> it was just a homicide there not too long ago. it is really sad. >> she's right. i reported on a murder at this same gas station about a year and a half ago. police do not believe the shootings are related. >> this gas station, this neighborhood, would you consider it more dangerous compared to other gas stations? >> i don't know that it is more dangerous than any others. >> while they investigate, she offers condolences. >> heart breaking. >> tonight prince george's police want your help solving this homicide. if you have any information, give them a call. in district heights, news4. a man is dead. his body found inside an apartment building in arlington county. tonight police are trying to figure out what happened. somebody called police to the apartment on seventh road south this afternoon. officers found the 57-year-old dead inside.
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but they're not giving many more details than that. those people are cooperating. they don't think there's any threat to the public. tonight a man is in the hospital in prince george's hospital recovering after police tell us he murdered three of his bosses. then shot himself twice. sources tell us it was a workplace dispute over money at blue sunday bar and grill in bowie. the place just opened last month. the 40-year-old was arrested after someone saw one of the three bodies on a security camera from a remote location. people who work there say they can't believe it happened. >> it's hard. i went to school obviously today. i've been shaking all day. i couldn't sleep last night. i know a lot of other people couldn't sleep. it's hard. >> police believe he worked as a bar tender. they call this pointless violence.
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we thought this was something paris in fairfax county should know about. there was a case of whooping cough. an e-mail went out at the secondary school suggesting parents monitor their children for signs of the illness to make sure their immunizations are up to date. it is a bacterial disease that begins with cold symptoms and can be treated with antibiotics. you may notice extra police officers around several mosques in fairfax county. the department tweeted it is standing strong with the muslim community in light of recent attacks against mosques. they used the #engagement and building trust. police are asking for tips if you notice any suspicious activity. tonight we learned there were fathers among victims of the quebec city mosque shooting. one was a businessman. another a university professor. in all, six people were killed when a
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at the quebec montreal cultural kernlt. justin trudeau called it terrorism. he was at a vigil outside the mosque tonight. >> we think of those things happening elsewhere. like europe, america. quebec city is a very quiet city. >> a college student faces six first-degree murder charges because of the shooting. his peers describe him as a loner with anti-immigrant views. a second person detained is no longer a suspect. metro could raise fares 10 to 25 cents. they want to hear from you first and tonight, boy, did they. >> olly is on the loose right now. why they're not actively shooting for a missing animal. and a special honor for one man who has b ee
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a wild bobcat from our national zoo is very likely spending this night in the woods around rock creek parkway. ollie the bobcat got loose. there was a hole in the mesh fencing around her exhibit. they're hoping she'll come back on her own for food or shelter. until then, a small area of the great cat exhibit is closed. keepers say if you do see her, don't try to get close. >> the wean we're asking you not to approach her is less that you're likely to be attacked. it is more that you're
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spook her. >> call the zoo if you see her. bobcats are indigenous to our area and that ollie will probably be just fine if she doesn't make her way back. >> dozens of metro riders weighed in on cutting service. there was a public hearing as it faces the $290 million budget shortfall. >> earlier, wow! what a scene inside. there was just an overflow of people here. give public testimony and public comment about a plan to raise fares. what are we talking about? rush hour could go up 10 cents. regular and express fares could go up 25 cents. parking would increase 10 cents. an additional 25 cents could be add at service stations and every line except
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would be some sort of reduction which would mean that you would weigh longer. listen to the talk about the need to not cut service. i like the customer service and i like to see them work where they want to go. my family uses the bus, too. >> it is important to remember any change to metro service wouldn't take effect until july. >> thank you. take look at this chart comparing metro to other systems around the country. metro has the second highest maximum fare on the list. it is close to $6. san francisco's b.a.r.t. system has the highest fare at more than $7. >> fares aside, you can expect some major delays this weekend if you're planning on using metro to get downtown
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smithsonian, federal center, southwest and capital south will all be closed for track work. free shuttle buses will replace all trains. you should expect delays. 50 years a long time report to work every day. >> a man got a special surprise there some members of the community who see him all the time. at the friendship post office in northwest d.c. co-workers, customers honored david gaskin with a cake, gifts and celebration of his service. he's been working at that post office for five decades. player was among those who came by to thank him for his service. >> kind of overwhelmed. just come to work and do my job and try to make
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>> i've seen him a time or two. david gaskin said he has no plans for retirement yet. he'll keep on as long as he can. congratulations. the snow sure was pretty today, wasn't it? just the fluffy xinld just sat there on the trees. it looked like frosting. >> and then it didn't cover the road. that's what we love. i don't expect any delays tomorrow. the only except is way to the north. 32 degrees, already at the freedsing mark. the only reason i say that is because this time of year, rather, normally we get to this time of year but we haven't seen much. we've got it. the winds out of the west at five miles an hour.
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for 23 at dulles, with the cold night tonight. if writ to snow, any snow on the roadways. the four things you need to know. that clipper believe it or not will then temperatures go up. this clipper brings the temperatures up. then we have another clipper tomorrow night. and then cold again late week. it depends on where they go. right now, no snow around the region. you can see where the snow is. very close to the region. this is warm front associated with the clipper and you can see it back to the west. it is way back to the north and west. and this should rotate. it will take warm front to our north as well. so most of the snow will stay to the north. i'm not too worried about it. by doing that, the warmer sarah going to come in. so we do get a little warmer. first off, let's show you the future weather. here comes the warm front. notice snow around o
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maybe as far south as frederick. the computer model is still keeping it to the north. tomorrow afternoon, a pretty nice afternoon. tomorrow around freezing. the wind will help warm it up. a pretty nice afternoon out there considering we saw quite a bit in the way of snow today off and on. and then another clipper. late wednesday night into thursday. it could bring us some snow showers and that will bring in the colder air. 43 on thursday, 41 on friday, 38 on saturday. and then all eyes on this one here. what kind of storm are we going to see? a lot of times the computer model is all over the place but we do have a chance of snow on
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of course that's super bowl sunday. we've got a big one out there. you might have to get should extra chips. right now, not looking like a huge storm. another storm tuesday and wednesday. that would be rain. this system, this type of weather that we have, very fluid. it could be cold or warm. we'll have to really watch it. >> you think about the snow emergency purchasers with the super bowl party planners. >> there's nothing -- >> thank you. coming up, the mystics make a huge trade today. we caught up with trace. sports up next. first, here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, everybody!
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special guest at the auto show. >> you never know who you're going to run into at the auto show. definitely a special guest. he is considered to be one of the best shortstops. he played two major league games. you may remember the 23-year-old turner turned heads last summer in the outfield. he was the talk of the town in downtown d.c. overcast at nats park. packing up for spring training. they're not too big headed to help.
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he is a bona fide star after his breakout year. after learning a new position, do you remember? after danny espinoza was treated, now he is more than ready to take over. >> i've always wanted to go back there. they asked if i would go to center field to help out. and i did. i'm thankful that they gave me the opportunity to do so. hopefully play very consistently for our pitching staff. >> the pitchers and catchers report two weeks in one day. >> does anyone know when the washington mystics tip off the season? >> they're due. >> may. may. >> what? >> so not only do we get a chance to talk about my favorite team in january but a
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blockbuster trade, sending the 2015 mvp to the nation's capital. elaine a coming to washington. traded from the chicago sky tonight. multiple forces are confirming. she averaged the second most in the league. she can miss the final ten games after undergoing some surgery. in return, the sky get number two pick. she wanted to may closer to her home in delaware. john wall back to work today. a noticeable difference over the last few weeks. smiles on the practice court. easy when you're help a. easy to be happy when you're the hottest team in the east. four straight wins. they won 11 of the last 13. these guys are even excited about practice. >> you get on the winning streak. a lot more fun when you want to walk i
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at some opponent you'll lose games. you keep playing the right way. we're done with that. >> down a level. to south carolina state, pick it up second half. down 9 to charles williams. open, shooting, and knocking down the three. he led howard by 21. the bulldogs, too much for howard. somehow he gets it to go. the game high 28
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thank you for staying up with us. the tonight show is up next.
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[snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ricky gervais. vanessa hudgens.


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