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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the handling of allegations of misconduct as it relates to minority complaints. officers also allege rampant discrimination, denial of promotions and denial of transfers of black and hispanic officers. tracee wilkins first told us about this complaint a few months ago. she's live in palmer park with new reaction tonight. >> reporter: what we know from the department of justice is that they are in receipt of a letter. they have passed it onto their civil rights division. we do not know if they are investigating the allegations that have been made here. we also know that the prince george's county police department is interested in getting to the bottom of what's happening. more than 70 minority prince george's county police officers have signed onto a complaint filed with the u.s. department of justice alleging discrimination within the police department. >> the number of people that were involved with it, you know, 50 and 63 and now we're over 70. it has become a serious proble
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enforcement association and the united black police officers soes jags filed the complaint in october. department of justice spokesmen released a statement saying the department of justice in receipt of correspondence about this matter. that correspondence has been referred to the civil rights division for a response. we have no further comment. bob roth, president of the prince george's county chapter of the naacp has been speaking with many of the officers who filed the complaint. >> it's just fair treatment. a white officer gets punished one way and a black officer another way. promotions, how they interact with each other. >> reporter: today prince george's county police chief announced he and the police union are creating a panel to review the department's internal policies. it will be co-chaired by the police department's inspector general and review promotion policies, best
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officers are disciplined. roth says it's a step in the right direction. >> it's got to be an ongoing process. you didn't get into this mess overnight and you're not going to get out of it overnight. >> reporter: a spokesman for the prince george's county police department says that this panel was formed proactiviely not because of this complaint but because the chief wants to hear from police officers and find out what's happening internally within the department. he believes having this outside committee will make that happen. reporting live, tracee wilkins. president trump says the quality of our lives is defined by spiritual and not material success. those words today at the national prayer breakfast where he spoke on a range of issues. the president says in the coming days his separatiadministration come up with a
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embraces personal j embraces. mr. trump also talked about the apprentice, asking this crowd to pray for better rates for arnold sha schwarzenegger. mr. trump says it's time to be tough. >> when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. we're taken advantage of by every nation in the world virtual actuall virtually. it's not going to happen anymore. >> maryland congressman called on president trump to apologize to australian and mexican leaders for what he calls childish behavior. first days here i'm on the
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>> the reports of those calls come as our country's new top diplomat is on the job today. rex tillerson went to the state department where he pledged to make safety for staffers his top priority. he also acknowledged that a contentious election brought him there. but tillerson said that while everyone has a right to express their views, it shouldn't get in the way of working as one team. police say a group of protesters became violent on the campus of uc berkeley to protest a visit by milo yiannopoulos. police say a group of people en masse who they do not believe to be students threw rocks, fireworks and molotov cocktails. the cool went into lockdown mode. that speech was cancelled. yiannopoulos blasted the protests. later presiden
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to pull federal funds if the school, in his words, does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view. it's still not clear how the president would do that. there is no law allowing him to deny funding to a college. even if he were able to, the impact might go beyond what he intends. let's take a kedeeper look. the uc berkeley typically receives over half a billion dollars in research funding. with the government providing about 55% of that. the biggest contributes, the national institutes of health and the national science foundation. at berkeley the money has led to break throu break-ug
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break-throughs. berkeley researches are also providing hoping that former president obama's brain initiative will stay. that's aimed at better understanding the brain and finding new ways to treat or cure brain disorders. police have taken several people into custody after an attempted robbery at a pharmacy in montgomery county. in the past month we've seen a series of robberies targeting 24-hour businesses. police are trying to figure out if they could all be connected. >> reporter: what we know is that montgomery county police are interviewing four potential suspects at this hour in connection with an attempted robbery at cvs pharmacy this morning right off georgia avenue and randolph road. i just learned from a law enforcement source that there may be more than 30 robberies
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the latest robbery attempt was here at 4:00 this morning at this cvs in silver spring right across from the fourth district police station. four people taken into custody, possibly bringing an end to an armed robbery spree that stretched across four maryland counties. >> this is a store i patronize basically all the time. i know the people that work in there. when i saw this on the news, i said oh no. but luckily no one got hurt and i'm glad they were caught. >> reporter: police in montgomery county were already watching cvss and other 24-hour businesses after a string of armed robberies at cvs, rite aid and 7-11s. early this morning an officer noticed a car leaving the area around the time of the cvs robbery. an officer pulled that car over about five miles away near the
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four potential suspects into custody. >> that's crazy. i don't think anybody would stick up some place in montgomery county. >> reporter: police told news4 they're working cases that could be connected. about 20 robberies in all since christmas eve. >> they really have some guts to do this. you know, it's amazing. you've got to be careful. you always have to look over your shoulder to be safe. >> reporter: coming up, i'll have the next step in this widening investigation, again, involving more than 30 armed robberies. fairfax county police commanders got some training today from an unusual source. it came from the author of a book written to help african-american men survive encounters with police. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey spoke to this local
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important message. >> i got surrounded by officers with their hands on their weapons. >> reporter: that's author, attorney eric broils talking about a 2009 incident when he got pulled over on new york avenue. he and his car fit the description of someone who just shot a man. he did then what his book advices now. >> i turn ed on my interior light, i put both of my hands on the steering wheel. and when the officer approached me, i just communicated a edcom. >> reporter: it was six years ago that broils and his friend coauthored u eed encounters wit police. today, the audience was the fairfax county police department command staff. broils' message, both police and
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mind and avoid judging the other based on their last bad encounter or the latest headlines about a use of force incident in another part of the country. >> the officers are the professionals in that they have a higher burden than the citizen to keep the standard. >> reporter: this is what broils drilled into young black men. >> the theme of our book is comply now, contest later. it means at the time of the encounter you just comply with what the officer is asking you. >> reporter: then if there is any type of mistreatment, follow up with a formal complaint. the chief tells us how hearing from the author helps meet his goal of increasing community engagement. another pretty nice day out there across our region. temperatures a little bit above average once again. but the wind has been picking unjust a little biu up jusli
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that's the colder theirs finally trying to make its way in here. it will do so overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. a chilly few days. tomorrow and saturday going to be chilly for sure. then we'll take a look at the sunday forecast for the super bowl. we'll see you back here in about ten minutes. we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00. a man arrested for sexual assaulted women in public. he's been arrested more than 70 times. the action taken after he went before a judge today. plus, a life-saving drug used by paramedics and police skyrockets in price. new concerns about the cost of an opioid antidote. the commonly used therapy that would dramatically increase
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police are dealing with a series of bank robberies in our region today, first in montgomery county where someone held up the m &, t t bank. that man walked in, threatened the teller and ran off after getting some cash. police stopped a man at an apartment complex but let him go. at this point, no
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robbed the td bank on 7th street in the chinatown neighborhood. police released these surveillance images of their suspect. after robbing the bank he left and headed in the direction of the gallery place metro station. another td bank targeted in northeast d.c. in that case police say a man came in and made a threat but did not get any money. now in news for your health, a new treatment regimen may help men with aggressive prostate cancer live longer. it involves combining hormone blocking drugs and radiation. >> it's from the new england journal of medicine. it's actually a 20-year study. they've been using this treatment for a while but now there's definitive proof that it works. we're
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mo hormone therapy with radiation pe therapy. these are men who have had surgery and it comes back. one of the reasons why some doctors may have been reluctant to prescribe the hormone therapy is there are definitely side effects. it blocks a man's testosterone. so one doctor explained it to me as basically putting a man into menopause. he may have sexual dysfunction, hot flashes, some men grow extra breast tissue. there are significant side effects for men. one the one patient we spoke to, said, look, it really beats the alternative. >> and do the patients have to stay on this treatment for a while? >> right. it is limited. and so that's one other thing that they know there's a light at the end of th
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looking at exactly how long they should stay on the hormone therapy. the one patient we spoke to said his treatment with it is only going to be about five months. really in the grand scheme of things, not that bad. >> thank you. you can see her full report on nightly news with lester holt tonight. continues to threaten u.s. friends and allies in the region. the obama administration failed to respond adequately to tehran's actions. we are officially putting iran on notice. >> iran is responding the day after the white house announced that it is putting the country, quote, on notice. the country has no plans to cease testing of ballistic missiles. >> reporter: the iranian defense
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launch was successful despite u.s. claims it wasn't and reiterated that iran has violated the nuclear deal or u.n. resolutions. this isn't the first time an inexperienced person is threatening iran and iran will continue its capabilities in ballistic missiles also warning america not to make empty threats to the region's most powerful country. the deputy commander of the revolutionary guard said they should seek shelter but should also know that iran is a jungle of missiles. he said that america and israel and their supporters are frightened of iran's missiles otherwise they wouldn't make such a big deal about it. and there's a sense of foreboding here. the powers here are talking tough but they don't know what the future with the trump administration is going to spell out and it's going to spell problems for the president who faces reelection here in may. he came in on a
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sorting out the nuclear deal, lowering tengsions with the word and reviving the economy. it could pave the way for a hard line candidate which will spike tensions with the united states even more than it is now. she suffered cardiac arrest at the age of 24, then had a heart condition misdiagnosed for years. when we come right back, how she's now helping make sure others get the treatment they need. and storm team 4 tracking some cooler air moving in as we
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so doreen played tennis today. >> indoors. i don't know about you guys, but i had an opportunity to put my gun glass sunglasses on for about five minutes. >> who did you play against? did it go okay? >> my usual tennis partners and it went the way it usually does. north. >> you know, not bad out there today. a little bit of sun has helped temperatures to warm well above average. this is outside our studios in northwest d.c. you could seee
5:23 pm
in the wind. 47 degrees the current number. 46 at 7:00, dropping through the 40s down to about 42 by 11:00. we are seeing rather breezy conditions. that's cooling things down. 36 in winchester. 44 in manassas. the wind gusting 20-25 miles per hour. we've seen that breeze kick up. it's not going to last all that long. typically these normally go away once the sun goes down. but it will be a little breezy through the 7-8:00 hour. take a look at the wider picture. here are the clouds. we've seen them just about all day today. the jet stream coming right across our region. to the north, much colder. to the south, much warmer. we're right in the middle of the cold and the warm air. state college, 20. richmond,
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tomorrow 43 degrees the temperature. mostly cloudy, rather chilly. a little bit of a breeze so that windchill tomorrow will stay in the 30s. i want to take you hour by hour with the windchill. by around the morning hours, 9:00 a.m., notice 27 windchill d.c. 19 in martinsburg. around 4:00, still in the 20s to the north and west. so a very cold day tomorrow for sure because of that wind as you move on out and about. tomorrow night, friday night, a lot of people getting out. maybe it's date night for you. 17 in leesburg, 23 in manassas, 28 gaithersburg. low teens early on saturday morning. saturday will be a cold day. windchills in the 20s to low 30s throughout most of the afternoon. now, speaking of the rest of the weekend here, we see high temperature tomorrow of 43. only 39 on saturday. that's the coldest day we've got. 47 on sunday. sunday we've prey
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taken out any chances of rain or snow on sunday. last week at this time it was looking like it could be our first snowstorm of the season. that's not going to happen. a very weak system, most of it stays to the north. no road issues and you may not see anything at all. if you're having a party, going to a party, you're going to be a-okay. then we get to that big storm tuesday and wednesday. a pretty big rainmaker. also bumping those temperatures way up in the middle of next week. local paramedics tell us they're facing a crisis. i'm mark segraves. coming up on news4, the life-saving drug they say may be getting too expensive to keep on hand. >> reporter: tom sherwood in downtown washington at the king library. it's been open since 1972. next month it closes for a three-year massive renovation. i'll have the story
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number of eye injuries in children due to those liquid laundry pods. >> what you can do to keep kids safe as the industry takes steps to reduce those injuries.
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a mtg
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trying to make sure women in our area are heart healthy. first fallout with the nation's struggle with opioid abuse. it's impacting our first responders. >> five pharmaceutical companies produce an anti-heroin overdose drug and all have high prices. some of those costs are more drastic than others. the twin pack has gone from $690 to 4,500 this year. and even the cost of the generic drug drhas doubled to nearly 15 bucks. more on how this is affecting first responders in our area. >> reporter: this is it right here. this is what paramedics, police officers carry with them every day. over the past years, the number of overs
5:30 pm
has quadrupled. when first responders go to the scene of those overdoses, they count on this antidote. as you pointed out, the cost of this drug is skyrocketing. >> we are in crisis. >> reporter: that crisis is the rising cost and time shortages of life saving drugs. one of those drugs is calls naloxon. first responders around the country are complaining as the need for the drug is increasing, the cost is skyrocketing. >> we used to pay about $20 a dose. we're now up into the $50 range. >> it is a significant public health concern. >> reporter: to keep up with demand and rising cost, fire departments have had to make cuts to other areas. >> just other programs, administrative programs, programs for training and other area. >> reporter: while fire departments and first responders around the country
5:31 pm
struggling with the cost, this isn't the only drug that the cost has done up. coming up at 6:00, we'll show you what other drugs and medications first responders are trying to struggle with to keep up with the pace of the cost, including one item that you would think would be easy to have on hand. the man suspected of groping women in the district appeared in court today. michael hilliard will undergo a mental competency exam. he has a lengthy criminal record, arrested more than 70 times. at least 20 were sex offenses. because a lot of the crimes were misdemeanors police tell us it's been difficult to keep him in jail. he was arrested last month for dpro allegedly groping a woman on 7th street in d.c. a teenager has been arrested for allegedly killing a man at a gas station in district heights. steven robins
5:32 pm
shooting. police tell us he walked into the gas station on walters lane here and filed one shot killing carrington daye junior. an important tweet from fairfax county police today. they need help finding a black pickup truck seen in the mason neck area around the time an 83-year-old man was shot and killed last march. the murder shocked neighb eed n that quiet community. nearly a year later, no suspect, no motive, no arrests. virginia democrats are trying to protect and expand women's healthcare during this legislative term. today, a bill sponsored by a delegate from fairfax county moved out of committee and will be heard on the house floor. the birth control access act allows women to obtain a full year's supply of contraceptives all at once. on the other side of the issue, anti-abortion advocates have two bills they
5:33 pm
they include cutting funding to planned parenthood and banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and in the district, big changes ahead for the martin luther king, jr. library downtown. that building is known for its architectural design but it's in desperate need of repair and updating. as tom sherwood reports, the district is about to spend more than $200 million to bring its central library into the 21st century. >> reporter: the 1972 great hall murm se mural will be saved. the famous research room will be boxed up. and the iconic exterior will be preserved. but after a decade of discussion, the 400,000 square foot central library interior with dark corners and spaces basically will be gutted to make way for a
5:34 pm
century library to attract patrons and host community events. >> regardless of what ward you come from, this building belongs to you. >> reporter: the library clearly has seen better days. do you use it a lot? >> i don't use it as much as i used to years ago. >> a lot of people have gotten to know me and we're like family. >> reporter: she and 300 other employees will be reassigned to temporary spaces and other branches for three years. >> i should be coming back here once we open back to the public. >> reporter: 30-year employee bill gibson says the central library still has a real need. >> a very important function of the library is to try to even the score. we have so much inequality in the society now. >> reporter: the reconstruction is to cost about $200 million.
5:35 pm
will pay refunds to nearly 1,000 customers after settling with the attorney general and the consumer financial protection bureau. the state's ag says woodbridge gold and pawn did not tell customers the actual cost of their loans and charged interest and fees beyond those permitted by the virginia pawnbrokers statut statutes. if you received a lonan, contac them about a settlement. a ninth greatate grader is t in a competition all about saving money. >> with the structured plan on ways you can save, like collecting all the loose change you find, eliminating impulse buys. >> we first told you about dylan fox in december. now he's a top five national finalist in the
5:36 pm
banker's association. this makes him eligible to compete for a savers choice award by getting the most votes on facebook. >> the results of this contest are left entirely up to the savers, you guys. i need your help. >> if you want to see dylan's winning video, his appeal for votes, search money in the nbc washington app. that kid's going places. >> his indeed. he's doing it. it has been a challenging year for macy's. >> the department store is closing locations and its ceo is out of there. what all this news means for the iconic brand and the surprising company that could be its savior. recognizing heart health month. a woman who went into cardiac arrest at the at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas.
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equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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macy's store, shopping around for a buyer. the iconic department store chain add dhad disappointing ho sales. the ceo has stepped down and is willing to place the retailer in the hands of a new owner. it's now possible that ross could buy macy's next year. booze developed by our country's first president will become virginia's state spirit. state senator adam evan
5:40 pm
president george washington's rye whiskey to get the special designati designation. the whiskey is based on washington's very own personal recipe. the bill has passed the senate is now in the hand of the house of delegates. we could see an earlier last call at bars and restaurants in virginia if some lawmakers have their way. a new measure would ban liquor sales at restaurants after a kitchen closes for the night. house committee members are reviewing the bill after it past pass -- passed in the senate. they're one of the nba's hottest teams. tonight they try to keep the streak going. >> reporter: the american heart association says one in
5:41 pm
disease. today on news4 at 5:00, one young women's story of surviving cardiac arrest at the age of 23 and her very important message. and with the sunset about ten minutes ago, the winds are starting to come down across the area. but we're in for a cold night and a chilly day tomorrow. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event,
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if you're just joining us, you missed a story only on news4. more than 70 prince george's county police officers have filed a discrimination complaint now against the police department. the officers say the police department discriminated against and denied promotions to minority officers. the county's police chief says they'll convene a panel to look into the issue. police in montgomery county have four men in custody after an attempted robbery at a cvs in silver spring. a short time ago we learned that the fbi is looking into this case and it could be linked to more than two dozen similar robberies in maryland. local first responders are concerned about the skyrocketing costs of the life-saving drug that naloxone. paramedics are having to find other ways to make up that gap. the rising costs come at a time
5:45 pm
increasing. february is women's heart health month. heart disease and stroke cause one in three deaths among women every year, more than all cancers combined. >> star mursas she felt relief after her cardiac arrest because that's when she finally got some answers. but that delay in finding out what was wrong and in getting treatment has had severe effects. now star is telling anyone who will listen how important it is to listen to your heart. growing up, star knew something wasn't right. >> i would faint, i would pass out. oh, she just didn't have enough to eat. >> star was young, the picture of good
5:46 pm
but something wasn't wrong. >> i would get this constant ticking in my chest. i remember watching my first customer walk in through the door up to my teller window and that's about it. that's about the last thing i remember. >> star was in cardiac arrest at the age of 23. >> i woke up and already had the pacemaker and defibulator implanted. >> star needs the defivice for e rest of her life. she was diagnosed with long qt syndrome. star wants her story to help other women. she's one of the faces of a new campaign to knock out heart disease. women heart, the nation coalition for women with heart disease started the campaign. they're offering free heart health screenings friday. >> it's important to get your blood pressure checked, to know
5:47 pm
checked and get a look at your cholestero cholesterol. >> get screened, know your body, trust yourself and your heart. >> women heart's night out to knock out heart disease is tomorrow from 5:00 to 8:00 at burrling on t linlin burlington. tomorrow is national wear red day to support the american heart association's go red for women. i decided to wear red today to meet up with star. i was so impressed by her and i think she'll have such an impact. >> what an ambassador. never too young to monitor all those things. >> that is the message. >> thank you. progress is being made in reducing the number of new hiv cases in women, especially when it comes to
5:48 pm
women. those findings from researchers at the cdc, hiv diagnosis rates in black women dropped 42%. but black women were still about 16 times more likely to get a positive hiv diagnosis than white women. the study says the program should focus on increasing testing among african-american women and making sure everyone has access to care and treatment. the number of eye injuries linked to liquid laundry packets in children. children popping them and getting the liquid in their eyes leading to chemical burns. >> the number of eye injuries in children increased significantly from almost none to almost 500 per year. >> the american cleaning
5:49 pm
institute said, manufacturers of liquid laundry detergent pacts are very committed to reducing the number of incidents with these products. if a child's eye is exposed, doctors say run their eye under cool water for at least 20 minutes. how you get a 3 or 4-year-old to do that, i don't know. the verizon center is the place to be these days. the wizards hoping to make it sweet 16 in a row at home tonight. sherree burruss is live. >> reporter: what a year it has been. in 2017 the capitals and wizards are undefeated in this building. the wizards are in the middle of a four game home stand. they've already won 15 straight here. in the last 24 hours the capitals won their eighth straight in building. the wizards take on the lakers tonight. as great as january has been at the verizon center, february has the makes to be just as g
5:50 pm
of their ten games this month at home. as for the caps, they play four of their next five games here in d.c. last night's win over boston kept the team undefeated at home since january 1. >> i turned on the tv a couple days ago and seen that we both had victories at home. but it was a great thing for d.c., for the city. we should make a battle to see who could last the longest. >> reporter: is there something in the water here? >> i knew they were doing well. but it's good to take care of home court. a couple of players went to the game last night. i guess they gave a little bit -- >> we haven't had a lot of success at home so it's great to be able to have a season where things have turned around. but we still have a lot to accompli accomplish. but you know if we can continue this streak, that would be at
5:51 pm
>> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, the kcaps and the wizards not the only team looking to make a push for the champion. the move the mystics made today, coming up. amelia is here with more about our weather forecast. we've got colder air coming in tonight. >> yeah. tonight we're going to be in the 20s, here in washington around 30. cool tomorrow, plenty of clouds and then a sold saturdacold sat. the weekend is a 50-50 split. saturday is plenty of sunshine. it's cold, though, most of us only in the 30s. sunday we warm up but more clouds in the forecast. the great news, the weekend both days looking dry, saturday and sunday. not the case on tuesday and wednesday. rain is looking fairly likely both days. we could see
5:52 pm
across the area. we should be okay as far as flooding goes, something we'll continue to monitor. winds still blustery in spots out there. it's feeling about 5-10 degrees cooler when you factor in the wind. it's just cold out there. right now it's feeling about 32 in gaithersburg, 37 in frederick and 43 in culpepper. tomorrow the weather having a pretty low impact on your friday. good news there as we close out the workweek. the morning and oveni ievening looking good. recess for the kids, they want their warm jacket. exercise, it's chilly. i kind of feel like a broken record but this is the point in winter that we're in. we have under one month of
5:53 pm
we start off the day around 30 degrees. that's in the district. the suburbs are going to be in the 20s. plenty of clouds around throughout the day. our high tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., 43 degrees. as we look to the weekend, again, it's dry both days but still on the cold side, especially saturday. but sunday you can definitely go for the jog, maybe even take the bike out. if you're going skiing, it's looking great for that. heading to the super bowl parties on sunday, no travel issues. we were talking about the potential for rain and snow. that system now, no impact on our area. next week we continue to warm. take a look here at the numbers. sunday, 47. monday, 52. we're near 60 degrees on tuesday. unfortunately we really can't oy
5:54 pm
still showers around on wednesday and low 60s. after that as the rain moves out, the temperature's plummet. 40 on thursday and only 36 on friday. we're going to go down, go up and then go back down toward the end of next week. >> if only some of that rain could be snow. coming up, a step forward for an eisenhower merial in tmohe
5:55 pm
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a major hurdle cleared in the effort to construct a memorial to president dwight d.izd. i eisenhower. the project is located on a four acre site across from the air and space museum near our national mall. the group building the memorial hopes to dedicate it on the 75th anniversary of d-day, which is june 6th, 2019. now to the cleanup after chaos on the campus of uc berkeley. peaceful protests erupted into violence ahead of a speech by a senior editor with breitbart. the clashes even had the president threatening to pull federal fund. >> we don't stand for that. we don't want to get mixed up with the few bad apples. we really do
5:58 pm
speech. this is the home of free speech. we want to show everyone what we really do stand for. >> reporter: some cal students don't think they and their university is getting a fair shake. they point out that the administration intended to let milo yiannopoulos speak last night in spite of his controversial views that are considered racist and missole judge nis tick. until around 6:00 last night, they protested peacefully, when police say about 150 people who were not students arrived from off campus dressed in black, faces covered. police say they attacked officers with rocks, fireworks and molotov cocktails. broke windows, started fires and fights. in one frightening moments a car drove through a crowd of people forcing one person to hold on for dear life on the hood of that car. uc berkeley police cancelled
5:59 pm
lockdown. now at 6:00 tensions rising. >> the world is in trouble but we're going to straighten it out, okay? that's what i do. i fix things. >> tough talk from president trump directed at foreign leaders in iran, mexico and australia, one of our closest aa allie allies. tonight a closer look at the diplomatic challenges for the new secretary of state. >> we cannot let our personal convictions overwhelm our ability to work as one team. >> all this as the new administration takes a hard line approach during its first 100 days in office. news4 at 6:00 starts now. in australia, they're calling it phonegate. it's one of the reasons our new secretary of state may have the toughest job in washington. >> rex tillerson's first day started with news of president trump's combative phone call with one of
6:00 pm
allies. >> reporter: australia, russia, iran, a lot of things being thrown at rex tillerson on his very first day. gallup shows 47%, more than not think the president may be moving too fast on some of these issues. >> the world is in trouble but we're going to straighten it out, okay? >> reporter: president trump at the national prayer breakfast this morning with his new secretary of state welcomed for the first time by career diplomats. >> hi, i'm the new guy. >> reporter: he faces serious international challenges on day one. >> we cannot let our personal convictions overwhelm our ability to work as one team. >> reporter: the white house describing president trump as extremely upset with an obama administration deal that accepts hundreds of mostly muslim refugees rejected by australia. the president tweeted it's a dumb deal.


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