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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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right now at 6:00, bed bugs and other pests forcing a local elementary school to temporarily close its doors. we're live with when, and where students will attend classes. a local college student killed in pennsylvania. tonight we are learning more about his death and who police think is responsible. and after more than a week of antitrump protests, supporters of the president's immigration order are making their voices heard. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now. first at 6:00, answers for hundreds of families. good evening. thank you for joining us on the i'm erika gonzalez. you may remember savoy elementary school closed on friday because of rodents and bed bugs.
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darcy spencer is live in southeast with what families can expect. >> reporter: this is savoy elementary school here behind me here in southeast. we are not here from the metro station. on friday it was announced this school had to be shut down temporarily because of the infestation. we just got word late this afternoon that the students who attend this school will have to temporarily go to another school. and transportation will be provided to those students. now, take a look at the sign that's right here on the front door of the school saying health department advisers are available are available to conduct bed bug consultations for families here. there are reports from parents teachers and students that there are bed bugs in the building. and some people i have heard have bite marks. also there are reports of rats. the school will be closed monday and tuesday while there is a deep cleaning this faci.
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provided trappings to theraby hope elementary. more information will be provided by 3:00 on tuesday. let's hear from a member of the school board who represents this area. >> mr. the conversation i have had with parents and community leaders, they are saying that when these issues were reported earlier, around november and december, there was really nothing dramatic happening in the school. and i think you saw at a meeting like thursday where parents came in very frustrated. you saw that frustration bubble up, because they have been reporting it. and from what i hear the teachers have been reporting it and the school leadership had bn eereporting it. >> reporter: d.c. schools will continue to provide meals to students who attend this school. for more information go to our nbc washington app and search
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for you now. dominion power is reporting an outage that could affect all those super bowl parties going on right now. more than 3100 customers do not have power in northern virginia. most of the outages are in the boston and virginia -- ballston and virginia square areas of area. we are also hearing reports of people who lost comcast service. meanwhile a college student from rockville found dead after a fight with his fraternity brother. both of them students at university of indiana at pennsylvania and members of a fraternity. authorities say caleb died after allegedly being choked by his frat brother. this happened last night in a residential area off campus. >> the witness account is that the defendant was indeed choking the victim. >> okay. choke holdi.
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pulled off. >> steph know is being held on aggravated assault but more charges may be likely once the official cause of death is determined. the fraternity issued a statement second condolence's to cal caleb's family and they will continue to review with school and fraternity official. supporters rallying outside of trump tower in new york to show approval of the president's act during his first 1-days. they are particularly proud of mr. trump's picks for the supreme court. they are also behind his controversial immigration order. >> it's only a temporary solution until they fix certain policies. >> our country has the right to decide who comes in and who doesn't come in. and i think the president and the congress should decide that. >> students from columbia university at that rally. one of them saying the trump
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years of a democratic administration. a battle brewing in a federal appeals court about president trump's immigration order. now that a judge has blocked it, people are rushing to head back to the united states. meanwhile, the trump administration vowing to keep fighting, saying that it is for the safety of the country. nbc's jennifer johnson is watching all the fast-moving developments for us. >> reporter: taking advantage of a window of opportunity, travelers previously banned from entering the u.s. are happily arriving in american airports. this family from yum yemen finally united. >> all i wanted was to see my wife and my daughter. one of the greatest moments since i came to this country. >> reporter: this after a federal judge appointed by george w. bush halted the travel ban. the white house appealed the decision but lost? we are telling people to get here as soon as they can get here because every day there is a new development. >> reporter: as mara lago
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[ inaudible ] >> cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens, blame him. the justice department now has until monday afternoon to file its response with the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco to get the ban reinstated. >> we are very confident the president is operating within his authority as president both under constitution and under clear statutory law. >> reporter: many still support the president's ban. >> nobody hates muslims. we love muslims. and we just want to fix certain policies. >> reporter: the white house says it will not work with congress to hammer out a less controversial travel ban. some 60,000 visas that have been cancel ready now considered valid, allowing immigrants back in for now. the white house says it will keep fighting until the travel ban gets reinstate. even if that means taking this case all the way to the supreme court. in washington, jennifer johnson, news4. it's been nearly ten years since virginia ste
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have seen a raise this big. we will break down the proposed pay hike and tell you which workers can expect even moore money. and a dangerous night for local police after a suspect rammed their car into a police cruiser. find out what happened next. balmy and beautiful sunday afternoon. even warmer weather is on the way. a look at thatnd y aou
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officers shot at a car after it smashed into a police cruiser. police say the person inside tried to run down an officer. that happened late last night in the area of taylor and 51st streets. officers responding to reports of car vandalism in that area when one of their squad cars was hit by another car that was trying get away. and that's when we understand the officers fired at that car as it was driving away. not sure if anybody was hit. the police later found the car that matched the description of the suspects car torched in northeast d.c. in prince william county police are investigating the discovery of unidentified human remains in woodbridge. this is a map of where the remains were found yesterday afternoon in an wooded area of marcel lane and voter's cove place. they say the body was taken to
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for further examinationnd>> vir could be on the verge of their biggest overall raise in nearly a decade. the gop controlled general assembly released proposed budgets today that included a 3% raise for state workers and an even bigger raise for law enforcement officers and front line mental health officers. the budget also would increase state spending on public education and the governor says he wants to make sure teachersl get a pay hike as well. let's take a live look outside on the. warmer temperatures this afternoon, right? but a temperature drop? that's coming our way. our meteorologist has the timing. the investigation continues into a double shooting outside this establishment that
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never waver. ♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> announcer: you are watching news4 at 6:00. on the we are hearing from the grieving family of a woman killed during a night out in akita gray, shot in the parking lot of a bar in waldorf. her killer, still out there. her mom talking to derrick ward about the moment that she got that terrible news. >> everybody was calling and screaming and everything. i was home relaxing. and it was late. and i said okay. >> reporter: that call, a parent's dread. the news that a child was
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killed early saturday outside this sports bar. her cousin wounded in the same incident. her mother says it started out as a night of fun. >> she goes out with her cousin. they are always together and with her boyfriend. they were all out promoting her boyfriend and her cousin. >> reporter: her boyfriend was djing at the bar. her cousin an aspiring rapper. she says the boyfriend had been robbed beatened and bloodied inside the bar's bathroom and they were trying to leave and had gotten just outside. >> that's when they said somebody has yelling they got a gun, they are shooting. >> reporter: she was pronounced sometime later at the hospital and a light had gone out for this family. >> can't say anything negative about her. as a little sister they gettan your nerves but they love them. >> people taking young lives. the affect it has on
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>> reporter:t it happened on a busy night at the bar. the shooter got away. the family is hoping someone saw something or a camera saw something, something that will make a difference for a lung life taken. >> any man can pull a trigger. it takes a real man to admit that he did. turn yourself in, man. dark ward news4. want to go to a developing story out of arlington. ballston common mall closed. police and fire called out to investigate smoke. they didn't find fire. they believe a generator is to blame. they got the call at 4:00 this afternoon but that mall is closed right now. it is a dream come true, george abbott won a new car, hyundai at the d.c. auto show. look at his face. he outlasted the other contestants in the hands on challenge for five nights and six days. contestants had to stay
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almost constant physical contact with that car. we should note here that abbott suffers from an eye condition that will eventually he says keep him from driving. but before then he is going to take that new car on a cross country road trip with his dad and his best friend then he says he is going to give it to his friend. >> i can't believe, i haven't won anything like this in my life. i want use it to help somebody. that's the best part. >> reporter: he started going to the d.c. auto show with his dad in the '90s. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> what a dreamy sunday afternoon we had. now the fading light now on the western horizon is getting a little bit darker. but we are getting our sunsets a little bit later. our sunset today was at 5:35. since then temperatures dropped back out of the 50s down into the 40s in most locations. reagan national is now at 51. mid 40s around the bay. storm team
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sky. no rain, no snow anywhere in the vin. a great travel evening going to parties. going to parties and getting back home shouldn't have any travel beside pro. look for the or eye on constellation in the night sky. stai star gays when you are out. took that picture a couple of nights agoout in month county of the orion constellation. in the evening hours, staying clear, temperatures in the low 40s in the metro area by 11:00. 30s in many of the suburbs by then. low 30s by dawn on monday with a clear start tomorrow morning. cloeld cold and dry. quickly warming. by 11:00 a.m. in the mid 40s. a dry commute. dealing with sun in the morning and 234 the afternoon. dry roads. temperatures up around 50 degrees. heading home on monday will be in the low 50s during the afternoon.
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but then even warmer weather moves in on tuesday. we ought to be climbing into the low and mid 60s. now, the record high in washington on tuesday, 64. set on that date back in 2008. we may actually tie that record or may exceed it by a degree or so a. lot of clouds around during the day and sprinkles of light rain are likely off and on during the day tuesday. they should entuesday night and very early wednesday morning. another chance of rain coming in on wednesday night after another mild day on wednesday. highs up into the low 60s. after a few rain showers on wednesday night it coates gets colder. 30s in the morning, afternoon highs on thursday just the low 40s. cold end to the week. 20s on friday. and next weekend it gets mild again. low 50s on saturday. the following sunday, a week from today we main criming into the mid to upper 60s. and then
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following week still fairly mild with highs in the 50s. what's missing? snow. >> i would say that again. we are talking 67? unbelievable. tom, thank you. still ahead, a super sunday for the capitals as they puttan a clinic at home. are you getting this? these numbers are off the charts... sir! what's the status? there's a meteor hurtling towards earth. how long until impact? less than a minute. what do you want to do, sir? listen carefully... if we all switch to geico we could save 15% or more on car insurance. i like the sound of that. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. okay. so wizards doing good. now the capitals doing great. the winning streak alive. the water is still goodat the verizon center for the washington teams. today the wins over the kings marks the ninth straight for the capitals. so they now have 21 home victories this season. fans are used to seeing a high powered caps offense. five different players contributed in the win. but goal tending was exceptional. tonight alec ovechkin honored by the capitals and fans before the game, presented with a golden stick to commemorate his 1 thousandths career point. mom dad and wife on hand for the celebration. through the game, first period, caps up 1-0. marcus johansson fires and scores. he takes a 2-0 lead.
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grew bauer in the net having a great sunday. marion grab neck out in front. gruby shuts him down. one of 38 saves on the day for grew bauer. a great showing for caps' back up goalie. oshie for the one timer. oshie's shot hits the water bottle spilling all over the place. grew bauer gets the shutout. capitals win 5-0. seventh straight home win scoring five or more goals for the caps. >> once you are feeling it, you just -- you independent could have just ride that feeling, ride that wave. i think everybody once they are on the ice they think they can score a goal right now. they are kicking on all cylinders and we are having fun. >> i think it is competitiveness in the whole group. no one is satisfied. we want to keep going. want to show we are a great team. >> we have got a bunch of confident guys in here. i think a
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scoring and a lot of guys are playing oat their -- near the tp of their game. it's fun. >> leading the team is john wall and bradley beal. they say they have the best back court in the league despite believes the two don't get along. i asked wall about his relationship with beale. this is what he had to say. >> he is like my little brother. we understand with a we do. i wouldn't be john wall without bradley beal and he wouldn't be hisself without me. we are understanding each other out on the court. he is healthy he has proven why he earned his money. proven that he earned his money. and the reason why we are having a good season, we are both healthy. what other people say don't matter. we are not worried about it. we don't focus on that. we just go out there and play basketball. >> on sports final
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turnaround and winning at home. coming up also, one player from the home hockey team, the american hero's hockey challenge -- two local teams, excuse me. check it out tonight on sports final how they are honoring veterans. john wall's former teammate paul pierce and the clippers visiting the celtics. playing his final game in boston today. he is retiring at the end of the season. how fitting. final seconds of this game pierce at the top of the key for three. he knocks it down. standing ovation from celtics fans. 18 years to the day pierce made his debut in boston. but the celtics win it 107-102. the maryland women's basketball team has never lost to indiana. today was the fourth matchup of all time between the two teams. the terrapins team looking for energy, evidence, execution for success. erica -- she writes that fourth e when we get ready in the make up run.
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the start. jones for two of her 17. terps up 46-27 at the half. everything going maryland's way. seconds left from 3/4 court. maryland cruises with a 92-56 win. terps improve improve to 26-1 this season. the best start in school's history. >> george mason women also in action against due cane. second quarter. tied at 23. alexa a spin move and gets the bucket and the foul. 14 points for her. mason takes the lead. due cane too much for mason. a three. 15-0 run ends it. they go on to win 76-57. >> didn't want to share all of your secrets now they know. we want to go back to the breaking news at the at the top of the broadcast. dominion power
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than 3100 customers without power. mostly in the area of ballston and virginia square. we are also getting reports of people who lost comcast service. not fun for people trying to get ready for the big game. we are contacting the company right now trying to get more information on this for you. that wraps it up for us tonight. we'll see you again tonight for news4 at 11:00. until then, good night, everybody.
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. on this sunday night, immigration war. president trump lashes out again at the federal judge who blocked his travel ban saying he put our country in peril. more travelers seize the opening. finally making it to this country. collision course increasingly harsh rhetoric between iran and the united states. will a war of words turn into something worse? tonight we're in iran with a view from there. screen danger. a new warning about what all that screen time is doing to our eyes, especially in children. and the damage may be permanent. and game on. the pride of one small town in the super bowl sending not one but two players on opposing teams to the big


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