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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we are in weather alert mode because these winds are in the dangerous range. they've gusted over 70-mile-per-hour at times and gusts are easily going to be able to reach 40 to 50 miles per hour. the atmosphere mixes up a little more and we could have gusts over 60 miles per hour later. in addition to the howling wind outsi outside, a couple of snow flakes, they won't be able to accumulate, but temperature wise mid to upper 30s to around 40 degrees so it is windy and cold outside. windchill at the national airport now, it's got the feels like factors back down into the upper 20s. so if you're going to be like my colleague sheena parveen and go outside, remember to layer up. >> i don't even care what my hair looks like anymore. it is so windy, it's blowing from all directions. keep in mind as you're walking in between buildings that wind could get stronger as the wind goes in between those buildings, it does tend t
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wind gusts 32 miles per hour in the district. 28 degrees leesburg. 38-mile-per-hour wind gusts in camp springs but keep in mind the winds are going to get higher as we go through the day today. gusts near 60-mile-per-hour possible this afternoon. this is damage to trees and power lines like we've already been seeing. crystal clear skies out here. i can see the moon bright and clear so it's going to be a dry day, but other than that, the wind going to be the main concern which is we have a weather alert day speaking of the wind and the wind causing some driving problems this morning. >> taking a look right now at a couple of problems around town. lots of downed trees, lots of downed wires. we have the full list for you. we're tweeting constantly from@first 4 traffic. we'll have a live report in just a minute. downed wires with all lanes blocked. as we look up here top of the beltway, some of our main roads are just fine. most ofur
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northbound blocked and southbound now open. all right. thank you. it's 5:02 and those power outages are causing very real dangers out on the roads. check out this video from arlington. high winds took out a power line there sparking a fire. we have storm team coverage for you this morning. if you're waking up on northern virginia and can see us on tv you're one of the lucky ones because power was knocked out to thousands there especially in fairfax county. >> we're live in mcclain with a look at why there are so many outages in that area. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning to you. there is a v dot crew here on the scene. we are waiting on a dominion virginia power crew to get here to address the power, to shut it off safely so that the v dot crew can address the pole.
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down. there are some branches hanging on top or laying on top of the branches there. there is the light right there, you can see there is nothing happening and this whole stretch of road here at great falls and hunting avenue, great falls street and hunting avenue shut down. we are in a residential neighborhood. no power in this area. i'm not sure how many people are impacted by this particular tree and power line problem here in this part of town, we're still working on that information for you. we're live here this morning in mcclain. back to you. >> thank you, mollet. >> and a lot of people in the dark. >> that's right. here's the breakdown for you. dominion customers, 17,600 in northern virginia without power. novec customers a little more
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than 4,000 out there. pepco not that many. you can see a little more than 1,000 and over in maryland, first energy a similar number, about 1,500 in the dark. bge 571 outages. now back to you. adding to the danger of the high winds that are knocking down trees on to roads and yards. take a look at this scene here. it is going to take a while to clean up this mess in germantown where part of a tree crashed on to a car. look at the damage. justin finch is staying on top of the issues. we'll check in with him in just about ten minutes. one of the most helpful things to have is the washington app. we'll give you the latest things happening on the roads and the latest forecast so you can stay ahead. we are dealing with wind right now. snow though again is the problem in multiple states. new york is under a winter storm
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supposed to fall there. and boston, more snow, two feet. they're dealing with blizzard conditions and schools are closed again. emergency officials asked people to clear off fire hydrants in case of a fire. let's go back to an gie at the live desk. >> right now in northern california officials saying there is no more water overflowing that emergency spillway so that is good. this is at one of the nation's biggest dams but still, the number asked to evacuate this area is growing. at least 130,000 people in downstream areas have been told to leave. saying the dam could fail at any time. the national guard is on stand by to help. it is the first time in this dam's 50-year history that something like this has happened. the sheriff will hold another news conference this morning to update everyone on the curre
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>> all right. thank you. now to president trump's first 100 days where today he will meet with canadian prime minister. they're expected to discuss common interests like jobs, economic growth and trade, but they're also expected to talk about things they disagree on like immigration and refugee policies. >> president trump is taking credit for what he calls a crackdown on illegal criminals. this is in response to a number of immigration and customs enforcement raids across the country. after reports of possible ice arrests in alexandria, a democratic state senator says some immigrants are afraid to go to church and school. over the weekend members of casa went door to door to make sure immigrants knew their rights. >> the first one is you don't have to open the door when the police or ice officers come to your house. you don't have to open the door. you don't have to sign up anything. you can remain silent. >> ice say it is majority of those arrested in raids across
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convictions. the president is facing one of his first big international tests this morning after north korea's latest missile launch. edward lawrence will have the latest on the trump administration's reaction. that's in our next half hour. >> the search is underway to find this missing teenager from d.c. take a look at this picture. this is 14-year-old miguel escobar and he's been missing since wednesday. miguel was last seen on holobrook terrace wearing a black sweater, khaki pants and red and black shoes. we'll post picture on our facebook so you can share it there. safe track is back. it's the first weekday commuters will have to deal with no blue line service until february 28. it will be shut down between the rosland and pentagon stations. yellow line rush plus trains
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franconia, springfield and green belt. those will also run between mount vernon square and huntington. you will have to wait about 8 minutes to catch a green line train. adele just made grammy history. she took home the three top awards last night. album, record and song of the year. >> but what makes that an even bigger deal, this is the second time she's done this. no other artist has done this twice and she's all of 27. during her acceptance -- she's that old. she thanked beyonce more than once for being an inspiration to her. >> my idol is queen b and i adore you and i am -- you move my soul every single day and you have done for nearly 17 years. >> adele talking to -- i mean, it's just too much. it's too much greatness r
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so adele, tribute to george michael is what everyone's talking about because she had to stop the song after a technical issue and she apologized over and over again in the only adele way. >> beyonce also performed two songs and her daughter blue ivy just adorable as always. did you see her prince tribute, her outfit? >> no. >> oh, my gosh, you've got to check oit out. let's check a check on the wild weather we've ear seeing this morning. >> a lot of tired people at work this morning. >> or people showing up late because it knocks the power out of the alarm clock. fortunately your smart phone should be at least charged enough to get the alarm to work, but powerful winds are going to be a real issue not just for this morning but all the way into the afternoon hours as well. when i see you in a few more
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minutes i'll also start talking most importantly about the weekend. back in a few more minutes with a check on that. >> a large limb comes crashing down in montgomery county in the wake of those high winds overnight. a love report coming up next. and breaking news just coming in from the district this morning. a seth investigation underway. what we're learning about where the bodyas wfo
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weather alert day around here because of the wind. >>
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about what we can expect. we have to hold on to our hats. >> hold on to your hats. your hair is going to get messed up. 35 and these winds are going to be increasing as we go through the day today. as far as your commute this morning we're going to be dry, we'll be dry around lunchtime and for the evening commute, but keep in mind the wind, you might even feel it as you're steering trying to jerk your car a little bit. temperatures in the upper 40s by this afternoon. but winds gusting near 40 miles an hour. let's check the roadways. >> wind is giving me a headache this morning. downed trees, downed limbs, everything being tweeted. we can only cover a portion of it here. in northwest, just spoke with police. wyoming avenue, we do have a downed tree here this morning so wanted to let you know about that one. all lanes blocked there with wires
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of chain bridge road, that wire still down and a couple more problems in northern virginia. much more coming up. montgomery county is one of the places where debris is causing big problems this morning. >> justin finch joining us live from germantown with more on that. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. big debris and big problems right here on the 19,300 block here. this large limb appear to have snapped off from this tree. you can see the break right there. itlso dragged down a second large limb just behind it right there, also struck a second tree about four parking spaces back. as a result it has blocked the entrances of two town homes throughout here. also collapsed on to two vehicles, a pickup truck and a toyota sedan. fire crews will be out here to clear the main roadway out here but you can see the sheer largeness and damage this limb has c
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the front door of 19351. the people in that home should be able to get out through the back. possibly later on through the front door here. the relief out here as we are seeing that power is on it appears, everyone does have that, but as a result we have two homes right here that have compromised entrances this morning. these whipping winds are continuing out here and there are several other large trees out here and there is high concern this could happen again, not so largely but more limbs could break as well. you will see that throughout the morning. back in to you. >> thank you. 5:15 right now. we want to see how the storm is impacting your neighborhoods this morning as well. take a picture or video. you can tweet it to us, make sure to include the location and do it safely. all right. it's now 5:15. angie is at the live desk following a shooting. >> this was a
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surrounding the situation, but we know this happened around 10:30 last night. investigators and forensics teams on the scene right here right near the ferebee hope recreation center in southeast d.c. as i mentioned an investigation still underway and we continue to follow up. and we will bring you more information shortly. stay with news 4. back to you. a towson basketball player was injured in a drive by shooting this weekend. he was shot outside of his home in philadelphia saturday. that's according to the school. davis was in philadelphia for a game. in a statement towson university said david stayed in the city overnight for the dedication of the birth of his son. he was treated at the hospital and released. it is unclear when davis will return to court. nearly three months after a boating incident crews have reco
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fisherman. the boat sank in november but today his body washed ashore 63 miles away on the virginia shoreline. that's according to natural resources police. he was on a boat with three other fishermen when it went under. only one man survived. if you have kids, their safety in the car is very important. we know that. a new study says when children or teens are killed on the road it is often linked to alcohol. researchers looked at 85,000 deadly crashes where someone 21 or younger died. they say half involved a driver that had some alcohol in their system. in just under a third the driver was legally drunk. almost half of young people who died were passengers in those cars. well, chances are you probably know someone who has been misdiagnose moesed by a doctor. the institute of medicine says it happens millions of times every year. now a doctor has created
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diagnostic process accurate. the app allows doctors to put in every piece of information about a patient to come up with a specific answer. >> so these tools are developed to allow your doctor to search by the patient's symptoms and that's very, very different than the approach of looking up in a book or looking up on a website information by the diagnosis. >> the app is only for doctors, but visual dx is working on a different app that you could use at home. well, if you are looking for love this valentine's day, you might want to hit the slopes. if you head to the wintergreen resort in virginia you can spend some time at their powder of love event. if you're already paired up you can jump on to a speed dating ski lift to meet that perfect match. speed dating on a ski lift? >> you can't get
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>> well, okay. fair enough. it's just a ride and it gives you a little chance -- >> you have to chat and if you like each other you can ski together and if not, go your separate ways. >> it may make you jump. >> i need somebody on the bunny slope. >> don't jump off the ski lift. >> that's terrible advice. >> never been on one, never going to be on one. i'm good. >> we have been dealing with crazy amounts of wind around here for the last i'd say 12 to 18 hours or so. peak gusts so far 65 miles per hour. dulles airport 58 miles per hour and bwi marshall, a 50-mile-per-hour gust. high wind warnings. that's this bright orange shading. that continues all the way through 6:00 this evening so we could still see more gusts up in that 60-mile-per-hour range. so weather impacts then for this morning problematic indeed. dangerous winds out there. if you see any po
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treat them as though they are a live wire and stay away. avoid downed power lines at all. by this evening just inconveniently breezy and by tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and temperatures back up to near average but the weekend preview if you're wondering about that, both saturday and sunday look dry. saturday back into the upper 50s. could be in the 60s by sunday. like we always say, a picture is worth a thousand words and here's your picture for today. hold on to those hats and hairpieces today. the issue will be those power house winds which will be with us for the remainder of the day. work and school week forecast, 40s and windy today. 50s tomorrow. slight chance for a quick little shower early on wednesday. most of that wednesday rain chance will be southbound toward southern maryland in fredericksburg and drying out for thursday and friday. sheena is back in a few more minutes talking about how long these winds will be with us. for now it is time for melissa mollet, good morning to you. >> so right now,
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we're live great falls street south of chain bridge road. they're working on those downed wires right now but a section of that roadway is shut down. southbound 123 before burke center parkway, a large branch blocking the right lane right now. a come other issues including one in upper marlboro coming up. all right. bye bye baobao.
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we are paying it forward this week. this is our random acts of kindness week. we want to hear the ways that
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you've spread kindness in your communities. even writing a thank you note or buying somebody lunch. you can share your stories on the nbc washington facebook page. you can see what melissa and sheena did. they were out with a special group of teachers. >> and kindness is contagious. >> you do for me, i do for you, you do for other people. >> i know you want to know about this. time is running out to see bao bao. eight more days before bao bao leaves the international zoo. eight days. she will move thousands of miles away to her new home in china. friends of the national zoo kicked off the first of several farewell parties. one on saturday for the not so little panda anymore. >> grown. >> three and a half and she has to go for a conservation program in china. >> well, bao bao's going back to become part of the breeding pool to make sure that we have enough
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pandas can thrive in the future. there's so few pandas left that every single panda is important and her genes will be represented down for hopefully hundreds of years. >> it's a good reason. she may be a mommy herself some day. >> you can join in some of the festivities by watching the panda cam online. her keepers give her a treat twice a day. 10:00 a.m. and 1:30. so if you check out panda cam you can see all the cuteness. well, it is the homework assignment that has a lot of parents upset. the question on second graders' assignment they say is unacceptable. >> and safe at home, the family of a missing teen and her infant son relieved this morning after the pair went missing for nearly a month. and it is a weather alert day. i'm sure you know why. you heard the winds overnight just howling and they're still like that now. expect them to be near
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those are damaging winds. we'll talk about that and i'll show you wha thet
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good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:30 right now. if you have small children might i suggest a rope today because the wind -- you just got to hold on. whatever you need to
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>> now we know why he doesn't have kids. >> you see people with a harness they put kids in sometimes? i'm just saying, hold on tight. >> a leash. >> whatever it is. >> or the rocks in the pockets always works. >> it's windy is my point. >> a tiedown, anything to see cure the children. that's what this is all about. it is a crazy amount of wind we're dealing with and number one thing, watch out. don't ever touch a downed power line. >> we have downed trees, downed power lines out there and i was saying earlier it's a good thing a lot of the trees don't have leaves because then they would be more of a fan to catch the wind and i think we would see probably three to four times the downed trees right now. winds are gusting near 40 miles per hour. later on this afternoon we're talking about 60. leesbu leesburg, 33-mile-per-hour wind gusts.
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wind gusts are expected to increase. we have the high wind warning around the district and points to the east and to the north, winds gusting near 60 miles an hour today. damage possible to trees and power lines. we've already been telling you about it this morning and we do expect there to be more. take a look at the planner through the day today. sunny skies but throughout the day those winds will be dangerous. highs in the upper 40z. let's check the roadways and some issues out there because of the winds. >> so outbound canal road. a downed tree with just the left lane getting by. wyoming avenue at connecticut avenue, again in northwest, still have that downed tree blocking some lanes as well. and upper marlboro, all lanes blocked with wires down. live look at 95 at 123, everything looking good. on the beltway the main roads right now, no major problems. all right. thank you.
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we have team coverage of the problems the wind is causing. poirf powerful gusts took down trees and power lines. that shut down power to thousands in fairfax county. >> we're live on the scene now. what one of those downed power lines and this is causing some problems. >> reporter: absolutely. no power on this residential street and in fact, several blocks for as far as we can see in the dark here. you can see there is some action down the way here. we are at great false street and hunting avenue. just take a look. you can see the wires sagging. str tree branches on top of it and there is a power pole also caught up in all of that mess there. virginia's department of transportation on the scene. they will work with of course dominion virginia power to try to get all of this fixed. this northern virginia vabd hit very hard by those dangerous winds overnight ande'
5:33 am
take before the folks in this community get the lights back on. that is the latest live from mcclain. back to you. thank you. that wind is also causing problems around our region. as weave be've been saying, of power outages. >> we begin in virginia where we are seeing improvement since our last report for dominion customers. now it's about 16,843 homes without power. mostly in the fairfax and arlington areas. novec outages are at 3,700 or actually 3,700 i should say. many of the homes there, prince william county, stafford and loudoun, pepco numbers stand at 1,159 in the dark right now and in maryland and west virginia tracking those as well. first energy near 1,700 in the dark. bge has
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don't forget if you end up losing power sometime throughout the morning you can always stay up to speed on the latest and get updates on our nbc washington app. back to you. and alert from the nbc washington app as angie mentioned, great resource to have today. power outages, you can get the updates on the forecast as well throughout the day on our app. 5:34 now. an autopsy will be done today on human remains found in springfield. they discovered a woman's remains on saturday. detectives don't think there is any threat to the public safety for this. a missing teen mother and her baby are finally back home safe after a month long search. they showed up at their springfield home late saturday night. police were worried the pair was in danger. they're still looking for the baby's father.
5:35 am
mother and baby were for the past few weeks. it could take more than a week to fix a massive raw sewage spill in maryland. a pipeline broke last thursday sending more than 3 million gallons of waste water into the creek. crews set up a pump sewage into a holding basin. it is not affecting drinking water. mobile lounges have shuttled people around airports. in a report tonight, the i h-te uncover questions about the safety of your ride. >> reporter: when dulles international opened more than 50 years mobile lounge shuttles were a cutting edge feature used to shuttle passengers throughout the airport grounds. after a pair involving recent
5:36 am
incidents, they found 16 incidents or mishaps since 2007 including this crash in october when a lounge drove into a conduction zone. >> i flew forward like this and hit a pole that was in front of me. and bruised my forehead. had i not had my -- my luggage there i think i would have hurt myself considerably more. >> reporter: police reports reveal questions about blind spots, darkness and the speed of these vehicles and at least one deadly incident in 2012. the airport says the mobile lounges are the safest vehicles that operate in this airport area, but the family of one of the victims say those vehicles most certainly are not. our news 4 i-team investigation tonight on news 4 at 11:00. for now at dulles international, ne
5:37 am
bought during your trip to the grocery store this weekend. this morning it is on the recall list. the product you'll want to check for before you make lunch or dinner. you hear about passengers being removed from flights every so often but the pilot? what one pilot said that had people on board worried for their safety. >> and the wind is still whipping in our area. >> that's right. storm team 4 weather alert day. highly impactful amounts of wind to be dealing with this morning. trash can lids blowing all over the place. winds could kbgust up to 60-mile-per-hour befor
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take a look at the scene in montgomery county. this is after a night of strong wind. this is what things look like in germantown where a tree came crashing down overnight. >> check your refrigerators to see whether you might have to get rid of some cheese. sargento is recalling some of its products because they could be contaminated with listeria. specialty long horn colby cheese is being recalled but as a
5:41 am
sliced colby jack, sliced pepper jack and some shredded cheeses. for a full list head to our app and search sargento. a pilot on united airline flight gets booted. this happened just before takeoff on a flight from austin to san francisco. passengers say that pilot talked about her divorce, the election, and she wasn't even in uniform. >> the pilot is late, the captain is late and she shows up dressed like a civilian and asked us to take a vote whether she should change in her uniform or fly as is. >> united says the pilot was replaced immediately. and it is a windy day out there. i'm sure the wind kept you up last night gusting through the area and today winds could be
5:42 am
i'll show you what you can expect through the afternoon and when our next chance for rain is going to get here. that's straight ahead. >> and 270 southbound plus travel times coming up. >> and love it or hate it, it is that time. >> our consumer reporter has the tax tips you need to know before
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the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato
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from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. we have a school delay to tell you about. fairfax county public schools tweeting that due to power outages all fairfax county public schools will open two hours late. the school offices and central offices will open on time. so a two-hour delay because of the power outages in fairfax county. we continue our coverage on the storm team 4 weather alert day after strong winds overnight. check out this scene in fairfax county. this is a problem we're talking about here. >> this is what things
5:46 am
like in mcclain. the traffic lights were not working, we just -- as we noted about the schools they're delaying there, let's look at what things look like where you live. >> these are the current wind gusts in miles per hour that we've got across the region. winds gusting between 30 and 40-mile-per-hour now. they're likely to increase, so this morning we'll be dangerously windy. watch out for flying objects this morning and avoid downed power lines at all possible costs. ten-day forecast coming up in five minutes. >> and northbound 295 here just north of the beltway, crash on the right side. a problem on 270 and travel times coming up. and we have team coverage oof the storm damage. we're staying on top of these power outages and watching for debris in montgomery county. >>
5:47 am
what's the latest? >> reporter: i'm showing you another vantage point. we're some four doors down from the limb itself. you can see the break where it happened in that tree. and from this vantage point you can see where it impacted a second tree right here, snapped branches on that tree and i want to show you too how close all this got to the front doors of these two homes right here. this home right here, these people are able to leave comfortably. this second house right here, the branches literally stop almost right at the front door. those had to be cut to allow people to exit from that front door. but as you can see, the branches are tall out here and also very high. fire crews did come out here and clear a lot of the damage here on the 19,300 block here where you also see here, this large limb fell on to two vehicles, a pickup truck right here and on
5:48 am
sedan. the brunt of that damage being felt by that pickup truck having raised parts of that bed from the very base of that truck right there. so as you can see out here, this lone limb caused a lot of damage out here. we are still feeling lots of winds whipping out here. also hearing things snap and break as well so it's a very high chance that more branches could snap and continue to break as well. back in to you guys. >> all right. thank you. 5:48 right now. a math class is making national headlines because of a question on one of its exams. here is a line from that question, quote, the master needed 192 slaves to work on a plantation in the cotton fields, end quote. this was in a second grade class at a los angeles magnet school. the mother of a 7-year-old said she is apalled. >> it has racial undertones,
5:49 am
undertone is what are we teaching our children? >> the school put out a statement saying that kind of question is not okay. specifically the superintendent wrote, quote, l.a. unified is committed to provide a safe, welcoming, nurturing and secure learning environment for our students. a local church is trying to save one of the last pieces of a long gone community in bethesda. pro hill was settled by former slaves just after civil war. the macedonia church is the last vestage of that community. a burial ground near the church is under a parking lot and they don't want a developer to destroy the site. yesterday they marched to make their point. >> you will not build a garage or anything else on our bethesda african burial grounds. >> we will respect the people who came before us and honor their lives as they should have been from the very
5:50 am
>> plans to honor those buried in the cemetery range from a plaque to a park or museum. later today the house oversight committee will begin work to nullify d.c.'s death with dignity act. that act was sent to congress last month for a 30-day legislative review period. a bill goes into effect at the end of a review period unless a resolution of disapproval is passed by both houses and signed into law during that time. developing this morning, this is new video from north korean state television showing what the country is calling a successful missile launch. this was on sunday with the first launch since president trump took office. north korea said it is a new type of medium to long range missile. urgent talks at the united nations today because of this launch. that meeting is
5:51 am
>> the missile launch did not pose a threat to the united states. but it is seen as an early challenge to president trump. we're live on capitol hill. edward, so how is the trump administration responding to this latest launch? >> reporter: well, all of this happened while prime minister of japan was here, shinzo abe was with president trump, so president trump came out strongly saying that he is 100% supporting our japanese partners. administration aides also came out and said that the u.s. will honor aggressively the treaties and alliances that we have in that pacific area, so coming up against north korea and in support of south korea and some of the other allies that we have in that area. >> let's turn to the president's travel ban, if we can here. he hinted at drafting a new executive order. >> reporter: it could be as early as today. a new order is possibly being drafted to get around the lega
5:52 am
differently through different departments where as the first executive order didn't have some of the checks and balances that other executive orders from other administrations had. >> all right. thank you. if you were on twitter yesterday this is something you might have seen on your feed. a tweet from the department of education official twitter handle with a w.e.b. debois quote. they tweeted an apology but that had a misspelling so they had to tweet it again. there are a lot of folk who is are going to have to move stuff out off their yards before they can get to their cars this morning. >> ponytail is in order. >> the hair is a mess regardless if you have the hat on. whenever you go for like a jog or something in winds like this it's
5:53 am
exercising keep in mind we have a weather alert day. even though it's going to be dry, we have some high winds. you'll want to hold on to the kids' hands this morning. gusting higher this afternoon near 60 miles per hour. we do have one rain chance in the forecast. currently the winds are gusting near 32 miles per hour in the district. 36 leesburg. winchester 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts. culpepper 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts but today we have the potential to see winds gusting near 60. those are dangerous wind speeds. until 6:00 p.m. today the area shaded in orange, that's a high wind warning. that does include the district. many of our maryland counties as well. damage to tree limbs, power lines, we've already seen that this morning. i think we'll see more as we go through the afternoon and that strong northwest wind trying to blow in a few snow flurries north and west of the district. temperatures inou
5:54 am
39 in the district. low 40s closer to quantico. temperature twend not too bad as we go through most of the week. we'll take a look at that next rain chance. and a look at the wind you can expect for later today. let's get a check on the roads with melissa mollet. >> we have that crash on the right side here. 175 after bw parkway, a wire is down across the roadway. also 270 southbound near 109, crash there on the left side. we're seeing some delays there southbound. outbound canal road, had that downed tree with the left lane getting by as far as travel times 270 south here is looking okay. top of the beltway, outer loop, 95 to 270, no big worries there. 66 inbound and 95 northbound looking good. it is tax week here on nbc 4. >> all this week consumer reporter susan hogan is prepping you with what you need to know before you file your tax
5:55 am
returns. >> the last thing you want to do is overpay your taxes, but you might be shelling out more than you need and not even know about it. so here are four of the most overlooked tax deductions. do you volunteer for an organization or charity? you can't deduct the value of your time, but you shower can deduct out of pocket expenses such as gas costs or ingredients for food you prepared for a nonprofit. did you look for a job in 2016? as long as your job hunting is in the same profession and you itemize, you can deduct transportation, food and lodging expenses, costs of printing resumes and even the site s subscription sump as linkedin. baggage fees, this deduction applies to people who are self-employed and traveling on bne
5:56 am
deductible travel expenses and one last deduction often overlooked, student loan interest paid by mom and dad as long as the child is no longer claimed as a dependent, the student can deduct up to $2,500 of student loan interest. and you don't even have to itemize and take add varvantage this deduction. remember, you need to have receipts and records on hand. >> even if you pay someone to do your taxes, records are key because your accountant or your software program is only as good as what you put into it. so even if you know all the deductions available to you if you don't have the records to back them up they're not going to help you out. >> you can find more tax deductions often overlooked in our app right now. just search tax deductions. we have breaking news overnight on a weather alert day. trees and power lines down. what you're going to find when you venture out this
5:57 am
>> reporter: a tree into some power lines and this street is all dark. no power. >> and i'm tracking those power outages. i've got the numbers and the
5:58 am
5:59 am
around, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day and the danger this morning is not over. >> from neighborhoods to the streets, trees are down from maryland to virginia and the district. and in some cases power lines are down too. this is impacting some traffic lights and crews are scrambling to restore electricity. . we want you to look at the real danger of these powerful winds sweeping across our area. high winds took out a power line sparking a fire in arlington. >> and we are not out of the woods just yet. we're talking about seeing stronger winds throughout the day today. good morning, everybody. it is coming up on 6:00 a.m. on this monday morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. if you're just waking up we've learned that due to power outages all fairfax county public schools will open two hours late today. central offices will be open on time. melissa is tracking all the
6:00 am
>> first we get to chuck and sheena, that wind going to be relentless all day. >> i ei've never seen a school delay because of the wind. >> here's your picture worth a thousand words forecast today. our little guy there hanging on for all he can in the wind and that's the way you're going to look later on today. your thickest windbreaker out for this morning. windchills down in the 20s. make sure you have a hat with tiedowns on it because other wise that thing will be gone in the wind. it's going to be chilly, not all that cold but the wind is going to have quite an impact. winds could gust near 50 miles per hour this morning and could gust up to 60 miles an hour as we get closer to lunchtime. here's sheena with more about the intensity of these winds. >> and we've been talking about the high wind warning. here's a look athe


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