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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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still causing problems out there today. >> take a look at the damage from some of that powerful wind. here's what it looks like in fairfax county where the wind brought down trees and power lines in mclean. >> pepco is reporting 2200 customers without power. dominion virginia has about 4,000 customers with outages. that's for fewer than the 30,000 who were out in northern virginia at the height of the windstorm. we're bringing you team coverage from the field and the storm center. a live look at some of the damage. first, doug
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kierein in the storm center. >> we saw those winds gusting 50, 60, even 70 miles an hour last night. they've been up all the way over the last 12 hours. now beginning to calm down a little bit. >> we could still see gusts up to around 40 miles an hour or so. right after sunset it will quickly calm down. >> take a look at these winds. these were winds last night between 9:00 and about midnight last night. 66 miles an hour in re begagan national. current wind gusts down into the 20s and 30s range. we'll see occasional gus
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miles an hour but the wind is really starting to come down. that's why our wind advisory will most likely be allowed to expire at 6:00. you can see who it involves here. across towards parts of the eastern shore as well, the wind has been a huge factor over the last 18-24 hours. we're still tracking storms includie ining one that will pa just to our south on wednesday. many people cleaning up the mess in their yards as power crews work to restore electricity. kristin wright is live in silver spring. >> reporter: that's right. people here on southwood avenue in silver spring, just waiting for the power to come back on, this after a large tree came down back here behind me, fell across the road. you see pepco up there work
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that tree took down the entire pole that was there and pepco just now put up this new pole. less than a mile from here, i want to show you where the wind took out a pretty big tree as well. that tree fell right into a house over on burnett avenue. that tree came right down on the house, bringing down wires with it. pepco has already been out there. somebody was home. she told us she was just watching tv. then she heard something. she describes it as something terrible, a sound she had never quite heard before. scared her. she didn't know what it was. the man next door, same thing. listen to him, that neighbor and the woman in the house talk about that sound when the tree fell. did you know that it was a tree? >> no. i think it happen in other place, not my house. when i go outside, i saw the
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tree. oh my god. >> then you hear the bomb, you know. and looking if it's in front, if it's in the back. >> reporter: back here live on southwood, you see pepco there working to restore power over here. the damage there on the other street pretty bad. she does have renter's insurance, by the way. over here at 5:00, you're going to hear from a 99-year-old man who lives down the street here who said that he heard when the transformer blew. it's a great time to download the nbc washington app and turn on those weather alerts. you can get all the updates on this extreme weather. the president hosts another world leader at the white house. canadian prime minister justin trudeau. here are four things to know about what's happened today with the president's commitment to smart trade between the two countries.
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>> we have a very outstanding trade relationship with canada. we'll be tweaking it. we'll be doing certain things that are going to benefit both of our countries. it's a much less severe situation than what's taken place on the southern border. >> the president also said the two country wilies will work tor to fight terror and start a new program to help women entrepreneurs. the president didn't take any questions about his national security advisor. some aides have asked him to at least consider firing michael flynn. he's in hot water for a conversation he had with russian officials weeks before the inauguration. he now says he can't remember with any certainty. people close to the president say he also has some concerns with chief of staff
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priebus and sean spicer. in the first few weeks republican legislators have voiced some interest in killing d.c.'s recently passed death with dignity bill. and president trump's campaign comments were raised in another courtroom today. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is calling for his case to be thrown out because the president called him a traitor during the campaign. bergdahl is accused of leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009. the judge calls trump comments disturbing but he hasn't rules on whether to throw the case out. back now to the meeting between the president and canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the two were asked about trade, but the news conference ended before any journalists could ask about the questions surrounding national security advisor michael flynn. nbc news will continue to
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michael flynn controversy and the prime minister's meeting. you can watch a full report on nbc nightly news at 7:00 here on nbc 4. a local church deacon involved in a kwcar crash was seriously hurt. police are trying to figure out if the driver who hit him was speeding or racing. carlos fernandez was headed to st. michael's church when a driver t-boned him. darcy spencer spoke with a church leader today and will have a lot more coming up at 5:00. in prince george's county police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man. officers found the victim this morning dead in a flat bed truck along saint mary's view vehicle code. at this point police have not release neased any details. first at 4:00, a scary scene
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what we're learning about the people involved in a deadly parking lot confrontation. a night out with your sweetheart isn't always easy to pull off. some ways to alleviate the stress of valentine's day. and a grammy moment that everybody is
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police are investigating a suspicious death in prince george's county. a driver intentionally ran over a man in a shopping center parking lot, killing him.
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a relationship between the victim and suspect. it happened this morning upper marlboro. prince george's county county bureau chief tracee wilkins has this update for us. >> reporter: prince george's county police are still trying to sort out exactly what they're dealing with here. what they're saying right now is that they have a pedestrian who was struck around 8:30 this morning in the 5000 block of brown station road in this shopping center parking lot in upper marlboro. that burgundy range rover is the striking vehicle. we're still trying to figure out the relationship between the man driving that car and the victim struck by the vehicle and killed here in the parking lot. we're told by witnesses that that victim had a rifle on him at the time, an ak-47. police confirm that they recovered an ak-47 from
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scene. there was also a passenger in the striking vehicle as well. i can tell you that when i arrived on the scene, the mother of the victim was here. we understand that she may have been with her son when all of this happened. she was very emotional. at times crying out for her son as his body was lying here in this parking lot. prince george's county police eventually took her away. again, the man who was in the striking vehicle is speaking with prince george's county as they try and sort out exactly what happened here. hundreds of thousands of people told to leave their homes at a moment's notice. the very difficult way crews are trying to stop a damaged dam from unleashing destruction. and cleaning up after strong winds toppled trees and damaged homes and cars. what st
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we thought we were okay. and then all of a sudden, bam, you need to leave. >> i'm concerned about getting out. we've been sitting here about an hour. >> i've worked here about 33 years. this is the worst i've ever seen it. >> anxious neighbors in california battling time and gridlock after a massive dam breech in
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officials ordered 200,000 people to evacuate last night. crews are racing against the clock using helicopters and big bo boulders to shore up the dam. 30 feet, that number is so big, it could be hard to put into context. oroville is in a pretty rural part of california. it's about an hour's drive of sacramento. lake oroville is a massive man made residence vary. it's got enough water to swamp the state of connecticut in over a foot of water. crews have been trying to relieve some of that water
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all are believed to be french and range in age fom 19-49. the group was apparently walking on a path near the main slopes when the avalanche hit. back here in the states yesterday another powerful winter storm slamming new england. this is portland, maine. plows are having trouble keeping roads clear. the area could get another 20 inches before it's all over later today. that's on top of the 19 inches that fell last week. wow. >> we lost power twice last night in arlington. went off for about 10-15 minutes. some folks really got hit hard. >>
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last time we saw winds this strong was with the derecho. another 20 inches. totals could be around 30 inches of snow. look at the blue skies out there. looking good, temperature at 46, windchills in the 30s because of that wind. breezy at 7:00. breezy around 9:00. the windchills are going to fall quickly because of the wind. current temperature, 43 martinsburg, 50 culpepper, 54 in charlottesville. yesterday charlottesville got up to 82 degrees while we were still in the 40s to the north. that very tight pressure gradient has relaxed. we're still seeing
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miles an hour. below advisory criteria, at least for now. that's some very good news. i do expect them to continue to decrease. they just cancelled the advisory. there you go. we have just now cancelled the advisory in the d.c. metro area. there you go, live on tv. radar, nothing to show as far as that's concerned. we're still dealing with a little bit of a breeze, but the weather really starting to relax now. here's the blizzard going on up around halifax, nova scotia, maine. they only got about 4-6 inches in the boston metro area. it will be breezy and cool tomorrow. windchills stay in the 40s.
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year at all. tomorrow morning, 31 degrees with a windchill about 25-26. it will be a cold start to the day. 39 degrees by noon with the chou cloud cover. rather nice tomorrow afternoon with a temperature right there around 51 degrees as the kids are coming home. cooler for thursday and friday, down to 39 degrees on thursday as another system hits parts of the new england area, another one that will miss up and head right towards new england. look at this weekend. it's a holiday weekend. look at this. temperatures in the mid 60s saturday and sunday. yeah. wow. >> no chance of snow in the forecast like that one, doug. >> no. >> only in your dreams. ready or not it's tax time. the irs waits for no one. we're working with you for the things you should know before you file that could get you an even bigger refund. plus, who
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big win? why the back and forth between adele and beyonce could go down as one of the most
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ctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today. any other questions? >> yeah. just mentally,
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okay? >> are you kidding me? >> melissa mccarthy as white house press secretary sean spicer and alec baldwin as president trump. rates have been strong in the trump era with many of the sketches related to the new administration. beyonce shines from head to toe. adele gets a rare do-over on national tv. >> when it comes to host james corden did any of the preshow fears come to pass. liz, everyone's talking about adele and beyonce and sort of a special moment between the two of them. >> it was the ultimate show of love. beyonce went into the grammys a favorite to win album of the year but it was adele who won that as well as record of the year and song of the year. and it was interesting because on stage and off adele was
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>> i was completely rooting for her. i voted for her. i can't possibly accept this award. i'm very humbled and gracious but my artist of my life is beyonce and this album to me, the lemonade album was so monument monumental. i felt like it was her time to win. my view is what the [ bleep ] does she have to do to win album of the year. that's definitely how i feel. >> moving onto the host, though, how great was james corden? he told us last week there would be no carpool karaoke. i think he kind of lied. ♪ where it began, i can't begin to know it ♪ >> yes. james traveled in familiar territory and loaded up the car for carpool karaoke. that even had beyonce and blue ivy and her friend joining in on
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>> thank you so much. we posted a gallery of some of the most memorable red carpet looks at the grammys last night. you could find that at the nbc washington app. pulling a piece of presidential memorabilia. why the library of congress quickly yanked a poster recognizing the inauguration of donald trump. it's been a busy 24 hours for storm team 4. those winds have been brutal. now we're looking ahead to what's next.
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cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. after spending the weekend in florida with the japanese prime minister, president trump hosted canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> there was an obvious elephant in the room, the controversy over mike flynn. tracie potts is live with the latest. never a good sign when your national security official is making all this news. >> reporter: exactly. when your senior advisor is going on air as kellyanne conway just did saying that he has the full confidence of the president, defending mike flynn, however, it didn't even come up at the news conference with canada's prime minister today. they talked about trade,
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other or they did spend a little bit of time talking about the other elephant in the room which is the fact that there's a big disconnect between the u.s. and canada and immigration. in their first meeting, president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau agreed to work together to create jobs, but expressed differing opinions on border security. >> i said at the beginning, we are going to get the bad ones, the really bad ones. we're getting them out and that's exactly what we're doing. >> we continue to pursue our policies of openness towards immigration refugees without compromising security. >> reporter: trudeau is offering to accept refugees in his country while the president's travel ban remains on hold in the courts. today trudeau said he wasn't in washington to lecture the u.s. leader. while the two leaders talked ab
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called on the president to fire national security advisor mike flynn. >> misleading the country on a subject this serious, if those allegations are true, he has got to go. >> reporter: flynn is under fire for discussing sanctions with russian leaders before the president took office and reportedly misleading vice president pence about the conversation. >> if he did lie to the vice president, then he should go. >> i think the key question here is did president trump know what mike flynn was up to? and if he did, they're going to have to move this along quietly. >> reporter: white house aides deny flynn is on the verge of being fired. flynn's conversation is part of the larger investigation that's already happening here into russia and their influence in the presidential election. the library of congress has removed a poster of president trump from its online store because there's a typo in it. the poster features a quote from
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speech. it says no dream is too big, no challenge is too great. nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach. the poster had the wrong spelling of the word "too." sears appears to be treading carefully after reports that it dropped dozens of trump branded items from its stores. they released a statement today confirming it has dropped several items but it won't specify how many. the company says some items may still be available through a third party marketplace. ethics experts say the company is trying not to draw a rebuke from the president. last week the president criticized nordstrom from dropping his daughter ivanka's fashion line. new video shows a sea of protesters in a rally against the threat of
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look at this crowd. today's march in milwaukee is billed as a day without immigrants, refugees to show the impact immigrants have on wisconsin's economy. the strike is also a show of force against fears the milwaukee county sheriff will enroll his officers in a federal program that will allow them to act as i.c.e. agents and deport people in this country illegally. >> no montgomery county several vehicles were vandalized. the damage was discovered around 3:00 a.m. sunday when police were on patrol in the 7300 block of new hampshire avenue. it's not clear if anything inside was stolen. if your vehicle was damaged or if you know anything about this case, police are hoping you'll give them a call. traffic accidents are a leading cause of death among children. a new study finds most of those crashes are
4:34 pm
the study looked at crashes involving people under the age of 21 and found half of them had alcohol in their system. the study also found that strict drunk driving laws were effective at reducing some of those traffic deaths. you may not associate valentine's day with a lot of drinking but police say they are going to be ready just in case. the washington regional alcohol program is reminding you to choose a designated driver if you're heading out to celebrate. police will be stepping up patrols to catch any drunk drivers. we've been looking at that wind this afternoon after some gusty winds over the last 18 hours or so. we felt some of the strongest gusts we've seen in years. tom kierein is standing by with the latest on that. >> we've been hearing that wind as well. right now, the sound of silence. there's hardly any wind now. we don't have any more warnings or adviso
4:35 pm
at this picture, the camera was just bouncing around because of the wintd. now it's rock steady. the peak wind gusts are down to right around 30 miles an hour speak gusts after we had them near 60 miles an hour earlier this morning. temperatures right now in the 40s everywhere from the mountains all the way to the bay. reagan national is at 46 degrees. we'll have it dropping back down to near 40 by 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and hover in the mid 30s through the rest of the evening hours. and tomorrow back down to more freezing. the secret to living happy ever after is as easy as putting down your phone. the research shows 45% of us admit to arguing with a
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to a device than the person we're spending time with. a phone or tablet can also keep single people from getting a second date because about a third of folks surveyed said they had to compete for attention with their date's device even during the first date. this week is random acts of kindness week. tweet us your acts using the hashtag pay it 4-ward. we'll share some of them on our twitter page. you can watch a video about the day on our nbc washington facebook page. some folks are donating food. others are simply writing thank you notes. whatever you do, take a moment and share it with us. >> we're not asking you to do it to brag. it's more to inspire other people. >> you'll find a cup of coffee on your desk. i won't tell you who it's from.
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latte. tomorrow is valentine's day. it's supposed to be all about love. pulling off the perfect day can be anything but sweet. how you can prevent some valentine's day stress. talk about a one-two punch of winter weather. an amazing look at the damage.
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tomorrow's the big day and we'd love to hear about your valentine's day plans. it's our flash survey this afternoon. looks like most of you don't really have plans for tomorrow. there's still time to change that. weigh in now on the nbc washington facebook page in theory it's pretty simple. valentine's day is supposed to be devoted to love. why does it send some of us into a complete panic? >> how to keep stress from ruining the romance. >> if you really want to be bold this valentine's day, consider a get-away. >> hotel rates are 10-20% cheaper if you travel during february than just wait a few weeks later and travel in early march. >> something like that can relieve the stress that many of those responding to a retail me not survey said they feel because they're in romantic relationships that go from this extreme to just
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>> 74% of people in a coupled relationship find it stressful. >> and the main reason for that stress could be seen as somewhat selfish. >> number one is finding enough time for me. that causes a lot of stress. >> an annual valentine's day survey said people aren't finding time for themselves because they're concentrating so much on their significant other. the second big reason for stress in a relationship, though, is money or the lack of it. >> we do know that this valentine's day doesn't have to break the bank. >> the survey suggests a sense of relief from this stress is more likely to come from those in a relationship who keep a sense of humor. >> i don't know about you, but i think that stress is more when you're in that funky part of a relationship, maybe you just started dating. i don't feel mh
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>> you've been married for a while now, though. >> yeah. even from day one i didn't feel much stress. what does stress me out, tax season stresses me out. all of us are hoping to get through it with a little extra money when it's over. our susan hogan has a look at some of the deductions you may miss. and our winds have died down but the damage is still fresh. how strong winds caused big pro bl
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scott macfarland at the live desk. a major fire happening in baltimore right now. this is a two alarm fire in southwest baltimore. a little bit south and west or actually due west of m & t bank stadium where the baltimore ravens play. firefighters trying to knock down this fire. it is a large warehouse fire. it looks likely to burn for quite some time. across the area, a lot of you are still feeling the effects of those strong winds. they were strong enough to bring down trees and put debris on the roads, pull down some power lines, even damage some of the homes. some of the most
4:46 pm
property damage is in northern virginia. >> that's where most of the outages are. it's been a rough day for residents. >> reporter: the winds are still kicking up. it's tough to even stand in this one spot. all morning traffic diverted, forced to turn around because this street here, great falls street still closed as crews still work to fix the downed power lines there. i just checked in with virginia dominion power. as the winds kick up, they tell me their power outage numbers increase. on a cold, windy morning, riding a bike might seem like an odd way to get around. >> last night all the power went out. kids were crying. it was fun. >> you're making the best out of this, huh? >> why not? it's sunny now. can't complain. >> reporter: in this neighborhood, downed trees, damaged power lines and a
4:47 pm
around. >> shoot. okay, i got to get to work. >> reporter: power crews and vdot spent the morning hours in the dark assessing the damage and outages. schools delayed opening in fairfax county when 48 buildings lost partial or full power early on. part of the massive power outages throughout northern virginia. at the height of the outages, 39,03 29,000 customers were in the dark. the entire washington area took a beating. some trees and power lines were no match for 60 miles an hour wind gusts. this home was spared when a tree fell in the opposite direction, pulling down wires into the street. good news came for some just before 10:00 a.m. >> we have our power back. everything's good. i haven't had coffee yet. so, tom, the winds have died
4:48 pm
so it's going to be a calmer night for us? >> thankfully, thankfully. because it was hard to drive in it even after the winds did settle down even if you drive a substantial vehicle you're kind of rocking and rolling. glad i wasn't driving the '71 bus i used to have. that thing was like driving a billboard. things have dramatically improved. here's a live look at our tower camera. it's up there about 200 feet. it's kind of bouncing around a little bit in the wind, but it has greatly diminished. there's capitol basking in afternoon sunshine. the sunshine will be with us the rest of the afternoon. sunset is coming up in about an hour at 5:34. at reagan national it did peak with gusts at 60 miles an hour. we had those strongest gusts late last night when the wall of wind came through a
4:49 pm
things have greatly settled down, just around 20 miles an hour gusts generally. radar not showing any rain, any snow anywhere in the vicinity. here we go with this snow drought for february continuing. reagan national now at 46 degrees. hour by hour into the evening we'll still have a few light breezes. by 8:00 p.m. it will be back down to around 40. then freezing cold start tomorrow morning. we'll be down to just near 30 degrees by dawn tomorrow. we'll have some sunshine in the morning. then it starts getting cloudy by later in the morning and into the afternoon. by late morning we'll be in the mid 40s. our commute tomorrow will have it dry but cloudy by the end of the day. you'll need your sunglasses in the morning but you won't be driving into sun by the end of the day. storm team 4 ten-day outlook showing a blustery wind
4:50 pm
returning on wednesday, but not as strong as over the last 24 hours. we'll be in the upper 40s. then cold on thursday, 20s in the morning. afternoon highs on thursday just near 40 degrees. another cold morning on friday. as we get into the afternoon, though, a bit milder. much milder as we get into next weekend. the roller coaster ride continues. highs in the 60s saturday and sunday and into monday. then it gets a bit chilly again. still dry. no snow on our february ten-day outlook. incredible. >> this is a february to remember, tom. >> thank you, tom. families around the area are on edge. they're concerns are growing that immigration enforcement could come knocking now that president trump is in the white house. >> we're working for you this afternoon. wendy rieger is in the newsroom with more on this story. >> immigrations and customs enforcement says it is not doing anything different but some localmi
4:51 pm
any chances. you're going to hear from a lawyer about what immigrants here in our area should do. also most of us have experienced heartburn before, but what if it's more than that. doreen gent genzler takes a loo some studies to find out if it could be much more serious than you thought. also, if someone hits your car, your auto insurance shouldn't go up, right? apparently that is not the case. our consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you to tell you about that. since mgm national harbor opened, it has primarily hosted music and comedy shows. now it's hosting boxing matches. the other story we're focusing on, tax week here on nbc 4. >> the deadline will be here before you know it. all this week susan hogan is prepping you with what you need k
4:52 pm
returns. >> the last thing you want to do is over pay your taxes. but you might be shelling out more than you need and not even know about it. here are four of the most over looked tax deductions. do you volunteer for an organization or charity? you can't deduct the value of your time, but you sure can deduct out-of-pocket expenses such as gas costs or ingredients for food you prepared for a nonprofit. did you look for a job in 2016? as long as your job hunting is in the same profession and you itemize, you can deduct transportation, food and lodging expenses, cost of printing resumes and even site subscriptions such asling linke. also baggage fees, this deduction applies to people self-employed and traveling on business. apply those baggage f
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deductible travel expenses. one last deduction often over looked, student loan interest paid by mom and dad as long as the child is no longer claimed as a dependent, the student can deduct up to $2500 of student loan interest. you don't even have to itemize to take advantage of this deduction. no matter what you deduction, remember you need to have receipts and records on hand. >> even if you pay someone to do your taxes, records are key. your accountant or your software program is only as good as what you put into it. so even if you know all the deductions, if you don't have records to back them up, they're not going to help you out. for millions of people winter is starting to take a toll. the back breaking work that could be affecting a lot of people's health.
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watching this video, you can just feel the cold. the winter storm that's battering the northeast is also whipping up strong waves on the massachusetts shore. the area is also digging out of getting several inches of snow. >> because of that storm moving through right now, emergency rooms in new england are bracing for an influx of new patients. a new study sow
4:57 pm
attacks right after a major snowstorm. canadian researchers made the connection while comparing hospital admissions numbers with weather data. they think shoveling is to blame. you know, moving all that snow is definitely hard on the heart. >> we haven't had to do a lot of it in our area this winter. but shove shoveling know is becoming a routine for millions to the north of us. >> after last week's storm, they got hit with another round yesterday. how all that work to clear the snow has taken its toll. >> it's going to be really really cold, so i decided to get out real early. >> reporter: yvette says the trick to cleaning up the snow is to take it one heave at a time. >> it's really heavy and you've got to be careful with your back. make sure you bend, make sure you go all the way down and just push it over. >> reporter: she says this may be the last year she shovels. >> i decided to buy a snow
4:58 pm
>> reporter: back to back to back storms have been back breaking. for private contractors like tim, the work has been nonstop. >> we presalted on wednesday. thursday we were up a good 18-24 hours straight. friday we had to get ready for saturday morning for the little one which was another 8-10 hours. then this one on sunday was another 12 hours. here we are monday morning. >> reporter: when it snows he's responsible for all the town parking lot and sidewalks in manchester. >> a lot of hours but it's winter in new england. >> reporter: he expects to finish by tonight. >> are you hoping for a little break? >> big break. i don't think anything's in the forecast, right? >> looking forward to spring. the news continues right now with jim and wendy. news4 at 5:00 starts now. right now at 5:00, a dead
4:59 pm
confrontation in a shopping center parking lot. new details tonight about the events leading up to this wild scene. a church deacon is identified as the man who was badly hurt during what police say may have been a drag race between two drivers. we're going to hear from those who know the deacon. hundreds of arrests in five big cities over the weekend. how what's happening nationally is creating fear for some latino residents in our area. first at 5:00 tonight the area cleaning up from this wind that is taking our breath away. good evening i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. a why wouild start to the week. in montgomery county strong winds knocked trees onto homes, some of them with residents still inside. >> this is the scene in fairfax county where thousands of people and businesses still
5:00 pm
electricity this evening. >> simply amazing how strong those wind were. only the third time since 2001 that we've seen those winds over 65 miles per hour. we saw them in the d.c. area. take a look at the numbers. 66 miles per hour wind at reagan. 73 at joint base andrews. that's just amazing. we haven't seen winds this strong since the drach owe. now the winds have died a little bit. we're down into the 20s. it's breezy. 31 camp springs. the winds have come down enough national weather service no longer has us in the wind advisory. it is still there however for the eastern shore and parts of the delmarva. your forecast back here in about 15 minutes. the parking lot of a shopping center is now


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