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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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place. three people believed to be on the short list to replace him on that job as the white house tries to explain how flynn ended up stepping down just hours after a senior advisor said he had the president's full confidence. president trump ignoring questions today as his spokesman explain what is l explains. >> we got to a point not based on a legal issue but based on a trust issue where the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change. >> reporter: white house lawyers found flynn did nothing illegal but the president asked him to resign after it went public that flynn misled the vice president and others about discussing sanctions with russia's ambassador. flynn admits he inadvertently briefed with incomplete information. >> you cannot have a national security advisor misleading the vice president and others. >> reporter: former acting
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first alerted the white house three weeks ago warning that flynn was vulnerable to blackmail. yates was fired a week later . so why did it take weeks to deal with flynn? >> this idea of why did it take so long, i think the first question should be where was the department of justice in this? >> reporter: democrats want answers on whether flynn acted alone. >> what did the president know and when did he know it? >> reporter: even some republicans want answers? >> the whole involvement, the whole scenario, the whole thing as it transpired. >> i'd like to know did he just do this as a rogue general flynn or did it come from somebody else in the white house. >> reporter: republican leaders are resisting calls for an independent investigation. however, speaking of investigations, tonight the office of government ethics wants the white house to take another look at kellyanne conway. she's the senior advisor who said last night that flynn had the president's full su
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ivanka trump's products. there are still a lot of questions about the mike flynn incident and his contacts with russia. chris lawrence continues our team coverage now. >> we're trying to find out if flynn initiated these contacts with the russian government. the white house says president trump did not tell him to speak to the russian ambassador about sanctions. flynn got in touch with the russian ambassador before the election in november and continued those talks during the transition. >> if flynn was talking about sanctions policy, that may be okay. it's not the conversation. it's the idea that potentially this was a quid pro quo. that the russians would help trump in the election and the trump administration would then om
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very much wanted which is the relaxation of sanctions. that is illegal. it's against u.s. policy and something that investigates will have to dig into. >> there's nothing that the general did that was a violation of any sort. >> democrats want a buy paye-bu bipartisan committee or even an independent committee to look into it. but republicans lawmakers don't seem to have much appetite pr that. all of this comes as we have learned that russia has secretly launched a new missile. all of that as president trump finds himself in search of a new national security
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the leading candidates include retired army general and former cia director david petraeus. the front runner is said to be robert harwood. the acting national security advisor. retired lieutenant general keith kellogg rounds out the list a form government contractor has pleaded not guilty to stealing highly classified documents. his name is harold martin. he was arrested last summer and indicted by a federal grand jury last week. martin is accused of stealing top secret and classified documents from the national security agency and other docume government agencies over a period of 20 years. officials say he kept those documents in his house, his car and in an outdoor shed. martin's lawyers say he has a compulsive
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developing tonight in fairfax county, an urgent plea from police to help find a missing 17-year-old girl. they believe she may be in danger. they say she knew a maryland teen found dead over the weekend. what do we know about possible gang involvement? >> reporter: police gathered us here late today for what is an urgent plea, trying to find the missing 17-year-old. they are determined to spare another family from going through what one gaithersburg family is going through right now. she was a sweet person, trusting in people, those words from the grieving mother of alexandra reyes. she asked we not show her face or use her name. tonight she is hoping desperately for an arrest in her daughter's murder. i hope ty
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us justice, she told me. it's here in this wooded area where fairfax county police responded. they found those remains later identified as those of alexandra reyes. you may remember the case just a few weeks ago involving a teen mom and her baby who had gone missing. they live just on the other side of this hill in an apartment complex. the mother and her baby returned home safely saturday, the same day police found alexandra's remains. police told me they're looking into whether the young mother's disappearance is connected to the death of alexandra and the disappearance of 17-year-old venus iraheta, who they're now desperate to find. >> we're asking for the public's help in locating venus and getting her home safely as soon as possible. please help us to find venus. if venus is listening, please come home. we are concerned
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>> reporter: hoping to prevent venus's family from going through the suffering alexandra's mom is now going through. she was a little girl, she says, barely 15. as of right now, police have not made any arrests in these cases. we do know they have at least five people in custody. we'll let you know if any charges come forward. meantime, according to family members the gang affiliated with these cases is ms-13. police not yet confirming that. new at 6:00, at least ten women could be added to the list of witnesses in the notorious lyon sisters case. the women are willing to testify that they were either attacked or nearly kidnapped by lloyd lee welch jr. he's charged with murdering catherine and sheila lyon in 1975. the sisters were last seen
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their bodies were never found. new details tonight on a murder miystery in ak keek, maryland. police have identified the man shot and killed inside his car yesterday. his name is timothy sherrod. he was 28 years old. tracee wilkins joins us with an emotional plea from the victim's father while police continue to look for his killer. >> reporter: his dad was like his best friend. he tells us he was expecting a life-changing event, an event that he'll never witness. >> who did this? >> reporter: henry sherrod's son was preparing to be a dad. now that won't happen. >> he was expecting a child. the child was expected yesterday, the same day he got killed. >> reporter: yesterday timothy was found shot to death inside his
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road in ak keek. the lyft sticker her used in his part-time job was displayed but he was not working at the time. there were at least two gunshots on the driver's side door. timothy's body was found behind the wheel by a neighbor on her way to work yesterday morning. the multitude of cameras in this well-kept neighborhood may have recorded what happened. police combed through that video yesterday. at this point, detectives are still working to find a motive and a suspect. would say this case is wide open? >> i would say this case is still under investigation. we want anybody who has any information on this case to definitely give us a call. >> find the person who did this to my boy. i got sick. he carried me upstairs. >> reporter: he even went to work with his father at amtrak. >> i've been there for 21
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>> reporter: for this tight knit family -- >> we're all just numb and shocked. >> reporter: it's all too much to bear. >> i want to know who did this to my boy. >> reporter: prince george's county police are asking anyone with information that can help lead to an arrest in this case to call crime solvers at 1-866-411-tips. a spike in hate crimes. we're going to tell you why it's adding even more fear in some minority communities. >> reporter: thieves trying to make sudden violent withdrawals from gas station atms.
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the people who live on the other side of this dam are headed home finally. late this afternoon the evacuation order in oroville,
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but there's more rain coming. >> reporter: helicopters in the background are doing a lot of work here on the spillway of this dam. after years of drought, now it's too much. they're eyeing other dams nearby with new concerns. communities below this dam have long prayed for relief in drought parched california but not like this. helicopters lift boulders and drop them this holes along the spillway. the dam itself is solid but it's only as strong as the pispillwa, which are broken and eroding.
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with the risk reduced the evacua evacuees may return home. >> it is safe to reduce the immediate evacuation order currently in place to an evacuation warning. future inclement weather or increased lake levels or problems associated with the existing damage to the spillway could elevate risks in the future and necessitate immediate evacuations. >> reporter: shelters have been set up to accommodate those displaced. >> we left everything at home. it's just so painful. >> reporter: a painful few hours now, seemingly coming to an end soon. three environmental groups warned of potential danger back in 2005 that the emergency spillway should be lined with
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safety standards. officials then concluded it was safe and would, quote, perform as designed. as if having to leave home isn't bad enough, we know that a handful of oroville homes and businesses were buglarized during the evacuation.
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the president's first few weeks in office have been a whirlwind. now he has another appointment to make. secret service director joseph clancy is retiring for the second time. more than two years ago clancy came out of retirement to take over the agency after a series of scandals. now he'll leave for good some time next month. we heard from d.c. schools chan chancellor antwan wilson today. he's focusing on what the system can do for young girls with similar problems.
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>> we look forward to announcing something in the work we need to do towards our females. >> tom sherwood spoke with the chancellor today. tom, most experts seem to agree that boy verss have the greater problem in terms of adjusting or doing well in schools. he wants to focus his attention on girls. >> the city created the ron brown high school college prep for poboys only. a lot of people said, wait a minute, girls have academic problems and family problems.
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>> we know he came from oakland, from the oakland, california, school system. here parents and teachers are getting to know him. >> some people complained he's a little bit cold. he said well i'm an introvert. he said he gets up at 3:00 in the morning. he does meditation, he prays. he misses his family still in oakland until the end of june. he just wants to get into those schools. he wants to visit every school before a year is up and just see what the students are doing and what he can do to help. >> he's a lot more comfortable visiting schools than sitting down talking
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bullets fired into several homes in virginia. now a man is in custody. what we know about the suspect and the serious new charges that could be filed against him. a bold crime captured on tape. tonight a possible connection to yet another robbery. and the white house will soon open the doors to the public again.
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give us some more to love on this valentine's day. >> there's nothing to love about today. today was yucky. >> it was kind of yucky. i know what pat loves. pat loves 60s and sunshine. that's exactly what we've got, pat. i'm giving you what you love. vance, i'm not worried about you, my friend. we still have the cloud cover outside right now. not a bad sunset across the area. 45 degrees right now. temperatures dropping but we're not going to drop all that low. 43 at 9:00, 41 by 11:00. even over the next couple of hours we
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take a hook at the temperatures. 39 degrees gaithersburg. not nearly as cold as last night. dulles got down to 22 last night. on the radar not much to show. now we're watching this system back towards the dallas area and actually through houston. five tornado reports around houston. there were some injuries. fortunately none of those life-threatening. this is a line of thunderstorms now making their way towards new orleans. we won't see severe weather. take a look at this boundary just to our south. this storm will ride this boundary, stay just to our south, but may give our southern zones a little bit of moisture tomorrow. by around 5:00 in the morning notice the clouds are still here. notice where the showers are. this is one computer model. i think the rain may come a little bit
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we'll have clouds early. then watch this. the clouds get out of here as well and we see some sunshine. tomorrow afternoon looking okay. it will turn rather breezy and chaly. still going for a high temperature right around 50 degrees. even tomorrow afternoon all day we'll stay on the dry side. 50 degrees tomorrow for a high, clouds early, then clearing and breezy late. that breeze sticks around into the day onthursday. thursday is the cold day. now the kids still need the jackets tomorrow morning at the bus stop, 38 degrees, 46 at noon, 50 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon. those of you at howard university watching me right now, you'll need the
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47 on friday. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, all in the 60s. i've got to tell you, pat, if you don't love that forecast, i don't know what i can do for you in the month of february because we are looking really, really nice. >> i'm loving it. >> vance, do you love this too? >> thank you so much, doug, yeah. a little love coming my way on valentine's day is welcome. coming up tonight, new fallout on the national security advisor's resignation. questions about his contact with russia and what and when the trump administration knew about it. plus surveillance video of a brazen crime as police try to zero in on the suspect responsible. >> reporter: swastikas in schools and whites only signs in front of black churches, now there is a new fear i
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communities. we'll tell you what
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side,
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but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. we're getting a look at a brazen robbery attempt in prince george's county where some guys tried to steal an atm. >> it happened early this morning. police are trying to figure out if it could be contacted to a crash and
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the thieves actually took an atm. >> reporter: it's valentine's day, but that didn't stop thieves from beating up on some atms out here. take a close look. if this atm were a car, how would you describe it? >> totalled, wrecked. headed for the junk yard. >> reporter: this is what's left of an atm after thieves tried to make what you might call a forceful withdrawal. two atm robberies about an hour apart. in both cases the get away car was a large white van. in both cases, they say there were three suspects, hoods covering their heads. officially, police are not linking the cases. you can judge that for yourselves. case number one, this exxon station in laurel. police say the suspects
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this white van to ram through a plate glass window, knock an atm off its moorings and took it away. took it away in about 45 seconds. >> the clerk said they just drove through the window, came in, grabbed the atm machine and were gone. >> reporter: case number two, 11 miles away, this bp. again, three suspects, again a big viwhite van. this time they wrap a chain around the atm and attach it to the van and pull. they tried a couple of times. but they count get it out of the store. now the cops surprised the suspects here and they ran. there was a chase. the cops recovered a van, but the suspects long gone.
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storm over the resignation of national security advisor michael flynn. today white house press secretary sean spicer said the justice department warned the white house counsel on january 26th that flynn might be vulnerable to russian blackmail. the reason, they say, is that flynn did not tell the truth when he denied that he talked about sanctions in a phone call with the russian ambassador back in december. spicer said the white house counsel determined that flynn had not broken any laws. >> we got to a point not based on a legal issue but based on a trust issue with the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change. >> vice president pence is among those who vouched for mike flynn last month when flynn denied that he had talked about sanctions. the president's supreme court pick continues to meet with senators from both sides of aisle.
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virginia senator mark warner this afternoon. earlier he sat down with democratic senators. it's still not clear whether democrats will try to block the gorsuch nomination with a senate filibuster or allow a vote to take place. starting next month, white house tours will resume. first lady melania trump announced that public tours of the white house will resume three weeks from today. those tours are self-guided and also free. you need to request a ticket for a tour from a member of congress at least 21 days in advance. it's happened at homes, at churches, even schools. in the past few months there has been a spike in hate inspired crimes in montgomery county. chris gordon was there today when the counsel took a closer look at this troubling trend and reveals why it's fuelling even more fear in so
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>> reporter: a sign at a silver spring church covered with the words trump nation, whites only. the cars of a trump supporter in burtonsville spray painted with the words trump, racist and a swastika. montgomery county council today released figures showing that last year there were 94 reported bias incidents, an increase of more than 42% over 2015. >> right after the election there was a real sense among some folks that there were winners and losers and that was expressed in terms of people acting out. >> reporter: so far in 2017 there have been fewer hate symbols, but fear is growing, the fear of deportation. >> there's a lot of ang viety right now among students who are wondering, do i go to school, if i come home are my parents going to be there. >> it's important for everyone to be reminded that
6:35 pm
safe places. they are places where we do not ask the immigration status of students. >> reporter: council members say they need to develop a plan to deal with deportations if they happen here. one council member says a legal defense fund is needed. >> we can raise a lot of private money because there are a lot of people of conscience who do not want for families to be separated and communities to be divided and people to live in fear. >> reporter: others say montgomery county may have to consider providing foster care for children whose parents are taken away from them. a student at american university caused quite a stir over this past weekend. the department of homeland security and d.c. fire and ems confirmed to news4 that that student ran naked down nebraska avenue in northwest d.c., then jumped the fence onto the homeland security campus.
6:36 pm
security at that facility in the past seven months. last summer there were two separate incidents of employees taking unauthorized guns into that facility. this most recent breach happened just after 10:00 on saturday night. a spokesperson for dhs confirmed that the naked man was not armed but he made it over the fence and onto the secured federal campus. he then climbed another fence and made it onto our campus here at nbc, which is right next door. his name is mark baker. he's 21 years old. he was able to over power an nbc security guard and gain access to the building here where he was there restrained by an nbc employee until the police arrived. baker was arrested and charged with assault and unlawful entry. he is scheduled to appear in court on february 27th. news4 has not been able to reach him
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it's one of the most visible side effects of chemo. tonight the details on the device that's helping women keep their hair as they undergo treatment for breast cancer. >> reporter: it's valentine's day, the day of love. so why not get married today? that's what other a dozen couples in d.c. superior court thought. they're waiting here for their marriage licenses. we decided to ask them what is the secret to finding love. storm team 4 right now tracking a cooldown as we make our way into the next couple of days. but then an extreme pattern change that's going to stick around for a while.
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in news4 your health there may be a break through for people going through chemotherapy. as you know, chemo usually results in hair loss. but there's a newt
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found this special cooling cap makes hair loss a lot less likely. of the 100 early stage breast cancer patients who used this, 67 of them kept half of their hair or more. many reported mild headaches or scalp pain, but they said they felt more attractive and they had a better quality of life. valentine's day, of course, all about those three little words. you know them well. i love you. we talked to some couples who celebrated valentine's day with two words, i do. meagan fitzgerald caught up with some couple tying the knot today. >> reporter: there was a bit of a wait for more than a dozen couples. >> eight years. no more fear. >> reporter: when you've waited eight years to be married --
6:41 pm
>> reporter: waiting for this day is worth it. >> joyful. i can't complain. the woman of my life. >> reporter: that's the feeling. >> i'm confident about my decision i made. i mean, i'm ready for us to be official. >> reporter: kensly says he's waited ten years to marry the woman of his dreams. just before 1:30 the wait was over. his bride danielle arrived. >> it just feels right. he's my best friend. >> reporter: this couple says time and friendship is how they knew they were meant to be. in front of their family -- >> will you love, comfort, honor -- >> reporter: and on valentine's day, their two lives became one. >> i now pronounce you legally married.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: waiting isn't always easy. >> mr. and mrs. dugan. >> reporter: but the dugans will tell you it's worth it. >> they want to be together. >> reporter: reporting in d.c. superior court, meagan fitzgera fitzgerald, news4. >> isn't it cool how they dropped that obey part? nobody says that anymore. >> we wish them all well. >> we do. new video of the damage storms carved in texas. >> reporter: bullets into condos and town homes. it's something that's had residents in herndon fearful in recent weeks. now polic think they may have e
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the girlfriend of a man suspected of shooting into neighbor's homes says she doesn't believe those allegations. >> the gunfire has some herndon area residents on edge tonight. news4 has uncovered court documents that now point to a superintende suspect, a convicted felon. >> reporter: dave krhad just headed out the door for work when he got a call from his wife. she had just heard gunfire. >> the. cops were taking pictures in the back. when i got home i went back there and saw the bullet hole right by the window. >> reporter: this is one of three homes hit by gunfire in recent weeks in the mcnair farms area. in this nearby condo complex,
6:46 pm
from gunfire on january 22nd, shattered windows held together by tape. this neighbor remembers what he heard that night. >> just lying in bed. there was one shot that wasn't all that close. when the second one went off, it really got my attention. sounded like afghanistan. been there, done that. >> reporter: police think it may have come to an end with the arrest of this man, 24-year-old terrance malloy. te herndon police picked him up two weeks ago on unrelated drug and gun charges. the ammunition found with him, the same type of bullets fired into the condos and town home. when they used this warrant to search malloy's girlfriend's place, even more evidence discovered to bolster the case. when i reached malloy's girlfriend by phone today, she said she was shocked to learn of the allegations. she doesn't believe it was him shooting at the neighbors'
6:47 pm
connection with the gunfire investigation. police know where he is, though. he's being held without bond on the other case. we have a special report coming up tomorrow here on news4 at 6:00. barbara harrison recently went to nasa's langley research center in hampton, virginia. she went there to talk with the lady who's received a lot of attention lately because of a new movie that's a favorite for the oscars. it's called "hidden figures." catherine johnson is the woman's name. she is a celebrated scientist who helped change the segregated s culture at nasa. barbara says she was amazed at the wit and whisdom of this 9
6:48 pm
barbara will share more of her interview with catherine johnson tomorrow night in our broadcast at 6:00. it will include the one thing you did not see in the movie. >> she's pretty amazing. we are keeping an eye on another powerful storm causing widespread damage, this time in southeast texas where a series of tornados touched down in morning near houston. roofs were torn off of several homes, trees and power lines toppled and thousands are without electricity at this hour. the threat of severe weather is expected to increase tonight and tomorrow morning for mississippi and the florida panhandle as that storm moves east. >> are we getting more and more of these storms? >> it's how warm we've been. that warmer air has stayed down in south. that gives them the fuel to have these storms. this is typically where we see those severe weather outbreak this is time of year. it's down around the gulf coast where there is that
6:49 pm
for us, we haven't seen that kind of weather and we haven't seen that kind of weather either. you haven't needed the snow shovels. a buddy i play basketball with says, doug, i bought my snow blower this year. that was the guy. we look at february and tom kierein looked up some of this information. the last ten februarys with less than an impnch of snow. we haven't seen any back in this february. they were followed by only three marches with more than an inch. only 30% of the time have we had significant snow in the month of march followed by a february like we're having right now. in 1993 we saw most of our snow that winter with super
6:50 pm
the blizzard of '93. weather underground temperatures, they're not there. temperatures in the 40s right now. no rain new york ci, no snow. we saw a couple of flurries and showers earlier today. that's all moving out. here's that big system in parts of texas. it's going to move right along this boundary and stay mostly to our south. can't rule out some showers in our southern zones but most of us tomorrow will be dry all day long. a warm jacket to start the day. 48 by noon. up to 50 by 3:00. breezy by 7:00. then wow. wow. that's all i have to say. 47 on friday. 62 on saturday, 65 on sunday, 66 on monday. and a pair of 67s thrown in
6:51 pm
starting on president's day. >> weird, weird. >> nice. coming up in sports, our sports producer heather wrote this. see if you can figure it out. it's how losing love on valentine's day could learn randy beall his first all star nod. ahead for us tonight, what did the president know? a look at the timeline leading to the firing of the national security advisor over his dealings with russia. the latest on the race to avert disaster below that reservoir in california. andas one of kim w
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6:53 pm
6:54 pm
bradley beal started out on fire. >> the analysts are starting to agree with this wizards team. john wall saying this team is poised to make a deep playoff run this season. they continue to build their resume like that blowout against oklahoma city last night. fans can't help but love what's going on with this team lately. no love on valentine's day, though. kevin love out of the all star game. that could mean the wizard's bradley pebeal gets in. beall is
6:55 pm
points a game, a career high, he's one of the players being mentioned as a possible replacement. >> reporter: a short practice at home ahead of a road game before a long break. bradley beal might have to rework his upcoming off days. he's high on the list of replacements for sunday's all star game. >> did you already make your vacation plans? >> i did. there's going to be some upset people. i don't know. i'm trying not to say too much about it. i don't wish any hurt or harm on anybody, you know, kevin. but if it happens, it happens. i'll definitely be happy. >> i don't like the politics. but i think his game basically says that he's right there. and the way we've been playing the last two and a half months says that he's
6:56 pm
there soon. >> reporter: a day of focus and fun at verizon center. the all star media challenge proving not many will make that. nobody has what it takes to john john wall and possibly beal at the event. providing embarrassing footage that can live forever on the internet is one bonus. second is the participation ribbon. >> she didn't tell the whole story. carol had some serious hoop skills. played in college. rumor has it the wizards offered her a ten-day contract. as far as the dunk contest, she gave it her all, flying through the air. if you were going to give her a score, write it down right now. very impressive day for her on the court. what are we rating carol here, guys? tens across the board?
6:57 pm
>> wait. nine. >> the landing. >> it's valentine's day, doug. >> i am so bad at basketball. i didn't even stand a chance. pitchers and catchers reporting today to their new facility in west palm beach, florida. carol is heading to national spring training. carol's report from the new facility in west palm beach beginning with the first full squad workout on sunday. bryce harper and position players report on saturday. moving back to valentine's day, a few professional sports teams spreading some love. wizards went with this one. and then we have you're my whole bay. i don't know what screams valentine's day more than that. and kirk cousins, u
6:58 pm
>> none of them really move me. >> no? >> will you be my boo? come on. >> all in good fun. >>
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tonight, what did the president know and when did he know it? critical questions after the outster of the national security advisor. nbc learned how long the vice president was not told of a warning the fed told the white house weeks ago flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail. the fbi involved, was nationalecurity at risk? finally justice for one of the first missing children on a milk carton. decades later, his killer found guilty. harrison ford scare. an faa investigation. kim jong-un's brother poisoned. the healing power of love. one couple's amazing story this valti


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