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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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security advisor mike flynn and said he did not have a problem with flynn talking to the russian ambassador about sanctions. >> mike was doing his job. he was calling countries and his counterparts. so it certainly would have been okay with me if he did it. you can talk all you want about russia, which was all, you know, fake news, fabricated deal to try and make up for the loss of the democrats and the press plays right into it. where does the press get this information that's classified? how do they do it? it's an illegal process and the press should be ashamed of themselves. russia is fake news. this is fake news put out by the media. i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with does. and the other thing, chaos. there's zero chaos. this is a fine tune machine. i just want to
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inherited a mess. sit down. i understand the rest of your question. the least racist person. we did very well relative to other people running as a republican. quiet, quiet, quiet! >> as many mr. trump inheriting a mess, president obama took office at the height of the recession. still the topic of russia dominated that news conference. let's get straight to tracie potts with more on this story. >> reporter: no one would have really guessed walk into this room what this news conference would have turned into. it was called at the last minute. we got word the president was going to be announcing a new nominee, which he did before he attacked the media. >> to be honest, i inherited a mess. it's a mess. >> reporter: in a news conference set up to announce his new labor secretary nominee, president trump outlined his
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accomplishments. >> quitet, quiet, quiet! >> reporter: then quickly changed gears. >> the tone is such hatred. >> reporter: blaming the media for deliberately undermining his presidency. >> story after story after story is bad. i won. i won. >> reporter: for short circuiting his foreign policy. >> the false, horrible, fake reporting makes it much harder to make a deal with russia. >> reporter: mr. trump denied any contact between his campaign and russia, now being investigated by congress and the fbi. >> russia is fake news. >> reporter: he defended his former national security advisor. >> i fired him because of what he said to mike pence. very simple. mike was doing his job. he was calling countries and his counterparts. so it certainly would have been okay with me if he did it. i would have directed him to do it if i thought he wasn't doing it. i didn't direct him, but i would have directed him because
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one of many leaks from inside the administration. >> i don't want classified information getting out to the public. >> reporter: the commander in chief today determined to by pass the media and convince the public directly that his administration may be full of change but not chaos. those changes including a new national security advisor as yet unnamed. a new labor secretary nominee just named today. and then steve feinberg, the billionaire businessman the president tasked to get to the bottom of those leaks he was talking about. several committees on capitol hill are looking into allegations of russian meddling in the presidential election. but democrats say some republicans are more interested in protecting the white house than in learning the truth about russia. >> yesterday a big opportunity in the judiciary committee, four different amendments as we were setting our priorities for 2017 to look at ties between donald trump and the russian govern
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>> he offered an amendment that says the committee will continue to examine allegations of misconduct in the executive branch. that amendment was accepted. here's a quick look now at where president trump's confirmation process stands in comparison with his two predecessors. president trump has 13 nominees for his cabinet or administration confirmed with 21 still awaiting confirmation. barack obama had 28 nominees confirmed by this point with 12 still awaiting confirmation. george w. bush had 19 nominees confirmed with three still waiting. that was after the contested election results in his 2000 race against al gore. now to breaking news along route 50 in prince george's county. three people shot inside a car just before the
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underway. traffic was stopped as police searched for clues. tracee wilkins joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: the eastbound lanes of route 50 between kenilworth avenue and columbia park road still closed. prince george's county police are still on the scene. this is still very much a crime scene. that's the kia that was shot up. he hear now from one of the drivers on scene shortly after the shooting. >> couldn't tell what was really going on. there's a bullet casing lay right over there. appears somebody got shot coming down the road. >> reporter: we counted at least 13 bullet holes in this kia from our vantage point. this car shot up as it drove eastbound on route 50 just before columbia park road . >> our detectives are on scene actively working to establish exactly what took place. >> reporter: it all unfolded before the
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three men were shot. all three transported to the hospital and expected to be okay. for hours the eastbound lanes were shot down as police investigated. >> there is no suspect vehicle here on scene. that's what we're trying to establish, where and what that vehicle could have been in the area. >> reporter: a canine on the scene searching for additional shell cases and a possible weapon. the suspect vehicle got away. >> we have shell cases for a good distance and we're going to go back very far and try to recover as much as we can. >> reporter: if you're wondering how far, like we said we're here near columbia park road. this crime scene stretches back to kennel worilworth off. prince george's county police whoever shot at this week started shooting at kenilworth and went up almost to columbia park road. all the men in this triple shooting are expected to be okay. prince george's county police are still looking for a suspect vehicle and a
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now to that symbolic protest here and across the country. some people carried flags and signs on the stereets. others walked away from school and work today, all of it in an effort to show what life is like without immigrants. >> reporter: with loud voices and signs raised, thousands are taking part in a national movement. a day without immigrants. >> we all are america and we all need each other. >> reporter: a one-day protest. immigrants across the country boycotting work, school and the buying or selling of any products today, showing how central immigrants are to our community and economy. >> immigrants are the engine of this country. we are the small engine that start the big engine. without us, this country cannot ll
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response to president trump's promise for strict immigration reform. at issue, his plan to build a wall along the mexican border and step up deportations of undocumented immigrants. >> we are not criminals. we are here to work. >> reporter: protesters are also speaking out against the president's executive order banning travelers from seven muslim majority countries. >> make it harder for new americans and immigrants community to live here in this country. >> reporter: policies protesters say go too far and tear families apart. new homeland security secretary john kelly defended immigration enforcement. >> we have no alternative but to enforce the law. >> reporter: protesters taking to the streets, demanding their voices be heard. the debate on immigration, far from over. now to the impact in our area. people here taking to the street m
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heard. some local restaurants closed too to show their support. what was the impact for businesses in our area? >> reporter: it was pretty significant. some restaurants planned to close. they wanted to stand in solidarity with the immigrants they knew wanted to protest. there's other restaurant owner who s who say they didn't have a choice because they didn't have enough staff to keep open. jaleo behind me put a note on their door letting customers know they will reopen tomorrow. basically letting them know they're standing with the immigrants. they use the hashtag immigrants feed america. basically making the case that it's not business as usual if you don't have immigrants. if you think about it, it's pretty significant. it's a thursday night her
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chinatown. it's usually a busy area. they're clearly taking a hit to their pockets but that shows how important the owner feels that this cause is. >> i think there were a lot of restaurant where is the owners decided to close. what about the restaurants that stayed open? was there an impact on them? >> reporter: yeah. we visited some restaurants today that did remain open. it was pretty difficult for them. they had to do what they could to manage. we'll show you some video. we stopped by teddy and the bully bar. they went into their kitchen. they were pretty slammed. some of their workers decided to protest. other employees had to pick up the slack there. the owner said, for instance, our salad maker isn't here today. they had to put somebody else in place there who didn't know how to make salads, so they had to learn on the fly.
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do you think the case without immigrants protest will make a difference? it's our flash survey question this evening. so far almost half of you say no. you can weigh in on our nbc washington facebook page. tainted testing. two pregnant women in d.c. test positive for zika after initially being told they did not have the virus. and bedbugs found at a second local school. but this time it's not going to keep kids from going to class. mgm national harbor cashing in and offering something new to visitors next month. it's a cold night across our region tonight. don't get used to it. as a matter of fact the coats won't be needed much the next couple of days but they are
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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all those errors have been rectified. >> all 409 of
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retesting. so far, 62 tests have come back. two of those turned out to be pregnant women who were in fact positive. the laboratory director says there could be more false negatives. >> we are assuming that there may be some in there. we are also hopeful that the majority of those will continue to be retesting as being negative. >> in 2015 the department of forensic sciences came under fire and the former director resigned after reports he ignored warnings of faulty dna testing, which resulted in delayed court cases and cost d.c. taxpayers millions. >> if a mistake is found that impacts the public, we need to tell you about it. that's why we're here today to reveal that to you. there will not be hiding of information while i'm the director of the department of forensic sciences. >> reporter: now the doctors for all 409 people who were tested in d.c. between july and december have been
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reexamined. and the doctors for the two pregnant women who were found to have been given false negatives, they've also been notifienotifi. because of privacy reasons, health officials were not able to tell us the outcome of those pregnancies. if you were part of the people tested between july 14th and december 14th of last year in the district, you should go see your doctor. we wanted to remind you about some signs and symptoms of zika. the most common are red eyes, fever, joint pain or a rash. people can also experience muscle pain or headaches. symptoms are usually mild and a lot of people don't get sick enough to go to the hospital. symptoms usually last a week. zika is most commonly spread through mosquito bites but it can also be spread from mother to child, through sex or through blood transfusions.
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risk for unborn babies. infection during pregnancy can cause birth defects including microcephaly, a serious brain issue. women planning to have a child are encouraged to avoid traveling to areas where zika is p prevalent. there are efforts to develop a vaccine under way. bedbugs have been found at a second elementary school in the district. this time it's miner elementary school in northeast. they don't believe this infestation is big. the school sent a letter home to parents. earlier this month you'll recall students at sa voi elementary in southeast moved to a temporary location after bedbugs and rats were found there. now to a story getting an awful lot of buzz in prince george's county. a staredown between a local boxg
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gary russell junior was born in the district and lives in prince george's county now. he headlines the first boxing match at mgn national harbor next month. he told tom sherwood he's excited to fight in front of his hometown fans. >> reporter: the classic faceoff before the bout. the first mgm casino boxing match is march 11th. russell grew up in the district in prince george's county. the former olympian turned pro, now fighting at home. >> it's my hometown. they want me to come home and compete. i never wanted to come home and compete unless i was a world champion. >> reporter: russell remembers before the mgm was even here. >> i remember running around this place before this even was established. >> reporter: colombian challenger spoke
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>> you won't hear us raging trying to make it negative. >> reporter: talking with nbc 4 russell's father said he raised his three sons who all box to defy stereo types. >> coming from broken homes, coming out of jail or something like that. i've been married 31 years to their mom. i made sure they all went to school. we all went to church together. >> reporter: the senior russell grew up in d.c.'s trinidad neighborhood before the gentrification wave there now. a long way and a long time ago from the main event at the mgm. >> we may have to wait a while for that fight, but today we can give you a report on how the resort is doing. >> mgn national
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1,000 jackpots per week have been paid out on the casino floor. a jackpot is $1200 or more. >> some more fun facts, the resort has display eed 350,000 flowers at its conservatory. visitors have had 44,000 slices of pizza and have indulged on more than 8500 steaks. there is a 65,000 dollar bottle of liquor at mgm, making it the most expensive one at the resort right now. you'd have to win a lot to buy that. still ahead, questionable tactics used to target undocumented immigrants in our area. details behind the recent arrests and why virginia's governor is now getting ined
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>> reporter: after the gang related and brutal murder of a 15-year-old here in fairfax coun county, federal officials warning that gangs are spreading. they're recruiting as young as middle school.
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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kind of windy and cold out there today.
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aren't they? >> they are looking up. great shot behind you guys. >> we like that. >> it was a cold day today. we even saw some scatters snow flurries around the area. look at that shot. that is really quite gorgeous across our area. cold, cold and more cold, but only for tonight and maybe to start off the day tomorrow. take a look outside looking off towards friendship heights. dropping through the 30s by 11:00 tonight. down to 30 degrees in winchester, 30 in gaithersburg, 32 in frederick. it's going to be a cold night. temperatures will be in the low 20s in the morning to around 30 in the city. the windchill not as big of a factor. still seeing the windchill right now. down to
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19 in hagerstown. the wind starting to calm. it will continue to do so. not much in the way of rain or snow. we did see the snow showers earlier today. look at the lake-effect snow showers. right across our region a little bit earlier and all the way out towards the atlantic ocean. now we're just seeing that drainage of the cold air continuing to come down. the cold air is locked in right now but it moves tomorrow. in comes a nice ridge of high pressure. that means warm air, not just for us but all the way back to the west. denver today 75 degrees. that was a record high. we could be near 70 over the next few days and especially into next week. yeah, the warmer air returns big time, back into the 60s. stays mild right on
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week. temperature tomorrow around 50 degrees, partly cloudy. a little bit warmer than it was today. still cold to start. 42 by noon and 50 by 4:00. look at those numbers. way up there, 66 on saturday, 65 on sunday. there could be some prprinkles in the morning but the rest of the day will be dry. tuesday is the day we drop into the 50s and some areas could be in the 40s. then right back up. 62 wednesday. look at next week, close to 70 again next friday. we need a little bit of rain. we got a chance next saturday. looks like we're going to be fairly dry. chaos within the
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struggles to fill crucial cabinet positions. a growing problem involving ngs in thega
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>> reporter: the body of alexandra reyes was found on saturday. the police chief calls her murder brutal and savage. he says those responsible are gang members. federal officials and law enforcement from nearby counties, together stressing how widespread gangs are becoming in our region. >> we are seeing a lot of increase in recruiting at high schools and middle schools, which is alarming to us. >> reporter: news4 obtaining this law enforcement document. it's a regional assessment on gangs,a
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it shows ms-13 is increasingly recruiting juveniles and young adult adults. 15-year-old alexandra reyes disappeared in december. >> we have sufficient evidence to support murder. >> reporter: police arrested 15 gang members. >> she told me because of work she can't spend much time with her kids at home. >> a gang can come and fill that void. we strongly believe in community policing. that's what we have been doing here in prince george's county.
6:33 pm
in other places. >> reporter: officials warn this goes beyond our region, beyond our border. >> the fbi has partnered with other federal agencies to include the state department to develop the anti-gang task force. >> reporter: her reporting showed us the cells where many deported ms-13 members end up. two people arrested for murder in prince george's county. timothy sherrod was found in his car in accokeek on monday. the neighborhood had several security cameras but there's no word if security video helped lead to the suspects. police say a dispute over money led to the murder. in montgomery county
6:34 pm
judge sentenced a man to prison for the death of his baby. we're hear from the infant's mother as prosecutors describe warning signs of abuse, even in children too young to communicate. >> reporter: he was convicted of child abuse that resulted in the death of their seven week old son emir. >> he knows what he did. his posture, his demeanor, his actions, it just radiates guilt. >> reporter: today in court his family asked for leniency because he has three oh children. he said, i love all of my children. i can never be happy after the loss of my son. but the judge sentenced him to 40 years in prison, saying, you
6:35 pm
sir, were an abuser, tormenter and murder. prosecutors say they are fighting child abuse cases on the rise. >> this is the second time in a week i've stood before you to talk about the murder of a child. >> if your child has injuries behind their ear, in their upper lip of their mouth, their fren lum, on their abdomen, these are all telltale signs of child abuse. >> reporter: prosecutors say 7 week old emir suffered injuries while in his father's care on two prior occasions but no one in the family suspected that the infant was being abused by his own dad until he died. next month's confirmation hearings are set to get underway for president trump's supreme court pick. the senate judiciary committee will launch hearings for judge
6:36 pm
neil gorsuch. if confirmed he would fill antonin scalia's seat. >> more details now on labor secretary nominee alexander acosta. he is currently the dean of florida international university college of law. he served as the u.s. attorney for the southern district of florida. he also served as a law clerk to support justice samuel alee toe. >> a military acraft arrived in chicago this morning carrying crates filled with documents, gifts from international leaders and other memorabilia the former president left at the white
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obama presidential library. if it survives a review by congress, thousands of workers in d.c. will qualify for up to eight weeks of paid family leave starting in the new year. eight weeks will be for a new baby. the law allows six weeks for family care. bowser opposed it because it imposes a new tax on businesses. the mayor didn't veto the bill. a family desperate for answers in a cold case. what they're doing now to try to get some closure eight years after a local woman's mysterious disappearance. controversy over a recent crackdown on undocumented immigrants. why some are questioning the tactics agents are taking to make arrests. here's the cold air up here from the mid atlantic right on toward the northeast. but the warm air g
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here, look at this, 60s and 70s. they all want to move our way. at dominion, we're putting our energy to work
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eight years ago pamela butler vanished from her home in d.c. her family usually holds vigils every year to pray for her safe return. this year, they gathered for a memorial service at lane memorial ame church in northeast to honor her and celebrate her life. butler was a computer specialist with the environmental protection agency. she disappeared from her home in northwest in 2009 without a trace. >> hoping, hoping and praying that something will come out of this and we could get closure so we could do what we have to do with dignity and respect and go on with our lives.
6:41 pm
believed that a man her daughter husband dating had to do with the disappearance, but no one was charged. d.c. interim police chief said because she is now considered legally dead, homicide charges can be brought against the suspect. being mugged can happen to anyone anywhere. what you're wearing could play a big role in whether you become a target. that's what our i-team learned after getting inside the mind of a mugger. >> reporter: inside the mind of a mugger. our news partners in new york sent surveys to hundreds of convicted robbers, asking them who they target and what you should do if it ends up being you. that includes david serrano, a serial mugger who admitted to more than 100 cases now serving 25 years to life prison sentence. close to half who responded to the survey said they didn't care about the age of their victim and they
6:42 pm
attracted to anyone flashy with nice clothes or pricey jewelry. >> my favorite target was anyone alone. but it didn't matter whether it was a man or woman. >> reporter: serrano told the i-team victims should never fight back. it's not worth it, he said. coming up, the spot muggers are most lickly to strike and why they do it and what they think about all those security cameras. protesters from across the country converge on capitol hill to share their fears over president trump's immigration policy. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in annandale where a demonstration is underway at the apartment complex where ice agents made several arrests last week. we're heari from oneng
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today president trump said he will deal with so-called dreamers with a great heart as he worked to crack down on immigration laws. dreamers are those who were children when their parents lost them to the united states illegally. they were given amnesty under president obama's deferred action for childhood arrivals policy. this week daca recipients have been on capitol hill defending their right to be here. >> as a daca recipient, i want to be representing the immigrants but also giving back to the economy.
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we contribute to the economy. we pay our taxes and we deserve an opportunity. >> on the campaign trail president trump vowed to revoke daca. today he said dealing with dreamers is one of the toughest issues for him and that he, quote, loves kids. tonight we're hearing from one of the northern virginia residents whose home was a target for immigration and customs enforcement agents last week. immigration advocates tell us it appears ice could be casting a wider enforcement net. northern virginia reporter julie carey says that concerns virginia's governor, among others. >> reporter: her name is dena. she's an immigrant from el salvador. she's still upset about what happened last week when ice agents knocked on her door. >> in our opinion, they were here harassing us. >> reporter: the person ice agents were lookingfo
6:47 pm
for dena's documents. >> he also told me if i don't show the papers, that they would take my fingerprints and it would be forceful. that they would have to do it. >> reporter: agents left dee th dena's apartment without making any arrests but at least four were taken into custody. when agents didn't find the people they were looking for, the targets, they reportedly took other undocumented immigrants into custody. ice officials point to this trump executive order that broadens the definition of who can be detained. news4 spoke to three men who witnessed another action last week, a group of latino men adetaad detained after they left a church hypothermia shelter.
6:48 pm
supporters of donald trump defend the ice enforcement action here and across the country. freddie's parentins came here fm chi chile. >> the order was brought in terms of anyone who's had a misdemeanor to a serious offense must not be in our communities anymore. >> reporter: and freddie says he believes it is the latino community that suffers the most, is victimized the most when undocumented criminals are not detained and deported. a good deed done by the founder of little caesar's pizza is getting new attention in years following his death. for heryears he paid the rent f civil rights icon rosa parks. he arranged a deal for parks to
6:49 pm
for the remainder of her life and he quietly covered all of her expenses. he was also the owner of the stroit ti detroit tigers and red wings. it was kind of exciting for a few minutes there this morning. >> it was. i went to bed last night and it was snowing in bethesda. i woke up this morning a and it was snowing. nothing happened in between there. there was no accumulation. it was pretty in parts of the area today. if you saw those flakes, count yourself as lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it. out there right now everybody seeing the same temperatures in the 30s. it's a chilly night, 37, winds out of the north at 15 and our windchills still in t
6:50 pm
32 right now in potomac. riv riverdale at 33. it's a chilly night. get ready. make sure you have the coat read did for tomorrow morning just like you had it today. on the radar, nothing to show. we had those snow showers a little bit earlier. here they are coming down from the northwest coming right across our region. didn't amount to much. temperatures tomorrow looking pretty good 30 degrees to start off. we warm to about 50 degrees by about 3:00. with less wind we're not talking windchill tomorrow. some areas to the south may be a little bit warmer than 50. skiing this weekend, spring conditions. they've been making snow like mad. skiing t
6:51 pm
it will be kind of shushshushy slushy. book your court time. 66 on saturday, 65 on sunday. i think we'll be near 70 at the end of next week. book your court time. coming up in sports, bradley beal snubbed again but the wizards only worrying about tonight.
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you said beal can keep his vacation plans. >> the wizards are so close to the all star break. the wizards will try to win their fourth straight game in indiana tonight taking on the pacers. scott brooks needs his team to stay focused for 48 more minutes before they can check out. >> it's the time of the year all coaches are worried. everybody is working on their plans and what they're going to do for that week. hopefully our guys havene
6:55 pm
that already and we have one more game. >> we've got bigger plans tonight. ya >> our focus is close it out strong. our mean go everybody is looking forward to the break, getting the rest. it's imperative that we come out with the same focus and continue with our same energy we've been playing with. >> a bad deal for bradley beal, snubbed original as an all star, snubbed again as a replacement. beal having a career season, has nine games of 30 points or more and fourth in the east in three-pointers made. the guard telling reporters today that the process of this doesn't make sense. he still congratulated carmelo. it isn't all bad news for beal. he had vacation plans and now
6:56 pm
baseball's back. today was the first spring workout for the nationals. something you don't want to hear as the season is just starting back up, your ace might miss the start of the season. max scherzer suffered a stress fracture back in august. >> it's just throwing a baseball is the one thing that hurts which is the only thing i don't want to experience pain with. >> there's nothing that any of us can do really until he feels 100%. you certainly don't want to rush him, because we're thinking about the long haul. >> i'm glad we look on the mri and we see that little line that was there in my knuckle is gone. so from now, it's just progressing and doing what i can to make sure this doesn't happen
6:57 pm
again. >> carol heads to the national's new facility in west palm beach. carol is going to catch up with all the heavy hitters. you can follow her on twitter and our sports department for all the latest from national spring training. we've been without the caps for five days now. the players are posted beautiful pictures from the beaches. there's a dpl to rockville ice arena. second period. tackles the loose puck. 1-0. stags take the 2-0 in the lead. backhand stop. jake smith puts it home. but it would be an empty net for o'connell that allows the 3-1 win.
6:58 pm
atlantic prep title next tuesday. >> good for them. nightly news is up next. bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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tonight, president trump unloads in a fiery, combative press conference listing successes, airing grievances, placing blame, denying allegations. a scene unlike anything in history. stores and streets shut down, kids skipping school in a show of solidarity in deportation raids. more troops in syria. when is the real expiration date? we're cutting through the confusion about when it's still safe the eat. you might be surprised. what in the world? the highly anticipated sequel to the reality show that stunned audiences. you might say it's the greatest show on earth. "night


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