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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 21, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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breaking news this morning. four americans and an australian killed when a doomed charter plane crashes into a melbourne mall. security breach. nearly a dozen passengers board flights walking through an unmanned metal detector in one of the country's busiest airports. you're hired. we learn more about the country's next national security adviser. plus angelina jolie breaks her silence after her divorce and what she says was a difficult year. partridge family star david casady reveals his battle with dementia. and one lucky tourist gets a whale of a surprise. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm dara brown. four american tourists were
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crashed into a shopping mall in melbourne, australia. the pilot was also killed. two victims have been identified as texans who were among a group of u.s. golfers traveling the globe to play the world's best golf courses. it happened an hour before the mall was supposed to open. the only fatalities were aboard the aircraft. they were working to extinguish the fire and they promise to carry out a full investigation. the plane suffered catastrophic engine failure after taking off from an airport nearby. it was heading to taz mania's king island. local government leader described the crash as the worst his state has seen in the past 30 years. police and federal aviation authorities are investigating a serious security breach at a tsa screening checkpoint at jfk's airport. 11 passengers walked through an unattended metal detector
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flights. some passengers triggered the alarm. it questions tsa staffing and who's in charge. nbc's tom costello has details. >> reporter: it happened at 6:00 a.m. at jfk just as the precheck lanes were opening up. 11 passengers managed to walk right through without being screened even though their carry on bags were. three of the passengers tripped the metal detector yet weren't given a secondary screening, two of the three shown here but it took the tsa two hours to report the incident to airport police and by then the passengers were gone, already on their flights. in a statement the tsa says, a k9 team was present at the checkpoint at the time of the incident and we are confident this incident presents minimal risk to the aviation transportation system. police say the passengers were identified and checked on arrival in california. >> yeah, i'd say that's pretty unnerving. i don't know how that happened. seems like there's pretty tight security here. >> i find it shocking given how tight
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>> reporter: nationwide the tsa screens 2 million people at 440 airports every day. so far president trump hasn't appointed a new tsa chief. veteran deputies are running the agency which has been under public scrutiny. nearly two years ago a devastating undercover test found agents failed to detect 90% of fake weapons and explosives. meanwhile, from brussels to istanbul to ft. lauderdale, airports remain a top target. >> a checkpoint must be there and if you are unable to be there, it must be shut down. >> nbc's tom costello reporting. to washington where the white house is expected to unveil new guidelines for how the administration will tackle administration. the blueprint released by the department of homeland security will administer immigration rules signed by the president last month. according to leaked draft memos they will approach hiring 10,000 new i.c.e. agents and expedite the removal
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immigrants. president trump is going to sign a new executive order retooling the same order that was suspended by a federal court just weeks ago. that order could come as early as next week. and while the president looks to make good on his promise to rein in immigration, he's finalizing his own white house staff revealing h.r. mcmaster as his pick to replace michael flynn as national security adviser. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: in a made for tv moment president trump announcing his new national security adviser. >> general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security adviser. he's a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. >> reporter: a senior administration official tells nbc news the president chose lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster because he's both a warrior and defense intellectual. at 54 years old he's highly
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iraq wars and also haled for his book "dereliction of duty" about officers who failed to tell president johnson he was wrong about vietnam. now he's in a position of having to weigh if and when to speak out to the president and some question his national security expertise, the announcement was largely received with bipartisan support. >> i don't know if h.r. ever sleeps at night. >> reporter: the former u.s. ambassador to iraq praised mcmaster's leadership over an elite counter insurgency team in 2011. >> he was precise, he was focused and gave us just what we need to develop a plan that actually worked for the next two years. >> reporter: lieutenant general mcmaster beat out three other candidates that the president interviewed this weekend and replaces former national security adviser michael flynn who was fired for misleading vice president pence on a diplomatic trip in brussels. the vice president was pressed on the shakeup. >> i was
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that the facts that had been conveyed to me by general flynn were inaccurate. >> reporter: the white house insists mcmaster will choose the team he'll now lead. and despite the holiday, demonstrators didn't give mr. trump an inch as thousands attended rallies around the country against the president's policies. from new york to los angeles, miami to chicago and in the nation's capital anti-trump demonstrators turned out in force for what were largely peaceful rallies turning the federal holiday on its head in what they dubbed not my president's day demonstration. a new wave of bomb threats targeting jewish community centers and the fbi is investigating them as possible civil rights problems. in all 11 centers were targeted yesterday alone. since early january 54 centers have been targeted in 27 states. in st. louis more
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jewish cemetery. community leaders say president trump has not done enough to address rising anti-semitism and instead they say he has repeatedly deflected questions about the issue. >> i am the least anti-semitic person you have seen in your entire life. >> the issue is we need the president to acknowledge moral leadership and address the problem before communities go from anxiety to real trauma. >> reporter: so far no one has been injured and the threats all appear to be hoaxes. texans are picking up the pieces after at least four tornadoes ripped through the san antonio area causing damage to more than 150 homes and knocking down power lines. fortunately there were no serious injuries. the severe weather wasn't limited to texas though. heavy downpours and strong winds battered northern california creating dangerous conditions in many already flooded areas. like in san jose where
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three people were rescued after getting trapped in rushing waters. now meteorologist bon any schneider is here to fill us in on the storms sweeping the south. good morning, bonnie. >> good morning, dara. it may be early in the morning but we have storms across new orleans working into mississippi, alabama as well as southern arkansas. looking at what we can expect, the heavy rains and storms will persist. watch out for that if you're in parts of the gulf coast. heavy rain is expected all the way to the florida panhandle. a little bit of a rough go of it for the early part of the week. record high temperatures, we've been seeing them. we're seeing the spring pattern in full force. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now here's a closer look at the day ahead. temperatures are so mild all the way up into minneapolis. 62 degrees today. sioux falls, 65. how do you like that? maybe some more record highs. starting to warm up in the northeast and mid-atlantic with highs in the 40s and 50s. it's definitely warming up,
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dara, across much of the country. >> bonnie, thanks so much for that. talk about warming up, seven young people had to be rescued in central park after falling through thin ice into a pond. police say the group was already climbing out of the water. they flange age from ten to teens. three had to go to the hospital for hypothermia. they're expected to be fine but police say it is a good reminder not to head out onto the ice. just ahead, insults fly in parliament. plus, tourists in mexico get a whale of a surprise during an ocean outing. stay tuned, you're watching "early today." why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on!
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russia's ambassador to the u.n. died suddenly while at the russian consulate in new york city. 64-year-old vitali churkin was working at his desk when he collapsed. the new york city medical examiner's office concerned that it is investigating and will share the cause of death once it's available. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power tweeted her condolences writing that churkin was a deeply caring man who did all he could to bridge u.s./russia differences. to london where the british parliament held a contentious debate over president trump's planned visit. here's some of that heated debate. >> this was a great concern when you have a man who's the president behaving like a petulent child. >> for those who find it
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american people voted for donald trump. get over it because he's president of the united states. >> at the very least it would have been prudent to wait before rolling out the royal red carpet pimping out the queen for donald trump. >> i think it's not in order for talking about pimping out our sovereign even in a distinguished journalist. >> when we stand up and condemn him for being racist, and i've seen no evidence of that, i see no evidence of him being racist or that they attack him in an unseemly way, we're actually attacking the american people. >> i think it's difficult to uphold the morality of this invitation. i'm astonished at the stupidity of the invitation. uber has hired eric holder to lead an investigation into the allegation of sexual
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engineer claimed former unwanted sexual advancements. she was propositioned for sex the first day. she was repeatedly blocked for advancement and said uber's human relations department was unwilling to take action on a sexual harassment claim. he said he's launching an urgent investigation. former partridge family star david casady is sharing sad news with fans. he's battling dementia. cassidy told "people" magazine dementia runs in his family. he struggled to accept the possibility for himself saying i was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming. the revelation comes after cassidy appeared to forget lyrics last weekend. the 66-year-old plans to stop touring to concentrate on his health. just ahead, the latest on the mysterious death o
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. fast forwarding into tuesday. the national zoo says bye-bye to bao bao. the 3-year-old panda thoeds china today. bao bao's departure is part of a long standing agreement with chinha
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be returned by the age of 4. malaysia's health minister for kim jong-un's ee strained brother could be released as early as tomorrow. kim jong-nam died last week after a woman covered his face with a cloth laced with poison at kuala lumpur's airport. >> wednesday's powerball jackpot heads to an estimated $403 million. that is the tenth largest powerball drawing of all time. the lump sum cash payout is worth $243.9 million. well, trading in u.s. markets resumes today after all three major indices closed at record highs ahead of the three-day holiday weekend. let's go to cnbc's jeff cutmore in london to see if this winning streak is going to continue. good morning, jeff. >> dara, good morning to you. the question is can we continue on with the holiday sn
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it would suggest we have another all-time high today. i have to warn our investing audience that europe is trading flat at the moment. we have some poor results from hsbc and that has the markets concerned. so keep a close but cautious eye on where we start the u.s. trading session. is it a poiler for snap? i'm talking about what's app now intering an in built camera by facebook, the owner, and of course this new camera will be rolled out the same week that snap chat starts its ipo road show. so just watch out for the fireworks there. let me just round up on one of the aussie's favorite restaurant chains. popeyes may be acquired by tim horton's and burger king. no price disclosed on the potential deal, but it looked like -- it looks like that deal will be sealed shortly. ck
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white house. oh, i just got back from the burger white house. i've got to go hit the porcelain white house. i'll be right back. >> colbert's always on point with the politics. it's so funny. >> yes. that was a good one. i'll have to see where else he goes to come up with that. >> exactly. more white houses. jack black helps kick off celebrity charity week on "the price is right" and his experience was what some might call priceless. a fellow contestant spins the big wheel, scores a 95 cent slot and gets him in the face. he dramatically falls to the ground. he ended on a high note. he won over $75,000 for his charity, the society of women engineers. i tell you, jack black always funny all the time. >> he went with it. >> you have to at that point. >> at least nobody got hurt. >> no, nobody got hurt and,
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he gets to make our show so why not. it's not every day the beatles come together. for the first time in seven years paul mccartney and ringo starr are back in the recording studio working on a musical collaboration. ringo tweeted this photo writing, thanks for coming over, man, and playing great bass. stars confirmed he is working on a new record but no word yet on the title or the release date. it is great to see those two together. >> it really is. look forward to hearing it. >> i'm excited to hear that. especially paul mccartney, he's such a legend. to hear his voice on anything will be great. >> i saw him in concert tat a park, it was pouring rain. >> they're great performers. the life saving methods of saving a prepare my hippo. plus, angelina jolie opens up about her divorce for the very first time. you're watching "early today." more "doing chores for mom" per roll
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now on news 4 today, new developments out of australia this morning. several americans were on board a plane that crashed into a shopping center. kindergartener expelled. new types of punishment for students in area schools. >> and so long, bao bao, as sad as it is for the zoo, it is a huge day. the minute by minute planning that went into this long trip. >> none of those options are easy though. >> just breathe. >> good morning, everybody.
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>> she's done. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> it's back to school and work for a lot of people today but will you need a winter coat and a few tissues to get through the day. that's the question. >> a lot of folks outside, some playing volleyball, a little too cold for that, i think, but -- >> some people run at a higher, you know -- >> biking too. we were about 20 degrees above average yesterday. >> you might see some shorts and t-shirts. as soon as people get a little touch of spring they want to go all out. >> i pull the flip flops out immediately. >> and if you're playing volleyball as long as you keep the blood flowing out there i can understand it. you can still work up a sweat. it was 68 degrees. >> i went running yesterday and it was hot. >> i didn't make it. >> you almost went running yesterday. this mo
4:28 am
temperature wise, some spots are in the 30s but overall we are still unseasonably warm in many areas. for a morning temperature, 45 degrees in the district. as we go through the day today, temperatures will be rising again to near 50 degrees by lunchtime. aside from that we'll take a look at the rest of the headlines for today. >> one of those days with a fair amount of clouds around, but rain later but dry for this morning. compared to yesterday's 68 it will feel chilly out there, but by february standards a pretty nice day to be outside. you your outdoor planner, no worries for today. a slight chance for a shower or two befe the mild air comes back on in here and w
4:29 am
tracking a chance for rain that will impact your saturday. for now there are some early morning problems for those in northern virginia. >> northbound 28 right now shut down at the dulles toll road. southbound lanes are open. this is a crash and investigation so we'll keep you updated on this one. inner loop of the beltway, blocking the left lane there. no big problems. we'll take another look at this issue in herndon and also a trip down 270 coming up. thank you. four americans killed overnight in a plane crash. >> we're at the live desk with breaking news. >> dramatic video from the scene of the crash. you can see the fire ball there. all that's left of the charter plane that slammed into a shopping center. many witnesses headed to work saying as the plane hit the shopping mall and then
4:30 am
and no one on the ground was hurt. all five on board including four americans as you mentioned and the australian pilot, they died. two of the victims we know at this point were from texas and they were there on a golfing trip. now, the mall was close to a small airfield. this is near melbourne, australia. still too early to determine what went wrong. back to you. >> it is 4:30 and today we could find out how immigration and border agents will be directed to go after undocumented immigrants. new implementation guidelines for the two immigration executive orders signed by trump last month are expected to be unveiled. draft memos were leaked over the weekend. in those memos an order to keep people captured at the border while they await hearings. changes could be made to the guidelines after they are


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