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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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caps take away other than the result in game one? >> they owned auston matthews in the regular season and in game one. matthews, five shots on goal against the leafs. one shot in the playoff game. he was held quiet. and a lot of tension was paid to him. an outstanding job defensively, by the washington capitals. mike babcock, trying to get wyes to get his young star into open spaces. when you force him to play in his own end, you're the benefactor. the leafs want to get matthews going in this game. and the washington capitals want to keep him off the board. >> if two head coaches selling different narrative. you have mike babcock saying this is a confidence-builder. and you have barry trotz saying this is a stress-reliever? are you buying either one? >> i'm buying trotz. they missed an opportunity, did toronto, to get a game in their pocket on the road. and have believability. all of a sudden, it's justin wi
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and the caps grab control of it. we thought in the room, here we go again. it's the washington capitals. that was the nervousness. but they have too many veterans, too much experience to let that happen again. there's a great -- it was a great game for the washington capitals to come away with unscath unscathed. >> i think the leafs come at them again. i don't think the leafs think washington is all that mighty. i think the maple leafs rely on the center ice position. that's going to be a factor in tonight's game. >> that's what mike babcock is selling. i'm not buying. >> that one at 7:00 on nbcsn. the fourth night of the stanley cup playoffs. getting set for our fifth overtime aware. the next goal will be the winner. ♪ >> jaden, makes the play off the wall to tarasenko, trying to pull it in the middle. tarasenko does. he scores. buries the game winner in overtime.
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he scores. melker karlsson in overtime, wins it for the sharks. >> on the right circle, he scores. the toronto native, tom wilson, wins it for washington. down low, pacioretty, shoots and they score. radulov radulov. >> you've been watching "the subway overtime intermission," brought to you by subway. fresh is what we do. play hard work hard play hard work hard play hard work work work work
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senators will start on the power play, with bruins captain, zdeno chara in the box for 1:48, following his delay of game penalty, at the end of the third period. career playoff overtime goals for the senators, burrows three, turris two, brassard run, with the new york rangers. for the bruins, bergeron, three. backes, two, marchand and beleskey. this will be the fifth overtime game of the stanley cup playoffs. twice a team has come back from a two-goal deficit to win in overtime. san jose, game one against edmonton, ottawa trailed by two in this game in the third period. bobby ryan, defended by joe morrow. senators on the power play. erik karlsson with the
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brassard, who died t ed thtied . erik karlsson hit the post behind tuukka rask. now, it is brassard. back out for karlsson. and then, across for a shot, which is blocked. ryan, tried to chip it in front. bruins clear, with 1:10 on the chara penalty. >> joe: hoffman as the great shot. he's a left-handed shot. now, he makes a change. and karlsson on the other. the thing for the bruins, a depleted defense. one of the top penalty killers is zdeno chara, in the penalty box. >> kenny: only four defensemen available for boston during this power play. tied 3-3, in overtime. miller, back on for the bruins. leads on by phaneuf. phaneuf to the puck. karlsson, and then across for turris, who shoots off the post. senators have hit two posts in the first 1:10 of overtime. >> joe: karlsson, the first one.
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pass. that allowed turris to be able to step in. here's karlsson's first. right back to him. just off the post and out the other way. there was some room on the short side. and then, turris. able to let that hard wrist shot go. rask didn't see it. >> kenny: turris with stone and karlsson and phaneuf, burrows. fired by joe morrow all the way into the ottawa zone. 30 seconds remaining on the senators' power play. one for three in the game. alex burrows, picked off. with bergeron. marchand, unable to get the shot away. senators, with ten seconds remaining on the power play. this is stone. dropping it off, karlsson's shot, deflects wide. marchand to the puck. kept in by phaneuf. now, turris
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turris, stick handling. drops it off for a shot by phaneuf. dropped off of the glove of rask. penalty is over, bruins have killed it off. ottawa hitting two posts. and for tphaneuf. he scores.
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>> kenny: dion phaneuf, the overtime winner here for ottawa. the senators come back from a two-goal deficit in the third period. they have tied this series at 1-1, as it heads back to boston for game three. >> joe: dion phaneuf does a great job here. watch him keep the play alive. that's a bouncing, rolling puck. it goes up and over. he keeps it in. and eventually, zdeno chara, who comes out of the penalty box, they're still on the power play here. and now, chara is out. and now, the shot and the game-winner for phaneuf. he keeps it in. and then, scores the game-winner. wh
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one shot, senators able to retrieve the puck. now, they take their time. everybody is a little out of position with three defensemen on the ice. and dion phaneuf is able to tie the series at 1-1. >> kenny: his seventh career playoff goal. his first in overtime. coming up next, except on the west coast, local news. tonight at 8:00 eastern, nbc, the stanley cup playoffs, predators and blackhawks. thanks for watching the stanley cup playoffs, presented by geico.
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right now an six. demonstration broke out across the country today. some of them got nasty. angry protesters using skate boards, helmets and fireworks gerns their opponent. scare near the white house. what had the secret service on alert. it's the moment that medical malpractices of people have been waiting for months. april thas a baby boy. >> developing off the top. protesters clashing in berkeley california. people punching and kicking using helmets and skate boards as weapons. some threw fireworks at each other. police arresting more than a dozen people. in other parts of the country, people were less violent, but just as fired up. here in the district and from city to city, people took to the streets. these
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were designed to pressure donald trump to release his return. good evening, i'm erica gonzalez. while you may be focused on your return. tens of thousands of other people focused on the president. nbc with the day of protest. >> they marched by the thousands in new york, washington, and chicago. >> we have to pass a bill that we are working on called the mar-a-lago bill. >> these demonstrations called tax marches happened in more than 100 u.s. cities from coast to coast. >> we want to see his tax returns. >> why. >> because we want to shoe what they show. >> what are you thinking. >> we think he's hiding something. >> you think he has involvement with the russian sgls pressure one person to show
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president trump donald trump. president later said voters don't care to see his taxes, but it's clear thousands do. >> every other president has shown their taxes. i think there's something he wants to hide. >> taking part debra messing said voters from both sides should care. >> i can't think of anything more important than protecting democracy. it's not a partisan issue. it's about being an american and protecting our democracy. >> in california, pro and anti-trump demonstrators got into violent clashes. that violence was an exception. many of the marching democratic lawmakers led demanding the president release tax returns. >> we will pressure you. we will hound you. we will harass him. if he thinks he can get away with playing, he's got another thought coming. >> so far there's been no white house response to the
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marches. nbc news. also developing tonight, vice president mike pence boards air force two for an important trip to asia. heading to several countries to explain the trump administration policy on north korea. the president and north korea's leader have been engaging in a potentially dangerous war of words over the last several days. nbc news is reporting that the north could be preparing to conduct its sixth nuclear test or conduct a significant missile launch. it will start in seoul korea and last ten day. >> also new details tonight after the u.s. dropped its largest nonnuclear bomb on afghanistan. officials says the death toll has now more than doubled since yesterday. 94 people. that i have say at least four isis leaders are among the dead. the bomb targeted a tunnel complex in eastern afghanistan right near the border with pakistan. tragedy today for former baltimore ravens player.
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over his daughter with his car at their arizona home friday afternoon. and she did not survive. his daughter was just three years old. mesa police say he was not impaired and they are investigating the incident. he was an all-pro tight end for the ravens and arizona cardinals. now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> overall a beautiful day today. take a look at current temperature. 76 degrees by 9:00 still mild at 70. overnight tonight at midnight still comfortable out there. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow heading out to sunrise service or for the easter egg hunt in the low 60s. don't hold off too long on the outdoor easter egg hunts. going be chocolate in the easter egg. looking at a hot easter. let you know how much we warm up. any chance for a late day shower or thunderstorm in my forecast in about
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>> the attorney general of the state of arkansas is appealing a federal judges ruling that just halted all executions in the state. eight inmates were scheduled for execution in just 11 days. sparked days of protest in the state. arkansas was about to run out of a key drug in the legal injection cocktail. today's ruling states the inmates have legitimate claims the drug could inflict severe pain. inmates in other states have woken up during execution using that drug. tourists in washington told us stay back from the white house as secret service investigated a suspicious package near the white house. agents didn't find a credible threat. gave an all-clear about an hour later. president trump is not at the white house this weekend. it's finally happened. april the giraffe
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in our nbc washington app, just search giraffe. remember, it is a giraffe giving birth so just brace yourself for that. most of social media isle loving the new calf. many people tweeting congratulations to the mom and baby boy. others are tweeti inmeme that t about the giraffe could be the star of the show called giraffe. it's sweet. it's a giraffe. zoo in new york says we don't have the content of what to call the little guy. giraffe births aren't all that rare. remind you it's a little boy. this one got really hyped up because of the live stream. nearly 5 million viewers a day. april's keepers first thought she would give birth in mid january. the bbc called the arrival the most
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arrival of prince george. another big adjustment for metro riders. whale y what you need to know about. a community coming together to recognize a local firefighter shot and killed in the line of duty. all for a good cause. and tonight a very special honor for our friend
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i show of support today for a firefighter who was killed in the line of duty. a blood drive in memory of john. his daughter was just two when he was shot by a homeowner who had called for help. fire and ems spoke person said he's happy with the turn out for today's drive. >> a great way to turn something negative into something positive by donating blood. >> today marks one year since the deadly shooting. in court yesterday, the man responsible was sentenced to four years. he claims self defense. fellow firefighters broke into the man's home when nobody responded after calling for a medical emergency. >> switching gears now. a very special honor today for a member of our family. va
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the community. couldn't be there so chris lawrence was there to accept the 100 way award on his behalf. a ceremony was held at the mgm national harbor. talked about vance's skill in bringing up the news with such dignity. his ability to hold people in power accountable and his outreach work in the community. much deserved honor. we are so proud to call vance or friend and our colleague. more fallout from the united overbooking scandal. now you can really cash in if this airline asks you to give up your seat. metro riders. assess the green
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it's going to change the way some of you get around for the next month. staff track kicks in this morning. news 4 walks us through what it means for riders. this is 13 surges so far. number 14 still caught people by surprise. showing up here to college park station and finding it closed. >> our luck. just called that. >> likewise, spring belt station. >> i'm really frustrated because i didn't read about this in the paper. >> first phase concentrates on infrastructure.
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university of maryland and green belt station closed. three bullet buses replace changes. bit of a detour for weekend plans. >> going to zoo, museum. >> expect to maintain a standard, but normal service outside of the effected areas. green line train ie dially running every 6-8 minutes. metro is trying to get it right, but unfortunately customers are trying to get where they need to get to. >> now, riders have become accustom to delays and not too happy with them. they're well-versed in the stated goal ambitious year long blitz on maintenance and upgrade. >> got to bond together and try to make this work as best as possible. >> i'm not going let this stop my day. >> final safety surge is due to be complete in june. did you catch all that. don't worry if you missed anything. we'vot
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know about the surge. how to get around the closures. washington app search safe track. passengers who get bumped from future overbooked flights. internal memo from the airline. delta gate agents can offer up to $2,000 for people asked to give up their flight. the ap is reporting that supervisors are authorized to offer nearly $10,000. this coming after that viral video showing a man being advisemently dragged off a united express flight. sit a gorgeous day for an easter egg hunt. fills her bag with goodies. the police department hosting the event. eggs filled with candy. some healthier alternatives were provided as well. the officers jokingly told the little girl to make sure she eats all of her candy at one time. >>
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>> if you lose your one and only. >> a little country twang in southwest d.c. today. cherry blossom festival hosten an event toll wrap up four-week celebration. besides the music, beer garden and a lot of food trucks. cotton candy as well. fireworks show about 8:30 tonight. >> now storm team four forecast. >> so it's feeling like spring today. tomorrow is feeling like summer. more like mid to late june. that's going to be your first weather headline. hot tomorrow for easter. overall as we look to the next ten days the nice weather continues. of course we're up and down. we're spring. that's why this season is my favorite. we need the rain. deficit down to two inches. still in moderate drought. this is a drought that goes back to last year. only looking at minor rain


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