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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that chopper went down around 2:00 this afternoon. witnesses say it started spinning before it came down fast. this evening, we're getting a look at new video. a close-up view of that black hawk helicopter on the ground. three people were inside at the time. our darcy spencer on the scene now in leonardtown, maryland, with more. darcy? >> reporter: well, jim, we are here at the breton bay golf course, it looks quiet and serene. this is not where the crash happened. we are being kept some distance away. now since our last report, military has confirmed this was a fatal helicopter crash. one died, two remain in the hospital. we also learned this happened during a training exercise. >> you see it on tv all the time, and you think it's pretty cool. it's not. when you see it live, it's not -- there's nothing good about it. >> reporter: neil and his brothers watched in disbelief as a black hawk helicopter went down on the breton b
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course in the leonardtown area of st. mary's county. the army confirms one person died in the crash. >> we washed the helicopter come by, sitting very low and my brother said, look how low it is. and i said, oh, my god, it's going sideways, then it started to go backwards and it went down. >> reporter: just before 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, witnesses say they saw it fly low, spin, and crash to the ground. three people on board, one died, one in critical condition, one in serious condition. the blackhawk hawk was based at fort belvoir. >> there were a lot of first responders on the scene, and a lot of witnesses. they confirmed they did see the helicopter circling, almost spinning out of control before they heard it crash and hit the ground. >> reporter: joyce rum is a reporter with the, she got to the seen and took photos of the wreckage. being a military wife she said it hit home forer
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community, which has a large military presence. >> being a military community, something like this hits home very hard, and there there's a lot of people concerned for their loved ones. >> reporter: news4 could see military personnel in golf carts, driving the course, looking for pieces of the helicopter that may have dropped. the army will be at the crash scene tomorrow to conduct the investigation. at this point, they have not yet released the name of the person who died in that crash this afternoon. jim, back to you. >> thanks, darcy. black hawk helicopters are quite common in our area. they're a major part of the 12th aviation battalion at fort belvoir. staffers at the pentagon tell news4 that army helicopters from fort belvoir often fly vips to-and-fro the pentagon. according to the national guard, the uh-60 fleet is the oldest in the army. not clear whether the aircraft involved
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one of the older models. at long-time employee of the national institutes of health is accused of stealing sensitive equipment inside agency headquarters and then selling the stuff on ebay. scott macfarlane broke the story in our nbc washington app this afternoon and joins us now with details. scott? >> doreen, his name is chris dame. he's facing a federal criminal charge and possibly prison time tonight. in court filings, federal investigators say they've linked dame to an ebay user account suspected of selling n impt h equipment to the highest bidders. those court records say he worked at nih in the medical arts division, helping design, photograph and display informational posters on the campus in bethesda. they've say they've linked 14 items belonging to the nih to that suspicious ebay user who is believed to be dame. including electroforeasis machines. the feds in
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say they found a cache of equipment believed to be for sale inside a storage closet. the account is an ebay user named phodan 0. a judge gave the feds permission to raid his home, his car, his storage units a few months ago. internal investigators say they found nearly a dozen pieces of nih equipment inside the storage units. his attorney says he intends to accept responsibility for his action when he returns to federal court. >> thanks, scott. strong words today from north korea about the possibility of nuclear war. those words were matched by a steely warning from vice president mike pence. he used a strip to south africa to make a surprise visit to the did i mel tarrized zone. the white house is signaling it may be willing to work with china to help
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situation in north korea. blayne alexander has more. >> the white house says when it comes to north korea, nothing is off the table. meanwhile, today we heard a rather grim warning from that nation's ambassador to the u.n., saying that the u.s. is pushing the region to the brink of nuclear war. today president trump and the first lady hosting hundreds of children for the white house easter egg roll, but even during the light holiday tradition, hangs the heavyweight of foreign policy. >> gotta behave. >> reporter: the white house now signaling it's leaning on china to help ramp down north korea, but holding all options open. >> i don't think that you're going to see the president drawing red lines in the sand, but i think that the action that he took in syria shows that when appropriate, this president will take decisive action. >> reporter: today at the united nations, north korea's ambassador blaming the u.s. for escalating tensions. >> the
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any mode of war desired by the american. >> reporter: north korea, instead of a nuclear test opting for a less provocative medium-range missile, which exploded seconds after launch, an embarrassing failure. >> even though it was a failed test, it's still a test, and it still helps them learn the capabilities. >> reporter: the vice president in south korea on a previously planned trip, doubling down on the president's message. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> reporter: and literally staring down the rogue nation, pence visiting the demilitarized zone dividing north and south korea. staring across the border as north korean soldiers unflinching, stared back. and another big topic during today's white house briefing, the president's tax returns. we heard a number of questions about those. the administration still saying he has no plans to release them. doreen? >> thank you very much, blayne. we've been hearing a lot ab t
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the dmz as it's called for the past few days. the dmz is a buffer zone that roughly divides the korean peninsula in half, with heavy military fortifications on both sides of the red line between north and south korea. the dmz is 160 miles long and roughly two and a half miles wide. the buffer was created in 1953 as part of a ceasefire in the korean war, although technically that war never ended because no peace agreement was ever signed. the war began in 1950 when north korea invaded south korea. china fought for the north with some assistance from the soviet union. the united nations, aided mostly by the united states, came to the aid of south korea. congress still in recess tonight, but there's quite a crowded plate when they return. the big job will be to prevent a government shutdown. back in december, congress passed a
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the government running until april 28th. the goal was to give the new president a chance to weigh in on a new budget. possible hurdles on that includes battles over the border wall and obamacare payments to insurance companies. the quest for the cup continues tonight. a huge game three between the caps and the maple leafs. >> sherree burruss is at the arena, sky high ticket prices didn't keep her out. didn't keep some fans from making the trek as well, sherree? >> reporter: i ran into some caps fans, and i was told the prices are three times more expensive to this game than they were back in d.c. and as you see, all these maple leaf fans, they told me the tickets were too expensive inside, but the real party is out here. but those two fans that i met, they said they are just soaking up this
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the cap fans getting boos here in toronto. we have jose and andrew from d.c., repping their hometown. they said most of the maple leaf fans have been pretty polite, but we are seeing ticket prices in the hundreds even to thousands for game three at air canada centre. to these fans, it's money well spent. >> worth it if you're a caps fan. it's expensive, but it was so fun. we got on a plane this morning and we're here for 13, 14 hours on the ground and we take off first thing tomorrow morning. >> the prices are triple what they are in d.c. for a ticket. >> reporter: are you ready to get loud? >> let's go, caps! >> reporter: and you can see this huge sea of bl,
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the caps have to contend with this, so will those new caps fans that came out here to toronto. but we know these caps are trying to ruin these maple leafs' party. we'll have that tonight at 11:00. live from toronto, sherree burruss, news4 sports. >> you be careful up there in enemy territory. and the beer is stronger that they sell up in canada too. >> and it doesn't take much . to storm team 4 and an up and down start to the week. many of you head back to work tomorrow. we check in with tom kierein in the storm center. >> good evening. we have a beautiful afternoon after the morning rain showers came through. washed some pollen out of the air. if you suffer from allergies, you probably are feeling a little better here as we approach sunset on this monday evening. sunset is at 7:47. there's the capital wheel, the national harbor camera
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george's county, overlooking the calm waters of the potomac river. beautiful evening under way here. don't have any more rain. just a few lingering sprinkles south of salisbury. overnight tonight, into the evening hours, we'll drop back down into the 60s. 9:00 p.m., low 60s. and after midnight, back down to the mid 50s and be holding steady there. our rain chances for the next ten did ays in just a few minut. millions of people in five states on alert because of a facebook post. the new details about the man behind a shocking crime and a multi state manhunt. a man visiting d.c. from the other side of the world got a nasty and bloody surprise. his family is speaking out. and the nudge that got a lot of attention on social media and some of the things you may not have noticed about the trump's
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developing now, a frantic search this evening for the suspect in the shooting of an elderly man. the horrifying crime recorded and posted to facebook. the shooting happened in cleveland and the search has now expanded. authorities are cautioning people in ohio, michigan, indiana, pennsylvania, and new york, to be on alert. sarah dallof has the story.
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>> reporter: an intensifying manhunt for this man, steve stephens. he posted this video to facebook. authorities believe 74-year-old robert godwin was selected at random. shortly before the murder, stephens laid out his motivation for the attack, blaming a woman he was dating. >> she drove me crazy and, started making me gamble. >> reporter: and he claimed he killed others. authorities say they found no evidence of that so far. >> we're imploring steve to turn himself, to contact a relative or friend. >> reporter: a plea echoed by his former fraternity brothers. >> please seek help and surrender because the situation may not end in any other way. >> reporter: officials are also enlisting the public in locating stephe
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individual's world very, very small. >> reporter: the family of robert godwin is grieving his loss. >> this man right here was a good man. >> reporter: his son has not watched the video of his death which facebook has since removed, instead, choosing to remember the 74-year-old father and grandfather in happier times. sarah dallof, nbc news. chopper 4 is live right now over some breaking news in montgomery county. a fire at atlantic recycling in rockville, it looks like a large scrap pile caught fire here and spread to a number of cars. because of the large response from firefighters, south lawn lane in rockville is blocked right now, between avery road and goody drive. again, that's a live picture from chopper 4. a man visiting the district from vietnam has ended up bloodied and bruised. it happened yesterday after he went out for
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sunday, a similar attack happened in the same area. derrick ward reports that police are trying to figure out if both attacks might be connected. >> reporter: and they both happened here on hyatt place. police and the community are asking, is there a problem here? well, we talked to the victim of that crime on saturday. and he says he thinks there's some things that can be done, but it hasn't soured his impression of the united states or of d.c., but meanwhile, police are looking to see if those two crimes on saturday and sunday, are connected. the bruises are healing, the physical pabe is subsiding, but this man is still shaken by what happened to him saturday afternoon on hyatt place in columbia heights. he was just taking a walk and didn't think much about the group of people he passed on the sidewalk. but they sized him up. >> they basically jumped him and hit his back and that's when he knocked down and he
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recall anything after that. >> reporter: police arrived quickly as he was trying to make his way back to his family's business nearby. he was dazed and injured. >> his whole side was bleeding and he was just trying to run home. >> reporter: the very next day, easter sunday, another man was attacked in a similar manner in the same place, around the same time. it was broad daylight. this short block has maintained some notoriety for some time. it's still in transition, old buildings awaiting new life. new buildings and those in between. and it's well lit when there's evening activity at one of the playing fields on either side of the street. but this weekend's attacks happened under natural light. it was during the daytime. homes bristle with security cameras because of car break-ins. >> we live in an urban center and you have to be aware of where you're walking. >> if it's late at night, i take the longer way. >> reporter: saturday's victim is visiting from vietnam, with its own urban areas and issues, and despite the
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district, but there could be more safeguards in place. >> certain structure is much safer for the citizens and in and around d.c. >> reporter: police are looking at whether saturday's incident was related to sunday's. back with you live here, we've seen a couple of officers walking the beat here on hyatt place, and people we've talked to say that's what's needed, more of that. there is a constant police presence here, but they say there have been nuisance crimes, cars broken into. this means things could be getting worse. we're live in columbia heights, jim, back to you. one week after he was sworn in, neil gorsuch took his seat on the bench to hear arguments for the first time today. as a junior justice, gorsuch now sits to the far left of chief justice john roberts. on the right side of your screen there. next to justice sonia sotomayor. he was not shy about
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up. gorsuch asked his first questions 15 minutes into his first session. he asked questions of lawyers from the plaintiff's side and from the government's side during an employment discrimination case. there's president trump getting the 139th easter egg roll under way on the south lawn of the white house this morning. more than 20,000 guests joined the first family for what has become an annual holiday tradition. the event was hosted by first lady melania trump. they got the day started from the southport co-of the white house. they were joined by the easter bunny and a gunnery sergeant that sang the national anthem. trump and barron placed hands over their hearts, a subtle nudge of the wrist, right there, appeared to remind the president to do the same
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>> later the first family joined the guests and mr. trump read a story to a group of children. we read a book by kathie lee gifford called "party animals." >> and indeed what a difference a day makes after a warm easter sunday, really warm, we'll take a look at what to expect for the rest of the week. i'm julie carey in manassas where police are investigating the murder of a young man who was found slashed and shot in this alley early this morning. now we have the security camera video that shows the last seconds of his life and the m who attaenck
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are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. what a weekend we had. that's what an easter weekend ought to feel like, don't you think? >> it was more like fourth of july. >> not quite. >> i mean, yesterday, 89 degrees. >> it was gorgeous. >> unbelievable. and now it is a magnificent evening on this monday evening. the air is mild and fresh after the rain we had earlier. look at our town. there it is. there's the washington monument, the jefferson memorial and the late afternoon sun. sunset still about an hour and a half away. and we're getting t
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look how green everything has gotten. and of course all the trees produce a lot of pollen. we had an outrageously high pollen count. right now, all drying out and we'll continue to be dry overnight tonight. some of the pollen will start building in the air again. and we're hovering around 70 degrees, just perfection. low and mid 60s on chesapeake bay, beautiful evening in the shenandoah valley and out of the mountains as well, where it's in the low 70s. hour by hour, into the rest of the evening, we'll see temperatures mid 60s by 8:00 p.m., then by 11:00 p.m., low 60s under a clear sky and we'll be cool and dry starting tomorrow morning. down into the mid 50s in the metro area, 40s in some of the suburbs and rural areas early tomorrow morning. few clouds building by midday. by then, climbing into the mid 60s. and there's the sky over the metro area, looking off to the west. a morning jacket tomorrow, but
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sleeves throughout much of the rest of the day. no umbrella needed tomorrow. for the morning commute with dry roads, dealing with the sun glare, sunrise, 6:27. that's getting earlier as well. 55 in the metro area, 40s in the suburbs. noon time temperatures, mid 60s for lunch hour and back home from work and school, temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. after we touch the low 70s by mid afternoon. as we get to wednesday, cooler, lot of clouds around on wednesday. just a small chance of an isolated sprinkle. the storm team 4 ten-day outlook showing a warm pattern returning at least briefly on thursday, up near 80 degrees on thursday afternoon, with some clouds around as well. there's a small chance of an afternoon shower on thursday. then friday morning, a greater chance, maybe a few sprinkles upon-o up then sun in the afternoon. sunday and monday, t
6:27 pm
rain, maybe over an inch on sunday, as well as monday, and cooler as well. drying out after that into mid week next week. >> all righty, thank you, tom. a spring tradition that's had people enjoying the national zoo more than a century now. we'll have a report on how it all went today with security top of mind. >> it was a nearly 17-hour stand-off that ended late this afternoon. and now tonight, we're getting our first look at the home at the center of the entire investigation. and we're learning the back story of the man who lived here and was holed up there while a neighborhood was on edge. also, uber facing a new legal challenge, why some of its drivers may have been putting riders in se
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> tonight a key piece of evidence in a murder investigation. >> news4 has video showing the moments just before a young man was attacked and killed this morning in manassas. it also shows his possible attackers. julie carey just watched that video and joins us now. she's along route 28. julie? >> reporter: yeah, it's tough to see this play out. now, a little earlier this evening, i talked to manassas police, they tell me they have identified a person of interest, and they areue
6:31 pm
right now. they aren't able yet to tell us the victim's name, because they're still in the process of notifying next of kin. but we know he was young, just 25 years old. he was enjoying a night out at that bar and restaurant back there with the awning when it appears a group of men pulled up behind this diner and waited for him to come out. security video shows it was just before 1:00 a.m. when an suv pulled up and parked. one man lays the vehicle to lay in wait, smoking. until the victim leaves a nearby restaurant. these are the final seconds of his life. he seems unaware of the danger, possibly looking at his phone. he rounds the corner of the building, the two men follow. it's there he's attacked, shot, and slashed. this man, who asked not to be identified, was next door in the mcdonald's parking lot. >> i heard two shots at first and then right after that, it was three more shots. a total of five shots. >> reporter: he says it
6:32 pm
victim. he was laying face down on the asphalt next to the diner. >> he had bullet wounds to the back and he had two big slice wounds, like they tried to slice him pretty bad. like, he was cut deep. >> reporter: you knew he wouldn't make it? >> oh, i knew he wasn't going to make it. there was too much blood already. >> reporter: the man tried but failed to get information about the attackers. >> i asked him, i was like, who did this to you, what happened, what's going on, and all he could do was moan. >> reporter: the security camera video shows the attack lasted just ten seconds before the two men can be seen running away into the trailer park. this man who also asked that we conceal his identity, heard the shots, then saw them coming, running. one of the guys had a gun in his hand. the other guy had something that looked like a gun in his pocket. >> reporter: he said the fleeing men climbed on this pile of lumber and jumped the fence into another trailer park.
6:33 pm
search, but the suspects were gone. now that white suv left behind here at the diner. police towed it away. it's believed the driver of the suv, that first guy to get out, he went into the restaurant as well, perhaps he went in there to alert the other two men as to when the victim was coming, but we don't know that yet for certain. police likely to have more to say about this tomorrow. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. tonight people in high yo hyattsville will decide whether they want their town to be a sanctuary city. they're considering a bill to prevent providing a person's immigration status to the federal government. president trump has threatened to cut off money to sanctuary cities. the bill sponsor said hyattsville gets about $20,000 a year from the federal government. the city council will hold a final vote a
6:34 pm
the neighbors in one community in mt. vernon will be trying to get a few more hours of sleep tonight. after sirens and s.w.a.t. surrounded a house last night, a barricade situation lasted nearly 17 hours. bureau reporter david culver explains how it came to an end. >> reporter: a long night turned tense morning for this mt. vernon community. >> quarter to 5:00 a.m., auffed all of a sudden the sirens were going off. >> reporter: the stand-off involved a man holed up inside this home. most concerning, he had his two young kids with him. around 1:00 in the afternoon, it all came to an end. we watched as an ambulance and medic crossed the police tape. police from fairfax county and alexandria, clearing the scene. >> just seemed like a good family. i don't know how this happened. >> russell dale, off school today, watched the fal
6:35 pm
out and the kids looked healthy and all good. >> reporte >> we looked down there and they gave the sign like it's over, it's done. >> reporter: throughout the stand-off, another neighbor watched the man inside come to the smashed window, talking with police. when he stepped out of the home, they fired their taser, taking him into custody. dan stork lives nearby, and he and other nashs were reminded of the 2013 john gear shooting, a barricade situation that ended with an officer shooting and killing gear at his front door. supervisor stork said today's incident showed a clear effort by police to de-escalate. >> a dramatic difference in how we approach these things. i wouldn't say what we did before was bad. i would just say it's better. >> reporter: neighbors seem to agree. >> i'm impressed with the way they handled it. >> reporter: police took the man to a local hospital where he's being
6:36 pm
i'm david culver, news4. uber in california in trouble tonight after complaints from riders that drivers were either drunk or high. california's regulators say the ride-sharing company failed to investigate and suspend drivers when passengers reported them driving drunk, and they're recommending more than a million dollars in fines. the state has what it calls zero tolerance rules for transportation companies when it comes to complaints of knoc intoxicated drivers. right now, the current lieutenant governor of virginia leads in the race. a polling found ralph northam with a double-digit lead over tom perriello, 42 to 28%. 30% are still undecided. this poll was commissioned by the virginia education association which has given its endorsement to
6:37 pm
swearing off flying united airlines forever, and it appears that the airline has noticed. we'll tell you what it's changed in the wake of that video. the clock is ticking. just over 24 hours until it's time to get your taxes in. tens of millions of americans haven't done it yet. some important things you need to know so you don't get in trouble. and we are sun-splashed here, just about an hour before sunset over the region. we've had a clearing sky after the morning rain. a look at other rain chances over the next ten days. g at's comin
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it's league night!? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> o, my god! a change of rules at united airlines -- pardon me -- after this viral video, showed a passenger being dragged off a flight in order to make room for an employee of the airline. now, once a passenger is on the plane, that passenger
6:40 pm
an airline employee. the airline is also requiring that employees book their seats at least 60 minutes, that's an hour before the plane takes off. previously that deadline had been at departure time. new details now on the investigation into the overdose death of prince. the entertainer died of a fentanyl overdose on april 21st of last year. search warrants revealed that prescription medications were found all over his house, often in vitamin bottles. several medications were prescribed in the name of his long-time friend and bodyguard. the doctor who wrote at least one of the prippingprescription johnson's name to protect prince's privacy. but the doctor said he never
6:41 pm
prescribed the drugs to someone else with the intent that they be given to prince. >> and he will win the boston marathon. >> kenya won the men's side of the race, 19 seconds later, galen rupp of oregon took second place. edna kip ligate won the women's race, two hours, 23 minutes and 51 seconds. jordan hasy of oregon was the top american woman to finish. she placed third there. clocked a time of two hours, 23 minutes. earlier today, city of officials now planned for memorials to mark the sites where two bombs exploded during the boston marathon back in 2013. well, now, tomorrow, the deadline to file your tax returns for 2016. >> it's coming up fast and here are four things to know if you're one of the 40 million
6:42 pm
your taxes. as long as your tax return is post marked by april 18th, the internal revenue service will consider it filed on time. to help with that, the postal service website has a list of locations that will be open late to post mark your tax returns and a gentle reminder, tax forms with insufficient postage will be returned. finally, you can forget what we've been telling you all these years about the irs never calling taxpayers. the tax agency has just hired private debt collection agencies who will send mailings and then will call people who owe money to the irs. it's one of the biggest surges of metro track work yet and we may not have seen the worst of it yet. why it could slow things down for drivers too. a spring tradition dating back more than a century. we'll tell you how it started, and how extra security is now an important part of an experience. at the zoo.
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stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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some people going back to work for the first time in several days might be a little dismayed by the newest safe track surge that's going to affect riders on the green line. the greenbelt and the college park stagedzs will be closed. free shuttle buses are taking riders between the stations that are closed. this is the first phase of surge number 14 of the metro safe track program. the greenbelt and the college park station closures are scheduled to last until april 29th. we have postedis
6:46 pm
on our nbc washington app. a lot of children are still home from school because of spring break and that's one thing d.c. families flocked to the national zoo today. they were also taking part in a spring tradition that goes back a century. >> lions. that's it. >> reporter: we were busy picking out animals on a plastic ponc poncho a gaithersburg dad had bought it moments before. >> how many are you buying? >> three. >> for the kids? >> two for the kids and one for my wife. and then i'll suffer. >> just let the kids get wet. >> oh, no. >> reporter: it was a relaxed if wet day for easter monday, a special family celebration that began 100 years ago with african american families. >> your zu is the favorite place for families with children in the washington, d.c. area.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: a few years ago, obvious police security presence was stepped up after a couple of disruptive incidents. they haven't been repeated, big crowds attend each year. >> and we've found that's a great way to invite people to come in and have a great time. at the same time, not to bring in things that might cause trouble. >> reporter: the only trouble this day was that persistent light rain. >> it's a light wet, but we gonna enjoy ourselves anyway. >> you know they're $3.50 each. >> yeah but we gotta keep ourselves moving and dry. >> reporter: the clean-up crews kept up with the crowds. the popcorn was hot and fresh. all in all, a day of wonder and excitement at the zoo. tom sherwood, news4. tom, with the rain we had today, a poncho was pretty much it. it never really rained that hard, did it?
6:48 pm
>> no, and just enough to wash the pollen off the top of your head. >> but the cars are pretty well covered. >> so we'll get a fresh coating, though. probably tomorrow. as it will be juching back up. the pollen count on sunday was double what it was just on friday. we had a tremendous jump. and we have all those trees to blame. you can see them off in the distance, behind the capitol wheel there, a live view from our prince george's county camera, overlooking the potomac river at the national harbor on this delightful spring evening, because the air is pretty fresh and clean. and the temperatures after we had the rain come through, now all that rain is well into southern maryland, dropped back down to around 70. pollen count is just in the high range, the grass, weeds and mold spores are lower. temperatures hovering around 70 from the bay to most of maryland and virginia, as well as out in the mountains. it's a glorious spring evening under way. hour by hour, into
6:49 pm
hours, we'll quickly get cool, be back down to near 60 by 11:00 tonight. and then we'll be hovering in the mid 50s after midnight, and then all the way down into the 40s and some of the rural areas tomorrow. for the morning commute on tuesday, dry roads, bright sunshine, sunrise at 6:27, and then we'll climb into the mid 60s for your lunch hour, some of the clouds coming through might produce a few sprinkles on wednesday. the storm team 4 ten-day outlook showing a lot of clouds around on wednesday and a bit cooler. average high this time of year is 67, right near there on wednesday afternoon. then we'll jump back up to near 80 degrees on thursday. touch of summer in the air. lot of clouds around. small chance of an afternoon shower. maybe even a little bit humid. then we dry out a little bit and maybe some morning sprinkles on friday but drying out after that and mild into the upper 70s on friday afternoon. next weekend, looking cooler o
6:50 pm
saturday. which looks like the best day. likely pollen-washing rain, as well as some needed rain for our drought, likely on sunday now into monday. looking more likely. and we could get a beneficial amount sunday into monday. it will taper off monday afternoon. but cooler with highs only near 60 degrees. then is dries out after that with temperatures near 70 degrees that tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> thank you, tom. >> not so bad. we got sports coming up. big game three up in toronto tonight. pretty good team up there and also some wild and crazy fans. but first a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." ahead for us tonight, the latest on the killer who shared a murder on facebook and what a friend of the suspect is telling us about him. also important advice in how to fight back against those robo marketing calls. and prince harry opens up about his personal struggles and what caused him to shut down
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> got a good night's sleep on his pillow and he's here to tell us about all the great stuff.
6:54 pm
that, don't you? >> that's the best part. as long as you use the right promo code, although i probably can't say that. because i'll get fired. >> we're talking hockey. >> speed can be a problem, and i got the -- well, that's another story. but speed can be a problem. young and fast, that would make a good movie title. but it's the real life script for the toronto maple leafs. their speed has the series tied at a game apiece and put the heat on the caps who want to avoid a fast exit from the playoffs. sherree burruss is there in toronto ahead of tonight's game three. >> reporter: if the fands are any indication of how hostile it might be in this game, the caps players say they're ready to embrace it. >> i enjoy going on the road and playing in the playoffs. it's nice when you have thousands of people cheering against you, it's fuel to your fire. and i think you really have to embrace that. we know that we're going to have to come on the road and win some games. i think we're happy to be here. >> so this
6:55 pm
you tonight? >> yeah, whatever you want, i'll take it. >> i've played some loud buildings, so i'm sure that the fans are excited to get playoff hockey back in, but there's only so much people can scream. >> definitely feel the general buzz in the city. and even in the rink this morning there was a lot of excitement. the towels are on the seats and we're expecting a fun, electric game and a pretty loud building tonight. they always do a good job here and i think they're excited to have playoff being hoy back, and it's going to be on us to go out there and take care of the hockey side of things and let the rest take care of itself. >> this is what five-year playoff drought looks like, but both teams are trying to bring this bad boy home. >> told you, she was in the middle of it all. carl alter will be out tonight. barry trotz said it would be a game-time decision, also
6:56 pm
tonight, the caps iron man has not missed a game since 2010. that's seven years including regular season and playoffs. this would have been tonight, his 600th straight game. all right, to the wizards, also involved in the serious business. >> yeah. >> bring it on. they're doing well so far. serious business of the postseason. serious, yes, but a team that likes to have fun. mark has tagged them death row d.c., a shout-out to the popular hip-hop record label in the '90s. but yesterday the hawks compared the wizards to mma fighters. to be sure, the wizards won over the hawks in game one of the nba eastern conference at verize center. it was physical, bang the chest. paul millsap said the hawks were playing basketball and wizards were playing mma. that's mixed martial arts. >> give me a break. >> hawks did shoot 39 free-throws. >> mma might be a big strong, wizards had 28 assists, nine blocked shots, eight steals, can
6:57 pm
i get an amen? that's good basketball. >> it's a physical game, i don't see anything out of the ordinary that we did that would make anybody think differently. i've been in many, many playoff games that were much more physical than that. >> i think we just came out ready to play. we were just physical, we came out ready to play. we had a few possessions where we hit them either during box-outs or fighting for the ball, you know, we were just pushing harder. >> playing hard, playing hard, good basketball, trying to win. that's all it is. two great teams competing and giving it their all on the court. >> speaking of physical, kirk cousins with a franchise tag in attendance. this is known as the jim vance exercise, this is what he does before every broadcast. also a lot expected with
6:58 pm
garcon and jackson gone. so the redskins doing some work as everything
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, facebook k murder manhunt. now spanning multiple states. a frantic search for an accused killer police say executed an elderly man seemingly at random, posting the horrific video on social media. north korea stare down. the vice president at the dmz delivering a warning from president trump. north korea now threatening weekly missile launches. stopping robo calls, a national nuisance for millions, many of them from scammers, tonight tricks you may not know to get rid of them. hidden grief, prince harry opens up about seeking professional help to tackle the private pain he says caused chaos for years after the death of his mother. and breaking barriers, the fir


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