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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, game winner. john wall answers the call for the wizards and they are not going home. we are live with team coverage. washington headed to game seven. new charges tonight in the deadly amtrak
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two years ago today. what prosecutors say about the man at the controls. and trump supporters come together tonight in virginia amid the fire storm surrounding the white house and the fbi. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. and hello everybody. storm team 4 radar smothered in green. heavier rain rolling in and sticking around overnight. >> we know it is going to effect your saturday. doug kammerer has been going over the latest timing. he starts us off. when is the rain going to move out? >> it should move out around early tomorrow morning. it is definitely raining tonight. way to go wizards. that was awesome. take a look at the radar. storm team 4 radar showing exactly what is going on. we have rain heavier including heavier shower activity along i-81. everybody
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you note ths back edge to our west. we have a few more hours to go before this gets out of here. what do we expect? running through the morning hours a cool saturday. not a very nice saturday. a warm mother's day. we will talk about mother's day and show you how warm it gets and talk about rain chances and then a changing pattern as we head into next week. i'll see you back here at 11:17. tonight was do or die, win or go home and the wizards are not going home. >> wow, what a finish at the phone booth. it was close all night, edge of the seat kind of stuff came down to the wire. john wall is our hero this week. we have team kuccoverage for yo we have shomari stone. let's kick it off with carol. what a scene in the final seconds. >> it is still a party here. we have nationals players geo gonzalez. they
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exciting at the end. still everyone was holding their breath here. under a second remaining in the game. the wizards are down one. the celtics missed and the wizards hold on. unbelievable. they force a game seven. 92-91 here at verizon center. so you are saying there is a chance. the wizards going to boston for monday night's game seven. it is a place they haven't won all season and they are 0-3 there trying not to be 0-3 there this post season. all they want to do is focus on tonight and get one win and get a chance to go to the second round. let's go out to shomari stone with the fan reaction outside the arena. >> reporter: right now fans are excited. they are coming out of the verizon center and saying d.c.
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wizards. they are ecstatic. we were there when john wall arrived at the verizon center. he was very focussed. let's show you what happened. game six at the verizon center. steps away from game seven, the man with his fans are waiting to see arrives in style. john wall is focussed. bars and restaurants are packed. >> it's crazy. we have a chance to go to the finals. >> going to win this. >> lucky strike. >> i love to win this. this is the city's time. >> reporter: this is alex. he is advertising for the wizards. people are lined up to get inside the verizon center and some of them tell me that they are thirsty. the energy was here. >> go wizards. >> pam thompson has been to every home ge
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playoffs. >> wonderful time for people to come together and feel as one. >> she is happy they won. the season continues. >> i am going crazy. i consider myself their good luck charm. i have been to every home playoff game and won every home playoff game. that's why i had to be here tonight. >> reporter: it feels good to report on good news. d.c. team won and i must tell you you see these fans just so happy. i will tell you there is a game seven and everyone is so excited. i'm shomari stone back to you. the deadly philadelphia amtrak crash was criminally charged with manslaughter before statute of limitations was expired. he was operating amtrak 188 when it jumped the tracks in the 50 mi
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per hour. the crash exactly two years ago today killed eight passengers and injured 200. he said he blacked out and couldn't remember the moments leading up to the wreck. federal investigators want to know if he was distracted by his cell phone. they later ruled that radio chatter and rock to the windshield caused him to lose track of where he was. a lawyer from one of the victims' families. >> this isn't a moment of congratulations. it is a moment of justice and bringing a man to task for what he did to all of these families. >> amtrak agreed to a $265 million settlement with the injured and the families of those killed. >> thank you. developing tonight that massive cyber attack we have been telling you about is holding more companies for ransom.
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detected. after infecting a computer until ransom is paid to unlock it. department of homeland security is aware of the threat. microsoft says you should make sure your computers are updated to protect yourself. all new tonight sources tell nbc news the search for a new fbi director will begin tomorrow. attorney general jeff sessions and his top deputy will interview four candidates. they are acting fbi director andrew mccabe , republican senator john cornin, alice fisher and judge michael garcia of the new york court of appeals. tonight senate democrats are calling for rosenstein to resign if he won't appoint a special prosecutor. they worry any fbi or justice department investigation now will be tainted.
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the full senate next week. former fbi director james comey designed an invitation to testify before the senate intelligence committee next yeek but the committee chair says he does expect comey to brief the committee in private. this was a wild week in washington since the firing of the fbi director on tuesday. we have heard different stories about why it happened. today a tweet from the president about possible audio recordings of a meeting and another tweet threatening to stop daily press briefings. in tonight in virginia some donald trump supporters were celebrating. jackie bensen has that story. >> reporter: many filling the private party area of the restaurant were small business owners, the event to mark the new presidential administration's first 100 days was sponsored by a group called virginia women for trump. support for the president in is
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has surprised me with his decisions because he is a man who stands firm. he is a negotiator and he realizes that he walked into a white house that was heavily divid divided. >> reporter: the group was founded by alice butler short. >> i think he is doing a fantastic job. i think the problem is the media and it is just negative, negative, negative. >> reporter: corey stewart board chair and current candidate for virginia governor chaired the trump campaign in virginia. he was fired after disagreement with gop leaders. >> with any administration it will be a little bit rough at times. he is doing what he has to do. you have to break a couple of eggs. he is shaking things up. i think as a trump supporter i am happy with his job so far. >> reporter: the group is planning an event on may 20 that will include speakers and a prayer service.
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police tell us they have caught those two 19 year olds who placed a noose at a maryland middle school. officers arrested john habberman and connor crop. the two face several charges today. police tell us the pair were caught on surveillance video at croften middle school. a teacher spotted a noose hanging from a light fixture thursday. police chief condemned the incident as a reflection of hate ideolo ideology. so far no hate crime charges have been filed. there is a warrant out for the arrest of a man who killed five people in a crash and failed to show up in court for sentencing today. kenneth kelly is the drunk driver who slammed into a car stopped at a red light on livingston road. four people in that car including two children were killed. a passenger also died. the families of the victims are
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today. >> he took away five lives, five. i'm not sure why the judge released him in the first place. shouldn't have been out on the street. >> a judge released kelly on $100,000 bond after his guilty plea. the state's attorney's office argued to keep him in jail. a gps tracking device was placed on his ankle. an army veteran killed here in the district after returning home from war. >> his parents fighting to clear his name after his death. >> it's a nightmare to find the things out that we have found out. >> their work paid off but new tonight who they now say could have prevented their son's death. coming up tonight metro's fare hikes and schedule cutbacks taking effect sooner than planned. doug is coming up next with the all important
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he survived fighting in afghanistan only to be killed in a street night outside of a mcdonald's in downtown d.c. when patrick casey died in 2011 prosecutors ruled it justifiable homicide. new evidence uncovered that caused prosecutors to change that determination. all new at 11 tonight his parents tell us why they not only want the man who threw the punch held accountable
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blame mcdonald's. >> good evening. paul and gale casey never gave up on their son. they feel like with prosecutors changing classification of his death they have cleared his name. they say mcdonald's could have prevented their son's death. he had just returned from serving in afghanistan and was studying at george washington university when late one night he got into an argument with three men. that argument speilled to the street. casey was killed after being punched and hitting his head on the sidewalk. he was surprised nobody was charged with his murder. >> i was. when you see somebody get sucker punched and then you think some kind of justice would be served. >> at the time police blamed casey for starting the fight and prosecutors
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justifiable. now the u.s. attorney's office has changed its position but won't prosecute because they say there is not enough evidence. >> it's a nightmare to find the things out that we have found out and to present them. and at times basically to be dismissed. >> casey's parents felt criminal justice system had let them down so they sued the man and mcdonald's hoping toen cover the truth. >> we had to get the police files and do everything. one of the ways to get information was civil suit. >> reporter: they had resolved lawsuits against the three men out of court. the case against mcdonald's is on appeal. >> if mcdonald's would have just called police he would still be alive. >> surveillance video shows the argument between
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three men wasn't the first fight at that fast food restaurant. >>. >> and they don't have these problems. mcdonald's made a choice not to hire security guards and multiple people said if security guard was there this never would have happened. d.c. police chief tells news 4 he is in talk with prosecutors on whether or not to charge the man who threw the fatal punch. >> so caseys think mcdonald's should have a security guard. >> they believe from other video from previous fights in previous years and done research that shows a lot of violence inside that mcdonald's the bars in the area have security guards they believe the mcdonald's should have security guards or someone should have called police. eo
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bars going to mcdonald's. >> they are not giving up their fight. thanks so much. metro is rolling out new ticket prices and new operator hours and doing it a little earlier than july. starting june 25 metro rail will run on week days between 5:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. fridays and saturdays trains run until 1:00 a.m. skpmpt on sundays the system closes at 11:00 at night. most fares increase by 10 to 25 cents. regular fares will go up two bucks. >> the rain continues as doug tells us. howard university tells us they are moving graduation inside tomorrow morning. a lot of other things adjusting tomorrow. >> the middleoo
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this weekend. a lot of them might be cancelled tomorrow because of the rain we have seen. at an event like that not just because of the rain. we see the rain moving through about 10:00 tomorrow morning. the rain still coming down and coming down heavily now. at least steadily. this is a steady rain and will be here for the next few hours. you can see where some of the yellows are. right down towards fredricksburg in and around the beltway that rain continues here. darker colors. darker green means we are dealing with moderate rain. the rain, the end of the rain is not too far off. it is right back into west virginia. we have eight or nine hours before it moves out. by tomorrow morning it should just be on the light side. i am not anticipating a lot of rain overnight tonight. we are seeing the heaviest for
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by the morning hours we are starting to get better. 50 degrees. winds out of the east at about 9 miles per hour. winds will pick up a little bit tomorrow and will be breezy and we will stay on the cool side. current temperature 48 gathersburg. kind of a nasty friday evening but saturday and sunday looking better especially sunday. take a look. here is the future weather through the night tonight. you see a couple of areas of heavy rain. 7:00 a.m. still dealing with that. by around 10 dlk most of our western zones are starting to clear up. by noon all out of the d.c. metro area continuing to push north and east. behind this we stay cloudy but we stay dry during the afternoon. 56, morning showers with afternoon cloud cover. you will neetd the jacket stepping out the door tomorrow. 75 on sunday. put away the coats and the jackets and get out
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again. kind of topsy turvy. 75 on mother's day. 51 at 7:00 a.m. 67 by noon if you are thinking about doing brunch looking good. 75 by 4:00. it will be a little bit windy and isolated chance of shower during evening. then look at the warmth. the pattern changes again. remember this pattern, cool air here? that finally moves out and here comes the warm air we have all been waiting for. 97% of us want warmer air. about 3% of you say we love the 50s and cool weather. cool air exits. much warmer next week and we may see 90. i have a 90 on the forecast for next thursday. it will be a little bit on the humid side. staying warm into next week. >> we don't know the other 3%. >>
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heading back up for game seven thanks to john wall and this three-pointer in the final seconds. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression.
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wa [woman] hello! [parrot] hello! [dad] helllo! helllo! hello...hey...hello! it feels good to be recognized. hello! hi jake, this is bianca at td bank. how can i help? with td voiceprint, we know you simply by the sound of your voice. hi... wow i wasn't expecting...oh because no one has a voice quite like yours. don't just bank. bank human™. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> moments that go down in d.c. sports history. for john wall, for the washington wizards tonight is that night with the caps being eliminated on wednesday the wizards were inches away from the same fate. the best basketball player in d.c. had his
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make four shots in the first quarter, least amount of shots boston has made in any quarter all season. bradley beal was cooking. 14 points at the break. back comes boston. bradley had 27 points in the game. celtics ahead by one at the break. john wall started off ice cold, missed nine of the first ten shots. beal with just over a minute to go hits the big three. wizards within two. time running out. wall for the lead but the celtics still had one last shot. isaiah thomas. wizards survive with 92-91 victory. game seven will be in boston on monday. so a
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center. crazy week. tonight was the good kind of pand pandemonium. that is where we find carol maloney. >> reporter: 48 hours ago in this building the caps playoff heartbreak and sports demons in d.c. were out in full force. tonight in the game you knew would come down to the final possession and finally verizon center magic happened finally we can celebrate. >> i want to feel what you are feeling right now. >> never come to my city talking about -- we have game seven that's all we ask for. we have unbelievable fans. >> he is a winner. he plays to win. he is not worried about his stats. rrptd celebrated like they won but they have one more game on the road.
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the last time they won in boston. they lost all four in the regular season. they lost three playoff matches up there. so that is something they haven't done in a while but tonight they cracked the ceiling. we'll see if they can do it again. certainly feels good tonight. terrifying and most exciting game seven. >> thank you, as always great job. 1982 the last time washington beat boston in a playoff game in boston. wizards are the first home team to avoid epilimb nation in 2017. airmz win against game seven on monday night. >>
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