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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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really knew. big time fireworks, small-town parades, and the strange american spectacle of competitive hot dog eating. they're celebrating our country's birthday, thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm jim handily. >> i'm susan hogan. today is a day, shared tradition to a nation that has grappled with some serious divide. >> but the show down on our national mall must go on, tens of thousands are expected there tonight. >> we'll take you there live in just a minute. meteorologist, amelia draper is tracking some storms and some areas we hear are under severe thunderstorm warning. >> exactly, susan, areas north of the dc area are going to see the heaviest rain and the most likelihood for stronger to severe thunderstorm. over the next few hours, i still think by fireworks time, most of us are going to be okay. take a look
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radar right now. parts of washington, frederick county and maryland under severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30 this evening. i want to give you some impakct time, right around 5:20, the walkersville area at 5:25 and continuing on towards fredericks right around 5:30, i'm posting these, as well. when you head out tonight, connect with our washington app and keep up with me so you know exactly what you'll be dealing with. you look to the dc metro area, scattered showers there, heavy rain just north, but really wanted to zoom here into areas inside of the beltway, parts of arlington right now, seeing heavy rain, continuing to see heavy rain, thankfully, though, that is moving slowly out of the crossroads, the mall right now is seeing a steady lighter rain, the good news is it over with now. by the time fireworks roll around in about four hours, not dealing with rain. 87 degrees right .
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thunderstorms continue through about 7:00 p.m. as we get to 9:00, the sun goes down, you really lose that daytime heating, only isolated showers, at that point, by 11:00 p.m. it's mild and we're at 80 degrees. today our six consecutive day we hit 90 degrees or higher, now we're dealing with thunderstorms. by tomorrow, we're in the 80s noticing cooler weather. i'll have more on what you can expect as you head back to work. also the latest on radar, what i'm tracking and what i'm seeing for fireworks as this forecast continues to evolve. >> amelia, thanks so much. if you were here in the district for the last fourth of july, you may remember being pretty foggy in overcast. the weather let to slicing and previous years display along with live foot aagefootage. >> later apologized causing confusion,
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>> that's right news 4, kristin -- >> yeah, it's not too bad. as amelia mentioned, since the monument with their umbrellas out. made a lot of friends out here this evening. we've got lots of families from all over the country, really. these guys are from maryland here, family here from north carolina and those are my friends from wisconsin back there. i'll tell you what, there's excitement is building. celebrating america in the nation's capitol, our flags gleaning red white and blue at the washington monument. >> you've got to love this country. >> ricky is a proud immigrant, a proud citizen. for him the parade down constitution avenue symbolizes the country's greatness. >> you can go around the world and everybody wants to come to
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>> his wife is about to take the oath of allegiance to become a citizen, a life long dream. >> when i was a little girl, i want to go to america. >> on this fourth, we live in an america where security is tight in all directions, but a case to block terrorist from using cars as weapons, reminder that freedom comes with risks. but the parade marches on and dc native chanel is filled with pride and hope that america keeps its promises to her little girl. >> i definitely want her to know that she's a strong black woman and she can do whatever she does to put her mind to it. >> even in the heat, there's no place many would rather be today. >> better place than washington d.c. to celebrate fourth of july. >> just after the national park service a little while ago. honestly, they're not too worried about the rain, look as if everything is going to be okay, a few
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people here very excited, right. they're here early this is going to be spectacular view, back to you. >> thanks so much, kristin. a driver somehow ended up off the road and nearly into someone's garden apartment into montgomery county. this happened in montgomery village. you can see the car right there that's against the apartment building, no one was hurt but there was property damage. new information, details and new reaction tonight about that charles county teacher's aide who is accused of molesting at least seven middle schoolers. >> tracee wilkins talked with neighbors where investigators say he lived and preyed on some of his young victims. >> there was no answer at carlos bell's front door although police say he lived in this home with his mother. >> we never saw no nobody. you never see nobody go in and out of the house
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him or an older lady. >> that's why they were surprised to hear he was accused of molesting teenagers inside of this home. >> it's sick. it's sick. its's sad. it's sick. it's very disturbing. >> as we spoke to neighbors on the small cul-de-sac, it became very clear that no one really new bell, at all, including a next door neighbor. when the news broke that the neighbor who most just saw coming and going is charged with molesting numerous teenage boys and recording the unspeakable acts. >> should be punished. you have ruined those kids' life. their life is just beginning, they're in middle school. what kind of person is this. >> according to charles county law enforcement official, he sexually assaulted at least seven boys. both at the middle school where he was a teacher's aide and in this home. >> when you know you're hiv
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2016, bell was suspended from the charles county school system after a parent at the high school complained of her son having inappropriate text with bell, who was a track coach at the school. that led to police confiscating bell's phone. but it wasn't until last week that state investigators discovered videos of bell allegedly engaging in child pornography on his phone. he was arrested and charged with seven counts. she believes bell has lived here fbt a year. he is now being held at the charles county detention center on a no bond status. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. now, we've brought you these charges large at our nbc washington app yesterday. you can see all of our coverage on this developing story, including parent reaction and the full news conference in our nbc washington app. just search, charles county. >> here in the district, police are looking to
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robbery. they say a man went into the sh shepherd market, n. this happened at 7:00 this morning. police say the guy got away with cash, but luckily, no one was hurt. a man found dead in a prince georges county house. now detectives are looking for the person who killed him. someone called 911 asking police to check on the man. officers arrived around 7:00 a.m. police will only tell us that the man had trauma to his upper body and he died at the scene. >> the white house has confirmed president trump will meet with vladimir putin later this week. in terms of topic they say it's up to the president. a new missile test by north korea. let's get the latest now from nbc. >> we may here from president trump about yesterday's
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korean missile launch at this picnic. he's expected to speak any minute. if you don't hear from him tonight, we're still operating on the president's tweet from yesterday, being the only comment, officially, from this white house about this latest provocation from the north korean. in that tweet, the president essentially calls on china to make a move here to try to stop north korea from testing further weapons. this has been the president's line on this issue for some time now. he has raised it with the chinese president going back to when they first met and when they spoke over the weekend, the president also spoke with japan's prime minister over the weekend and with south korea's president here at the white house late last week. the president will have a chance to confer, once again, with all of these leaders on friday when he gets to germany and the g 20 summit and it will take, likely, a regional response from all of these powers to respond to north korea in a way that the white house hopes might deter any
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aggression from the korean peninsula. guys, back to you. >> aren't you excited. it's time that of year again, no, not the fourth of july. we're talking about summer road work and they're starting to heat up out here, it could mean big delays. i'm tom sherwood in northwest washington, the 51st parade for the fourth of july, it's hometown washington. you rarely see it coming up. joey chestnut captured his ten mustard bell today. how many hot dogs its took to take home that win and the nutritional tally
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well, there is plenty of grinding, the work heating up, it starts. >> it has it. it goes on and on and on. >> let's take it towards the big project starting in virginia. >> >> reporter: construction barrels line the side of i-66 in northern virginia where project not only brings tolls here and going to be widened in the future. and inside the beltway starts in december in front of water reed national cemetery, a huge project to take pedestrian tunnel under the so people have an easier time getting to the medical center during the coming weekend in july and august, there's going to be major lane closures here for this work. and in the district, the third street tunnel project takes on a new shape and form every day. construction happening right next to the
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brought lots of new pattern changes, the first building directly above the tunnel expected to open next year. adam, news 4. a man remains in critical condition this evening after being hit by a car. this happened at pennsylvania avenue just north of the parkway around midnight. prince georges county police how this crash occurred. the driver did stay at the scene. >> official washington was mostly closed for the fourth of july today, the national holiday is a chance for often overlooked locals that have been the show pride in their local newsroom here. shirley takes us to the 51st housing annual parade. >> reporter: a tuba trumpets the arrival. the man kicked off the citizen's association
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a mix of anyone who wants to show up to march along mcarthur boulevard. has come to this parade long before ever being elected. >> you can see families, kids, grand moms, everybody having fun. they see music have come for 15 years, owner murder -- >> wear those glasses every year. >> of course, i do. why wouldn't i. >> and that's the point, local washington gets lost in the often bitter denuns yags of national politics. these are local citizens celebrating their city. >> this is pennsylvania avenue. >> josephine baker has lived on mcarthur boulevard 45 years and seen every parade. >> it hasn't changed, there's so much that stays the same. the overall feel, it
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>> that's the way every one likes it year after year. in local hometown, washington, d.c., tom sherwood, news 4. >> today we celebrate the birth of our nation and welcome news citizens into the fold, more than 70 immigrants took part in a naturalization ceremony today. they were born in more than 30 countries that each now call united states of america their home. the last 55 years, more than 3,600 people have taken the oath of citizenship at thomas jefferson's home in charleston. heres is nbc's dan with a look of how rest of america is celebrating independence day. boston kicked off its celebration with a bang. it's all across america, thousands line on this innd
5:18 pm
plains, to the prehistoric, communities coming together to celebrate the red, white and blue. patriotism in charlotte, north carolina. >> it's exciting to be part of this. >> running the course of human events. >> for some, the fourth is about tradition. for others, it's speed. taking its tenth win at nathan's contest. at pennsylvania, it's the kid surf at the 66th hot kins. >> i can't imagine the fourth of july without -- it. >> celebrating it by taking it to the streets at the annual peachtree road race, back in boston, it was a different kind of foot race as people scrambled to get the best views of tonight's boston fireworks show. >> it's really the greatest thing about the fourth of july, experience in boston. >> final preparations are underway in new york city, home to the nation's largest
5:19 pm
dan, nbc news. >> well, you saw a glimpse there of one of the most american traditions and this year a new record is set at na than's famous hot dog contest. >> first, you had repeat champion, mickey put away, get this, 41 hot dogs. her fourth streak. 41 also, jim, a personal best for her and on the guy side, joey chestnut left it again, great supreme, winning his tenth title at coney island. that's more than 2,000 calories. 20,000. oh my goodness. >> oh my gosh. >> i really -- >> well -- >> that's just gross. >> after a year of dramatic political change, we head to northern virginia to find out what patriotism means to people on this fourth of
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close watch for you on the storm team for radar when and where storms are hitting right now and what it could mean for fireworks.
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nice weather, and of course, it's like
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scattered rain and huge storms around, right now throw in a severe thunderstorm as well. i've been looking at the latest information. as i get updates hour by hour, continuing to see that we should be really okay for fireworks, the good news, fireworks have to happen once the sun goes down, as the sun goes down, we kind of lose that heating. you want to think of boiling water on your stove if you turn your stove off, that water is not going to boil for much longer. kind of a similar effect. but until that, take a look here at the storm impact tonight. not a huge threat for severe weather area wide. that threat is north of town, we're see ago severe thunderstorm warning right now. everybody has the potential to see heavy rain fall and anything that developed over your neighborhood, maybe some high wind, but again that's maybe up in frederick, northern montgomery county and toward the baltimore area, as well. not talking about the tornado. latest on the severe thunderstorm warning, still
5:24 pm
washington and frederick counties for another about seven minutes, this is moving towards the southeast at 15 miles an hour, moving very slowly. this is the biggest concern tonight. there isn't a lot of wind out there. so as these pockets of rain develop, they just kind of sit there, so it's raining at your house and you're saying how much longer, i will say anticipate rain to last for about 45 minute it is to an hour to give you a timeline from what i've been seeing in other instances, even since earlier this afternoon. getting some rain right around 5:30, then heading towards walkersville at about 5:5 # 5. fredericks at about 6:10 and about 6:25, from the middle town area and following that up if you're in frederick count kbry, know that's a smile. as we take a wider look, i'm tracking a cell, just north of the beltway, parts of montgomery county. this area still sitting over annapolis in pockets very heavy rain, it's been there forab
5:25 pm
heavy rain that's not moving. but white oak continuing to see that heavy rain, thankfully starting to pull out, but moving towards the area, i think if you're in laurel you should stay dry. this was the cell that hit it back in the crossroads. as it slowly moves towards the east, it's fizzling out to light rain around the capitol heights area, you already have that cell, impact earlier, now more rain up around upper marl borrow, well, it's dry, kristin wright should have her umbrella, putting the sunglasses back on. that's going to be the trend tonight. so areas of rain at 7:00 p.m., only isolated showers at 9:00. we drop down to 81. we'll jump back up. 82 degrees at 9:00. 11:00 p.m. we're coming in. look at what happens. this is the latest weather, this came in moments ago, 6:00 p.m., still tracking, scattered showers, e
5:26 pm
rumbles of thunder, 8:00, the sun starts to go down and this is where you turn it off. the water is not coming to a boil. the storm is really allow by 9:00 fireworks getting underway. take a look at the next ten days. tomorrow we're going to be in the mid-80s. have the umbrella handy, chance of shower early, showers around, especially west of washington. thursday, 8le 6. best chance -- 86, best chance of rain, the weekend is looking fabulous, remember, you can always get the latest weather, including the latest check of radar, as you head out tonight with the nbc washington weather app, guys. and a quiet moment on this fourth of july two capitol police officers injured in that shooting at congressional baseball practice last month are honored for their bravery. >> talk about claiming one of the best spots to take it all in tonight for the fourth of july. look at this from arlington ridge, looking on. we'll introduce you to some of th
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david has been talking with people celebrating across northern virginia, he joins us live. hey, david. >> hi, there, susan and jim, yo
5:31 pm
mentioned taking metro here. that's where a lot of folks are coming from. they're walking through that bridge right there and they're trickling in. it's going to be a lot of folks, ultimately, that's packed in. they go through a good layer of security. they'll be having their bags checked and make sure that there's nothing that will be flammable and alcohol, of course, ultimately they're going in to settle in the big show. >> and speakers and pulled pork sandwiches. >> the pulled pork. >> how about the view. >> we came out to
5:32 pm
crowds. >> the focus for this couple today, the view for the fireworks, not the political view. that's what the holiday means for that. >> i don't know that it's relevant. >> their neighbor on the grass visiting from san antonio. >> i feel like your hat is screaming for attention. do you feel that way, too. >> that's not what i'm going for. that's what i've heard, yes. >> what are you going for with this. >> well, you know, this america first time being in dc for the fourth of july, i'm very excited. it's pretty great. i can see it in your glasses, too, the reflection of it. >> it's pretty great view. we're very excited. we've got a big group coming. >> and this group, here from georgia, mona lisa. >> yeah, that's her name. >> she ask we not record until we completed her look. >> that will be perfect. >> i love this. >> happy fourth of july. >> same to you.
5:33 pm
>> got to love mona lisa there, wanted to wait until she had the shoes on before she was ready to be on camera. she had it all going. that's where she is and the group from georgia and all the folks i introduced you to a short time ago, a lot of folks lining up here outside the apartment complex, taking it all in and ready to watch the big show from here. they have an awesome view, i'll tell you. jim, we'll send it back to you. >> now, i've got that song in my head. don't dive, that is a shallow pool behind you, buddy. >> all right. >> no diving, but i will be headed over there just a short time. we'll get ready. >> all right. >> yeah, you know. >> all right. >> thank you, guys. >> having too much fun. are you wearing red white and blue today, we wanted to know how patriotic you feel this year, according to our poll, most of you said you're not feeling it this year, what and in a close second, many of
5:34 pm
said, it's about the same. we want to get an update right now we're hearing you've got a new werather alert. >> that severe thunderstorm warning now extended for parts of fredericks county. here is updated impact town for you. fredericks at about 5:55 towards. very heavy rain fall, potential for some hail, as well. maybe some gusty winds, again, severe thunderstorm warning for parts of fredericks county until 6:15. updated fireworks forecast coming up in a little bit. >> all right, amelia, thanks so much. >> construction of fairfax county new public safety headquarters is nearly complete, final inspections and permits are expected to be issued soon allowing agencies to start moving in. the opening is a few months later than originally planned. the building will house fire and rescue department, grand opening is expected this fall. >> thousands came to
5:35 pm
national archives today to hear the words that changed the world. >> a group dressed as the founding fathers red the declaration of bah these da woman is -- murphy delivered the keynote address today. >> we've got free speech, freedom of religion, those can be eroded. unless we stand up for them, we'll be in trouble. it featured 29 d
5:36 pm
reenacting the signing of the declaration. >> a fort washington woman is making sure everybody sees her love of this country. >> it's great enlisted art students to help paint this big american flag in front of her home on washington drive, collins said she got the idea after seeing a story about a man who did the exact same thing. but that man had to take the flag down because it violated the rules of his homeowner's association. he says, her homeowner's association have not voiced the opposition to her flag. >> if you're flying an american flag today, there are certain rules for displaying it. federal flag code stipulates it can be displayed from sun rise to sun set, if you plan to fly after dark, it's suppose to be lit. you should bring it down, bring it in during the inclement weather, unless it's an all-weather flag. and on a porch, the union of the flag should be at the peak.
5:37 pm
it on the right side. >> we have new video to show you how this for an excuse, i was late because thousands of chickens blocked the road. now we know how they got across. on the highway in western austral australia, shutdown with a truck carrying chickens flipped over. no people were seriously hurt. a few birds died in the crash. hundreds of firefighters spent hours chasing down the birds, the back up the stretch for six miles. >> just when you're expecting the slow holiday. anything can happen, right. >> absolutely. >> watch what happens when hauf officers arrive at a party. they didn't shut it down, they got in on the fun, while still in uniform, they climbed into a huge -- into huge garbage bags there and made their way down a homemade slip and slide. many of the kids thought it was game over when the cop showed up. but as you can see, it was more like game
5:38 pm
that's fun. >> that is so cool. i love that. that's great. >> well, cautionary to anyone who stores flammable items in their backyard shed, the wild video that will make you think twice about what you keep. >> the fourth of july brings a less pleasant yearly ritual for many dog owners keeping the family boots safe and comfortable when the fire crackers go off. the controversial change some families are making this year. and here is the latest check of storm team, severe thunderstorm warning continues for parts of frederick county until 6:15 and very heavy rain fall at the top and parts of montgomery and prince georges county. what this means later tonight when fireworks are getting wet,
5:39 pm
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. family get together ended in tragedy. >> today we learned a seven-year-old girl drowned in a backyard pool. this happened along hunter's ridge lane on saturday. investigators tell us the little girl fell into the pool in the gathering of about 100 people. relatives and paramedics were unable to save her. >> crews are still looking for any signs of life after explosion, levels of garment factory, at least ten people died, 50 were hurt. firefighters searched through the rubble as relatives waited outside the building f
5:42 pm
believed about six people are still missing. some reports say a boiler exploded to collapse. >> this will make you think twice about how you store those flammable materials, home security camera caught the moment this shed exploded in england. whoa! local fire department says the blaze was probably caused by a faulty flou resent light that managed to ignite. no one, fortunately, was injured. >> oregon is the second jurisdiction in the country to gender neutral driver's license under the new program anyone can opt out of the gender without any additional paperwork. the state previously required a court order for doctor certification to change gender on an id. d.c. became the first in the country to offer gender neutral licenses, similar to oregon, anyone who is
5:43 pm
is, can opt out where you would normally see an m or an f. >> a special ceremony today honoring the capitol police officers credited with saving many lives last month in virginia. >> your action speaks to the very patriotism that brought about the birth of this country. >> very nice. and we have an epic facebook battle going on right now, folks, which state has the best beaches in our area, my party doesn't get to participa. jointe t
5:44 pm
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we're still under warning. it's looking better as the night progresses. >> i think for fireworks, most of us are going to be okay. i like to take that pressure and put it on mother nature. >> there you go. this is going to go until 6:15. this it has a lot of rain fall and potential for quarter size hail and maybe gusty wind, my biggest concern, slow moving heavy rain fall that could lead to some flash flooding or water collecting on the road. as you're traveling out to see the fireworks you want to keep that in mind. here is impact for you moving into frederick at about 10 minutes right around 5:55 and moving towards ball lynn jer creek. a lot of this information, also on my facebook and twitter pages. here is the big picture right now in our area. you can see some activity, mainly passing over 95, passing over parts of vw parkway continuing on into prince georges. so this is one area of ra
5:47 pm
right here that i'm looking at and then you look back to the west, broken line of rain, that's the severe thunderstorm warning as it continues to move towards the southeast. i see it fizzling out within the next couple of hours. still heavy rain around the first area i was talking about, impacting parts of savage maryland. good news there. and still seeing some light showers in parts of upper marl boro, those are slowly continuing to push out and, of course, it's all about the fireworks at the national mall tonight. here you can see in the clear there, kristin wright saying, on facebook, on twitter, the sunshine is back out, fireworks looking good and i do have to agree. take a look at the planner. 9:00, 82 degrees. isolated showers at that point. we'll see the activity fizzle out by 11:00 p.m. mild, 80 degrees. future weather starting off at 6:00, still tracking batches of
5:48 pm
rain, moving towards sun set, pretty much die out. here is 9:00, fireworks die, just about everybody dry. i think that's a pretty nice backdrop for the fireworks can help illuminate them. throughout the day, maybe some scattered showers, looking mainly dry for the midday hours except for parts of frederick and louden county as you move into the afternoon or evening hours, any showers will be west of town, take a look at your forecast tomorrow, 84, that's not -- we'll be cooler in the 80s today. >> so somewhat, i think if you want to head to the pool outdoor exercise, for most of us it's going to be absolutely fine there and then as we look to the next ten days on thursday, guys, a better chance for some rain at
5:49 pm
and we really do need the rain. kind of the timing tonight, unfortunate. we'll take what we can get saturday and sunday, no rain, fabulous, low humidity. >> play tennis, go for a run. >> right now at 4:45. >> president trump is spending his first fourth of july at the white house right now, the president and first lady are hosting military families on the south lawn for the fireworks show. he addressed the crowd a short time ago thanking them for their servicing. they represent a rare combination of patriotism, virtue. >> later this week, the president will have first face to face with vladimir putin sibs taking office the white house has confirmed the two leaders will meet. asked if mr. trump will bring up russian interference. >> it's still unclear why
5:50 pm
tracks. the train couldn't stop in time and the driver of the truck died. police say the man's name won't be released unhis family knows exactly what happened. >> we're a little more than two hours away. that concert kicks off at 8:00. the fireworks start at 9:09. metro will begin rush hour service starting around 6:00 tonight to get everybody where they need to be right in the nick of time. apg hofr no t to not over -- of ourou
5:51 pm
the declaration of independence, of those men only one. >> in the congressional cemetery where many rest, today we honor two more. >> special agent bailey, you and special agent griner embody the essen essence. >> all of a sudden we heard shots and it was clear pretty quickly of the high powered rifle. >> while the members ran for cover, special agent david bailey and crystal griner, highly respected, instantly fired back. not thinking twice about sacrificing their lives to those they swore to protect. >> thank you to the dc
5:52 pm
thank you for the award. >> griner wasn't able to attend the event but her supervisor accepted the award for her. >> i just wanted to say, thank you very much for the award. i know she wish she could be here. >> two officers thankful for the recognition, but it's the entire nation that is grateful to the men and women like them who protect the freedom we enjoy. >> reporting in the district, megan fitzgerald, news 4. >> well, there's time for cook outs or pool parties in parts of oklahoma today, instead, families are cleaning up after last night's storm, take a look at this. crews got to work before the weather even moved out of oklahoma city, they found this and wire hanging from holes and businesses, the storm even pulled the front window off of a building, dragged down powerlines and tore the roof. >> state beaches are once again open for business in new jersey. lawmakers and the state reached
5:53 pm
the governor said he'll sign off. christy has receive -- christie has received state criticism. he said his record low poll numbers show he doesn't care about political optics. so here is our question to you. which state has the best beaches in our area. maryland, delaware, or virginia? we are having that debate right now on our facebook page. there are some strong opinions out there. maryland is in the lead, but not by much. you can join the debate right now on nbc washington facebook page. i'm sure there's a strong opinion. >> governor christy is tweeting out new jersey. but they don't get included in our survey. >> dog owners know too well what -- mine sure does, due to the pet stress levels. >> now, some are turning to products for pooches to keep them from getting scared and
5:54 pm
app, kids put a new feature on snap chat raising concerns about privacy and security. we have the warning f
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
call it an exercise, an organizational calling follow the flag, the largest flag ever flown on american soil. it's so large, it's between two
5:57 pm
mountains in pleasant grove. it's nearly 12,000 square feet. i know, right. it will soar in the canyon from today until july tenth. >> that's impressive. city michigan held its national deliciously messy tradition. contest where there are no losers. not many rules, either, cherry pie eating contest. i'm all in on that. hundreds of pint size contestants waited their turn to try and eat a piece as quickly as possible. the rules are simple. no utensils and no hand. hey, i'm all about that, too. napkins are optional. >> in prince georges county, fourth of july celebrations kicked off early. the community of university park hosted an independence day, food and fun for the whole family. kids had a chance to take part in a sack race. of course it ended with, what else, a water balloon fight. >> and never do after your hot dog eating contest. not a pretty picture.
5:58 pm
stressful time for our four legged friends. a number of owners are turning to cannabis for their k-9. >> they're giving their dog special treatment with marijuana to eat their anxiety. >> just thinking about it. from our sister station in san francisco has our story. >> fireworks can do a number on man's best friend. >> i don't want him to be stressed out, especially over something as significant as fireworks. >> this year they're trying a new anxiety remedy. medical marijuana. >> if it's just for the fireworks tomorrow. >> at the wholistic hound in berkeley. cbd dog treats are a big seller. >> the response has been very very overwhelming that it just helps calm them down. >> dog owners are using cannabis treats to treat anxiety and pain. while there is thc from marijuana in the treats, it's not like the pot people use. >> the product that we sell and wh
5:59 pm
derived and it's less than point 3%. it doesn't get the dogs high. >> at the veterinary specialist, tom hanson has seen dogs in the er after eating marijuana. he has not seen illness caused by the cbd product. and while pet owners tell him they seem to work, he can't offer pet owners advice about them. >> we just don't know what these products are doing, like there's a lot of anecdotal information, but we don't have the science behind it. it's still scheduled one drugs, we're not allowed to study it. >> back at the wholistic hound, a growing number of pet owners are willing to give an alternative to prescription drugs a try. >> we used them for us. >> that's right. >> why not. if you ever use that kind of product for your pets, be sure to post it in the direction. >> and they say you should never give your dog actual marijuana
6:00 pm
marijuana. it's just in the tiny treats that does it for news 4 at 5:00. >> bye, everybody. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> now at 6:00, parades, picnics, beaches and dramatic reenactment of the founding of our country, americans from coast to coast have come to the nation's capitol to celebrate independence day with us and as people start making their way into the city for the big show, the big question is, will the weather have an impact on our fireworks. >> tonight we've got team coverage for you. let's start things with amelia standing by in storm center four. we remember what last year looked like. you could barely see the fireworks, what about tonight. >> it's not going to be like that, thankfully, the clouds last year was so low going throughout the day, you knew it was great for fireworks, i don't think any of us were thinking that. it felt like summer, we had a mix of clouds and sun, we saw some thunderstorms, areas of rain bundle up and that's what


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