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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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marijuana. it's just in the tiny treats that does it for news 4 at 5:00. >> bye, everybody. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> now at 6:00, parades, picnics, beaches and dramatic reenactment of the founding of our country, americans from coast to coast have come to the nation's capitol to celebrate independence day with us and as people start making their way into the city for the big show, the big question is, will the weather have an impact on our fireworks. >> tonight we've got team coverage for you. let's start things with amelia standing by in storm center four. we remember what last year looked like. you could barely see the fireworks, what about tonight. >> it's not going to be like that, thankfully, the clouds last year was so low going throughout the day, you knew it was great for fireworks, i don't think any of us were thinking that. it felt like summer, we had a mix of clouds and sun, we saw some thunderstorms, areas of rain bundle up and that's what
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circling here to help you see clearly, i'm tracking two main areas of the rain, first pocket in parts of prince georges and moving towards the southeast, the second pocket up in frederick county, this also moving towards the southeast, now, the good news in the city of fredericks, you've escaped so rain, the festivities going on down there. this severe thunderstorm warning continues for parts of walkersville until about 6:15. another 14 minutes, you can also get in on some heavy slow moving rain. i know people right now telling me in the city of fredericks the sky looking ominous, no rain there yet. >> here is the check -- i shouldn't say the severe, strong storms around the area and just north of buoy passing over route 1. as you move towards atm, we're doing to see things start to fizzle out and isolated shower, only about 20% chance that you're dealing with any rain during the fireworks display tonight just after 9:00. 82, it's going to be mild,
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still humid out there. as you head out the door, i will recommend downloading our nbc washington app. you'll dpt the radar right there. most storms are moving southeast, look at where the storms are. know they're moving southeast you'll be able to tell that you're moving into your area. >> well, amelia, storms aren't keeping people away from the national mall that's for sure. we've seen lots of folks out there they're starting to file to get their perfect spots for tonight's fireworks show. kristin wright is out there, she's got a look at how things are going. what are you seeing so far? >> hey, you know, a lot of people right now are headed through that security check point back there. you have to go through the check point to get into the secure perimeter here, starting to fill up here in the past little while, we've seen lots of people show up, trying to get that good spot to watch the fireworks tonight. we have some young ladies here from el salvador and sweden. peoplee
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the world just to be a part of this excitement and now the count down is on. >> this fourth of july security is tight and every direction around the national mall. at the check point, on the patomic and in the streets where bus barricades are set up. despite security concerns, the excitement has been building all day. >> it's the first time i've been here. yeah, it does feel different. it's very cool. >> some canadians drawn to the nation's capitol to celebrate independence day. >> we wanted to make sure, the boys learned a little bit of american history. >> i really like it. my favorite parts are the big balloon people. >> celebrating america in the nation's capitol, our flag gleaning red, white, and blue at the washington monument. >> you've got to love this country. >> ricky is a proud immigrant, a proud citizen. for him, the parade down constitution avenue symbolizes the country's
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>> you can go around the world and everybody wants to come to america. >> >> reporter: and just a fun fact on this july 4th, about the flag, the 50 flags surrounding the washington monument. the national park service told me they recently replaced the ones that were kind of weathered due to wear and tear. you'll notice a lot of them are shining really really bright tonight on independence day. doreen, back to you. >> they should be, thank you, on the national mall. here is the timing for tonight's event, the united states navy band performance got underway at the theater in dc. at 8:00, a capitol fourth concert begins on the west lawn and at 9:09 the main event begins, the fireworks over the mall, that show will last almost 30 minutes some road closures will be lifted starting at 10:00. others won't reopen until midnight. >> well, it's not busy right now. hundreds are going to
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to take in the sights along the patomic river. the coast guard and dc police have been out all day and they'll be doing the same tonight. as they make their way in over the next several hours or so. >> if you're planning to head to the mall for the fireworks tonight. metro trains will run until midnight to get you home after the show. know that the smithsonian station will not open until 9:00 tonight. it will be crowded. we've posted a list of alternative options in our nbc washington app. >> and folks, there were also free and safe rides available for driver's who have had a little too much to drink. too much celebration out there. it goes into effect at 7:00 tonight. it will last until 2:00 tomorrow morning. all you have to do is download the app to your phone and enter the code, silver, july 4 in the promo section. the code is good for rides that cost up to $15. >> on to other news now, new details tonight about the former teaching assistant and coach accused of sexually
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least seven tunts? his care. it happened in charles county maryland. more troubling, the suspect said he's hiv positive. tonight we have reaction from neighbors as officials question how this crime was allowed to happen. tracy wilkins reports. >> there are still questions surrounding how carlos bell, a teacher's aide at the middle school who police say was hiv positive had the time to molest seven students inside of the school during school hours. >> it is devastating to us that something like this could take place in a class room, in a school building where adults are charged with taking care of children. >> he worked with special ed and general education students, according to the charles county school superintendent. that means he had access to a number of clatszs. as it stands, bell is the only one facing charges and being held responsible for allegations of sexually assaulting students inside the school. >> i can assure
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will be very persistent follow up for us to determine exactly what happened and how it was allowed to happen. >> there was no answer at carlos bell's front door, although police say he lived in this home with his mother. >> you never saw nobody. like, you never seen nobody go in and out the house other than like him or an older lady. >> as we spoke to neighbors on this cul-de-sac, it became very clear that no one really new bell at all. including the next door neighbor. >> as the news broke the neighbor saw coming and going is charged with molesting numerous boys and recording the unspeakable acts. >> should be punished. you done ruined those kids life. their life is just beginning, they're in middle school. what kind of person is this. >> according to spokesman with the charles county sheriff's office, additional charges could be coming his way as early as friday. reporting, i'm tcy
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news 4. in montgomery county a driver veered off the road. this happened in montgomery village, you can see the scene there. the cars nudged them against the building. luckily no one was hurt, there was some property damage. >> now, to the deadly train crash on baltimore avenue, a csx freight train slammed into an suv, killing the driver. the train operator saw the vehicle on the tracks but couldn't stop in time. prince georges county police. the train pushed the suv for hundreds of feet before coming to a stop. the wreckage was so mangled up. it took police several hours to recover the driver's body. his identity have not yet been released. there were two people on the freight train at the time, both men did survivor. >> a lot of men who women who serve in this country are hard at work. president trump is getting ready to leave tomorrow for the g 20 summit, amid growing concern about the
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korea poses to the u.s. and others. two u.s. officials confirm to nbc news that last night's missile test marks significance advance at north korea's weapons program. >> north korea says it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. u.s. officials confirming it as a two-stage atbs. that missile might be have the ability to reach alaska. >> it's to show the united states that he is an equal and that he is president donald trump tweeting saying, does this guy have anything better to do with his life. the provocation could become top talking point. by trying to get the world to pay it off to behave responsibly. we're getting to the point where
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reached a level that's more unacceptable. >> as g 20 countries tau about how to react to north korea, the white house confirms that president trump will meet friday with russian president vladimir putin. it will be a full bilateral meeting, including a hand shake. >> this, again, speaks to more of the optics of thchlt i think he loves the idea of basically standing next to putin and kind of, you know, poking his finger in the eye of his critics. >> as people across the u.s. celebrate, giving us the right to vote, there will be pressure for mr. trump to confront putin about meddling in u.s. election. the white house saying there is no set agenda. tonight, the president and his family will watch the fireworks from the true man ball ke koeny at the white house. they're hosting military families. nbc news, washington. >> senator john mccain is spending independence day as he spends a lot of holidays visiting u.s. troops overseas. he's lead
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delegation in afghanistan. the group includes lindsey graham, elizabeth warren, sheldon white house and david peru. it comes as the president and the pentagon sending more troops to afghanistan. senator graham says he'll tell the president that he should increase the number of american and nato forces and adopt more aggressive rules of engagement. just in, a new severe thunderstorm warning issued by the national weather service. this is going to go until 6:45. this is in parts of fredericks, montgomery and howard county moving towards the east at about 20 miles per hour, you can see by the bright colors here, very heavy rain fall, lots of lightning and potential for quarter size hail, as well. here is some impact times for you, moving at about 5:25. damascus at about 5:25 and continuing again towards the southeast. you can always keep up with the latest forecast at the nbc washington
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>> up next special tribute who saved lives as gunman opened fire. >> plus the local woman's story getting national attention as she retraces her routes and finds a signifi ca
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governor chris christie agreed to sign off ending a state government shutdown. he's under fire since sunday when newspaper got photos of him and his family on a beach that was closed to everyone else because of the government shout down. she was unapology jettic and said his poll numbers show that he doesn't care about political opt ixs. his approval rating dismal 15%, that was before the beach battle in those photos. >> we all know july celebrates independence, but there were four things you may not know about this holiday. july 2nd may be a more accurate to celebrate. congress formerly adopted the declaration on july 4th. it actually made the formal call for freedom on july 2nd. in fact, president john adams wrote in a letter to
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celebrated by future generations. three presidents have died on july 4th, that will be john adams, thomas jefferson and james monroe. adams and jefferson died the same year and same year, 1826. only one president has shared a birthday with our country. and the liberty bell has not been rung in over 71 years in fears the crack will worsen. instead of being run, it's tapped 13 times every july fourth by descendants of the signers of the declaration of independence. and message of inclusion. >> that all men are created equal. >> spot features 29 direct desen dents of the founding fathers, they come together to recreate the
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historic declaration of independence painting. one of the women in the add is laura murphy. she's the seventh generation desen dent of philip who signed the declaration. she was the keynote speaker in today's fourth of july ceremony at the national archives. photo journalist evan car was there. >> fourth of july starts here, here at the national archives building. >> in congress, july 4th, 1776. >> we're the keeper of the original declaration of independence, this seminole document signed by our founding fathers. >> when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that have connected them with another. >> thomas jefferson, the primary arthur and his come patriot wrote the declaration because they felt disrespected and
6:18 pm
king who was intent on denying their essential humanity. >> their life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness. >> what makes someone americans is adhering to belief that is we're created equal that we have a right for liberty. that we have a free press. >> understanding those rights. it's liberty and justice and equality, don't reside in our hearts, they will evaporate. >> the original ratified declaration is housed in the national archives
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it will be cool. >> she -- it's something about hearing those words. when you hear them, you hear them read like that, it doesn't inspire you. >> remind you what you're celebrating. >> there were all kind of national salutes to the fourth of july taking place today. but in one part of the district, there's a long time parade that celebrates the citizens we call local washington, news 4 is tom sherwood reports. >> the mill wood mall represents a one block long streak at the parade every year, tom lot, 29 of them. >> we've been at this for a long time. we stick together like glue. >> it's a real hometown. >> you know it is, that's what today is all about. >> from the popular different drummers, to the waving young people and really the fire truck and, of course, bad pipes. the 51st palace aide citizens association parade is all
6:20 pm
white and blue fun. we even fussed a little at the purple shirt. >> on fourth of july, red white and blue, that's purple. you had never had anything positive to say. >> i'm in the media. >> happy july fourth. >> peter walked up. >> see you're part of parade or security or both. >> i'm part of both. we're having a great time. you can see everybody smiling. >> parents chase children, local parade, for local residence. >> so many people think of us as a federal city, when in fact, we're a city of neighborhoods. >> the rest of y'all can go away. i'm going to the parade. >> turned out in force, this liberty built up a jeep. horses clocked along. all ending with the street sweeper bringing it up and cleaning up the rear. in local dc, tom sherwood, news
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>> it's tom sherwood, well. >> he does, well. >> how is your view on the fourth, checking out these great pictures we're getting throughout the capitol area today. folks out there having a great time. we would love to see your picture, tag nbc washington on twitter and instagram and let us see what you're doing out there. >> are you wearing stars and stripes on this fourth. we ask people to weigh in on line and tell us if they're feeling patriotic this year, well, you're not into it this year. others say they feel about the same than they did this time last year. tell us what you think on the nbc washington facebook page. >> chances are, your kids have this app but there's a new tool on snap chat that's raising some serious concerns about security. we'll tell you how it works and what you can do to get around it. two capitol police officers were honored today for their bravery during a shooting at baseball field in
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well, we have it popping up just ahead of the big show, tonight on the national mall. >> people watch the update, amelia. >> i continue to think that we're going to be just fine for fireworks, although i'm continuing to track some areas of very heavy rain fall right now. severe thunderstorm warning continues for montgomery, fredericks and parts of howard county until 6:45. m
6:25 pm
last year, remember last year's fourth of july. this is the video that aired on pbs. you can see that the fireworks going off, well, they didn't air the correct video, you know why, it was overcast. the clouds were extremely low. they were shooting them off into the clouds, so nobody could see them our high last year, 74 degrees we saw over a quarter of an inch of rain. quite the difference this year. we were in the low 90s today. with that heat and humidity among other factors as we head to radar now, you can see i amtraking some thunderstorms. this is the most severe storm, right now, the only severe storm right now. i'm going to take you in and show you the latest impact. this is moving towards the southeast at about 15 to 20 miles an hour, heavy rain moving in momentarily. a lot of lightning and potential for quarter size hail as well.
6:26 pm
moving into wood field at about 6:45 in the glenwood area right around 6:45 as well. we head south and east of this other patch of very heavy rain fall. not a lot of lightning, you can see by the bright coloring, downpour that's continuing over parts of maryland, just south along 97 just north of the annapolis area, as well. third batch, now keeping a close eye on this closing this on the winchester area, not a lot of lightning in this either, not picking up on any hail or gusty winds, heads up, you can have some rain moving in within the next hour or so. so your evening planner, 84 degrees right now. 7:00 p.m., even 7:30. we continue to track areas of heavy rain. as we move towards 8 and 9:00 p.m. we start to see these areas of rain fizzle out. it continues to suggest that. fireworks get underway just after 9:00 p.m., only isolated showers. 82 degrees, it's mild, muggy,
6:27 pm
future weather 6:30, lining up for the most part, pretty well with what we're seeing right now. 8:00 p.m. the area mainly dry, 9:00. the most biggest concern, i should say, will be clouds. again, nothing like what we saw last year with the extremely low cloud deck. 84, much cooler, plnenty of clouds. again, later in the day, especially west of washington. chance pretty low, at about 40%, definitely want the umbrella on thursday. 60% chance that you're dealing with rain and storms. 86 86, the weekend. mid to upper 80s, humidity, plenty of sunshine. >> that looks good, thank you. >> that's going to be in the forecast. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed for tonight. >> dramatic new cell phone video as the townhouse goes up in flames, simple mistake, blamed for this fire that left nearly a dozen people homeless. >>
6:28 pm
road construction and tonight we'll take a look at the top
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
now at 6:30, it could have been a massacre on that baseball field in alexandria last month. instead, two armed officers saved the lives of elected leaders, their family and staff.
6:31 pm
were honored for their bravery and we're hearing from one of them for the first time. >> news 4 megan fitzgerald takes tous us to a special ceremony at the congressional cemetery. >> we pledge allegiance to a flag which remind us that the liberty and justice for all has come at a cost. >> the 2017 law enforcement accommodation medal. >> today two american heroes were honored for risking their own lives to protect others. >> special agent bailey, you and special agent griner embody the essence of self sacrifice. >> on june 14th, a gunman opened fire on a baseball field in alexandria where several members of congress were practicing. >> all of a sudden, we heard shots and it was clear pretty quickly that there was a shooter there. it was high powered rifle. >> while the members ran for cover, special agent david bailey
6:32 pm
highly respected veterans of the force instantly fired back. not thinking twice about sacrificing their lives to save those they swore to protect. >> thank you to the dc society of the sons of american revolution, greatly honored to be here. thank you for the award. >> griner wasn't able to attend the event, but her supervisor accepted the award for her. >> i just want today say, thank you very much for the award. i know she wish she could be here. >> two officers thankful for the recognition, but it's the entire nation that is grateful to the men and women like them who protect the freedom we enjoy. reporting in the district, megan fitzgerald, news 4. >> tonight we're also hearing new stories of heroism for that shooting at a hospital in the bronx when the gunman opened fire inside the hospital last week, more than 500 patients were under
6:33 pm
here. one team kept working through an orthopedic surgery, even as the s.w.a.t. team burst through the doors looking for the suspect. >> mentally, you just have to talk yourself through it. >> it wasn't a choice. i couldn't leave. i was scared and she was scared, but i had to be brave for her so that she could see that somebody was there for her, that's what we're called to do. >> one doctor was killed in the shooting rampage, six others were injured. the gunman, a doctor who once worked at the hospital took his own life. >> a new law that just took effect in maryland will require a new type of school supply on campuses across the state this fall. public schools that institutes of higher education are now required to stock up on the lock zone. the overdose reversal medication. it's part of a law tackling the heroin and opioid prices. local school districts will develop policies on use andme
6:34 pm
>> across northern virginia, crowds turned out for the traditional fourth of july parade. this is the parade that marched through the his story today. the kids were loving it. it had us wondering what the youngest among us take away from these holiday gatherings. david watched the independence day parade in fairfax through the eyes of innocence. ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday to you. >> want to fully absorb the excitement of a parade. >> thank you. thank you. >> look at it, wearing the lens of youth. seven-year-old emma story, her eyes focusingen the bright tellers, her ears taking in the tunes. >> what is it about this parade that's so fun. >> the music. >> sitting on the curb with her cousins, like, it doesn't get much better. but it does get a little sweeter.
6:35 pm
and i know you've got a mouthful of candy. >> visiting fairfax from springfield, her daughter, samantha, this day is about three things. >> and barbecues and america's first. >> that's a reflection that go a couple of blocks away. >> with his siblings and parents he knows the excitement of the parade approaches and quickly passes by, the love of his family, well, that can his great watching plot for years. >> family should spend time together and they should have fun together. >> while some feed off the cheer joy of others, there are those who can push past the noise and rest their eyes. as the little ones, all over, expressing their indepence
6:36 pm
judgment free. in fairfax, david, news 4. >> oh, and there are a lot of neighborhood parades on the maryland side of the river, as well. the wild wood neighborhood in b bethesda holds the neighborhood parade. dogs are welcome to march in the parade there. from cars to bikes, wagons, to strollers. >> after a parade in university park and prince georges county, they held a neighborhood picnic. it included sack races and a game of catch. we saw a lot of red white and blue out there as well as the nation celebrates an experiment with democracy that lasted 241 years now. >> and a lot of you folks have been posting your pictures on social media, take a look at these images. these are coming throughout the area on this july 4th. now, we love to see your pictures, too, just tag nbc washington on twitter and instagram th
6:37 pm
think. >> still ahead, there are things about this holiday that can be dangerous, too, a costly reminder about grilling this season, what can happen if you don't follow the rule. >> it's a popular app for kids, but a new feature is raising concerns about privacy and security in the digital age.ame >> here is the latest check of storm team. continuing to track pockets of heavy rain and thunderstorms. start to fizzle what this means tonight as you head back to work tomorrow.
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6:40 pm
14 people died. >> a warning about grilling safety after a townhouse went up in flames last night. this is new cell phone video from the scene as fire filled the sky on blue bird. they say vinele siding caught fire. the townhouses is a total loss. the fire also spread to a neighboring home. investigators believe that charcoal was being used in a propane grill. the homeowner using the grill suffered minor burns. >> safety concerns tonight about a new feature in snap chat, the snap map users to pinpoint the exact location on their friends. for some it raises questions about privacy and security. they can be unknowingly making themselves targeting for predators. >> the stranger danger that we use to teach our kids about, you know, be on the look out, now they don't need the van, they can go on t
6:41 pm
find out where you are at any given time. >> the snap map is off by default and has to be turned on and once it is, you can hide your location by turning on ghost mode in the settings. >> stepped up security ahead of tonight's fireworks to show on the national mall, the weather dampen the mood, amelia has the fourth of july forecast next. construction barrels line the side of i-66 in northern virginia where project not only bring tolls here, but this road is actually
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
look at our top stories, a little more than an hour to go before the party gets underway. th
6:44 pm
begins at eighth and the fireworks underway just after 9:00. security is tight. there are lots of extra officers on the streets and they're on the patomic river, too, police are also uses to block certain streets to prevent trucks from driving near crowds. >> u.s. officials believe the missile that north korea tested over night was an intercontinental ballistic missile. those missiles have a range that will put the united states within striking distance. the test is expected to be a key topic. >> there are still more questions than answers in a sex abuse case involving a former teacher's aide in charles county. carlos bell is accused of sexually assaulting at least seven boys from staddard middle school. he admitted he is hiv positive. they say some of the alleged crimes happened at school. school officials say they'll be an extensive review. >> special
6:45 pm
capitol police officers. witnesses say special agents david bailey and crystal griner prevented a massacre. the officers shot and killed a man and opened fire on congressional congressman who were practicing for a baseball game. dc, maryland or virginia, you're bound to notice major road projects in the works. three of the biggest ones right now, i-66 inside the beltway where tolls are being added. the third street tunnel project, known as capitol crossing. that was huge. and rockdale bite in front of walter reed. news 4 transportation reporter adam is working for you with what you need to know about all of this. >> aren't you excited. it's that time of year again. no, not the fourth of july. we're talking about summer road work season. things are starting to heat up out here, it could mean big delays. the road work. >> it starts. it hasn't stopped.
6:46 pm
>> it is everywhere. are you kidding. this corner right here it's the worse. >> with that in mind, let's take you on a tour of the project to watch out for this summer. in the district the third street tunnel project takes on a new shape and form every day. construction happening right next to the busy road here has brought lots of new traffic pattern changes. we got an up close look on a recent tour. >> this is the first large tunnel in an urban area post 9/11. >> first building above the tunnel, by the way, expected to open next year. in virginia, work continues to bring tolls to i-66 inside the beltway and widen that road in spots, it's expected to start in december. and in maryland on rockdale pike in front of walter reed national military medical center, a huge project to dig a pedestrian tunnel under the pike so that people have an easier time getting from the metro station to the medical center. during the coming weekend in july and august, there's actually going to be major lane closures hre
6:47 pm
adam, news 4. >> don't forget you can check the real time traffic conditions any time in our nbc washington app, just open it and go to the traffic section. >> how about checking the real time radar right now. amelia has got the eye, what could be good news, bad news things, it's getting out early in time for the show and fireworks. >> exactly. i think by the time fireworks get underway at 9:00, most of the area should be in really good shape. unfortunately right now, yet a barbecue this evening, not looks so great in some areas, no severe thunderstorm warnings in effect any more, but take a look, tracking a batch of very heavy rain fall, lots of like ning and parts of northern montgomery county in parts of northern. this is severe thunderstorm warning, national weather service has allowed that severe thunderstorm warning to come down. also, a batch of rain moving on into the winchester area. so a heads up there. over the next 30 to 45 minutes i really think we'll start to see these storms wind
6:48 pm
now, right around the damascus area, clipping parts of gaitersburg as it moves towards ashton as well. this is moving towards the southeast and it's picking up steam. at one point it's moving at about 15 miles an hour, now it's moving at about 25 miles an hour towards the southeast. we then go over more towards the east, we're tracking some heavy rain there. i want to give you some impact time first, montgomery village, heads up potential for heavy rain. at about 6:55, you can have another round of rain moving in. and then we head into northern county, glin seeing some rain, traveling along 97. and, again, savage getting rain and more rain will continue to move in. and then we head back toward the winchester area just north of white post, some rain there. not a lot of lightning picked up this area of rain, moving towards the southeast and i'm going to
6:49 pm
of the counties, sometimes just south, as quickly as these two little forms, they're sizzling out. that's what i think we'll start to see with other areas of rain. so by 8:00 p.m. still tracking some isolated areas of rain, 84. but the chance you're dealing with rain during thunder works, i've been doing too much weather tonight at 9:00 p.m., we're looking mainly dry. 20% chance that you're dealing with some rain. 82 at that point, 10:00, it's cloudy, it's 81 degrees so the clouds, i think, nice backdrop for the fireworks going off tonight, no thunder works at 9:00 p.m. hopefully, thursday, 60% chance of rain and storms. it's going to be the best chance of rain and storms on the ten-day forecast. tomorrow, you'll have the umbrella handy. take a look here, 40% chance for showers at time, mainly later in the day. high temperature tomorrow, on friday late day showers and thunderstorms possible,
6:50 pm
nice weekend. near 90 on saturday. low hud mid -- low humidity. >> trademark that one. they kind of works. >> we have been asking amelia for an update on the forecast about every five or ten minutes. >> all right. coming up in sports. blue eyes himself, regrets, i've had a few. the mets are about to say them without letting daniel murphy go. we'll tell you how they'll continue to haunt. >> first here is peter alexander with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. coming up tonight rising tensions after north korea launches the longest range missile ever tested, juan capable of reaching the u.s., tonight how the president's responding. also this evening, the intersession of fire fighting and technology, as this wild fire heats up, how drones are posing new dangers for those on t
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z2ejdz z16fz y2ejdy y16fy boy, they put together a thing of beauty today. >> they did. and it's a lot of the regs out that's what we like to see. yeah, the fourth of july and america's pass time go hand and hand especia
6:54 pm
capitol. it's almost more fun. last night's game took a little longer to decide. but walked off winners and didn't have much turn around time before today's early start. the nats parked up the squad at 11:00 a.m. joe ross on the mound, after giving up a lead off home run. he rebounds. this always helps, as well. jay hits one to right. of course, he makes the catch, take another look. the flag waiving today. you've got to love the hair. harper also getting it done with his bag today. it's tied at 2:00 in the bottom of the fifth. harper rips this one off. dee p he scores all the way from first and harper, of course, hustling into third with the triple, three for four in the game, nats take a 3-2 lead. to the sixth, now 6-2 lead. daniel
6:55 pm
murph continues to show. scores two more nationals, murphy 4 for 5. since the mets let him walk. he's batting over 400 against his former team. should have let him go. so what is it about murphy facing his former squad. >> steady in and in his demeanor and personality. and, you know, that helps i'm sure you get some satisfaction, in which we all do when you're playing your former team, i still do when i'm coaching against my former teams. and so i'm glad that murph responded today after a day off. >> there's a lot of energy in there. there's a lot of people here last night, too. i didn't know they didn't work last night. the weekend started and, you know, it's a lot of energy in the stadium and always nice to be the division opponent. >> orioles spending july 4th, brewers hin
6:56 pm
veterans before the day. today they're on the mound for the bird. scoreless in the second, before he's off, two-run home run, gives milwaukee a 2-0 lead. who lasts five innings giving up five runs. orioles lose to the day, 6-2. capitols making a ton of moves today. this man smiling, of course he is. he resigned to a two-year deal worth $6 million. 12 goals, 23 assists this past season. caps fans remember he was benched for several days, but responded well, six goals in january, with the first round selection back in 2013. >> all right. need a little help from the set here. the nathan hot dog eating contest is -- >> disgusting. >> disgusting. >> seems to be popular. >> unsexy. >> unsexy. >> we've got disgusting and unsexy. let's jump right into the women's
6:57 pm
the black widow thomas from alexandria in the middle and julian from german town on the right. no match for the defending champion taking it. there you see, he's be the blond in the middle. down 41 hot dogs in ten minutes for the fourth straight. got it on your to make to the effect. and to the side, the legend, joey. he came to play or eat, whatever you want to call it. chestnut and personal best, 72 hot dogs. and world record to win it. adding another mustard for the collection, that's what they call it. for anyone scoring at home, you ready for this, that's 20,160 calories. >> i wish i were kidding. >> it's hard to watch. >> but what father wouldn't be proud. >> 41 hot dogs. >> or a mother and a son, either way, it's not setting a great example. >> on that note, we're out of
6:58 pm
here, thank you. try to get nightly news coming up next. >> be safe out there tonight. >> all 20,160 calories. fios is not cable. and we believe everyone deserves faster internet. so with fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs 20 times faster than most people have. and it's just $79.99 a month online for the first year. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years. all with a 2-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ ♪
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breaking news tonight, the u.s. now believes north korea for the first time fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, the type possibly capable of reaching alaska. a significant threat. how will the u.s. respond? stepped-up security in cities across the country as crowds gather for fireworks. a major show of force. authorities taking no chances. firefight, a growi danger in the sky. recreational drones hampering efforts to save homes from burning. an urgent call to ground them. zika threat -- this summer mosquitos are back and the fight is under way to prevent a repeat crisis. wounded warriors going for gold. "nightly news" begins right now.


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