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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 13, 2017 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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19-year-old dino owe all of the others have been missing since last week. the d.a. says this is, in fact, a homicide investigation. >> there are additional remains inside that grate. so this same process will go on. we're not done yet. this is a homicide, make no mistake about it. we just don't know how many homicides we are yet to know the answer to that question. >> recovery efforts will resume this morning. next update in this case is scheduled for 11:00 this morning. back over to you. >> erica, thank you. president trump landed in paris. this is new video of the start of his two-day trip there. that will include meetings with the president there. they will talk about terrorism and defense
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bastille celebrations and national holiday. tracie potts will have more on the visit and how a new interview with the president is raising eyebrows. today here at home, we'll find out how the senate's revised health care plan will impact your families. the plan is expected to keep billions of dollars but republicans will put more money to help lower income people pay for medical costs. republicans who weren't happy with the original version. the new bill will be revealed later this morning. today, we expect stewart to announce he's running for the u.s. senate. that's what supporters tell our virginia beach julie carey. he's a staunch supporter of president trump and nearly pulled off an upset in the republican primary for virginia governor. if stewart wins the republican primary, he will take on senator tim cain. ai
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president trump. a army lieutenant days away from graduating from college grabbed the attention of people across our area. today the man accused of that crime could be indicted. this is shawn urban ski charged with killing richard collins iii at the university of maryland. prosecutors are facing an important deadline. a judge or grand jury must decide whether there's enough evidence to move forward with the trial. if not, prosecutors must drop the murder charges to less severe charges. richard collins iii was visiting friends in college park and urban ski stabbed him. collins was set to graduate from bowie state in a few days. they have to determine whether this was a hate crimes. you can follow tracee wilkins on twitter. a weapon used against a transgender -- the july 5tht
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washington is still in critical condition from that crash. her friends tell news 4 a man driving a car ran her down on k street after she refused to give out her phone number. washington's friend believes she was hit because she's transgender. >> we're targets. every summer it's a similar situation where we have to face this kind of violence right here in our own home. >> police have not said anything about a motive for this hit and run. >> it's 4:33 to a story you'll only see on news 4. d.c. police have taken a man off the streets accused of critically -- hitting a woman on san diego avenue on tuesday. after that crash, he was accused of hitting someone. that student went through
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crash but never showed up for trial. it is 4:34 right now. let's get another check on your commute and weather on this storm team 4 weather alert day. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen are keeping eyes on how hot it's going to get. i think 100 degrees potentially. >> it's going to feel like it. it will feel like 105 into the afternoon. heat advisory is out. it's going to be really hot today. >> not a pleasant day to be spending a lot of time outside. if you have strenuous outdoor activities to do, get them done super early or after 4:00 or 5:00 when the sun angle is lower. early this morning, four things to know about the forecast. it is super muggy. already have heat indexes in the low to mid-80s around the city. afternoon highs today in the mid to upper 90s. if we get to 100, that will tie the record at national airport. the record at dulles is 97. that one is definitely within reach. the heat
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today. only an outside chance at a shower or thunderstorm. thunderstorms now up across poorts of lower michigan and ohio. most of those will be staying to our north. a slight chance for a shower today. how warm is it now, sheena? >> chuck, in the low 80s. it feels like the mid-80s with the humidity. those who do see a stray shower this afternoon, consider yourselves lucky because it will help to cool your temperatures down. this morning, we're only going to keep seeing the numbers rise. 81 degrees in washington. sterling park at 76. lay tonsville -- prince george's county, low 80s here. riverdale, 82 degrees. upper marlboro at 77. beverly beach, 81. if you're exercising, this morning is the best time to do it. otherwise, it's going to get hot. 92 by lunchtime. still better to exercise inside by then. feeling like 105 this afternoon. you want to stay cool and hydrated. take a closer look at what to expect. let's check the roads.
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melissa? >> problem in fredericksburg. route 3 westbound at cherry road in front of the napa auto parts store. lanes blocked westbound. we just spoke with police. sounds like a reconstruction situation. bad news for much of the morning eastbound though which most of you use to get inside. that is open this morning. no problems eastbound. branch avenue, still roadwork there. rest of the beltway looking good. roadwork earlier on the inner loop. that is out of the way. 95 in maryland from 32 down to the beltway. we look good here this morning, it's going to take you ten minutes down and ten minutes out. that's the way you're headed, eun. >> thank you, melissa. miracle baby. that is what one mother is calling his child after he is hit by a stray bullet and survives. hear about his report ahead. plus, a veterans home vandalized, his american flag set on fire and he's not the onlyct
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plus, a voting rights debate. which maryland city could soon allow nonu.s. citizens to vote
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this morning a man is being held without bond after what alexandria police call a brutal attack against one of their own. claude reynolds is accused of hitting a policf
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injured. this happened in the old town section of the city yesterday morning. we're told the officer was responding to reports of a man smashing windows and cars. investigators say the officer feared for her life and fired her gun. no one was hit. just one day into a crime crackdown in prince george's county and they've taken a murderer off the streets. investigators say he shot and killed two people in district heights last week. the victims were two of 12 people killed in the county in the span of 11 days. the homicides led the chief to order 12-hour shifts for his police officers. we have a map showing the locations of the homicides in our nbc washington app. search homicide map. a d.c. mother is crediting god with saving her 1-year-old son who was hit a stray bullet in northeast this week. >> we're hearing from jeremiah white's mother about that horrible night. it happened when a group of men
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where kids were playing. one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting. jeremiah was caught in the crossfire. he was rushed to the hospital and due to emergency surgery he survived. she called jeremiah her miracle baby. >> that's all i can say. the doctors found one bullet and a fragment in another. basically he has three holes and got shot twice. >> d.c. police are close to making three arrests in this case. a go fund me page has been set up to help the boy's family with medical expenses. you can find a link in the nbc washington app. good morning. it is 4:41 on a thursday morning. we are in weather alert to help keep you safe and cool from what is going to be a stifling hot day. heat indexes will be well up into the 80s by lunchtime. indexes up as clos
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103, 4 or 5 degrees and even when you're coming back home later today, still feeling like 100 or higher especially in the urban centers. look at the weekend forecast, which does include cooler weather. that's coming right up. our area's second tallest building coming through tyson's and what will be inside of it has a lot of you talking. which popular grocery chain will be setting up shop. that's still ahead. a warning for verizon customers.
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we have two more miserably hot days to get through. as much as 105 degrees. tomorrow, in addition to being hot and humid, it's also going to be stormy. we're under a slight risk for strong to
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tomorrow. sheena has a complete look at your ten-day forecast coming right up. plus, a veteran, the victim of a fie rry crime. his flag set on fire. he's not the only target. it is the high-speed train that will change the way you travel. we'll tell you why developers are hitting the brakes on the multibillion dollar plan. good morning. i'm erika gonzalez at the life desk. the all clear given after a bomb threat forced an evacuation at ucla. thousands of people being evacuated. they're in summer session so the dorms are being used by not only students but really young kids that have been attending summer camps. one person told the l.a. times that many kids were crying during this evacuation. talking about really small children. people had to wait for two hours
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and no device was found, but police are still investigating. back over to you. all right, erika, thank you. it's 4:46 now. president trump is in paris for the start ever the two-day visit. all eyes will be on his joint news conference today with french president macron. >> he's expected to face questions about russia, questions around his son and what the president said about it in recent interviews. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. how is the president defending his son? >> first of all, he says it's a witch hunt, this idea of questioning whether or not he should have met with the russian attorney. he has arrived this morning in france. before that, the president talked to reuters, he told them there was nothing wrong in the middle of a heated campaign with his son sitting down with this russian attorney to see what she may have had to say which turned out to be nothing. he also told the 700 club in an on-camera interview a little bit about his mti
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relationship with president vladimir putin saying that putin said wished he was not elected because they don't see eye to eye including him wanting to build up the u.s. military. >> tracie, we're getting the senate's revised health care bill today. what are some of the changes and sticking points that will likely stick around? >> a few things they've done to tweak things, the two big things you need to know this morning, medicaid cuts are still in, but tax rate for the wealthy is out. tax rates under obamacare will stay. it provides about $170 billion to pay for the health bill and perhaps sweetens the deal for democrats would argue this was just a tax rate for the wealthy at the expense of middle class americans. the medicaid cuts stay, could keep some moderate republicans from supporting it. we'll get the details later today. >> tracie potts on the hill this morning. tracie, thank you. 4:47 now. expect to see a lot of moms and their children on capitol hill today. they'rla
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they're calling a play in protest. they want to call attention for the need to address climate change and air pollution. lawmakers from both parties are expected to speak at this event. 4:48 now. it's a move that could add fire to the debate over voting rights. college park mayor and city council are thinking about allowing residents who are not u.s. citizens to vote in local elections. it would require an amendment to the city's charter. this is not unprecedented, though. there are several places in maryland that allow residents who are not citizens to vote. college park leaders could vote on this issue next month. he served under the american flag in world war ii. he even bled for it. it was quite a shock when army vet dick cohen woke up to find the flag that once flew in his front yard had been burned in the middle of the night. this happened in the morning before the fourth of july. a few of his neighbors also had their flags damaged. now, they
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alexandria police to catch whoever behind the crime. >> i guess in a state of shock. i never seen anything like that before. >> i thought it was a disgrace. it's our american flag. we're very proud of it. >> this video is from a similar incident in richmond. police there charged the suspect with arson. there is some good news for cohen. one of his neighbors helped him hang a new flag outside his home. the other neighbors will fly flags in solidarity. it is a crime -- a man who killed someone and left his body in beverly park will be sentenced. he is one of three people responsible for the death in 2015. he pleaded guilty in march to helping kill the man with a machete and leaving his body under a playground bridge. he's a member of the ms-13 street gang. a professional photographer will go on trial in october on
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he's charged with sex abuse of a minor and possession of child porn. according to charging documents, he made secret recordings of underage girls undressing. they were taken in his home photography studios. two of the girls found the camera. reichert was indicted in april. first historically black college has a first female president. it's in prince george's county. they're welcoming her. she's excited about this new opportunity. >> they have now this incredible environment in which to learn. so what i had like to make sure is that everyone knows about the history that's here. but then where we're trying to go to ensure that we can pace the 21st century learners. >> she comes from pennsylvania where she served as vice president. she is the tenth president there. you may have missed the job fair but the
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for school bus drivers in prince george's county. a shortage led to some kids being picked up late or not at all. applications are still being accepted online. pay starts at nearly $19 an hour and can top out at $35 an hour. if you're among those who travel by train up the east coast, your commute could soon be getting faster. they're planning to rebuild a railway line between boston and d.c. they think you can make the trip 35 minutes faster. all the minutes count. the federal railroad administration the plan from connecticut to rhode island. others claim it could devastate tourist attractions. ♪ >> by now, you've probably seen the video of that young virginia doctor who died before his
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he was killed in a car accident last month in maryland three months after he wowed the judges with his performance of stevie wonder's ribbon in the sky. we're hearing from his parents. their son left a lasting impression on the world. >> an amazing time. it does my heart good. it does my heart good. >> he would walk in every day and say where is my father. his father was the last one to see his eyes open. >> so sad. he practiced medicine at riverside regional medical center. >> i've been following him for more than a year now. if you watch the relationship he had with his parents. it's so obvious how this was a family that loved life. he was so incredibly talented. different songs he sang. tragic. >> it was amazing. i didn't even know
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i feel like you. i want to put that out there. >> remember that. >> i told you, you could wear flipflops. are you not wearing them? >> i'll never tell. >> people have been asking me on social media, where are aaron's shorts? >> i have a theory about this picture, guys. either this is melissa holding down her son in the front yard or it's chuck bell yesterday. >> there you go. >> maybe. >> we'll see. tweet us and tell us who you think it is. i'm kidding. it is a good way to stay cool. today you want to stay cool however you can. you'll feel around 105 degrees this afternoon. if you thought yesterday was hot, today is going to be hotter. tomorrow, though, we have a little bit of a different story. still going to be hot but we have a severe threat through tomorrow afternoon with the storms moving in. heat relief into the weekend. it's going to be around 90 this weekend. that's going
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it's 81 degrees. feels more like 86 outside right now because of the humidity. elsewhere, temperatures are mostly in the mid to upper 70s. we do have a heat advisory in the counties shaded in orange. that means because it's going to feel between 100 and 105. stay hydrated, check on the elderly and your neighbors. avoid long hours outside. never leave children or pets in the cars. unfortunately, some people forget. your pool forecast looking good. this is a place you want to be today. 2:00 p.m., feeling like 100. 4:00 p.m., 105. temperatures in the upper 90s. we go into the weekend, there's that relief after tomorrow's round of storms. the weekend looks really good. we'll get hot again next week. let's check the roadways. a hot one melissa mollet. >> for sure. use the ac this morning. inner loop near georgia avenue. a problem there. a little hard to see in in
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distance there. taking a look at what this is. two left lanes are blocked by a crash there. not seeing much of a slow down. down to fredericksburg at cherry road. all westbound lanes are blocked. eastbound lanes are open and 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you're on time there. eun? >> melissa, thank you. they're man's best friend and for many of us, a part of the family. all new at 5:00, how dogs are helping to cure cancer. >> it's emmy nominations day. which of your favorite tv shows could be in the running for tv's biggest awards. >> new details about the major developments to revamp tyson's. which popular grocery store and
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some positive economic news for our area that may affect where you shop and have fun. weg man's is coming to the area. it's part of a major development including capital one's new headquarters. also a new performing arts center. it will be part of the tallest structure. megan mcgrath will have more on the development. i may have to go to tyson's. >> it's going to be fun. th
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new shopping option. women's retail chain anthropology will replace the barnes and noble store there. it will be three times the size of the typical anthropology store. it will have a full-service restaurant, bridal wear, beauty products and a shoe salon. >> a shoe salon. dress up the shoes? i don't know. in addition to the clothing -- >> fancy way. >> this is the clothing, jewelry and kitchenware they normally have, this will be the first concept store of its kind in this part of the country. >> scheduled to open in the fall of next year. it's a store where i want to look cute. the clothes don't like me. >> how is that possible? >> verizon customers, you might want to consider changing your pin because a security researcher says a lapse exposed
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data for millions of customers including names, addresses and your pin. 6 million people were affected there. verizon says none of the information made it into the wrong hands, up guard says it stems from a cloud server that a third party had misconfigured. i don't trust the cloud. thumb drive or -- >> you can touch and hold in your hand. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. right now on "news4 today," weather alert. hot, hot day across the d.c., maryland virginia area. we'll fill you in outside. bodies found in the search for four missing men. the new details coming into the newsroom while you were sleeping. >> president trump touching down in paris. his latest international trip just getting started. we'll fill you in on where he's headed. it is 5:00 a.m.


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