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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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data for millions of customers including names, addresses and your pin. 6 million people were affected there. verizon says none of the information made it into the wrong hands, up guard says it stems from a cloud server that a third party had misconfigured. i don't trust the cloud. thumb drive or -- >> you can touch and hold in your hand. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. right now on "news4 today," weather alert. hot, hot day across the d.c., maryland virginia area. we'll fill you in outside. bodies found in the search for four missing men. the new details coming into the newsroom while you were sleeping. >> president trump touching down in paris. his latest international trip just getting started. we'll fill you in on where he's headed. it is 5:00 a.m.
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i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on what is going to be a very, very hot thursday. we're not exaggerating here. you can feel it already. >> got to emphasize how hot it's going to be. we have team coverage. storm team 4 meteorologists chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside for us. >> justin finch will tell us how to prepare. chuck and sheena are outside right now. it's sticky already. >> it's okay. it's not bad. it's definitely going to be the coolest time though. >> this is it. guys, take care of the lawn here at channel 4, they've got the weed whackers and the mowers going. you have to do that kind of a job today, this is the time to do it. outside skies are partly cloudy to mostly clear. 80 degrees is the temperature at national airport. we already have a heat index of 84 and the sun isn't even up yet. if you're planning out your day, plan on temperatures to stay in the upper 70s to near 80
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with a heat index of 98. peak of the day today, my 98 degrees with a heat index of 104 degrees. best thing to do to stay cool, we have a link on the nbc washington app. go in there, we've got all sorts of things of what you should eat and shouldn't drink. number one thing to do, all frozen watermelons. do i love a piece of frozen watermel watermelon. melissa mollet? >> i'm sure you do love a piece of frozen watermelon s. i like frozen grapes as well. >> not too much of a slowdown. but we still have that crash we are seeing in video. we'll get that in a second. westbound 3 at cherry road, all lanes blocked there in fredericksburg. eastbound 70, 417. myersville. crash off the road to the right side of the roadway. overall, beltway is looking pretty good with the
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of course, of that problem there. eun? thank you, melissa mollet. team coverage on the extreme heat continues. justin finch joins us live from the rockville volunteer fire department. he's breaking down how they're preparing to help folks in need today. justin? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. already going to be a busy day. they're bracing for that. 75 degrees right now. it's going to grow significantly as the day wears on. the heat index set to touch triple digits so far. we asked, what can we do to prepare ourselves for what's coming our way. we were told simply, you want to get by one of these, an ac unit or a fan. here are more tips on what you can do before coming out for work and school. >> water every single day. that's going to help you. this morning, drink a bottle of water when you get up. that's going to help you significantly. second, if yo
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right? stay out of the sun and the heat as much as possible. >> reporter: very simple tips there. stay hydrated and cool. stay out of that sun. the water will be huge today. again, the advice here. if you can get as much as a liter in you today. that will help the heat and humidity today. in the next half hour, we're back live with more tips. more on what you can do on what will be a very hot and sticky day. back to you and the studio. >> justin, thank you. storm team 4 will be working for you all day long. keep an eye on the forecast throughout the day with your nbc washington app. >> 5:04. we're following breaking news at the live desk. >> erika has details on a grim discovery. >> aaron, eun, good morning to you. there was a press conference overnight and confirmed the discovery of multiple human remains in a deep common
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man being called a person of interest. the discovery includes the body of at least one of four young men. the 19-year-old, all of the young men have been missing since last week. jimmy carr patrick attended loyola university in maryland. this is a homicide investigation. >> we'll have a reporter on the ground in the next 15 minutes. >> erika, thank you. also breaking overnight, president trump landed in paris. take a look. this is the start of his two-day trip there. that will include meetings with the president there. he will take part in the bastille day celebrations and
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coming up, tracie potts will have more on the visit and how a new interview with the president is raising eyebrows. today here at home, we'll find out how the senate revised health care plan will impact your family. the plan is expected to keep billions of dollars in cuts to medicaid but republicans put more money in a fund to help lower income people pay for medical costs. gop leaders hope the plan gets the support of wary republicans who weren't happy with the original version. the new bill will be released later this morning. today, we expect cory stewart to announce he's running for the u.s. senate. that's what they tell julie carey. he chairs the board of supervisors. it's a staunch supporter of president trump and nearly pulled off an upset in the republican primary for governor. if stewart wins the republican primary he would take on senator tim kaine. he's been a vocal critic of president trump. the murder of an army lieutenant days away from ad
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our area. today the man accused of that crime could be indicted. >> this is sean urban ski charged with killing richard collins iii. today prosecutors are facing an important deadline. a judge or grand jury must decide whether there's enough evidence to move forward with the trial. if not, prosecutors must drop the murder charges to less severe charges. collins was visiting friends in college park when police say urban ski stabbed him. he was set to graduate in a few days. the fbi is helping police determine whether this was a hate crime. news 4's trisacee wilkins will following the developments. the man accused of using his car as a weapon against a france gender weapon. sahr twan anderson was -- washington is still in critical condition from th
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the car ran her down on k street after she refused to give out her phone number. washington's friend says she was hit because she's transgender. >> we're targets. every summer it's a similar situation where we have to face this kind of violence in our own home. >> police have not said anything about a motive for the hit and run. now to a story only on news 4 this morning. d.c. police have taken a man off the street accused of critically hurting two people with his dump truck. alvarez is accused of hitting a woman on tuesday. after that crash, police also arrested him for hitting a gallon u day student in 2016. alvarez was charged in that 2015 crash but never showed up for trial. covering northern virginia.
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in the last few years, the tyson's area has been totally transformed and the changes are far from complete. >> a new urban development has been approved and it will impact you if you live or work or drive through that area which is already busy, megan mcgrath is near the site with more on what's coming. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. if you look behind me, you can see some of the construction equipment. you see the capital one new corporate headquarters under way and now word that the green light has been given for additional development on the campus. the board of supervisors giving final approval of the plan. this the the beltway, 123 and scott's crossing road. it certainly means a lot of new amenities. take a look. these are the architectural drawings. there's going to be an 80,000 square foot weg man's. there's going to be an urban style store on the capital campus. also a large
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with 1500 seats. a black box theater, as well as a main hall with an orchestra pit. the event space will be used for corporate events by capital one and made available to the public for arts and cultural events. there will be four acres of park. the biggest ones at the top of the parking garage. that's seven stories up. there's going to be a lawn with seating. there will be a bochy ball and they'll keep it's current 14-story tower and in the process of building that new 32-story tower. lots coming to tyson's. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath live for us in tysons. it's going to be hot outside for us. it's really warm this morning. your commute is going to be mostly dry. look at those temperatures through the afternoon. air conditioning will be on, i'm sure, for everybody from the morning to the evening. coming up, we'll talk about who has a better chance for thunderstorms tomorrow
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and your weekend. plus, in d.c., the dogs. we have another reason why you can call them man's best friend. how dogs are helping to cure cancer. coming up. we have a once in a lifetime situation that you'll probably never see or hear about again. >> a strange situation inside this atm.
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it's going to be a hot one today. the hottest day this week. temperatures right now are already at about the mid to upper 70s. we have a heat advisory for the area for the afternoon hours. temperatures from 100 to 105 degrees. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. right now inner loop near georgia avenue. this has completely cleared on the right shoulder. all lanes are open. that's an earlier crash there. beltway looking good. inner loop and outer loop. new crash on the right side of the roadway. eun in. >> thank you. if you are just waking up, we're following breaking news right now. these four young men have been missing since last week. now there is a big break in the case. >> this morning, the person of
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jail. katy zachry is live near the bucks county jail for us. katy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning aaron and eun. we're across the street where cosmo dinardo is being held. a big concern for investigators this morning is will he post bail. that's one of the reasons the d.a. yesterday asked the judge to grant a $5 million bail on him to keep him here in jail and the judge agreed. we are learning a lot about this person of interest. when he was arraigned yesterday on the latest charge, that relates to the missing men case. he is accused of trying to sell a car owned by one of those men, tom mayo. police say that car was on dinardo's family's property in bucks county, a county north of philadelphia. in court, prosecutors revealed that dinardo was schizophrenic and he's a danger to himself and others.
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yet how the four missing men andy national guard owe knew each other and have not named him as a suspect in what is now a homicide investigation. >> there are additional human remains inside that grate. so this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. this is a homicide, make no mistake about it. we just don't know how many homicides we are yet to note answer to that question. >> reporter: a little more about the person of interest. he graduated from a prestigious all boy's catholic high school in the area. he's also heir to his family's real estate fortune. we're expected to hear more from investigators at 11:00 this morning. back to you guys. >> katy zachry from wcau, thank
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cash and instead of a receipt, you get a note that says help me. follow me on this now. this happened to folks in texas after a contractor actually got stuck inside the atm. can you believe this? the worker didn't have a cell phone and started passing help me notes through the receipt slot of this machine. >> how many do you have to pass through before you get help? >> you ball it up and throw it away. some folks thought it was a joke. but eventually someone called police. they had to kick -- they literally withdrew him from the atm. he was trapped for two hours there. next time that happens to you, call for help. >> always want to pay attention. you never know. i'm glad he was out. well, you've probably seen this next story in your time lines this week. we're hearing from the woman who took off work. she said she was taking two mental health days. th
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hopefully i'll be back next week refreshed and back to 100%. parker said she wanted people to recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health. >> people don't any that mental health is health. they think that you aren't trying hard enough and that's not how it works. >> parker's boss praised her for taking the days off and called her a good example to everyone. the problem is, it has to truly be a mental health day. it's hard to decide then who is abusing it and who really needs the extra few days. >> it's sort of been a joke, i need a personal mental health day. >> i could use one every other day. >> dogs are helping in the nonstop fight against cancer. >> news 4's doreen gentzler with how they're contributing. >> for thousands of years dogs have been our companions, our friends. they've been with us on the
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as it turns out, they're helping us now when it comes to curing cancer. in humans and in especially in children. this jack russell terrier is having a ct scan to find out if the mass on his hip is a malignant tumor. he's being scanned in springfield, virginia. if it's positive, boz might be considered for a trial. but study similarities between cancers in canines and humans. >> if you take a human carcinoma of bone cancer and look at that under the microscope, the pathologist can't tell you if it's human or dog. >> that's especially true when it comes to cancers in canines and in humans. i'll have the full story tonight on news 4 at 6:00. from dogs with cancer with dogs that wanted to cheer up cancer patients, this happened at a cancer center in pennsylvania. two dogs were away from their owner and ended up
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cancer center sneaking in. you can see in the surveillance video, they received attention from employees. they were later reunited with their owners. smart dogs. >> dogs are the best. >> they are. >> chuck, what do you do today with the dogs? >> we take shorter walks. i try to make sure they don't have to cross the blacktop very often. white sidewalks, concrete are hot enough. but the asphalt, the blacktop, i try to limit their exposure to. we spend more time on logan circle than crossing the street. >> a day not fit for man nor beast. we're talking about heat indexes when the sun isn't up yet. record highs for today, all at least in some amount of jeopardy. 100 at national airport set in 1954, that's probably the least likely to be
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international 97. that one we might get. about a 50/50 shot at the 99 record. at 5:00 a.m., it's 80 degrees. a heat index at 84 now. as you plan out your day, find out the current heat index and it may help you plan how much time to spend outside and follow me on social media at chuck bell 4 on twitter. meanwhile, temperatures mid-70s in the suburbs. heat index values by lunchtime right around 100 degrees and heat indexes today peaking between 104 and 106 degrees. that's the reason the weather service has a weather advisory between noon and 8:00 p.m. 98 in washington. there is a slight chance of a slight shower or thunderstorm. most chances across pennsylvania today. tomorrow as a cold front comes our way, we'll be under the gun friday afternoon and e
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to severe thunderstorms. tomorrow afternoon, may be in weather alert mode once again. there's a peak at the next five days. today and tomorrow the worst of it. the weekend, saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine and high temperatures back down to average which is 89 degrees. >> i like that. i'll take average at this point. inner loop, georgia avenue, remember this crash has now cleared. stay on the right shoulder. don't have to worry about that. beltway looking good. inner loop and outer loop now. northbound 395, you can see we have that crash on the right side of the roadway. remember here in fredericksburg, westbound closed at cherry road. all lanes blocked westbound for accident reconstruction eastbound you are open. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:22 right now. from the best in traffic to the best in sports:
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honoring kevin for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia."
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sportser sports stars shine brightly. >> one winner will be all over your social media feed today. >> my name is -- he's amazing. i want to thank the who dat nation. >> yeah. >> that is 15-year-old darius j.j. robertson. he won the jimmy g perseverance award. he's battling a rare chronic liver disease that severely stunted his growth. it takes lives to save lives foundation to bring the importance of organ donation. >> recognizing courage in sports
5:27 am
superstar athletes. but, we have to mention another big award. prince george's county native kevin durant took best championship award but not before getting roasted by peyton manning. russell westbrook who won best maehl athlete. the warriors won best team. that's simone biles who won best female athlete. a lot of awards all around. i have to go back and look at all the dresses. the suits, too. the men looked sharp. >> the sweatpants. >> 5:27 is our time right now. >> i thought he looked good. good morning everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures in the 70s, near 80 degrees. i'm done with my second cup of cold water this morning. you'll need extra hydration as you prepare to get outside and sweat it out. heat indexes could be near 105. we're
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right now, weather alert. temperatures climbing as you start your day. >> we have team coverage from storm team 4, plus we're checking in with firefighters for their tips to stay safe through the heat wave. plus a veteran's home vandalized. his american flag set on fire. he says he's not the only victim in his
5:31 am
"news4 today" starts now. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. we have live team coverage on the storm team 4 weather alert day. we'll start with the forecast. chuck bell and sheena parveen has that. >> they're outside because we want them to suffer on our behalf. >> thank you, eun. >> wow. >> we love you guys. we love you so much. >> it actually feels really nice. >> they just want us to suffer. i don't know what i think about that. >> should be the chuck's cold water club today. nothing left in it, unfortunately. >> stay hydrated. it's hard to tell people this. you need to avoid alcohol and caffeine. >> i have been drinking coffee currently. >> right now? >> it's over there. >> what do you mean currently? you're not even holding a cup. >> i was drinking it earlier. something hot doesn't sound too good. in the ac, it might. >> in quantico, a heat advisory for all the
5:32 am
orange. heat index of 105 this afternoon. we will be watching the temperatures very closely. you want to stay hydrated, stay in the shade. i have my yet i to make sure my coffee stays extra hot. >> we're recommending decaf ated iced coffee later. >> it's going to be a hot one even for the commuters. good morning. >> i need to keep the water up. i'm encouraging myself to hydrate, especially today. we have the response on the right side of the roadway, the tiniest slowdown headed inbound. remember, this situation here in spotsylvania county and fredericksburg westbound 3 at cherry road. still the westbound lanes blocked eastbound open. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big issues there. eun? >> we've been warning you all week about this heat. now the weather alert day and extreme temperatures have arrived. >>let head out to justin
5:33 am
he's live for us at the rockville volunteer fire department ready to talk about how crews are going to be working for you today. hey, justin. >> reporter: hey there, aaron. good morning. talking a lot about that heat incompetent decks and what more than 100 degrees will feel like. water is key and lots of it. it's easy to underestimate what conditions like this can do to your body if you're not careful. you can wind up in the back of one of these. an emergency medical vehicle. we're here with deputy chief from the volunteer fire department in rockville. what's the first thing you to do to not suffer from complications? >> get to a cooler environment and start the cooling process, to cool your body back down. that's the very first thing you should do. >> should be staying hydrated as well in a cool place. >> absolutely. a lot of precautions you can do ahead of time is get yourself hydrated, try to stay out of the heat. if you he
5:34 am
and you feel the fatigue of heat, get yourself to a cool environment. >> reporter: one of the big questions, you have heat exhaustion and heat stroke. to many people, they're easily confused but very different. >> that's correct. heat exhaustion is something you can deal with yourself. you'll start to feel nausea and you'll maybe be sweating a lot, doing things like that. heat stroke is the complete next step of the whole process. you will stop sweating, you may go unconscious. you'll feel like you're going to vomit and throw up. if you're in that state, please call 911 and get to emergency personnel coming your way. >> reporter: excellent. if you feel sick on a day like today, first take it easy. more serious, call 911. that's the latest live here. >> justin finch in rockville, thank you. the bucks county district attorney's office say they have
5:35 am
common grave. that property is owned by the family of a man being called a person of interest. cosmo dinardo. the discovery includes the bodies of at least one of four young men. 19-year-old dino owe all of the young men have been missing since last week. an update is expected at 11:00 a.m. president trump is in paris this morning. he'll be meeting with president macron later today. it's a new interview about the controversy involving his son that's raising eyebrows. tracie potts will explain that coming up. corey stewart is running for -- the chair would have to win the gop nomination before facing senator tim kaine next year. the man accused of killing an army lieutenant could be indicted. shawn you are bans ki is charged with killing him. they're facing an important
5:36 am
decide whether there's enough evidence to move forward. if not, prosecutors must drop the murder charges to less severe charges. he served under the american flag in world war ii and he each bled for it. it was quite a shot when army vet dick cohen found the flag that once flew in his front yard had been burned in the middle of the night. it happened before the morning of the fourth of july. his neighbors also had their flags damaged. they're all calling on alexandria police to catch whoever is behind this crime. i guess in a state of shock. i never seen anything like that before. >> thought it was a disgrace. it's our american flag. we're very proud of it. the video is from a similar incident down in richmond. you're watching it here. the police charged that suspect with arson. there is good news for cohen. one of his neighbors helped him replace and hang a new flag outside his
5:37 am
other neighbors will fly their flags in solidarity. it was a crime that disturbed the alexandria community. the man who killed someone and left his body at a park will be sentenced. he's one of three people responsible for the death in 2015. he pled guilty in march to helping kill him with a machete and leaving him under a playground bridge at beverly park. he's a member of the ms-13 street gang. >> it is a high-speed rail that will change the way you travel. still ahead, you'll have an update on how much time that will cut from your trip. >> parking can be frustrating especially in this area. new this morning, the shocking study about
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
a man is being held without bond after a brutal attack against one of their own. reynolds is accused of hitting a police officer in the head. the officer was seriously injured. this happened in the old town section of alexandria. the officer was responding to reports of a man smashing windows in cars. the officer feared for her life and fired her gun. no one was hit.
5:41 am
crackdown in prince george's county and police have taken a murderer off the streets. moore is behind bars. he shot and killed two people in district heights last week. the victims were two of 12 people killed in the county in a span of 11 days. the homicides led the chief to order 12-hour shifts for his police officers. good morning. we're in storm team 4 weather alert to get you ahead of the heat today. high temperatures are likely to be in the mid to upper 90s today. when you factor in the humidity, heat indexes could be 100 to 105 to 106 degrees. stay in the ac as much as you can. light colored clothes and have that extra glass of water. over to melissa. >> i thought you were going to say wine. that sounds good. cherry road, all lanes still blocked there in fredericksburg. you take a look at the beltway and the earlier problem o
5:42 am
coming up. tysons has been transforming for years. now word that additional development is coming to the capital one campus.
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5:45 am
right now, temperatures headed towards the triple digits. the forecast that you need to hear before you head outside. an arrest made in a frightening hit and run. why the victim's friends believe she was hit on purpose. new this morning, president trump touched down in paris. we'll fill you in on the latest trip overseas. we begin in paris. it's 5:45 where in just a few hours, president trump will meet with french president macron. the two leaders are scheduled to hold a joint news conference today. that's where you can expect the president to face questions about russia in light of the controversy surrounding his son. >> news 4's tracie potts is live on capi h
5:46 am
tracie, we're getting new comments from the president about that controversy. >> right. ahead of this news conference he's already speaking about it. he did some news interviews saying he saw nothing wrong about someone sitting down with someone saying they had information about his opponent, in this case a russian lawyer saying he had dirt from the russian government on hillary clinton. nothing wrong with that the president said. he's also talking about his own relationship with russian president vladimir putin after that long meeting they had at the g-20. he told the 700 club in an interview, putin may have wished he wasn't elected because they don't see eye to eye on everything including the president wanting to build up the military. >> we're getting the revised health care bill as well. what are the changes and what sticking points are likely to remain? >> sure. we're monitoring that on capitol hill. two things you need to know. it looks like the $700 billion in medicaid cuts will stay and taxes for the wealthy.
5:47 am
that's something republicans wanted to get rid of. after hearing a lot of democrats say this is tax rates for the wealthy being balanced by cuts for low-income families on medicaid, they decided to get rid of that plan, so it looks like wealthy families will continue to be taxed under this new plan. they're also throwing in money for opioids and sub i hads hoping to get the reluctant republicans on board. >> tracie potts on capitol hill this morning. thank you. you can expect to see a lot of children -- they're holding a play-in protest addressing climate change and air pollution. lawmakers from both parties are expected to speak at this event. it's a move that could add new fire to the debate over voting rights. college park's mayor and city council are thinking about allowing residents who are not u.s. citizens to vote in local elections. it would require an
5:48 am
the city's charter. this is not unprecedented. right now, there are several places in maryland that allow residents to not vote. they could vote on this issue next month. >> the man accused of using his car against a transgender woman will be in court. they arrested anderson for the july 5th hit and run in northeast. washington is still in critical condition from that crash. her friend tells news 4 a man ran her down on k street after she refused to give him her phone number. washington's friend believes she was hit because she's transgender. >> we're targets and every summer it's a similar situation where we have to face this kind of violence in our home. >> police do not have a motive for the hit and run. a d.c. mother is thanking god for saving her 1-year-old son. jeremiah white was hit by a stray bullet this week in
5:49 am
this morning, we're hearing from his mother about that horrible night. it happened monday when a group of men started arguing on a street steps away from where kids were playing. jeremiah was caught in the crossfire. he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. he survived and is expected to be okay. white called jeremiah her miracle baby. >> by the grace of god. that's all i care to say. the doctors found one bullet and a fragment in another. basically he has three holes. he got shot twice. >> d.c. police say they're close to making three arrests in this case. a go fund me page has been set up to help the boy's family with medical expenses. you can find the link on our nbc washington app. showing you images out of los angeles this morning where the all clear has been given after a bomb threat forced an evacuation at ucla. in this video, you are seeing thousands of people evacuated to drake stadium.
5:50 am
right now. so the dorms are being used by not only students but young kids, really young kids attending summer camps. one person said many of the children were seen crying during this evacuation. people had to wait for two hours until police were able to give the all clear. while no device was found, police are continuing their investigation. back over to you guys. erika, thank you. right now, we have good economic news for our area. it's happening in the tysons area. >> a new urban development has just been approved and it will impact you if you live, work or drive through that very busy area. news 4's megan mcgrath is live near the site with more on what's coming. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. new event space for art lovers, an upscale grocery store and even some new parks. it's all a part of capital one's redevelopment of the
5:51 am
if you look behind me, you can see the construction of the new corporate headquarters has been under construction for a while. now additional development on campus. what does this mean? certainly, lots of new amenities coming to tysons. take a look at the architectural drawings. 80,000 square foot urban-style wegmans is going to be put in on the campus. also, there will be a large events auditorium with 1500 seats, a black box theater, a main hall with an orchestra pit. it will be used for events and made available to the public for art and cultural events. also, expect four acres of public parks. the biggest one, interesting here, 7 stories up on the top of the wegmans parking garage. that will be open top everyone. green space for everyone to sit during their lunch hours and come from the area. lots going on. you'll see construction happening here for
5:52 am
lots more to come. >> megan, thank you. you'll also get a new shopping option in bethesda. women's retail chain anthropology will replace the store. it will be three times the size of the typical anthropology store. it will have a full-service restaurant, a shoe salon for aaron. this will be the first anthropology concept store of its kind in this part of the country. it is scheduled to open in the fall of next year. if you know that space, it's huge. >> furniture. >> you do have furniture. you can sleep in a bed. eat at the restaurant. buy some shoes. get ready for a big day in the tv industry. the emmy nominations will be announced later this morning. the drama category could be wide open since last year's winners game of thrones is not eligible this year. that could pave the way for a
5:53 am
is us." the category veep is likely to have a chance for a third year in a row. it's the only series i watch. i've plowed through it secretly. >> it is a good show. i will tell you, i got really excited the other day. curb your enthusiasm fans. starts october 1st. that made my whole year. i'm so excited. i've been watching the reruns. anyway. used to be the ring tone on my phone. >> goodness. something we know about you. >> we show people these -- >> it does fade a little bit. >> today at this point in the day, it's going to be the coolest time of the day. hopefully, as you walk outside, you don't think it's too bad. once the sun comes up, it's 80 degrees in washington. 73 leesburg. clinton is 78. your weather outlook for today, looking at a weather alert because it's going
5:54 am
like 105. extreme heat today. tomorrow another weather alert for severe weather and saturday some relief with our temperatures. sunday hot and dry. so the weekend actually does look pretty good. heat tips, stay hydrated. avoid long hours outdoors. never leave children and pets in the cars. we always have to remind people of that. heat advisory, feeling like 105. maybe grilling in the backyard, it's going to be very hot. 5:00 p.m., 98, 7:00 p.m., mid-90s. we have a small chance for a stray shower. it will help to lower your temperatures. tomorrow a better chance of thunderstorms, some of which could be strong. we'll be watching that. beach weather looks good. mid-80s saturday and sunday. look at the forecast, staying nice and dry through the weekend. relief, relatively speaking compared to the heat today. melissa mollet, a hot one. how do the roads
5:55 am
look at chopper 4 over bw parkway. no problems northbound or southbound. new problem orange silver line. single tracking between east falls church and boston because of late clearing track work. down south to spotsylvania county taking a look inside -- westbound 3 at cherry road, all lanes blocked. eastbound lanes are open. northbound 395 before seminary, that has cleared out of the way. that's good. eastbound 70 before 17 myersville in frederick county, crash off the road to the right side this morning. as we widen out, you can see no other major problems on the big look at the beltway. 270 southbound looks okay. top of the beltway, no worries. 66 inbound, 95 northbound, quantico the beltway and virginia. also looking good. listen to wtop 103.5 in your car. those who travel to the east coast, your
5:56 am
the feds are giving a green light to rebuild a railway between boston and d.c. officials think the plan can make the trip between washington and new york 35 minutes faster. meanwhile the federal railroad administration dropped the plan to build tracks between connecticut and rhode island. lawmakers complained it could devastate neighborhoods and tourist attractions. finding a parking spot -- showing us how much time and money we waste every year searching for spots. landon dowdy is here with more. see, i don't want to park in a garage. i'm always circling looking for parking. >> aaron, eun, those of us who live in d.c. and new york know this problem all too well. searching for a space is costing time and money. a new report by traffic analysts shows people are spending an average of 17 hours a year hunting for a parking space. that adds up to
5:57 am
$345 per person in wasted time, fuel and emissions. back to uber. >> thank you, landon. those are good options, and then it costs money and you get a ticket. and you should have parked in the garage in the first place. still ahead on "news4 today" at 6:00 a.m. breaking news overnight. after days of searching for missing men, a gruesome discovery. we've been warning you about the dangerous hot weather today. how this extreme heat may impact your morning routine. the sun is rising in rockville on what promises to be a hot and steamy day. o keep you cool.ways t
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now, a weather alert day. from your power bills and your trash collection. we have team coverage on the impact to help you get through this weather. new overnight, a body discovered during the search for four missing men. the investigation continues. >> plus murder at the university of maryland.
6:00 am
months after the arrest. there could be a major development in this case. deep breath everybody. >> it's going to be miserably hot outside today. >> the angry faces today when we go out, get ready for this weather alert day. apparently, a bug alert too. >> chuck and sheena are outside with more on what we can expect. i think the bugs are liking the heat. >> in the last 30 minutes, the army of gnats around here, we've been swatting around like crazy the last couple of minutes. this is unsuitable for flying. you think they would call it a day. >> this is the best time to get out. the bugs know it, too. >> they are forming around your head right now. >> weather


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