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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 13, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the heat is on. it is a weather alert day because temperatures are already in the 90s in many areas, and it's only 11:00. we're going to get into the fiel feels-like temperatures of 100s. plus a weekend relief coming up. a big political announcement taking place in virginia right now. the latest challenge coming from republican cory stewart. and right now, president trump is in paris. see how the controversy over russia's interference in the election is following him overseas.
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us or news4 midday. i'm erika gonzalez. >> and the heat is our top story this morning. heat advisory kicks in one hour from now. >> the reason, temperatures near 100 and the feel-like temperature is even higher. storm team4 meteorologist sheena parveen begins our coverage this morning with what we need to know. >> the heat is going to be intense as we go lu this afternoon, like you mentioned, feeling like the 100s. these are the heat index numbers when you fark in the humidity. it already feels like 100 degrees in washington, 100 quantico, feels like 101 in fredericksburg, elsewhere feels mostly like the mid to upper 90s, so it is already very hot outside. the heat advisory is going to continue through the afternoon and evening with that feels-like temperature around 105.
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little bit hotter. pool forecast, great place to be today but keep in mind we have an isolated storm chance, otherwise it's going to be very hot this afternoon. we'll show you those heat tips and relief for the weekend coming up. all right, sheena, thank you. we have team coverage on this storm team4 weather alert there. you need to protect yourself from the heat. >> news4'so, part of our coverage. he's live for us in rockville >> reporter: hey there, erika, good morning. the best way to beat heat like this is to not get in it at all. stay indoors and pump your ac but not everyone can do that like our friends here at the flagship car wash. they're wearing loose, light-fitting clothing, doing everything right but i can tell you their day has been consistent with this thing right here, a nice bottle of water. hours before today's heat hit its peak, the region got a feel for what was coming, already
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rush picked up. >> normally go out for lunch, take a walk. me and a couple of coworkers. not today. >> reporter: their hearts, melting for those who will begin and end their day under a blazing sun. >> everybody has a job but yeah, you do feel sorry for the ones that, you know, you do feel sorry for the ones that got to be out here in the heat. >> it was hot yesterday and i know it's going to be worse today. just got to do what you got to do. >> reporter: at this montgomery county homesite, workers donned wide-brimmed hats and chugged water. along with their workload. >> any time we know it's 90 degrees or above, we fill it up with water. >> reporter: and at this car wash, crews are under strict orders to protect themselves. >> we request that the guys drink at least one 16-ounce bottle every two hours, so 8 ounces every hour. stay in the shade as much as possible. >> repo
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feels-like temperature of more than 100 degrees, all we met today are following advice we got from the rockville volunteer fire department. >> you have to be outside because you work, like our staff here and personnel here, they have to be out on a given day. they have to go out and help people. that's what they do. hydration is the next best thing. >> reporter: and as we were watching those flagship guys work, again, note their loose-fitting clothing, staying near the shade. we can also tell you, too, that the fire department says if you're going to be out like they are today, you want to drink a lot of water, at least a liter of water at your very base and also two if you're outside, make sure to take frequent breaks. we're live here in rockville. i'm justin finch, news4. back in to you. >> good advice there, justin. thank you. no doubt about it, the air-conditioners are getting a full workout today in our area but that's actually going to put a big strain on energy companies because of demand, pepco and bge are offering a credit on
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normal. we've posted the top ten places you can get cool on our facebook page. keep the nbc washington app open today as we update the forecast and any conditions, changes in conditions all day long. right now, cory stewart is in wood bridge announcing his intention to run for u.s. senate. stewart chairs the prince william county board of supervisors. he's also a staunch supporter of president trump. remember stewart nearly pulled off an upset victory last month in the virginia primary for governor. our northern virginia bureau chief, julie, is there. you can follow her on twitter for updates. also right now, president trump is in paris where he's meeting with president emmanuel macron in about an hour from now, both leaders will hold a news conference. that is where we expect the president trump to face questions about the russia investigation. news4's tracie potts has t
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latest. >> reporter: ahead of today's news conference, president trump is speaking out about his relationship with russian president vladimir putin. >> there are many things that i do that are the exact opposite of what he would want. so when i keep hearing about that he would have rather had trump, i think probably not. >> reporter: mr. trump calls questions about his son's meeting with the russian lawyer a witch hunt. >> do you consider this endeavor a witch hunt? >> i do not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> reporter: that's christopher wray. they're leading the russia investigation. the fbi may want to know more about trump junior's meeting, according to e-mails the attorney had damaging information on hillary clinton. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things a little differently. >> reporter: but trump junior says he wasn't the only one checking out the competition. >> hillary clinton was doing incredible opposition research on the trumps. we all face that. that's what politics is these days. >> reporter: politics following president trump overseas this morning, hisit
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a pew research study found 86% of the french people don't have confidence in president trump. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. back here at home, senate republicans will unveil their revised health care bill and it could have a big impact on you and your family. gop leaders hope this new bill will get the support of wary republicans who were not happy with the original plan. you may see a showdown vote at this time next week. this morning, the department of justice announced charges against 412 people accused of health care fraud. the department calls it the largest opioid-related fraud takedown in american history. secretary of health and human services tom price says these people got rich off people's addictions. >> not true medical professionals. they're professional criminals. this is especially true of the criminals who prey on some of the most vulnerable in our society, the millions
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struggling with drug addiction. >> reporter: in one case, doctors illegally prescribed thousands of prescriptions that eventually ended up for sale on the street. the defendants then billed medicare for $164 million in false and fraudulent claims. new this morning, a teenager is charged as an adult in the death of a father of ten. a vigil was recently held for that father, malachi israel of southeast d.c. police arrested lamont mcdonald yesterday. the other person survived. we are told israel's youngest child is just three years old. today the man accused of murdering an army lieutenant could be indicted. this is sean. he's charged with killing richard collins iii two months ago at the university of maryland. today, prosecutors
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important deadline, a judge or grand jury must decide whether there's enough evidence to move forward with the trial. if not, prosecutors must drop the murder charges to less severe charges. richard collins iii was visiting friends at college park when police say he was stabbed. collins was set to graduate a few days after that incident. the fbi is helping police determine if this was a hate crime. news4's tracee wilkins will be following developments today. you can follow her on twitter. we are getting new information on developing story out of pennsylvania. a body found during the search for four missing young men. police just held a news conference. we're also going to hear from family members on what they've been told. >> we have a once in a lifetime situation. creative big claim coming from a police officer who probably sees a lot of strange
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you're taking a look at the scene where four families are hoping to learn more about what happened to their children. they all disappeared last week. >> and early this morning, the search for them took a dramatic turn. nbc's stephanie gosk reports on a gruesome discovery. >> reporter: this morning, a
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disappearance of four young men. >> we have found human remains in an approximately 12.5-foot deep common grave. >> reporter: one of the bodies identified as 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, last seen nearly a week ago. police are not yet identifying the other remains in the grave. >> this is a homicide, make no mistake about it. >> reporter: authorities say cadaver dogs led them to the site. >> those dogs could smell these four boys 12 1/2 feet below the ground. >> reporter: the grandfather of thomas, another missing man, told an nbc producer the bodies were found under a propane tank. >> they lifted the propane tank out and they were sifting through it and they found a blue tarp. >> reporter: 20-year-old cosmo was arrested wednesday, police calling him a person of interest in the case. they say he tried to sell thomas
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according to the criminal complaint, mayo's car was found on property owned by dinardo's family. the keys and title to the vehicle were folded up and hanging up inside the wall of the garage. the remains were found in a different location, on the grounds of the dinardo's 90-acre home. police drieescribed dinardo as suffering from a mental illness. >> we heard a series of blasts. >> reporter: a neighbor said she heard shots saturday afternoon. >> very disturbing gunshot fires. and then i heard, you know, some commotion. >> reporter: jimmy, mark, tom, and dean finocchiaro all went missing last week. police have one message for the families. >> we're going bring each and every one of these lost boys home to their families one way or another. we will not rest until we do
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reporting. police released very few new details at a news conference a few minutes ago. they have set up a new tip line and police are still working to remove and identify the other remains. cosmo dinardo is being held on a $5 million bond. today, the man accused of using his car as a weapon against a transgender woman will be in court. d.c. police arrested anderson yesterday for the july 5 hit-and-run in northeast. washington is still in critical condition from that crash. her friend tells news4 a man driving a car ran her down on k street after she refused to give out her phone number. washington's friend believes she was hit because she's transgender. >> we're targets. and every summer, it's a similar situation where we have to face this kind of violence right here in our own homes. >> now police have not said anything about a motive for the hit and run. t
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see only on news4. this morning, d.c. police have taken a man off the street accused of critically hurting two people with his dump truck. ismael alvarez is accused of hitting a woman on tuesday. after that crash, police arrested him for hitting a gallaudet student back in 2015. that student spet two months in the hospital going through surgeries. alvarez was charged in that 2015 crash but never showed up for trial. a d.c. mom is thanking god for saving her 1-year-old son who was hit by a stray bullet this weekend in northeast. >> we are hearing from jeremiah white's mother about that homewo horrible night. this happened on monday just steps away from where kids were playing. one man pulled out a gun and started shooting. jeremiah was caught in the cross fire there. he was rushed to the hospital and into emergency surgery. he survived and is expected to be okay.
11:17 am
miracle baby. >> i just say it was by the grace of god. that's all i can say. the doctors found one bullet and a fragment. basically, he has three holes and he got shot twice. >> d.c. police said they are close to making three arrests in this case. a gofundme page has been set up to help the boy's family with medical expenses. you can find the link to that in our nbc washington app. the opioid crisis here in the united states is forcing some to take new and unusual measures. a school district in drug ravaged ohio will become the latest to keep a heroin antidote on hand starting this coming school year. supporters say it will save lives. critics are worried about the message this sends to kids. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: the school board in akron, ohio, voted 5 to 1 to equip its middle and high schools with the heroin antidote, narcan. >> it's very heartbreaking to have to talk about
11:18 am
schools but you do hope that what you're doing is potentially saving a life. >> reporter: in the last few years, at least nine states have adopted laws on the use of this drug in schools. some require it. others simply encourage it. the maker of the drug began offering a free carton of the antidote to all u.s. hooigh schools last year. in ohio, the heart of the nation's heroin epidemic, 29 teenagers died of opioid overdoses in 2016, but not everyone thinks narcan is the answer. >> i've never used narcan, won't use it until the courts make me. >> reporter: richard jones is the sheriff in butler county, ohio. he refuses to allow his deputies to carry the antidote because he believes it encourages drug use. >> narcan is not a cure-all and i mean not going to have my guys do it. >> reporter: the only no vote said she was worried about the message stocking naloxone would send to kids. only trained resource officers will have access to
11:19 am
stored in secured school health clinics. >> hopefully it's one of the things where it's better to have it and not need it. >> reporter: as the heroin crisis surges, the debate is raging over how best to protect its youngest potential victims. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. next time that you go to the atm, you may want to check and see if somebody's in there first. no, really. okay. some folks in texas were stunned after a contractor actually got stuck inside the atm. the worker didn't have a cell phone and so he just started slipping notes, these help me notes through the receipt slot of the machine. >> help me. poor guy. >> some folks thought it was a joke but eventually somebody actually called the police and help came. >> sure enough, we can hear a little voice coming machine. so we're all thinking this is a joke, it's got to be a joke. >> it's just like you played it out. >> help me. >> but it was not a joke.
11:20 am
in, literally withdrew the man from the atm. some producer was just itching to write that line it have did you see the note, though? it says, please call my boss. >> the man was trapped for almost two hours. >> not sleeping on the job. trapped in the atm. >> call my boss, let him know. federal health authorities have approved gene therapy. >> it's a first of its kind cancer treatment used to treat aggressive cases of leukemia in children and young adults. nbc's erica edwards has the story. >> reporter: t12-year-old emily is the success story. in 2012, she was dying from one of the most common forms of leukemia called a.l.l. nothing was helping until an experimental therapy. >> she just said a few years from now, your daughter will be first child on earth with her system trained to beat
11:21 am
it would have seemed like a far stretch. >> reporter: emily's survival has stretched to five years cancer free. it involves extracting special immune system cells from the patient, then reprogramming them. the new cells are then infused back into the body, trained to fight and destroy the cancer. >> leukemia has very good treatments for most patients but for the patients it doesn't work, this is really game changing. >> reporter: the therapy from novartis would not be used broadly. it's risky and can come with severe side effects. other car-t therapies are on the horizon, including a promising one from kite far ma. in clinical trials, it's been shown to shrink tumors in 80% of patients and send a third of patients into complete remission. erica edwards, nbc news. we've got a big match going on right now at wimbledon that could put two americans in great positions heading into championship weekend. and amazon's echo is already hugely popular. what we are hearingbo
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take a look at this boston highway turned into a river after some severe storms this week. as you can see, heavy rain led to flooding all over that city. neighbors had to wade through water in the middle of their yards and their living rooms. the storm also knocked out power to hundreds of people. >> i hate to see that in your house like that. and the ground, i'm sure, is just
11:25 am
nowhere for it to go. >> not really anywhere for it to go when there's that much water. here, we're dealing with the heat. we have a weather alert for today. we have a heat advisory across the area. >> i'm waiting for you to mix something good in there. >> we're going to have some relief for the weekend. that's good news. it's going to be hot but not as hot. we're dealing with humidity. look at this. 89 degrees, feels like the triple digits right now. aaron, take your jacket off before you head to the car but it is going to be hot as we go through the afternoon, just about mostly sunny to partly cloudy. the outlook for today, feeling like 105 in some areas this afternoon. tomorrow, we have a threat for some severe storms into the weekend, though, that's where the good news comes in. some relief with our temperatures and as we go into sunday, just kind of hot and dry but it will be a nice or relatively speaking. heat tips, stay hydrated, check on the elderly and your neighbors, never leave children or pets in the car.
11:26 am
unfortunately, we still do have to remind people. take a look at the feels-like temperature. feels like 100 degrees, all the way down to fredericksburg feeling like 103 now. leesburg feels like 100. annapolis feels like 98 degrees. here's where the heat advisory is across the area. orange-shaded counties so basically you can expect those triple-digit temperatures to continue through the amfternoon. if you're grilling, it's going to be hot for whoever's manning the grill. we could see a stray thunderstorm by about 3:00 p.m. better chance for scattered potentially severe storms tomorrow afternoon. into the weekend, though, a relief there right around 90 degrees. we'll take a look at the extended forecast coming up. amazon says this year's prime day sale surpassed black friday and cyber monday. it is the biggest day ever in amazon history, in fact. the e-commerce giant said the 30-hour event grew by more than
11:27 am
amazon says prime members' most popular purchase was the amazon echo dot. now we are getting a glimpse at the new echo in the works. >> reporter: and amazon is reportedly working on the next version of the echo, aiming to take some of the hype away from apple's new home pod. the new echo will be shorter and slimmer than the original with rounded edges and a cloth-like cover. it will also sound better. it was improved speaker and microphone technology. amazon is reportedly planning to release the new echo this fall. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. new information this morning from d.c.'s mayor on how the city is making sure that your children get the best child care. and the emmy nominations are being announced this morning.
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now on news4 midday, talk to any parent, quality child care can be really hard to find. >> but a unique initiative in the district is aiming to change that while providing valuable experience for teens. this was megan mcgrath live with how your family could benefit. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. it's a wonderful program. if you look behind me here, you can see some of the young people
11:31 am
as you say, nothing is more important to a parent than the health and well being of their child and finding day care or an early learning situation you can trust, it can be a real struggle. that's where the first step program comes in. today is the celebration of the program's first graduating class. d.c. high school students are given paid work experience in the child care and early learning setting. they then get hands-on experience needed to get their childhood development associate certificate. now we spoke recentlyí4úm to a graduate, juanita green, she plans to use this experience to launch into her career in teaching. >> work with the little kids, get to know them, their names, you start to talk to them, read to them, play to them, dance with them, take them outside, you see them cry, you comfort them, you laugh with them. >> so basically they're working day-to-day doing typical duties that a regular early learning teacher would do so they're helping do story time, meal planning, washing
11:32 am
>> reporter: so it's a two-year program. a lot of work goes into it. some will take their certificate and start to work. others plan to go on to college and start those careers in teaching. >> megan, thank you. we have some good economic news for the area that may affect where you shop and have fun. a wegman's is coming to tysons. it will be part of a major development that will include capital one's new headquarters. the complex will also have a new performing arts center. the building itself will become the second tallest structure in our region. the washington monument is the tallest. bethesda row is also getting a new shopping option. anthropolgie will be three times the size of a typical anthropolgie store. it will have a full service restaurant, bridal wear and a shoe salon. this will be the first anthropolgie concept store of its kind in this part of the country. it's scheduled to open in the fall of next year. today plans
11:33 am
who have died for our country will get underway by the national planning commission. looking at a new design for the national world war i memorial. it would be downtown near the park right across from the white house visitors center. the commission is also looking at two possible locations for the national desert storm and desert shield memorial. the locations are near the lincoln memorial or arlington national cemetery. we're learning one of the service members killed in a fiery plane crash in mississippi is from maryland. this morning, the governor tweeted his thoughts and prayers for the family. he was one of 15 marines killed there. a navy sailor was also killed. he graduated in 2002 from governor thomas johnson high school. he was also an eagle scout. imagine waking up to find the symbol that you fought for in the army+ burned in the mi of the night. what happeneddd tole alexandria vet dick cohen. his american flag was burned in his front yard the morning before the fourth of july. a few
11:34 am
their flags damage and had now they want police to catch whomever is behind the crime. >> i've never seen anything like that before. >> i thought it was a disgrace. it's our american flag. we're very proud of it. >> this video is from a similar incident down in richmond. police there charged the suspect with arson. and when it comes to cohen's flag, he got some help. one of his neighbors helped him replace and hang a new flag out his home. other neighbors are also flayyi their flags in solidarity. this morning, dogs are helping in the nonstop fight against cancer. >> news4's doreen gentzler has more on how they're contributing. >> reporter: for thousands of years, dogs have been our companions and friends, been with us on the battle field even, and as it turns out, they're helping us now when it comes to curing cancer in humans and especially in children. this
11:35 am
having a ct scan to find out if the mass on his hip is a malignant tumor. bos is being scanned at oncology services in springfield, virginia. if it's positive, boz might be considered for a trial that studies similarities between cancers in canines and humans. >> if you take a human osteosarcoma, which is a bone cancer and you look at that you should the microscope, the pathologist can't tell you that it's human or dog. >> reporter: and that's especially true when it comes to some cancers in canines and in humans. i'll have the full story tonight on news4 at 6:00. prince george's county native kevin durant has a few more honors to brag about this morning. he won best championship performance at the 25th annual espy awards. >> there is one winner that will be all over your social media feeds tonight. >> i want to thank the who dat nation.
11:36 am
a shoutout to new orleans from 15-year-old jarius robertson. he won the jimmy v perseverance award. he's battling a rare chronic liver disease that has severely stunted his growth. the saints super fan started the, it takes lives to save lives foundation to bring awareness to the importance of organ donation. worth mentioning too that kevin durant and the golden state warriors also won best team but not before getting roasted by the host. >> boy did they over. >> his choice to go to the warriors. kd's former teammate russell westbrook won best male athlete. you see him there in his sweat pants at the big awards show. it's weird to me. olympian simone biles won best female athlete. beautifully dressed there. a major upset at wimbledon. sam querrey makes the semifinals. he stunned the favorite, andy murray here.
11:37 am
competition in nearly a decade. he did reach the quart finals next year. his next match is tomorrow. meanwhile, five-time wimbledon champ venus williams is trying to get her sixth title. she just finished up the semifinals with another one. the women's championship final is on saturday and if williams were to win, she would be the oldest women's grand slam champion at the age of 37. this is her ninth wimbledon final and her first since 2009. >> good luck to her. >> absolutely. it is hot. but guess what? it will get hotter today. so we want to show you the temperatures right now. they will be even hotter by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. we are not at our peak yet, folks. sheena lets us know how much of a break we can expect this weekend. and caught on camera, the incredible power of mother nature. hear how people caught in this
11:38 am
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video dash cam footage captured the moment that a mudslide hit a very busy road in china. we slowed this down so that you can see how fast and how powerful that mudslide came in. one driver said it completely flipped his car over. incredibly, nobody was seriously hurt. >> amazing pictures. the force of mother nature, boy. >> it's very -- i was watching this. look at the van. i mean, i don't even know where the van goes but i am so shocked that nobody was hurt in that. today, we are dealing with more hot and steamy weather so it's a nice day to be by the pool. i hope that you make friends with people that have pools. >> yeah. >> because you're going to need it. >> you will. or someone who at least has an umbrella and some shade out there. you definitely need to shade today. really, you just want to be in the air-conditioning if you're not actually in the water being refreshed. so some heat tips for you. stay hydrated. it goes without saying but unfortunately people forget to drink enough water, especially in weather like this. we have a heat advisory through the day for most
11:41 am
as we go through the afternoon, you definitely will want to stay cool, feeling near 105 as we go through the afternoon. tomorrow,2ñz% we have a differe type of weather situation, severe storms in the forecast tomorrow afternoon, and finally, by the weekend, some relief. take a look at what it feels like right now. feels like triple digits already through a lot of the area. it's going to feel hotter than this. feels like 100 in washington, 104 in fredericksburg, clinton, 99 and annapolis 98 degrees. if you're walking the dog today or if you need one to walk, wiggly is available here but it's going to be hot for the dogs. no long walks for the dogs today. it's going to be too hot for an extended period outside really for anybody, even by 8:00 p.m. 93 degrees, so still hot. but you definitely want to make sure your dog is hydrated too. also clear the shelters, saturday august 19, don't forget about that. future weather today, though, could see a couple
11:42 am
thunderstorms this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, we have a better chance for some severe storms potentially so we'll be updating you on that as we go through the day. beach forecast looks really good and this weekend looks like a nice relief. 90 degrees. we don't normally say that but relatively speaking. next week, though, we get hot again. the emmy nominations are in. and hear how the sale of this children's book is helping veterans.
11:43 am
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11:45 am
have you seen my tail? it is described as a children's book that teaches compassion, acceptance, and companionship. the author kate lynn puccio joins us this morning with what inspired this story. good morning, and thank you so very much for joining us with your book. hello, my friend. i don't have the treats yet. if you be good for us, i promise you we'll send you home with something. so, we have, is it corky? >> the corgi. >> this is corky, the inspiration for the book. >> hi, mama. all eyes right here. this is the book. so tell me where the inspiration came from in writing this book. >> yeah. so, i wanted to write a book that parents could use as a tool to raise empathetic and confident children, but i also wanted to write a book that was just really fun for kids to read. so, i saw, you know, this face here has its nose in a coffee mug and i thought, it's looking for
11:46 am
so, i just wrote a whole story about corky's journey, searching for his tail. so the book is basically about corky thinks he lost his tail, so he goes on this journey. >> to try to find his tail. >> to try to find his tail and he meets a peacock who tells him that he's a corgi and he was born without a tail. >> love that there's a peacock in this. >> beautiful tail of his own. >> tell me about some of the life lessons that kids kids are learning from an early age. >> the message is about companionship and acceptance and i go and i think those are really important lessons for kids to learn and not in such an overt way sometimes. >> you also partner with a wonderful organization called paws of war. tell us about that and how veterans get into this. >> paws of war is an organization that matches rescue dogs with military veterans who suffer from emotional effects of
11:47 am
that sort of partnering with them embodies the message that i'm trying to send to kids. >> and what about the artwork in it? i've flipped through this and this looks great. did you do this? >> i did not. >> who did the pictures? they're beautiful. >> thank you. so, the illustrations were actually done by a friend of mine who works at an animal hospital so i wanted to keep that connection really close, and the book was designed by sara larnak, who was nominated for a grammy for record cover design. >> really? okay. >> so, again, that's keeping in line with, i wanted it to be a fun book for kids to look at and read and sara actually illustrated my first book for kids which is "the adventures of se celia kay". >> and you want people that are watching that have corgis to send you pictures. >> corky has his own instagram. >> of course he does. >> so we're inviting folks who have cor
11:48 am
corgi to be corky's new friend on instagram. so if you send in photos with the #irlcorky, we will post photos and the winner will get toys and treats and be featured on corky's book page, and it's just sort of -- it's going to be fun and on instagram, we're going to be announcing a lot of events that are coming up, so if you're following corky with no tail, we have a lot of events in august that are going to be coming up, so patio parties, one of them at art and soul, which is going to be a lot of fun. so, send in photos and corky loves having new friends. >> sounds good. let me -- you know what? you can write anything. so why a children's book? what kind of a personal satisfaction does that give you to be able to put this in the hands, some very little hands, of some little people in this community? >> you know, i love when kids receive a physical copy o
11:49 am
at it and reading it and get something from it that they might not even know they're getting out of it. >> the author of "have you seen my tail" thank you so much. corky, you did a wonderful job. u're good. yowe
11:50 am
11:51 am
and finally, the nominations in the drama series category are, "better call saul," "the
11:52 am
crown." the hand maddid's tale." "house of cards," "stranger things," "this is us," and "west world." >> some tough competition right there. this year's emmy nominations just announced. "saturday night live" and "west world" actually lead the emmy nominations right now. nbc's "this is us," one of the nominees for best drama, if it won, it would be the first overall network winner since fox's "24" that won in 2006. the best comedy nominations include "atlanta" "blackish" master of none, "modern family," silicon valley, and "veep." stephen colbert will be the host this year. >> that should be memorable. in 1984, president ronald reagan proclaimed july as national ice crm
11:53 am
news4 looks beyond the typical chocolate and vanilla. >> it is starting to get super hot in the washington area and what better way to beat the heat than one of my favorite sweet streets, we're talking about ice cream here. july is national ice cream month for good reason. and joining us today to talk about how to make ice cream at home is chef aaron reed from blue duck tavern. thanks for joining us. just going tell you, i love the desserts at your restaurant. it's very, very good. each week this month, you're showcasing ice cream. >> yes. >> so tell us a little bit about some of the favorites you have. >> right now we had an ice cream social so we're featuring fun, novelty items. we have a green tea choco taco that bedid. this week is funnel cake ice cream sandwich with sweet corn ice cream and then a float on the menu too as well. >> okay and you're telling us that we can make ice cream pretty easily at home. tell us about how to do that. >> today i'm going to make just a classic
11:54 am
base. we're going to do this, adding our -- starting with milk. we'll put in here. and it's really the couple ingredients that you can get at home and then flavor it really any way you want to. >> so this is a really good time, right, summer, with all the great produce in season. >> it's great. yeah. >> milk and heavy cream. >> milk, heavy cream, and i'm going to have you do the sugar and the yolks here. i'm going to put half of the sugar in with my milk and cream and then the other half you can put in your bowl here with the egg yolks. >> and how many egg yolks here? >> so that's about 8 ounces of egg yolks and this will make about two quarts of ice cream base. this base is really versatile because you can use it as a sauce on top of berries if you wanted to, do it not frozen in your ice cream machine. you can also stop at this point where we call tempering the yolks with the milk mixture. >> and if you were going cook this, you would add this to the milk. >> i'm bringing my milk and cream up to just scalding, really, i
11:55 am
the sugar that i put in there and then once this is sort of at a bare simmer, we'll temper our yolks. we can do that right now. >> what's the best way to get the right consistency for this ice cream. >> if you are not very comfortable just stirring and doing it by eye, you can use a thermometer. 180 degrees. >> you don't want to cook the eggs. >> right. so we're cooking it slightly so i'm going to pour some of this into your yolks here. you can keep stirring. we just pour a little bit in right now. because we don't want to dump it curdle our yolks. >> right. okay. >> and at this point, we can go ahead and pour this back into our pot so we just tempered, that was when you hear the word tempering, that's what this is, just adding a little bit of the milk at a time. >> i love that you're putting me to work. >> dump it all in. that's great. >> tell me about some of these flavors because you brought something with you that i find very interesting because i wouldn't normally pick this for ice cream. >> right. so we're doing a really interesting flavor and some people might hear it and just be
11:56 am
a celery ice cream. >> i like celery but it would not be my first choice for ice cream, i have to admit. >> when you taste it with a dessert that i paired it with which is a dark chocolate and berries, it pairs really well, cuts through that rich chocolate and just sort of changes the whole dynamic of the dessert. so i encourage everyone that comes in, you know, to just to go ahead and try it if you're feeling a little bit like, oh, that's too weird for me. go out of your comfort zone a little bit. >> and i love that you brought this as an old crank. this is an old-fashioned one that would take forever. so you would say spend a little bit of extra money to get a good ice cream maker. >> you can purchase an ice cream machine. a lot of people i know have kitchen aid mixers, they sell an attachment for that and it works pretty well, just takes a little bit longer than what we have in the restaurant, which is a commercial ice cream freezer. >> before i let you go, i really need to try this celery ice cream. >> this is the celery ice cream. >> all right. >> so it's a pretty subtle
11:57 am
bright. >> yeah. you know what? it's surprising. it's really good. >> yeah. >> chef erin reed, thanks so much for sharing your tips. >> thank you. >> i can't wait to eat more ice cream. >> thank you. >> i don't know if that's so believable. eun said, hm. >> let's get one more look at the weather. today's an ace creice creamf a day. look at the numbers now. feels like 101 degrees in washington, currently feels like 104 in fredericksburg. these numbers are going to keep rising as we go through the afternoon. that's a feels-like temperature, by the way, so the actual air temperature gets hotter, it will be feeling as hot as 105. a severe storm chance tomorrow afternoon. normally we wouldn't say 90 degrees is a relief but relatively speaking, yes, it kind of is. next week, we get hot again. that's it for news4 midday. we'reac
11:58 am
>> you can get news and updates an fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. >> you can get news and updates an and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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♪ well, hello. selena gomez dropped her new song this morning. sexy, sexy, slow jam right there. >> a little bit of that bad liar, it has that sexy vibe to it, right? >> what a nice mouth, there she is. she's right there. >> that's all we see of her right


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