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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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breaking news. >> oj simpson granted parole. he set a push alert. he's going to be a freeman in just a matter of months. now leon harris. >> o.j. simpson spent nearly nine years in prison for his role as an armed robbery inside a las vegas hearing. it was riveting. nbc jay gray is outside the love lock correctional center with what happened there today. >> reporter: the hearing began with a bit of judicial housekeeping and series of questions that simpson was asked to explain how and why he was part of an armed robbery in 2007. in essence his answer repeated its testimony during the trial offering an explanation instead of what was expected to be remorse for the crime. >> i wasn't there to steal from anybody. i will never ever pull a weapon on anybody. >> the hearing stretched out mu
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an hour, simpson what he described as a renewed commitment to his christian faith. >> i have spent a conflict free life. >> but not free of controversy. one of the board members referring to his 1994 murder trial after the brutal stabbing deaths of his ex-wife and her friend. >> the opposition letters are asking us to consider your 1995 acquittal and subsequent civil judgment. however these items will not be considered in this case. >> the panel heard from his daughter who at times was emotional. >> he's like my best friend and my rock. >> one of the victims in the robbery also spoke on his behalf. >> it's time to give him a second chance. >> simpson closed his comments with what has been a highly anticipated apology. >> i spent nine years making no excuses about anything. i am sorry. >> then they met briefly before announcing their
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>> parole effective when eligible. >> simpson breathing a sigh of relief and bowing his head. >> thank you. >> october 1st is the earliest he can be released from prison. jay gray, nbc news. one person who was watching today's hearing with interest was ron goldman's center, kim. she talked to our david telling him that she hopes the murder of her brother is never forgotten. >> don't forget that ron and nicole were savagely murdered that night and that we wouldn't be here if that didn't happen. not to buy into all the bs, to be discerning about where you get your news from. it's no different than politics. >> goldman says, she became anxious just thinking of oj simpson out of prison. she also said s
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david posted his entire interview on his facebook page. we invite you to go see it. >> back down to the other big story of the day. down right dangerous weather. it's hot out there. stay inside. storm team 4 has issued a storm team 4 weather alert today. >> the reason for that we're a few degrees shy of triple digits. but that doesn't even take the humidity into account. so it feels like it is well over 100 degrees today. >> that's for sure. we're working for you all afternoon long so you can stay ahead of the heat and keep your family safe. >> megan fitzgerald, all over it. let's start with doug in the storm system. >> you're talking about the heat and humidity. that's the factor that contributes to the heat advisory that we have now across the area. today for the hottest day of the year. we've hit 97, 97 down towards richmond. so some extreme heat. it'sth
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take a look at that heat index right now. 105 in quantico. and baltimore right now at 101 degrees. now, you mention the heat advisory there it is through 7:00. part of this southern zone is for tomorrow, too. i fully expect to see another heat advisory tomorrow, saturday and most likely into the day on sunday sunday, as well. heat index values approaching 105 degrees extreme heat. we go hotter tomorrow and most likely on saturday, too. that is something we'll be talking much more about. not only that, we have air quality issues, amelia is going to join me later to talk about that. we have a good chance of some strong to severe thunderstorms over the next couple of days. we'll break it all down for you and keep it right here. continue to keep you posted. >> see you in a bit. new video just coming into our newsroom of water-main break in capitol hill. dc fire tweeted out this. this is southeast between 6
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and 7th streets. authority say that as much as five feet of water soaked the basement. water continued to rise. spreading into other homes there. crews are pumping out the basements right now. >> don't want to be the person that's coming home to that. even in this heat, our firefighters and ems cannot shed their protective equipment. since monday the crews in the district have transported nearly two dozen people because of heat related illness. megan fitzgerald got a firsthand look as they responded to several calls today as story you'll see here on news 4. well, ems crews say they constantly see a spike in heat related calls especially during july and august. of course they say this month is no different. take a look at some of the tools and device to try and save livesful this right here is a cardiac monitor. over here you've got a bag full of medications. now, this, they say, is usually a common thing that they're using. this is the iv solution, the
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drip to try and rehydrate people. of course, here, you've got your oxygen. officials say, look, you can avoid having to call 911 by staying cool and staying hydrated. >> there's a report of a woman who had a seizure at the bus stop on pennsylvania avenue southeast. eighth and pennsylvania. >> dc fire and ems captain alex says it's likely yet another heat-related call. >> on a day like today, it's certainly possible. >> when crews arrived on the scene. they found this woman lying unconscious near a bus stop on southeast. their suspicions were spot on. >> it's likely she was having a heat chaugs. she had been sitting out here a bit too long. they'll take her to the hospital to get her all patched up. >> megan fitzgerald, news 4. and remember you can stay one step ahead of this heat, just download the nbc washington app to get the latest updates on
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>> new details about the missing members of african robotics team. they've traveled here this week that's getting so much news coverage. two of them were spotted entering canada. for now, all six still missing and concern is growing. news 4, kristin wright is live at constitutional hall where is where the teen was last seen. you've learned new information about what the students left behind. tell us about that. >> yes, leon. clothes and keys, those are two big tools tonight. constitution hall, the last place these kids were seen on tuesday night at closing ceremonies. word is now that their chaperon that night thought they were on a different bus after the ceremony ended headed back to where they were staying. dc police say two of the teens were seen leaving the u.s. and entering ca
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the robotics team is two girls and four boys. they're ages 16, 17 and 18. now, police say they searched all over constitution hall on tuesday, no sign of them. this was the very first level challenge. 150 fateams from around the wor, competed. this team stayed with their chaperon in a residence hall at trinity washington university. first global says, there are indications, as we mentioned, that the teens left on their own. they left their keys in their chaperon's bag and they took all of their clothes out of their rooms at trinity washington. so the u.s. state department, a little bit of background -- the u.s. state department issued a travel warning to the country last year citing civil unrest and violence. they have one year visas to the u.s. dc police telling us they do not suspect any foul play. back to you.
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thank you, kristin. senator john mccain, he is not going to let his brain cancer diagnosis get the best of him because the arizona republican said that his senate colleague should not get too comfortable without him. in a tweet earlier today, said he'll be back soon and in his next tweet, it was a response to the president's policy on syria. today the senate held a prayer for mccain before getting down to business and his long-time friend lindsey graham said he's taking the news harder than mccain is. >> i started getting a little emotional on the phone, i can't think of anything i've done since 1999 politically in many ways personally that was worth doing without john. he wants to come back in the worst way. he loves his family, and he loves his friends, but his passion above all else is his voice for his country. >> coming up at 4:30, we'll talk about mccain's diagnosis, the treatment options and the symptoms you
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yourself and in the people you love. >> following up now on a story we brought you yesterday. we're learning new details about the man accused of shooting a woman in an apparent road rage incident in alexandria. earnest shot the woman after she got out of her car to confront him. news 4 settled a racial harassment race with a coworker in 2001. vicky fawn represented the coworker in that case. she said she wasn't surprised by these accusations against stickle. >> with that kind of anger and hostility. i think we call it bullying now. i thought of it as a saintist. i didn't think he would make the news in a good way. >> news 4 tried to call him and speak with him or his family, there was no immediate response. a man is gunned down in a quiet neighborhood and his heart broken mother has a message for her son's killer. >> i saw
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you'll have to come after me. >> they're learning more about what led to this death. >> also first at 4:00, is dementia preventable. turns out some forms of it could be. we'll break down the details of a study that can change the lives of so many families. >> if you text while you're driving, should you be ticketed with a dui. driving under the influence of electronics could come to our area. we're working for you even during t
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> you can still see that spill there in this video from chopper 4, the driver was killed when this happened this morning. >> pet kco had to come out and deal. we now know who was killed last night in montgomery county. chris gordon shows us. he's live in silver spring this evening. the victim's family have some strong words for the shooter. chris. >> reporter: well, wendy, i think our viewers will find it
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to hear from the mother of the young man fatally shot here in the silver spring road on bell ve deer boulevard last night. she approached me and said she wanted to get a message out and she then looked directly into this camera, challenging her son's killer. police identified the victim of last night's shooting in silver spring as 20-year-old john christian webster. his mother who was at home when he was shot last night has a message for her son's killer. >> i saw you. i saw what you did. i chased you to your car so you know that i recognize you and the car, so now you'll have to come after me. you did something to my son, who was innocent. now you'll have to come after me. and may
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>> detectives investigating the fatal shooting do not think this was a random murder. police will not discuss the motive for this fatal shooting. john christian's mother tells me, she saw at least one more person who drove the getaway car. sources close to the investigation say, police are looking for three possible suspects in a dark colored hyundai. but for the mother of john christian, it is now a time to grieve. >> a parent is not suppose to bury their child. a child is suppose to bury their parent. >> reporter: on social media today, john christian's friends who know him best as j.c., shared their sadness and are planning a candlelight vigil to honor his memory. that's the latest live in silver spring maryland, leon, back to you. thank you, chris. the national weather service confirmed that -1
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an iowa community. trees were uprooted. winds estimated at more than 110 miles an hour, tossed bricks on the cars along the street, there. fortunately there were no reported injuries. >> is there any chance that whatever caused that, is that going to start moving east ward. >> no, that's the same system. we've got an area of high pressure. that gives us all this heat, to the north of that, they're giving the severe weather, look up and see most of it for us. it is just the heat that it is giving us as we look outside right now. hazy, hot and humid. that's the conditions we're dealing with. we'll deal with them for quite some time here. high temperatures today already in the upper 90s. we had 97 earlier. we're down to 96 degrees. we'll probably go right back up. temperatures dropping 93 degrees at 7:00 tonight. 89 degrees around 9:00. 11:00 coming in around 84. if you're thinking dinner in the backyard tonight, you might want to rethink that one just a little bit. it will be on the hot side for
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101 dc. and 100 down towards -- extremely hot day, that's why we have the heat advisory in effect for everybody until 7:00 tonight. i fully expect to see heat advisory right on through the weekend, tomorrow, saturday, sunday. we have had a couple of storms, we told you about those yesterday. we have them there. one in -- now, looking at some south of the northern, most of us are on the dry side here. you widen out, though, here is what i'm talking about. these are the same storms that came through iowa and then they made their way through chicago. this is all part of that area, high pressure that is just down to the south and east. south and west. what that's going to allow a couple of chances for storms tomorrow but especially into saturday. that's something we'll talk about more. high temperature tomorrow, 98 degrees. i think a little bit hotter than today. hot and humid. feeling like 100, to 105.
4:19 pm
anyone hit 100 degrees without the heat index that can't forecast sending the kids off. might want to talk to them and make sure the camps are bringing the kids in at the hottest part of the day. most of them doing great job. 87 degrees 9:00 a.m. pack that extra water bottle in there, too. feeling around 105 by 3:00 with that temperature at 98 as the temperature is getting back for camp. 105, atury and sunday, so we're keeping that heat advisory in effect all the way through sunday. monday, still hot, that heat index close to 105, but coming down a little bit and especially coming down late in the day as humidity weakens just a little bit. now, more on the intense heat. coming up at 4:45, much more on the intense heat coming up. tracking the air quality, that's becoming an issue with this heat. amelia joins me at 4:45 with a special report with a special report. now, next couple of days. 97 on your saturday. good chance of str
4:20 pm
alert now. tomorrow, saturday, and sunday even monday a chance of storms with a high of 95. humidity comes down. temperatures come down closer to average. we get into the 80s for next week. we've got to get through this heat wave, first. >> thank you, doug. we all know that distracted driving can be deadly, well now one state has a new tough law that will address texting to be as bad as driving while intoxicat intoxicated. plus millennials get a bad wrap. you know, when it comeso h tow
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a new type of dui drivers could be charged with. this one is called, dui e, next week they'll begin forcing one of the toughest distracting driving laws in the nation. while behind the wheel, even if you're not moving. 14 states in dc the use of cell phones. the police traffic division says that officers can keep up with the growing and deadly problem. >> when you're paying attention more on your cell phone than you are on the road, then there are so many
4:24 pm
>> distracted driving, this number one cause of accidents in maryland and montgomery county. if you're wondering, here are the local cell phone driving areas for our area. drivers are talking on handheld phones or texting while they drive. in virginia they can talk. talking on handheld phones is legal in the commonwealth, except for school bus drivers and drivers under the age of 18. >> well, it may surprise you to learn what millennials are spending their money on. those of us who are older, a little bit older, could learn a thing or two from those millennials, those pesky millennials. [ laughter ] >> break it down for us, what these folks are buying. >> first of all, who are the millennials, do you know the age groups? we were all talking about. >> 28 to -- 18-36. >> yes. >> excuse tha
4:25 pm
>> but they actually may be wiser than, well, the rest of us. a new report reveals that millennials are spending their money on necessities. they're spending their money on things they actually need. 15% more than on older generations. let's take a look at what they're spending their money on. >> they spend about $2,300 than older generations. it's what their spending their money on that's interesting. the report shows millennials an average of $797 on groceries a month, compare that to $724 adults 37 an older spend more month and that younger generation is dishing out a whole lot more money on restaurants on both dine in and take out. that's $51 more a month than older adults who spend around $182. they spendor
4:26 pm
charges, $26 more than older folks, gasoline was another money gusler, they spent $254 each month compared to older people who spent $211, a difference of $43 a month. now, a lot of interesting things. when it comes to cutting back, millennials are not spending as much money on travel and tv services and fewer millennials are using credit card, which bank rate says -- the rate credit card can be a way to put money back into your pocket as you can earn the rewards. it's those darn millennials. >> yes. >> now, to be clear, we're talking about millennials spending their own money and not their parents' money. at least two millennials i know are good for that. >> my teenagers, that goes for them. here is mom's money and dad's mom. i'll tell you. >> the gas thing surprises me, i would think they would spend
4:27 pm
less on gas because more of them uber or use lift. >> we wanted to pass it along to you. >> i'm going to cut back as a millennial. >> good luck with that. >> your new fight for one of washington's biggest fighters. we are taking a closer look at senator john mccain's cancer diagnosis. we'll look at his treatment options and talk to a doctor about that and how it could impact you and your family. >> we'll be pulling for him. a storm team 4 weather alert dcause of the
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if i had to go to vegas to put money on the hottest day of the year, how much do you think? >> well, you tie, so essentially you would tie. we've had four days now at 97 degrees. if we hit 98 we've hit 98 so far. if you bet tomorrow will be hotter, you'll win more money, if you bet saturday and sunday will be weather alert days. >> nasty. >> absolutely. 97 leesburg. 96 in fredericksburg. some extreme heat for sure,
4:31 pm
over towards baltimore. baltimore, at the inner harbor coming up with the heat index of 110. look at the heat index right now. 105 quantico. any time we're closer to 105. we get that heat advisory. that's exactly what we have out here now. for the entire area, the heat index upwards of 105. through 7:00 tonight. that's the official heat wave. that's what the national weather service says. i expect to see this heat advisory all the way through sunday. wendy. well, right now, senator john mccain is evaluating his treatment options after he was diagnosed with brain cancer. today the president and members of congress from both sides of the aisle wishing him well in this latest fight. mccain vowed to return to the senate as soon as possible, not clear when that may have happened. doctors diagnosed him with a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer. nbc
4:32 pm
is kind enough to join us, again, this afternoon to try to help us walk through this diagnosis. you know, brain cancer, dr. torres, is a frightening diagnosis. but this is the scariest. why is it so aggressive? >> and wendy, you're right. this is the most aggressive brain tumor you can possibly get. it can spread to overareas very quickly and has very low survival rate. it's extremely hard to remove the entire tumor. it almost looks like an octopus. that's kwh that's why they do the radiation treatment. it's hard to stop to the point where when somebody is diagnosed with it. their average survival time is 14 months and
4:33 pm
are, the less chances that are to survive. >> we saw that senator with ted kennedy. treatment option, you mentioned radiation and chemotherapy. that's the original old school. is there anything with if immuno therapy that's making it with this kind of cancer. >> there is, wendy, there's some experimental therapies. one of them is immuno therapy that both use your system to try to fight a tumor itself. there's an electrical stimulation therapy that stimulates the tumor. these are all experimental they've been showing to work in a few cases but -- zsh what kind of genetic as to whether these might or might not work. at least it gives them a fighting chance, one thing we know about snarenator mccain, hs a fighter. >> yes, h
4:34 pm
that's it's operating in your head before you maybe have a seizure? >> they come orn a lot quicker. confusion depending on where the tumor is. frsz people start getting confused and start having trouble forming words, that's a big sign to talk to the doctor do we need to doff anything else? >> this was sobering news for all of us who are rooting for senator mccain. >> thank you dr. torres. we'll have more on his diagnosis and what this means tonight on nbc nightly news at
4:35 pm
in order to see how conflicts are progressing. he hopes to eliminate isis for filling one of his campaign promises, as well as working on one of his major legislative victories. >> i donald trump -- >> president donald trump, six months to the day after he was sworn in as commander in chief walked into the -- and the president telling the "new york times," he's upset -- >> if he was
4:36 pm
himself, he should have told me before he picked up the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> it raises the specter of any legal attempt. >> sessions responded by saying it's an honor to serve as attorney general and he's not leaving. >> some republicans agree there's a red line. >> to a large degree, this hasn't been driven by the evidence. this is driven bipartisan politics to take down the administration. >> president trump looking for his vikt i. >> since the inauguration day, there have been some dips but over all consistent gains. reporting livn
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early childhood education. 5% were linked to smoking. you'll find a list of all nine life-style factor that is come into play that's on the nbc washington app, search alzheimer's. >> the next time you need to buy a gift. you don't have to settle for a box f diapers, you can send the kid to college. they're selling gift cards for the savings program. the cards are available in the amounts ranging from 25 to $500. you can purchase them right now across virginia. the virginia savings program is the largest of its kind of the u.s. so make lots of friends while you're pregnant. >> now that you can have mcdonald's delivered, they want to make sure you're wearing their clothes while you're eating their food. they have a new clothing line called the delivery collection. it features an adult size big mack one
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sandals, hamburger pillow cases. i'm seeing loser written all over. picnic blanket dotted with mcdonald's items. the items are free and they're only available july 26 for customers who ordering mcdonald's delivery service. adult size onsie is problematic any way. you put hamburgers all over it. not so much. i'm not seeing that. >> you wake up in one of those, you know you had a bad day. >> yes, you know. >> oh, jeez, okay. heated meeting and some tough questions over whether students are earning their diplomas. >> for some it is more of hazard than it is for others. who is most at risk and how to stay
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. oj simpson could be released from jail. he's been serving almost a decade. he's now 70 years old. two of the african teenager missing have made their way to canada. four others are still missing. they were part of a team that took part in the international competition. they're from the nation of goriden. >> mccain announced last night he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. today we're saying a prayer for mccain. he's 80 years old. the health care bill with increase number of 22 million over the next nine years. that's according to the budge
4:47 pm
>> and we dangerous heat out there. you know as soon as you step outsi outside. >> not just the hot temperatures. any time we stay above 80 degrees, anybody out there how they see and you know what i'm talking about. check on those people most of the time, many times that's the elderly right now as well. make sure we have fans going on. you may have to open the windows to get the fan air circulated inside the home. notice right now, it looks cloudy. that's not cloudy. that's haze in the atmosphere, so heat and the air quality, both on the down side for sure today as we move on out across the city, looking at the hot and hazy conditions at 96 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. that heat is here. high temperature of 97, the fourth time this summer. we've seen 97 degrees. it's not the heat and humidity.
4:48 pm
have across the region.
4:49 pm
101 dc. so what did that mean, how can you stay safe, your kids and family in extreme heat. take a look. you want to take lots of breaks and you do have to be outdoors, make sure you're drinking plenty of water and you're wearing that light colored, loose fitting clothing done. as we head into the weekend, it's still going to be storm team weather alert as we continue to track this extreme heat and humidity. >> it really is and nice job to deal with that. air quality as you said going to continue along with the heat. got to hit the pool. you can get the springers in the backyard or you can hit the pool.
4:50 pm
that heat index tomorrow around 105. a pool good option for the weekend, too, however we've got a good chance of thunderstorms coming up this weekend. isolated storm tomorrow. much better kwhachance on satur. so we've got weather alert today. weather alert friday, saturday and sunday, speaking of saturday, i mentioned that chance of storm. i think we can see some severe thunderstorm during the day on saturday. biggest threat is going to be high winds and heavy rain fall that's going to come down. so we'll be tracking that closely, as well. relief does come next week. we're back into the 80s. thank you, doug. there's new concern about these spinners that -- all ages went crazy. >> and in the midst of this, there are some reports that certain versions of this toy can actually catch fire. jim hanley with our stories we've got for you coming up at 5:00. >>
4:51 pm
thing. >> i've been clearing this, everybody has been ducking. these things fly when you try them on one fwiinger. there it goes. we shall tell you. no one has been injured. we're talking about the little toys that's -- we're talking about, tonight, actually has lights and connects to your phone via blue tooth. they contain lithium ion batteries that some say are catching fire. it's a warning for parents, they'll need to stick around to hear suzanne hogan's report tonight. how would you like to get from here to new york city. the so-called hyper loop is coming and skeptics are wasting no time challenging them on the details. we'll take a closer look for the future of travel since the new york takes 29. we want to give you the idea of how quick that will be, so sit back, relax, we'll be airing this story in 20 minute -- 29 te
4:52 pm
plus a dog disappears in virginia after her owner was killed in a car crash, where she was found and how she's doing today. those stories plus a good deal more and hot weather, master this by 5:00. i've got 10 minutes to do it. >> back to you, wendy. >> i want to say that dog story we'll tell you about. that's my favorite. favorite. favorite. oh my gosh. i couldn't read it without crying. we'll see you in a bit. a young arlington woman wants to prevent anyone from becoming a victim like she was. she told her story to lawmakers on the hill today. her name is delaney henderson, she spoke to the task force to end sexual violence. two boys sexually assaulted her in 2013 when she was in high school. she's in california. henderson says her attackers then went on facebook and accused her of lying. classmates, cyber bullied her on social media. and thenhe
4:53 pm
school. >> kids are losing their lives. they're taking their lives. they're impacted by this so much there are no restrictions on cyber bullying. nobody is being told that you can't do this. >> the task force plans to introduce a bill as supporters say, the legislation will hold anonymous cyber bullies accountable for any attack that occurs online. >> tough questions for the prince georges county school ceo kevin maxwell. he's in the hot seat over allegations that tampered with grades. prince gordon was inside that meeting. tracee wilkins say they got a little tense at time. >> if you're in the prince georges county school system. and possibly have questions about what's going to be done to fix it. well, state politicians and today members of the prince georges county delegation for the maryland house met with the ceo of prince georges county school system to try a
4:54 pm
some answers. they met here today at the prince georges county community college. they discussed everything from alleged grade
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ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. right now at 5:00. authorities concerned about the six missing teenagers in town for that
4:59 pm
police have an idea where they may be. >> he once again kwapt vated the country's attention and like no one else after nearly nine years behind bars, former nfloj simpson set to be released from prison. what he had to say for himself today during his parole hearing. >> only on 4:00 tonight, we've got new details in a road rage confrontation turned shooting. we'll show you how you can use police techniques to deescalate a road rage situation and keep -- >> and the best word to describe today's heat. dangerous. we're with the ems as they respond to a lot of heat-related illnesses. >> news 4 begins now with storm team 4. >> and it's tough out there right now, folks, we begin with our weather alert. our team is working for you to make sure you and your family stay safe as the temperatures continue to soar. >> they're trackin
5:00 pm
we're -- the temperatures which are here to stay for the next couple of days, am i right. >> definitely over the next couple of days. we're watching that and everybody is asking him. this type of heat, when is the last time we had it. we looked back last year. as a matter of fact it was hotter last year, we had three days in a row 100 degrees or more. we're watching something else, too. >> we had into the


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