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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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tracking it all from stomrm center 4. >> hot today for sure. the hottest day so far this year at 98 degrees. we've been much hotter than this in the past. we've had a streak of. >> here is the current heat index. 110 in quantico and now the wind has shifted just off the river here or away from the river. we're only of 99 in d.c. up to 107 right now in annapolis. that's why the entire area is through 7:00 tonight. the heat indices between 105. any time we get near 105. that's when we get the heat advisory. i think we'll get this not just for today. most likely for friday, satur
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and sunday. so four days of intense heat with humidity. we saw it again yesterday, as well. without the heat advisories, but next couple of days hotter. we're talking about a good chance of strong storm, too. i'll break it all down for you coming up in just a minute. >> much more weather coverage on air and online. we've posted a list of pools and spray parks and our nbc washington app. just search pools to check it out or share it with friends during the break. >> chopper 4, live now over the breaking news and this could have an impact on the commute tonight. a man hit while trying to cross a street in buoy. we understand the man is in serious condition right now. he was trying to cross the road near old chapel road, if you know that area. police say the man was not in a crosswalk at the time of the accident. the southbound lanes of the road are expected to be closed down for some time as police investigate. concern is growing tonight for a missing robotics team that traveled to dc from africa but never made it back home. the teams
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burundi. they traveled here to take part in the constitution hall earlier this week that was in the news. two of them were spotted entering canada. news 4 kristin wright joins us now live. she's got a look at what might happen to the students if they're found and return today their country. kristin. >> reporter: we don't know if the two spotted in canada have canadian visas. we do know that all six of them hold american visas. so that means that may not be doing anything wrong by not legally wrong by not returning to burundi at this point. we did talk with the embassy and we asked them questions about this and they said, if these teens request help from them in getting back to their country. the embassy will do its best to try to help them. >> day 3 in the search for the burundi robotics team. six african teenagers who came to mp
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canada, no sign of the others. the team stayed at a residence hall at trinity washington in northeast. spokesperson says the campus is concerned. >> we wanted to know they were safe. i do hope they are safe. >> in a statement that group that runs the robotics competition says the indications they left on their own are the teens leaving the keys in their mentor sham roanchaperon's bag. first global says they require an adult chaperon to stay with each team and keep them under close supervision. >> they would go to the competition and come back and did that several times until the last day of the competition. >> we went to the burundi embassy asking if they were in touch with the students' families. they told me they weren't but they had notified the burundi government of the situation. >> the state department issued a travel warning to
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dc police say they do not suspect any foul play. back to you. >> okay. kristin wright. thank you, kristin. >> now, the latest on a story we've been following all day. o.j. simpson granted parole today after nearly nine years in prison, the question now is where will he go. we've learned the former nfl star wants to live with his family in florida. we'll have a live report with highlights from today's parole hearing in nevada and the latest on what simpson hopes to do after his release in october. now, to a story you'll see only on news 4 about combatting road rage. it can spark frustration. we showed you just yesterday with a confrontation in alexandria that quickly turned into a shooting. we're working for you tonight asking police how to diffuse those tense moments. bureau reporter is live along the beltway to explain tonight. david. >> reporter: leon, you know the feeling. you drive around here. i do,s
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in bumper-to-bumper traffic. we're feeling that frustration during the rush hour team, maybe trying to get to work or home and suddenly that person cuts you off. now, some feel the need to get out to confront that person, maybe get up close and personal. but fairfax county police, as satisfying as this may feel, take a step back. relax. or else it will end badly. >> you can hear the heavy breathing, the anger ready to explode. that's an actor and that's me. the simulation, deescalation. let's just talk, just put down the hammer, please. >> police tested me on how to respond, not react to the man playing the role of an angry bar customer. >> somebody starts yelling at you for something. you want to defend yourself and you want to get up in each other's faces. >> we saw that alexandria wednesday morning.
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passenger got out of the car, confronting earnest, road rage that started on the beltway. police say he opened fire wounding her and took off. >> he just seemed to have a lot of anger period. >> her client filed a rachel harassment suit against his then supervisor. >> i talked to a number of people who had worked for him to verify what my client had been telling me and what they've all told me was that he was a very angry man. >> anger has fuelled several recent road rage incidents here and around the country. on tuesday, a moped driver accused of stabbing another driver. in late june, philadelphia teen shot and killed two weeks earlier in sterling, a driver got out and beat a 17-year-old to death and in california, rage between a motor cyclist and -- motorcyclist and driver sent an innocent bystander to the hospital. >> as for my intense to dees
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>> yeah. >> you -- >> officers suggest you approach those confrontations without pride, instead, engage in conversation. >> because if they're up here and you go up here, there's really nowhere else to go. it's not going to get better. >> a sacrifice of the ego in hopes of -- david, news 4. new at 6:00, a person who ate at the sterling chipotle restaurant has tested positive for nurovirus. but it's not enough to confirm that's what made so many people speak. more than 60 diners became ill after eating at the location on triple 7 road. their symptoms are consistent with nurovirus. one positive for test isn't enough to confirm that it's the culprit for everybody. the store in sterling shutdown tuesday for a thorough cleaning. chipotle pointed out in a statement that nurovirus does
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today marks the official six-month point in president trump's time in office and it comes as he picks a public fight with his attorney general. >> he also met with the defense secretary to focus on military strategy. but questions about the russia investigation trailed the president from the white house to the pentagon and back. andrew lawrence joins us from capitol hill with more on all this, hey, edward. >> reporter: you know the president in full campaign mode tonight tweeting a promotional video about america first. he's asking citizens to believe in the future. >> i, donald john trump -- >> six months to the day after he was sworn in commander in chief walked in for a briefing in world conflict. >> we're doing very well against isis. >> as united states battles, president trump is fighting for a win in congress and at odds with some of his own appointees, the president telling the "new york times," he's upset with
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>> i can recuse myself. >> for giving up control into russian meddling in the -- >> sessions should have never recused himself. if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> democrats saying this proves the president wants to control the investigation. >> certainly it raises the specter of -- any illegal attempt to stop investigation. >> it's an honor to serve as attorney general and he's not leaving. >> and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> the president adding in his "new york times'" interview. there's a red line on expanding the investigation into his finances. some republicans agree. >> to a large degree, this hasn't been driven by the evidence. it's driven to take down the administration. >> sick months in, president trump still looking for his first major legislative victory and still courting controversy. edward lawrence, nbc news,
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brain cancer, arizona senator john mccain is using his signature dry humor to warn everyone not to count him out. he sent a tweet that red, i greatly appreciate the out pouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon, so stand by. his message to his closest confident was more direct. senator lindsey graham has known to get emotional about his good friend john mccain. >> he's called me three times this morning. no more woe is me, lindsey. he is yelling at me to buck up. so i'm going to buck up. he's coming up. the disease, i think they got it. it may come back again and he'll fight it again. but right now he's in good spirits. >> senator mccain and his family are reviewing treatment options that may include radiation and
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doctors discovered the cancerous brain tumor during a procedure to remove a blood clot last friday. here is more information on the senator's diagnosis of a typically aggressive brain tumor, known as glioblastoma. it can spread quickly through blood vessels in the brain. roughly 12,000 americans are diagnosed with it every year. the american cancer society puts the five-year survival rate of patients above the age of 55 at about 4%. this is the same form of cancer that struck the late senator ted kennedy of massachusetts and joe biden, the son -- bo biden, the son of vice president joe biden. >> this story has more people reacting. we're live in nevada to break down today's ruling and reveal what the former football star could do in his life post parole. >> he was just having a bit of heat chaugs he was sitting out -- chaugs. >> dc first responders are
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heat-related calls. tonight we're working f
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from the parole board was unanimous and as he walked back to his jail cell, oj simpson walked away from the cameras and raised his hand over his head in a jester of victory and said,
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released in october after serving nine years in prison for armed robbery case in nevada. jay gray is outside the prison with a look at what's next, jay. >> doreen, most legal observers going into all of this would have told you, we think oj will be paroled here today. they didn't expect this hearing to last for more than an hour and some say they're very surprised at what they heard during the proceeding. >> the hearing began with a bit of judicial housekeeping and the series of questions as simpson was asked to explain how and why he was part of an armed robbery in 2007. in essence his answer repeated his testimony during the trial offering an explanation, instead, of what was expected to be remorse for the crime. >> it was my property. i wasn't there to steal from anybody. i would never ever pull a weapon on anybody. >> the hearing stretched out much longer than expected, over an hour, with simpson often referring to his family and wha
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commitment to his christian faith. >> i basically have spent a conflict-free life. >> not free of controversy. one of the board members referring to his murder trial after the brutal stabbing deaths of his ex-wife nicole brown and friend ron goldman. >> the majority of the opposition letters are asking us to consider your 1995 acquittal and subsequent civil judgment, however these items will not be considered in this case. >> the panel also heard from his daughter who, at times, was emotional. >> he's like my best friend and my rock. >> and one of the victims in the robbery also spoke on his behalf. >> it's time to give him a second chance. >> simpson gave a highly anticipated apology. >> spent nine years making no excuse about anything. >> then the board met briefly behind closed doors before announcing their
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>> my role is to grant your parole effective when eligible. >> simpson bowing his head and breathing a sigh of relief. >> thank you. >> october 1st is the earliest he can be released from prison. >> reporter: and simpson intends to live in florida after his relief, doreen. >> we know he was acquitted on murder charges years ago, but there's still a civil case pending, isn't there? >> reporter: well, there's a settlement pending, doreen, you're absolutely right. he still owes nicole brown and ron goldman's family millions of dollars. he plans to live off his nfl pension which can't be touched as a part of that decision by the civil courts. that's how he intends to really take care of himself, he says, for the rest of his life. >> okay. jay gray reporting. thank you, jay. one person who was watching today, was ron
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kim. she was there last month and told our david hopes the murder of her brother was never forgotten. >> don't forget ron and nicole were savagely murdered that night and that we wouldn't be here if that didn't happen. not to buy into all the bs, to be discerning about where you get your news from. it's no different than politics. >> this case has worked on her nerves. goldman said she got anxious thinking about oj simpson being out of prison. she also said she's channelling her pain into advocacy. nightly news is going to have continuing coverage of today's parole decision, including reaction from christopher darden. he played a key role in the simpson murder trial. that's all on nightly news at 7:00 p.m. another big story we continue to follow, the awful blistering heat out there, megan is following -- is following local first responders who are
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the scorching temperatures. >> let's start with doug, though, he's tracking the conditions right now. what's the word. >> we'll see more of that over the next couple of days and probably right on into the weekend. even though it will be a lot more people, we could see the potential for heat chaugs, she'll be talking about that in -- exhaustion -- 97, but looking at the latest report, we did hit 98 degrees today in the city. hottest day so far this year. as we move on through the next couple of days, that heat is going to continue. now -- we're going to have much more on this intense heat. we're also going to be tracking the air quality which goes along with the heat. amelia is joining me in just a couple of mint uts -- inmutts, we'll -- minutes. >> thank you, doug. we're working for you during this dangerous weather. we need to channel -- news 4 megan fitzgerald is inside a cooling center in northwest with more information for
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megan. this is serious heat. >> it really is, doreen. ems officials tell us, of course, hydrate. everybody knows that. in addition to that try to get into a cool location as you mention where we are here. it's one of 30 of these cooling locations set up across the city. i took a ride with ems officials today and they told me about the key warning signs of dehydration. stay hydrated, especially, in the oppressive heat. if you find yourself in the elements or without air conditioning, captain alex capice says there are a few things to look out for. >> it comes when your body actually stops sweating. it no longer has the ability to cool itself, you're so far into the heat stressed process. they start to, you know, nod off a little bit as they are profusely sweating. >> since monday, dcems crews have responded to nearly two dozen heat-related calls, but they're hoping if more people know the warning signs and what to do, they can
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now, the city opens up these cooling locations, as we mention, the 30 across the city. any time the heat index hits 95 degrees or higher, they encourage people to stop in and get reprieve from this oppressive heat. >> is that cooling center, nobody is cooling off. >> what is it, doreen? >> it doesn't look crowded behind you. >> reporter: not a lot of people in here, but i can tell you, we're happy to be here. we were outside with the heat, your make up just melts off. it's no fun for anyone. >> no, we understand what you mean. but plenty of room, there, for people who want to come down and cool off. >> that's for sure. >> megan fitzgerald. >> stay cool, we'll see you in a bit. you may have seen the story pop up on your facebook feed today. but is this the future of travel? while well-known inventer said he's got what it takes to get you to dc to new yor i
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well, doug, we're hydrating constantly. we're moving slowly outside and now you say it's going to get even hotter. >> yeah, guys, most definitely. you know, i think today high temperature today, hit 98. that's the highest temperature we've seen so far this year. not record high temperature, almost every day in the m
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july has hit at least 100 degrees one time. out there today, hazy, hot and humid conditions. it could feel worse. we still expect tomorrow to be the hottest day with the highest humidity as well. there's the haze across our region. currently 97 degrees, dropping to 94 next hour. and still at 85. this is in the city, 85 and 11 outside the beltway. you should be in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees with extreme heat nonetheless. 110 in quantico that's right on the river there. 104 in fredericksburg. that's why we have that heat advisory in effect across the region. that's why we'll have it again during the day tomorrow, too. the heat is one thing. we talk about the heat and we talk about the heat index. something else we talk about once in a while when it comes to the heat, the air quality. amelia is outside right now with more on what the air quality means to you. >> exactly, doug, today our area was under air code -- the baltimore metro
6:26 pm
serious air quality alert i'm outside here. outside of our studios here in northwest washington, inner front circle. we talk about air quality saying exactly what does that mean. as we're out and about enjoying our summer days. we're looking up at the sun, hopefully wearing our sunglasses. we're heading to the pool, playground, park. we're taking lots of brakes, hopefully. we're also tracking with poor air quality, high levels of pollution in the area. this is includes an increase in ozone, what does this mean, most impacted by poor air quality will be kids and older adults as we take a look at that haze up there, so it's not that haze, it's an increased level pollution, as well. what does this lead to when we do have poor air quality, wheezing, fatigue, so the air quality, doug, on a scale of 1 to 5. today and likely tomorrow as well we're right in that orange red, red area where it's unhealthy for some or just pretty much
6:27 pm
anybody. what can you do to keep your kids safe, as they're playing outdoors in the hot july days. make sure they're drinking plenty of water. take lots of brakes indoors and wear that loose fitting clothing. i tried to do that, today, doug. it's still stifling out here. we talked about the humidity going down. it happened this time yesterday evening. and i noticed a decrease in that humidity outside. it's still very hot. >> and, again, that decrease comes during the evening hours, quickly. right back up as you move into the over night and into the day tomorrow, that's what we're expecting, no rain today and most of the area saw a couple of thunderstorms pretty good storm down there towards the county. big time storms to the north. we had some storms to the west, too. we'll track these, but most likely these will fall apart in the mountains to our west that's something to be watching out for. better chance of storms for us for the weekend. 98 degrees, hot and humid, and, really, i think tomorrow we get over 105 in the city and that's why i think, onc
6:28 pm
area during the day tomorrow. if you're sending the kids to camp, this time of year, no school, you've got to go somewhere. temperatures well up into the 90s feeling like 105 for them, too. feels like forecast, only on the increase. 98 tomorrow. good chance of strong storms. i'll talk much more about the severe potential for the weekend and next week, i'll see you back here at about 6:45. >> thank you, doug. we've been talking about this -- wouldn't this be awesome. new york to dc in less than 30 minutes. yet sounds like just a dream but a billionaire inventer but he says he's got the green light from the government to figure out how to do it. >> generating a lot of buzz online. and would you actually use it. we're getting some answers tonight. >> the mother of a young man killed in their silver spring home last night sends a message to his murder. ahead, i ask the family, if they
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i saw what you did. you did something to my son who was innoce
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and may god get you, he will reveal where you're hiding. >> we brought you the story as breaking news last night at 11:00. tonight we're hearing from the young man's family. >> they're giving a voice to the victim as police hunt for the person who killed him at his home in silver spring. news 4 chris gordon as the families fight for justice. >> detectives are searching for clues and looking for the killer of 20-year-old webster. today his sister said his family doesn't know why he was shot. >> he was a wonderful brother, friend, family. he always looked out for everyone and cared for everyone. >> he says the family now needs his space and time to heal. >> a parent is not suppose to burry their child. a child is suppose to burry their parent. >> sources close to this murder investigation say montgomery county police are looking for three men in their 20s, seeing -- seen
6:33 pm
dark honda. john christian was known to his friends as jc. he says jc was his best friend growing up. >> i have no idea why somebody would want to harm somebody who is so kind harded. >> he was a star on the el bert eistien football team a couple of years ago. today a former teammate stopped by to express his condolences to his mother. >> i think we're all responsible for this, you know, we kind of normalize the violence, the way we are, we make it all okay by normi normalizing it. >> >> reporter: on social media, jc's friends are sharing their sadness and planning a candlelight vigil. that's the latest live from silver spring, doreen, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you, chris. >> we are working for you, highlighting the dangers of distracted driving. there's a new law that cracks down on driving under
6:34 pm
it's one of the toughest laws in the nation. here in our area, the laws differ from state to state. but despite police enforcement on people who use their cell phones while they drive. the problem is getting work. mark sea graves spoke to the head of the division in montgomery county. >> this is a huge problem. when we pass the law a couple of years ago when we made it a primary offense so officers can pull you over. we were able to increase our fine insurance from 500 citations a year to well over 5, 6, 7,000 citations. officers are out there diligently doing the enforcement, to be quite honestly, we're not having a dent in this problem. >> distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in maryland and in montgomery county. here are the local cell phone driving laws in our area. drivers in maryland and dc are banned from talking o
6:35 pm
phones or texting while driving. in virginia texting while driving is the law, talking on handheld phones is legal in the commonwealth, except for school bus drivers and drivers under the age of 15. >> you can use your phone on a train. tech entrepreneur says it has received verbal government approval to begin building something that's incredible. under ground hyper loop between here and new york. >> yeah, that hyper loop would take just 29 minutes, that's a lot faster than the current three hours 20 minutes the trip takes on amtrak. tom sherwood spoke to travellers about today's announcement. >> amtrak get you to new york at best in about three hours. but the hyperloop train is promising 29 minutes. sound like fantasy to some. >> 29 minutes. you don't think it's possible? >> i wouldn't ca
6:36 pm
goes to new york. there's a union station here, the prospect of futuristic train travel struck home, especially with a 16--year-old high school junior from philadelphia named reagan will kin son. are you named after the presidency? he said he heard about the fast train on his phone and that his mother didn't believe him. 29 minutes. >> i've heard that's going to go from new york to dc in 29 minutes, that's about it. >> reporter: when do you think it will open? >> i think give it ten, 15 years. >> reporter: what do you think high-tech and high speed travel? >> i think it's awesome. we need more of it. >> reporter: this chicago family on way to family reunion likes the fast train idea, too. >> 29 minutes, that's awesome. >> reporter: while in new york? what do you think? >> sounds too good to be true. 30 minutes to dc, that sounds like a good
6:37 pm
station here, slow moving taxis in traffic, they were anything but futuristic. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. all right. so what do you think about this. what do you think of this idea of hyper loop proposal going from dc to new york in 29 minutes. we asked you to weigh in on facebook page and as it turns out most of you like the idea. it will be the same 29-minute span, you can travel through 11 spots on metro here. we posted a listing of where other trips can take you. >> you can get to new york faster than you can get to rockdale. >> that's for sure. >> you know what, this is going to be a huge boom for broadway. they would hop that to go watch a show. >> not if you stay over night. we're playing in new york for lunch. won't be able to do that when this happens. >> as long as the tickets don't cost a million bucks. >> that's true. keeping up with the futuristic theme, it's like a batil
6:38 pm
up -- astro naughts. where you can go to see it yourself up close. >> at the hockey center, where all the men's hockey events will take place right here on center ice. coming up, we'll show you how this venue became olympic ready way ahead of schedule. >> i heard, ice. oh, that be outside. look at this. this picture says it all here. you think there's a little bit of haze in the atmosphere today. the air quality is not so good. that picture shows it to you. much more
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
kennedy space scepter commissi -- center commissioned the rover. it was created to be as realistic as possible it's not going to be making the trip to the planet. >> hopefully when a young child or that person that may want to put boots on mars, they'll see this rover and say, i want to drive that. that's the whole thing. if we can get one astronaut or somebody to join by seeing this vehicle, then it's a win. >> very cool. the rover is currently scheduled to make stops in new york city, new jersey as well as atlanta. 41 years ago this week, guys, nasa one spacecraft touched down on the surface of mars on july 20th, 1976. shows you how far technology has gotten. >> i would like to drive that
6:42 pm
thing. >> thanks, amelia. >> thanks, amelia. >> the count down is on and we have your first look at the venue being built for the winter
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
think of ways to beat the heat today make me think about the winter olympics. tomorrow marks 200 days until the start of olympics. >> the city has been working to build the venues and excitement for the winter games. check out the progress and has a look at how the ice rinks are shaping up, all new at
6:45 pm
south korea. the best ice skaters in the world will compete in these venues for the winter games. the ice events, among the most highly anticipated, especially the host country. >> short track and figure skating, they're very popular sports in korea. we traditionally do well at the winter olympic games. >> in contrast to previous olympics in rio, korea is ahead of schedule. athletes from around the world have already taken to the ice for exhibition games and international competition. back in april, the south korean women's hockey team played the north korean team right here. the stands were packed and the game was a test to show this venue is ready for the world stage. organizers hope the game also shows the potential for the olympics to set the stage for peace, at least, symbolically. this will be the first
6:46 pm
team. korea only qualified because it's the host nation. but hockey is quickly gaining speed in korea. the hockey center is almost complete. just across from the olympic park, where all the speed skating events will take place. >> this venue has also been tested by the start of the winter olympics, they will have seen a year's worth of competition. the international speed skating championship will held right here. the ice was so good, many of the medalist for those events broke their own records. speed skating began as a means of transportation and communication over frozen lakes and rivers. it made its debut as olympic scored in 1924. it will be nearly 70 years before short track speed skating was added, 1992. >> we're tracking out the coming arena which is home to figure skating. it was actually the first venue to be completed here at olympic park. >> these events are where korean
6:47 pm
it won gold in figure skating becoming a national hero, she was the won who cristened the ice when the arena was complete. and koreans have excelled, earning the most medals of any other country in winter olympics. >> ticket sales are in high demand especially for figure skating that olympic organizers had to use a lottery system to give them access to some of the best seats in the aretha. >> two more venues round out the coaster cluster for the winter olympics. the center is an olympic park not far from the three other ice venues. the hockey events will be held e at the hockey center on the grounds of the university. news 4. >> don't miss news 4 at 6:00 storm night. will give us a bird's eye view in olympic venue. >> all right. >> skiing places. >> that's when you can think about it right now. speaking of the olympics, though, four-time gold
6:48 pm
simone was in town. we'll show you what the gymnast was up to. >> we'll share the message she has for young athletes. look forward to that. now, yesterday, we talked about this yesterday. yesterday, we asked if flip flops were acceptable -- were acceptable footwear for the office. most of you said, no, never, not even on casual fridays. >> however, what about bare feet on a plane, yeah, almost in your lap, like right next to you. take a look at what happened to this woman named jessica. she boarded a jet blue flight. she was happy to see she had an entire row to herself. a woman seated behind her with -- planted her big old bear feet on the armrest right next to jessica. it was a short flight from la to san francisco, but that site. >> there you go. >> oh, my goodness. oh. worse. the she used her toes to raise and lower the
6:49 pm
goodness. >> started tweeting out pictures. she got a big response. one person suggested placing the sloppy stranger on the no-fly list. >> who was sitting behind her? >> i might accidentally spill my hot coffee. >> finish the rest of her toes while she's sleeping. >> best flight ever to worst flight ever in two seconds. >> that's pretty bad. >> start giving her massage, how is that, how do you like that? is that what you're hoping for. >> might be into it. then what do you do. >> then you run. and then -- exactly right. >> it's a new low for air travel. >> not far at all. >> this weather is not fun, either. >> nobody wants -- well, i won't say nobody wants this kind of heat. there's a lot of you out there that are telling me, you love this kind of heat. amelia draper, says she's got a tea time on saturday.
6:50 pm
>> i think so, too. i really agree. >> a lot of grounds out there. >> she'll have it all to herself getting through a quick round. you know it's on the hot side. the haze is there. winds out of the southwest at 9 miles per hour. as we look towards the rest of the area. 94 leesburg and 88 pitosi river. it's going to be hot night tonight as well. look at the current heat index, around 100. 110 quantico. that heat advisory ends at about 10 minutes now. the heat -- we get below 105 degrees. you no longer need the heat advisory. we'll see an increase in not just the humidity as we go above 105 tomorrow, saturday and sunday. i'm calling weather alert for each of the days. because of the heat, but because of a chance for strong storm. strongest storms on saturday and this is one thing i'm worried about here, high winds could be a big factor. this is going to be a big system
6:51 pm
that kind of pushes through early in the afternoon. could see high wind with that and brief very downpour this kind of humidity you get that. look at what we're in for. after the heat finally breaks. some better weather. i like the 80
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hey, sherry, what's the word? >> you
6:54 pm
talking about training camp. a couple of weeks, we have been waiting for are finally around the corner. redskins camp is actually exactly one week away. so this time right now, camp will actually be done. but for the following two weeks we will -- richmond will be the hub for all things skins, these are the four things to watch for. number one, after losing two, 1,000 yard receivers, how will this new group step up to a prior leading the way. running backs, rob kelly finished last season as the starter. we'll get a push from -- number 3, more rookies, redskins desperate for help on defense. we'll look to shore that up. and number 4. this guy kirk cousins, ever heard of him, how many times will we talk contracts. the qb will have a lot on his mind with his
6:55 pm
we'll be no shot that was a bad shot today to the open for open championship. and every tournament, another golfer wowing the crowd. the top of the leader board is crowded after the first round, for the 146 open championship. and there was great can golf starting with jordan. the long birdie dropped into the cup. topped it at 5:00, under the golfers, u.s. open champion, on 17, from this and that shot is muddy. he pulls out for eagle in his first action since winning the u.s. open. time for the -- so is mat, also there on the putting from the french. he goes up the hill and this one is going to find the bottom of the cup that long birdies are there also in the lead at 5 under. this, this shot of the day doesn't belong to any of them. from the rough on one. this just his second shot and it's the beauty
6:56 pm
green and then takes that nice roll and clearly, look at this. it's like he's been there before. he's tied for sixth at three under in the second round of coverage that will be the open champion starting at 1:30 a.m. beautiful views like that, maybe it's worth getting up. >> starting to tell us how it worked out. >> we'll be up for that. >> all right. we have ben olson on the wrong side of history, late last night. dc united led 3-0 early in the second half. seattle sounders break that quickly. they scored four unanswered goals to win it 4-3. this is the first time an mls team has come back from 3-0 to win in regulation. bummer, they looked so good last night. next up, home against houston dynamos on saturday. for triple play daet, put on the boys and
6:57 pm
steven promotes a healthy lifestyle for the mind, body and soul they have participated in the event and special guest to see here right there four time simone. the gymist, exit cited to help spread the message of a complete healthy lifestyle. >> everyone thinks it's about active and to have to eat healthy, as well. it's all the key roles that play into what we're doing. in the gym they try to inspire them so this is just another, like, fun thing for me to do. >> same thing, right there. >> kids choice award. you're watching kids choice award. >> should have dvred it. >> i think
6:58 pm
or best performance. >> she is impressive. >> all of the above. >> all right. >> we'll talk nick load i don't know, you've got
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, o.j. simpson granted parole. another courtroom drama playing out before a live nationwide audience. how soon he could be free and what's next. john mccain's cancer fight. the beloved senate maverick and american hero diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. tonight the outpouring and the prognosis for the battle ahead. second thought president trump's stinging attack on his own attorney general, saying he wouldn't have picked jeff sessions if he knew sessions would recuse himself from the russia investigation. texting scam. an fbi warning. a new trick being deployed by cyber criminals stealing thousands of dollars with just one message to your smartphone. and high anxiety. a spectacular new view on one of


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