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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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jack taylor will have a look at your commute. >> first, though, the forecast from meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. they had stepped outside, i believe. sheena, how is it feeling out there? >> it feels fantastic. this is one of those days where you walk outside and you just know you're going to have a good hair day and chuck is inhaling as much as he can. >> remember the commercials about klondike bar. it feels refreshing. >> talking about the gum commercial. or mentos. >> klondike bar. >> what would you do for a klondike bar. >> the key word, refreshing. >> i don't remember that. >> i'm going to go on youtube. >> i think it's a mentos kind of a morning. >> that's more like it. that's the first thing you need to know about the morning. still watching for rain chances on your friday. i remain optimistic. you're going to like most, if not all of the weekend. >> temperatures in the mid-60s t
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still in the 70s. once you take the humidity out of the picture, it feels great. highs today, low to mid-80s. way less humidity for the next couple of days. a nice northwest breeze coming our way later on. let's talk about the weekend and the beach weather in a few more minutes. there's somebody else in the world that appreciates the drop in humidity, and that's jack taylor. >> i want to pull out the peppermint patty. >> down to the kennedy center, crews are continuing their work. only one by at a time. they usually hang out until 6:00. 410 toward takoma avenue. unfortunately, wires down across the roadway. 410 temporarily blocked. plan ahead if you're headed out early and this is the normal path. crews are on scene attempting to clear a tree. not causing a slowdown so far. south oor
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remains blocked through the evening rush hour due to a water main break. developing this morning, get ready for a busy day on capitol hill. senators will welcome back john mccain. he's returning for the first time since revealing he has brain cancer. with mccain back on the hill, senators can move forward to start debate on a health care bill. >> angie goff has more on president issues with the bill before it hits the floor. angie? >> the first issue is no one really knows what the senators will vote on. this still remains a mystery. it could be the most recent version of the bill. an updated version or a simple repeal. or a combination. many options there on the table. starting debate on any one of the options may not get enough support and essentially making the bill dead on arrival. the same roadblock republicans hit last week you mig
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pressure from the white house and president trump has warned if republicans do nothing, then they betray seven years of repeal and replace to voters. it's 5:03 right now. if you work in montgomery county, you could soon be making more money. there's a push to increase the mim wage in the county. >> justin finch is live in rockville with how soon it might happen. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, eun. good morning. if in measure passes, it will not be happening overnight. instead, montgomery county would ease into a $15 minimum wage over the next few years. you may recall, the county council has been in this position before considering a $15 minimum wage by the year 2020. they each have support from the national group fight for 15 campaign. they were behind this as well. this was last up for vote in january. but county executive ike leggett
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businesses in montgomery county uneasy. now the proposal we now know is back with a revised plan to get businesses with fewer workers until 2022 to hit that target. the sponsor of the bill, if it goes up today, rather once it goes up today, it will be on this agenda for this afternoon. back to you. >> justin finch, like in rockville for us. thank you. we did a quick survey of our area. d.c. lawmakers have passed similar legislation raising the hourly minimum wage to $15 by 2020. in prince george's county, the minimum wage will go up to $11.50 this october. right now, virginia's state minimum wage is $17.25 an hour. congress is considering a $15 federal minimum wage by to 24. the federal minimum wage hasn't gone up in eight years. in northern virginia, a
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couple. police say the couple were found dead after an apparent murder-suicide. officers found the couple inside a home yesterday afternoon. both had multiple gunshot wounds. investigators don't know what led to that shooting. neighbors in one centreville neighborhood were able to rest easy last night after a standoff ended peacefully. chopper 4 captured the drama from above last night. take a look. this is over golden oak road. the man who was responsible for the standoff was wheeled to a waiting ambulance. earlier in the night, a 12-year-old girl and her mother were released from the home. fairfax county police say the mother was hurt in a domestic assault. 5:05 right now. people living on kent island in queen anne's county are trying to get back to normal after a tornado devastated their community. this was breaking news yesterday morning. winds ripped houses apart and carried debris miles down the road.
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it was an ef-2. i think that's the third level on the scale. winds were up to 125 miles an hour. strong enough to move homes off their foundations. a mother was home with her two sons when the wind lifted her house into the air. >> we could feel it lifting up, floating. it moved about 20 feet on this side and about 10 feet on that side. it was scary. i kept asking my son, are we up in the air, are we up in the air? >> the tornado sent a man to the hospital and has left thousands without power. maryland governor, larry hogan, says state agencies will be in the area to help. my moment. >> those of you who watched jim vance through the years know that he had a deep love for d.c. sports. tonight the nationals will pay tribute to him with a moment of silence before their game. as you can see, he had a chance to throw out the first pitch a
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he also had a chance to fill in as a sports anchor for a wheel week here on news 4. nats open the series in milwaukee last night. bottom of the first. check this out. edwin jackson is up on the mound. he's got ryan brawn in front of him. you know what, he was mvp last year. he don't look like it there. top of the second. bases loaded, this one is down line. right field corner. jacks jackson, flores, everybody coming home. there's a party. nats take a 4-0 lead. saw the pitching, the d. i got that. great diving catch. nats win 8-2. do you know what, they are now tied with the new york yankees for the best record in baseball. how about that? >> how about that indeed. how abou
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just like in vance's highlight. the nats are playing the brewers and jackson will be back on the mound. >> sort of appropriate. very nice. what a classy thing for the nationals organization to do. >> we appreciate it for sure. it's 5:08 right now. good morning. it's also comfortable outside as you are about to leave the house. temperatures are in the 70s for the most part. up near the higher elevations in parts of the shenandoah valley. in the 60s. the humidity is low. it's going to be like that all day today. you'll notice the nice changes. coming up, we'll tell you how long the comfort will last and the next round storms. >> reporter: good d.c. traffic news. i'm molette green on the beach drive shutdown. plus, another check on your coute. mm
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good tuesday morning. you will notice very nice changes as you step outside this morning. temperatures in the 70s. the humidity is low. so it actually feels a little bit cool outside. through the day today, though, you don't have to worry about the storms. we're going to stay nice and dry. temperatures only in the 80s. very comfortable. coming up in just a bit, we'll talk about our next storm chance. what you can expect as you head into the weekend. >
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on the roadway on 50 westbound through annapolis and bowie. crews got on the scene after 301 and removed it from the two right lanes. all travel lanes are now available. rock creek parkway, traffic is going to alternate. 410 near takoma avenue, ufrtsly, wires are down. 410 is closed at this point until utility crews is clear this mess. back to you. more now on that break in maryland. sawmill closed between brentwood and caraway. it's going to stay like this through the evening rush as they work to fix the break. we also know that more than a dozen people in the area don't have water right now. for those of you who are traveling that way, police tell us there is a detour in place, but they advise to avoid the area if possible. that's the latest from the live desk. aaron? >> angie, thank you.
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5:13 about now. relief is about to come for drivers who commute through d.c. that tough road closure on beach drive between till den street and rock creek parkway is almost over. >> molette green has a look at just when you'll be able to drive that route again. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i still have construction barrels behind me. what is ahead for commuters is a completely rebuilt stretch. take a look at some of the video. this is what you will find along rock creek parkway and till den road. phase one. this first segment almost complete reopening. set to reopen at the end of august with new landscaping and the trail next to the roadway will be wider. and safer. a new crosswalk leading directly to the zoo as well. and people around here, people who have been impacted by all of this couldn't be happier about this
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>> better transportation. less stressful people. >> now commuters, as i said before, couldn't be happier about what is ahead. this good news. they have certainly felt the impact in some estimates. worsening traffic on adjoining roads like connecticut avenue by some 70%. construction project not over yet, folks. this is just phase one. phase 2 set to start. that will impact beach drive between till den street and military road. we're getting there. that is the latest. back to you. >> molette, thank you. we're learning more details about the deadly smuggling investigation in texas. officials say migrants secretly traveling inside the back of a packed tractor-trailer pleaded for water and pounded on the truck as it overheated in texas. ten people died. nearly two dozen others injured. some from guatemala and
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authorities charged the truck driver, james bradley, with illegally transporting immigrants. he appeared in federal court yesterday. brood bradley told police he didn't know anybody was inside the truck until he stopped. the potential for flooding is causing a dangerous situation out west. dramatic rescues in arizona. 17 hikers were stranded in floods and monsoon rain. some had to wait until sunday night to get free. it is still raining in several states. millions are under flash flood watches right now. all of us to be better peop people. >> we continue to celebrate the life and legacy of our friend and former colleague jim vance. we've been paying tribute to him just as the community has
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how he would have wanted the celebrations and memories of happy times. this was a gathering we held in his honor last night. just for the people that we work with. the work family had a chance to share memories. this was too late for us. we did share about him yesterday with our morning crews in the morning and we had that moment. one of my favorite memories of vance is when i convinced him to try ice cream with bacon in it for a foodie show we did. >> and burger king is out with a new thing called a bacon sundae. god knows why -- >> i wonder what they were smoking when they did this. whoever thought of putting bacon can ice cream? that's ridiculous. >> why? >> i don't know. when i heard it, i said i will never even try that. the only reason i'm doing it is because you all are so convincing. >> that's right. >> not to mention so cute. i figured i would give it a shot. here
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and my instinct would be that it would be nasty. >> it is really? >> that was my first instinct. but you're trying another bite. >> vance was a good sport. you know what i mean? this is my all-time favorite picture of vance? guess who he is holding? >> that's my first born. little jake is 12 years old now. >> he would be mortified that i'm showing that picture. >> he's asleep. >> kids loved him. that's because they had this instinct to know someone who is calm and collectedment we're going to miss him around here. >> it's a little weird to not turn on the news and see him. a lot of great memories over the years. >> for sure. >> absolutely right. >> chuck, we're happy about the change you've brought this way. >> it feels good outside. >> just keep this going. >> i stand
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york peppermint patty. go on my twitter feed. i've put it up on the youtube. you can watch this while i do the weather. the link to the commercial that i was reminded of when i stepped outside this morning. it feels so refreshing out there indeed. yesterday, yet another 90-degree day. 91 yesterday. that's 19 days in the 90s for the months of july. 3 1/2 degrees warmer than average. right now, today will be cooler than average. nothing better than cooler than average at the height of summer. only 64 now in gaithersburg. 66 in the panhandle of west virginia. towards the blue ridge, 63 in front royal. the cooler air hasn't made it to maryland yet. you will notice the change when you go out the door. afternoon highs in the upper 70s to low and
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my twitter handle at chuck bell 4. instagram under 4 cast 4u. you can download the nbc washington app for the forecast. the brewers are in town. first time we've had a home game in a while. first pitch weather near 80 degrees. game time temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. tomorrow looks every bit as nice as today with highs once again tomorrow up into the upper 70s and low 80s. here's the five-day forecast. 86 with falling humidity today. tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny. 85 degrees. the humidity comes back late in the day tomorrow. thursday will be hot and humid once again with a high near 91. any little rain chance on thursday doesn't come until after the sun goes down. friday looks a little bit on the stormy side with mid to upper 80s before the rain chances come back in. a small chance for lingering shower up to the early parts of saturday morning. by the time you goat noontime on saturday, the sun will be back.
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again. coming up in a few more minutes, the beach weather for the ten-day forecast. in the meantime, ep joy great weather here for not only this afternoon. the complaint department is officially closed until further notice. it is now time for traffic. let's go over to wtop's very own jack taylor. >> thank you, sir. a water main break dealing with it along south osborne road. authorities should be on scene and remain there for the time being. between brentwood way and carroll way. the lanes should remain closed. 410 near takoma avenue. authorities on scene of wires down and 410 is blocked at scene. be aware. we had crews down at the rock creek parkway working at the kennedy center. traffic alternates one direction at a time utilizing the southbound lane. they'll hang out until 6:00. about another half hour or so. it should be gone hopefully by the time you hit the roadway. aaron, eun, back
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it was the shooting that shook a quiet suburb. now the sounds of the congressional baseball shooting are being used in a new ad. we'll show it to you and tell you who is behind it. plus, sickened at chipotle. more customers coming forward after a local store's temporary shutdown. what you should know before your next order. and need a few extra laughs on this tuesday. set your dvr or tune in at 3:00 for the ellen degeneres show every
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charlie gard's parents say it's time to let their son go and be with the an else. the couple in england ended their fight to bring their son to the u.s. for an experimental treatment. th
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support. the parents decided to drop the fight after a u.s. doctor told them it's too late to treat charlie's condition. in news for your health, you may be one of the millions of americans who have pre-diabetes and don't know it. you might spot ads in your facebook feed asking you to see if you might be at risk. the american diabetes association and other health agencies have teamed up with the ad council. they've released adorable animal videos that come with a deeper message. coming up tonight at 5:00, doreen gentzler will take a deeper look on what you can do to reverse the condition. we're hearing more about problems with hoverboards overheating. the irover self-balancing scooters have been recalled. they can heat up too much and pose a risk for smoke, fire or an explosion. this has affected about 2800 scooters sold at stores like t.j. maxx and marshals. no injuries have been reported. if you bought one between december o
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016, contact the company. the girl scouts want girls to embrace s.t.e.m. science, technology, engineering and mathematics. the girl scouts are rolling out 23 new badges that focus on those sukts, even daisies. they can earn badges in school subjects such as robotics. never too yuchblg you know what i mean. start them early. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. outside on a beautiful tuesday morning. skies are clearing out and the humidity is going away for a day and a half or so. current temperatures notice 60s and 70s. coming back up, sheena will join me out here and we'll take a look at the forecast for the rest of the day. here's a hint, you're going to like it. we're remembering our friend, jim vance. coming up, we'll show you the final ierview hent
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a wild left behind. a little boy left in a food court. the charges a daycare worker now faces. bad burritos or something else. even more customers coming forward claiming that a local chipotle made them sick. riders who skip out on metro fare, why the transit system isn't getting
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good morning. it is just about 5:30. isn't that pretty out there. a live look on this tuesday morning. guess what, this time the picture matches the weather. really nice out there. >> so true. meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside the studios to see how it feels out there. we'll check in with them before we update traffic with wtop's chuck taylor. >> i think you're going to like it today. the humidity has taken leave of the mid-atlantic and goodbye to the rain chances and the 90 degrees, all that stuff. >> this is the one morning that eun and aaron might be jealous that we're outside. >> we should do the whole thing from the weather patio. it is very comfortable this morning. look atgate u gaithersburg. 64. the reason why it's so comfortable, this cold front moved through overnight bringing in
5:31 am
it is going to be a nice one. you could drive with your windows down this morning. why not? by 7:00 a.m., dry roads. always good news for the commute irs. look at this 86 for a high. comfortable. coming up, we'll look at the rest of the forecast. no matter what you're doing today, we'll look at the next round of some stormy weather approaching the area. for now, speaking of the commute, let's check in with wtop's jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. we'll give you a live look at frederick on 270 southbound near 109. that's about the only heavy stretch. toward the lane divide, this is your crowded spot. 410 in takoma park. near takoma avenue. 410 is temporarily closed. there's wires down. so all lanes are blocked. the rock creek parkway to the kennedy center, all traffic -- no slowdown right now.
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brentwood road and carroll way, all lanes are blocked because of a water main break and it's closed through the evening rush hour. back to you. thank you, jack. the other top stories. senator john mccain will be back on capitol hill today. it will be his first time back since his brain cancer diagnosis. the senate will be moving forward with its debate on health care bill today. tracie potts will have more on that coming up in a live report. tonight the washington national will hold a moment of silence in honor of our friend and colleague jim vance the patriarch of our news 4 team died saturday after a battle with cancer. we'll be sharing our tributes celebrating vance's legacy throughout the morning. cleanup continues after an ef-2 tornado hit queen anne's county in maryland. winds up to 125 miles an hour damaged homes just over the bay bridge early monday morning. thousands lost power. it's beenes
5:33 am
5:32 now. parents trust their daycare providers to keep their children safe. in woodbridge, a toddler was left in a food court for an hour before anyone came back to get him. prince william county police say crystal lundy was in charge when a boy was left in the mall. the boy was asleep in a stroller. police were there before the daycare workers returned to get him. >> thank goodness somebody else saw it, saw the kid. >> leaving him in the mall. i mean, kidnapped that's the first thing i think of. somebody walking off with newer kid. >> news 4 reached out to lundy, who is the director at ebenezer christian academy. we were asked to leave the property. she's out on bond while she awaits her next court appearance. more people got sick ach eating at a local chipotle restaurant. 135 people reported feeling ill
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on 777 road in sterling. norovirus is likely the cause. the restaurant was cleaned and is now open. the virus does not come from its food and it is safe to eat at its restaurants. montgomery county park officials have a warning for those headed to the lake this summer. tests show elevated levels of the chemical micro sis continue in lake needle wood bernard frank. this is a toxic substance produced by species of blue green algae. avoid direct contact with the water. do not swim in the water and keep your pets out of the water. any food you catch in either lake should be washed thoroughly. don't worry about forgetting your wallet. soon your photo i.d. could be right on your phone. coming up, a look at the digital driver's licenses being tested in maryland. plus, the sounds of the ng
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we'll tell you about the controversial ad some say is going too far. and i'm angie goff in the newsroom with some new details about the jfk assassination. hundreds of new documents just yeleased nearl
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an alabama congressman faces pushback for politicizing the congressional baseball practice shooting in alexandria last month. congressman mo brooks is running for attorney general jeff sessions open seat. >> he was there during the shooting and was asked whether it changes his views on guns. he's not changing his position on the second amendment. steve scalise is still recovering. >> hundreds of newly released documents may shed more light on the assassination of president john f. kennedy. angie goff is going through them and has more. >> gorgod morning, eun. more than 400 documents. shedding a little more light on one of our country's darkest days. among the 3800 r
5:39 am
transcripts and recordings where the soviet defector who said he handled the file on lee harvey oswald when oswald was in the soviet union, the kgb file on oswald. there's information referring to the investigation of martin luther king, jr.'s assassination five years after president kennedy was killed. over the years, the government released information. most of the documents, which is actually what we're looking at today is a small sampling of the 5 million pages that make up the -- more documents are expected to be released coming this fall. i'm angie goff in the newsroom. covered so much quick-moving news without ever missing a beat. >> a stuchg tribute touching tr floor of the house of representatives.
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good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. skies are clearing out after a cold front wept through overnight. temperatures are in the 60s and low 70s. highs today only in the upper 70s and low 80s. it's going to be a cooler than average day in july. chuck, crews are working on the rock creek parkway at the kennedy center. also, we've got activity on 410 near takoma avenue. downed wires. authorities there. 410 is blocked at this point. there's a look at the prince william parkway. starting to slow. back to you. the montgomery county council is set to meet today on their agenda, a proposal that mould more
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right now on
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senator mccain returns to the hill. the health care vote bringing him back amid his cancer battle. minimum wage debate. what it means for you. jim vance, we look back at his final interview. i'm angie goff at the live desk. tension in jerusalem could be drawing to an end. take a look at this. this is new video we got overnight. police removing the metal detectors at the entrance to a holy muslim shrine. israel put those in place nor security after arab gunmen killed two police officers. but there was huge backlash from the muslim community and prayer protests seen in the streets. israel is going to protect the sites with cameras that can detect hidden objects. now back to you aaron. angie, thank you. 15 before the hour right now. a lot of uul
5:45 am
that could soon be reality if you work in montgomery county. an effort to increase the minimum wage. >> justin finch is live at the council headquarters if rockville with how this plan would work. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, good morning. the goal is to get montgomery county to a $15 per hour base wage in just three years and smaller businesses would get even more time. the national fight for 15 campaign did back the county's last increase proposal in january. ike leggett vetoed the measure saying the bill needed reworking here. now, it is back. in addition to gradual increases to hit $15 per hour by 2020, small businesses with fewer than 26 employees would have until 2022 to hit those new wage targets. now, the measure right now is still in the early stages. only being introduced today. a public hearing could come as soon as september. back in to you.
5:46 am
rockville for us. thank you. we did a check of the minimum wages in our area. in d.c., lawmakers passed similar legislation raising the city's hourly minimum wage to $15 by 2020. in prince george's county, it will go up to $11.50 this october. virginia's minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. congress is considering an $15 federal minimum wage by 2024. the federal minimum wage has not gone up in eight years. extremely busy day ahead on capitol hill that you may want to pay attention to. the senate is set to vote to debate on a health care bill. a big reason that vote is even happening today is because senator john mccain is returning after revealing he is fighting brain cancer. >> news 4's tracie potts is back and live on capitol hill with more on his impact on this health care vote today. trac tracie, good morning. >> big impact, aaron and eun. mccain's vote is critic
5:47 am
the republicans. they need 50 votes. they may barely have that when mccain was out. the vote was scrapped. mccain is coming back. the vote is back on the table. what's on the table are three different options. repealing and replacing obamacare now with something that a majority doesn't like. repealing and replacing it later with something that lawmakers will come up with or trying to sweeten the deal for skeptical republicans by throwing in things like things these leaner cheaper plans that cost less. we don't know which of options they will actually vote on today or vote to debate. keep in mind, this isn't even a final vote. but it could make or break this idea of trying it get rid of obamacare if republicans don't have enough votes to move it forward. that is happening today. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us today. thank you. the president's son-in-law heads back to
5:48 am
the house intelligence committee under oath. he fielded tough questions from the senate intelligence committee yesterday. this is fallout from a meeting he had with the russian attorney during the campaign. we remember our friend and long-time colleague jim vance. since his death, tributes have poured in from everywhere. last night he was recognized by the u.s. house of representatives. a tribute was read to him on the floor. >> vance presented the in us to a region that challenged d.c. tv news with vast changes, economically and politically. jim vance took the dare and told our ever-changing story straight. he made us see ourselves from a city with too much crime to today's d.c. with low crime and a big sur plus. only
5:49 am
could have covered so much quick moving news without ever missing a beat. >> you can see delegate norton's speech on our nbc washington app. search vance. 5:49 right now. we turn to an important race unfolding in virginia. a governor race and the heat between gillespie and ralph northam. the monmouth university poll found them being tied with 44% each. cliff hyra drew 3%. 9% are undecided. president trump is impacting the race. 4 in 10 voters says the president was a factor in their choice. we now know the six teenagers who went missing after an international robotics competition in d.c. may have planned to leave. the teens from burundi probably leftau
5:50 am
life. but not to flee any specific threat. burundi has been plagued by political violence. two of the teens were seen crossing into canada last week. they could apply for asylum there. they each have a one-year visa. 5:50 our time right now. the sun is on the way up. it won't be brutal. it won't be bad to us today. >> not at all. >> good news. >> it's one of those mornings where you walk out. like eun did, you have a sigh of relief and breath of fresh air, literally. it really is. >> sounds good when you say it. >> it does. >> chuck was taking big breaths of fresh air outside. if that's what we want to call it outside the station. as you head out for your morning commute, this is a beautiful picture by the way of the sun coming up with clouds here. as you head out for your commute, you might want the windows down this morning because it's so comfortable. humidity is low.
5:51 am
gorgeous day. low humidity means you can do it in the afternoon because it will be that comfortable. if you're barbecuing later on today, grilling out or heading to the nats game where they will be honoring jim vance, not too hot. i'll show you that nats forecast in a second. temperatures right now, 73 degrees in washington. 70 in manassas. 64 gaithersburg and frederick. those are comfortable numbers. it's all because the cold front moved through. the north wind is pulling in the drier air. humidity makes all the difference. we're going to stay like that, even going through this evening. for the nationals, first pitch around 80 degrees. clear skies. again, honoring jim vance later on tonight. this will be a nice evening for that as well. especially for everyone sitting in the stands and we'll stay in the 70s throughout the game. 86 degrees, mostly sunny. we expect the humidity to stay at a comfortable level. not just today but also tomorrow. next round of storms won't be here until the end of the week. here's the beach f
5:52 am
weekend. friday, scattered thunderstorms. not that great. 85 degrees. but then we go into saturday. we have an early chance on saturday. but then into sunday and it's looking really good. if you're farther inland, the weekend is looking pretty good. a closer look at the forecast coming up. let's look at the roads. jack taylor is here. sheena, good morning. a look at the beltway. off to a decent start. green on the beltway. all lanes are open. they're running without a delay early. south osborne road west of route 301, a water main break. they'll be there through the evening rush hour. please plan ahead. >> crews should be wrapping up near the kennedy center on rock creek parkway. a live look in maryland on 270. a bit of a delay. south of 85 toward 109 beyond urbana. a little crowded. nothing is in your
5:53 am
you can pay for your morning cup of coffee with your cell phone. soon you may be able to carry your driver's license on it as well. maryland is testing out digital drivers licenses. about 400 state transportation employees and their families will be able to use the digital identification. it will work at a handful of businesses. the digital versions are more secure because people can choose to show certain information instead of the entire license. this is something to think about when you reach for your phone at the office. employees are wasting any hours a week on activities unrelated to their jobs. as you can imagine, younger workers are the biggest offenders. people under 35 waste more than an hour every day on their phones. most people see the phone as a way around company policy. more than half of people survey use their phone to visit
5:54 am
their company. right? >> yeah. i suppose that makes some sense. >> it depends what you're doing. social media is a part of our job. an extension of our everyday duties. >> people who can't each check e-mail on their work computer. >> it's one thing but there's a limitation. >> there is a new prepare sal to limit the punish. for people who ride metro. >> the proposal would reduce the fine for people who cheat the system. they also wouldn't have to go to jail. police disproportionately enforce the law in -- >> metro believes it has an obligation to ensure that every rider pays his or her fair share. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. michael course
5:55 am
choo for more than $1 billion. it's known for stiletto heels and access sis. michael kors was once a hot name in you bells struggled in recent quarters. that's our business reportment i'm landon dowdy. i want to know if the jimmy choos will be more affordable so i can add some to my collection. >> of course. 5:55 now. you can go to the nbc washington app to see jim vance's final story. he interviewed lonnie bunch, the founding director of african-american history and culture. >> he couldn't remember the last time he was so excited for a story. that says a lot, too. take a listen to their interview where they talked about bunch's local ties. >> howard university. why howard? >> part of it was it's 1970. so there's this desire to really understand who i am, who america is and howard has always been the capstone of black
5:56 am
>> and to experience that interview and the museum through vance's perspective is always such a treat. you feel like you're learning so much. that whole story, because i know you're probably interested in seeing that interview, it's on the nbc washington app. >> vance did that interview in march. it never aired. he announced he was sick a few months after that interview. he was looking forward to it. it's an incredible experience to walk through there. >> after decades of reporting stories and the man has seen everything. still to feel excited about the work he was doing. that's why he set the standard so high. >> it's inspirational. it's possible to do this for almost 50 years if you think about it and still get excited. next at 6:00, we are working for you on all of the big stories of your day to get you started. a police station targeted. the window shot out. what the vandals used to make
5:57 am
their mark and local officers on alert. >> reporter: a completely rebuilt stretch whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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right now on "news4 today," senator john mccain's return to d.c. a critical health care vote is on the line. on the move. a p
5:59 am
upgrade if you live in d.c., maryland or virginia. it could mean good news for your commute. plus, remembering vance. a special tribute and there's a simple way you can honor the nbc4 legend today. just about 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. melissa mollet is on maternity leave but jack taylor is here with the commute. let get to a welcome change in the commute. chuck bell and sheena parveen delivering the good news from the weather deck. good morning, guys. >> good morning. it is a fantastic day to be outside. i don't want to go back inside. it's nice. >> really? what about the mosquitoes? >> i haven't felt any. >> really? that is news. washington? the summer m
6:00 am
sun is not up just yet. it rises after 6:00 in the morning. four things to know. that's more like it. goodbye to the humidity for a couple of days. tracking the next chance of rain. could arrive thursday night. i remain optimistic about the weekend. as you step out, 60s and 70s. highs in your hometown, only in the low to mid-80s. good morning, jack taylor. >> good morning, chuck. we'll start a live look in maryland on 270 where we're getting fits and stops as you leave frederick. a little bit of a delay 85. ten a little delay at 109. nothing is in your way. so far in good shape to the lane divide. you should find brief slowdowns if you're headed out early. issue on south osborne road. west of 301. our closure will remain during rush hour between brentwood road and 30 iowe we had word of an incident south on


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