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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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remove the sign that we have every reason to expect that to happen. live in northwest dc, kristin wright, news 4. three big stories still breaking as we come on the air at six. first new fall out as more victims are identified in a criminal case involving a trusted teacher's aide and track coach, what parents need to know as police expand their investigation. and a family is desperate for answers after a mother and two children go missing. their cell phone goes dead. where police are focusing their search now. and another big white house shakeup, this one in warp speed. so who is in charge and what's going to happen next. we're getting answers tonight. carlos bell was arrested late last month. he's the former teacher's aide.
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charles county. he's accused of targeting children who were in his care and he told the cops he's hiv positive. hard to imagine, but tonight that story has gotten even worse. now twice as many victims have been identified. police say 24 children have been abused, of those, though, 11 still haven't come forward, but right now parents are trying to understand why it took more than two years for the alleged abuse to come to light. bureau chief tracee wilkins has reaction. tracee. >> reporter: i'll tell you, if you stand out here in front of benjamin starter middle school or walk into the neighborhood around the school. you're going to meet parent after parent, student after student who not only knew mr. bell but will say he was a nice guy, that he was their track coach that they enjoyed their relationship with him and are shocked by what's happening here. just today, the principal has been reassigned from this school and now the charles county state's attorney is saying that he i
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wants to see bell spends life in prison. >> it's horrible. it's really horrible. >> they make me want to do home school. >> charles county parents cannot believe former teacher's aide from benjamin starter middle school, a trusted member of this community is now looking at more than 100 counts for sexually assaulting students. police say bell is hiv positive. he's also facing charges for purposely trying to transmit his disease. >> every time, there's more witnesses to talk to, it goes on and on and on. because of that, i will tell you that i can't predict for you when this investigation is going to be over. it's just impossible to predict it, whether it's a month, two months, six months, a year, we just don't know at this point. >> bell is also charged with drugging his alleged victims with marijuana. >> and where was this taking place at that none of the teachers or staff that they said anything or did anything. >> these kind
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the principal, kenneth, was reassigned today to administrative duty shortly after charles county state's attorney announced that there are now 24 victims. most of the alleged assaults happened on school grounds. and also at bell's home in wall dor f. >> you don't expect to be able to send your child to school and have something like that happen. >> while there are now 24 victims. 11 of them who have been seen on video still have not been identified and authorities need parents to cooperate with this ongoing investigation. >> we still need help from the public. we still need people who know something about this case to contact sheriff's office. >> reporter: according to court documents, bell was sexually assaulting victims long after he was placed on administrative leave here at this middle school. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, every parent seeing this story, it's unsettling, disturbing. what's the take home message for parents, what should they know about these victimsnd
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>> reporter: i can tell you one source close to this investigation described bell as a master groomer. as you heard me mention earlier, people in the community liked him, some loved him, they trusted him and believed him when they said that he was just coaching his kids and had no alternative motives. it's really hard to say. but one parent put it this way, we teach our kids stranger danger, this is someone who we all knew. >> good point. all right. thank you, tracee wilkins reporting from charles county. there's another issue concerning parents, too, it has to do with a serious backlog at the maryland state police computer forensic lab, it took investigators several months to look at bell's phone to even learn a crime had been committed. this case also comes on the heels of a similar crime in prince georges county, dee aun tae careaway was arrested there last year. he was later indicted on 270 counts for sexually abusing at
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he worked at judge sylvan ya woods elementary school. we have breaking news, the car has been found, as police search for a missing woman and two kids in louden county. the three family members have been missing for almost three days now. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us now with the information she just learned about this. >> reporter: this is a tragic update to report. you might still be able to hear the sirens in the background. i just got off the phone with one of the family members of these three people who have been missing since friday evening. she confirms to me that this blue ford taurus has been found in nearby creek inside it, the missing mom, her five-year-old son and her nine-year-old cousin. now, we've been reporting on this mysterious disappearance for the last 24 hours almost. it was friday night when
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27-year-old courtney ash came to the townhouse complex here in ashburn to pick up her five-year-old son, nine-year-old cousin already in the car with her and they set out at 11:30 that evening. if you remember the weather, there was a driving storm and there were reports of swollen creeks an chances of flash flooding. they were suppose to be headed back to an uncle's home in leesburg but they never arrived. the family had hoped that, perhaps, she changed her plans, maybe had gone to a friend's house. but when they didn't hear them by saturday evening, they then called the sheriff's department to report them missing that set off a search that's been going on for nearly 24 hours now. when i joined you at 5:00, you heard from one of the relatives, the step mom of the nine-year-old boy who has been missing. she and her husband drove in from new jersey this afternoon, sat down and talked with us and said they were determined to hit the streets themselves to look for these three missing people. and i'm told by another fam
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member, the aunt of the victims, that it was russell who just traveled in from new jersey that was driving along ever green mills road near hodgeland mill road when she spotted the taurus in the creek and family members believe that courtney ash, her son cameron martin and her nine-year-old cousin, jalen russell are all inside the vehicle. we'll be wrapping up here right now and headed on the scene where i'm told family members are there now watching emergency workers try to get people out of that car. >> all right. julie carey, very sad conclusion to that story. we'll look for your reports coming up later. thank you. new at 6:00, the man accused of shooting a woman in a high-profile road rage case is back in virginia tonight. he's in jail in alexandria, he turned himself in as shooting july 19
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witnesses heard a van and suv honking at each other, two people got out of the van yelling and challenging the suv driver to get out. that's when police say opened fire. the woman who was shot is expected to be okay. now, another make or shakeup at the white house, communications director anthony scaramucci who was just in is now out, ten days after taking the job. so this comes on the same day that president trump's new chief of staff was sworn in. it's a lot to keep track of these days, blayne alexander is on the capitol hill with the fallout from this. blayne. >> reporter: wendy, a lot of shuffling around today. and it happened very quickly. i want to just illustrate a brief timeline for you and try to show you how fast all of this happened. it was around 9:30 this morning that general john kelly was sworn in. it was just before 3:00 p.m. that we learned that
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was officially out. it took less than six hours for the new chief of staff to come in and start shaking things up in the west wing. president trump's new chief of staff, general john kelly, sworn in and moments later on the job attending his first cabinet meeting in his new role. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position chief of staff one of the great ever. >> the general already making a mark, reportedly pushing out new communications director anthony scaramucci who was in the white house for only ten days. and whose profanity tirade last week made front page headlines over shadowing the president's message. >> he felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly. >> general kelly, i think, has a long his zri of helping people ke
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president trump needs that kind of advice and council and the white house needs that discipline. >> will that discipline extend to twitter. over the weekend the president firing off a series of tweets, lashing out at republicans on health care and china for not helping with north carolina. his message today. >> we'll handle north korea. we'll be able to handle them. it will be handled. we handle everything. >> another challenge to handle russia and growing diplomatic tensions, as republican efforts on capitol hill are falling flat, responsibility for new chief of staff. >> reporter: and another responsibility now for the white house, president trump is now going to be naming his third communications director in just over six months. wendy. >> blayne alexander, thanks, blayne. 19 states are joining forces to urge congress to block president's
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attorneys general from dc, maryland, virginia and 16 other states sent a letter to the house and senate armed services committee, expressing their opposition to this ban. they say it's discriminatory. president trump announced his plan on twitter last week, citing, tremendous costs to taxpayers for providing health services to transgender troops, but he did not provide any evidence of that expense and in recent study finds, just a minimal increase in cost for such care. we've got a closer look at the facts in the nbc washington app, check it out. search fact check during the break. >> police in montgomery count hopes new clues will help them find the man who allegedly raped a woman in gaithersburg last week. police put out this sketch of the suspect today. the 26-year-old woman says she met the man at quincy's bar and grail last wednesday. police say the man assaulted the woman after she left the bar. he dragged her into a grassy area and then raped her. the sus
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30 years old. he's about 5'3" tall and was wearing glasses. he also posted the image on our facebook page for you to share. new concerns about crime after a waive of violence this week spreads into the work week. 12 people shot. not many answers. some things need to be done to keep people safe. >> the timing couldn't be worse, how long it may take to restore power to popular tourist destination that's been in the dark for days. tracking emily, making land fall as tropical storm a few hours ago well now we'll look at the aftermath and where the storm is headed, next, doug. i'll have that updated, coming up in a couple of minutes. high temperatures today hit the 90-degree mark, and some tropical weather, tracking a little bit of a heat wave
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we get the power back on to make sure the tourist and visitors can get back on the island as quickly as possible. >> we have, approximately, 16 good weeks to make our living the entire area. three or four days of work for some families will mean a mortgage payment. >> 55,000 people visit the island every week. construction crew was working on a new bridge last week, it accidentally drove a steel casing underneath. officials are saying it may take up to two weeks to get it fixed to turn the power back on. doreen. >> wow, all right. chris lawrence, thank you. emily has now been downgraded to a tropical depression. there is a state of emergency for 32 counties in the central and southern parts of florida. the worst of the storm is over now but the areas of heavy rain and flash flooding, those are going to continue throughout tonight. nbc sarah reports now from taa.
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to be a wet monday in central and south florida turned out to be tropical storm emily. forming in the gulf of mexico over night, headed straight towards the tampa bay area, bringing torrential rain, wind and flooding, pushing water and this unfortunate fish far inland from the shores. the fast moving storm sending cars into flooded dish, this truck over pass and leaders scrambling. governor rick scott declaring a state of emergency in 31 counties. >> this will give us the flexibility to work with local governments and make sure every community has what they need. >> they're providing sandbags for people who live in the areas. the limit is ten sandbags per household. that's not enough for many people. they're now having to find other ways to protect their home. >> for one tampa family, protection wasn't an option, tree fell on this mobile home with a husband, his pregnant wife and nine month old
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inside. at the height of the storm, 60 mile per hour wind close the highway bridge. ripping the roof off of a resort in fort myers beach. as the storm moved in, it's expected to move out. >> this was a weak forming tropical storm. but it was enough to get our attention and we're very much in tropical werth season. >> important reminder especially during hurricane season to always be ready. sarah, nbc news. >> i think because the summer has gone so quickly, we forget that we're now in that season. >> yeah. >> and this is the worst part of it. >> we've had a couple of storms. this is emily. we've had four or five storms. we haven't heard of them because they haven't caused any damage. the interesting thing about this one, i don't say this often, someone says he was surprising meteorologist, this became a depression at 6:00 a.m. it was a tropical storm by 8:00 a.m. that's how fast it was. this was a surprise to those people in parts of tampa area. of course, we'll have much more on this so you can go to our web site, aswe
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track that storm for you right now. it is going to be moving off our coastline. what are we going to be seeing. right now not much in the way of clouds most of the east coast, down south you can see the clouds and storm down around the tampa area. it is moving inland already into the center portion of the state right in here. you can see a little curvature there. now one other threat, you couldn't see an isolated tornados with this. that's something to watch. as this move out. it will move out to see and eventually off the coast. right now it's tropical depression, winds at 35 miles an hour, moving east northeast, across florida, so more heavy rain as we make our way through the over night. by wednesday, it's just south of the gate cape hatteras and moving out to see fairly quickly. any impact for us, minimal, not a very strong storm. so even rip current threat will be fairly low from this. it is something we'll watch here over the next couple of days just to make sure it stays far enough off the coast. 88 degrees. the winds are calm. it is a really nice
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humidity not a huge factor today. 84 in gaithersburg. 86 in culpepper. very comfortable. we've seen a few showers pop up, no real storms anywhere. right now not showing anything on the radar. the next couple of days we can see an isolated storm or two, that's it. here is future weather taking us in tonight. starting off tomorrow morning on a very good note and watch this, a couple of showers right close to the bay down along i-95. baltimore down towards prince william county, could see a couple of showers in that area. and then, a couple of spotty showers. most of us tomorrow will remain on the dry side. >> no one wants another monday, that's for sure. warm and not too humid during the day tomorrow. pretty nice
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temperature right around the 90-degree mark. the heat index is going to creep up a little bit wednesday into thursday, pretty much each day. technically heat wave. 90 degrees or over. we saw 91 today. it will be close to that number right on through the day on friday. we'll track another storm system for the weekend, that's going lower temperatures into the lower 80s. look at next monday and tuesday. this will be an interesting system to see where it sets up and how cool it will be and keeping us in the 70s with some rain. as of friday, on monday, yeah, we don't want to see that either. we don't want to see two mondays and two of what we saw last week. >> thank you, doug. they're suppose to be fighting fighters, they're fighting each other instead. simmering feud of confederate flag license plate that has local fire department divided. maybe you noticed this when you went on vacation. just how tight are those airline seats.
6:22 pm
us talking. we did some digging to put it into some perspective for you. it's one of the most iconic signs in town. the uptown theater in the park. there are plans on the table to dramatically change the sign. in fact, take it down altogher andet
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we know you're tired of seng
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the sirens in your neighborhood. this scene played out over and over in the weekend across the district. a rash of violent shooting since friday, 11 of them and the most recent came today on 37th place. no arrests have been made in any of these cases. but police just released information that could change that. news 4 derrick ward joins us live. >> reporter: first of all, we now know the name of the victim who died in this shooting on fifth and kansas on sunday. he's been identified as juan carlos of northwest dc. police have released some other things, now, in connection with this case. you know, usually when they break a case, there are two things they have, surveillance video and information from the public. they have one of those now. >> two of the faces are pix lated with a person
6:26 pm
the cap, that's the person of interest in the crime that left one man dead and another gravely wounded. it's not known that the two men whose faces are obscured in that video are the victims in that crime. it was part of a weekend of violence across the district that has continued into this week. early this afternoon a man was shot on 37th place southeast and taken to the hospital conscious and breathing and that shooting was just a few blocks from the weekends last shooting in the 3,500 block of clay place northeast, just before 8:00, sunday evening. >> we have the highest number of police officers in all of 16, however, nonetheless, there still is crime that remains. >> an advisory neighborhood with the last two shootings occurred. he said even with the high concentration of officers in the sixth district is more than should and must be done. >> it's one agency. we can't rely on our police department or police officers to do it all at once. there are other a
6:27 pm
to ensure that people aren't getting hand outs they're getting hand ups. >> meanwhile it's the police department taking the lead in these investigations. again, they hope these images will jog someone's memory prompt them to come forwand and help solve this murder. in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. dangerous and daring stunts on the beltway. we've warned you about it new video shows you exactly what can go wrong and why police are fighting to keep these vehicles off our streets. i'll take you out. you're all cowards. i have more guns than any of you. fighting words inse thatid
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this is a story you'll see only on news 4, a fight among firefighters in montgomery county, it started with a confederate flag license plate. >> and then there were aggressive threats of violence and finally, a trip to court. news 4 pat collins is talking with one of the firefighters involved and has the response from the fire chief, pat. >> doreen. a chief in montgomery county tonight is trying to put out a big fire, not in a di
6:31 pm
among his own firefighters. >> reporter: it's crumbled, but tonight we got a letter from the montgomery county fire chief. he said there were several regrettable instances where members arrived with work with items highly offensive to other members. he said that results in emotionally charged environment that's counter productive. here now, the story of the bethesda fire house. a montgomery county firefighter just received an award for ten years of service, at the center of a violent outburst over a confederate flag that had his fellow firefighters racing to court for protective orders. according to court documents obtained by news 4, he saw a confederate flag license plate on a pickup truck belonging to firefighters charles lee. according to court
6:32 pm
called lee a racist and bigot and said we can go outside and i will take you out. if you snitch, i will take you out. other firefighters tried to calm him down, but according to court records, he continued on. you think you have guns, i have more guns than you. i'll end this. your racist obscenities for allowing this, we aren't brothers, obscenities you all. today i talk to him by phone. he said the sight of that confederate flag upset him, but he said he didn't threaten anyone with guns. >> i never threatened anyone, i never mentioned of a gun. i never told anyone of any type of killing anybody. this has all been laid oup. this retaliation to try to give discipline for standing up to the con federal flag. >> and you think you did the right thing that day. >> absolutely. i'll do it agai
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department, firefighter lee are still on duty, but assigned to different fire houses. a court hearing on those protective orders is scheduled later this week when -- doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting, thank you, pat. new video shows why police are trying to get dangerous dirt bike riders off our streets. a passenger recorded this group on the beltway yesterday. the bikes were blocking lanes, riding on the shoulder doing stunts and then two of them crashed. the person who shot the video says both riders walked away and seemed to be okay. some of the other riders took off or ran away before police got there. so what is the law about these a tvs. dc law bans minibikes, dirt bikes from any public space including streets and sidewalks. maryland restricts dirt bikes and a
6:34 pm
speed. it's illegal to have -- with the speed limit over 50. and virginia bans them on highways, too. there is an exception for police and firefighters when they're responding to emergency. he's a dc attorney and he's a college professor and he's in the hospital now after he was shot on vacation in the caribbean. michael jones was staying in the rental on turks and cacaos. the attorney in georgetown law professor is now in a hospital in hollywood florida. detectives say shooters broke into this up scale rental home on friday when the 57-year-old confronted them, they shot him. jones is expected to survive and the shooting comes about one month after another american tourist was shot during a robbery in turks and cacaos. an iconic image almost became a casualty to corporate branding. is this a sign of our times, the uptown theater sign is rooted in dc's history. >> yeah it is and changing tha
6:35 pm
sign did not sit well with the people of cleveland park. news 4 chris ten wright has more on the fight to keep the past present. >> the uptown theaters is some movies as a kid, as a young adult and now where i'm looking for to taking my own son. >> was planning to take down the famous neon letters and replace them, the neighborhood didn't like that. >> it's the same as walking past the mom and pop's restaurant that all of a sudden has an appleby's sign in front of it. >> i wonder why they done it. i wonder why they're taking away something that's been a part of this neighborhood for so many years. >> cleveland park anna wasn't going to let it happen. t
6:36 pm
that included tweeting at amc and tweeting at head of pr, e-mailing them, calling them, writing letters. >> it appears to have worked and the sign may be saved. >> when i think of going to the movies here, i think of going to the uptown not the amc lowe's 1. retired schoolteacher as he travels to washington to receive the nation's highest military honor. major repair on the beltway could slow down your commute even if you don't use this stretch of road. what's being done to keep drivers and workers safe in the wake of some recent close calls in construction areas. here is doug. >> and we're taking a look at what could be a little bit of a heat wave, officially start today since we hit 91 degrees. didn't feel all that warm across our region. we'll talk about the upcoming heat and
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chopper 4 is up over the creek where we believe the bodies of a mother and two children were just discovered. relatives first reported the three victims made yesterday. had not been seen since leading a family home on friday night in that rainstorm. deputies say the relative found a car riding in off the road near ever green mill road. northern virginia bureau chief has been in touch with relatives and julie is live out at the scene. what are you hearing. >> reporter: i'm on ever green mills road. you can see the police activity behind me. we're not allowed to go any further here, on down the road is sickland creek and that is where this blue ford taurus was discovered by a family member this afternoon. it was overturned in the creek. i spoke to the aunt of the mi
6:40 pm
tells me that it was another family member who traveled in from new jersey. in fact, it was the step mom of the nine-year-old boy who was missing jalen russell who got to leesburg this afternoon and sat down for an interview with us and then said she was going to hit the streets to look herself and she made this tragic discovery late this afternoon. the family member that i spoke to on the phone a while ago tells me that all three of the missing people, courtney ash, her five-year-old son cameron martin and jalen seals russell have been discovered in or near this vehicle. now, i spoke to louden county sheriff's department spokesman. he tells me they're unsure how the car left the roadway. we know that there were bad weather conditions that night, that there was flash flooding, but we're not sure whether it was high waters that took the car off the road or if there was some kind of collision. sheriff's department does say that they found courtney ash's body
6:41 pm
that it is these three victims. but family members tell us they have come to the very sad tragic conclusion that the family members they have been searching for several days now have been found this evening near this overturned car in sick land creek, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, julie. well, he ran into harm's way to save his comrades and today a vietnam veteran is receiving a medal of honor for that bravery. president trump awarding his first medal to 71-year-old. he was a young army medic during the war in 1969 two u.s. choppers were shot down. he was surrounded on three sides by the vietmanese troops. he waited through a rice patty while bullets were flying around him. when he was given a chance to get out, he refused to get on that
6:42 pm
>> the one thing that kept him going was knowing that he had never told his father, i love you. it was the first thing he said to his dad he he finally got home. >> tonight the legal fight over those shrinking airline seats as we work to put this story into context for you, the results may surprise you. i'm out of touch with certain parts of the bell way are bumpy but not necessarily because of the traffi nowc,
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to the 270 split through kensington and bethesda. transportation reporter adam tusz says it will impact you even if you're not on the beltway. adam, this is going to be ugly, isn't it? off peak hours, big work coming here and it is needed. >> reporter: when it comes to fixing up the beltway, drivers say get it done. >> take care of it now while you can because it will be an issue later on. >> well the inner loop between seminary road and the 270 split got a make over. now it's the outer loop's
6:46 pm
chopper 4 and you can tell the difference. that's the outer loop on the left with all the potholes and craters the inner loop which just got a facelift is on the right. the work on the outer loop started today and it's going to take place outside of rush hour. >> it's been at least 15 years since we resurfaced that whole area. >> reporter: while the work takes place, it's also important to stay alert just last week a highway worker was hit and killed in the fort pete area. >> make sure you're paying attention and contracting people. they have places to go home too every night. >> crews will be out. and most of the work right now all about fixing guardrails and drainage, the actual road resurfacing still months away. that means drivers like jp will find another way around. he says the beltway has already become unbearable even without the road work. >> it's brutal. you know, you just sit there every day and like, this is awful right now.
6:47 pm
out. >> it should wrap up by late summer of 2018. get use to it. back to you. >> i don't think we'll ever get use to it. thank you, adam, we can try. over the weekend you heard about the shrinking airlines seat, you didn't have hear about it, just fly. we're working for you to look at how small those seats have become. consumer advocacy filed a it could keep people from escaping quickly during an emergency on board. seats on some planes have narrowed to 17 inches. well let's take a look at what 17 inches look like. you've got a pair of men's jeans with a waste. cdc calculates the average man has size 40 waste. and the next time your child is playing baseball or softball, the home plate is 17 inches
6:48 pm
got to me, a coat hanger is 17 inches wide. imagine putting your pos steer your into that teeny tiny place. >> they seem to be made for a five foot guy. >> i think it's ridiculous the prices keep rising and seats are getting smaller. >> the judge's ruling that made news this weekend is requiring the faa to go back and consider the seat size. it's not mandating that larger seats being installed, only that it be considered. today our flash pole we're asking you, how much more would you pay to get a roomier seat on a plane. more than half of you say you wouldn't pay anything more. weigh in right now on the nbc washington page. >> not just the width of the seat. it's the person in front of you that liens back. >> it's like in your little
6:49 pm
can. >> is. >> what's zboigoing to happen w our weather then? >> we've had some really hot days in the month of july. over 20-90 degree days in the month of july. august started off, rockville looking nice, blue skies, really a comfortable day today, just a few clouds up there in the distance. you see the same clouds over the city right now from a little different vantage point. sitting at 88 degrees with calm winds. very nice afternoon. even though we got to 91, most areas stayed in the 80s. 86 in fredericksburg. coming in at 83 degrees comfortable afternoon out there on your monday. we're ending july on a very warm streak. the sixth warmest july on record, the seventh wettest on record with over nine inches of rain, much of that felt on friday
6:50 pm
3.78 inches 0 last friday and saturday that's putting us above average for the year. remember we're talking about drought early in the year. that's definitely no longer the case. it has been a wet month of july. starting off rather dry and rather warm. out there today, not much in the way of storminess. we did see an isolated shower or two, that's about it. the east part of the country, not seeing much either. we have a front to the north, we'll track that and give us couple of showers here on wednesday. tracking the remnants, now a depression emily going to make its way out into the open waters and move out to sea, should not have much impact on us, no impact at the pool the next couple of days. sunscreen nice and warm, high temperature around 90 degrees tomorrow. it's going to be warm afternoon. with low humidities sticking around. i think humidity creeps up on wednesday and thursday. it's not all that bad, saturday and sunday, high temperatures in the low 80. take a look at monday, that's the storm we'll watch closely, a lot ofim
6:51 pm
highs only in the upper 70s to low 80s. now we've just received released a brand new version of the nbc washington app. we've got all new weather alerts. you're not going to get as many of them. you'll get them for lightning, precipitation and severe weather alerts. all you have to do is update your app and sign in. make sure you get them. anything within 15 miles, you're going to get them. >> good to know, thank you doug. coming up in sports, the surprise location that the news nats would receive word for on his trade or something like that. . etso why josh norman can't l
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much needed addition, washington bullpen has the worst era in the national league, including the recent as sean do little, things could start looking up. a first time all star has 28 safeties. third most in the majors and 2.78 e.r.a. he turns 33 years old tomorrow and according to nlb network radio, he found out he was traded to the nats on a safari in san diego. he was feeding a rhino. a unique trade deadline
6:55 pm
>> we can already make this bode prediction, new wide receiver who is here playing under one year contract. he will soon be a fan favorite. he will tower over defenses. he stands 6'4". he's a former quarterback. he's one of the first on the field, every day. putting in the extra work on the jug machine. he's got great hands to go with long strides and he's got quick feet. he knows firsthand how talented wide sever he is from last year's game when he was with the
6:56 pm
full season as a wide sever, so he's still got work to do with timing and getting chemistry going with kirk cousins, but prior believes hard work will lead to success in any position. >> you know, i just want to go out every day and just become become the best person, best player, best father and that's how i live my life, you know, i work out. i catch 400 balls a day. this is who i am, you know. he said, hey, man, the reason why you're doing so well and you're exploding on the scene is because of how hard you work. he said i appreciate that. i told him i've been doing this my whole
6:57 pm
>> he posted this on instagram video of josh norman, kirk cousins, apparently -- he's apparently an open mouth sleeper. so these two really seem to enjoy each other. soon, hilarious reaction. >> that's why i pick them off today. i knew they were going to get me. i newsome body was going to get me. >> or trying to find that when they can get two-minute nap in or five-minute nap in. >> he took a video. it's not like he put tooth paste on his page. >> i'm going to have to go on his page and like it. >> i newsoknew somebody was goi give me. thank you for the gift, by the way, i appreciate it. >> he picked him off at the end
6:58 pm
it's going to be like this, for now. not a
6:59 pm
z2fwbz z16fz y2fwby y16fy
7:00 pm
tonight, taking command. another major shake-up at the white house as general kelly grabs control and anthony scaramucci is gone after just days on the job. a dramatic turn of events. opioid nation. a staggering new look at the epidemic touching so many family, perhaps even yours. how so many are getting their hands on the drugs, a finding that surprised even the researchers. hbo hacked. cyber thieves strike and reports they may have hit "game of thrones." how bad is the breach? fatal treasure hunt. fears of a third death tonight as fortune hunters set out into wilderness in search of hidden gold and jewels. and courage under fire. an emotional scene as a genuine american hero is honored for risking his life to save wounded comrades. "nightly news" begins ri


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