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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tonight into early tomorrow and cooler weather as well. we'll show you the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. for now, it's jack taylor's turn. good monday morning. >> good morning, chuck. on the end of the beltway, prince george's county. clearing stages pretty quickly. doing bridge work and only, unfortunately, the right lane is getting by. the volume is pretty light. not causing any slowdown early. also, police activity in northwest. arkansas avenue between decatur street and iowa avenue. all lanes remain blocked with ongoing police activity. plan ahead, you'll be rerouted. thank you, jack. now to a developing story. alexandria police are searching for a gunman after a triple shooting. angie goff at the live desk with the latest. what's going on? >> this is what we know at this point. police saying there are three people shot. this happened at 8:30 sunday night. we know that two of them are dead and another person has bn
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now this shooting happened at all veterans parked. the video we got in. it's a community where people walk their dogs and jacque. they do everyday type of stuff. it's a look at the scene on north picket street. this was as close as we could let the crews get in. at this point, we've not released additional information. the shooting was isolated and there's no threat to the public at this point. still making calls on it. we'll bring you the latest throughout the morning. eun. >> angie, thank you. it's 4:31. students will notice extra police at a school in prince george's county because of a social media threat. the principal at eleanor roosevelt high school sent a letter to parents yesterday. the threat directed students not to attend school today. but was not specific to eleanor roosevelt high school. police are trying to figure out who is behind a series of late night encounters at the university of maryland. >> the
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road not far from a college campus. the victim woke up to a man in her room. police said two women on nearby guilford road reported that a man entered their home through unlocked doors and windows. saturday's incident was related to that incident, police didn't say. we know the names of two men hit and killed on their bicycles in dewey beach, delaware. delaware state police say james walton and another were killed saturday when a driver slammed into them. the driver had some sort of medical condition and blacked out. that is when he veered across coastal highway. that's route one and hit the pair who were stopped at star board bar and restaurant. neighbors of the victim are stunned. >> i mean, i, i, i just can't fathom it. that they're gone.
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>> the driver who hit them also took out a utility pole and crashed into a parked car. at last check, the driver is in serious condition. president trump is giving marching orders on tax cuts. after spending several hours on his golf course, he joined a conference call with house republicans. he said 2018 is a political failure if they can't pass a major tax package. sad news to tell you as we head into tonight's monday night football game. kirk cousins posted this photo and message on instagram. his grandmother jean passed away suddenly but she left a spiritual heritage for her family. cousins' team is set to play in philadelphia tonight at lincoln financial field. she's going to be with the lord and that he was feeling peaceful about it. >> the
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the eagles tonight. here's sports anchor carol maloney. >> good morning. the redskins are playing on monday night football. if you're familiar with the redskins' record on th, this is monday nights have not gn fun for the burgundy and gold and their fans. this team has not won on this national stage since 2014. kirk cousins is 0-5. and facing the -- very excited. people would be riding the roller coaster and they'd be at -- we try to stay steady through it. >> underdogs on the road up in philly. here
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smile. 'skins have won their past two trips to the city of brotherly love. should be fun tonight. coverage from philly starting aught 4:00. sounds promising. i'm going to be optimistic. it is official. justin timberlake will be the halftime performer at super bowl lii. he turned to an old friend to break the news. excuse me, sir, do you have the time. >> i was going to ask you if you have the time. i do have the time. >> i do have time. >> you do have time. >> you do halftime. >> you do halftime. >> you do halftime at the super bowl. >> all jumping up and down with them. >> the two of them know how to do it. >> you think he'll make an appearance. >> they should
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embellishment of rap music. >> this will be his first time doing solo. >> you remember the 2002 p performance. >> you remember the performance with janet jackson. in an interview on nbc, justin timberlake said that will not happen again. >> did they say the last time there was a wardrobe malfunct n malfunction. >> that won't happen this time. there was a little bit of that. but yeah, i think -- yeah. no, mike that's not going to happen. >> almost like that question caught him off guard. >> they have to ask that question. >> super bowl lii set for february 4th next year. nbc4 is proud to be your super bowl station. >> listen, 2002, that was more than ten years ago. justin timberlake, still making news. still performing. >> when was the laste
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rusty going into this. >> justin timberlake doesn't get rusty. >> j.t. >> a few years under our belts. we aren't as good as 20 years ago. >> rusty. he's not even 40 years old. >> just living alone with jimmy fallon. he has so much talent. >> i'm with you sheena. >> so much talent. >> they play well off of each other as well. >> they're funny stuff. >> are they best friends in real life? i thought they were really close. >> i think they are. i think i read this in some supermarket magazine cover. bromance or something like that. >> supermarket magazine cover. when you're waiting in line. not sure if it's true. >> i don't have people do my shopping like you do. >> i 100% do not have anybody do my shopping. chuck does everything online, each his shopping. temperatures aren't as cool as 60 degrees in washington. 54 in lorton. we have areas of fog out there. if you're near
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visibility mild. same thing fredericksburg and gaithersbu gaithersburg. areas of fog for the morning drive. going into the day, you'll notice more clouds around. then the rain moves in for tonight and tomorrow. the timing coming up. wtop, jack taylor. hey, jack. >> hey sheena. we're talking about the same thing in here. certain areas. one of those you can't get it right. sometimes it's all over the windshield. be aware as you head out. potential for limited visibility. crews are working on the inner loop of the beltway near 450. single right lane is getting by. continued police activity in northwest. blocking -- decatur street and iowa downtown. back to you. jack, thank you. from d.c. to new york in 29 minutes. proposal for a high-speed train that can make the trip zooming forward. what's next just ahead. creepy crawlers at 40,000 feet. the airline agi
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bug outbreak in the sky. it's a story that will have you itching to protect yourself the next time you fly.
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.
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685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. this weekend was the marathon in d.c. snoochlt. >> it was weird being there to see the delay. this was suppose today start the
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start at 7:45 for the wheelchairs. it was delayed by ten minutes. investigators had to check out a suspicious package along the route. nothing was found and the race went off without a hitch. news 4 working for you. we were out at mile 4. you saw the female and male winners there. we cheered folks on. >> very exciting day. we want to look the at winners more closely. first place in the men's division. time was 2:25:14. can you imagine running 26 miles in that time? how about this. a mother of four with twins topped the women's division. sarah bishop of fairfax won with a time of 2:45:07. oh, and she signed up for the race just days ago. >> registered about nine days ago. i called the business office and pretty much begged them if i could register. i was in shape and ready to do it. >> i'm not surprised. she has twins and
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kids. >> she has twin 4-year-olds, a 5-year-old and 7-year-old. works full-time. her husband travels a little bit. she's going to run another marathon next week. no big deal. >> looks good. like she didn't do anything. not even breaking a sweat. >> she placed fourth last year. didn't intend to run and at the last minute decided to sign up. >> getting it done. not surprised. >> all the race times are unofficial until verified by race officials. we should mention that six virginians took the top spots. and the 10k race. >> train out there. maybe we should train out there next time. >> train, what? >> when we stand outside and cheer them on. >> hey, sheena. >> i was outside walking the dogs and i could hear everything going on. i was like, if i was in shape like the woman who won, i could have done it, too. but she was in fantastic shape. look at the areas of f
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right now. we have a half-mile
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welcome back at 4:46. a presidential pep talk. >> president trump gave them their marching orders to give them a goal of -- tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, the house up first on this. when do they want to get this done. >> they want to get it done by the end of the year. the president saying he wants something on his desk by thanksgiving on tax reform. step one is for the house to pass the same budget that passed the senate last week. that leaves open $1.5 trillion for tax cuts. it's also going to raise deficit significantly. the budget office says. that's something democrats are likely to push back
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the way this is how much they can really stop this moving forward. the goals republicans say are big tax cuts in keeping jobs from going overseas. democrats say they're on board with that. the question remains how big will the tax cuts be and who will get them. they're focused on making sure they go to the middle class, the working families. but we haven't seen enough detail to know whether it will happen. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. president trump says ella lou the relief of thousands of government document -- release of thousands of documents of president kennedy assassination. they have until thursday to disclose the remaining files. it requires all assassination documents be released within 25 years. app event in michigan congressman joseph kennedy, the nephew of kennedy -- >> getin
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i absolutely tend towards disclosure of the documents. that being said, it would have been nice if there was some communication between the administration and members of our family. >> the white house has left open the possibility that president trump may still stop the release of some of the documents. >> this morning we have an update to a story that made national headlines. according to the "washington post," maryland prosecutors dropped -- against -- he no longer faces charges after a girl says she was raped by him. defense attorneys claim the sex was consensual. police said the teen boys who entered the country illegally shared a nude photo of the girl with one another. d.c. fire investigators are calling the deadly fire an accident due to smoking. the fire started inside a
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night in northeast. a woman was killed there. that apartment did not have functioning smoke detectors. d.c. fire says smoke detectors save lives and are easy to get. call 311 in the district and firefighters will make an appointment and install a smoke detect detector. imagine being able to travel between d.c. and new york city in less than half an hour. it could happen with elon musk's hyper loop project. it was announced on twitter that the state will allow musk to dig a tunnel in the state. but expect this to be a whole lot of work. >> to actually build a working hyper loop between washington, d.c. and new york city is gar tant wan. you're talking about going through several states and rivers and environmentally protected areas. >> okay, there's perspective there. a reality check. the hyper loop transports passengers through pods
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vacuum sealed tubes. testing has been under way in the nevada desert. i'm a little claustrophobic. the tube things scares me. imagine the time saved. >> if you're filthy rich, anything can happen. elon musk. he'll do it. donnie simpson was celebrated last night at the warner theater. ♪ >> hundreds came out to celebrate the icon for his 40 years of broadcasting. the detroit native got his start in television at nbc4. >> congratulations. most of us have a back trend. this we stories from our wild and wonderful life will be -- we're
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going to talk about our own siblin siblings. this is my dear and wonderful sister. my only sibling. she and her p p four children. we went to the playground near our neighborhood. we went to chat. typically, we don't get enough time for ourselves. >> busy. >> this was a great opportunity to talk. we kept talking and talking. we're going to share our full story tomorrow. just to get a glimpse and introduce to you somebody who meant so much to me and been a big part of my life. we're encouraging you to share pictures of your siblings with us. share the #best siblings ever. >> i can share one with my sister. >> come on. >> make me a sister as well. >> well -- >> well, exactly. >> now now. >> the warm weather over the weekend. craze, crazy warm. 77 degrees again
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that was 11 degrees warmer than average. now the humidity is increasing ahead of a finally needed rain chances coming our way. also some lowered visibility this morning. didn't look too bad on my drive in. since i've been here a couple of hours. you can tell the fog is settling in a smidgen. not much of a visibility problem. as soon as you get into southern prince george's county, southern maryland. the northern neck. fredericksburg under a mile. gaithersburg under a mile. keep an eye out for that early this morning. not a big thing, just a small thing to keep in mind. there's a rain chance finally, finally some rain coming our way. still away from us at this point in time. it should arrive between 5:00 and 8:00 this afternoon. right around the time the sun is getting ready to go down. that's when rain chance goes back up. future weather shows the clouds thickening during the day. here's 5:00 on future weather. most of the rain moving into the
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west of winchester. the rain mid to late evening up to midnight tonight. probably a rainy start to the day tomorrow. showery weather off and on through the -- drier and cooler weather back in. highs only in the 50s on thursday. back to milder weather friday and saturday. more rain chances on sunday. now let's go to jack taylor. hope it's an easy monday morning drive. >> keep it dry. might help. >> inner loop. one right lane getting by. bridge work should be clearing in the next five or ten minutes. the police activity. arkansas avenue in northwest between decatur street and iowa avenue. headed southbound near glebe road. individual work zone had a left lane blocked. northbound looks good out of springfield toward the 14th with nothing in your way. back to you. jack, thank you. a warning as you pack the lunches. healthy snacks have been recalled. >> uh-oh.
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putting in your lunchboxes today. next at 35k, getting you ready for halloween. the kids from -- academy. we're going to show you how to make everything from -- >> dinosaurs.
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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a lot of people will tell you that planes aren't the cleanest places. british airways is apologizing to
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the bbc reports that a passenger aboard an overnight flight from vancouver to london saw bedbugs and said something to a flight attendant. the flight was full as you might imagine so nobody could be relocated. after the flight, passengers had red eyes and multiple bites. >> gross. >> all the passengers were upgraded to business class for the return flight. >> can you imagine? >> you have nowhere to go, nothing to do. you're stuck on an airplane. >> just sit there and get bitten. >> that's terrible. it's 4:57. you may need to check your kitchen this morning following a massive voluntary recall over listeria concerns. we're working for you to pin this down. according to a press release, the company has issued the recall out of caution after traces of listeria were found on a test sample. one
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were best by used dates. the products were sold at giant retailers. walmart and trader joe's. nbc washington app for a complete list of the products. >> water bills rising across the district by hundreds even thousands of dollars. >> the news 4 i-team found the customers aren't using more water. investigative reporter jody fleischer has more on the product you are likely paying for too. the new question. if it's fair. >> how closely do you look at your monthly water bill. you might not have noticed this one line with a really big charge. churches around our area couldn't notice the bill jumping by hundreds, thousands of dollars going up and up. now it's hit a crisis level. they called the news 4 i-team. >> we can't balance
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underground tunnels to keep sewage and storm water from overflowing our rivers. it's a problem they have to fix. they have to pay so much. you have to remember, we cannot charge -- we cannot go up on our rates to a -- we took their concerns to the man in charge at d.c. water. we look at every option. when -- there aren't that many unfortunately. someone has to pay the bill. >> coming up tomorrow on news 4 at 6:00, see the impact the churches say this will have on all of us. we're working for you to see how d.c. water decides to charge each property and why that amount will continue to grow. jody fleischer, news 4 i-team. right now on "news4 today," a deadly shooting at a public park. two people killed and the gunman got away. new details from the overnight investigatio
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beach turns deadly. two d.c. men killed when a car swerves off the road. now we're learning why that driver lost control. scrambling. fires. caught. caught at the 28 yard line. >> monday night matchup. the redskins getting ready to take on a division rival. what's at stake tonight on a national stage. you do have time? >> you're doing the halftime show at the super bowl? >> the eyebrow raise. that signature eyebrow raise. plus bringing sexy back to the super bowl. justin timberlake's sneak peek at what he has planned for his performance. you know what, smart way to reveal it on jimmy fallon. that's the way to do it. they have such good chemistry. >> always fun. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. been talking about this crazy warm weather we had. warm over the


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