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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 3, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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in may and early june and say, wow, i can't believe it's early sno november, chuck. >> i believe it. i'm the keeper of the calendar. temperatures are definitely on the mild side today. we're going to be zooming back up into the 70s by later on this afternoon. don't get used to the 70s, now. it is november. we are 77 yesterday. we'll be every bit that warm today. but this cold front back out here across parts of ohio and kentucky, that has eyes on your weekend. we'll drop temperatures and bring cloud cover back in. especially for saturday. although, i still think we can salvage a good part of sunday afternoon. not anything in the way of rain on storm team 4 radar. future weather carries a chance of smattering of showers in here. especially towards the second part of the afternoon. it's a mild start. in the mid to upper 50s. afternoon temperatures,
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again way up into the 70s before the rain chances move in. cooler weather. more in a few. >> thank you, chuck. people living in tribeca are determined to carry on with their lives and not let the terrorists win. last night, some of the mourners gathered for a candlelight vigil and memorial march to honor the eight victims. they began where the suspect started his attack at pier 40 on manhattan's west side. his deadly drive continued for nearly a mile. 12 people were seriously hurt during that attack. about 100 people walked the promenade next to that route. here at home, people in our area, a pregnant woman was set on fire in prince george's county. now we're learning more than one man was involved. johnson miller was hit with a slew of charges for attacking her. prince george's county police say miller helped her boyfrie,
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phillips in setting her on fire. back in september greenwich was severely burned and forced to deliver her baby early. she's still in critical condition but her baby is doing well and is thriving. the family only spoke with us and says that's why they named the baby girl journey. >> her name is ali adjourn i. she has been through a journey. i thank my sister for that. she survived her journey. >> her sister is still in a lot of pain and suffers every day because of those extensive burns to her body. >> we're also getting new details about the double murder yesterday in frederick county, maryland. sheriffs deputy arrested a man accused of killing a man and woman yesterday morning. joyner ran a man and woman over twice in a chevy malibu. they're still trying to figure out why. president trump starts his big asia trip
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and running. you probably heard about this. a twitter employee on their last day served a parting shot by deactivating the president's personal account. for 11 minutes yesterday this is what you saw instead of mr. trump's account. now, of course, it's back up. twitter has apologized. the company originally called the employee's actions an inadvertent mistake. energy secretary rick perry is getting a lot of criticism because he said fossil fuels can help prevent sexual assault. he said that yesterday at an event while talking about how bringing power to african villages would save lives. >> but also from the standpoint of sexual assaults, when the lights are on, we have light, it shines the rightees
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>> the energy department tweeted overnight that secretary perry had just come back from africa. that's where officials say he said how light could be a deterrent to sexual assault and provide security in remote areas. new accusers have come forward to accuse kevin spacey of inappropriate behavior. other people said he created a toxic work environment for young men and that his behavior was predatory. last week another actor says spacey assaulted him when he was younger. this next study may come as no surprise as you get ready for work. but americans are stressed out. no kidding. the american physiological
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annual stress in america survey. more than half of americans say the present day is the worst period in american history that they can remember. 43% are stressed about the future of health care. 35% says the economy keeps them up at night and one in three don't trust the government. this is the day iphone users have been waiting. the iphone x officially launches today. folks are lined up around the apple stores in georgetown. we'll have a look at some of the features and why you may have a tough time getting your hands-on that phone today. chuck, you got somebody standing in line for you? you have somebody standing in line? >> i got one guy in line at the apple store, another one at the bank asking people for money. i'm only a thousand dollars short of a new phone, chris
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i'm all right. we're going to be detailing cloudiness around here. 70s to showers today. cloudy and cooler tomorrow. sunday is looking pretty nice, particularly sunday afternoon and monday, another chance going from 70 to showers. complete check of the extended forecast is minutes away. it could be the next big thing. but turns out a lot of americans are saying no thanks. why amazon king may not make it inside your front door. it's time to start your holiday shopping when oprah shares h
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independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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start your holiday shopping a bit early but need inspiration, let oprah help you. her favorite things list is out. you can find it on the nbc washington app. here are items we felt were pretty good. if you want to know more about your family. you can find a 23 and me dna test or how about spiritual guidance. oprah has a book from her show. or send someone a seven layer cake from carol's cakes. season 2 of netflix of stranger things is a
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350,000 subscribers binge watched all nine episodes within 24 hours its release. within three days of the release thousands saw it. amazon will launch a service allowing delivery drivers to come into your home. not sitting well with some folks. the morning poll found 58% aren't comfortable with it. allowing drivers access to your home makes people uncomfortable with it. it's optional and will be on cameras. you can watch it happen in real-time. amazon said it's meant to stop thieves from stealing your packages. the operational word is optional. you don't like it, you don't have to do it. >> i get it. so many packages are stolen off the front porch. i don't know. letting someone into your house when you're not there -- i got one word for you.
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with that at all. a lot of great things going on overt course of the weekend. biggest event. probably for most everybody is across the bay 10k. the fifth largest in the usa. a bit on the damp and cloudy side. rest of the weekends forecast coming up. >> thanks, chuck. still ahead, a big change. some of you get to work, we'll tell you why you're closer. plus the food fight that is catching fire online. hear whyapa p
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independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest.
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g for virginia. you may notice things are getting tighter around here, crews are narrowing the lanes which carries route 54 to the bay bridge. they're trying to car carve out room. adam tuss gives us an up close look at the work. >> well, this is a transportation story that's really about doing more with what you already have. what the state of maryland already has is the severyn river bridge. they're going to expand the lanes. there's six going in both directions. it will be expanded to seven. let's toss it up to chopper 4. you can get a better perspective of what the bridge looks like f
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out of bridge and narrow the lanes. once they do that, it should give them extra room to work with and the hope is that you get a better ride. >> it looks like michake -- pri jackson is out of the hospital after he had an accident on wet pavement thursday morning. jackson did fweet out a photo of his ride in the ambulance. he's a student at loyola marymount university. hold my pepperoni, two pizza makers going to war on twitter. papa johns founder said that nfl sales were hurting. the company started out claiming the pizza sales were just fine. then they mocked papa johns. better pizza, better ingredients by tweeting better pizza better sales.
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equals the pizza equal to the participation trophy. getting nabssty out there. the company's most expensive phone to date. but is it worth the price? >> the new iphone x will be hard to get. high demand and limited supply likely causing long lines and delayed delivery for online orders. that's despite it being apple's most expensive phone ever, starting at a thousand bucks. the first major redesign in years. >> i think the feel and size is perfect. >> with this model, it -- >> there's nuance swiping. that's becoming weird. >> face i.d. replaces touch i.d. to replace the phone. >> you have to scan your face and still swipe up.
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that may seem like one more step compared to click the home button. >> adjusted for changes for facial hair and accessories. the more extreme makeovers were rejected. >> you open your mouth. he opens his mouth. >> buzz worthy features, it scans your -- >> there's a handful of animated emoj emojis. >> portrait mode lets you take bet selfies. >> whether you want to spend that money to go up to the x to get them, i think a lot of people don't need to do that. >> if you're a selfie enthusiast, the iphone x might be worth the extra cost if you can get your hands on one. nbc news. you know the diehards are lining up around the block. are you ready to get an extra hour of sleep? it's that time of year again. daylight saving ti
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don't forget to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed on saturday night. check your smoke detectors to make sure they're working. you should have one on every floor and in your sleeping areas. if your detector is more than ten years old. you guessed it. time to replace it. >> to get an extra hour of sleep, we have to lock the doors so the kids don't run in on saturday morning. i guess maybe this weekend we don't have do that, because we'll get our hour anyway. >> i have the extra reason of why i don't have kids. that one at the top. everybody takes my extra hour of sleep away is going to have trouble on their hands. cloudy skies will be a big part of the weekend forecast. particularly your saturday. i'm optimistic, i think sunday may be a pretty nice day to be outside. for now, a cloudy start. 59 degrees. keeping in mind,
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we're well above average for temperatures this morning. temperatures should zoom back into the mid and upper 70s. 10, 15 degrees warmer than average. it won't last long. there's the cold front moving through cincinnati and cleveland now. that will drop our temperatures significantly as we get into your saturday. about a 20-degree drop in temperatures from this afternoon to saturday afternoon. again, not much rain just yet. this cold front as it comes by, doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. we have to keep the rain chance. no washouts are coming. rain and a scattered shower. most likely between 4:00 this afternoon up until 9:00 this evening. probably won't be raining when you get up tomorrow morning, but plenty of clouds around during the day. with time tomorrow, i think rain chances increase yet again so that it looks like your saturday evening could be on the showery side and the clouds and the light rain chances linger up into the early parts of your sunday morning. i think s
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improve once again. a lot of ups and downs in the weekend forecast. temperatures up, up and away today. afternoon highs 72 in gaithersburg. 78 in washington. for tomorrow, though, a big change. a lot of clouds around. temperatures stuck in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow. any light rain chances are mainly focused on the second half of the day tomorrow. highs in the area tomorrow, in the 50s. that will feel a lot cooler. sheena is here and we're working on the ten-day forecast. we'll share it with you at 4:51. >> looking forward to that. thanks, chuck. a question a lot of moms are being asked. are you going to donate your umbilical cord blood. a look at how it can make differen ace
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in the eye in las vegas is doing a lot better this morning. tina frost is out of intensive care at johns hopkins hospital. last week she also spoke her first word since that deadly shooting in october. her family spokeswoman says she's even been playing sock ir in the hospital room with her dad. more and more doctors are recommending parents consider a unique donation in an effort to save lives. rehema ellis tells us more about umbilical cord blood. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine that 7-year-old once struggled with a rare life-threatening immune deficiency. what saved her? a donation of umbilical cord blood, rich in stem cells that regenerated her immune system. >> i can't explain it. >> it changed her life and our baby's life forever. >> reporter: studies show that cord blood can be effective in treating dozens of
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including leukemia, sickle cell and certain genetic disorders. yet, this blood is usually thrown away. >> you could really save a life of someone with a fatal disease who had no other options. >> reporter: now, new guidelines urge doctors to talk to every pregnant woman about donating. also, patients are encouraged to use public cord blood banks that are free instead of private storage that can cost more than $2,000. >> will this change the way you talk to patients? >> it will change how i counsel patien patients. >> reporter: they hope it increases life-saving donations. >> there's no pain whatsoever. the cord blood is collected and it's already cut and clamped. >> it doesn't cost any money. it's love that you're giving to another family like us. >> reporter: making parents more aware that at the beginning of life, there's a chance to save another life. rehema ellis, nbc news.
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girl smile. it is now coming up on 4:25. "news4 today" continues right now with aaron and eun. how could somebody take part in something like this? >> now on "news4 today," a family in shock again after learning a second man is under arrest for helping set a pregnant woman on fire. the interview you'll see only on news 4. local school officials accused of tampering with students' grade. this morning, we've learned the investigation who now has the case. >> is it a x? we're live where people have been camped out for hours waiting for the latest iphone? >> happens every time. i don't know where they work that they can spend all day standing in line like that. >> they called in sick is what they did. >> then they drop a thousand dollars for the phone. >> they
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jobs. >> or no jobs. >> i guess you need it. >> i need someone else to get the phone so i can see it. >> weather today could not be any nicer. another mild start to the day. radar shows showers well out to our west. as a result, we'll have rain chances sneaking in later on in the day. it's not going to be a washout on your friday at all. temperatures will be way above average yet again. another day of weather you can totally get outside and enjoy. we're off to a dry and mild start. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in the suburbs here. 60 in annapolis. 48 in manassas. as you plan out your day today, a mild morning and more than enough sunshine to drive temperatures way up into the mid, perhaps into the upper 70s today. although we continue to carry a 30% chance of a few
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showers most likely for you to see a raindrop between 4:00 and 10:00 this afternoon into this evening. mostly, it's open toe shoe weather again. >> i know i should have done it. i have flipflops in my bag. maybe i'll have to bust them out. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major problems on the beltway right now. eastbound, central avenue, the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway, we have a crash there right now that is blocking the ramp this morning. a warning for you there. this has cleared on southeast, southwest freeway. don't have to worry about that any longer. in fredericksburg, eastbound 7 at nine miles. one lane getting by the crash. westbound lanes are open. guys? >> melissa, thank you. it's 4:27 right now. we turn to an interview you'll see only on news 4. the sister of a local woman set on fire allegedly by her boyfriend sat down with us. >> williams says her sister andrei is still
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condition but her niece is thriving. journey was born because of the september attack in capital heights. williams chose the middle name journey because of all of what the child has been through already. as the fa family tries to move on, they were shocked to learn a second man was charged with setting her sister on fire. >> to take part in something like that, that's ridiculous. how could you do that that to a human? >> the man on the right, jonathan miller was arrested yesterday and was charged. before the attack an andrea gre nash. miller assisted her boyfriend phillips on the left there in setting her on fire in september. this morning, police are trying to find out who killed gray. almost three months after she was killed, it shows she was shot to death. she was found behind an apartment complex in
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a reward is offered for information that leads to the arrest of the person who killed her. it's 4:29. back to the terror attack in manhattan. people living in the tribeca neighborhood are determined to carry on with their lives and not let the terrorists win. last night, mourners gathered for a candlelight vigil and memorial march to honor the eight victims of tuesday's attack. it started at pier 40 on manhattan's west side where the suspect started his attack. his deadly drive continued for nearly a mile. about 100 people walked on the promenade next to the route. 12 people were also seriously hurt during the attack. turning now to the suspect, saipov, they're analyzing his cell phones and computers. investigators have found no communication between the suspect and any terror group. but they are still looking. isis claimed responsibility but did not
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communication with say above. the suspect chose halloween because he believed there would be no people out. the bike path is back open but being fortified with 50 concrete barriers. we want to go to chris lawrence at the live desk. >> chris, the president is taking a trip out of country. tell us about this. >> basically, he's going to take off for hawaii later this morning. that's going to be the launching point to start his big trip to asia. when he gets there, the first stop is japan. he's also going to visit china, south korea, vietnam and the philippines. you can probably guess, north korea and its missile program is going to be a big topic of discussion. he could also talk trade while he's abroad. aaron. >> chris lawrence at the live desk. coming up on 4:31. the washington capitals best player is announcing support for vladimir putin. it says let's unite and show everyon


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