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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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year after the unthinkable. >> you better be in a position where you can adapt quickly because changes come quickly. >> sometimes in the flash of a car driving int a crowd. >> tonight news 4 has every angle covered from the growing tension in the air to the show force on our streets. >> haunting images of the past of local police step up security to keep people safe this time around. officials are around our region have been preparing for the protesters and for the counterprotesters this sunday hoping to avoid the deadly violence that broke out in charlottesville when the same group held that rally there. >> but one topd.c. official won't be in town f the rally. news 4's mark segraves starts of. our covera >> the national park service now tells us that the pedestrian plaza that used to be pennsylvania avenue that runs in front of the white house as well as the sidewalks in front of the white house will be closed to the public all day sunday from
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10:00 a.m. till sock p.10:00 p. police and first responders andc paramedicsan use that area as a stagingou gr. scene that type of police in d.c. and virginia are working to avoid, white supremacists clashing wh counterprotesters in charlottesville one year ago, a clash that turned deadly. yesterday d.c. mayor muriel bowser along with police briefed laporters on security p for this weekend, but bowser won't be here. she's going forward with a long planned trip to el salvador. bowser was asked today who will be in charge while she's gon if the protests turn violent? >> i'm always in i'm always the mayor, no matter where i am. >> reporter: bowser did say there are options should a crisis unfold whilehe's out of the country. >> in which case i will mick a designation that the city administrator makes any decisions that i'm n able t make, but i -- i should say that
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we -- i will -- if i think that i need to be here i'll be here. >> reporter: organizers of the you unight the right 2 have a permit to rallyoun white square on sunday. multiple organizations have requested permits to stage counterprotests at the same time. based upon the permit applications from both sides police expect there to be far more counterprotesters than white supremacists. on the unite the right counterprotesters they are expected to bring american ande confede national as well as otdy cameras. they are asked n to bring weapons or shield, and they are urging them not to react with anger. five groups of counterprotesters ve been issued permits for rallies in separate locations across the cityy sunda afternoon before marching to lafayette uare. mark segraves, news 1. anxiety is building in
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wacharlottesville as peopl to see if a white supremacist will return to the zone of last year's rally that turned deadly. the city and entire commonwealth of virginia on high alert and under a state of emergency. nbc's gabe gierrez continues our coverage to look at what's being done to prevent a repeat of last year. >> reporter: one year aller shat lotse was under siege by violent protesters the city is under a state of emergency as the anniversary approaches this weekend. >> we will not tolerate forms of violence in the community. >> reporter: to avoid a repeat of the violent clashes between white supremacists and counterprotesters the cy is issuing no demonstration permits. officials expect crowds will gather this weekend to commemorate the tragic death of young womanr, the killed when a man drove his car into a crowd. up year later heather's mother is still in pain. >> i should be able to forgive, but i'm not there yet.
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>> reporter: today the street where heather was run down is quiet and thedowntown area being heavily patrolled by police. washington, d.c. officials are also on high alert this week expecting rallies on sunda by the same groups who were in charlottesville last year. >>sv charlotle will be much safer this year. everyone hoping the anniversary will pass with no>> incidents. definitely a little tense. >> reporter: and hunter smith says one year later a lot of people think of charlottesville differently. >> it's weird to have it and have people coming i from out of town. charlottesville, like that charlottesville?r: >> reporhat is the makeshift memorial at the spot where the counterprotester was killed and at the time authorities were heavily criticized for notg anticipatin the potential for violence. this year they are not taking any chances. >> tonight charlottesville police are preparing to shut down roads. many stores along the popular downtown mall telling customers they will not be open this weekend. >> and to lose an august
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saturday is very, very damaging to their businesses. >> reporter: the decision comes as the charlottesville community searches for healing after periencing lastyear's horror. >> we are a community of people who are looking to healov to forward and to face some of the challenges that are reality. >> last year was terrifying. really, really terrifying. >> surround by the tranquility of her flower shop k owneren walker struggles with the images of that day. >> it made m really sad. it made me really, really sad. >> reporter: you've been h e for more than 20 years. >> mm-hmm. >> is this the charlottesville you know? >>no, not at all snow hear people say i don't want a charlottesville happening here. to haveint use that way, does that hurt? >> yeah, yea it's n indicative of this town at all. >> reporter: what is this town? >> this town it is love. >> reporter: sitting outside linell's coffee shop, rig on cue it seemed, and an embrace showcasing that love.
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>> not even a second of hate i th town. >> reporter: about half the businesses here plan to close this weekend kan'slooms will stay open as a safe space for dialogue,anding out free purple flowers to honor the lives los last year and the coffee shop plans to keep brewing. >> we' open. we're a community that needs to have that connection and also our staff made that decision so we stand behind them and we'll be here all night. >> reporter: yourloyees wanted to keep going and stay open? >> they did, they did. reporter: they will be serving up a local favorite, a caffeinated surge of love. in charlottesville, david cu >> we'll have more coverage of the events, the remembrances there in charlottesville and the rallies this sunday here in d.c. fo close look at the road closures as you try to get around near the white house, you can head to our nbc washington app. coming up in our next half hour,
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how faith leaders in our area are using this weekend's rally as a teachable moment to push back on hate and to push backn these extremist groups? >> what's going to happen with our weather this weekend as we track the chance for rain. doug is in storm center 4 with that part of the story. hi, doug. >>i, doreen. once again. just continuing to reiterate. this is not a washout o a weekend but i want to be prepared and keep the umbrella happy as we showers and thunderstorms and we do expect quite a few. >>mp ature-wise, 89 degrees after a high so far of 92. 79 state college and only 68 in pittsburgh. the reason some heavy rain back towards the pittsburgh area and some locations around pittsburgh wards of 2 t inches of rain today and that's the kind of thing we're looking at over c t neple of days here. a front moving down to the south and a system moving in from the west. they will come together to give us the chances for rain for the weekend. tracking tt weekend rain but not a washout. rain chances g into early next week. much more about that. see you back here in ten
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minutes. >> and we have som breaking news. it's not going to make redskins fans happy, and the season hasn't even started. washingt star rookie running back derrius guice is out for the season. an mriha shows tt he suffered a torn acl in last night's preseason opener the patrts. last nig geiss said he felt good, downplayed the severity of the ,injury but this afternoon more rned it was a lot serious than that. it is aisappointing velopment for this rookie who was expected to do big things this year. tl're going to have more reaction a l bit later in sports. we're also tracking some explosive newns allegatrom one of president trump's former alliese omarosa. owes known him since she was a contestant in the first season of "the apprentice. "now on a new b memoired on her time in the washington she's alleging the president is a racist and he triedo silence her with money and legal threats. nbc news political dector uck todd going to be joining us in five minutes with details
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about this book. now to an immigration case that involves a mother and child from el salvador. a deportation order in texas and a very angry judge here in washington, d.c. blayne alexander is here to explain how all these things fit to,ther. blayne. >> reporter: yeah, doreen. angry indeed. you know, you could really tell that the j cge in thise was personally upset by this, not only did he take the rather unprecedented steps of ordering that plane turned around, but he also threatenegethe attorney ral of the united states personally. day the ongoin debate over who is aloud to enter and live in the uni new a d.c. federal judge taking the highly unusual step of stopping a deportation in progress, ordering a plane bound for el salvador turn around bringing a mother and daughtero backe u.s. >> this was a horrible situation. i can't even imagine theth fear
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were feeling when they were put on that plane. >> reporter: the two part of a class action lawsuit against the governmentfter the trump administration said those fleeing gangs or domestic violence could no longer claim ylum. >> and what we're trying do in this case is to get a court to look at whaty are doing, the way that they are changing the asylum standard and say you can't do this. >> reporter: the judge said if the government does not stop deporting plaintiffs in the old attorney d general jeff sessions in contempt. speaking in texas today. sessions praisings oise age for fighting illegal immigration. >> we support them but we're on their side. >> reporter: protesters outside had plenty to wsay. t do we want? >> sessions snoot when do we want it? >> no. >> reporter: this hours after melania trump's parents became u.s. citizens using the very program that their son-in-law wants to end, chain migration the topic ofepted tweets
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from president trump calling for an end to the family-based immigration program. and then there is issue of reuniting migrant children who have beeneparated from their families. the trump administration is giving an update on this saying that of more than the 2,500 children who were separatedess th 600 are still being reunited with their parents. doreen? all right. blayne alexander, thank you, blairn. the judge in that kasem mitt sullivan may seem familiar to you. he was born, raised and educated right here in d.c. he graduated from mckinley high school and earned a degree in political science fromoward university and graduated from howard school of law. first became a judge back in 1948 when president reagan appointed him to the d.c. superior court. up next, an uber driver convicted of a disturbing crime against a female customer. see the surveillance video that helped bring him to justice. >> and there's new couroom drama as president trump's former campaigner manoes on trial, and should the white
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. now to our weekend politics. president trump has been largely t of sight and on vacation and in new jersey for most of the week. >> some of his previous allies g are makin headlines tt a not helpful.
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>> yeah. his former "apprentice" making explosive claims in a new book. >> and fnmer campaign chair in the thick of a tax trial involving fraud allegations. chuck todd is moderator of the press." we can't wait to see this omarosa interview live. it's not to tape. >> i'm looking forward to it. i haven't done it t. >> what are you going to ask her? >> i'll give you every queson, no, i'm teasing. >> look, we can think ofof a lo questions. >> it is. look. >> this was the highest ranking african-american in the west wing. in some way she knows better than many of the people that work for him. look, going through the book, i've read the book and in some ways i know some of it is leaking out and we'll g to it. she's clearly upset at her
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treatment, and yet ers still an odd fondness for trump and yet at the same tim she's trying to come to grips with the fact that she now does believe he's racist and she tries to explain what in her mind --t's interesting. she's trying -- there's different conversations she seems to be wanting to have including trying explain why it took her longer than others in the african-american community to view the president this way, so it's -- it's an interesting perspective, and she -- the white house obviously is fighting back very hard. >> but not successfully? >> you know, it's -- it's an -- like i isaid,s an interesting situation. you do get the sense though that the more - you understand why she succeeded in his world. >>hesure. >> and admits it herself, that she had a symbiotic transactional relationship. lshe knows --k, she was the star of that first season, and it made "apprentice" the hit which, of course, allowed president trump to re-brand mself back to being a
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successful businessman. had been failed after the bankruptcies. he's always been and as ito tal eople close to the president he is loyal to her to a point. so far, have you noticed, he's not tweeted a word. >> shocking. >> i've had some people tell me may never tweet a word about her. maybe about some of the allegations that she's mentioning but hehe knowsave him a lot, too. i'll be waiting to see does the president go after her the way went after the last sort of tell-all book, the michael wolf back. >> does he worry more about her than he does say rick gates? i mean, he's rlly been singing, if you will, at the paul manafort trial and he may be going beyond just the paul manafort trial. >> that's right. i thinkref you'redent trump as much as you may, you know, omarosaould hurt you politically. i think existential threat to the esidency, it's not just rick gates, it's paul manafort. we're getting to the end of the
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trial, and -- a we're getting to the end of the prosecution's case. look, this is the last window that manafort mig have to try to cut a deal before he presents his case. as you know, sometimes that happs after they waitnd see, but if they do present a defense next week,oi we're to a bably be in -- waiting for verdict probably by this time next week. waiting for a verdict or a verdict, a w thatl propel the next step in the mueller in astigation. thumption is that they have the paper trail to get their guilty verdict, but, he you never know, and that will be a setback for mueller suddenly gives a political weapon to the president. >> how about the republican congressman, one of the first if not the first person in congress to come out in support of trump. he is in a whole lot of trouble. >> he's in hot water. it was the timing of this that was the extra stomach punch. tuesday night special election ino and the results around the country that shows you oh,
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wow, this is hardening. democrats are on the march here, and all of aetudden you this -- you get another gut punch. wait a minute, a guy who was ie a seat in buffalo and suddenly now he was arrested, you know, wednesdaymorning, just after you already got kicked in the teeth if you will or nearlythicked in the t at the ballot box, so if you recall the last couple of -- you know, it's funny about a wave election sometimes, you know. w 2006 when democrats won it, the iraq war getting people fired up. it was the mark foley scandal ad the hat sort of pushed them over theop t. 1994 when the republicans got it. house banking scandal, yes,re healthca and guns and dan rostkowski sort of got indicted and the corruption th bg, c the exclamation point for a party out of power trying to get back into power. th timing in this couldn't have been worse. >> when things reach critical mass. >> would it resonate with the voters enough? >> ct's notis collins individually, it's chris collins
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plus -- police maybe the president's hotel and you though in wilbur ross. look at the headl the last week, it's not -- it's never one. i don't think one resonates beyond a district. it's when you can p a picture or paint a pattern, oh, you know, they got special deal. jared kushner's real estate company suddenly gets bled out by company that's partially government. qatari it's more a collection of stories or is it the whole town? he said drain the swamp and using the president's words. is he getting swamping in there or letting other alligators roam around the town. >> and now breath kavanaugh has a scheduled hearing scheduled after labor day and democrats say there's still 148,000 documents and pages they haven't been able to read yet. >> here's something i've learned in these supreme court. it's amazing for the party that wants to oppose the supreme court nominee there's never
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enoughapers and there's never time to start, and always for the party that's supporting whoever the nominee is oh, we've got plenty. look, do i expect democrats to keep doing this and do i think maybehey probably will successfully get republicans to get a few more of these papers and get a few more, yes, but i oink -- you know, republicans are in chargethe scandal. breath kavanaugh is likely to get confirmed. i think in october. if you look at the schedule. it smells to me like a vote sotime in very early october. >> okay. >> that tentatively -- >> he could be seated for this -- >> for this position. >> you would assume that would be the goal of mitchcconnell. chuck todd, thank you as usual. chuck's exclusive interview with omarosa an "meet the press" sunday morning. >> it's a first name. just a first name. >> maybe cher is inour future,
6:22 pm
too or oprah. >> bono. >> there we go. >> he's making the rounds. find plan "b" even if youdo t ride the rail. >> doug is back to let us know
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>> is this weekend going to be washout? >> thanks for asking, wendy, by the way. perfectly done. no, not a washout everybody but be ready. if yom've got outdoor plans, um mrs. and a lot of concerts this weekend. montgomery county fair going on right now so watch oute if you outside. can't take the umbrella just in case but, again, not a itshout. on't be raining the entire time. evenhere right now doesn't look like our city. kind of a different vantage pot than what w see towards the bridge. out towards woodrow wilsonnd bridge points beyond. 89 degrees and winds out of the southwest at 89 miles per hour.a temperaturund the region at 84. huntingtown and eastern shore coming in at 90. love to be going this way. route 50 down two cambridge and
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ocean citre beautiful t too. not a bad beach weekend if you're thinking about heading out now. not much around our weekend. up around the hagerstown area and north of the mason dixon line. allegheny county and franklin and fulton county. you're seeing showers and thunderstorms. me of these could try to move into our northern zones. hagerstown and martins bugg and as far souths frederick. we're watching that front and it's sometng that isrifting across our region. could see showers hand thunderstorms tomorrow. not a washoutnd not rai all day. warm and humid and periods of ually ut most of us a stay dry for most day. take the umbrella just in case and high aroun 86 a it will feel more like 96. if we get sunshine thatur temper may go up a little bit. sunday a 60% chance of storms and 86 degrees the and monday a 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms. a high temperature of 84 and more clouds on sunday and that'g why we've the lower temperatures. 87 on tuesday and a chance of
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storms and you can see the storms lowering on tuesday. there is a flood threat and the reason that we'ven b so wet the last month and a half, could see a potential for some flooding soch out there. we'll be with you all weekend. i'm working tomorrow night. i hope you tune in. tune in on saturday. a ecial guest appearance that i'm excited about. >> we'll be checking you out on saturday. >> no, we wouldn't. >> still ahead and fighting back against messages of hate. what faith leaders and locals are doing against this weekend's white supremacist rally here in d.c. >> and chilling video captures moments before a crike involving uber driv and an unconscious female pass ver. >> and tell you w a local high school is punting on its once se powerhou footb al
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now at 610:00,ps new ste to prevent thele deadly vioe that erupted in charlottesville one year ago. >> and now the same white supremacist group behind the violence is headed to d.c. and the counterprotesters will once again be following them. >> news 4's jackie vincent tells us how fai leaders are coming back to fight back against these messages of hate. jackie? >> participants in the teach-in here at washington hebrew congregation heard from
6:31 pm
anti-hate strategists. their message from theanel moderated by d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton and maryland j congresswomanie raskin is that there was strength in numbers. the crowd ofnc hundredsded people of different faiths who say they wanted to come together to showhere a ways to combat racism and hatred. he need s talked about to make those efforts an ongoin thing. >> we're not going to have the knee jerk reaction of oh, gosh we have to do something so let's shut down thatpeh. we'll come up with creative solutions t upho these ideals and principles and make us better as a whole. >> and there will b an interfaith vigil here starting at 7 sack tonight. live inorwest, jackie benson, news 4. >> all right. thank you jackie. d.c. mayor muriel bowsler not be here for this weekend'sr y and counterprotest. she's going on her long planned
6:32 pm
trip to el svador. she's leading a delegation on what's described as a cultural exchange. e our news partners at telemundo 44 are the only news 1 organization going with her. alberto pimiena will be traveling with her and will have daily updates from el salvador. >> an uber driver found guilty of raping a woman he was supposed to take home. buau chief tracee wilkins has the message from prosecutors after this disturbing crime conviction. ? she she's dangerous xualredator that should be in jail. reporter: this is westagne pierre throwing her over his shoulder and taking to a hotel room where he raped her. >> he felt somehow he had gotten
6:33 pm
a cue that it was consensual whiching in could be further from the truth. >> t 32-year-old victim was placed in the uber by a friend. the driver was supposed to take her home in fairfax county, virginia. he ended ther fat in fairfax but then drove her to this college park hotel. he dragged the limp body out of the car and into theouhotel. >> y can see she was unconscious. >> reporter: according to the state's attorney office the driv left the budget inn and came here to a nearby 7-eleven and is seen hide i the seven. prosecutors say he used the victim's credit rd to buy snacks. >> hours later the woman is seen leaving the motel confused and calls 911. >> do you have an emergency, ma'am? >> i don't know how i woke up here. >> this week a jury convicted pierre of second-degree rape. he faces up to 20 years i prison. >> please, do not put an
6:34 pm
incapacitated person into an uber alone and to be very careful. >> pierre is due back in upper marlboro court in october for his sentencing. meantime, ube has don a lot because of this and other incidents to make their ride-sharing services safer. to find out what they have done go to nbc washington and search uber safety. tracee wilkins, news 4. a would-be thief trying to break io homes in thealls grove area of rockville. police released this video today. you canee the guy. people are hoping you will recognize him. he's trying to break in notone, not two but into three different homes all caught o cameras, and each time he got -- crept up in the middle of the police are offering upo a $10,000 reward if you have information that leads to his arrest. two people areg fac charges tonight for firing bullets into loudoun county homes. nathan lasher along with a teenager, they are accused of relessly handling handguns.
6:35 pm
the two wearget shooting near loyalty road on sunday, and the bullets ended up striking two homes. no one was injured. seven lives will be remembered at a vigil near the flower branch apartments in silver spring tonight. two years ago a deadly explosion and fire ripped through that complex. two children were among the seven killed. linvestigators say naturaas built up in a room where crewso discered a disconnected pipe. organizers of tonight's vigil want to highlight the fight for better living conditions at these apartments. the vigil beginst 7:30 in the parking lot across the complex. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with breaking news in the district. police say they have arrested a suspecteial groper. 34-year-old santiago rodriguez campos of alexandria has been arrested in connection with at least four cases across northwest. the most reasons ent happened back in june near p and 15th street. police are asking for anybody
6:36 pm
who knows him to reach outorith him f information. wendy, back over to you. >> erika gonzalez, nanks. a twist on an old scam. they claim to reveal the skeletons in ytr close if you don't pay up. we're going t see how people are being ptargeted. >>lus a surprising statement from metro. why theransit agency surging some commuters to find another way to travel. a we've got that chance for rain over the weekend, but n't cancel those plans just yet. i'm back in a couple of minutes with more on what to expect on your saturday and your sunday. th
6:37 pm
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e's a new scam targeting our neighborhoods. scammers send you an e-mail or a letter claiming to know you're deep dark secrets, something that could embarrass you or threatener marriage. they say they will keep it under wraps if you pay thousands in bitcoin. thers let include personal information like useram nes and
6:39 pm
passers likely takenon from ne accounts. the fbi says scams like these are getting more elaborate and going high tech, too. >> sore in the past many financial scams and blackmail schemes and extortion schemes ilize wire transfers or other type of funds transfers now we're a seeing significant rise in the use of cryptocurrency in orr to facilitate financial scams. >> there are ways to protect yourself. don't open e-mai from people you don't know and check your regularly.ts the fbi wants to hear from you if you think you may have been scammed. open our nbc a washington and search bitcoin for more information. your carry-on bags are about to get more scrutiny at the airport which could lead to shorter wait times and fewer hassles. the newest scanning technology was unveiled at dullesch the scanners are bigger than the x-ray machines you're used to but it's a camera that takes
6:40 pm
more than 1,000tu ps creating a 3-d image of your luggage. that's so clear to see that thers fewer secondary concessions and faster lines any eventurace yourself. this technology may allow you to carry a water bottle or shampoo bottle on to the plane.hi people,is big stuff. tom costello explains how on the "nightlyom news"g up at 6:00 and even if you don't ride metro this could impact the system is bracing for closures and workers need to do critical work on the tracks and tunnel structure. the red capor on this shows the lines that will be impacted. that's a lot of red. it's about half the system. news 4's chris gordon explains just how much pain this is going to cause you. >> metro is posting notices around its stations. they are information riders in english and spanish to expect
6:41 pm
disruptions beginning this weekend. electronic signs show where the track work will take place. all of this track work, itow slows people and don't know where you're going and you don't know how to get where you're going and it tak much longer to get there. >> some passengers on the blue, orange and silver lines in maryland, virginia and d.c. will be facing delays of up to 20 minutes between trains. >> it's goingo be pretty hectic, i mean, on a norma day during rush hour and it's hard to sit down. always very, very crowded. >> it monitors traffic patterns in our region says repairs are needed toeep metro safe and to make it a better transit system, but in the meantime aaa saysl we all need to have information. >> you'll see more traffic and more congestion and more delay it's going t impact every single one of us no matter the nmode of transportatio that we use. >> metro suggests riders look for an alternate form of
6:42 pm
transportation. some commuters are choosing other ways to get to work so they won't be late. >> even wise not to attempt the rail. just take busser or other form of transportation. >> it publicized its trackir re project back in february. >> not knowing at that time that this sunday there t would be unite the right demonstration ands counterproteith many of the participants counting on metro to get around. >> reporting from the foggy bottom station, chris gordon, news 4. a big changeor some young athletes in our area. here's meagan figerald. >> reporter: the parkview high school football team wasnce a powerhouse and this year they are eliminating their varsity team. >> he der sfd a chance to become a good football player. >>arents are speaking out while the stool explains why. >> alsorain for y weekend, but doug says all together now
6:43 pm
it won't be a washou the closet.r
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
friday night lights won't be shining quite as brightlyn loudoun county this football season. parkview high school has decided to eliminate its varsity football team. ne 4's meagan fitzgerald reports on why. >> reporter: parkview high was where football stars were made. st ask alumni like laurie sheehan. >> it was a powerhouse and it was back then. >> laurie she 00 remembers a day big nfl stars like jeff loggerman and alan pinkett. >> first down, touchdown. >> reporter: used to play here at ,parkvi but the heyday is
6:46 pm
over, at least for now. >> parkview has had trouble on the football lield for theast few years. they have not been successful. they were 0-10 last year. >> reporter: wade byard is a spokesperson for loudoun county public schools and says they are eliminating the varsity program because tsn't enough interest in the sport. 18 students came out for the team and 9 never even played before. this year parkview will only have a jv team. >> what it came down to us not what caused this but what the situations right now and the situation right now is not safe. this is an extremely competitive yrea in football. >> i was pre upset. >> parents like cindy kelly were upset because herd son playe varsity last year but she nd many other parents realid that football just isn't as popular as it used to be, and they als want their kids to be safe when they compete against other schools. >> i tnk it's the best decision for them for the safety of the kids. they will still have friday
6:47 pm
night lights and student and fans will have to wait a few y morers before parkview football is back to where it gas. >> they are tryo build a winning programming and trying get kids experienced. reporting live in loudoun county, meagan fite rald, news 4. >> high school seniors aren't allowed to play on the jv team so they have been given the eaunt to play for dominion high school thisn without being penalized. if you tuned in about the same time yesterday you may have seen a special guest on our set. >> yes, it was a red hawk perched right in front of our tower camera enjoyin the view. >> oh, look. he's looking at me right now. >> here we go. look at that. >> look at that. >> isn't he wonderful. >> that's awesome. >> we posted a video online and asked you to weigh in on names and among the options, my favorite is hawkward. >> i love that one and cayenne
6:48 pm
and filbert. >> somebody suggested hawky mchawk face. and kind of like britain's famously bad boaty moat face and several suggestions that we name the bird after jim vance. that was fun. nbc 4, by the way, we've seen him before and will probably see him again. adoption, butp for we do have a lot of dogs and cats up for adoption. the animal a shelters helping families find their new best friends next saturday. the 18thars our c the shelters event. many of those shelters will be discounting or even waiving the adoption fees for pets that day, so if you're looking for new family member august 18th might be a good time to do it. help us cle the shelters. >> a new wine is said to be taking southern france by storm. it's a blue wine. >> oh. >> vindigo. the maker says it startsit out whwine and turns blue after being placed through a pulp of grape skin.
6:49 pm
the wine-maker is french but he could not convincenyone in france to make vindigo so it's produced in spain. >> he's walking it along the beach over the border and takin it over the border to france. >> i'd try it. i'd try it. >> i would try anything at this point, but -- but then like why? why do we need blue wine. >> ever had a blue margarita? >> a blue margarita, absolutely. that's supposed to be blue. >> butbly wine, come on,y? >> well, when it gets here, we'll try it. >> if you want to send us a bottle, we'll take it. >> we'll try a >> can we sit outside and sip a glass of wine this weekend. >> any color? >> white, blue, no matter what it is. you got it. >> i rielly think tonight is a good night and i'm actually a nging the forecast just little bit tomorrow. i think it's going to be a little warmer and more sunshinec and thatld also spawn a stronger storm or two with that
6:50 pm
sunshine, too. going out to reston town center and towar the wine bar there, and no problems there. downtown more sunshine and still dealing with hazy sunshine and throulouds streaming o and 89 degrees and dropping to about 87 and down to 78 by 11:00. a really nice night tonight if you're thinking about getting dinner outdoors oalking the dog tonight. looking good. 87 belvar, a we're watching storms not in the d.c. metro area. they are all up to the north and i'm talkingea areas hagerstown and right along 70. this is a mess betwe frostburg and hagerstown. let's go out towardsheest and back towards the mountains. you're going to run into some storms and you could see some of these devowop intods parts of west virginia and maybe en wards martinsberg and hagerstown this evening and know that over the next few hours. part of a frontal boundary s
6:51 pm
drifting to thth. you can see it right here. drifting south and it's going to stall and i don't think itill come all the way to the frksberg to winchester and a better chance of seeing those tonight. another littlehaystem see right here. that's why we're calling for a chance of storms. have gone 88 and right now a liunle bit more warm and humid and periods of rain but not all day rain. once wagain, tomorrol not be a washout, and i think starting off tomorrow is going to be okay, even for a lunch you m aht right. your weekend forecast, montgomery county fair be ready for rain. heading to the montgomery county fair and i h might send with the umbrella and all in all i'll be checking out the nbc washington app to check out the rainfall. lightning and thunder in the area might close some pools. beaches, looking good, heading to the beaches, not a bad weekend. i love storms at the beach and we expect a couple of them out
6:52 pm
the and hope you get enough of the beach time and that's okay. 86 on sunda and 14 monday and 87 tuesday. chance of showers and storms each day. the best chance overall will be monday with more cloud cover and drying out wednesday and thursday and staying on the warm ide as we head into next weekend. >> hey, the redskins g some bad news, one of the top rookies derrius guice out for the year. that's bath ngs and comin up next in sports, hear about the
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> i know. how unfair and almost a pre preseason. oh, my gosh. >> a clear fan favorite at redskins training camp. second round draft pick derrius guice. fans wore his lsu jersey and teammates in both offense and n high showered him praise and media members sounded shock when discussing the off-the-field issues that caused him to drop to the redskins in the secd round. all of this optimism took a hit. the b225-poack who averaged
6:56 pm
6 yards a care while at lsu out for the entire seaso theedskins also suffered injuries to mark ionnitis and three games left in the preseason jay gruden is overwhelmed by the litany of leg injuries >> unfortunately, he got his leg tangled up in the turf. just one of those unluy plays that happen to all players from time to time. this is a tough game ao you hate t see anybody get hurt on any team real, but especially on your own team. you see the way the guys have been working in practice and all that stuff and limping around is not good. that's football and we obviously have to adjust. that's why we have other players and backups and rookies and all that. >> the aforementioned chris
6:57 pm
thompson who suffered a ng season-sennjury last year tweeted this about geiss, quote, ng back ugh time hol the tears this morning when i got the news. had something great going on in our roomqu but the got you every step of the way, bro, heal up and get ready to take ove e league next year. geiss responded saying that's why you're my favorite person. >> love that. >> all the feeling is there. es ah. >> the nationalsrately needed to win their series against the braves to gain some wild cardthe n.l. race and they ended up splitting that series. with 47 games left a t moren five games to make up that desperation is not going away, but if theyta don't to spring together more wins that desperation will turn into disappointment. the nats started a series against the 2016 world series champss thi afternoon. 19-year-old phenom juan soto, never gone three games without a hit. here's the trump buster andrai turner, nats take a 1-0 lead.
6:58 pm
adam eaton, a base knock and noa exactl speedster and makes it happen here though. beats that throw home. nationals jump out 1-0. still ahead in the bottom of the six, bases loaded and sammy solice on the bump. jo runs scored and both charged toamie helixon.nt seveh inning and bases loaded and walked 22 batters in 25 innings. the game-winning run scores and nats fall to the cubs 3-2 the fina hey, the nba schedule was also releed this afternoon. the washington wizards will face the world champion warriors on october 24th. it's a good start and it looks like t nationals are having issues down the stretch. >> all right. >> thank you, chris. >> thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news" starts in 60 seconds. we'll see you back at 11:00.
6:59 pm
have a good one.
7:00 pm
. tonight, the bombshell from f tonigh the or bombshell from former white house aid omarosa claims donald trump used the "n" word. the white house firing back. ate of emergency in charlottesville on the anniversary of the deadly white nationalist rally. the nation's capital also bracing for potential violence. stunning new discoveries of the compound where children allegedly trained to kill. eahere does the secret tunnel our exclusive access. t>> breaking news, judgmeoday in the trial over a weed killer, so many anmericans use. the coordered to pay $287 million to a man that says it gave him cancer. the college coach tourist.killing a


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