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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 5, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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though. >> you may need the extra rest, it's a big week here in d.c. and across the country. afte months of campaigning, turn outot the v commercials, the elections are this week. >> but first a che on your commute and forecast. melissa has a look at the roads. but first we have to turn to chuck. itng to be a rainy start to your day. i hear we're in weather alert mode. >> you bet. after some this morning tapers to showers in the afternoon, there's a chance ofs thunderstorms around here again tomorrow. much like what we have on friday but probably not quite that strong. >> look at the brightrs co this is moving on in. this is going to be a very, very wet monday morning.
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look at the moderate rain. that's all coming straight up the i-95 corridor. 100%. rainfall amounts could be as hmuch as an i in spots. temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees around town. rain tapering to showers for the second half of the day. >> that makes me feel a little bit better. falls church outer loop of the beltway. two right lanes getting by. southbound 95 at prince william parkway, we had the left side blocked. it's cleared out of the way there. looking good but wet throughout the beltway now.
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and we seehe delays northbound, chris. >> thank you so much, melissa.g >> develop this morning, a man with a rifle lured his officers into an ambush in the middle of a quite neighborhood. >> that was one of two sotings last night in woodbridge. the other left two mendead. they happened just 15 minutes apart. police say they' not connected. the first was on laurel street. police responded for o reports shots fired. when they arrived the suspect started shooting at them from the roof ofis home. the officers returned fire and ehot the suspect. the pol chief said it is a miracle that no one was hurt. >> extremely dangerous. w ild characterize it as very dangerous and i'm glad tha no residents were injured. i'm glad no police officers were
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injured. officers found two men shot inside a car in a wooded area. both men are dead. >> it's 4:no dozens of organizations plan to protest at university of ryland today. they're demanding changes after the death of football player jordan mcnair. students asking the president wallace loh to remain committed to hisretirement. they want to be included in the selection of future presidents nd they want the board of regents to be elected. maryland fired d.j. durkin over his handling ofr'cnais death. >> all of those months of those campaign signs in your neighborhood, it all comes down to this. after months of campaigning, the elections will be tomorrow.
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president trump held events for republicans in battleground districts. >> democrats are opening encouraging million of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate ourer boa and destroy our nation in so many different ways. >> that was in tennessee. the president railed against the media and described democrats ae radical and brought up the judge brett kavanaugh nomination. when hillary clinton's name was mentione the crowd chanted lock her up. former president barrack obama campaigned as well on friday. he was in miami to drum upor support andrew tgillum,he democratic nominee for governor and senator bill and yesterday, in gary indiana, mr. obama encouraged people to vote for bill donnelly. while there, he took a few a
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swip president trump. >> two weeks before this election, they're telling us that the single most grave threat to america is a bunch of poor, impookished, hungry refugees a thousand miles away. >> joe biden appeared in pennsylvania over the weekend. >> a bit close tore -- closer to home, republicans say she has been the top vote getting in previous races. >> i got more votes than tim cain and hillary clinton in the district two years ago.
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>> i want vrj virgin tirginia 1 first race called for the democrats. >> they could give the nation an early sign of whether they'll 4flip. >> new is your go-to source for information.y we're not o keeping a close eye on virginia but all the races in d.c. and the senate contest in west virginia. for information be sure to check our nbc washington appnd search decision 2018. our team of reporters and experts w fl be working you all day on election day. tune in at 7:30 tuesd night for an nbc 4 election special. the updates will keep coming throughout the night. breaking news angie, what's happening? >> today's attack claimed the lives of 13 afghannd soldiers police officer. the attack happened in the
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province and in order to cutoff the supply route, taliban has amed them for the attack. now nbc neds lea they plan to attend the ltilateral peace talks happening on friday. they said this will be the first time. representatives from other countries have all been vieted. >> thank you. >> happeningtoday, jury selection begins for the trial of el chapo. he ised accf running the largest drug trafficking cartel. timates are they smuggled more than 200 tons of cocaine into the united states. he escaped a mexican jail twice.
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e united ought to states in 2017 under extremely tight security. >> he was expected to return to his job as may injanuary. he leaves behind a wife and seven children. this mornin thehooter that opened fire in a yoga studio had ties to ts ea, and we're getting this new information as the florida state university communitybers the two women that were killed. >> the school held a candlelight vigil on the school's campus last night. >> one was a student set to graduate in may. the 61-year-old doctor was a
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faculty member. both were killed friday evening. authorities say he posed as a customer and opened fireuring a hot yoga class. he then turned the gun on himself. he was a former teacher beforem ng to florida. >> they received a bomb threat, but that did not stop services at alfred street baptist church. they said there were bombste pl inside the church. olice arrived and swept the building. they didn't find anything. but church leaders are promising to stand strong. >> we won't be afraid and frightened off here. people around the world have to stand against the fear. that's the only way we fight it. >>o word on who called in the threat, but they all reached out to lend their support to the church
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>> the redskins are riding high t threeinning the l games in a row, but that came to an ugly end. >> it w hard to watch. >> the throw game winning streak coming to a halt. 39 yards into the end zone. >> jones seals the deal with rathis touchdown g in the 4th quarter. the redskins beat themselves in some ways as well. racking up 147 penalty yards. their worst total in 47 years. >> it's tough enough when you're playing well, but when you're not playing well and you're shooting yourself in the foot, it's not going to happen.
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>> it was a rough day for the redskins at the office, but they're remaining positive. they're still 3 atop the nfc east and up next, a 3-5ampa team next sunday. >> still ead, aopioid epidemic controversy. >> why did the fda just get the most powerful painkiller yet? >> the eight year commute? you're not alone. how some are avoiding the commute all together. >> and winter is coming. how to get your car ready for the months ahead. steps that could wind up saving
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you tusands of dollars. >> good morning, monday is off for a sloudyrt for all and a very, very wet start for most. how long thisnc rain c hangs how long thisnc rain c hangs around and what this isn't an election. it's a declaattion. hen they attack who we are. we show what we're made of. and we don't stand back- we stand up. for women's rights. for health care. . for our kids futur the washington post says david trone is detailed, en studious and no-no-- an excellent successor to john delaney. there's no sitng on thnot me.ines. not you. not now. the best choice, by a mile, is mr. trone. on november 6th. vote. david trone for congress. i'm david trone, i approve this message.
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we're tracking a growing controversy involving the opioid crisis. thefda is slammed for approving a new powerful pain drug.l the p was designed to treat soldiers pain on the battlefield. the fda insists it has strict
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safety measus in pla to prevent misuse, but safety measures won't matter if the pills get on the black market. >> we have seen this before where people s there's n way this can be abused, we have regulations in place, but even those very controlled substances have shown abu in the pass. >> opioid drug overdoses killed arly 5,000 americans each year. >> when you're headed to work each day, nothing can set off like a long and frustrating commute. it's one of the only good things about this schedule. >> you said it. some people are leaving a job tc find onelose to a home. commuters are spending close to an hour a day getting to and from work. some folks driving an hour each way. all of this can obviously impact your personal life. >> when you think about it, a commute can be very stressful. it can play into your performance at work and your
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work-life balance too. day. it every >> it's important to talk to yourmployer about when you can stop and start your day to try to avoid the peek traffic times. >> how would you like your neighbor to know the last time you voted? that's what happened in phoenix. in thners get a letter mail letting them know the details, and not everyone is happy about it. >> i don't know. >> you don want to no? >> no. it would end up in the trash. >> it shows if you have votedn the lastour elections, that information is public record. some people like the idea of putting pressure ons vot to get them to the polls. >> it might make m encourage them to vote. 'm a teacher in arizona, so i really think that voting is important, and i think that everyone should do their part. >> while the form loo official, it's not from a government agency. it's from a non-profit, the
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voter participation center. >> the airport's academy mascot was injured in a prank butow it's expected to make a full recovery. this is some footage of the falcon rora. officials say the falcons wings were injured. army officials issued an apology and they're now investigating the incident. >> oh no, you don want to harm the beautiful >>bird. ou look at the bird, and then you look behind us here and you can see that flag just flapping in the bree. >> congratulations to army, they're going to win the commander in chief's trophy for the second time in a row. first time that has ever happened. >> and bad flying weather this
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morning too. if your commute will te you to any of our local airports, you could have significant delays for the mid morning flights today as a batch of heavy rain comes on in raining hard in western maryland and virginia. we have it coming at us from both directions so your rain chance stands at an even 11%.he heaviest of rain moving in near the tyson's corner area. rain along i-95 to the south. all the way to the richmond area and rain along 66 now from start to finish from the blue ridge to the beltway. have your umbrella ready to go. temperatures will be stuck in the low to mid 50s for most of the day. here's the way future weather handles your rain chance. moderate to briefly heavy rain around here this morning. just when we need heavy rain the least, between 5:009: and in the morning, that will be the heaviest of the rain today.
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now as you get into the afternoon, moderate rain tapers back to likely showers and then after about 5:00, the shower chances should sta diminish. there will be no clearing during the overnight hours tight and then for tomorrow, mostly cloudy, breezy, wayr war tomorrow and then a chance for some thunderstorms tomorrow more about today. mid 40s in the valley.un right a 50 degrees here in and around town. not a big jump in temperares todayhere. school day forecast, give the kids their raincoat and their umbrellas and maybe the rain boots as well. good news, the sun is up before 7:00 for the next couple of weeks. at least you'll be able to see the kids at the bus stop this
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morning.rr to, 70 degrees. comes up wednesday and thursday before more rain on friday. more about the weekend and your ten day forecast coming up. good morning, i wish i had better newsn a monday. >> i know. falls church, outer loop, work zone. it's raining there. and thenn arlington, right lane is getting by there. as you look at the beltway, wou can seere covered here but inner loop and outerloop nice and clear. >> thank you. still ahead, we're helping you get your car ready for winter months ahead. >> later today on ellen. >> you fell down on your own
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independence usa paccos responsible for thent of this advertising. self proclmother of the chemical weapon corp meet aime meeber. where she referred to nerve gas as just insecticide developed for people. someone who's made a career cashing in on her government contacts- to defraud shareholders. her position as a board member and is now pursuing umps agenda of defunding planned parenthood and denying mecal coverage to people with pre existing conditions. the more you know aimee hoeber, the less you want to. i'm david trone, i approve this message.
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just a few weeks until thanksgiving but they're officially open for the season. users can request tips by asking for help. there's also the options to text and mail. >> the worst is oh, it's frozen
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and it's 7:00 on thanksgiving morning. >> macy's unveiled theatalloons ill be part of the parade tis year. this is going to 92nd year of the macy's thankiving day parade. >> iove the parade. >> car problems happen. they are fun and they can be costly but there's steps you can take now to prevent problems later. >> what you yo to getr car ready for the summer isn't necessarily what you should be doing to get it ready for winter. >> you mig not be ready or you could be ready.
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the thing that goes first is the battery. >> as thes temperatu drop, performance of the battery is going to drop greatly. >> the average battery has a longevity rate of 3 to 4 years, and if your battery is 4 o 5 years old, you are driving on borrowed time a >> take look. >> usually battees start to go bad, you'll see fluid building up around the top. >> many garages offer free battery checks. make sure that the tires are . inflat >> always go by the sticker or the owners manager. because it can happen quickly in the cold weather. >> it effects yr handling and tire wear. >> maintenance is a must, like getting your oil and fluids checkeik >> people to add water, but
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don't do that during the winter. it's going to freeze and expand and break your reservoir. >> a good car wash c wash out things. and most oftenoverlooked is stuff hiding. many people go years and years and years without thinking about their spare tire and when they go to use it, it's flat. >> have that road side emergency kit ready. otlot of people don't do that, but it's as daunting as itt mi sound. it can help tremendously if you ever get stuck in the cold. >> thank you. it's now coming up, a new twist on sneaking out. the news 4 i-team investigation reveals how uber i surging in the suburbs among kids as young as middle coolers. ho they're doing it without tipping off their parents.
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>> i thought you had to be 18 to get an uber to pick you up. this is why i'm not a temperatures in the 50s and rain drops are coming. you'll need an extra hot cup of coffee or tea this remorning. about the forecast coming up. ♪ >> plus he may make it big on the voice, but this singer had some humble beginse h our backyard. we'll show you his visit to his
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>> it's going to be a wettotart our work week all across the air. this is our view from the camern at u station. this is the way it's going to be on a monday. >> that really started the last couple of minutes or so. we're still in the 4:00 hour thanks toalling back. >> listen, if you haven't worriedyour clocks, i'm about you. >> well, it's sunday. maybe you get through all of su?ay, you kn let's get a check on the forecast and how that is going to impact your morning commute. melissa is up in first four traffic. we have to srt withhuck and storm team 4 forecast. >> i wish i had better news for
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you ony a mon morning, but it's not going to be a pretty day ready for a very unpleasant start to the work and school week. areas of moderate rain right up i-95. more rain impactin the valley. be ready for a soggy start today. that's where the highest rainfall amounts will be. but more rainoving into parts of western maryland and future weather keeps the rain in throughout the course of the morning commute. temperatures, like i mention, mid 40s, closer to 50 aroun town, but with the clouds and the rain today, not much of a move. the only goodhing for your monday, the sunday is up before w00 a.m.


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