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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 3, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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team 4 ather alert. a severe thunderstorm watch out for parts of the area. >> right now you can see a few storms popping up on the radar,e but threat lasts until 10:00 at least. > and we're helping you stay ahead of the storms kicking off three hours of team coverage. doug and amelia are inthe storm center. guys, no repeat of yesterday at this hour, so where are storms right now? >> the storms right now are off to the west and that's where we expect them to be throughout the nd into the afternoon the evening hours. that's where the severe threat is. then they move into d.c. metro area potentially later ts vening. >> we could still see heavy rain even into the later evening and overnight hours. it's just s o humidut there tonight. the severe threat is until 8:00. loud know,ts and poo the west. it does not include d.c. we're not going to see much in the way of severe weather. it is all i the western zone. we have a severe thunderstorm warning forer fredck county
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virginia, virginia and into clerk county virginia. this is until 4:30. this storm rht over winchester. right through downtown. this had a ton of lightning associated with it. we have seen it weaken just a bit. tracking this storm as itmakes its way off to the noh and east. heads up. numerous storms off to the west as well. so this area will only be enhanced by some of these storms moving on in. once again, we do have that threat as we move on through the rest of the evening hours. much more on what to expect tonight and the wrekend. we'alking about the potential for a little bit of a washout one day. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. e day, not two days. >> probably sunday is the day that we're looking at. a litt bit better day tomorrow. can't rule out a shower. sunday, we'll talk about that as well. >> thanks, doug. you can s severe weather with the nbc washington app. you'll be notified when bad weather is coming your way. to montgomery county where a judge has sentenced a teenager
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to prison time in connection with gang activity. cell phone video captured the moments where the teen waved a machete at another person in a parking lot. newsroom alez in t with the details. >> this is part of a wider effort in montry county where police and prosecutors are working to crack down on gang violence. the judge today sentencing 19-year-old luis martinez to 10 years for threatening a man with aachete. this all unfolded in a festival shopping center in gaithersburg. the victim using the cell phone to try to capture so of these moments. martinez holds the machete in one hand. you saw him there flashing a gang symbol for ms 13 with the other. we're told the victim pulled out a pocket knife and t gang member ran off. >> i mean, this is a guy who did brandi a 2 foot long machete in a parking lot of ary busy shopping center at around 5:00 in the afternoon on an august
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afternoon. amean, this is not something we should tolerate a community. >> so another gang member involved in this attack hasr aldy been sentenced to prison. prosecutors say the gangs are recruiting new members in middle and high school levels. pat and leon, back over to you. >> thank you, erika. a localteacher has been charged with getting drunk at school. deputies arrested the teacher at mill run elementary in loudon county yesterday. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is live in ashburn. we know you've been doing some digging. this happened several times before with other teachers? >> reporter: the news 4 i-team, i'm going to walk you through the list they've compiled. irst i want you to hear the surprise for parents when they learned about this arrest. headed he for th weekend. mill run elementary school students leaving happy and full of energy. parents not feeling the same
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joy. >> i think of my daughter every day at around this time, so it ally surprised me today. >> i think ther areachers like this. >> reporter: she is referring to special education teacher brian chamer, arrested the middle of the day on thursday. >> they found this individual had alcoholic beverage on his eath so it appeared he was under the influence of alcohol. then in the subsequent check of his personal belongings, we found he also had vodka on him. s reporter: loudon county public schoolsid he began working there in 2012 as a substitute. he then served as a teacher assistant. then a special education teacher in 2016. he joined mill run twoears ago. tonight he is on administrative leave. >> it's actually happened before. it's not like this is the first time. >> the i-team covering the recent incident. april 2017 a sterling middle school teacher charged with, dur dui and possession of alcohol.
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a few months later at t same school a teacher arrived intoxicated accused of drinking in the classroom. the same year three arlington teachers fromlo tayelementary zpl zpl dismissed. in all those cases, the educators have their virginia teaching licenses revoked. this most recent arrest could end the same way. >> it's concerning. certainly concerning for us. i think it was rely -- the prin pal w principal was on the ball and let us know what was going on. >> we're out here working on this story toda pat. we noticed a parent drive by, a dad who said i don't want to go on camera, but i want you to er know that teaas a good person and a dedicated teacher, specifically pointing out how he handled teachers with special needs. he's got a range of emotions. >> a disturbing case, david.nk thaou so much. news 4 has learned there is a plea deal in the works of
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sending a racy photond soliciting sex. allison briel is expected to plead guilty monday to contributing to the delinquency of three minors.ll she'et a suspended three year sentence. she was the school's marketing teacher. she's been on leave without pay since november. so many tof you callis worrying about this scene down by the jefferson memorial earlier today. black smoke billowing from ohio drive. it turns out it wasar a c fire. these are new pictures of that car fully engulfed in one of the parking lots. turns out one person was injured. right now we don't know exactly what started that fire. we told you about another atm e robberyly yesterday morning, this time in slver springs. we've got new video just in to news 4. two suspects wen into the 7/7 on tech road and forced the store employees to the floor. a third person rammed a pckkup truhrough the front of the store. they loaded up the atm and took off. thankfully no one was injured. the suspects'r wetold wore
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black hoodies and covered their faces. in recent weeks several atms have bee targeted for thefts. police in several jurisdictions are looking to see if the cases are connected. they hired ake careta with nearly 50 years of experience to watch their infant. now a local family's nanny is going to go to prison forhat child's murder. today in court the nanny begged the judge to send her home to heramily instead of sending her off to prison. news 4 tracee wilkins was there in the courtroom and she joins us now live with a heartbreaking end to a family's painful journey. >> reporter: there were a lot of tears in this courtroom, high emotions on both sides. ad ple who were sitting in nothing to do with the case found themselves crying when they heard people talking about how this has impacted their lives. one point the defendant got on her knees and asked the judge for mercy. this nanny is taking a 7unce
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bottle of formula and feeding it to this 8 month old. we're not showing what happens next, but according to state prosecutors, she feeds the child so forcefully that the infant suffocates. the nanny then force feeds the 8 month old water according to prosecutors. the once vibrant 8 month old playing in her walker just moments earlier passes out andd s. >> she should have known that her actions could have caused serious bodily harm and in this case death. >> reporter: she called the ath an accident. prosecutors say she was not honest with theher about what she did. they only found out after testing the nanny cam video. >> she's taken care of children her whole life about the last 5e s. never been any problem. i think that's why she was so emotional. she doesn't want it to be thought that she wanted any harm to come to that child. >> reedrter: the judge sentenc her to 15 years in prison on
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child abuse and fifth degree murder charges. >> i don't be if she'll make it through a 15 year sentence quite honestly. >> reporter: lots of concerns about her being 73 years old and her health and be ng inprison. on the other hand, you have a family who has lost their little one. at the end of the day, the judge said the nanny should have known better. tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> just breaks your heart. thank you, tracee. a church pastor says he's ng thankiod there wasn't more damage done after a fire. it started in the steepl of the new life worship center. pastor juan wilder says the flames made it into the second floor nursery but not into the main sanctuary. they heard a loud bang and smelled smoke. someone called 91 and the fi department arrived quickly and the pastor said it saved the church. >> there was an angel riding by. called in right on time. my faith has been renewed.
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it's on 100 now to know that god, you know what, i was worried for a moment, but you ill get the glory for this. >> the cause of this fire still under investigation. some sad news from one of our area's largest companies. marriott's ceo has been r.agnosed with can the company says sorenson has stage two pancreaticancer. the cancer was caught early and he doesn't appear to have a case that spread. he's planning to continue working while receiving treatment. he'll begin that treatment next week and may have to under surgery before the end of the year. we wish him well. >> definitely. may the 4th with you. that's "star wars." but this year will be marked without a favorite character. peter mayhew, the actor who played chewbacca. >> mayhew died tuesday from a
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heart attack. he was 74. he was working as a hospital ord orderly when he was discovered by george lucas. >> he played in the original "star wars." he was a consultant on the last jedi to help guide his success r into the role. amazing work to put character into an 8 foot tall figure covered in hair. >> an actor who won't be fo gotten. tomorrow local students are going to be celebrating the " >> tommy mcfly has more on the event as he looks ahead and some fun ideas for your weekend. plus new video of deadly flooding in the midwest. we're getting an update on the recovery under way as one river threatens again to spill banks. storm team 4 tracking rain and more storms. notice where these are. all off to the west. nothing around the d.c. metro area. we don't expect anything the rest of the afterno it's all in the western zone. also into western portions of maryland. a severe thunderstorm warning
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still foric freder county, virginia and clark county. now a new flash flood watch in effect for parts of the area. what we
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. ibaka with a -- back with a weather alert for you. doug says some of these have potential to be severe. on> a drone's eye view reveals clear devastatin iowa. >> towns along the mississippi river watching as the waters are washing out roads and swallowing up yards along the way. at least three deaths blamed on the storm that pushed the river tser ibanks. >> jay gray explains what's next for victims of the flood. >> catastrophic flooding continues across the midwest. >> this was the worst that i've seen >>it. iolent storms spawning tornadoes, hail and driving rains in areas already soaked pushing creek, lakes and rivers past their banks. crews and residents scramble to build concrete barriers, but the water is still forcing its w in. >> you can't seal it up completely. they've got pumps running 24 hours a day. >> repchter: there is too mu water to pump in many places, roadways and neighborhoods are t
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flooded fromexas to michigan. in some areas the water coming in so fast the only way out is by boat.ay >> i'd 3 to 4 feet within less than ten minutes. >> less than that zb >> reporter: davenport, iowa,s habeen swallows by the misssippi river. out.own has been washed forecasters say the storms will continu cause problems as they move through the northeast whilthe cleanup now begins in places they've already been. jay gray, nbc news. you really have to feeolfor those fs. a lot of them go through this every year or so. >> but not like this. they really do. flooding is prone to this time of year for sure, but this is something they haven't seen in a long time.o of our producers lives in the omaha area. he said this isworse than 1993 which was one of the worst years offlooding ever, so therere
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ally going through it in parts of the midwest. we'll have more coming up. for it's all about the storms in our area. a flew threat we've got out there. we've got the severe thunderstorm watch. that's for areas in the pink. frederickcounty, maryland, loudon, fauquier and points to the north and west, so again, most of northern virginia west of i-95 and then just about the enre state of west virginia and then western portions of maryland. the strongest storms are in west virginia. this storm right here no longer severe. they've dropped the severe thunderstorm warning. it has weakened a little bit. a news storm just to the south of winchester. other storms have formed into parts of the panhandle. heads up into berkeley county, jefferson viunty, mo right in towards jefferson county. as we widen out, you see what's happening. ather back into west virginia. we're going to see this whole mess right in here. all of this just going to move
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our way into a fairly unstable atmosphere and give us that chance for severe weather. the other threat that we have n toht, the flash flood threat. this is until midnight. this includes the panhandle of mest virginia, westernyland all the way over to frederick, and frederick county, virginia, and clark county, virginia. up to 3 inches of rain possible. pockets of very heavy rain. remember, turn arou don't drown. we do not want tody see anybo have any problems. you do not need to be rescued. make sure you turn aroundhen you see that waterer going ov any roadways. in and around the d.c. metro area, not bad. we've got sunshine and cloud cover. clouds to the nort sun to the south. winds out of the northeast at 14 miles an hour. i went for a high temperature today of 85. here's what's happening. same thing that happened the other day. that northeaste look at the numbers. 69 in baltimore. 87 in fredericksburg. a 20 degree temperature
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difference. even in d.c. 76 here. pla nas sas at 85. having a tough time doing so with the northeast flow. tonight we've got the showers, we've got the thundunstorms. ar 6:00, one possibly around the loudon county area movio int montgomery and fading out. by 10:00 here comes the storms through frederick county, maryland. then right on down i-81 eventually into the d.c.metro area. right around 11:00, 12:00. if you're going out late night, you may need the umbrella this evening. i tomorrow we're clear tomorror clear. not expecting much in the way of rain. saturd mostlyry. here's 1:00, but watch what happens during the afternoon. a couple of showers.a uple of storms on your friday. most of friday will be dry. sunday is the day i expect a lot of rain. let's talk about that. high temperature of only 73. a.m. rain if not shower activity throughout the afternoon. that's something we'll track for you. monday.
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82 on tuesday. more on the weekend forecast. join us in about 25 minutes. amelia joins me in the webster. >> those numbers looking nd more southern like. >>e> with m thator in remind, wn the community helping you stretch your summer travel budget. >> molette green and photographer irene get away from the big city bustle on a single tank ofgas. >> we took a one tank trip to paradise. >> see how molette does. ystersg the local then what's your breast cancer risk? surgeons offer new mammogram screening guidelines based on your individl history. it's known as the boat that helps win the war. you get up close and personal. i'm tommy mcfly with what's on tap for yourheeekend. t higgins landing boat makes
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its way tohe nationalall of fame museum to help commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day. you check it out for yourself nd the man who invented it andrew higgins will be inducted into the hall of fame. belmont ridge middle schoo youngfans of comics, the art and "star wars" are in for quite a treat at river con. it is may the 4th be with you. "star wars" day. the man who plays bobafet will be there answering fans questions. n the grounds of the national cathedral today and tomorrow, it's the annual flower march. way more than gorgeous blossoms. fun, food. really cool artisan gifts you can only get at the flower mart. you can find out how the national cathedral has a mig of
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national cathedral has a mig of natural
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service is out for mmmography guidelines. they're calling on women over the age of 25 to get a breast cancer risk assessment with a ldctor. that c include genetic testing. women at an average risk should begin annual mammograms at the age of 40 but for women with family history or another risk factor that puts you in a highek riategory of developing breast cancer, doctors suggest you get annual mammograms and supplemental breast mri screenings beginning at the age of 35. despite a public outcry from dozens of women, the fda says it will not ban breast implants that have been linked cancer. in march an advisory panel heard powerful testimony from victims who claim their textured implants caused a rare form of lymphoma. it's not breast cancer, but a cancer of the immune system that grows in the scar tissuero surunding the implants. more than 450 women have been diagnosed with this and h 17ve
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died. the fda says there is not enough idence to have aan but they will investigate. a story guaranteed to make you smile. beautiful beach, breath taking views and all the seafood you can eat. >> we're lucky enough to have h all that wit a drive of where we sit. molette green and her photographer made the trip t virginia's eastern shore on just one tank of gas. >> on one tank of gas we drove three hours to land at the flit facility. nasa's only launch range. the site of important missions to the moon and beyond. we're almost clauose enough to able to touch one of three launch pads. >> you can come down to the eastern shore of virginia and be able to see space activity, be able to see nature. >> nine miles down the road, a ride into serenity. though we ditched our car for a bright yellow california ford
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roadster to enjoy a wind in your face ride around lo welcomed us, including a d.c. native who moved away from the hustle of city life decades uo. >> when crossed the bridge coming in here, you'll see the marsh on the side. there's certain times when that marsh, people think it stinks, but it's a wonderful smell to me. >> living here on an island known forng protecti wild horses and ponies. they roam free here. not far away, s andy paradise at the beac all inside the wildlife refuge. oysters and clams fresh out of the water. there's one road in and one road off the island.
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and we did it all on one tank os g i'm molette green for news 4. >> i guess the miles in that car don't count. >> riding in style. cono, they don'tt. the oysters that she was talking about will be on full display a the p51st annual festival. >> it's happening tomorrow from 00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at tom's cove park. if you leave at 7:00 a.m., you should be in good shape. >> sounds good. from the beach to the racetrack. tommy mcfly is getting us ready for the derby, kentucky derby, that is. he's got the mint julep recipe. storm team 4 has issued a weather alert for parts of our area. b doug and amck with the rnpact. plus a wang about a scary am. susan hogan joins us soon with a consumer alert about a one-ri
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juleule . if you are just joining us at ha4:30, a judge has ntenced a teenager to ten years in prison in connection to gang activity. cell phone video captured the moment where a 19-year-old waved a machete at another man outside festival shopping center. the teen is a suspected ms 13
4:31 pm
game mber. this is a store video of yesterday's atm theft at a 7/11 in silver spring. two robbers forced employees to the floor while a third thief backed the pickup truck through the front of that building. you see the busted out windower thon the side of your loscreen. the up the atm and took off with it. the employees thankfully were not iured. news 4 has learned of a plea deal with the loudon county high school teacher accused of sending a racy photo to some of her students. allison briel will plead guilty to contributing to the delinquencyof a minor monday and receive a three year suspended sentence. storm team 4 radar declares a weather alert for the possibility oftrong to severe storms. our team is all over this for y. right look at the radar now. many of us will be uer are sevehunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. doug and amelia have got their eyes on that. back over to you. let's get a quick update on
4:32 pm
thegh forecast rinow. >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer standing by in the storm center. i know you have now warnings up? >> yah. remember, this is not for the d.c. area today. i think tonight we have a chance for some rain, but this is all back to the western zones. frederick county,[6.róñ loudon, fauquier county, points to the west under that severe thunderstorm watch unti0. 10:0 right now tracking two storms. this one was severe, but no longer. it's weakened moving into jefferson county, west virginia. this is the new warning. this is right around steven city. the new warningincludes parts of frederick county, virginia, as well as clark county andrr wa county. shenandoah kocounty as well. this is strasburg right here. watch out in this area. strasburg t around this area, some hail reported in this storm just south of steven city right along i-81. this one moving off to the east only at 15 miles an hour, meaning very heavy rainat associ with that. more storminess throughout the night. you see where the warnings or the watches are once this syste
4:33 pm
moves. much more on this, more on what it means to your weekend. we're back in a few minutes. now to the power struggle between president trump and democrats in congress. it comes amid continued turmoil over theueller report and word of an hour long conversation between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. suz susan mcginnis is on capitol hill on a day where that news overshadows some pretty strong >> that's right, pat. the day started out bright. really good numbers from the job frontwere out. he could have spent the day enjoying th numbers. then we got wind of the hour long phone call with russian president vladimir putin which stole the headlines. president trump talked to russian leader vladimir putin bd phone tay. among many issues they d cussed, the conclusion of the mueller report. >> he said something to the effect that it started off as a mountain and it ended up being a
4:34 pm
mouse, but he knew that because he knew there was no collusion. >> whey they did not discuss, the focus of mueller's report, russian election meddling. >> did you ask him if he muddled in the election? >> didn't discuss that. >> russia grabbing the spotlight again on a day when the president was basking in some of the strongest job numbers in a generation. the ecomy added more jobs than spec'd last month. the jobless rate fell to the ev lowest since 1969. more evidence that decade long recovery continues. >> our country is doing well. it never probably has done as well itself it's doing right now economically. >> president trump be'eves that were just getting started in cris economy. >> meanwhile deats feel they are just getting started in their battle with the white house and attorney general william barr. today house judiciary chairman jerryr nadle wrote barr setting a monday morning deadline to give lawmakers access to more of the mueller report with a threat to hold barr in contempt. >> to see the attorney general
4:35 pm
of the united states withhold the facts, misrepresent the facts and lie to the congress of the united states and doing so he's lieg ying to the american people. >> democrats not backing down from what they call their oversight responsibility. the head of the senate judiciary committee, senator lin ey graham extended an offer to testify before the congress. no tlling yet if mueller will testify. >> and everybody in this town can't wait to find out whether he will. thanks, susan. we'll see what happens down the r have a good weekend. the measles outbreak has caused a court fight in a new york suburb. rockland county issued a state of emergency after more than 200 cases have popped up since last year. it happens to be home to many jewish communities which rarely vaccinate their children. the city is offering summons for
4:36 pm
those not following requirements. they're also closing down jewisw schoolsre the students were attending classes. closer to hom they win the round. they did not. but two local contestants did make the top ten in this year's miss usa pageant. >> eun yang joins us next with more about the standout young women. and we're in 24 weather alert mode with counts in pink including frederick county in maryland and virginia, loudon and fauquier counties under severe thunderstorm watch until. 10:00 10:00 we'll have the latest t it hasn't always been easy, has it? ♪ there have been days when you doubted yourself. ♪ and days when you were ready to quit.♪
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a different woman is nowng wearhe crown this afternoon. >> the annual miss usa pageant took place last night in nevada. eun yang has aow look at h some of our local csntestants did a well. >> there is a new miss usa. miss north carolina was crowned last night. attorney ryst is a and holds a masters in business administration. beautiful and smart at 27 years old, she is the oldest waman ever n miss usa. this is district of columbia. rwe shared he incredible story with you earlier this year. she was once in foster care and now works for the d.c. child and familye services y. miss maryland also made the top ten. she is a university sudent.
4:40 pm
miss usa will go off to compete in miss universe later this year. >> the locals didn't win but they certainly did represent. you would never have known it, but kelly clark son wson wa pain when she was hosting the billboard music awards. clarkson wowed the crowd but now she's conrming she was battling a pen -- i broke down in tears after the show from pain. showu baew back right after the and had her appendix removed on wednesday morning. >> okay. i have much more respect for her now. that was a heck of a performance. >> it takes a lot of strength to get through something like that. speaking of awesome, if the weather cooperates accident we're in for a different kind of show this weekend. >> amelia is here for the different kind of show.
4:41 pm
ameteor shower and how you see it. >> let's cross our fingers that the weather cooperates for just a little bit so we have the meteor shower happening out there this weekend on into monday. technically peaks the 5th, on sunday. but you can still go out tomorrow morning before dawn, sunday morning beforeawn and monday morning before dawn and actually i think your best bet is either going to be tomorrow morning or monday morning based on the weather forecast to maybe catch a few meteors out there streaking through the sky. now, if you're in the southern hemisphere, you're getting in on a fantastic showing of the shower, but we can still make out here not too bad. we can see potentially about 10 to 20 meteors per hour. if you do go out and watch, give yourself a little bit of time. you want to be away for bright lights. allow your eyes to gets adjusted. you can just look up. you don'tneed to look anywhere specific to try to catch a meteor. this meteor shower comes from
4:42 pm
debris left behind haley's com met. doug and i have more on the weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks, amelia. our other big weather story today, storm team 4 monitoring chances for strong thunderstorms tonight. a severe thunderstorm watch up right now for parts of the area. doug and amelia back in minutes with the impact on the rekt of the wed. the wed. and i'm susan hogan. sch gardens is s ding you... er the edge! scream and swing 80 feet high in the air! save $12 on a single day ticket. only at busch gardens.
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4:45 pm
consumer reporter susan hogan if working you with a consumer alert about the latest scam. >> as if robocalls aren't annoyie' enough, now w getting them in the middle of the night. it's got so baden in rweeks that today the fcc issued a new warning. the fcc says this is what's known as a m.e ring phone s the scammers let the phone ring once or twice, then theyang up hoping you call back. these numbers are usually like the 1-900 numbers here in the u.s. where you pay an extra fee per minute for that call. well, of course that money goes directly to the scammers, so here are four thing you can do right now to protect yourself from illegal robocalls. don't answer or return any of those calls fom numbers you don't recognize. if you don't make international calls, ask your carrier to block outgoing international calls on your line so you don't accidentally dial one. use a robocall detection app to
4:46 pm
help filter out the unwanted if you're still billed for a call you made, ask your phone company to reverse the charges for you. if they don't, you can file a complaint with the fcc.ou of e, we have a link for you right now on our nbc wasngton app. you can also turn the phone off. one thing we don't want turned off is doug's radar. it is hopping. >> it is to thewest of me. if you're in d.c. or to the south of washington where reesterday there was an aa that was really hit hard. we saw a lot of trees down, a lot of heavyn. rai today it's all well north and west, areas that did not see much in thea way of yesterday are getting it today with the severe thunderstorm watch.ha and we a severe thunderstorm warning going on for parts of frederick county, virginia, clark county, and aarren county. there's the wh as well. notice it does not include d.c. or areas to the south and east. nothing around baltimore, fredericksburg, down toward parts ofouthern maryland. it does include points to the
4:47 pm
west. you see a lot of heavy rain in through parts of west virginia ecluding the panhandlof west virginia. this was a severe storm. it's really dying off. this right here is the storm that we're watching now. thiss just to the south of winchester, right around steven city. you see here anytime we see this pink, that is hail. we did see dime size hail. thank you for that report. we've got another one just south of steven city making its way to the north and east, in towards northern portions of warren y. count let's zoom in one more time. i want to show you exactly where this storm is. this is stephens city right along 11 coming into 277 in about the next 15 to 20 minutes. heads up for that area. not moving fast which mea very heavy rainfall. the potential is there for flooding. the watch extends through most rginia. watching this line, this line right here is also going to intersect with t unstable atmosphere in ouron regi that's why we think more storms
4:48 pm
are likely and why we also see some in the d.c. metarea. flash flood watch. another concern for foolao fling, everybody to the north and west until midnight tonight. amelia, we're tracking this next stem that comes in tomorrow night and into sunday. that could bring heavy rain too. >> absolutely, doug. fo pretty much theame areas that we're talking about tonight. north and west of the d.c. metro area. frederick county and maryland and virginia,loudon, fauquier counties, areas farther back, you have the best chance for again tomorrow night. but we could see that in the d.c. metro area as well. let's time it out. future weather, 3:00 p.m. on saturday, some pea of sunshine, maybe an isolated shower or stray storm, but most of saturday day completely dry. we hit 7:00 p.m., notice we're tracking hit and miss showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. then we move toward midnight. this is what'soving into the area. notice this heavy rain in northern virginia, the panhandle
4:49 pm
of west virginia and western maryland as well. a 4:00. in the morning, you're a slight sleeper, you may be woken up by heavy rainfall eoving through the area. you can't rul out isolated flooding, but for the most part you'll be waking up to damp sidewalking and driveways. 9:00 a.m. future weather has us mainly drive. otherwise plenty of clouds. a fewi showers are posse during the day on sunday. it's not a washout. we're going to have dry time. saturday versus sunday i'm seeing much more dry time out there on saturday compared to sunday. also a big temperature difference from 81 on saturday down to 73 on sunday. still a bit humid out there. inhint of humidity out the the forecast. we think rain is likely overnight tomorrow between about midnight and 4:00 a.m. >> after the dnight, a nice pattern on monday and tuesday. really nice weather. wednesday a littf ifbut still have it dry for now. chance of storms move back in on thursday and friday.
4:50 pm
notice temperatures on the mild until next weekend. next weekend, right now it looks like we could go below average. bel below average still around the upper 60s. another un settled weather patt wn late nextk as well. >> thank you, doug. there is a new favorite to win the derby tomorrow. game winner with a 9-2 odds. omaha beach had to dropout. >> but a favorhete at t watch party, snow down is going to be the traditional mint julep drink. ne4's tommy mcfly got a chance to get advice on how to make yours. >> we're all excited for the kentucky derby toow right here on nbc 4, but the mint julep, the famed drink of the derby had some d.c. roots. we're with morgan, the whisk key adviser. what is the d.c. connection? >> it was brought to the round robin bar at the willard hotel. >> you have an at-home recipe if
4:51 pm
you'reu watching and nt to participate by yourself. how do you make it happen? >> definitely. i like to elevate mine just a little bit, so i do 4 to 6 dropr ofose water which you can get aost anywhere. it's really not hard to procure. we do 8 to 10 mint leaves depending on the size of your mint leaves. nice little sprigs here. i'm doing probably more on the 10 side because i like mine a little mintier. depending on your sweetness, you catw do anywhere been a quarter ounce and half ounce of simple syrup. i do abo 1/3 of an ounce. don't want to rip up the mint. >> and it gets the flavor of the mint. >> exactly. helps fuse the simple syrup with the mint. about 2 ouncesfur n here. then woor going e're going to p ice in here. >> if you don't have the fancy glass, you do grass at home?
4:52 pm
>> absolutely. at church hill downs they serve it in an acrylic glass. >> they have thousands they go through. >> 120,0 julep. >> how many do you do here? >> off the top of my head, i don't know, but probably about a third of that. >> more than you would think. >> we are wall to wall of people. it's a lot ofun. it's a really great party. what i just did there, i tapped some mint on the back of my hand, kind of wake that mint uye at it a little bit, shove it right in there. it's rael pretty. then that extra little bit powdered sugar on top. >> look at that. rose water, simple syrup, bourbon mint. if you're enjoying the kentucky derby tomorrow or anything in the summertime, morgan, thank you very much. if you join us on the nbc washington app, she'll give you more exotic recipes with tumeric
4:53 pm
it >> that doesn't say hangover at all. >> i like one ingredient in that. it was bourbon. >> bourbon and ice. >> i like both of those ingredients. you're right, two. >> you either love them, hate m, ther had so many you can't remember. >> there you go. >> and they get better the more you have. >> so does the world. e coming up, are turning trash into treasure today. >> volunteers were cleaning up the anacostia river d they removed thousands of stws. but one -- drinking straws one artist didn't want to put them to waste. also rats, they're rty, diseased and they are throughout the city. the news 4 i-team shows us a i first of kind way to remedy
4:54 pm
those pesky rodents. >> we hate them. scooter safety, the new study out swing your first ride could be very likely to land you in the hospital. >> it's a beautiful friday, but we do have nasty storms coming through. we'll see you shortly with all those stories and more. >> alot coming
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
no doubt about it, there is a ton of history in the district. you go to the meeeums to s the most important documents in history. >> but some of the craziestmo nts happened in places you wouldn't think about. as derrick ward explains, it's all about >> reporter: they walk among us. spies. they don't wear trench coats and sunglasses. >> they blend in with the surroundings. >> reporter: often hiding things in plain sight. this location underneath the freeway in georgetown pretty n nondescript. trove the menu board was where a man beed his country, so-called dead drop location. >> this is in fact where aldridge aims, the greatest betrayer in ciato h started jotting down names of cia agents and handed it over to his soviet
4:58 pm
handlers. >> it's the kind of thing you will learn at the spy museum. it used to be here. the new one certainly no secret. soon to be opening. to promote the new spot, they hunt. skcavenger is pizza place was a french restaurant in 1985. it led one to the same place where a kgb defect or escaped his cia handlers. he went to the bathroom, climbed out the bathroom and ran to the embassy. >> it brings history to life. it's about disguise, about deceit. >> and it's about to open on may 12th. who knows, there may be a eey or two kng an eye on who stops by. >> absolutely. i think we're all being watched. >> derrick ward, news 4. or is that really my name?
4:59 pm
>> you can still win a vip membership to the international spy museum if you follow the clues. >> now i don't know if we can ever trust derrick again. >> not sure anymore. >> newst 4 a 5:00 starts right now and another weather alert. another round of severe storms will be hitting our area and beiringing a threat of floo. >> let's take you straight to radar. you can see people north and westeif the district the worst of it so far right now, but folks, this system is on the move. >> our team coverage continues in the stor center with doug and amelia. let us know what's going on, l fo. >> we only have right now pretty much one storm. another one forming. we have one storm that's been on the severe side. we have the severe thunderstorm warning going until 5:30. you got new information on that storm. >> te national weather sice coming out and saying the storm now back around frederick, clark county and virginia has the potential to produce 2-inch size hail, wind gusts up to 75 miles
5:00 pm
an hour 37 can't rule out a tornado in that actually. >> once again, this is well west of the metro washington area, d.c. area are not in that watch at all. the severe thunderstorm watch continues until 10:00. frederick count loudon county, fauquier county and points to the west. it is this storm rightha here t we're really watching that has really flared up a ton of lightning out of this. looking at somef the hail, upwards of 2 inch hail likely. we have quarter inch hail has already fallen aroun the area and this warning goes until 5:30. a new storm forming in shenandoah county. i want to zoom back in. this is just to the south of the winchester area. heads up, yes, we have rotation and we'll see what happens outs of the storm. ee're watching that one and watching this linight here. once it moves into this region, we could see more severe weather. that's why we're in weather alert mode once most of this well west of washington, but even into d.c.


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