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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 3, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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called to help some of their own. when the crews called for backups, new job cuts meant no one was there. and a question weighing on the hearts of the families of three american tourists in iran, where are they? and how the swiss embassy is working to find out more. and the cash for clunker's program could be bankrupt. we're looking for answers. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. as we head outside. traffic by the pentagon, that's a nice start to the monday morning. en it's monday, august 3rd, 2009. thank you for joining us. still, a lot of clean upto do in frederick and carroll. three twisters touched down. the wild winds hit on friday.
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after spending the weekend cleaning up, residents say they have a way to go and they can certainly use help. we want to get the latest on the weather from tony perkins. they'll get the help in the form of decent weather conditions as the cleanup continues in frederick and carroll county and we'll see a decent day today. we're getting off to a humid start this morning. currently, 71-degrees in washington and humidity is at 84% and you'll feel it and winds att7 miles r. here's the satellite ra'se dasa composite right now and most of sh utloud cover is to th o and east and the precipitation is to the south and east. we won't deal with it today. we have a b of haze and humidity and that will burn off and lead into sunshine.
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it will be less humid this afternoon and still, warm, high about 89 degrees. more details on the forecast coming up. >> all right, tony, thank you. h > metro's moving forward now. 22 june . nd slammed into tranother and killed 9 and injured dozens . the transit agency is going to begin repairs at tacoma park rk on it for pookas -- 30 days 'l the delays will continue through the delays. let's check in for the morning commute. southbound 270, you're hitting the brakes towards 370, the earlier accident is cleared and the outer lupe is closed on 95 college park and coldsville road.
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earlier crash at connecticut avenue, that's clear. slower on west new hampshire avenue. north of duke street, no accidents and lanes are open towards the 14th street bridge and lanes open at the wilson bridge. that's a check of the traffic. new this morning, the staff county fire houses are cut. the new rules went into affect yterday and apparently, they're causing problems already when flames broke out in a fire house. a fire truck caught fire and we're joined live from the scene. sara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you know, it's surprising to hear about a fire at a fire station and the circumstances surrounding that are amazing in of itself. the fire started at 2:00 a.m. and they realized they would need backup. they called the closest fire
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station, capitol heights and no one was there. staffing cuts that started on sunday contributed to that. it started at 1:00 a.m. two volunteer firefighters responded to a fire and on their way back, they smelled a smell and when thy got back to the station, the smoke and flames broke out. no one was there and they went to the next station. that's actually five to six miles away. it took them eight minutes to respond here. longer than it should have taken had it been capitol heights responding. even here at the boulevard height's station, they've had cuts of their own. >> the technician is responsible for checking the apparatus during the weekly and monthly checks of the vehicles. at nighttime on the weekends,
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we don't have a technician. >> reporter: now, it's unclear if they had a technician, if they could have prevented the fire that started in the engine compartment. it doesn't look good and the cuts taking place, april 1st and they're feeling the affects at the station. and again, they were saying, eight minutes is what it took to get here and six minutes is the average. it was longer, he thought than it should have been to get someone there to fight the fire. no damage, just minor damage in the building bit. thank you. our other big story, the remains of a u.s. navy pilot are heading back to florida.
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he was the first casualty of the first iraq war. he was shotdown in 1991 and his remains were buried there. his wear about -- ware abouts were found last month. >> the yexact ware abouts of three americans in iraq are a mystery. the united states doesn't have omatic tiesdi irwn thaand the swiss embassy is waiting to find access to the americans servicemen and women serving in the u.s. are rewarded with the most comprehensive gi bill in decades. president obama will be in fairfax to usher in the benefits bill covers the cost of
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tuition, room and board for instate school. cash for clunkers could get a last minute reprieve. the trade in program has run through $1 billion it could be shutdown today. that's where doug luzader is this morning with more. >> reporter: if cash for clunkers is going to survive, the senate has to move fast. it could be bankrupt. the cash is just aboum, which p $4500 for consumers to trade in older cars for new ones is hugely popular and no less than authorities said this weekend, alan greenspan said it's been affective. there's no doubt, that extraordinary response that we saw is an important indicater of the state of confidence in
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the economy is beginning to pickup. >> you don't have to tell ford. their monthly sales went up and congress is pushing through another $2 billion to extend the program. why not do it. as popular as it is, someone will have to put the bill. >> reporter: also, there are the consequences charities that rely on car donations take a hit, the consumers would rather have the money. >> the phones stop ringing. we've had like two cars donated, it's tough. >> reporter: this morning, the website insists that the program is still operating, but for how long? it could be out with the old and in with the new and dealers and consumers are getting scared. some republicans may try to fight pouring more money into the program and the reality is,
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it's popular and opposing it carries political risks. doug luzader, fox news. so, should you still head to the lot to trade in the clunker? we'll talk with a deal tore -- dealer to find out what he's hearing. the end of the line is near for thousands of americans receiving unemployment benefits. nearly half a million will lose their inemployment checks by september. there's a push to get congress to extend the benefits like it's done in the past. previous extensions allow people to receive benefit for 79 weeks. a sigh of relief for d.c.. it's extended for 20 weeks. 50 e eopee wplt ouerto benefits. t yreolou'you're looking for a jo or hopeing to hire new workers. go to h we have a fox 5 job shop.
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if you want a a b, b, lojot ok ahetney b,tab and go to the money link. coming up, 'll profile the first job of the day. montgomery county police are looking for whoever robbed a 99-year-old woman. a lady got a phone call to open her door to take a survey and people barged their way in. she was hospitalized as a precaution, and not hurt. a summer concert tragedy after a stage collapses. and the oscar winning star trapped by the debris. and details on the common wealth back to school cash holiday. dave ross, what's going on? /. >> reporter: well, dave versus dave today.
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who's the bester offensive lineman. it's all about technique. that's what i'm talking about. we'll pop them on fox 5 morning news.
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the redskins kick off day five of training camp today. >> dave ross is not on the sidelines this year, no, no, he's getting busy with an early morning workout. >> reporter: yeah, you know, we don't come here to sit-down, we come here to work. that's what i'll do all weekend long with dave versus dave. today, chris samuels, a 6 time
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probowler shows us who's a better offensive lineman. >> all right, the first dave versus dave also, chris samuels to show us the art of blog -- blocking. looking at us, i'll be the best blocker. well, the most important thing,the heart that's ticking. >> show us the proper technique to get us into this first dave and dave. >> well, don't hurt us. >> go to the left tackle. have your right forward and left back and left hand down. hit the back. shovel the feet, shuffle the feet. >> left hand down. bend your knees and keep your eye up. shuffle it back. >> oh, i'm seeing shuffling. i'm not seeing him shuffling!
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>> shuffle! that's beautiful! >> let me show you this, one more time. shuffle your feet, oh, shuffle shuffle! back off, let me show you how it's done. >> oh, no! are you kissing the bag! >> no, i'm hitting it. >> no, that's a warmup. >> oh, he was kissing the bag! >> still going, right foot first. left foot next. [ laughter ] >> i think i have a chance. >> oh! >> i think i moved it. that sucker moved, baby. >> you're going to right tackle. >> you're the winner. in my opinion, you're the winner. >> i tried. >> thank you for doing this the first day. >> do you think i could play. >> i think you can play. >> we'll sign you up with the
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water jug. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, you have to do online. don't let chris fool you. he failed to mention the shuffling of the feet. go and vote at to see what was the winner a it have -- winner of the first challenge. i know what it looks like. he out weighs me by 600 pounds. i'm telling you, never shuffle the feet, i gave you better technique. >> trying to put the spin on it. it's all about the bulk. >> it's a hard sell. >> well, when he's on his back, do you think he'll say, well, he moved his feet. >> i'll give you a point for the spin control. >> well, sometimes you have to work with what the good lord gave you. >> no doubt you'll beat him in the 40 time.
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>> that would be a given. >> good effort for both of you. >> and you had better foot work. >> i liked it. >> vote, allison, i know you're with us. >> you have one up here, dave. >> nicely done. thank you for playing along. >> great. >> well, you have to move the things. >> well, yeah. ingly i'm always for the underdog. >> of course, you have to be. what's happening. >> well, the temperatures have gone up and the humidity is dropped a little bit. >> taking a look at the airport temperatures at reagan national, up to 73 degrees and we're up at dullis. 72 in both of those locations. these are the current temperatures, 55 in cincinnati. 75d liann r ileanttk ocd phoenix at 92 degrees.
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4!, ni 11x, oeni1111 >> oh! > x,>>nioe actnilly, they had th ar hottest month ever july. y. j ulst > ehe> s treatelhe a radar r you know, not the most active map we've seen. e have rain thwoins e west and great lates th, 's itth ff o of the coast of carolinas and georgia and south eastern virginia and a little bit of lightning showing up. here's the forecast today and the next five. high in the upper 80s and sunshine and not as humid as yesterday. and tomorrow, a hance of a thunderstorm and a slight chance. chances of thunderstorms thursday and friday. it will be cooler and dryer as well. highs in the 80s. that's the look at the weatherful all right, tony, thank you. let's check in with traffic once again. well, it's been busy, we've
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had problems at route 4. outer lupe at the beltway, that's cleared and we have delays leaving 95 and college park and working your way around the area. southbound, 270 and no incidents to report. gaithersburg at the split, the traffic volume is heavy and slow and that's moved to the shoulder. 66, eastbound, leaving 7100 going into fair oaks, you'll be ahead of the speed. and all of the lanes are open towards the beltway. that's a look at the on-time traffic. following breaking news from human human -- miami right flu. a jet was en route from rio to houston and it hit bad bumps and landed in miami and four
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passengers are in serious condition. and 22 others have bruises and think're in stable condition right now. checking head lines around the world this morning. the leader of iran endorsed mahmoud ahmadinejad for a second term of presidency. and deadly riots and arrests followed. his opponents believe that the election was fixed. and 15,000 may have witnessed a tragedy at canada's largest country music festival this weekend. high winds caused a stage to collapse and killed one and injured several others. kevin costner was also strapped, but not hurt. it's 7:21 and putting the brakes on aggressive drivers.
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coming up, the latest details on making the roads safer. and when virginia's tax holiday's coming back. and tennis, anyone? we're bringing the pro's of the men's tour to northwest d.c. and we're talking about big names here. holly's serving up details. 
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swiss s andiiri aqplomats arry ti in intolearn about thre icamerans in rye ran. switzerland is helping. am e rethhikers left turk d an got went into irnaq ad lost between iran and iraq and entered iran by mistake. a fire broke out inside a local fire station last night county. the source of the fire was a fire truck. now, the bigger problem came when the firefighters called for backup and there was trouble getting the help. the nearby capitol heights station they would normally call for help was closed. this morning, it's fueling concerns over staffing cuts and we'll have more details at 8:00. and there are details -- about virginia governor's
7:31 am
travel ware abouts. some students are back to school already. student in mt. vernon and samuel tucker go back today. as well as seven elementary schools in fairfax county. other schools start next month. >> that's way early! got to say, way early! i wouldn't be happy. >> yeah, true. >> now, we have to get on a schedule. it's sweet having a modified schedule >> well, got to do it. >> what do you want to know about? well, is it going to be as muggy. >> well, we'll get a little bit of a break. it will feel a little bit better today. >> will there be snow. >> thank you for the softball
7:32 am
question, i can say that with authority, no snow. yesterday, we had rain. we'll tell you how much. 4/10. dollies -- 2 v. 10th of an inch. no rain for us today. we have a little bit of rain in central portions of virginia happening there. current temperatures around the area. 73 in the district and 72 in baltimore and frederick, maryland at 68 degrees. winchester, virginia at 72 degrees. forecast for washington today, mostly sunny and less humid and warm and high about 89 degrees. then, for tonight, 70 degrees.
7:33 am
that's lower than we've seen lately. partly cloudy and a mild night. fiveday forecast tomorrow. a slight chance of a thunderstorm and high, 92. really, tucker and i were talking about this. well, the best chance of rain and thunderstorms is wednesday this week. high 90 and we'll see the temperatures dropping into the 80s. that's the latest on the weather and now, we'll get more from julie. >> i'm heading to chicago, i need a chicago forecast. >> when? >> tomorrow. >> really? well, we'll have to lk. we'll get you chicago forecast. >> is it still windy in the summer. >> yeah, it can be. >> here we go. we're on the roads and it's busy. we've had to deal with accidents near route four and all of which is cleared and southbound, 270, that was trouble with the wreck and we
7:34 am
have delays on 118 out of germantown and slower traffic continuing towards the split. this is the inner loop at the beltway, north of 276 at virginia. continuing up 66, it's heavy, slow and steady. eastbound, dulles tollway, it's cleared. congress may be giving up the cash for clunker's program to fill up once again. the house voted on giving 2 more billion dollars after they burnedhrough the 1st billion dollars. what do the dealerships think about the program. we're joining now by a car dealer. we checked the government's website. there's questions on whether or not the program will continue. customers can still take
7:35 am
advantage is what we're hearing. . [ indiscernible ] >> we're delivering the cars and today's a new day, hopefully we'll move forward with this. >> how busy has it been. it's been very busy. we've had more deliveries and sale than a year ago. >> and would that continue if the government would give the extra money. >> yes, the people on the sidelines were those waiting for this and they came out. >> is it a chance for people, do you think they're doing it because of the incentive or, it's time to get rid of the car or they would have done a trade any way. >> it's a combination and a lot of people on the sidelines, continuing to maintain it. they now all of a sudden have a huge incentive. >> what are they telling you if they come in, they're saying, i
7:36 am
want to get rid of the car, let's find something new. >> well, first of all, it has to qualify and we make sure we have a title and proof of registration and insurance and we move forward. we want to get the best price before you get the rebait. i mean, it's a two stage process, negotiate the best price and then get the rebait. >> and it's a tough year for deal, i know, you lost some because of what's happening in detroit. does this help you as a dealership to bring a lot more business. >> yeah, it's bringing in business and it's helping the employees and the dealerships. we'll expect everyone to participate and the venders and everyone's dealt with us. they're getting business out of it as well. >> some people, congress would have put it through for unlimited amount of money, if they could and some say they shouldn't continue to do it
7:37 am
though. what'she argument to continue to do it. well, it's working. we have a program where they've spent a billion dollars in five days and this is a good news thing. all of the stimulus packages are out there and this seems to be working. >> have you heard stories from the folks and people that are like, man, i've been waiting and waiting and i was going to be outof luck and this just saved me? >> well, it's kind of, we're getting a mix of it. some are driving the cars in and they're in great conditions. >> well, until this started last week, how tough had it been getting at the dealerships for moving the cars these days. >> we were doing pretty well. the used car industry has picked and there are more used cars than a year ago. it's still -- we're still selling, but more of ananmy >>
7:38 am
you've done. >> over 300 as a group. >> and will that continue if they threw a couple more billion dollars? >> yes, the next stage would be the people just thinking about it and those organized and prepared we've moved on past them and now, on to the next. >> is this doing a good job of getting the back inventory off of the lot. >> yeah, it's been moving nicely. >> yeah, and if we can move the car, that will lead to better things down the road. >> thank you for joining us and with more, we'll let you know if we hear anything else from congress and the government. says that customers can take advantage of the program still. 73 degrees outside right now. it's 7:38 and she's a college
7:39 am
grad who's facing a tough job maet and we'll tell you why she's taking the college to court. notice something missing from his "save by the bell reunion" >> fresh...fresh...fresh. really fresh. come into your local giant today for mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, all at prices you can handle. like white seedless grapes just 99 cents a pound. this week only at giant. you know, it's not the grill that makes
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♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy.
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i've been trying to build this cabinet i got from you guys for six months. >> "funny people" making its way to the top of the box office. they pulled in $23 million over the weekend. uncle sam is knocking on the door ovonic lost cage. on the door of nicolas cage. cage put his mansions up for sale and he was forced to sale his bavarian castle due to the recession. remember, "saved by the
7:43 am
bell." >> well, the cast members re together for a highly anticipated reunion. well, they're on the cover of "people." look who's not there. screech. the resident geek, screech. he's not there. radar online is reporting that the cast, they banned the actor, dustin diamond saying that the upcoming books and sex tapes made him not welcome. >> well, think about how prop mat -- problematic they are. >> well, the biggest thing is he's doing it because he's broke and they cut him out. >> wasn't he crucial to the show. >> yeah, he was. you know what, nd gentlemen of the cast?
7:44 am
-- >> apparently, his book alleges all kind of misbehaviors by him and the other cast members. >> i never liked the show. >> well, we were too old for it. >> well, maybe. >> i think. >> but i wish them luck. >> you want to know what's happening with the weather. >> seems like i know, but yes. >> i want to say, yes. >> yes, i would like to know, seriously. >> less humidity, a little io rre a> thre tous eghend n ri a turaars n tndgheg rtion right now. let's talk abo utwho you're in arwe g today. >> no,let's talk about screech. >> if you're being a problem, you can' tbe non he on"pe ople" cover. 73 in new york city. le >> well, i know, that's the point. here's your saturday -- well,
7:45 am
your satellite radar, clouds to the eas t. i'm not sure how many ways i can say this. ea theurson e person hinkat nning out the door for work right now. >> we do it for them. >> we're in between two systems. we have rain in the midwest this morning. that's a cold front, a sharp edged cold front with dagger like edges. >> that will make the humidity lower. >> it's pushing to the east and drier air is working its way in. five-day forecast, high about 89 degrees and mostly sunny skies and less humid and tomorrow, 92 and chance of showers and thunderstorms and thursday and friday, mid-80s. >> right on track, temperaturewise. >> a degree off. >> well delivered forecast. >> we do it for them. hey, what's going on, julie.
7:46 am
well, we have slower traffic heading north and goddard, we have an accident and that's leaving the beltway south of the vw parkway around slowing out of laurel towards powder mill road. outer beltway, losing speed and continuing towards silver spring and no incidents reported now. southbound, 270, on the brakes and earlier crash there moved to the shoulder. outbound, congested street and there, the lanes are open. that's a check of the fox 5, on- time traffic. let's call it a demolition mishap in turkey. instead of imploding, this flour factory tumbled over. the good news, no one was hurt. they'll try to construct that
7:47 am
the normal way. a new york city is suing the college where she earned her bachelor's degree. she says she can't find work since getting her degree in april despite the school's promise to find employment. she's seeking the $75,000 she found on tuition. >> it took me a year to find a job. >> and sometimes, we're better becausof it. and 7:47, to each their own. redskins, day five of training camp. where does the time go. we'll get to know one of the newer players, kevin barns and first, we'll check in with holly. >> reporter: that's right, forget the football, we're talking about tennis and big serves and big forhands and big names.
7:48 am
it's the legg mason classic and we're live on the court. we'll show you firsthand how it serves up support for a great local cause. that's live next. stay with us.
7:49 am
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...and bigearts happy too. because as part of a heart healthy diet,... ...those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholestero (cheerios spilling) cheerios. how can something so little... you do something so big.
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>> well, all right, in orts, the redskins are starting day number five of training camp. no morning practice today, but they'll be out this afternoon. nats down, and josh belling ham, one on, ball out. two run home run and 17th of the year and gives them the lead for good. he's happy and he doesn't know that -- and orioles hosting the red sox. martinez matching his career high with five hits. and he scored two and the red sox out scored the orioles, 18- 10. the orios lose the series.
7:52 am
tacoma park native, fred spunk, steeling the show -- stealing the show. we've all done it. well, we've gotten it close, but not that close. >> and he shoots a 65 and finishs 25 under par. he wins the sere your open by six strokes. the lake mason tennis classic started also. >> we'll talk about how it benefits a good cause. >> molly, good morning. well, good morning. if we're talking about who's favored to win, andy roddick is back and it's the first time he's been playing since his loss at wimbledon.
7:53 am
several are here and tommy hoss is here, he's so hot. they're all big names and if you're like, man, they're really getting it, they've tripped the prize money and number of points in the rankings at stake here. this is now one of the top 20 men's tournaments in the world. so, yes, it's more prestigious and better than ever and the best thing about it is the cause it supports, that's the washington tennis and education foundation and we're joined with the executive director of that. >> good morning. >> this is exciting on several levels. let me tell you about lenny. she grew up here and played at stanford and toured for nine years and most importantly, you were a ball girl here. >> this is a big deal now. we're excited to be a 500
7:54 am
series events. we have 11 of the top 25 players here. in terms of the foundation, people will buy the tickets and come out here and see the tennis and they don't realize the good work they're doing here in d.c.. >> the washington teis and education foundation is the ben fission their of the -- beneficiary of the tournament. >> tell me about the program. it kids that wouldn't have access to this kind of training for the sports and the bigger picture is academics. >> we serve the underprivileged kids of washington, d.c. and the whole point is developing minds in the classroom and on the court. the skills they learn on the court, the goal setting, we teach that into the classroom.
7:55 am
our center for excellence, we have 12 straight years of scroll think -- scholarship. s. >> for the last 12 years, 100% of the seniors went to college, academic, scholarships and financial aid. >> and they're becoming smarter, and they're becoming more fierce with tennis. thank you, i'm going to the other end of the court. aisle check in with one of the player. they've been practicing since they got here this morning and they got here before 7:00 and they've been working on forhands and back hands and volleys and you name it! where's brianna. right at the net. how old are you. >> ten years old. >> howl how long have you been playing. >> 7. >> what do you like about it. >> it's fun, interesting and cool. >> and it's cool.
7:56 am
who's your favorite player. >> venus and serena. >> i like them both, too. tell me what you're doing with your stroke. i want to hit it like you do. now, watch me. what do you think? >> you're getting there. [ laughter ] >> i can do it again, i could do it several other times. u want to grow up and be a professional tennis player. >> yeah. >> will you remember me when you're a player? >> yes, i watch you every morning. >> i'll be your personal reporter. >> go to for more information, they have tickets available and as you can imagine, they're going fast. you'll get them through ticket master and coming up next, we have a player, someone playing
7:57 am
today, coming out to join us. maybe he can help me with the stroke. well, thank you, holism that's exciting. and 7:56 on monday morning. still ahead, we'll go to another event you're familiar with, that's the redskin's training camp. we have five questions out there and michael phelps on the winner's stand and it doesn't come without more controversy. four minutes before 8:00 now. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
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♪ raisin bran crunch®! ♪ from kellogg! fire breaks out at a fire station and there was delay getting help. and today, we're enrolling you in finance 101. we'll get advice for college bound students and their parents. also, a british invasion over the weekend. that would be sir paul mccartney. tony perkins is one of the biggest fans in the world. >> in the world. thank you for joining us.
8:01 am
also ahead,ourd,job of the day is coming up. residents in parks of frederick, maryland have quite a bit of work ahead of them. several tornadoes touched down friday. it's still hard for this lady to look at her farm. she restored the 1800s townhouse, and the storm ripped it apart in seconds. >> you put one foot forward. it hits you like a train. it was incredible. in all, three twisters touched down, two in frederick and one in carroll county. that's heart breaking, for sure. we'll check in with tony perkins. >> and lucky, calmer conditions for the area during the course of the day today. it will be a warm day, but no
8:02 am
thunderstorms and severe weather on the horizon for the next few days at least. o here's a look at the radar. we have dsocl ueibng reedrtpo zeha. f and osthe o clr d vecoveis to the east and continuing to push east, north east. current temperatures at the airports, at least, reagan national. 74 degrees and think're all updated temps and 74 dulles and bwi marshall. we'll show you that the skies are sunny. it will be warmer and the humidity is off from where it wasesterday. m and 90 in waldorf and 89 in washington, d.c.. we we'll have more in a little bit. sounds great, tony, thank you. let's check out the traffic with julie.
8:03 am
we have a problem here. we're working our way on 50 towards kernel worth -- kennel worth. [ indiscernible ] >> that's on the shoulder with a backup to the beltway. we're below speed here around new harp and continuing towards silver springs and all of the lanes are open and no accidents on south on 270 and the volume is below speed. this is 56th close to the pr bridge and heading towards the exit for constitution avenue. and that's a check of the on- time traffic. new this morning, four passengers on board a continental flight are hurt during mid-flight turbulence.
8:04 am
it was headed from rio to houston and it was diverted to miami. several others are in stable condition. in maryland, a prince been cutting has been cutting staff and this morning, the budget cuts were put to the test. a fire that happened inside e fire station when the firefighters called for backup, they had trouble getting help. >> apparently, this was help that would normally be available. >> well, that's right. it was a fire engine that caught on fire here at the station. it was about 2:00 a.m. after they got back from a call. they had to call for backup. the fire was out of control. no one responded from the closest station, that would have been capitol heigh. district height station, five to six miles away responded. now, the firefighters at boulevard returned from a fire
8:05 am
and they smelled an electrical smell. about five minutes after they got back to the station, they saw smoke and flames athey tried to put it out. the flames kept flairing up again. they knew they would have to call for backup. capitol heights would be the closest station to be dispatched and yesterday, sunday, was the first day that staffing cuts would have gone into affect and volunteers would have been around. no one would have been there at the station at the time and no one was there to respond. >> well, it's kind of ironic. they believe that was the first day, sunday, that the capitol heights neighboring station didn't have the crew on staffing. i don't believe, even they didn't have volunteers to be able to respond on calls, either. >> now,the chief you saw, he said it took them eight minutes
8:06 am
to respond. they're coming from a further distance, that's longer than you would want to wait for the help to arrive. also, april 1st. they had staffing cuts of their own here. they normally have someone on staff on a regular basis that does routine maintenance and that person isn't on staff any longer. i can tell you, there was minor thanksgiving inside the building we were able to see and no injuries were reported. back to you. >> and thank you, sara. and thousands are also taking advantage of tell work day. nearly 4000 signed up. they're wanting to reduce people on state transportation
8:07 am
and provide an opportunity for green virginia. thousands out of work will get an extension on unemployment in the district. typically, the benefits last 26 weeks and in the end, the line is near for many others and congress doesn't step in, they'll lose more of the benefits, nearly half a million people will lose their checks by september. we'll work with congress to make sure that the unemployment insurance benefits necessary for the american peoplare maintained. still, some groups are skeptical saying it could be premature given the signs that the recover is recovering. ngeating jobs and trai people for growing industries would be a better way to spend the money. and we're going toat
8:08 am
jo a of a job of the ryy ve eay d during the hour. tierda. onnaal tintina. al they're looking orf fa full imt director at the silver spring's office. for more on the job d manany td anohers, go to click on job shop, the tab near the top of the home page. the senate will vote on the cash for clunkers bill. friday, the house announced they ran through the first billion dollars in one week and otherwise, it would have to be suspend. local call dealers would like to see it continued. >> well, i think in the initial stage,the people that came through were the people waiting for the program to come out and they came in by the droves.
8:09 am
today's a new day and we'll see what the government tells us. car dealerships are seeing the benefits and the program is getting resistance from some republicans. repair work near the site of the deadly metro accident begins this week. a train slammed into another train, you'll remember, killing nine in june. the ntsb finished the investigation and now, metro can replace the track circuits between north totten and tacoma station. it will take about a month. and in the meantime, time is running out for the metro operator who was driving with a suspended license. the d.c. police found it out after they were taking her information after an accident. just days before the incident, another driver was arrested and charged for kidnapping for not
8:10 am
letting a passenger off of a bus. and thest 8:09 and we'll check out the other stories making headlines, including more on michael jackson's family in court today. and then, michael phelps, back on the winner's stand. it doesn't come without more drama. and we'll go back out to red skin's training camp. we have five questions for kevin barns. stay with us. o fox 5 morning news will be back!  (eyee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!! i need the baker file stat!! reply!! still making changes. circle back later!!
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8:13 am
let's look at the headlines for this monday morning. a mother of a u.s. hiker arrested in iran is speaking out. she's concerned about her son and two others that got lost and entered iran by mistake. switzerland was asked to intervene.
8:14 am
the u.s. doesn't have ties with iran. two decades after a navy pilot was killed in the first gulf war, his remains were returned. she was shotdown and buried by tribesmen. kathryn jackson is going to a courtroom today. they're challenging the two men named as executors of the will. a petition is filed that's intense on keeping her in the dark. scientists at the university of vermont, that's a happy state, i think they formed a happiness state. >> skiing, yes. >> searching blogs, they found that president obama's election win was the happiest day since 2005 and michael jackson's death was one of the unhappiest. >> i think of the cold weather.
8:15 am
>> for me, it seems layed back, ben and jerry type of feel. >> chill state. >> no chill in the air today. >> it's nice outside right now. yes, have the bonus feature. time for the my first 5 photo of the day. take a look. this is 5-year-old kalil getting ready for the first football game he plays for the rhinos. >> he's so handsome. >> yeah, look at that. he's a little bruiser. good luck this season. and to send us a photo, go to and click on morning. here's the latest information. here you go. 74 at reagan international airport and winds out of the north at s7 mi e hmtroc baetriprsu
8:16 am
the barometric pressure on the way up. onregi regional iemnew york city. ed a pisburgh, let's e, 6se 3 ers gr thse satellite and r daracomposite, no rain dathis morning and nor will we see rain today. all of the moisture is well to the east. thane' and there's more rain to the west, but way across the great lakes. high today about 89 degrees and lots of sunshine and humid, less. it will be warm and we'll have a little bit of relief. wednesday, 90 and showers and thunderstorms and thursday and friday, more thunderstorms and highs in the 80s. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. we'll get an update on the morning's rush hour. we're checking out the ride along inbound route 50 and we have slowdowns from 410 out of
8:17 am
riverdale and more slow traffic for those continuing inbound along new york avenue and at the exit for the third street tunnel. the pace is slowing from new hampshire from silver springs and you'll find stops along 270 and we have slowdowns out of german down and montgomery village avenue. the beltway continues without incident southbound, 29 and all lanes are continuing right now. and lanes are open coming across the american legion bridge and if you're traveling, eastbound 66 -- 66 is tide up. and that's a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. swimming's golden boy living up to his name. michael phelps finished with five gold medals and one other. his final race, the medially relay, when he started his part of the race, the u.s. in a tight battle for first.
8:18 am
when he finished, they had a comfortable lead. they finished in 23 minutes and that's a new world record. friday, we told you about the dram that between a serve january -- serbian swimmer and michael phelps. >> when michael phelps first won, he said that the german swimmer had an advantage because of the suit he was wearing. he offered to buy michael phelps one of the suits. and here, he's in the lead and this is a match check upup here. >> well, yeah! he's happy with that.
8:19 am
i'll shake your hand after wards. yeah, that's a look like, yeah. >> and he's happy with the suit he has. >> that's a fancy suit that swims itself. >> i can't believe how quickly that goes. >> and david ross is out at redskin's park. >> well, allison, we have a quiet day so far. the players had this morning off, that's a rarity for them, they'll be out at 3:00 for an afternoon session, don't come out, it's closed to the public. it's different for the veterans and the rookies. the veterans pace themselves. what about the second pick, kevin barns, drafted in the third round. he's a rookie from maryland and we'll find out more in this
8:20 am
edition of five qutions. >> yes, you became an internet sensation -- sensation. >> i'm not sure, well, over the course someone else vent -- invented that. >> is there anything you fear? >> well, i'm kind of afraid of heights. i don't like to drive over high bridges. >> we'll accept that. >> now, as a maryland kid, the first home game, how many tickets do you have to get for the family and friends, tour whole state. >> well, my mom, those two or
8:21 am
her and after that, it debends. i'm not stretching it. you can watch it on tv like you did. >> and we have to ask you about the dreads. how long has it taken them to get there and what's it like to maintain them. >> i've had them for five years well, i get it done once a month. it will be hard to sweat it out. i don't see myself cutting them soon. it softens the blow a little bit. >> it's not a superstitious thing. >> no, not at all will have >> is there one thing, now that you' made it that you had to get for you or a family member? >> i bought my mom a car, i ha to get a house eventually. i had to get a car. >> nothing frivolous. >> a nice car, but that's it.
8:22 am
>> you know, if i had all of the money in the world, forget about a car or house, i would by a team and be the most meddling owner, a hands on owner. we'll expect big things out of kevin. he's a rookie corner and th don't often sit. he'll get a will the of time this year. on the home page of, go to dave versus dave. i'm leading the voting, guys, funny how that's happened so far. i'm in the lead. >> funny tony hasn't made an appearance. >> and he's still sleeping if you're voting, vote for dave ross. >> early bird gets the worm? >> something like that. >> yeah, it's all good. >> training camp isn't just for
8:23 am
you sports lovers. >> no, the legg mason tennis classic is underway and we'll check it out coming up. (announcer) when verizon brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home it also brings first-class entertainment, with picture quality pc world calls "razor sharp," america's top-rated internet and crystal clear phone, all for just $79.99 a month for the first six months.
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>> a she could man died of the knew monic the -- knew monic playing -- plague in china. and a 62-year-old man wa found with aids. until now, they were three strains of the hiv. this is related to the form discovered in gorillas. it highlights the need for experts to keep a watch on the new strains in africa. u.s. marshalls seized hand sanitizers from utah. the fda says they contained harmful bacteria and another
8:27 am
product that treats open wounds damages the skin. no cases have been reported to the fda. the fda seized the leftover items. and time right now, 8:26 on monday morning, coming up next half hour, this week's money monday session. we'll check out more stories making head lines and that's including latest on a robbery of a 99-year-old woman in maryland. when verizon bri ngs 100% fibee it also brings first-class entertainment, with picture quality pc world calls "razor sharp," america's top-rated internet and crystal clear phone, all for just $79.99 a month for the first six months. you can also get channel variety cable can't match. plus, additional packages are available with over 115 hd channels and over 15,000 titles on demand per month. what else does fios bring that cable doesn't? how about easy-to-use on screen widgets that offer instant updates on local traffic,
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8:31 am
could complete a survey and when she did, the suspects barged in and stole items and she was not hurt, fortunately. to save on back to school shopping, you'll want to go to the stores in virginia. the sales tax holiday is this friday through sunday. the holiday applies for items online also. and you'll need the extra cash, you'll get ready for more pain at the you were -- pain at the pump. in d.c., unleaded is $2.59 and virginia, $2.41. the national average, $2.55. 74 degrees and temperatures are inching their way up. >> let's check in with tony now. >> well, it will get into the 80s today. that's what you'll expect this time of the year and you'll get it.
8:32 am
and we're increasing the temperatures now. 74 in washington and -- hagerstown, at 71 degrees at this hour. the satellite radar shows us, you can see the clouds scurrying out of here. most of the cloud cover is making its way out of here and you can see the haze and fog burning off nicely. no precipitation accept a blip in richmond. we can see the front to the east. this is the cold front bringing in dryer air. it takes a while for the dry air to make its way in. we'll get the slightly dryer air coming in. today, it won't be as humid as yesterday, it will be a bit of a break.
8:33 am
we'll have lots of sunshine and less humid and a warm day, high about 89 degrees. we'll look at the five-day forecast coming up in a little bit. right now, we'll look at the rush hour traffic. well, all right, tony perkins. there you go. now, you're back in the center. >> we're checking out the ride on the inner loop heading around georgia avenue. no accidents to report and vw parkway, that activity, also cleared and behind me, this was southbound 270 from high yetstown from the truckstown and leaving rock dale here, the lanes are open there as well. 395 from the 14th street bridge, light and easy and -- [ indiscernible ] heading over towards kennel worth, that was an earlier accident but it's cleared to the shoulder now. later on, president obama
8:34 am
travels to george mason university to post start the gi bill. this provides visit rans with benefits. it gives the veterans and reserve's a chance to get a free education at an instate public college or university. it provides the most extensive educational assistance since the bill in 1944. we're enrolling you in finance 101 and kelly campbell, our friend is joining us with advice for college bound students and maybe, their parents? oh, absolutely. >> we were speaking earlier. it's a heightened emotional time and you're sad to see your child go and there are reminders to take -- well, to
8:35 am
have them take when they leave. >> well, i think that one of the biggest issues is we're upset to see the kids go, you forget about the money side. they'll be on their own and they have their own freedoms and they're not going to be focusing on what you want them to focus on. >> first time for many of the young people, i dear say. >> and you have four tips. and these sound simple. it's a good reminder. set up a budget and have them do it. >> it's good to have a budget. at the end of the month, they'll say, i thought i had spending money. and they don't. if they have a budge and they see what's going to go out for the college costs and the place they're staying and the extra curricular things they're doing. and let them have the budget so
8:36 am
they understand it. >> and i know when i was in college, some credit card companies set up shop for their first day trying to enroll you in a credit card. this can really come back to haunt you. >> absolutely. kids, nowadays, they're finishing college with $5000 more in credit card debt and some don't have a way to pay it back. remember, when we went to school, we would go and get the books and inside the bag, there was an application. you'll want to let them know the dangers of the credit card business and getting the balances up. you'll want them to not use one, even in an emergency. >> encourage saving. train your mind to save and do it early. >> if you can get setup with it.
8:37 am
we've heard of the budget mentality. one for friday night and maybe for a year down the road and then, long term. they may not think about retirement, but if you can get them to think in those lines, they'll have money in all of the buckets and they'll have all of the money they need. >> and your last tip, set goals for spending. >> absolutely. so many talk about it. i've called it set out comes. goals seem like they're made to be broken. you can say, i know i want to buy a car and in a year. here's what and we'll do to get the car or if i'm retiring in such and such time, if we can focus on what we'll need them and you can take the baby steps back to say, this is what i'll need to put this away on a weekly basis and that will give us more information on how to
8:38 am
get the goal accomplished. >> and kids are heading out now. in >> that's a tough conversation, but do it now. >> thank you. >> steve, over to you. well, thank you. for get about a travel agent, you may need a financial planner before going to disney world. they're raising the price again. we'll tell you how much. >> and then, the paul mccartney concert is getting an a and the venue, an f. tony will break it down for us, coming up. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound.
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it's the all new sesame street forest of n... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ well, now, it will cost you more to go to walt disney world. they've raised their prices for the second time in year. one day, one park, $79. the same for a child, $68 for you and the girls, $362 for you >> they also raised the multiday ticket.
8:42 am
>> well, an international exchange program is here. some students from tokyo and obama city in japan, they're visiting the schools today and they helped foster and exchange students visiting various locations. they'll also make stops to lincoln's home in illinois and the west wing of the white house and the embassy of japan. there's a soccer tournament in d.c.. they're all homeless. details when we return. and good morning, allison, there's also a tennis tournament in d.c.. it's the legg mason classic. we'll talk to a player this morning. coming up next, we'll tell you why this is the year for you to come out. stay with us. 
8:43 am
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8:46 am
as we look at the stories making head lines, we'll start county. a woman was stabbed to death in brandywine. that was at 9:00 a.m. and earlier, four were shot during a will be roy -- robbery in district heights. sarah palin has kept a low pro file and this weekend, she gave a speech for the nra. she received the gold medal award from the nra. she stepped down for her post as -- governor last week. it's unclear when the sonia sotomayor vote will take place. and it's one of the top
8:47 am
men's tennis tournaments of the country and it's this week in washington. >> holly morris is joining us live with a preview. >> we're working on the serves. you got it? >> ready, let's go! >> see, it's, i made it in. you just have to do the grunt. hey, they're having a special morning this morning. they own the tournament. they're hitting back and forth with a professional player. michael russell is out with us and interacting with the kids. what a moment for them. there's quite a few moments this week in terms of the tournament as 11 of the top 25 players in the world, i should say, are coming out to lay
8:48 am
what is a prestigious tournament. jeff newman is here with us. jeff w eve been down here -- we've been down here many, many years. you can feel the excitement. >> we've tripped the prize money and we have a great playing field. that's what this is. it's now got a great distinctionful >> yes, where 500 points goes to the winner. >> and this is an us open sees tournament. >> well, it's like the road to the final four. ten events of men and women leading into the u.s. open. it's an initiative that gives the fans in the united states to see the television throughout the summer. >> before we get to michael. fully we'll talk -- we'll talk
8:49 am
about the names? andy roddick, and the winner of the event last year. he's the number two. and when's tommy playing? >> likely tuesday. >> he's so cute, i mean, his game is so good. >> that's right. >> how are the tickets going. >> they're great. if you're interesting, come out fast. >> you should come out today. it's a big deal that michael is with us. >> most players, when they have a match day, they won't hit around with a morning news program. i want to thank you for doing that. >> thank you. >> you've played in this before, what do you like about it. >> well, the crowd is great. you can get so close to the players and you can't baa et --
8:50 am
can't beat the heat in the summertime. it's great to play in the statements and -- states and getting the guys to come out. >> he's 122nd in the world. and been out for ten years, he's a veteran. >> how's your game. >> well, it's good, getting up there and top 100 last year and trying to get back in there. >> i was reading about you and the quote was from john mcenroe, no one will play harder. >> i'm one of the fastest guys in the world >> honestly, you're an american and there's a lot of talk about men's tennis. what's the state of the team for the men. >> well, sam's playing well, we have jr.s doing well and you know, i think in the next few years, we'll have more guys in the top ten. well, thank you, i wish you the best of luck this afternoon.
8:51 am
>> thank you. >> and tickets are available from ticket master and go to and brianna, remember that. we'll do one thing before we go. in all of the series, the winner gets to sign the tv lens. this is future practice. you write your name right there. you do it. >> oh, yeah. just like venus and serena. >> remember me, yeah, remember me when you're holding a cup up. >> thank you, so have much. thank you. and the d.c. knights, one of 16 teams competing at the tournament cup. it's for homeless men and women. they had to set life goals in order to compete. >> there's a good buzz and the
8:52 am
adrenaline is muching -- pumping all of the time. >> once you play with someone, your relationships change. you're not in a power position, you're equals working towards the same goal. >> in the end, san francisco beat minneapolis. the top eight will play in the world cup in milan next month. >> you love to see that. nice to see it here in d.c., too. >> there was a british invasion at fedex field and tony perkins is a big beatles fan and julie, she's one of the biggest tony perk kins fans. >> and we go towards the d.c. water front.
8:53 am
they'll start at 6:00, that's going to benefit the health, literacy and awareness. go to for more. we'll be back.
8:54 am
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this weekend, paul mccartney sang to michelle obama. said he would love to perform for them. two at the show, tony and julie. >> what did you think.
8:57 am
>> i loved it. i loved the show. i've never seen paul mccartney live. i loved the experience, he looked great and sounded great. he sound incredible. and playing the guitar and piano, it was great. >> i've seen him many time, i'm a huge fan. you know, far guy that's 67 years old, looks fantastic, gives it his all, over 2 1/2 hours this concert was, he sounded great and it's a crowd pleasing show and i'm telling you, folks, the audience was from 70 years old to 7 years old girls in their 20s, screaming and women in their 50s tearing up as he sang tribute songs and his former wife. and did you have a favorite
8:58 am
moment? "band on the run." my older brother and sister played it over and over again. i heard it and that was a good family memory. >> one of my favorite encore moments was the acoustic guitar number he did. he put it on electric and played "helter-skelter." >> and let me say this, i loved the concert. >> there we go. >> getting to the concert and getting out, that was a disaster. >> a disaster. it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to make a 35 minute trip to get to the concert and once i was there, fedex field, it took 35 minutes, no, 40 minutes to park and like, julie, getting out after wards, i was there for an hour and 25 minutes. >> it sounds like julie had it
8:59 am
work. >> didn't you say it took longer. two hours from 95 college park to arena drive to get to the exit and then, an hour to get in there and then, i'm hearing that the fedex field folks say, you should have known better, well, the parking attendants didn't know what they were doing. >> you couldn't pay me to go to another concert there until they get it right. the parking was horrible and nice people were in the arena. i was so late, i had a hard time getting to the show. they had a water malfunction and they ran out of hotdogs. snider, indoor plumbing, let's work on it. >> put up signs and get people directing traffic. my other deal lasted 8 1/2 hours for a concert.


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