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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 10, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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illnesses and the toxins they were exposed to. looking ahead to 7:00, more worries about the upcoming flu season now that wear dealing with the swine flu. and coming up at 8:00, we are getty g adrefor the new school year. more than 10,000 book bags will be given away to children in the d.c. area on sunday and we'll learn more about that huge event. also, get ready for some so- called foxy boxing as holly morris jumps into the ring with female amateur boxers. they are serious about what they do. we'll check in with holly later on this morning as well. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. it is very hot and the air is thick. >> it is nice and hot. i love the heat because i love to swim. i couldn't wait for the heat wave to come. >> that heat wav is here. much of the area will be under
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a heat advisory today. >> for some, it will feel like triple digits. heat index will top 100 degrees. >> tha you for waking up with us on this monday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> tony perkins is here to give us a check of the weather. >> a wamstrtto aad start to het a muggy start to e day. hazy, hot, humid. it will be the warmette is year heat advisory goes into effect at noon dayoe seu heoucs ieyou ine er brown under a heat advisory from noon e until 8:00 p.m. tonight uscabee e it could feel
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like it is between 1105 degrees. -- between 100 and 105 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar. there is b ig ridge of high reessu to our south and it is keeping things calm us for. all the action, precipitation and esloud cover, s imoving around us to the north and than out to sea. so we should be quiet today. madeleine albright a stray s sher or thunderstorm later but to be honest, most of that energy won't able to makesh through here. through here. so forec y os tay,oortl mda ulnnsu sdeeeerecord heat across portions of the viewing arf aor degrees in washington. some could top out in 100 degrees. more on te forecast coming up in just a little bit. let's welcome back julie
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wright now and say good morning to her. >> not looking so bad this morning if you are continuing your trip in each direction at the wilson bridge. we have the lanes opn on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and the exit for 270. inbound new york avenue, lanes are open as you work your way in from northeast to northwest. light traffic volume leaving bladensburg road headed in towards the tunnel. for those leaving pennsylvania avenue headed northbound back up towards 50, all lane are open. quiet trip out of germantown for those leaving father mulroneyy boulevard, pedal to the metal all the way. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we're conning to follow a developing story involving atro. one of ll in ofs edki n killa in an accident on edthe ks tr. ks . ac it happened trjust before 10:00 last night while a crew was replacing cross ties. metro says the worker was
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struck by a piece of equipment that spreads gravel between the rails. he had worked for the transit agency for 25 years. orange line service was suspended last night. things should be running normally this morning. metro responded to the collision more than three months before the incident that killed nine people. it happened on the orange line near the potomac station. the train operator saw the train was going to overshoot the stop so he hit the emergency brake and the train came to a halt 500 feet. metro says that was plameed on a faulty component on the train which was replaced. investigators still trying to figure out what went wrong with the deadly collision over new york's hudson river. nine people were killed. >> there were three people on board a plane, a piper pa-32 when witnesses say that plane approached the chopper from behind and clipped it with a
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wing. the helicopter had just taken off. seven of the nine victims' bodies have been located and removed from the hudson and the eckage has as well. >> the helicopter was removed from the water and has been taken to a pier for further examination. looking at positioning, looking at orientation of the aircraft and that work hayet to be done. >> the instruct tim' families spent the weekend identifying their loved ones. federal investigators say it could take months before they know the exact cause of the crash. the faa investigating a deadly small plane crash in our area as a single genine plane plunged into a lake if virginia yesterday killing one man. officials say it and to have lost power. >> a fauquier county man was killed an his 17 -- and his 17- year-old daughter hurt. still no word on her condition this morning. it will be another summer scorcher today as folk in and around the district are bracing
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for another hot day. >> if you are headed outdoors, now is the time to do it. in just a few hours, it will be unbearable with a feels like temperature in the triple digits. it is part of a heat wave that has blanketed the entire washington area. this is something the region hasn't seen all summer. heat advisory run noon until 8:00 tonight p temperature should hit the upper 80s but with the humidity t could feel like it is 105 degrees outside. to beat the heat, d.c. is keeping the city pools open an hour longer today. heat like this is dangerous. it could cause heatstroke. the theme is to keep cool or find some shade somewhere. >> horrible. i just can't run more than two miles without having to stop and i'm sweating. >> go in places with air condition, drink plenty of fliewpdz -- plenty of fluids
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and stay in the ade. >> a towel to wipe off the sweat. >> the heat will be with us for a few days so if you have any elderly relatives or neighbors, you might want to check on them and watch out for your pets too. there are tips to avoid heat- related sicknes. stay indoors if you can, drunk plenty of water f you have air condition, turn that on or fans work as well too and don't leave children or pets in vehicles. >> fox 5 trying to help you get through the summer scorcher today on the air and onliefnl just go to and cluck on the weather tab. we put some tips on there as well. another big story we are watching, a wave of overnight violence in iraq and the death toll is continuing to go up. coming up next, latest on a string of bombings. >> tempers flare at a meeting on health care.
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a double truck bombing tore through a shia community . it happened near mosul. nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. bombs went off in neighborhoods in baghdad. president obama is in mexico for his first north american leaders summit. an annual meeting with the leaders of the united states, canada and mexico. the two-day summit with the mexican president and canadian prime minister will focus on important useful topics such as the economy, swine flu, border security and climate change. prior to today's talks, the three got acquainted over a dinner. back here, the president's plan over health care reform has tempers flaring on both sides of the battle and town
5:12 am
hall meeting keep getting uglier. >> that is just one outburst this weekend. man democrats maintain the conservative groups are rounding them up and bustling people into these meetings encouraging them to be rowdy and rude. man are dismissing those thing as well. >> i think taxing citizens for expressing their opinions about an issue of this magnitude may indicate some position in their position -- some weakness in their position on the merits. >> there was a nationally coordinated meeting to interrupt meetings and stuff like that. i don't expect that to happen here. we don't doe that kind of stuff. >> some members of congre have turned their in-person town hall meetings into on-line
5:13 am
meetings. eunice kennedy shriver remains in the hospital after suffering a stroke. mrs.shriver is the sister of president john f. kennedy and senator ted kennedy. she is perhaps best known for her work on the special olympics. she is 88 years old. beware of a scam, coming up income. >> we never, never, never, never, never lied to anyone, taken anything from anyone. >> a lottery scam caught on video. we'll hear how police say the suspect swindled $5 million from their victims. plusmother nature's relentless fury captured on this amazing video. an entire building toppling over. >> i'll let you know what we've got in store for our weather today. it is going to be a very hot day across the region. we could see some record- setting heat. stay with us. we'll tell you about that and julie wright will be along with a look at this morning's rush hour traffic.
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in taiwan, that building toppling into a river. fortunately, nobody was hurt. the building had been evacuated ahead of time. dozens of people still missing in the area. some areas have reported they've had 80 inches of rain. we are just deal with the heat here. i mean really, really hot. >> definitely triple digits is what wear talking about. when you talk about nature, 80
5:18 am
inches of rain? >> out there, it has been a very active season as far as typhoons go. we've had slow conditions in our tropics. that could mean changes coming this week. these are the records for the local airports for today. 9 # is the record at national. i believe we will at least tie that, if not break it. at dulles international airport, 96. we'll probably tie that, possible possibly break it. bwi, it is a possibility we'll get to that at bwi. we are anot certain of that at this point. current temperatures around the region, we have dropped off to 78 degrees so a little bit of relief there rather than the 80 or 81 degrees we were seeing. 75 in frederick. baltimore is 71. patuxent naval air station, 73- degree this morning. here is a a look at the satellite-radar for the eastern u.s. here is high pressure dominating here. you can practically see it without me putting the h on the
5:19 am
map. see where the skies are clear here. most of the clouds stay clear of here the most of the moisture stays clear of here as well. so the forecast for washington for today look like this. mostly sunny skies, near record heat. again, the record for today, 98 degrees. we are predicting a high of 99 so that will take the record. there is a heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. and it is a code orange day for air quality. another humid evening. look at these lows, 7 # degrees. the heat wave continues tomorrow, 956789 better chance of a shower or thunderstorm as a cold front makes its way through here. once the front comes through, we'll see lower temperatures for the rest of the week. 89, that is a little bit above normal for wednesday but these are below normal temperatures for thursday and friday. now, let's get an update on
5:20 am
traffic with julie wright. welcome back. >> thank you. and the heat is on, baby, i love it. >> you brought it with you. >> i did. you know what? in chicago, we had temperature in the 80s. >> i just meant heat follows you. >> thank you, i think. >> it's good. >> if you are traveling around town, we have the lane open with no accidents to report along the top stretch of the beltway. light volume leaving the college park area. suzanne nikolaus is up at speed. no incidents to report as you travel from nutley street. here we are looking eastbound towards the beltway. light traffic volume inside the beltway over to the tr bridge. beltway itself runs without incident. here we are on the outer loop still at speed all the way around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. israeli officials say they've uncieferd lottery scheme aimed at conning
5:21 am
america's elderly out of millions of dollars. a dozen members of the group were busted. we have a report. >> reporter: it is called the nigerian sting, except it was done from israel. this one, an elaborate lottery scam that swindled $25 million from elderly americans. the call were made from an office in tel aviv. >> we've never, never, never, never, never lied to anyone, taken anything from anyone. >> reporter: the scammers got the phone numbers of the elderly from legitimate lottery slips like these but they were resold for marketing pups to this phony company. they obtained the personal details of 1 # 5,000 americans. the suspects, most in their 20s, if convicted in the u.s., could fake face decades in prison. the fbi planted hitten cameras
5:22 am
that helped bust the operation. u.s. wants the suspect extradited. >> theseeople targeted elderly victims in the u.s. social damage was in the u.s. united states authorities want to prosecute and they think they should be extradited. >> if they will be found guilty, they would with be september to jail for many years here in israel. there is no need to transfer hundreds of officers to testify against them in the united states. >> reporter: the suspects are expected to appear here in court on august 12th to determine whether any of them will receive bail. meanwhile, there is news of another scandal also conducted here in israel targeting americans. it is back to the grind today for your washington redskins. coleing up income, coach zorn looks like a happy camper. pretty good news on the injury front. we'll get an update from ashburn. a little bit later on,
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washington redskin. the team taking no breaks in this heat wave we are having really. >> they play the first pre- season game on thursday against the baltimore ravens. yesterday, afew guys made the return to the practice field after sitting out saturday's scrimmage. working out the kinks on the receiver front. both seem ready to participate in a slew of practices this week. and a welcome sight here. quarterback carlos rogers, number 22 right there, back on the field. his calf injury prevented him from practicing since last saturday. while he is eager to get back to full duty, he knows he has to use his head. >> it is about bei smart. right now, it is pre-season. if i can go, i'm going to go. if i can sprint, i'm going to go. it is not about holding back. i hate sitting out here on the sideline. it's worse than being out here minister hot sun practicing. i would rather be doing that.
5:27 am
coming up, some pointed words directed at albert haynesworth from an point. probably not a guy you real will you want to upset. we'll hear who is ripping haynesworth and what the redski are saying about that. tragedy n the skies over the hudson river. the latest on a mid-air crash. another scorcher for the washington area today. temperatures that will make you sweat on the way. nearing 100 degrees. now you can stay cool coming up. (music playing) hello? (woman)in here. we, this is new... i'm working on my digestive health. whatcha eatin'? yoplus. it's a yogurt for digestive health. it's delicious.
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welcome back on this monday morning. taking a view from high above wisconsin avenue. very clear out there this morning. if there is anything out there, it will be haze because of all the heat out there. temperature still in the upper 70s, been in the 80s most of the night. this is as cool as it's been in a couple of days but it went stay there. >> yesterday, i was thinking how really oppressive it was. yesterday, thought either be indoors or in a pool. definitely try to find a cool place today. check on the elderly. check on your pets. today will be steamer. >> yeah, i'm steamed already. listen, we have a heat advisory that goes into effect at noon for good reason because of the
5:31 am
thessive heat, the acatt f wi feel like it is between 1105 degrees --we and 105 degrees. thinto effect et ecat noon and lasts unt:0 not much to show you here. you may see a lone cloud here rehebut it will be mostly sunny today and most of the moisture, rain, anything that will happen, remains to our north the w ayhtings are shaping up now. so the forecast for washington r today, heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. lots of sunshine, near rerd heat. if we get to 99 take, which we think we will, that will be a
5:32 am
new record for the day here in washington. more details in the forecast coming up. >> it may even be too hot for julie. >> i don't think so. >> steve ones the prize. >> we have to find a way to beat this heat. >> a lot of local communities are springing into action with ways you can go about doing that t doesn't feel that bad right now but it will get hot an sticky later. we've seen people outside on the mall throughout the weekend getting in the early jogs and bike rides this morning. later today, the temperature will be unbearable. datwo of a three-day heat wave hitting the region. the sun will beat down area area again today. it will feel like it is 100 plus. heat like this, danny gonzalez russ. water is a must to drink. people did whatever they could do yesterday to stay cool to beat the heat. d.c. pools will stay open an extra hour. they will open cooling centers around the city.
5:33 am
you know you will feel it if you just head outside. >> as soon as you walked out the door, it hit me. as soon as i got into the car, i felt much better with the air conditioner on. when i got to the park, i was very unhappy. >> do something to keep the heat off you and the sun off you. stay in the head. gentleman a towel to wipe off the sweat. >> correa list of the cooling centers in the d.c. area right there for you. they are open from noon until 6:00 this evening and we've also put that same list on our web site, also some tips to avoid heat-related sickness during the summer scorcher. you want to stay indoors, drink as much water as you can. don't leave kids or pets in vehicles even if it is just for i minute. fox 5 is here to help you get through the summer heat on the air and on-line as i said.
5:34 am
go to and click on the weather tab. some firefighters in d.c. are recovering from heat exhaustion. they were battling flames along grment street last night about 8:00. they had to work quickly to extinguish the flame and several firefighters were treated for heat-related illness. here is a photo showing the flame shooting through the windows. other than the firefighrs, nobody was injured. julie wright has now had time to think about whether this heat is too much for her. let's check in. >> hello. i think steve wins the prize on that one. i like it hot though. i really t i invite everybody to the pool. you can just high dive off the -- cannon ball off the high dive and have a good time today. we've got lanes open if you are traveling on 95 coming northbound out of fredericksburg until you reach dale city. this is the cardinal drive overpass. the problem we have here is an accident. you can see the flares out there tying up the right side of the road at this point. for those continuing northbound
5:35 am
on i-95 trying to wok -- work your way in towards dale city, the right side of the road is blocked. be prepared northbound along i- 95. # 95 to the 14th street bridge, the pace is good to go there. -- 395 to the 14th street bridge, the pace is good to go there. the pace is good coming across the american legion bridge. had some lingering construction where they've been doing the hot lane work over near tyson's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. metro service back to this l on the orange line morning after the ccantit tdee metro repairman. the transit agency says said he was hit by a piece of equipment while working on the track near the vienna station last night. man was part after crew replacing cross ties and spreading new gravel between the rails. he had worked with metro for 25 years. meantime, metro is
5:36 am
responding to news of a near collision on the track more than thee months before that deadly crash on the red line that killed nine people. the other incident happened on march #nd on the orange loon near the potomac avenue station. the train operator saw the train was going to overshoot its stop so he hit the emergency brake and the train came to a stop just 500feet from another train. metro says the incident was blamed on a faulty component on the train which was immediately replaced. in a statement, metro's chief safety officer says this was an isolated incident in which the replacement of the one component proved to be the needed if you can. this is separate and apart from the june # #nd accident. the two accidents are not related -- the june 2 #nd accident. the two accidents are not related. turning to this weekend's tragedy on the hudson. crews will be back out on the hudson river today in new york searching for more bodies and wreckage. nine people were killed on saturday when a small plane and
5:37 am
a sight seeing helicopter collided. we are learning more about who was on board. dives pulled a helicopter and four more bodies out of the murky hudson river sunday as the search for victims, wreckage and explanations into saturday's midair crash continues. >> there are obligation that pilots have, all of them, to be aware of traffic around them. we will be looking at that, any radio trance migs or any communication. >> the helicopter oned by liberty tours collided with a sungle epg unplane killing five people. no, city mayor michael bloomberg issued condolences to the victims' families. >> our sympathies and prayers for the five italian tourists that died but for all nine people. national transportation safety board officials say me wreckage from the small plane has been found. these exclusive photos show the crash aftermath.
5:38 am
another chopper pilot radioed the helicopter ju moments before the collision but the warning was too late. both aircraft plunged into the hudson, quickly sinking. witnesses say they will never forget what they saw. >> the helicopter started spiraling, went straight down. there was a big flash. >> we also see a plane minus a wing and it was spiraling out of the control and it smashed right into the water and it sank right away. >> it is the worst air disaster in new york city since a commercial g-8 crash in queens killed -- a commercial crash in queens. a violent uprising in a prison. more than # hundred inmates injured in a riot. there are new claims about who the biological father of many's daughter paris might be. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
5:39 am
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day number two of president obama's north american leaders summit some mexico. today, he will continues his meeting with the mexican and canadian heads of state. this is mr. obama's first summit between the u.s., mexico and canada. the president returns to the white house this evening. a men's prison in california is trying to return to normal today after a violent uprising over the weekend that sent scores of inmates to
5:42 am
hospitals. a riot erupted in the prison just east of los angeles. more than 250 inmates were injured. 55 had to go to the hospital p a majority of those were leased and they're back behind bars this morning actually fire set during the disruption caused major damage to one of the prison buildings sowment clurs ceose to s michael jackson denying a report that his long-time friend is claiming to be the biolical father of his daughter paris. the news of the world said mark lester donated spell. but people magazine reports the jackson family sources say lester's words were twisted and he is not claiming to be paris' father. a big incentive for first time home buyers. pony up in prince george's county and you could see some cold, heart cash coming your way. could paula abdul be snatched up by another network? it will feel like a sauna out there. we'll check ut your monday morning commute when fox 5 morning news returns.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
won't be returning to idol. abc has reportedly contacted abdul but the role she would have is unclear. abc is home to dancing with the stars and paula comes there a dancing background. >> : might be a good fit. >> into would be nice to see her land on that show. that would be good. it is hot outside already. it was pretty stifling yesterday. >> it will be worse today. yesterday's high was 96 degrees. i think it wl be warmer than that. we have a heat advisory today. most of the region is itovcered by the heat advisory but onrticularly from washo gt t points east. >> are you keeping tucker awake. >> tucker, are you all right over there. >> that was quite the big yawn. all right. points east, that is where we have the heat advisory in effect. it goes into effect at noon today, lasts until 8:00 p.m. that is because it could feel
5:47 am
like it is between 1105 degrees later on. this is a heat warning in effect near philadelphia. current temperatures around the region look like this. we are 78 degrees in washington. 72 at dulles. harrisonburg is at # 8 degrees. up in frederick, maryland, 75 degrees at this hour. satellite-radar composite, we'll show this to you because it is kind of cool. notice how the rainfall and the cloud are moving. that is because there is a big ridge of high pressure down here. it is forcing everything to go around. it that is part of the reason it will be so hot today. if we see any shower or thunderstorm activity, it will be this evening and i think there is only about a 10% chance of that. your surface map for today, we'll show it to you in graphic terms. that big h, stands for high pressure but today, just imagine it stands to hazy, hot and humid. i was going to say your typical summertime day. it is not your typical summertime day. temperatures well above normal being maybe some record heat. here is a look at the forecast
5:48 am
for washington for today. mostly sun you skies. heat advisory begins at noon, lasts until 8:00 p.m. 99degrees. that will be a new record for the day here in washington. five-day forecast, not quite as bad tomorrow. highs in the low to mid-90s and a chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. wednesday, temperatures drop into the 80s. same for thursday and friday way chance of showers and thunderstorms each day. now, let's get more on traffic from julie wright. >> all right. it is hot in here too. if you are traveling around town this morning, we are kind of busy. we already have action taking place out there for those on 95 northbound. that is where we have the crash reported at the cardinal drive overpass. we'll bring you a live shot from that in just a moment. this is a live shot of southbound # 70. for those working their way south of 109, already heavy volume leaving urbana head down to the struck scales. all of your lanes are open with no incidents to report. it is heavy, slow and steady trying to work your way out towards the truck scales. northbound i-95, the remains of the accident activity right here as you work your way up to
5:49 am
the cardinal drive overpass, you can see the flares are still there along the right side of the road. you are in the clear north of dale city. north of dale city headed out towards the exits in springfield an out towards 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. time for a check on the world markets. as the dow opens this morning at 9370 after a nice gain on friday. the nasdaq up # 7 points and the nikkei strong overnight, up more than 100 points. -- the nasdaq up 27 points. prince george's county offering a big innocentive for first-time home buyers. we are talking tens of thousands of dollars to purchase your first home. prince george's is offering a ton of cash for those ready to snatch up all the vacant homes from foreclosures. tisha thompson reports.
5:50 am
>> reporter: alicia thompson spent this sunday affect going to open houses. >> i have a little girl and she is going to get her own room, get a garage. >> reporter: thompson wants to spend about $28 # thousand. if she buys a foreclosed house here in upper marlboro, the bridge county government will give her roughly $19,000. >> i don't know how it gets any better than that. >> reporter: realtor don frederick says it is called the down payment on your dream program. qualified buys are must buy a foreclosed house and use one to two thousand dollars of their own money. in return, they get up to $20,000 they never have to pay back if they live in the house for 10 years. when coupled with other items, he says it is the best deal he has seen in his 34-year career. >> this is probably the best opportunity to buy a house i've
5:51 am
ever seen. first off, prices have dropped. interest rates are low. they are giving you ant money to buy the house an money to rehab it. it is afantastic opportunity for home buyers. >> reporter: realtor as i the program is working bringing in first-time home buyers like thompson to prince george's county and putting people back into empty houses. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> realtors say this is a fairly modest pgram with a budget of $12 million. coming up at 7:00, how is our area doing when it comes to foreclosures? we'll get the latest figures from neighborhoods all over the area. it was another hot day at going to be once again today. the two guys in the spotlight over the weekend, coach zorn and quarterback gages on campbell all smiles these days. is the coach ready to talk super bowl? we'll hear from him. coming up. if the fithe first pre-seons game of the year, did t. o. score a touchdown with his new team coming up next. hey,ou made your own lunch.
5:52 am
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go skins! >> stay calm. >> the season hasn't officially started but this time of year, effect thinks their football team is headed to the super bowl. will the redskin be one. those teams? >> two guys in the spotlight all year long are jim zorn and
5:55 am
quarterback jason campbell and they were sharing a smile yesterday. campbell will start the years athe starting quarterback for the season. while the coach doesn't doesn't want to talk super bowl, he does agree fans have good reason to be optimistic. >> they have reason to be excited and yet you know, we have a lot of work to do. it is not this most excellent performance right from the start. we'll grow and we'll get better as we go along. >> if there is one guy on the redskins that you really n't want to irritate, it would probably be the new guy, big albert haynesworth. he is 6'6" and been called out by jason brown. here is brown. >> i'm he so glad we're playing washington early in the year because it will be hot out there. we'll be running offense and he will get fatigued. i'm not sure if you watched full. before but when he gets
5:56 am
fatigued, he taps out. he just falls down to the ground. oh, my gosh, is he hurt? is something wrong with him. he is just giving the guy on the sideline enough time to mosey on out there so can he get up, go to the sideline be catch a breather, get something to drink and he comes right back out. people are like oh, i thought he was hurt. no, he got tired. >> found sound like fighting words to me. the skins chose to take the high road. >> you know, trash talking go here. he got to learn like we did. he will get humbled. >> we're in the their first game. >> the hmo opper. >> i don't think he said it to make albert angry. i think he was just making a comment. it was one man's an opinion of what we do. maybe he has exposed some dramatic secrets to the rams. i don't know. >> somebody else who talked a
5:57 am
lot is t. o. . he was in action last night. the preseason ticked off with the titans overshadowing his debut for the bills. t.o.only on the field for one series. he caught two passes for 27 yards. baseball nats hosting the d- backs. the natsz who are the best team in baseball right now, jace sonneberg man trying to stay cool for a hot team. adam dunn hits his shot, as a 30 south of the year. they he can tend their wing streak to eight games. congratulations, wash. 40 wins on the season now with an off day today to stay cool. >> would would have thought we would be saying they are the best team in baseball. soccer now, d.c. united taking on world power, madrid. they shut out united 3-0 before more than 70,000 fans at fedex. straight ahead at 6:00, nearly eight years after the attacks of september 11th,
5:58 am
there are more health problems for crews that helped in the rescue and the clean-up at ground zero. is there a link between their illnesses and the toxins they were exposed to. plus, we'll check your monday morning commute and a hot, hot forecast. (announc) sleep is yous strongest ally.
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