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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 10, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you've heard it a thousand times, it is not the heat, it's the humidity. >> today, it could be both. we are in for a score etcher. if you have to be outside, brace yourself for near triple digit temperatures. a metro worker killed on the cracks late last night. details on what happened as fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. take another view of the heat out there. you say, how can you see the heat out there. take a look at this picture. doesn't it look like heat out there? it feels like it is too. it will only get worse.
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we'll kept you prepared for everything coming up throughout the day today. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> just step outside and you are already just melting. >> yep. >> after the hot day yesterday, even worse today, tony? >> i hate to put it that way. it will be hotter today than it was yesterday. we got up to 96 degrees. we are predicting another couple of degrees on top of that for today. a heat advisory goes into effect at noon today and we'll heve t problems out. tre let me show you the area covered by the heat advisory it is not everyone but particularly sothe close-en in counties to the east. l al e thof the counties to the east. so, for example, it looks like loudoun county not covered by atadvisory but prince george's county, fairfax county, charles county, anne ar ununl county, all covered bit heed advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. that is issued because it will
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feel like it is unbetwee 1105 degrees today. so you really got to be aware of that. e rewaat 78 degrees at reagan national. 68% humidity. winds are out of the south at three miles per hour, barometric vie -- pressure falling just a bit. we shouldn't have any aee, it evening and there is lyon a10% chance. the record high today, 98. we are officially predicting 99 for washington. 100degrees we believe in fredericksburg today. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. did he have fitly a hot one out there. let's check in with julie wright to find out what is happening on the roads. >> better news for those traveling northbound on i-95. as you continue to work your way in towards dale city and out towards the occoquan, the scent we've been talking about northbound a cardinal drive
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overpass has cleared so lanes are open once again for those continuing northbound leaving stafford continuing through dumb fruz and dale city. northbound i-95 slow for those working their way across the occoquan and headed up towards 123. no incidents, just volume delays to accompany that trip northbound on i-95. 359 still keeping cool continuing out towards the 14th street bridge. southbound 270 still a slow ride from urbana leaving route 80 headed down to the truck scales south of 109. there are no incidents to report. this is simply volume delays. the pace improves south of the truck scales and working your way over to germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> some tease firefighters are recovering from heat exhaustion this morning. yesterday's blazing temperatures made battling flames at a rowhouse along g street northeast even worse. firefighters quickly put the flames out. but several were treated for heexhaustion. nobody else was hurt. as tony said, the temperatures could feel like they are in the triple digits today and folk are now urged to try to stay out of the heat if you can.
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there are some cooling cents are in the district that will be open from noon until 6:00 today during the hot of the time of the day. two of them in northwest on fourth street and 14th street. in southeast on mlk avenue and also in northeast on rhode island avenue. we also put that complete list and a list of the d.c. pools that are staying open a little bit later today because the hot weather on-line. go to and click on web links. the other big story we are following, a metro repairman was killed this weekend while g rkinon the tracks near the organization line vienna stop. metro says the 25-year veteran of the agency was hit by a piece of equipment last night. it was part after re replacing cross ties on the tracks. orange line service was suspended in that area last night. it is back to normal this morning. there is north metro news. we are told a train collision nearly happened three and a half mrk e th one back in june. > but this time, it was due a n bad component on th
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ets f. it happened on march 2nd on the t ange line. the e d oiavoid hitting the train at the potomac station. the train was just 500 feet way from another train when it came to a stop. metro says the malnurveg come uponent was immediately replaced. metro is disagreeing with a public statement about this. the chief safety officer said: metro says the march incident is completely separate from the deadly june crash even though both involved the automatic train protection system. the search continues for more bodies and debris in a deadly midair collision over new york's hudson river. federal investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a small oie anplto colli with the tourist helicopter killing nine people. there were three people on board the plane when witnesses say it approached the chopper
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from behindanand clipped it wit a wing. the liberty tours helicopter which was carrying five i taal wrap tourists and a pilot had just taken off. seven of the nine bodies have been located and removed from the hudson. so has some of the wreckage. >> the helicopter was removed from the water and has ban been taken if a pier if further examination. looking at positioning, look the at ore general cinemas station of the aircraft and that work has yet to be done. it is day number two of president obama's north american leaders summit in mexico and today, the president wilt continue his meeting with the mexican and canadian heads of state focusing on topics like the economy, swine flu, border security and climate change. this is mr. obama's first summit between the u.s., mexico and canada and his second trip to mexico as president. he returns to the hite house this evening. swine flu vaccine tria begin in our area today. the university of the maryland
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will begin testing the vaccine on a group of young adult and senior citizen volunteers. they will get two doses each, given three week apart. vaccine trials are going on nationwide. the hope is to have a vaccine ready to go by fall. we'll talk more about the development of this new vaccine and what to expect if you plan on getting it once it is available to the public. if it hadn't been for the sweltering summer heat this weekend, you might have thought it was christmas by the look of some of the parking lots in virginia as the tax-free holiday ran through sunday. virginia's department of revenue estimated that the tax- free holiday would save shops are about 4 million statewide. tease and maryland decided not to hold tax-free holidays this year because of economy. they put their lives on the line to save others right after the september 11th attacks and now nearly eight years after that day, a new study finds another health problem may be plaguing some of the first
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it's stark reminder of the dangers that remain for troops in iraq. at least 40 people were killed some two accept rated attacks today i'm double truck bombing near mosul and also a series of smokes in baghdad. nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks. the military has warned of an i'm crease in ask as it like this since security of iraq's urban areas was hand over to the iraqis in june actually small number of young law enforcement officers who responded to the world trade center following the attacks of september 1th have developed an immune system cancer. the numbers are small and experts don't know whether there is any link between the illness and toxins reheesed during the disaster but doctors say people would worked on the site should continue have their health monitored regularly. more trouble for south
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carolina governor mark sanford as aassociated press investigation has revealed that the governor used state aircraft for personal and political trips, afternoon taking his wife and children. that is contrary to state law regarding official use. the trips include his children's sporting events, hair and death penaltyist appointment, political party fwa they aring and a birthday party if a campaignon'ter. a former spokesperson says every time the governor used the plane it was for an official state purpose. we are cleaning uncomfortably close to the triple dim its today. we are talking dangerously hot weather. the weather making headlines overseas as well. watch this. one storm forcing the evacuamill n nrly a million people. we'll tell you where this happened coming up.
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in taiwan, a building toppled over and the damage was caused by a typhoon. the building had been
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evacuated. there have been reports of 80- inches in some areas. in japan, a typhoon slammed into the west coast. at least 1 people are dead and hundreds of homes flooded. in hawaii, people are not taking chances when it comes to tropical storm felicia. crews are working getting sandbags ready. it is downgraded to a tropical storm expected to weaken even more before hitting hawaii later today or early tomorrow. >> the weather making headlines here at home this morning. remember those beautiful, comfortable temperatures that we had some time ago? right? we were talking about how it didn't feel like the middle of summer. well, guess what. they're here. >> it is hot outside. it will be hotter later today. >> those were teeny, tiny sandbags they're working on. >> yes. >> it will be hot today. you know, what can i tell you? it is a day to stay indoors. here what is i always think.
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on a day like this, you will probably have power outages because the demand is big on air conditioning. so i always think a great thing to do, don't turn your air conditioning up. maybe even turn it up like to 77, 78 degrees or something like that. get oust house and guy to the mall, a movie so that individuals aren't reoughting that drain on the power system. >> don't leave it on. it will work nonstop. >> watch for the elderly and pets too. >> absolutely right. here is why. we have a heat advisory into effit to you witw h t io you wi graphics. heat advisory goes into effect at noon today. it stnts u:0il 80 p.m. because of the excessive heat and the fact that it will feel like it is between 1105 degrees today. that is because we'll be up in the upper 90s and with the humidity, you factor that in, it will be rather stagnant. so it will feel like 100. you don't know that we'll get to 100 degrees in washington. it will feel like 100 to 105 degrees or so.
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here are the record highs for today. 98. i think we'll tie that or beat it by a degree. at dulles international airport, record is 96. same thing, i think we'll tie that or beat it. bwi, 100 is the record. kind of hard to get to 100 but we might do it. we'll come close to the record. 77 now in washington. 74 in baltimore. hagerstown at 76 degrees. your satellite-radar composite, for us today, this tells the story. anything that is really happening is going around our area. big ridge of high pressure here kind of keeping things quiet and it is forcing weather systems to go around it at least for today. so i don't expect precipitation. there is a slight chance with the heating that we'll see of a shower or thunderstorm maybe this evening but only about a 10% chance. we will kind cap the atmosphere
6:19 am
today with all that heat. heat advisory begins at 12 noon. 99degrees for your high. five-day forecast, another warm one. mid-90s the way we're accounting right now. better chance of showers and thunderstorms latter part of the day. wednesday, we drop off to the upper 80s. mid-80s by thursday and friday. let's get more on he morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> all right. traffic management center is telling me it was a car stop ad long southbound # 55 south of the beltway and then caught fire. not quite sure how that happened. the activity still there tying up the right side of the road. you can see it just behind this tree here and the flickering lights here. the right lane is blocked. it looks like we have the left lane blocked on the northbound side of the highway trying to head back up to the beltway. the car caught fire. the fire has been extongue wished but they are waiting for a tow truck to arrive on the scene to retrieve that vehicle.
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southbound 355, you guys headed out towards hih, continuing down towards 410, very slow coming off the capital beltway. if you are traveling the top stretch. the beltway, it will slow. 66eastbound leaving 50 fair oaks, the lanes are open with no incidents to report. light traffic volume inside the beltway headed for the roosevelt bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. there are jobs out there right now. you just have to know where to find them. today, the faa and the department of transportation home depotting a job fair for people with disabilities. it starts at 9:00 at the holiday inn capital. that is c street southwest. bring your resume, come tressed to impress. this is for people with does abilities. there is more information on our web site. go to and click on >eb lin>>ks new job neojo or you are an emp looking for new taalment, the
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if you are looking to buy used. all of the clunkers that are being traded in have to be scrapped. that sends some cars that normally would be resold today junkyard. there are lower unventtories on used car lots and lower inventory leads to higher prices. >> supply and demand. better than expected news on the unemployment front helped to boost the mark oat friday. chris cotter joins us live with our business beat. >> it is not much but it is the first time in a while we've talked about the unemployment rate falling. >> yeah, i know. that really sparked the market on friday. with unemployment reports, the monthly nonfarm payrolls report, steve, you got to dig in there and get into the numbers. and there are some positives an negatives with that report. either way you look at it, the market liked it. finished date up almost 114 points. four straight week now in the positive for both the nasdaq and the s&p and in that time frame, we've had a 14% gain in
6:26 am
the s&p. so we've really beescreaming higher here. macyou wonder whether this week we'll take a little bit of a step back being maybe take a breath. we need to do that. and also, you know, you kind get now after that monthly employment report, the information that effect is going to have to sift through really lessens and you get these dog days of summer here, steve, where volumes drop off and you just sort of wait for the fall essentially on wall street. >> it was a little tough to read there. the nasdaq also above the # thousand mark which psychologically just looks like a good number right now. what are we watching for the rest of the week? >> 2,000 on the nasdaq, 1,000 on the s&p by the way. we'll get a lot of information later in the week from the economy. you will get some consume ar pricing index reports, retail reports. we'll get the fed minutes on wednesday although they are not expected to change anything. interest rates will still be next to zero in terms of short- term rates. but the real thing will be on
6:27 am
the consumer. later this week, not only will we get retail numbers. we have consume he sentiment on friday but we'll get earnings reports and a lot more retailers starting to trickle in. last week, we got the same store sales from a lot of these individual retail forces july. they were down but some of them, many of them were better than expected. it will be interesting to see what earning reports comes out. wal-mart never gives the same store sales reports anymore so their earnings report is a big eye on the economy. we are continuing to keep an eye on the weather. we are in the grips of dangerous heat today. talking triple digits out there. sherry ly has an early start for us on the national mall. >> reporter: good morning. we've hi break all summer long but now the heat is really bearing down on us. we are not quite sweating just yet but boy, you will in a few hours. we' have some tips on how to stay cool coming up. 
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here at home, the hoot is what is making headlines. we'll be near triple digit temperatures today. 77 out there right now. these are live pictures down on the mall where people are taking advantage of the early- morning hours to get their exercises in because later today, it will be kind of dangerous. tony will join us with the forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. where, the weather is proving to be deadly and destructive.
6:32 am
. bwi marshall, 74 degrees ow n . n here a look at the satellite- dra r the region national is re dtional is reporting a couple of clouds. most of the activity is well to our north, up in new jersey. ngcol mind nt coming into new s york city shortly. for us, we remain dry as far as precipitation goes. the forecast for today, a heat advisory goes into effect at noon today. it will feel like it is over 100-degree. lots of sunshine, near record heat f we hit 99 degrees, which is what we're predicting for wash, that will be a new record for the day. that is a look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. are we doing weather guy today? >> no we are not because of the heat advisory and everything that is going on, we are not. but we would like for people to send in questions. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> in the meantime, let's get
6:33 am
right to julie wright with a look at what is happening out there on the roads this morning. >> on a hot day like today, i wish i could have brought back some of the wind from the windy city to help cool you off. then again, just blowing around hot air, but is that really different for me. i seen gave you the punch line, tony p.. >> very efficient. >> if only paula abdul could write like this. different story, different time. no accidents to report along the top stretch of the beltway between college park and 270. our incident hire along southbound 355 occurred about a half hour ago. we are told that the car fire has been extinguished. they are waiting for a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle. the right lane is still blocked. southbound 355 very slow from the beltway head the out to nih trying to get through the traffic lights. no accidents to report right
6:34 am
new in virginia. the beltway runs smoothly between annandale and merrifield. eastbound 66 picking you want usual suspects as you travel east of fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. you can amost feel it just by taking a look at the haze in this picture. it is hazy. it is hot and it is humid to go along with that. nearly two months after the official start of the summer season, it finally feels like summer here in the district. we are in for some dangerously hot weather today. >> fox 5's sherry ly is live down on the mall with more on what we can do to beat the heat today. we saw the live pictures from down there with people deciding to jog early. that is probably smart. >> reporter: it is actually downright cool compared to what the temperatures are going to be later today. if you are thinking it is hot and sticky now, it will only get worse as the temperatures climb near 100 today. out here on the national mall, we have soon a number of people jogging around here this morning trying to beat the rising temperatures. the temperatures have already
6:35 am
taken a toll on in d.c. firefighters who succumbed to the heat. these firefighters are recovering today from haute exhaustion after battling extreme temperatures and flames shooting through the windows and flames of a d.c. rowhouse. yesterday's highs of 95 plus made putting down the fire along g street in northeast even tougher. firefighters quickly put out the flames. several were treated for heat exhaustion. no one else was hurt. we'll be dealing with more scorching temperatures. to help people cope, d.c. is opening cooling center noon to #:00 p.m. today. there are two in nohwest, one on four street, another on 14th in southeast, there is one on martin luther king, jr. avenue and another on rhode island avenue in northeast. the heat is expected to be with you at least one more day and water is a must. some of the other tips to stay indoors with the ac or a fan running p and don't leave children or pets inside a vehicle. if you didn't catch everything, you can find all that plus the latest on this heat wave and up
6:36 am
to date temperatures on our web site, and there is another repuget sounder we have for you today. if you are -- have some elderly relatives or neighbors, it is a good time to check on them. the elderly and young churn are the most suspect septemberible to the heat and we can't say it enough. when the heat gets like this, it is dangerous. >> absolutely. good advice. thank you for that. other big story we are following a metro repairman was killed this weekend while working on the track near the or line vienna stop. metro says the 25-year veteran of the agency was hit by a piece of equipment last night. he is part of a crew that was replacing cross ties on the tracks. orange line service was suspended in that area last night. it is back open this morning. seven of nine bodies have now been pulled from new york's hudson river following saturday's deadly midair collision between a small plane and a sight seeing helicopter. the crews will be back out this morning to try it find the remaining two victims along with more of the wreckage.
6:37 am
the ntsb calls the air space over the hudson river a fly at your own risk area and that has a lot of people concerned. fox's christina park has the latest. >> the safety board will be looking at the operations in this air space. >> reporter: reached by phone, jim seventy drick who flew for liberty sick years ago echoed this concern and says near misses over the hudson river are fairly common. >> close calls along the hudson river corridor was almost a daily occurrence. not all but many fixed wing pilots flying down the corridor simply didn't have the experience of flying in such a high-density area. >> reporter: the on-demand operators are required to use the same river protectsy. this allows operators to notify each other of their positions in the air. he adds that communication is key because both chopper an small planes have blind spots. >> just like when you are in a car but without the rearview
6:38 am
mirror. there is only so much that you can see around your aircraft. fixed-wing aircraft are a little bit more. the low-wing aircraft are a little bit more limited as far as where they can see. particularly either up above them or down below them. >> reporter: the faa has long faced criticism for the last requirements of sight seeing and other flights. the ntsb has made 16 recommendations since 2002. none have been implemented inform a statement, senator chuck schumer says, quote, i have long about believed that virtually unregulated general aviation air traffic over the hudson river pose as a serious safesy and security risk to new yorkers. >> that was fox's christina park reporting. still ahead, maybe you're lucky enough to have a wonderful mother-in-law but if your relationship is less than
6:39 am
stellar, a new study says you can blame it on your brain. coming up next, the debate over health car reform gets a bit heated. -- health care reform gets a bit heated. there is just one town hall meeting but they are being held all over the country. some some cases, the crowd i less than cordial. right now, there are allegations that these angry audience members may be part of a larger agenda though. that is what some are disputing as well. we're back with more on fox 5 morning news right after this. . ♪ ooh, yeah it's 10 tastcalories... loved by lips and hips alike. jell-o. because every diet needs a little wiggle room. we call the bunche in honey bunches of oats the prize in the box. well, now there's a prize inside the prize. pecans! pecans! baked into crunchy oat bunches. taste the delicious surprise in every spoonful. new honey bunches oats with pec bunches. beautiful.
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budget documents and agency records indicate that president obama plans to do fewer toxic clean-ups that the often criticized bush administration. the epa estimates it will finish work at 0 sites this year and 2 # next year. the agency finished about an average of 38 sites per year. it appears that racial tension between black and hispanic inmates set off riots inside a hen's prison in los angeles saturday night. more than # 50 inmates were hurt. 55 of them had to go to the hospital. most have since been treated and are backehind bars. it took about four hours to get it under control.
6:44 am
more town halls this weekend being more yelling and more accusations from both sides. many democrats maintain that conservative groups are rounding up and busing in people to these meetings encouraging them to be rowdy and rude. here is democratic senator tom har ci. n of iowa. >> resorting to scare tactics, misinformation and obstruction, thre was a nationally coordinated meeting to interrupt meetings and stuff like that. i don't expect that to happen here. we're iowaians. we don't do that kind of stuff. >> reporter: that was at the beginning of the town hall some des moines which started off fine but his statements didn't sit well with people at the meeting.
6:45 am
>> how dare you claim that i'm part of a conspiracy? >> let me tell you something. it reads like something brought up in the early 1930s in germany. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says many are the elderly who are word wrid about cuts some medicare. >> i think attacking citizens in our country for expressing their opinions about an issue of this magnitude may indicate some weakness in their position on the merits. >> reporter: some members of congress have turned their in been person town hall into his virtual meetings done over the phone because of potential safety concerns. that was the case for washington state congressman brian baird who says he got a death threat faxed to his office on friday. we want to talk to tony about the hot weather. >> it is a fairly muggy start to the day b uayenttbut enjoy
6:46 am
thenestee atmpurer esin the ha on today. the counties you see here in brown are under the heat advisory. it will feel like it is at or over 100 degrees today. so take all the necessary precautions. at warning in mention, this is effect. it is not in our area but it is off to the north and east. it does include the philadelphia area. record highs for today, let's check them out because we are going to be flirting with or breaking these records. 9 # degrees is the record high in washington and i believe we will either tie the record or break it by a degree or two later on today. dulles, 96. wing we'll tie or break that record. bwi, 100 degrees. an interesting threshold. could gt there at bwi. we'll have to wait and see how the afternoon develops. we may tie that record. we'll see how things go. here are your current temperatures around the nation. 77 here. 77 in wichita. 77 in northerly ends. salt lake city, 59 degrees.
6:47 am
now, take a look at the satellite-radar composite for the entire nation. actually, it is the radar, not the satellite. but as you can see, there are a few rain showers all across the great lakes region, michigan being back into wisconsin. we don't have anything here because of high pressure controlling our weather. st. louis is seeing some rain being even areas of heavy rain early this morning. look at the surface map. we'll show you how things are going to be shang up for us today. the big blue h stands for high pressure. today, just think of it as meaning hazy, hot and humid actually very warm one on tap for today. here is the forecast for washington for today. that heat vied goes into effect at noon. we will see, as we have the forecast for today, we'll see mostly sunny skies and near record heat. in fact, if we get to 99, that is a new record for the day here in washington. your five-day forecast, now, there is a slight chance of a shower or thundersto late tonight. n didn't put it on the five- day. we have a better chance tomorrow of some showers and
6:48 am
thunderstorms. high 95 degrees. tomorrow, 89 degrees for your -- sorry, wednesday, 89 degrees for your high. highs in the mid-80s for shores and friday. normally-- for shores and friday. normally, we do have the weather guy. because of the weather news, we don't won't do it today. ask the weather guy will be back tomorrow. if you have a question that you would like to have answered, go to and click on the weather tab to send your in. we are happy to see them. we have a lot of questions but a lot of them are the same questions that we've had before so we need to get more. >> a lot of people would have asked about the heat today anyway. >> feel free. ask away. >> we are getting the answers from you anyway. >> here is julie wright now with the traffic. the outer loop of the
6:49 am
beltway still slow as you travel around towards new hampshire avenue. we have received word that the traffic light is short timing from the inner loop of the beltway to head southbound on georgia avenue. right here at colesville road, below speed. a typical delay for those continuing through silver spring headed around towards bethesda. route one at beacon hill, we have an accident in the virginia. northbound lanes blocked. southbound, there is the left land blocked at the scene of that incident. northbound, the lane are open. southbound, they are checking for an incident here. no incidents to report between the springfield interchange and wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. let's take a look at what is ahead here on fox 5 morning news. >> at 7:00, swine flu vaccine trials begin today in our area. we'll be talking with dr. lisa fitspatrick at howard
6:50 am
university about what you should prepare for if you plan to roll up your sleeves once the vaccine is ready to go. if you are in a position to do t now is a good time to get a good deal on a home. we have some tips on how to buy a home in foreclosure. sent to jail at just 16 years old. he refused to become a statistic and is now using what he lived through to turn others around. we will introduce you to the author of a question of freedom. fox 5 on call with why will power alone might not be enough to lose weight, stop smoking or beat other addicts. a new study found that people tend to overestimate their ability to resist strong urges and that most who are most confident about their will power are also most likely to lose it. researcher says the best way to stay in control when temptation arises is to avoid the situation altogether. more truffe ma man's best friend is often smarter than we
6:51 am
may give them credit for. a new study finds that dogs on average can learn 165 words, gestures or signals and that is about the eqif lnt of a two- year-old child. dogs can also trump a three or four-year-old in basic arithmetic. the smartest breeds according to these researchers include border collies, booedles and german shepherds. the subject is often the butt of jokes or even the cause of divorce but it looks like women may be programmed to advertise like their partner's mothers. if even if i a wife or mother wanted to like her mother-in- law, she has an expectation that they won't get along. almost #á of the women interviewed complained they had suffered long-term stress because of the south africa with their husband's mother. pretty stressful event for everyone at one connecticut wedding this weekend. talking about a wedding crasher here. of a different variety. a plane actually a new york doctor's plane started having mechanical problems and he end ped up crash landing it on long
6:52 am
island sound right beside a wedding reception. >> my engine stped. i lost all pressure, all of a sudden and there was a large bang and the propeller wasn't going around anymore and i was about 4,000 feet and then that means i have four or five minutes before i have to land somewhere. >> i was telling people, well, we said it wouldn't be boring. >> the good news here, nobody was hurt and there is plenty of food and drips to go around for the pilot who made it safely. coming up being next hour, there is nothing wrong with fighting like a girl if you have skills like the ladies that holly is hanging out with this morning. >> she will introduce us to some women set to take the ring in one tough competition. and we'll be very nice to all of them.
6:53 am
good morning. it is david paine with your fox 5 no pain fitness tip. today, we'll stay in the theme of saving money with the way times are, we know cost is an issue. i wanted to fnd an inexpensive total body work outsystem that you can take anywhere. this trx as many as really cool. i have josh here, d.c.'s top trainer. he will take us through a couple of exercises we can do. >> this is a great tool. i use it with professional athletes and beginners. you can take it anywhere. let's start off with the basic push-up here. getting a good angle here. just like regular push-ups. you drop yourself down. you can work a big range of motion. if you are a beginner and you are vague hrd time being you got to take a couple of steps
6:54 am
forward. >> this is flexible. wave just increased the angle for intensity. >> let's go back. this is just suspended from a basketball rim. it is very flexible, lightweight. it gives us a lot of flexibility. >> you are pulling your elbows back and a good pulling exercise. >> let's do some core stuff. >> great tool for core exercises here. beginners will start here. >> we'll start down. >> pull the knees in. >> pull them in there. >> yep. >> and even harder, just pike it up. there you go. >> so where can we find out more information. >> go to seniors
6:55 am
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris and it is going to be a hard-hitting monday because anyone can put on boxing gloves, but it takes a woman to put on pink boxing gloves and show everybo that you mean business. that's right. we're floating like a butterfly stinging like a bee but we're doing it with the style and grace of a lady, because we're talking about female boxing. because a boxing event is going on this weekend at rose croft race way. but we are live in suitland where we have female boxers
6:59 am
training for the event this weekend. we'll talk about the importance of the event going on on saturday, but we'll talk about female boxing here in d.c. because apparently it is very strong, like these ladies. we'll talk about the training regiment of a boxer. and i'm going to be nice to every one of them because i have a good feeling they can take me. but it will be a fun morning, gurvir. >> it looks like good exercise too. thanks, holly. that will do it for the 6:00 hour. and it's time to say good morning to julia. >> we are bracing for another summer scorcher. the heat index expected to top 100 degrees. we are live on how you can beat the heat. >> you can see it in that picture right through. and also as recovery crews go back to a deadly cra in new york


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